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Torn [BakuDeku] [KatsuDeku] [Omegaverse]

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Don't trust me with the lives and hearts of these precious cinnamon rolls😢

Don't trust me to NOT spoil things

Don't trust me to follow the universes correctly

Don't trust this story/writing to be good

My story will loosely follow the most current manga arc of BNHA, as of January 2019. If you are not up-to-date, then expect slight spoilers.


Tiny Spoiler (barely worth calling a spoiler):
The timeline is skewed to fit my needs. Takes place in Late Spring to Early Summer, even though it is currently Winter. This causes their ages all to be a little off too.

I have also incorporated my own rules to follow of the Omegaverse; you can find those listed below. For the most part, I keep it pretty standard.

I will attempt to add a warning at the beginning of each chapter, as well as a word count. All chapters will consist of 2,000+ words; no exceptions.

I'm not perfect, nor do I expect my work to be well-liked. If you don't like it, that's fine. Please respect each other, as well as myself, and keep your comments kind and courteous. I don't wish for this to become a toxic environment, so all hate will be removed from the premises. Enjoy each other and the journey you take.

I may make revisions and/or various changes throughout the course of this story, if this happens, I will let you all know.


What to Expect:

💢Trigger Warnings💢
(May be updated in the future)

Heavy BakuDeku
Heavy KamiKiri
Moderate TodoDeku
Moderate BakuKiri
Moderate BakuDekuKiri
Mild ShinDeku
Ships Between Any and All Side Characters
Sexual Assault

🌺 My Omegaverse Rules 🌺

🌺Universal To All Subgenders🌺 Develop a Heightened Sense of smell at age 17. This extra sense will help determine their Soulmate. Their Soulmate can only be located if they have also reached 17.

🌺 Omegas can only tell when their Mate is nearby at this age, they can't pinpoint who their Mate actually is when surrounded by others, their sense of smell, even when heightened is not as strong as a Betas or Alphas.

🌺 Alphas and Betas can smell when an Omega is in Heat, regardless of their own age.

🌺 When Marked by someone, a small connection, similar to that of a Bond is formed between the two. The one who has been Marked will begin to emit a scent that is delectable to their counterpart, regardless of whether or not they are Mates. They may also feel a sense of protection, desire, and comfort that wasn't always there before.

🌺 If Bonded, the natural scent is appealing only to Mates for the duration of one month. If not remarked by the Mate in this time frame, the natural scent will begin to increase in potency, until all Alphas/Betas/Omegas find it appealing once more.

🌺 If simply Marked but not Bonded, the natural scent is slightly masked for only two weeks. The scent that is produced after being Marked is still enticing to others, however, it is not the natural scent, but rather a mixture of the two Marked Mates scents combined. This confuses their true Mates or can throw others off their scent. Remarking before the end of the two week period will result in an extension, pushing the Marked duration further than two weeks.

🌺 All sub-genders are capable of causing a low rumbling sound that reverberates throughout their chest. In Alphas, this sound is referred to as, 'crooning' and Betas and Omegas it is referred to as, 'purring'. The only difference between and Alpha croon and a Beta/Omega purr is the intensity. Purring/Crooning is an act one sub-gender does to express their emotions without needing to use words. Generally, this is done with affection, to calm one another down, or to show they appreciate a certain form of attention.

💥Alphas💥 Dominate over Betas and Omegas, they are the top class of the hierarchy.

💥 Can forcibly emit a scent that will weaken Betas and Omegas. Betas can maintain physical strength and consciousness, but are just slightly weaker than before and fully aroused. Omegas can not retain valid/fluid thoughts and lose most, if not all strength, fully succumbing to the Alpha.

💥 Will go into Rut if they smell an Omega in Heat. Rut periods will last longer and appearing with more force if the Omega in Heat is their Mate.

💥 While having intercourse, Alphas develop a bulge at the base of their member which will move up during release, effectively locking them to their partner, for approximately 5-10 minutes. This process ensures a higher chance of pregnancy in their Mate, by preventing any sperm from leaking out.

💥 Female Alphas have male reproductive organs. Female Alphas are extremely rare.

💥 In the rare cases that a Male Alpha and a Male Beta, or another Male Alpha, are Mates, they will have a third Mate, an Omega or female, for reproductive purposes. MA + MA + O(F) / MA + MB + O(F)

💥 Common.

🌸Betas🌸 Submissive to Alphas but still dominate over Omegas, they are the middle class of the hierarchy.

🌸 Will go into Rut if they smell an Omega in Heat. Rut periods will last longer and appearing with more force if the Omega in heat is their Mate.

🌸 In the rare cases that a Male Beta and a Male Alpha, or another Male Beta, are Mates, they will have a third Mate, an Omega or female, for reproductive purposes. MB + MB + O(F) / MA + MB + O(F)

🌸 In the rare cases that a Female Beta and another Female Beta are mates, they will have a third Mate, an Alpha or male, for reproductive purposes. FB +FB + A(M)

🌸 Can be Marked and Bonded, but will not induce a Rut in others nor experience a Heat.

🌸 Abundant.

🍀Omegas🍀 Submissive to both Betas and Alphas, they are the lower class of the hierarchy.

🍀 At 17, Omegas experience their first Heat and also produce their Mate Scent which attracts their Soulmate. During their Heats, this scent is so strong that it will attract any nearby Beta or Alpha for breeding.

🍀 Male Omegas are an extremely rare case and can also be impregnated.

🍀 Omegas naturally search for a Beta or Alpha to Mate with during Heats, regardless of their Bonded/Marked status. If they are not accompanied by their Bonded/Marked Mate during a Heat, other means of action will take place, i.e. toys or the closest Alpha/Beta.

🍀 Bonded or Marked Omegas in Heat will always attract Alphas or Betas for breeding, regardless of their Mated status. Their Heat Scent is highly intoxicating and potent during these periods. Typically their Bonded/Marked Mates will remain at their side during this time frame to prevent any unwelcome intrusions.

🍀 Rare.

🔥Heat🔥 A time of the month, beginning when an Omega reaches the age of 17, where the body produces an intoxicatingly sweet scent to attract any nearby Betas or Alphas for Mating purposes.

🔥 ONLY during the Heat, can an Omega be impregnated.

🔥 If an Omega is on birth control, the chances of pregnancy are slim to none.

🔥 Omegas wear a collar during Heat designed to cover their scent and protect their scent glands from unwelcome markings.

🔥 Omegas can try to mask their scent after their first Heat, to avoid being discovered by their Mate, by using special colognes, shampoos, and other various odors to cover their own scent.

🔥 Omegas can take suppressants to hide their scents and lower the urges of their Heats. If taken for too long, the next Heat without them will be extremely painful if the Omega doesn't have a Mate. Suppressants are extremely dangerous and can cause severe mood swings, depression, and infertility.

🔥 Omegas often experience depression after intercourse if they have not been marked by their mate.

🔥 If Bonded, an Omega must spend their Heat with their Mate to avoid severe and crippling depression. A Bonded Omega requires the pheromones of their Mate to ease their Heat period.

🔥 Omegas naturally search for a Beta or Alpha to Mate with during Heats, regardless of their Bonded/Marked status. If they are not accompanied by their Bonded/Marked Mate during a Heat, other means of action will take place, i.e. toys or the closest Alpha/Beta.

🔥 Bonded or Marked Omegas in Heat will always attract Alphas or Betas for breeding, regardless of their Mated status. Their Heat Scent is highly intoxicating and potent during these periods, seemingly irresistible to all Alphas/Betas. Typically their Bonded/Marked mates will remain at their side during this time frame to prevent any unwelcome intrusions.

💥Rut🌸 Induced in Alphas and Betas when in the presence of an Omega during Heat. An uncontrollable sexual drive to impregnate an Omega.

😍Mate😍 Soulmate, destined partner. Can have up to two True Mates, depending on sub-genders.

💋Mark💋 A bite placed on the scent gland at the base of the neck to claim ownership/possession. Hides the natural scent by mixing it with their own.

💋 If Marked by someone that is not the True Mate, the Marked and their respective True Mate will be thrown into emotional turmoil and physical/psychological pain. The Mark will last for only two weeks before fading away again unless otherwise Remarked to elongate the duration.

💋 Bonded Pairs may still place a Mark on any unbonded sub-genders. However, placing a Mark on someone that is not the True Mate, while permanently Bonded to their True Mate, will cause the Bonded Mates to experience psychological and physical turmoil.

💫Bond💫 An occurrence between two people that have Marked each other.

