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Lucky Shot

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The Doctor looked rather pleased. “You got lucky Ross, in their rush to conquer the planet and exterminate your race one of the Sontarans forgot to put his weapon on the kill setting.”

“Lucky? Doctor, that was a planned tactical manoeuvre.” Ross replied hoarsely. While it had not been a kill shot the Sontaran weapon had severely injured him and he was going to need several months of physical therapy.

“Remind me to tell Colonel Mace to never entrust you with squad tactics.” The Doctor continued in a forcibly light tone. “I don’t suppose I could persuade you to leave the military life behind and come travelling with me?”

“No, best not sir. I have responsibilities to my unit.”

“That’s rather grandiose of you thinking UNIT is solely your responsibility.”

Ross gave The Doctor a sardonic look.

“Fair enough, thought I should at least ask.” The Doctor leaned in and kissed Ross lightly on the lips. “Oh, we do like you Ross.”