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Of different tribes - past and present

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Alphas are the strongest, the fighter, the protector, the leader that stands above betas and omegas alike.

Betas are the workers who maintain the homes, tend to the needs of alphas and omegas, bring home water from the nearby river and occationally hunt for small wild life if the alphas don’t return on time.

Omegas are the kind mothers and fathers everyone in the pack has a close emotional bond with, the breeders that are submissive to alphas and weak to their heats, offering their bodies to any alpha knot that comes across their way when their feral instincts reach their peak. They are the weakest, are to be protected and are never allowed to disobey an alpha.

Or so the tradition says in recent days.

Once civilisation advances and researchers make new discoveries, it soon becomes clear that while the traditional picture of the secondary genders might be true for most of modern hybrid tribes, it doesn’t apply to all of them.

Similar to how the female birds of paradise choose which male gets to breed and how female hyenas are at the top of their hierarchy, stronger than the males too due to the higher amount of testosterone in them, there existed old hybrid tribes where the omegas, the ones to carry the young, were the strongest, the one to lead the rest. In fact, back in the far, far past, those tribes weren’t an exception, no, they were the rule.

Why the social structures between alphas, betas and omegas changed is anyone’s guess. Some guess that due to the stability human hybrids worked for over the course of time, the omegas felt less of a need to be strong and toned down all that testosterone.

People speculate that because in the past, while the omega was strong, the higher concentration of testosterone lowered an omega’s fertility. Only rarely did a heat result in an offspring. Even if the omega did become pregnant, there was a high chance for the omega to die during birth too. An omega who survived one birth was more likely to succeed in later attempts, but many only got to breed once because they died during their first attempt.

Omegas nowadays are weaker due to the reduced levels of testosterone, but because of that their fertility has risen considerably and it is easier for them to give birth too. Less omegas and children die during the process of birth and with newly discovered herbs and mixtures, some illnesses and diseases that were deadly before can be treated now.

However, because of the increased stability in life, betas and alphas had very little pressure to change from the past and remained the same. In other words, while the omegas adapted to the new life style by sacrificing strength for fertility, alphas and betas changed rather little in comparison, meaning that modern alphas, like their ancestors, wouldn’t stand a chance in the face of the omegas in the past.

Many elders and families in the higher ranks of hybrid tribes refuse to accept that reality, instead clinging to their traditions as a means to preserve their power. Occationally, the old genes resurfaces in, for example, an omega and they are shamed for their defiancy in face of alphas and bulkier builds in comparison to the other rather slim omegas. Because of the constant disapproval in their individual tribes, they often suffer mental strains that often end in suicide.

However, it all changes when an omega man manages to climb the ranks of the most powerful fighters and once claiming the number one spot, continues to retain that position without anyone being able to beat him.

Many traditional alphas and betas are forced to acknowledge that man’s existence and accept the fact that omegas aren’t meant to be enslaved, though that doesn’t stop them from voicing their complains and spouting their traditional nonsense.

Yagi Toshinori – or rather known as All Might to the tribes – is an omega from one of the very, very old hare tribes. Showing muscles that brings all alphas to shame, his scent is one that instills both fear and attraction in alphas, demanding respect from the potential mates.

The omegas of the old days were known to take charge, even with force if the situation called for it. When they went into a heat, their scent became stronger, making alphas run in fear with fully hardened dicks. The omegas would then literally hunt down alphas, forcing the alphas’ knots into their slick holes, only to hunt the next alpha once the deed was done. At the end of their heat, the omegas judged the alphas they mated with and chose to give the sperm of the alphas they approved of the chance to impregnate them. They had pouches in their bodies where they stored the many differemt seeds of the alphas they mated with. Once the alphas were choosen, the omega let the rest of the seed trickle out of them and in the case where none of the alphas caught their fancy, all the seeds they collected.

Toshinori doesn’t really fancy the idea of having a litter to himself, but he isn’t entirely opposed to it either. It might come with his tribe’s omegas’ very selective nature. Due to him being the only living member if his hare tribe – at least to his current knowledge, he wanders through the woods alone and every other animal or human hybrid knows not to displease him. While it is possible for him to sustain himself through the rich life and varieties of plants alone, his body is able to make use of the fresh meat of animals too if the man so desires.