💫 If Bonded to someone that is not the True Mate, a Soulmate pairing will slowly dissipate until their Fated Strings snap and is fully replaced with the new Bonded Faux Mate. The previous Mate will then be classified as Mateless unless they, in turn, Bond with someone else.

💫 A Bonded Faux Mate is not a permanent Bond and can be overridden by a True Mate.

💫 Bonded Faux Mates do not experience telepathic or empathetic connection.

💫 During the timeframe of a breaking Fated String, the Soulmates will experience physical/ psychological/ emotional turmoil, severe depression, mood swings, irritability, illness, and in extreme cases, even death.

💫 A Soulmate may cancel the Bonding of a Faux Mate pair from fully completing and Bonding by placing their Mark above the others, effectively breaking the Bond and preventing the True Mates Fated Strings from severing.

💫 When Bonded to a True Mate, a telepathic and empathetic connection is formed between the pair.

💫 A Mark made when Bonded between True Mates is permanent, however, if not remarked monthly, the effects of the Bond, itself, will begin to fade. Such as, the scent protection that was formed in order to deter others from attempting to Mark their Mate. As well as the strength of the telepathic and empathic link. At the beginning of a freshly made Bond, the telepathic and empathic effects are strong. As time goes on, the feeling wanes. If not Remarked after a long period of time, the only telepathic and empathic link that will remain is if their Mate is in danger or has feelings so strong their body feels they may be in danger. Only the Mark itself is permanent.

💫 If an already Bonded Mate is bitten in an attempt to override the Mark previously created with their True Mate, a new mark will not form. They will not develop a connection with the one attempting to Remark the Bonded Mate. The wound created will not heal quickly. It will simply be a regular bite, however, it will send stressors to the Bonded True Mate, signifying danger to their significant other. Pain and emotional turmoil will ensue between the Bonded Pair. No harm or effects will occur to those attempting to Recreate a Mark over a Bond.

💫 Bonded Pairs may still place a mark on any unbonded sub-genders. However, placing a Mark on someone that is not the True Mate, while still permanently Bonded to their True Mate, will cause the Bonded Mates to experience psychological and physical turmoil.

💫 A Bond between True Mates will only break if one of the Soulmates is Deceased, rendering the other Mateless.

⛔️Heat Collar⛔️ Worn by an Omegan during their heat cycle.

⛔️ Prevents unwelcome Markings by Alphas and Betas by blocking their scent gland from access and suppressing their pheromones from releasing to their full extent.

💊Birth Control💊 Used by Omegan males and all females to prevent pregnancies.

🚫Morning-After Pill🚫 Given primarily to Omegans the morning after an unwelcome Knotting during their Heat cycle.

🚫 Induces extreme depression in Omegans and therefore is given out under strict supervision and guidance.

🚫 Previous medical records indicating mental instability may result in being denied pill or being requested to be restrained during the pills duration.

🚫 Pill's effects last for a week.

🚫 Pill may also be administered to those that simply had unprotected intercourse and wish to prevent pregnancy.

💉Suppressant💉 A pill given to Omegans to take in order to suppress their Heat cycles.

💉 Pill can dull the Omegans pheromones as well as their senses. The dull pheromones will prevent raising unwelcome attention in Betas and Alphas. The dull senses in the Omega will aide an Omega in maintaining some semblance of control while being overpowered by an Alpha. At most, it will allow them to retain thought, but it won't aide them in controlling their physical strength.

💉 Pill is extremely dangerous if taken for long periods of time. It can induce mental instability such as extreme depression and anxiety, leading to suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

💉 Pill may also cause infertility.

💉 If used for an extended period of time, the suppressants effects may weaken and cause an extremely powerful Heat to take place, resulting in danger to the Omega.



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Mild Anxiety

5766 Words




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


Life sucked. Plain and simple. Life had always sucked for me, from the very beginning, life sucked. I was stomped on, beat to a pulp, watched my dreams get burned and shredded before my very eyes, and was constantly reminded of how weak or utterly worthless I was. Over and over again, my life was virtually... shat on. Kicked and beaten down, but why? Why? That was easy to answer for some people. It was easy, because... I was born weak. Not all men were created equal. My entire existence served to be the constant reminder of that.

But, I did my best to not let that stop me from picking the pieces back up and trying again. No matter how often I was pushed back down, I found the strength to stand. When I was little... I had help, I had people I cared about; people that I thought cared back. Yet, the older I grew, the more aware I became of where I was expected to stand. Fate just didn't seem to like me very much.

After letting it tear me to pieces, I finally came to the conclusion that fate... just hated me. But, even then, I didn't think it would be that cruel to me.

Still, one by one, everything I cared about was slowly ripped from the delicate grasp I had on life. Because... I was weak... born weak. I couldn't even get a peaceful nights worth of sleep without being reminded of how badly... life just sucked.


I turned over in my sleep, my fingers danced in the darkness and searched for the source of the sound that decided to wake me up. It wasn't like I was really asleep anyway, not with what was going to happen in a matter of days. My hands brushed across my cold metallic alarm clock, before silencing it with the press of a button.

Suppressing a yawn, I sat up in bed and glanced around. I rubbed the dreary remnants of sleep from my eyes while my thoughts drifted back to the dream I had just woken from; the dream that marked one of the few happy moments in my life up till now.

"Izu, sweetie, I would like you to meet my friend, Mitsuki Bakugou," said my mom, not realizing she just changed my fate forever.

I had been racing through our small apartment, treating my All Might action figure like an airplane, before I made him swoop down to rescue another one of my All Might action figures. In the middle of my desperate rescue attempt, the doorbell had rung throughout our house. So, being the curious little tike that I was, I scampered over to see who was there, but at the sight of the strangers, I quickly ducked away. When my mom spoke up, I stayed in my hiding spot behind her leg.

"Hello, Izuku," the strange woman said. She knelt down and tried to pat my head, only for me to shrink further from her reach. I gave her a soft squinty-eyed glare, not trusting another adult to come into my life at the time. Not anymore. Not since my dad walked out that door only to not come back home yet, like he promised.

"I'm sorry, Mitsuki, he's been a little shy ever since his well, you know, F-A-T-H-E-R..." Inko Midoriya let her voice trail off into nothingness. She glanced down to see if I knew what she had spelled. I didn't, not then. If she spelled, 'D-A-D', then maybe I would have known what they were talking about. Not that it mattered. This dream wasn't about him. I never had dreams about a man I barely knew.

Mitsuki gave Inko a meek smile in understanding.

"I brought someone to meet you, Izuku," Mitsuki continued to speak to me, regardless of my blatant fear. Her voice was light and airy, the usual tone that was often taken when speaking to a child.

A young boy with spiky blond hair and ruby red eyes stood proudly before his mother with his tiny fists at his side.

"This is my son, Katsuki. He's a little older than you. Would you like to play with him today?" She said sweetly. There was no way my small mind would comprehend the demon that was lurking in front of me when we first met. None at all. Because, instead, I felt an instant connection.

I peered out from behind the safe haven of my mother and looked at the young boy. The moment our eyes locked, the world around me stilled. Nothing could be heard except the beating of my frantic heart against the confines of my ribcage, like it was trying to escape and flee to his side. My breath caught in my throat and for a moment, my small form started to panic. Colors swirled into one, forming a world of blurred rainbows. Blurred... except for the piercing crimson gaze that bored into my soul. In those brief moments, only his eyes were crystal clear, reflecting a burning desire that lurked in his tiny being. A strong desire that I was no match for. A warm blush flew up my neck in a matter of seconds and my shy demeanor reared its head.

An aura of complete confidence practically rolled off of his shoulders and my young heart couldn't help but wonder where he got it from. Where did his strength come from when he was still so small in world that sneered down on the little ones like us. He flashed me a beaming smile, trying to encourage my timid form to come forward. That smile, so bright, reminded me of my role model, the number one Hero, All Might, and I was instantly entranced.

As if in response to the thoughts in my head, Katsuki noticed the small action figure clutched tightly in the palms of my hands. I didn't think his smile could grow any wider, but it miraculously did.

"I'm going to become the next number one hero when I grow up, saving people just like All Might!" He grinned down at me. "So, there's no reason to be so afraid, as long as I'm by your side, you'll always be protected!"

He reached out his hand, fully confident that I would take it...

And I did.

I stared down at my hand and tried to remember the feeling from all those years ago. Tried to recall his warmth or even the feeling of his promised protection. But now, everything just felt so cold, so empty. His palms seemed to just fit perfectly within my own when we were young and ever since then, I had tried desperately to feel them again. Then one day...