He has a selected group of people he protects, people who understand, accept and support him. Everyone else who has wronged another person, especially omegas, will feel the hare’s wrath. Omegas’ abuse is a very sensitive topic for Toshinori for understandable reasons after considering the abuse the new, weaker ones had and still have to endure under the violent natures of many alphas. Sometimes the blond hare wonders if the past omegas were also strong to protect themselves from alphas due to their violent nature.

Though living alone most of the time, the rare omega is acquainted with many people of different tribes, for example Nedzu, a leader of a pack, Gran Torino, a solitary beta who was his teacher in the past, Recovery Girl, a very skilled healer, and a couple others.

Despite his strong nature, in the end Toshinori still is an omega. He will protect those he deems worthy to be protected and he will mate with every alpha he can get his hands on when his heat claims his entire being.


Toshinori has never expected to see another one of his kind, an alpha at that. That alpha goes by the name All For One and for some reason he won’t stop assuming that Toshinori is his long lost brother or something.

Apparently that long lost younger brother of his was of the same old hare tribe as them, an omega with a weak body though due to genetic reasons. He and the alpha apparently had an argument that led to them attempting to kill each other. At the end though, nobody died and the omega brother went into hiding.

The blond hare suspects that due to the nature of their tribe and the omega brother’s weak physicality, All For One became insane due to the conflicting instincts clashing inside him. On the one hand, he should obey the younger brother since he was an omega, on the other hand though, the omega was younger than him and weak too. It was a fight between strong instincts and the logical mind and it seemed to have broken the alpha.

Toshinori tries to reason with All For One, but the alpha is stubborn and wants take his “younger brother back home“, so they fought. The blond hare is aware that his opponent is an unusually strong alpha, maybe strong enough to rival his own strength, but in the end, Toshinori is the one to emerge victorious.

However, none of them has made it out unscathed.

Toshinori has a huge hole on the left side of his chest, his inner organs spilling out as blood leaked out steadily. All For One on the other hand has lost the upper half of his entire head, lying on the ground as his warm blood streams out from the big hole opened at the top of his skull.

The rare omega leaves his enemy like that, instead trying to hump away from the crime scene in order to hide away. He is lying in a cave, panting and sweating hard as he tried to still the blood dripping out of him. He is lucky enough that Recovery Girl happens to find him in that state before he would have died.


It has become rarer to spot the rare omega hare. The different tribes under his protection notice and let more of their own alphas patrol their area. For some alphas, this is the perfect task, but many tire rather quickly. With their egos fed by the traditions, served by betas and omegas alike, few of them truly ever had to deal with the dangerous reality that awaited them outside their tribes‘ borders without the rare hare omega’s protection.

Occationally, when the threat proves itself to be too dangerous for the common alphas to handle by themselves, the omega appears and fights off the threat. It is a heavy blow on their pride, but now they are more than ever forced to acknowledge the omega’s strength due to that.

Now whenever the rare omega was in heat and strolled across forests and wide fields, there would be the occational daring alpha who won’t heed the warnings to flee from the omega and instead stands in place, hoping that their mating might result in an offspring.

The mating is violent and extremely dangerous for alphas of present time. Toshinori would pounce on them and hold them down with his great strength, gripping the alpha’s knot and sinking down onto it forcefully. Due to the spoiled nature of present alphas, they would fight against the omega’s manhandling of them, used to be the one in control. That in turn would displease the omega greatly and Toshinori never hesitated to swipe at them with sharp claws, occationally biting down on the alpha’s neck hard enough to draw blood with his impressive fangs.

After such an encounter, the mated alphas would hobble home, seriously injured, bleeding and in most cases mentally broken. Their only hope would be to have been chosen by the omega to bring forth a child, but the omega hasn’t been known to have been pregnant ever before in his life.


Thanks to Recovery Girl who has forced Toshinori to rest plenty, the old omega eventually adjusts to the lack of his left lung and the absence of his entire stomach. The few acquaintances of the hare are very protective of him and won’t leave him alone until Recovery Girl deems him well enough to live alone again.

With patience, care and the insistent parenting of his friends, Toshinori eventually managed to regain back his old strength, though his appearance still suffers under the consequences. Mainly Recovery Girl hopes to get the man back to his old self again before something big happens, but nobody expects the omega’s heat to hit so soon after such a disastrous fight.

Toshinori starts distancing himself from everyone, hiding away into the deepest and most obscure parts of the forests. The rare omega searches for an appropriate spot and starts to dig out a long, deep and complicated tunnel that will keep him and his potential future litter safe. Once the tunnel is completed, the omega’s heat will hit him full force and he will emerge to hunt for potential mates.


In the pack with the name Musutafu, there is a young boy with the name Midoriya Izuku who has presented as an alpha hare one to two years back. However, he is mocked by his peers because he is too nice, too considerate and too calm for an alpha. Additionally, his scent is unlike any other common alpha hare, rich of the smell of forests and the pleasant breeze of freshly cut grass. It demands attention and shows a certain kind of determination, but it is also reassuring and contains a certain respect for something.

Midoriya Izuku is down to earth, treats everyone with the respect they deserve, uncaring of their primary or secondary gender, and other alphas who have had a more traditional alpha ideal instilled onto them ridicule the green-haired teen for it.

However, no matter how much they hurt him, he somehow always manages to stand firm and move on forwards. His bullies are both intimidated and enraged by his actions, though they don’t dare make their dares worse less they risk the wrath of the adults.

Inko, the mother of Izuku, tries to support her son, tries to nudge him into the right direction of a proper alpha, but all it does is to upset the freckled boy.

It is normal for seemingly completely irrelevant tribes to have a weaker effect on each other, so when a non-hare omega goes into a heat and presents themselves for any alpha to see, it affects Izuku, even if not as strongly as it could be if only it had been a hare or rabbit omega.

His reaction is always the same though, arousal and the need to breed paired with hesitation and confusion. Something in him tells him not to jump an omega in heat, not to disrespect them, to wait until the omega chooses him.

Of course that never happens because present omegas have adaped to mindlessly accept any mate that crosses their way in order to maximise their chances of conceiving.


“Attention to all pack members of Musutafu, especially the alphas! All Might has been sighted in near vicinity and he is in heat! This is the first time since decades that All Might has appeared in Musutafu, so listen closely alphas! Don’t bother hiding, the omega has sniffed out alphas before to rape them afterwards and he will do it again! The only option for you is to run as fast and as soon as possible! Do not challenge the omega either! All alphas who have been caught by All Might before either returned heavily traumatised with deadly injuries or they never returned at all! All Might might possibly jump beta men as well and he might kill other beta women and omegas as a means ro reduce competition! Please take the danger seriously and stay safe! He will arrive in a few minutes!“

Izuku is currently learning from an older alpha together with the other young alphas in his pack when the warning is shouted by their watcher. The oldest alpha is quick to gather all the young under his care and lead them away fast.

However, a certain young Bakugou Katsuki remains, determined to challenge the omega and win. Izuku tries to stop the ashblond teen, but Katsuki is stubborn and abandons the group.

Izuku is worried about the other boy, even if the ashblond is the main reason for his horrible treatment from their peers, but the green-haired alpha decides to continue following the elder and tell them about their lost member.

The older alpha hesitates at first, but shakes his head before continuing to run. No sane alpha wants to risk an encounter with an All Might in heat and if Katsuki is dumb enough to do so, so be it. There is nothing the elder can do anymore.


“Come at me, All Might! You’re just an omega! I can beat you easily-“

From one moment to the next, a large shadow hushes through the tree trunks, until finally pouncing on the young alpha. It happens within a split second and the ashblond teen is slammed into the ground with strength that makes him see starts.

When deep red eyes open, they widen considerably in fear once they catch sight of the man above him, sunken eyes glaring down at him, sharp teeth bared in a snarl, muscles that make every alpha jealous. All Might is running on pure instinct right now and that means that his usual patience and tolerance is nonexistent.

The large omega is straddling the younger alpha’s hips, pinning the ashblond boy’s hands over the teen’s head his one single massive palm. The strong smell of omega heat hits Katsuki’s sensitive alpha nose and it is unlike the smell of any other omega. It isn’t weak, inviting, no, it’s thick and dominating. His young alpha cock is already twitching under the omega’s teasing asscheeks which won’t cease to rock back and forth, intent on using the boy to still the aching need.

Katsuki’s cheeks are coloured in a deep red colour and his heart speeds up, panting hard. He is embarrassed to be in such a state, aroused, fearful, being dominated by an omega of all things. He is aware that the social structure was different in ancient tribes, is aware that All Might has the omega genes of the older days, but the traditional ways are still in the forefront of his mind, mostly because of the adults and peers he has been around with his entire life.

“Let... go...!”