He stopped reaching for me...

Stopped caring about me...

No longer spoke kind words toward me...

No longer protected me.

I clenched and unclenched my palms, before letting out a groan and swung my legs out from underneath the warmth of my covers. Stretching my arms into the morning air, I breathed in deeply hoping to wake my mind up from the fog that it kept drifting into. Slowly, I dragged my bare feet across the laminate wood of my dorm room. Each step was like I was sinking in quicksand, being heavily weighed down by the exhaustion from my fit-full sleep last night. I walked over to the cherry wood dresser and began to search for a clean pair of socks. I tossed them onto my bed before pulling down my school uniform from its hanger by my balcony door. I usually hung it up to prevent wrinkles, but since there was no closet in my room, I had to settle for the next best thing.

Pale light filtered in through my curtains, giving just enough for me to glance into my floor length mirror and take in my haggard appearance. I frowned at the dark blue bags under my dull, emerald eyes. Huffing in annoyance, I slapped my freckled cheeks in an attempt to give my skin some color. I dragged a finger under my lower lashes to wake my bleary eyes up and ruffled the green mess of curls on top of my head before calling that done. At least, as good as it was going to get.


I glanced toward the sound and saw that my phone had lit up the room.

Ochaco🌸  Hey! You awake yet??

Deku🍀  Morning, Uraraka. Just got up. :) What's up?

Ochaco🌸  Well, tomorrow's the big day, so I was just wondering if you have everything prepared for it?

Deku🍀  I hope so. If only our summer vacation started 5 days ago, instead of in 5 days.

Deku🍀  This is the worst timing

Ochaco🌸  I know! But we're all here for you!

Deku🍀  Thanks. I feel better just knowing that.

Ochaco🌸  Once it lets out, why don't we all get together to do something fun??

Deku🍀  That sounds like a great idea! Make a group and let's see if Iida and everyone would want to join us!

Ochaco🌸  Okay!

I set my phone down and began to get dressed. I should have been happy about tomorrow since it was my birthday, but when an Omega turned 17, their first heat would hit. That wasn't something I was prepared for. In fact, it was something I didn't think I would ever be prepared for. Class after embarrassing class had talked about what an Omega's heat was like and, honestly, knowing what to expect just made things worse for me. Because, if I knew, then that meant so did everyone else around me.

In our world full of sub-genders, being forced to live side-by-side with instincts that would take over all our rationality, we all had at least a little something to look forward too. The seventeenth birthday marked a new milestone in our lives. A time when fate would start to guide us down the path of eternal happiness.  When anyone reached their seventeenth birthday, they would finally begin to emit the pheromones intended to draw out their mate, the other half to their soul, the person meant to be there for the rest of their lives... their eternal happiness.

This was a day that I had waited for, for such a long time. A day that I dreamed about, planned, or replayed constantly in my mind. I was both equal parts excited and... absolutely terrified. There were so many things that could go wrong on my seventeenth birthday. So many things that were entirely out of my control. Uncertainties over this day lurked around every corner. For me, this day wasn't going to be the happy beginning to my eternal happiness like everyone else expected. No, for me, a male Omega, this day could very well mark the start of my eternal torment.

But, there was still the off-chance that everything would turn out okay. The small percentage that told me I was going to be happy in my life. I didn't wake up praying for things to go wrong though, they just always did. Questions would roam through my mind over what was to come. Thoughts about how broken my life was going to be if I couldn't control it in some way. I hated handing it over to fate like it was no big deal. I could barely press the breaks while I was raced through life on a derailed train, going at speeds unknown to mankind. All I could do was brace for the inevitable impact and pray that I would survive in the end.

Turning of age was harder for someone like me than most everyone else for so many different reasons. If I chose to ignore the hate-comments and snide remarks that were tossed my way simply because of what I was born to be, I would only be greeted with more challenges. Challenges that other sub-genders had an advantage over. When most people turned of age, they could take one quick whiff and immediately locate their future happiness. But, when an Omega turned of age, it wasn't that easy. Omegas couldn't just head out and sniff around. No, they had to sit tight like pretty, helpless damsels in distress for their soulmate to find them.

I wasn't a damsel in distress. I wasn't some princess locked away in a tower, waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue me. I wasn't even a woman, contrary to what some critics would argue. I wasn't going to sit around and wait for fate to steer me where it wanted me to go. No, I was going to rip the reins out of fate's hands and take control of my own life because... this wasn't a fairytale and I had no hopes of having a happy ending. Life didn't hand things to me like it did for others. Since the day I filled my lungs with the toxic city air in some rundown hospital, I was forced to earn my place. I struggled and fought every step of the way to be where I was today and I didn't expect things to suddenly become easy for me.

Finding my mate was going to be a struggle. I knew this from the very beginning. I may have had my sights set on a certain Alpha, but I didn't expect him to land in the palms of my hands without warning. In fact, I didn't expect him to even look in my direction. So, despite every cell in my body that screamed I had a chance... I told myself otherwise. I convinced myself that his words meant harm, when I knew deep down that they didn't. I took them to heart and let them consume me. Consume me until I couldn't breathe anymore and then... I stood up against the weight that crushed over my shoulders and decided to buckle-up for the ride ahead. I decided to embrace my destiny and bend it to my will. To do that... when my birthday came around... I was going to find my mate myself, in my own way.

'I think... Maybe..? It didn't hurt to try a little, right?' I thought to myself.

I knew it was going to be hard to do considering Omegas could only pick up small traces of their mates by themselves. Just a soft whiff here or there. But, it was never enough to actually identify them, especially if their mate was in a large crowd. It just helped point them in the right direction. If they were lucky enough to detect their mate's pheromones while they were alone in the same room together then there would be no mistaking their instincts. That was rarely the case, however. That was always an option, but I couldn't just waltz up to every Alpha and Beta in the world and force them into some dark closet with me just so I could smell them...

So, my first obstacle was that Omegan senses weren't as strong as the other secondary genders. Fate was trying to force Omegas to just rely on the Betas and Alphas to find them.

Almost everyone in my class already knew about me being an Omega. Almost everyone, so it made things less complicated to some degree. The school board decided it would be in my best interest if they knew, for various safety reasons. It also made life a little easier, knowing I had so much support.

Being a male Omega was extremely rare, but being one with a quirk and going through the academy to become a hero was practically unheard of. It was unheard of, but not impossible. Doing what I dreamed to do wasn't going to be easy. If word got out to the wrong group of people, a massive target was most likely going to be placed on my back. A target that screamed 'easy prey', 'weak', 'submissive'. Being an Omega was already dangerous on its own, let alone an Omega that wanted to intentionally go out to the front lines and fight against genders that could force me to do their bidding. But, if they didn't know an Omega was on the battlefield, then I would be just a little safer.

What made things even worse for me throughout all of this was that Omegas were supposed to be beneath everyone else. It had been the standard for a very long time, but recent changes showed chances of equality for all the secondary genders and I was proud to say that I planned on breaking the norms for Omegas.

I wouldn't let society decide my fate for me, at least while I still had the strength to fight it. Being forced to follow a role that had been the standard for so long was something I wasn't up for. I couldn't just sit back and wait for fate to come to me anymore. I had to fight, struggle, claw and dig my way through just to be where I was today, yes. But, every step was worth it. I felt stronger every day that passed. I felt like I was on equal footing with the Betas and Alphas that surrounded me and to make things a little better... They seemed to accept me for who I was. Never once had I been ridiculed by my classmates or teachers for striving to break out of the constraints that were placed on me since birth. They cheered for me, encouraged me, and gave me the tools to show the world that there was more to an Omega than just someone that belonged beneath them all. More to an Omega than just a plaything for the sick and twisted.

Looking into the mirror before me and letting my thoughts run rampant in my mind, I shook my head vigorously. I had to psych myself up mentally for the class that was about to come. I took a few deep breaths and continued to get ready, attempting to toss my nerves out the window where they belonged.

That was... until I remembered, yet again, why I was so nervous in the first place. 

There was one person in my class that didn't know who I truly was.

One person that I refused to let find out because of the fear that struck through my body when I faced him.

One person whose look of disgust would rip my soul to shreds if he ever cast it in my direction.

Unfortunately for me, this one person... was also the Alpha I had my hopes and dreams secretly set on.