The ashblond alpha struggles again once he feels slick gathering on his dick and easing the movements between him and the most powerful person known to all tribes. A stupid move, really, because it only serves to enrage the already tense omega further and Toshinori flashes his claws before they flash across the boy’s neck, aiming for the scent glands on the targeted side.

The red-eyed teen screams in pain as the claws dig into his flesh, making his blood spill out. Katsuki throws his head to his injured side, a feeble attempt at protecting his newly gained vulnerability, when he notices his weakened scent on that side. All Might has damaged his scent glands to the point where most of them can’t function properly anymore.

Despite the pain, the omega’s pheromones are enough to keep the alpha’s knot interested. Once it’s fully errect, All Might grabs it roughly, lines it up with his slick hole and sinks down on it slowly. Katsuki whines pathetically and comes comically fast with the mighty omega’s heat enveloping him.

His knot expands inside the older man and he desperately fight to get it out and run away. This, of course, doesn’t please All Might either who decides to bite down onto the ashblond teen’s neck hard, this time on the uninjured side. It dawns on the young alpha that the omega has rendered nearly all of his scent glands useless and screams in terror. Toshinori has enough of the pathetic alpha underneath him and decides to break one of the boy’s arms, sending the ashblond teen into unconsciousness through the pain alone. Not once did the omega in heat moan during the whole encounter.

The knot deflates shortly afterwards and the omega stands up. Smelling the air, All Might picks up the scent of other alphas in near vicinity and speeds towards the one closest to him, uncaring about the unconscious boy he leaves behind.


Izuku can smell it, the scent of an omega unlike any other. It isn’t sweet, submissive and inviting, but rather strong, dominating, demanding and arousing.

The freckled teen notices that all the other alphas with him also are aware that All Might has caught their sent and is trailing them right now. They try to run faster, panic building in their circle, but Izuku... for some reason, Izuku is drawn to that omega scent.

The conflicting feelings in him hinder him in his efforts to run at full speed and slowly, the distance between him and the other alphas widens considerably until the green-haired boy is left alone.

And then he is tackled to the ground as a massive body jumps at him and he lands on his back hard.

When Izuku looks up, he doesn’t need to think twice to identify the person above him.

“A-All Might...”

Piercing, blue eyes peer down at him from dark shadows. Sharp teeth bared, the large omega growls down at the captured alpha in a quiet, threatening manner.

All the young boy can do is stare up at the blond with widened eyes, willing his body to stay still. Eventually, the threatening noises cease and All Might leans down into the crook of the smaller alpha’s neck, breathing in the boy’s scent and pheromones. The rare omega then leans back again and looks down at the green-haired teen, watching every single twitch carefully.

Then the omega starts to grind his hips against the other male’s, drawing a moan out of the boy. A low, approving grunt makes it past the blond’s mouth as he feels the dick trapped underneath his asscheeks harden. Toshinori rubs the member with the slick gushing out of him, slicking the hot, twitching length up nicely, and lines it up with his hungry hole before sinking down on it with a trembling sigh.

Slowly, with expert hip movents, the old omega moves up and down on that alpha’s cock, making sure to angle the member against his inner pleasure spots nicely. Eventually, a low moan makes it past the elder’s lips and he opens one single blue eye to watch the alpha underneath him.

Izuku has his eyes clenched shut in pleasure, his hands fisting the grass underneath him in order not to touch and thus displease the omega above him. Toshinori studies the alpha a few moments longer before leaning down and giving the boy’s scent glands one long lick.

The freckled teen moans as his sensitive scent glands are being toyed with. The dominating omega above him licks them, alternates between sucking and light scratches with teeth, and simply won’t stop caressing the young boy’s aching length with those enticing hips and sensual movements.

It doesn’t take long for the young, inexperienced alpha to come, shooting his seed into the greedy omega’s body. Toshinori’s pants stutter for a moment and he jolts when he feels the other male’s hot cum hitting his sensitive inner walls. The massive omega wraps his arms around the tiny alpha and falls onto his back, switching their positions so that Toshinori is now lying on his back with Izuku between his spread legs.

The large blond wraps his legs around the freckled boy, purring and grinding against the green-haired teen’s hips, quickly teasing the oversensitive member inside him back to life once the knot has gone down. Izuku on the other hand groans and trembles, but endures the merciless teasing until his body is ready for a second round.

The young alpha hare grinds his hips against the omega’s experimentally and watches the taller blond’s expression for any disapproval. All Might has his eyes closed, purring in content, so Izuku grips the elder’s hips, angles it just right and starts to pound into it.