I wouldn't be able to stand it if he gave me that look. The look that screamed disgust. Disgust for being so weak. Disgust for trying to climb to the top when I belonged beneath his feet. I could handle the comments, the shoves, and the occasional brawl that he would always seem to throw my way. A glare here and there or the lack of compassion in his eyes toward me was nothing new. It showed that he saw me to be someone worth pushing down, while we were both struggling to run up the same ladder at the same time. He was just trying to grasp his dreams and didn't want anyone to get there before him. I couldn't blame him for his fierce passion to rise to the top. In fact, it was something that caught my eye from the very beginning.

But I wouldn't be able to handle it if he found out I was an Omega. He already hated me enough the way things were now. In fact, things were just starting to look up between us, ever since he found out about One for All. So, I didn't want to ruin them before I had my chance to fix it. I wanted him in my life... in some way. I wanted him to be by me like he always had in the past, even if it was only because we were forced to be at each other's side. But still, those moments were some of the best... and worse... moments in my entire life up to this point.

Before he knew about how I received my quirk, he thought I had hidden this secret away from him his whole life. He thought I was mocking him and treating him like he wasn't good enough to know I had a quirk. The look of hurt and betrayal he gave me the day he found out I had a quirk, became a look that tormented my memories. I never wanted to see it again. It was a struggle to explain everything to him in the end, but he finally accepted that I didn't hide this from him because I actually wanted to... but rather that I had to hide it from him.

What was worse was that I actually did have a secret that I had kept hidden from him my whole life. The proud Alpha that he was, he would never let me stand by his side if he knew. If he was that upset of a secret I kept against my will, I could only imagine how he would feel if he knew there was another.

I could feel that he started to see the struggles I had to go through just to be near the top and deep down, I started hoping that one day if I reached out, I could feel his palm in my hands once again.


A sound reverberated through my room once more so I walked back over to my nightstand to see who it was this time. Not too surprised, I noticed Uraraka waisted no time in recruiting our friends for the plans to come.

Ochaco🌸 added you to the group!


Ochaco🌸  Hey! Deku and I were thinking of getting everyone together to do something fun this summer, anyone in??

Toru👻  Yeah!

Kiri🥊  Hell yeah!

Denki⚡️ Party!!

Mina🌷 Beach!!

Momo👗  Shopping?!

Tokoyami🐦  I like the beach idea.

Mineta🍇  Me too!

Tsu🐸  Sounds like fun!!

Deku🍀  Who's all in this group?

Jirou🎸  Oooh?? Is there somebody you're avoiding..? ;)

Aoyama 🦄  A certain blond alpha perhaps? *wink*wink*

Ochaco🌸  Not funny, guys! Don't worry, I didn't add him. If things go bad, I thought it would turn awkward for everyone...

Sero🕸  I agree, let's invite him once this all passes!

Shoji🐙  Yeah!

Deku🍀  Do we have to..?

Kiri🥊  Honestly, Bro, I don't get why you haven't told him.

Ochaco🌸  Uhm, would you give your bully more things to taunt you about..?

Kiri🥊  I just think that maybe he's changed a little is all.

Deku🍀  I've seen change too... it's just... hard.

Ochaco🌸  Yeah, he's not ready yet.

Mina🌷  You never know, what if he's actually your mate ;)

Denki⚡️ Bahaha!!

Jirou🎸  Lol!

Kiri🥊  No way!

❄️Shouto🔥  Better not be -.-

Denki⚡️ Todo, dude, you sound jealous...

❄️Shouto🔥  Just protecting my friend.

Deku🍀  I'll tell him one day, just not any time soon

Kiri🥊  Promise to tell him?

Deku🍀  Promise.

I put my phone in my pocket, gathered my supplies and began to make my way down to the common area, where I was sure I would find everyone already awake at this point and mingling.




Sure enough, the smell of someone's freshly made breakfast wafted in and danced around me. It was trying to entice me to come and eat. I stepped out of the elevator and made my way to the kitchen.

I had noticed Uraraka was sitting at the table, eating cereal, and Katsuki was at the counter, rummaging through the cabinets, clearly looking for something.

Denki, Kiri, Mina, and Sero were all sitting around the table, talking and texting.

"Morning, Deku!" Uraraka shouted when she saw me. I took the empty seat next to her while my mind tried to decide whether it would be wise to enter the kitchen while Katsuki was still there or not.

"G'morning," I stifled a yawn, "What smells so good?"

She gave me a funny, puzzled look.

"I don't smell anything..?" Uraraka admitted, sniffing the air to try and find what caught my attention.

"Oh well, must be my mind telling me that I'm hungry," I smiled at her. My stomach grumbled in acknowledgment which only made my face heat up in embarrassment.

Uraraka just chuckled at me when I stood up, attempting to hide away from the teasing and taunts I immediately expected her to throw my way. I walked over to the kitchen, deciding to make myself a quick snack and just head out.

"Ah. G'morning, Kacchan," I said with my head bowed down and not exactly expecting a response. It was just another part of my usual routine in the early morning. Actually, scratch that... sometimes he did respond and it was always something along the lines of 'fuck off', 'it's too early for your shit', 'I didn't wake up to hear your annoying voice', and so on and so forth. It was just who he was... just how he treated me.

This time though, Katsuki actually grunted to say he heard me but nothing more. Even still, I was shocked he would give me that much. I didn't think I was even worth his time, but after our fight, he had spoken more and yelled less. It was nice. I knew he wasn't doing it with the intention to make me happy, but I couldn't help my little smile that graced my face before I continued making my breakfast.

The sweet smell of sugar and something more filtered past my nose once again and I glanced in Katsuki's direction. He didn't have anything made yet, so I wasn't sure what I was smelling, but I knew it only made me hungrier. It reminded me of syrup or maybe even caramel. The sweet tooth that laid within me ached at the decadent aroma, making my mouth drool and my head spin. I hadn't realized I froze in my spot and had let my eyes linger for just a little too long. Too long... just long enough to be noticed.

"Oi. Deku. Quit staring, you damn nerd," Katsuki snapped at me and gave me a weird look. A look that said I was pushing my luck. A few sparks even jutted from his fingertips, signaling that he meant business.

I yelped a little and mumbled some form of an apology under my breath. I kept my eyes cast down to the ground, not willing to anger him even further. It wasn't in my best interest to make the Alpha hate me even more than he already did. I groaned inwardly at my stupid mistake before settling on making some toast for breakfast. The moment my food was completed, I ran back to the table, not wanting to risk his fury for being nearby for too long.

Uraraka quickly took notice of the awkward exchange that just took place between us and eyed me with a questionable suspicion. I blushed deeply because I wasn't ready for anyone to know how I felt. A rivalry was all the more we were supposed to have going on between us right now, not some secret hidden romance that no one knew about. I didn't have it in me to admit my feelings to myself, let alone to speak them out loud to anyone else. I continued to eat my food as quickly as I could without another word, then raced out of the dorms toward our class, leaving my friend behind.

It was still early when I made it inside. I had plenty of time before the morning bell would ring, so I calmed my steps when my panic had finally managed to settle down. Shinsou and Todoroki were already in their seats when I walked in. After having a joint classroom training session the other day, Shinsou was admitted into our class to participate in the hero courses.

"Good morning, Midoriya," Todoroki's bleak voice and deadpanned facial expression greeted me like usual.

"Morning, did you sleep well, Shouto?" I smiled in his direction.

"I did in the beginning, until I was bombarded so early in the morning with text messages," he stated, giving me a sideways glance. Heat rushed up my neck when I realized he was talking about the group message that Uraraka created.

"Guh! I'm so sorry!!" I exclaimed while waving my hands in front of my face.

"It's perfectly fine, Midoriya. It gave me enough time to relax before class," Todoroki said after watching me panic for a little bit longer.

Shinsou, on the other hand, just stared at our exchange. I had told him about being an Omega as soon as it was official that he would be transferring in with our class and not the other. He didn't seem to mind and was more than willing to keep my secret. I wouldn't say we were friends exactly, but I wouldn't deny that I hoped we would be one day.

"I think... the beach doesn't sound too bad," Shinsou said softly.

I stopped my motions and turned in his direction. Realization dawned on me in a flash and I let it show on my face. I smiled widely and nodded my head several times.

"Yes, I agree!! We should definitely go to the beach," I exclaimed, flashing him a bright smile. It was nice to see him reaching out after his declaration against making friends with us all. I knew it wouldn't last that long.

Classmates started piling in one by one, so I took my seat behind Katsuki and waited for the day to end. I was dreading tomorrow, but the suspense and anxiety just kept making me wish for this all to be over with.