Toshinori and the green-haired teen moan in unison, panting and groaning and snarling as Izuku’s movements send both of them closer to the finishing line.

As clumsy and inexperienced the young alpha is, Izuku soon comes a second time, falling down onto the massive chest of the omega. Toshinori purrs at the freckled boy and snakes a hand between them to grip at his own length, stroking himself to completion and coating the space between them with his own seed.

The omega in heat gives himself a few moments of rest before gently rolling the young alpha over and pulling the soft dick out of his still slick leaking hole. Toshinori moves Izuku’s head to the side, exposing the freckled boy’s neck and bites down on it gently, but still hard enough to leave a bleeding mark. The omega licks it for a while until the blood flow stops and a scar remains.

Afterwards, All Might stands up and prepares to chase his next alpha prey.


All For One watches the other rare hare from the distance, follows All Might through his hunts through several packs and observes all the times the omega catches an alpha and mates with them.

It goes on for several days, the only break being when night hits and the omega in heat retreats to his hidden nest to rest, only to reemerge the next day to hunt for more alphas to mate with.

Eventually, the heat slowly comes to an end. All For One can tell that because one day, All Might retreats back to his nest earlier than the sun sets.

The alpha purposefully throws himself in the omega’s way and the blond hare instantly pounces on him. All For One is careful not to do anything to displease the omega as All Might teases his cock to life and rides it purposefully, determined to draw the alpha’s seed out.

Toshinori, similar with Izuku, recognises the man underneath him as an alpha of his nearly extinct hare tribe, but he also remembers the heavily scarred man with great distaste. Izuku has been a good alpha and followed the omega’s wishes, not to mention that the boy is one of his hare tribe from the past ages, so the blond male has grown fond of the green-haired teen.

All For One however, while also sharing the same traits with Izuku and behaving just as good as the boy did right now, has threatened the omega’s life in the past, so All Might is merciless as he teases the seed out of the alpha, holding All For One’s hands above the alpha’s head with one hand and using the other to press down onto the past aggressor’s throat threateningly.

Once the alpha’s knot softens, the omega jumps back onto his feet and darts away as fast as possible, seeking the safety of his underground nest.

Lying in his comfortable bed, a small hole dug into the ground padded with lots of comfortable, dry leaves, Toshinori thinks about all the alphas he has mated with in the last few days. Two stand out to the omega’s instincts, Izuku and All For One. While Toshinori isn’t necessarily fond of All For One due to past experiences, both alphas behaved well during their mating and the omega decides that if he’s going to potentially become pregnant, it has to be with those two particular alphas’ seeds.


The following day after his heat, after a night full of comfortable rest, Toshinori wakes up only for his instincts to scream at him that he carries a litter in him. While his heat is finally over, the omega is pregnant now and his instincts are high again. The omega hare has to gather food and water in order to feed himself and his litter in a couple of months.

Something that will still be edible after a longer period of time will be ideal, something like nuts and smaller twigs and dried bark pieces. Toshinori spends the next few months reducing physical strain, instead favoring gathering easy food, storing everything in his complex tunnel system and sleeping a lot.

Soon the day of his delivery comes near, probably one of the most dangerous days for his life, and All For One uses that opportunity to sneak into the omega’s nest.

“This time for sure, I will bring you home, baby brother...”

Toshinori jolts awake when the air draft brings with it a scent of an alpha intruder the omega knows all too well. Groggily, the blond hare rises, gives himself a few moments to wake up properly and charges at the direction of the alpha.

All For One is surprised to be tackled right out of the tunnel system by none other than the omega the alpha believes to be his long lost younger brother. However, Toshinori isn’t a patient man right now, especially not with his body heavy with a litter, threatening to go into labor at any moment.

The enraged omega flashes his claws and rips into the alpha’s flesh mercilessly, drawing blood and screams of pain, shock and fear. Sharp fangs dig into fresh, warm flesh and tear out big chunks only to spit it back out in favour of tearing out more.

All For One hasn’t taken care of himself properly after his first encounter with the omega hare, unlike Toshinori who had loving acquaintances to force him into much needed rest and recovery, so the alpha is surprised and terrified to discover that the man he mistakes for his younger brother is back at pretty much full strength now.

The alpha tries to flee, but of course all his attempt are futile and he remains on the ground, screaming in pain and despair as Toshinori continues to tear at his flesh with both claws and teeth alike until All For One dies in a warm puddle of his own blood.

Only when the alpha’s scent and pheromones dissipate and nothing follows afterwards does the omega stop ripping apart the intruder’s cooling body. Instead, Toshinori starts eating the fresh flesh of his most recent prey, feeding his tired body with much needed food.

Once done, the omega tidies up the sullied entrance to his underground tunnels, hiding the traces of the battle and disposing of the dead alpha’s bones. Toshinori then goes to the nearest river, washes himself, drinks much needed water and hides back deep in his tunnel system to return back to sleep.

In the middle of the night, the omega jolts awake and moans in pain. He goes up on all fours, kneels down and arches his back, supporting his upper body with his forearms. Toshinori lowers his hips and tries to straighten his back a bit, making sure that gravity pulls his litter down instead of any other direction, and waits until a contraction hits before forcing his muscles to push the wiggling babies out.

It is a long, messy and painful process that stretches on for the rest of the night. Sometimes it appears like a child is stuck and Toshinori sobs when the pain increases and he nearly passes out because of it, only for the baby to finally move further down a bit and easing the tension in the previous area it occupied.

Fortunately, the omega hare manages to give birth to all the babies successfully, a litter of two tiny hare hybrids, a girl with yellow curls and a boy with dark strands.

In the following hours, Toshinori busies himself with licking his newborns clean of all the sticky fluids clinging to their young, weak bodies. His chest is already leaking the milk the little ones need to grow up safely for the first couple of years and following his instincts, the blond omega hare picks his children up and holds them onto his awaiting nipples.

The two young ones suckle quickly, weak, content moans filling the nest as the tired omega falls asleep with his two babies resting on his chest.


“Why was I nearly killed while stupid Deku got away with a stupid bite mark only?!”

Once All Might has left the near vicinity of Musutafu’s area, the pack members gather again quickly to pick up any alphas that might have been targeted by the omega hare, two of them being Katsuki and Izuku.

Katsuki has been left heavily injured, more than other alphas, while Izuku only has a scared bite mark to prove that All Might has indeed mated with him. The ashblond teen is thoroughly traumatised and would flinch at the most subtle of omega scents which pleases a couple of omegas. The red-eyed boy has harassed and mated a couple of omegas in the pack before, but he treated them with violence and little respect, leaving them with pain and fear. Those omegas now glare at Katsuki, feeling like justice has finally been served, especially because it has been one of those “weak, useless, omega breeding bitches” that left him in such a bad shape.

People are very surprised to see Izuku mostly unharmed though. In fact, he is unharmed if you don’t count the one bite scar. The green-haired alpha is loved and genuinely respected by pretty much every omega in the Musutafu pack due to his genuinely caring nature which is unique and unusual for an alpha. However, because omegas are supposed to obey alphas due to tradition, they have never dared supporting Izuku openly, leaving the poor freckled boy alone with the bullying of his alpha peers.

Now though, after All Might has wrecked havoc on their land and teached serveral alphas a lesson, the pack will treat omegas with more respect in the future, even if many don’t realise it right now.

Anyway, while the pack is scrambling to assess the damage and repair everything that can be saved, Izuku cannot forget the elder omega who took his first time. The green-haired male has always admired All Might since he has been nothing but a small pup, crawling across the ground and mewling at his mother.

Izuku admires the rare omega hare for his strength, similar to how Katsuki admires the omega, but what makes All Might shine brighter than other fighters in Izuku's eyes is the omega’s kind and caring personality. Wherever the blond man appears, the people will smile and cheer in happiness, knowing that the threat will be dealt with and that they will be safe. That is, as long as the omega isn’t in heat, of course.

However, when All Might mated with him, the way the dominating omega treated him felt... satisfying. It’s like his deepest animalistic instincts have finally been answered and sated by that omega, like Izuku has found his long lost half.

Eventually, a close acquaintance of All Might’s, a beta man with the name Tsukauchi Naomasa, visits the Musutafu pack to take note of all the damages. All packs under All Might’s protection have unofficially agreed to help each other out when their guardian succumbs to natural instincts, but luckily the alphas nowadays are smart enough to lead the omega hare away from their settlements before any real devastating damanges can be done.

When Naomasa walks into the Musutafu settlement, Izuku can instantly pick up the very faded, but still present scent of All Might clinging onto the beta male and the young teen hurries over to the omega’s close acquaintance.