By the time lunch came around, I was entranced. Entirely fixated on the sugary aroma that I had smelled earlier that morning. It wouldn't leave me, seeming to follow everywhere I went. The moment the bell rang, I kicked my seat back and shot up. As fast as I could, I grabbed Uraraka and dragged her to the nearest stairwell, out of ears and eyes of everyone else.

"W - What's happening, Deku?!" She exclaimed in confusion.

"I have a problem. I can't stay for the rest of the class today, I won't make it," I began to explain. I started to fiddle with my thumbs while wondering how exactly I was going to explain this to my best friend without causing too much of a scene.

"What do you mean?" She asked me with a certain tilt to her head. The confusion was evident on her face.

"I'm not sure if this is a sign of my heat or what, but I can't be in that room with all those Alphas and Betas any longer. They smell..." I said, letting my voice trail off at the end.

She raised an eyebrow, "Smell? They stink? Ooohhh, you mean they smell... good," she said, flashing me a toothy grin.

"Well, the school knows your situation, so I think if you left early, they would understand. What do they smell like to you?" The Beta asked.

"They all smell okay, like flowers, fruits, and such, but..." I said, waving my hand in the air dismissively when I explained the slight scents that I didn't much care for.

"But? Please, do continue..." She gripped my hands tightly and her eyes began to gleam. She knew exactly what I was getting at.

"There's one smell that tops the rest. I can't pinpoint where it's coming from exactly since I'm just an Omega. It's amazing though. Like, someone took a hike up a mountain, built a campfire, and just randomly started making a smorgasbord of pancakes drizzled in caramel to eat. It was... just... ughh..." I sighed in frustration. I brought my hands up and dragged them down my face, wondering if maybe, just maybe, I was hallucinating.

Uraraka, however, began jumping up and down out of pure childish excitement. It was like she had just won the lottery or something. She pulled out her phone and started typing something furiously, turning her body away from me so I couldn't see what it was.

"What are you doing?" I asked. My stomach did a small tumble when I thought of just how gossip-happy she could be. I felt like I would be finding the answer to my question in just a matter of seconds.

"Hmm? Did you uh... say something? Oh, ha ha, just... uh... nothing?" She grinned. Every single thing about her statement made my blood run cold and my face turn pale. She coyly put her phone back in her pocket and waited. Her eyes flicked down to my own phone and her mischievous smile never fell.


Sure enough, my pocket mysteriously vibrated. Weird. I glared in her direction but wasn't sure if the effect I wanted took place because she just shrugged sweetly. I reached down to grab my phone and gasped at the message I read, that had been sent to the group from this morning.


"Uraraka! I could be wrong!" I exclaimed. Sweat began dripping and settled in my palms. I wanted to shake her vigorously for stirring up trouble in my otherwise... relatively... uneventful life... At least, it's been pretty steady lately. That's uneventful, right? Right.

"I doubt it!" She quickly countered. I gave her an exasperated look. Did she honestly forget that Omegas couldn't pinpoint their mate? I sensed a headache forming the longer I thought about everything.

"Either way, I'm going to Recovery Girl and then probably back to my dorm," I sighed. I was too anxious to continue being here any longer. The last thing I needed was to start my heat early because someone smelled heavenly to me. That would suck. Various other thoughts fumbled through my head continuously.

What were they going to say to this? 
Who was the scent coming from?

If I could smell everyone, couldn't they smell me?

This was embarrassing, I just wanted to crawl in a hole and wait for this whole thing to die down. 

Why couldn't I just be an Alpha?
Oh, right. Because fate hated me.

"Deku, you're mumbling again. It'll be okay," Uraraka stated, noticing my on-going panic rising steadily. She smiled and patted me on the back when I turned to leave.

"I hope you're right."


Chapter Text


Slight Angst


3165 Words




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I slumped myself down onto the nurse's cot and let out a groan. Recovery Girl had given me some suppressants and told me to rest in the nurse's office for the time being. She would be informing Aizawa that I wouldn't be in class tomorrow and potentially the day after. The first heat usually only lasted between 13 to 15 hours and since suppressants weren't taken regularly, there shouldn't be any issues as far as it being backed-up was concerned.

The whole time we were talking, my phone kept going off, vibrating constantly in my pocket. Recovery Girl definitely heard the faint buzzing, but was polite enough not to question anything. I had ignored everyone's responses, but now that I wasn't in the middle of having an embarrassing conversation with the school nurse, I decided it was time to check their reactions to the drama Uraraka had decided to start up.

❄️Shouto🔥 How do you know?

Kiri🥊 Are you sure!?

Mina🌷 That's exciting! I wonder who it is?

❄️Shouto🔥 Yeah, who is it, Midoriya?

Jirou🎸 Yeah, come on, tell us! Don't be shy ~

Ochaco🌸 Deku went to the nurse's office, so he's probably not going to respond. He couldn't tell, everyone's smells were mixing too much.

Mina🌷 Wait? Isn't he not coming to class tomorrow?

Ochaco🌸 That's right, he's not.

Tsu🐸 Then, how is his mate supposed to find him?

Tokoyami🐦 Yeah, I am curious myself.

Toru👻 He should come!

❄️Shouto🔥 Everyone, he can't. You are aware of this. You know why he doesn't want his scent released.

Kiri🥊 Then maybe he should just let Bakugou know now. They've known each other their whole lives. I don't think this is something that should be kept from him. I'm telling you, he won't mind! Trust the man a little more...

Denki⚡️ Won't Bakugou be suspicious if he isn't in class tomorrow anyway?

Ochaco🌸 Why would he?

Iida🤖 Well, like he said, they've known each other their whole lives, so doesn't he know when Midoriya's 17th Birthday is?

Ochaco🌸 Oh yeah, does he?

Jirou🎸 Someone hurry and find out if he knows!

Kiri🥊 I'll text him!

Shoji🐙 That could cause problems. So, let us know.

Momo👗 If he knows, he could question why he isn't here and maybe put two and two together. He's not slow...

Iida🤖 Then we should get Midoriya to come to class.

Ochaco🌸 Why do you guys want Deku in class anyway?

Sero🕸 Think about it, if he's not in class, Bakugou could figure it out, but Midoriya's trying desperately to hide it.

Mina🌷  Yeah, it's obvious. Everyone knows when an Omega's heat first hits. He would find out for sure.

Momo👗 Is there any way to avoid it then?

Toru👻 I don't want to see him mistreat Midoriya because of it...

Kiri🥊 Guys! He wouldn't mistreat him, but yes, he knows it's his birthday! Also, I panicked when he asked why I wanted to know, so I told him it's so we could throw a surprise party... Oops?

Denki⚡️ Kiri! You dunce! lol

Ojiro🦁  Oh great, now what?

Tsu🐸 Why doesn't an Alpha or Beta mark him?

Toru👻 What?!

Tokoyami🐦 That could work actually...

Shinsou🤕 They're right.

Ochaco🌸 If it's not his mate, it'll hurt him though!

Tsu🐸 But if they are, then it won't!

Sero🕸 Yeah, and if he's marked, his scent won't be spread, so he would be able to come to class...

Ojiro🦁  True, but if he smells his mate, then that means they're already seventeen too, right?

Ochaco🌸 If all the Alphas and Betas in the class agree and they're okay with their potential mate being marked by someone else, then I don't see why not..? He was hesitant and said that he could have been mistaken though. So, I think even those who aren't of age should mark him too. Since he is an Omega, he can't pinpoint anyone so he could also just be wrong. But, since he wants to hide his scent, it doesn't hurt to let everyone have a chance then..?

Kiri🥊 We only need just one person then. We should try with someone that's already of age?

Denki⚡️  They don't have to be, he just wants to hide his scent. Anyone could mark him then if that's all. Mate or not.

Jirou🎸 Maybe it should be one of his closest friends then. Wouldn't that be those three? Iida, Uraraka, or Todoroki? None of them are of age, but it will still mask his smell from leaking out. Problem is, if he wasn't wrong and did smell his mate in our class, then being masked... will not only hide Midoriya from Bakugou, but from everyone else. Honestly, that's not fair to those that could be his mate.

❄️Shouto🔥  I call first.

Denki⚡️  Todo! Not fair! You're not even old enough, why do you get first dibs? But, yeah, I'm of age, I would kind of like to know, so throw me in sometime after Shouto then.

❄️Shouto🔥  Because I called it and I'm a close friend.

Shinsou🤕 Second, I'm of age too. It doesn't have to be just those of age. We could all rotate. He wants to hide his scent and there are a few people that want to find out. So let's just start with Todoroki helping to hide his scent and move from there.