“E-excuse me!”

“Hm? Yes? Can I help you, young one?”

“W-well, uh, I-I just wanted to ask if you knew where All Might was...?”

“All Might? Sadly, no. Until his heat ends, he hides somewhere nobody can find him. It’s an old instinct that serves to protect the omega in the case they become pregnant and the eventually following offspring. Me and other people close to All Might will do our best to locate him, but we cannot guarantee anything, sadly. Most of the time, All Might returns first before we can find him.”

“Oh, I... I see. Then, c-can you bring me with you if you happen to find him?”

“Well... if you’re sure? I must ask you to stay away though when he shows signs of aggression because of you.”

“O-of course! Thank you so much!”


Roughly a week after the birth of the two pups, Nedzu manages to locate the rare omega hare. It is mostly thanks to the stench of a rotting body nearby that has raised a couple of questions in the mouse’s mind, making him search the area more carefully.

After hearing the news from Nedzu that he has found their missing omega with a dead body nearby, Toshinori’s acquaintances are worried about the state and health of the blond hare. There is a good chance that the omega got into a fight, after all.

They all gather in front of the previously disguised opening in the ground and Gran Torino steps forward to call the missing omega out.

“Toshinori! Come out! We know that you are hiding down there! Firstly, you dare disappear without a trace and then you wouldn’t come back to us for literal months?! Who do you think you are?!”

A low, warning growl can he heard echoing out from deep within the tunnel, stunning all present people currently waiting for the omega to show up.

Eventually, Toshinori comes out, glaring at all of them, threatening growl never ceasing.

Everyone takes a step back out of fear, even Gran Torino. They know that the rare omega hare can kill all of them if he simply put his mind into it and right now that the blond man is pumped full of animalistic instincts, there is a high chance that Toshinori won’t hold back.

The blond hare continues to growl at all present people, until Izuku who has been hiding before finally gathers the courage to come out of hiding. Blue pupils instantly fix themselves on the young alpha and the green-haired boy stops in his tracks, forcing his body to be as still as an unliving statue.

Toshinori eyes the teen up and down, again and again, assessing the new person. Eventually his growl becomes quieter until he is simply staring at Izuku in silence.

Deciding to try his luck, the freckled male twitches and slowly starts to walk towards the omega. Their eyes are locked and Izuku’s eyes shift around the omega’s body wildly, making sure to take notice of even the most subtle of twitches.

Eventually, Izuku stands in front of the omega who simply looks down at the young alpha before raising a hand slowly, making the boy flinch for a second as he clenches his eyes shut. Lazily, gently, the hand settles on the teen’s neck, on his bite mark to be precise and the green-haired boy can feel how the elder omega caresses the mark, rubbing a thumb back and forth.

Suddenly, Toshinori turns around and retreats back into his den. Unsure, Izuku tries to follow the elder omega hare, but the threatening snarl quickly directed at his way tells him that following the older blond isn’t a good idea.

Thus the elder man vanishes back into his nest, only to reemerge back with two small hybrid babies. Toshinori hands the girl with yellow curls to Izuku who takes the baby with wonder. It takes a moment for him to process the whole situation properly, but once everything fits into place, green eyes widen.

This baby, this girl... is his child. All Might has choosen his seed to be one of the few given the chance to impregnate him and it actually resulted in life.

Tears gather in Izuku’s eyes as he eyes the sleeping girl with love and disbelief. Toshinori has been feeding the boy in the meantime, holding the baby to his chest while gently stroking the mostly hairless scalp until the boy is sated. Soon the omega hare demands the baby girl back and Izuku returns the baby to the elder omega quickly. Holding the girl to his chest, Toshinori starts letting her feed on the milk his breasts produce.

Having calmed down considerably, the blond omega hare takes another look at all the people gathered around them, finally realising that those simply are his closest of acquaintances.

“... Well, seems like you found me this time instead of me returning to you.”

He looks down at the young alpha in front of him who is still staring at him with wonder and tears.

“What is your name, young alpha?”

“M-my name?”

Izuku looks around him at first before pointing a finger at himself. The elder omega chuckles.

“Yes, you.”

“Oh! U-um... M-my name is Midoriya Izuku, A-All Might!”

“Yagi Toshinori.”

“I-I’m... sorry?”

“Yagi Toshinori. That is my name. You can call me by my name.”

“O-oh! T-thank you so much, All- T-Toshinori!”