Momo👗 Wait guys! If we do this, then it'll have to be for a while. It's not like his scent is going to disappear once all this blows over... The whole point of anyone turning 17 is so they are appealing to their mate until their mate finds them.

Shinsou🤕 How long does a mark last?

❄️Shouto🔥 A month if made by their mate, otherwise only for about 2 weeks by someone else. A bond? Eternity.

Momo👗 Okay, so every 2 weeks, we switch out. Eventually, one of those who are of age will be it and when that time comes, we won't have to try to hide it anymore. Then his mate can take over!

Denki⚡️ What about the party tomorrow?

Kiri🥊 Oh yeah, guess he should be marked tonight or tomorrow morning then.

Ochaco🌸 Deku, be prepared! Todoroki is coming for you!!!




My heart stopped entirely. What had I just read!? This was absurd on so many different levels. They were forgetting what happened to an Omega during a heat, clearly. I couldn't just let someone, let alone an Alpha, waltz in on me mid-heat. That was just asking for a storm to happen. Not only that, I was just supposed to deal with whatever pain and discomfort ended up happening while being marked incorrectly? While they all were fine? Not that it was their fault and I wasn't wishing pain on my classmates. I would rather take the full front of it anyway. But, still. I wasn't exactly in the mood to be willingly injured. However, they were making these plans for my sake and for my selfish request. So, I couldn't really get angry with them. Not when their intentions were pure and their plan did seem to be well thought out.

I sat there, staring up at the ceiling while contemplating the conversation I just read. I let my mind linger a little until my imagination decided to take over. My Omegan instincts kicked in slightly when a thought rushed forward of having a dominating sub-gender press their lips against the back of my neck, letting their canines sink in and claiming me to be theirs, sending a shudder of excitement through my body.

'Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.' I thought to myself.

Deku🍀 What the... guys?!

❄️Shouto🔥 It's already been discussed. I'll be there in the morning.

Deku🍀 Oh. Uh. Okay..?

Toru👻 Yay! Now we can celebrate your birthday too!!

Mina🌷 I'm excited!

Iida🤖 I'm not going to lie, I was a little sad that we almost missed it. Turning seventeen is a big deal in all of our lives and it is a cause for celebration. As your class representative, I appreciate the chance to strengthen our relationships. The stronger we are together, the more powerful we become in the face of our foes. So, I'm thrilled that we will now be getting to share this day with you, Midoriya. I value our friendship.

Deku🍀 Sorry, guys. Thanks, Iida. I value our friendship, too.

Kiri🥊 It's all good, man!

Deku🍀 I still don't know if I should be in class tomorrow or not. It doesn't change the way my body will act, does it? My heat is still going to happen whether I'm marked or not, right?

Mina🌷 I don't know, I'm not an Omega.

Momo👗 Yeah, guess we'll find out.

Mineta🍇 This is gross, count me out.


Mineta🍇 has left the group!


Ochaco🌸 That didn't take long at all lol

I sighed and scrolled through their messages one last time. I needed to see what Recovery Girl would have to say about their plan since she already sent out the word that I would be gone tomorrow.

After a lengthy discussion with Recovery Girl, it was decided I should still stay out of class tomorrow, for my own safety. However, she didn't see any harm in the classes plan, as long as everyone was in agreement to do it.

She also told me, that as long as I was taking my suppressants, I shouldn't be too bothered by everyone else's scent, as well as my scent toward them. But, with it being my first heat, there was no stopping what I was going to be going through. In fact, an Omegan's heat isn't removed by the suppressants. It's only lessened. The urges become more bearable, but not entirely defeated.

Deku🍀 Recovery Girl said no class tomorrow, guys. If everything dies down later in the evening, we should be good for a party.

Denki⚡️ Sweet!

Kouda🐁 I'm okay with this.

Kiri🥊 There's an Alpha that is of age and that hasn't agreed to this plan, that I feel everyone is ignoring.

Mina🌷 We aren't ignoring him! Just... not including him lol

Deku🍀 He doesn't need to agree to it. It wouldn't matter to him anyway.

Kiri🥊 Seriously, dude. If he is your mate, this whole thing is going to hurt him and I hate seeing him hurt.

Deku🍀 Kacchan wouldn't be hurt over someone like me. Don't worry, Kirishima. Besides, fate wouldn't be so cruel...

I put my phone on silent after that. It wasn't that I didn't want to include Katsuki in everything and I definitely didn't want to see the Alpha hurt. But, I knew he wouldn't be. There was nothing in their plan that would hurt Katsuki. I wasn't even worth his time. No matter how badly I wanted it, I knew there was no way I was his mate. It was more the fact that I knew he would prefer to not be bothered. That, coupled with the idea that he would absolutely despise the very idea of marking me in any way. He would probably yell or tell me how disgusting it all was before proceeding to burn the entire dorm down with me trapped inside. I climbed out of bed to excuse myself from Recovery Girl's office and begun to make my way to my dorm. Before I fully exited, Recovery Girl stopped me for one more thing.

"Ah, wait, Midoriya. This might help narrow down your search for your mate. Whenever your mate is marked by someone other than you, you can generally tell that something is wrong," she pursed her lips together before proceeding.

"They don't always know what's going on. It could be a feeling like something is missing or sometimes it's physical pain, nothing crippling, but it hurts. Just an internal ache and their nape will burn. So, if you're marked by the wrong person, your mate will know. Maybe you can tell who they are from how they act afterward," Recovery Girl said. She smiled and with that, waved me out.




Finally having made it to my room, I closed the door behind me and slid down to the ground. I still needed to take a shower and prepare for a day locked behind closed doors, but right now, I had too much to think about. The panic was slowly beginning to rise up in my chest when I replayed the conversation I just had with my classmates over in my head.

If he is your mate, this whole thing is going to hurt him.

Fate wouldn't be so cruel...

Those words lingered in the back of my mind. Sure, I didn't want Kacchan to find out I was an Omega, but at the same time, I didn't really want to be marked by someone that wasn't meant for me. Just thinking about it felt like I was betraying my soulmate in every sense of the word. That wasn't exactly something I was keen on doing. 

What were the chances the smell was coming from him anyway?

A quick memory from this morning flashed through my head, but only for a moment, before it disappeared just as fast. A memory of ash blond hair and the smell of breakfast.

I stood up and dropped my bag next to my desk. Without even bothering to turn on the lights, I pulled out my seat and sat down. I rested my head in the palm of one hand and stared blankly at the wall in front of me.

The sun was hanging low and a pale orange glow emitted through the window and into my room. I could hear doors open and close in the dorms and I knew classes were ending. People would start showing up soon, but I was already where I needed to be for the moment.

All Might posters and figures littered my room, everywhere I looked. If I wasn't paying close attention, the smaller details would have escaped my sight.

Buried behind posters and quotes were a few pictures of the times I spent in middle school.

Hidden even further than those, were pictures of me and Katsuki when we used to be friends.

I reached my hand out and pulled a pin away from one of the photos. I began looking at it closely, trying to remember the day the best that I could. It was a photo of us at the neighborhood park before Katsuki had gotten his quirk. He was smiling proudly with one arm wrapped over my shoulders and the other at his hip.

His crimson eyes were fixated on whoever the photographer was, however, my eyes... were glued to him. Everywhere he went, everything he did, anything he said... it was all music to my ears.

Where did those days go..?

Gone were the days, where I could openly admire him for his strength and courage. I had to lock everything away and pray that these feelings never escaped from their cage.

I clutched a hand over my chest and let the photo drop to the floor. My head fell down and I began taking deep breaths. 

It burnt.

It cut deep and it burnt.

It had burnt since the day I was cast aside and nothing I ever did anymore seemed to ease the pain I felt. My head began to swim in circles, feeling foggy. I tried to stand up and make it to the comfort of my bed, but I just couldn't do it. I laid my head back down on my desk and let the tears roll across my cheeks.

I knew my friends meant well, but the idea of going through this plan was just adding to an ever-growing headache that persisted.

If I could just bring myself to tell Katsuki what I was, maybe this time, for once in my life, he would finally accept me..? I didn't want anyone else in my life. Even though he had put me through so much, I caught myself constantly whispering to my heart that he said those things in an attempt to save me from crashing and burning whenever reality decided to slap me across the face.

I was just fooling myself though. I knew enough about him, to know that something happened years ago. Something happened, that made him hate me.

We were just finally getting to a point in our relationship where I didn't have to tiptoe around him entirely anymore. I didn't want to ruin my chances, and if that meant I had to be marked to hide who I was for now, then I figured so be it.

Until the day I was ready to come clean and tell him, I would do everything I could to hide it. He may hate me now, but things were changing between us.

I was too young to realize it back then, but I probably fell in love with him the moment he walked into our apartment that first day, with his empty smile and unfulfilled promises.

But, that was all it took. At that moment, his voice became the song to my soul. His eyes held an ocean that I could drown in. Every time he smiled it brought the sun back into my life.

"Kacchan..." I whispered.

Fate wouldn't be so cruel... Would it?

Chapter Text




Mild Angst

2592  Words




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


Vmm Vmm


Vmm Vm Vmm

My scowl deepened with each shuffle of excitement from the extras around me. Obviously, something was going on and just as obvious was the fact that I wasn't included. Each soft vibration that reverberated through the air made my eyebrow twitch and my eyes squint in irritation.

Normally, I wouldn't be bothered, but after seeing the scene this morning with Kirishima and Denki giggling at the kitchen table while staring into their phones, I realized whatever it was, even my circle of extras was included.

Lunch had just ended but no one seemed to be paying attention anymore. Our own teacher, Aizawa, just let it all happen, without glancing up from his podium. He clearly didn't give a shit. Finally, my own phone went off, ringing loudly through the air. Aizawa's gaze flicked up to meet my scowl but nothing more.


It was about damn time that I was included, but at this point, I just decided to openly growl. I saw Kirishima twitch in his seat out of the corner of my eye. He glanced in my direction while he waited for me to grab my phone to respond.

Kiri🥊 Hey, do you know when Midoriya's birthday is?

Katsuki💥 Why would I know that?

Kiri🥊 I don't know, you've known him for the longest and have kinda been in school with him since... well, forever?

Katsuki💥 I don't pay attention to that damn nerd. Why are you asking?

Kiri🥊 We heard it was coming up before the end of school and wanted an excuse to throw a party before summer. Sounds fun, right?!

Katsuki💥 Depends on the type of party. If four-eyes and round-face are throwing it, then no. It doesn't sound fun.

Kiri🥊 Nope! Denki and I are planning it. So it'll be a blast! So... I know you know it, when is his birthday?

Katsuki💥 Well, you better get started quickly then, hair-for-brains. It's tomorrow.

Kiri🥊 Awe, man. That doesn't leave for much time! Thanks, Bakubro! Guess we're having a party tomorrow night then! Be prepared!!

I sat back in my seat, slightly satisfied that I knew what the hustle and bustle was all about. I noticed Izuku didn't return from lunch, not that it mattered much to me, but how did they plan to throw a party if he was sick and wouldn't make it?

It really was just an excuse for an End-of-Year party, wasn't it? I smirked to myself thinking no one truly wanted to throw the damn nerd something so lame like a birthday party.

We weren't four anymore.

I winced at my own internal thought while flashes of memories swept through my head of those days. I pushed them aside though since I had more important things to think about than some nerds and extras.

I had made plans with the old hag to stay in the dorm rooms during summer. It was the best place to stay for training and since I had those extra classes to take for my provisional license, I wanted to waste no time in catching up to everyone else.

I turned my attention back toward Aizawa and ignored the flurry of text message noises that echoed throughout the room. I happened to notice a few glances in my direction and suddenly the text messages stopped for the remainder of the day.

I couldn't help but wonder why those assholes were staring at me.

'Damn conversations better not have had my name in it,' I scowled to myself.




Class finally came to an end and I was just as relieved as everyone else to be out of that hell hole. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder before proceeding out the doors.

"Hey, Bakubro!" Kirishima came up from behind and slapped me across the back.

"You're asking to be torched, hair-for-brains!" I hollered at him. He just shrugged and draped his arm over my shoulder.

"I wasn't paying attention in class today, so do you wanna help your buddy out with some notes?" He said, flashing me a cocky smile from the side.

"Fuck no. That's your own damn fault, next time put your shitty phone away," I mumbled. I was still slightly irritated that I wasn't fully included, but I couldn't exactly go around announcing that to the whole class.

"C'mon man ~ Please? I'll let you punch me!" Kirishima stated while making a fist and pumping it into the air.

"With or without your quirk?" I asked, squinting my eyes at him. It was no fun for me if he opted out of the spar too early.

"With!" He said, quickly catching on.

"Fine," I grunted in response. "I could use a good punching bag today."

Kirishima laughed nervously at my words but accepted defeat.




My sparring session didn't last as long as I would've hoped with Kirishima, so I decided to continue a few runs around the track before heading back in to help him out.

The sun was beginning to set and the air had started to cool down. While I jogged in silence, my thoughts were speaking loud and clear.

They drifted back to the events from just a few days ago, the joint classroom combat session and what happened with Izuku's quirk.

He seemed out of it that day leading up to combat and I had heard him say he was having trouble with his quirk, but I never expected to see him lose control like that before.

Black ropes had swung violently out of his arm and stuck to nearby surfaces. He screamed in agony while simultaneously injuring his classmates against his will.

Even All Might was clueless about what was happening. It was evident on his face full of worry and how quickly he gathered the teachers to stop the battle.

Izuku, being the damn hard-headed nerd he was, had been able to finish his battle without interference in the end.

Now here he was, a few days later, leaving class early. If he's sick and loses control again, it'll probably be dangerous for everyone around. He could even hurt himself, the way he screamed that day proved whatever happened wasn't pleasant. But, I knew he would get a good grasp on it all soon enough.

Not that I cared if it hurt, but I did care if he hurt others because of his dumb ass lacking the ability to control One for All. If he couldn't control it, he shouldn't have agreed to take it. Not everyone was born in this world to possess power and the more he struggled, the more I couldn't bear to watch it.

But I knew his struggles were what made him stronger. However, he needed to learn how to quit stepping up my fucking ladder and to find his own, dammit.

No matter what he did, he just kept getting himself into trouble. He was more a victim than a hero and it kept dragging everyone down.

How many broken bones and screams of pain did he have to endure before he finally gave up?

The air I breathed started burning my lungs when I thought about the countless trips to Recovery Girl and the scars that would forever remain on his body.

Why was he so damn desperate to be a hero? 

Why did it have to be this? 

Why couldn't he settle for some smaller role, some safer position in life? 

What propelled him to be at the top, to step on the rungs of my ladder? 

Who was he doing all this for anyway? Himself? 


That's not like Izuku.

He had to be doing all of this for everyone else, someone else. There was someone out there he wished to protect and smile for.

That damn smile.

Those damn eyes.

I grunted in frustration when my thoughts took a turn that I would rather they avoided. I pushed myself harder in my jog, hoping the burn in my throat would be able to replace the gnawing pain that persisted in my chest.

There was a time in our lives where I could reach out my hand and know he would fill the emptiness that lay there.

But words were said that I could never take back, no matter how much I fucking wanted to. What's done was done and I knew it was all my fault.

But I couldn't help my smile, thinking things were fixing themselves with all this time that had past. It was nice, knowing I was the only person he told his secret to.

The damn nerd hadn't even told his own mother, which was weird being the mama's boy I knew him to be.

Out of all the friends he had made and all the people that had shown him love in his life, he still came to me.

The one person that constantly put him down and berated him.

And with that, my smile was quickly extinguished.

I sighed inwardly and came to a halt. I began walking to cool both my body and thoughts down, before coming to a full stop and deciding to just stand there, basking in the sunset and letting the breeze flow through me. Clearing my fogged-up head and relieving the pain that clung to my heart, if only for a moment, before it brought its claws back up and dug in yet again.

I shook all thoughts from my mind and made my way back toward the dorms. Kirishima would be waiting for me in the common area for his notes and I was starting to feel hungry.




"Bakubro, over here!" The redhead waved me down from his seat at the coffee table and I grunted in response to let him know I saw where he was.

"Quit your yelling, it's annoying," I huffed when I came closer. I sat down and reached for my bag. We had just thrown them inside before heading to train so they were still sitting here when we got back.

I pulled out whatever notes I managed to take that day and slid them across the table for him. He eagerly took what I offered up and I just sat there in silence.

Denki and Momo were sitting on the separate couches watching reruns of heroes saving people from natural disasters.

"Hey, Bakugou..." Kirishima stated, setting down his pencil and looking up at me. He bit down lightly on his bottom lip and furrowed his brow together.

Weird, he sounded a little concerned? Maybe nervous? It wasn't everyday he just used my name like normal nor in a hushed tone like he just did. If he wanted my full attention, he succeeded.

"What?" I barked coldly. I wasn't one to admit it, but that wasn't a face I enjoyed seeing him make. Especially, directed toward me.