“... You are very respectful and humble for an alpha your age. Say, have you been belittled and mistunderstood by those around you?”

“I... W-what do you mean?”

“Have the other alphas shown little appreciation for you? Have your parents tried to form you into something you aren’t?”

The freckled alpha is silent for a moment as he contemplates his life until now.

“... Yes...”

“I see. Have you been less dominant in the face of omegas compared to other alphas? Have you been less violent in general, even in the face of challenging alphas and omegas in heat?”

“H-how do you know that?!”

“Those are nothing but guesses on my part.”

“You... you guesses everything?”

“Yes, indeed, because you are one of my tribe, a special tribe of hares that lived in large numbers far into the past. Our particlar hare tribe was known as the greatest and most feared predator in the past, even if our diet mostly consisted of plants. Like many tribes in the past, the omegas are the leaders that fight off large threats like other packs while alphas are to hunt, provide the pack with food and water and fight off smaller threats. Alphas of those tribes know to respect omegas more since otherwise they would risk getting their skulls smashed off their bodies.”

The young teen swallows nervously upon hearing the rather alarming description of disobedient alphas.

“I know what it feels like to be unwanted by everyone else due to the stark differences of past and present social structures. If you want to leave your old pack behind you in the past, I will offer you a place by my side for the future.”

It certainly is normal and common practice for people of the same tribe to seek each other out and form packs of their own. Hybrid parents’ children don’t necessarily are the same as them, in fact there is a good chance that the children are from a completely different hybrid tribe, encouraging the new offspring to leave the old home and join new ones in order to avoid incest through multiple generations.

The members of the Musutafu pack are mostly made up from modern hare and rabbit tribes, totally unfitting for Izuku, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when the young alpha agrees without hesitation.

“I have to let my mother know though. I’m still rather young and I can tell from her pheromones that she is still protective over me just like when I was still a newborn.”

“I see. I will let you visit your mother then. Though, you shall receive your first task as a fully fledged alpha from me now. I expect you to bring home food at the end of your business, at the latest at the end of the day. I will wait for you in our den.”

Izuku nods and hurries off to Musutafu’s settlement. Once Toshinori’s first true pack member is out of sight, the elder omega’s acquaintances swarm the blond hare, saying that they’re glad that he’s fine and congratulating him for having survived through his first litter and having a litter at all considering past omegas' fertility.

It is rare, nearly impossible even for an entire litter to be of the same hybrid tribe as the parents, but Toshinori has always been a man of impossible feats.


The young alpha’s mother is completely opposed to her son’s decision to leave the Musutafu pack in favour of another one. Due to Izuku’s inability to fit into the social structure of the pack because Izuku simply isn’t from the same tribe as them, Inko’s mothering instincts have never ceased to stop worrying over her only son.

However, the freckled alpha believes in his decision and is determined to leave the pack who has done nothing but wrong him for simply being born into a tribe believed to be lost to the past. His place is beside Toshinori and the elder omega alone since there is noone else from the old hare tribe.

The whole pack is shocked to hear that Izuku immediately leaves to join All Might which enrages Katsuki a lot. However, an omega woman approaches the ashblond casually, turning the still injured alpha into a quivering mess of fear and panic.

Accepting Izuku’s decision and not understanding Inko’s reaction since, again, this is common practice in hybrid tribes, the pack holds the woman back as the green-haired alpha hare leaves the pack forever.


For Izuku, this is his first time foraging and hunting for food, alone at that. However, since his new pack leader has personally given him this task, he tries his best nonetheless. His alpha pride won’t allow him to return back to his new home without enough food to feed the elder omega and himself. Especially the blond hare really needs all the nutrients in order to preduce enough nutrient rich milk for the baby girl and boy to drink.

When Toshinori sees Izuku return with nuts, twigs, tree barks and even a small animal rabbit in between his fangs, the elder omega smiles approvingly.

“You show potential for hunting, Izuku. When our young ones are able to feed themselves with the food we bring them, I will start teaching you how to hunt larger prey for our pack and join in your endeavours.”

The young alpha blinks a couple of times. When the words sink in fully, his face stretches into a wide, proud smile, the dead rabbit falling to the ground with how wide his smile is.

Toshinori chuckles, finding the young teen’s reaction endearing, and gestures for the freckled boy to join him by his side.

It is time to eat and rest. It is time to celebrate their union and the end of their lonely lives.