"Hypothetically," he began, drawing the word out, "If your mate was marked by someone other than you, how would that make you feel?"

"The fuck? Did you find your mate or something?" I asked, leaning back on both of my arms and cocking my head to the side.

"Well, no. Not exactly," Kirishima said, looking away from my gaze. Everything about him was suspicious.

"Kirishima, shut up," Denki came up from behind and kicked him in the side. Not before Kirishima noticed his approach and activated his quirk before any real damage could be done.

"If it were my mate, I would be pissed," I stated. "Mates only slow you down though, maybe you should let your mate be for now and focus on becoming a hero instead. Your mushy brain needs all the help it can get."

"Your saying, if there was a chance for you to find your mate, you wouldn't take it?" At this, Momo decided to turn her attention to our conversation.

I glared at the unwelcome presence, "No, I'm saying this shithead shouldn't be focusing on things he can't wrap his head around right now. Instead, he should be taken his damn notes so I can leave."

"Would you take it though? The chance to find your mate?" She persisted. I scowled angrily and decided I wasn't going to answer her questions. I didn't want to slip anything up by letting them all know why I most likely wouldn't take the chance. Because... there was only one person I had my sights set on. Everyone else... could fuck off, mate or not.

"I'm going to take a shower, that's all I'm taking today. Better be done with those when I'm back," I grumbled while standing up. I pointed at my notes and Kirishima nodded in understanding.

"Midoriya!" A shout came from the direction of the elevators, where I was heading.

"How are you feeling, should you be up right now?"

I could hear the IcyHot bastard talking to Izuku like he was concerned. I started to walk in their direction to get my clothes from my room before I headed to the showers.

"Ehehe, probably not," Izuku responded. His voice was soft, like he was trying just a little too hard. Maybe he really was sick?

"Then what are you doing?" Todoroki questioned.

"I'm gonna test my luck in the showers, maybe I'll feel better afterward," Izuku said.

"Have you had something to eat yet?" Todoroki persisted, making me swallow the growl that was struggling to make itself known. The last thing I wanted to hear was that bastard fawning over Izuku right in front of me without even knowing I could hear them.

"Not yet," Izuku admitted.

"Let's eat together whenever you're done then. I would like a chance to talk to you before tomorrow if possible," Todoroki asked.

"Yeah, agreed, we should probably talk about it before we do anything," Izuku said quietly.

Do what? Does Izuku know about the party from earlier? I scoffed, doubtful. If he knew, then I wouldn't have been bothered for his birthday, they could've just gotten the information from him.

I rounded the corner and the moment I was spotted, their conversation came to a complete stop. Izuku's face paled drastically, giving him the appearance of a ghost and Todoroki... well... showed nothing.

"IcyHot... Deku... if you don't want to sound fucking suspicious, then don't act like your hiding something. It's creepy," I scolded, hating that it was obvious I wasn't invited to know about anything they were discussing. It made me feel sick to my stomach, seeing how close Todoroki was trying to get to Izuku.

I continued past them and got inside the elevator. While I was waiting for the doors to close, I couldn't help but hear the words Izuku whispered to himself.

Nothing too important, but enough to let me know there was more going on that I wasn't told about.

"That was too close for comfort."

Izuku clearly had more secrets to keep from me.

Secrets others seemed to know about.

A secret shared with Todoroki.


Chapter Text



Mild Lemon

2818 Words




🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Izuku had taken a suppressant earlier that day when he was in the infirmary and his heat hadn't started yet, so he figured wandering down to shower and eat wasn't going to be a bad idea.

But of course, the two people he didn't want to see the most right now were the only two people his horrible luck allowed him to run into.

If their conversation had dragged on any longer, who knows what Katsuki would have ended up hearing. Luckily, nothing was said that should have any reason to raise concern. But they did act oddly enough for him to be suspicious that something was going on between the two of them. Not that there really was, yet. At least not until the morning.

Izuku continued on his way to the communal showers, not looking forward to his dinner date coming up with Todoroki. Not that it was really a date, just that he didn't want the conversation to happen in the first place.

No one happened to be in the showers at the moment, much to Izuku's relief. He walked to one of the furthest stalls away from the doors and proceeded to turn on the hot water.

He instantly felt more relaxed while his muscles were relieved of their tension that had progressively built up throughout the day.

He tilted his head back and just let the water pour over his face, eyes closed and relaxing in every way he could. A small smile of satisfaction made the ends of his lips turn upwards. He was so engrossed in listening to the roar of water drain his worries away, that he failed to notice when he had company.

Katsuki waited for a while as he watched the green-eyed boy in front of him bask in the moment. He sharply inhaled a breath at the sight of the water creating a stream that enveloped Izuku's body.

How he pictured standing behind him and trailing his fingers lightly up his sides. Katsuki wanted to cause tremors down Izuku's torso, shudders that would give him a slight chill even though he was currently soaking in the heat.

Katsuki pictured wrapping one arm around Izuku's waist while his free hand ran up the middle of his back. He would let his fingers sit lightly at the base of his neck before continuing up and into his hair.

He imagined wringing a hand in those green curls and pulling his head back sharply before placing a claim on Izuku's plump lips from behind. The lips that were currently entranced into a smile.

Katsuki would breathe in while his lips danced across Izuku's jawline. Licking and nipping down the side of his neck before coming to rest on his nape.

Whispering sweet nothings into his ear of promises to be together forever. Promises he longed to make and promises he longed to keep.

He was enjoying Izuku's shower just as much as Izuku himself seemed to be.

He wanted to wrap his arms around Izuku's slender waist and pull him close, feeling their bodies mingle together leaving barely enough space between them for the water to trickle down.

Katsuki craved to hear a moan escape Izuku's lips when he thrusted, deeper and deeper inside him with every movement. The more Izuku would moan, the more they would lose themselves in nothing but the sounds of each other. He wanted their faces to be inches apart, the air they breathed to be the same.

His arms twitched at the thought of holding Izuku down and causing him to elicit sounds of excitement and lust until they released simultaneously.

His teeth tingled at the thought of sinking into the back of his neck, sending nothing but pleasure coursing through the both of them.

But he couldn't, he wouldn't let himself fall to the feet of his childhood friend. He didn't deserve the perfection that stood before him.

With a sigh, he did the only thing he knew he was truly good at these days, making Izuku squeak.

"Quit wasting the hot water, damn nerd." He growled, his voice crackling through the once silent air.

And like music to his ears, sure enough, Izuku released a high pitched squeak. Enticing a sadistic smirk from the hot-headed blond.

"Kacchan! Sorry, I didn't hear you come in."

Izuku was painfully aware of how exposed he was in front of Katsuki, but he was even more aware of the lack of clothing Katsuki had on himself.

Izuku gasped when he was caught staring. His eyes had stayed for just a second too long on Katsuki's muscular chest. He couldn't help but wonder if he had noticed the desire that lingered behind his eyes before he looked away.

Katsuki just grunted in response and began to shower on his own. No longer feeling able to relax, Izuku hurried to finish up and head out, but not before glancing one last time at the masterpiece that stood behind him.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀

Why. Why. Why. Why. Why??

I headed back to my dorm room to put my things away before meeting Todoroki back downstairs in the kitchen.

I glanced in the direction of the showers, wondering how long Katsuki had been there before speaking up. I wished I had the courage to stay for a few more minutes if only to sneak a few peeks here and there.

I winced when a sudden pain shot behind my eyes and I could tell a headache was on its way. I rounded the corner toward the kitchen, with my palm brought up to my head.

"Midoriya, what's wrong?" Todoroki asked.

"Ah, nothing, just a small headache. I'm probably just hungry." I waved off his concern and lowered my hand.

"We thought you might be, so Uraraka and I made some soba for everyone." He reached down and began making two bowls from a large pot. He handed one to me and we walked over to the empty kitchen table.

Everyone else seemed to be eating in the common area. Either that, or they just weren't around at the moment. This gave me and Todoroki plenty of space to talk about our plans for tomorrow. Silence enveloped us for a while as we sat there just enjoying the meal.

"So, your heat will be active tomorrow, right?" He finally asked me.

"It should be, yes." This sounded like it was going to be awkward.

"If I'm not your mate, won't I know right away then, just from the scent? I would still mark you, for your sake though."

"No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it only matters if you're of age and you're not, right? Is that really okay with you though? Marking me? What if I was wrong? You would be taking the risk of actually marking me to be mates, you know? I mean, you're not of age, so it is always possible we are mates if I was incorrect. That doesn't make sense. What I'm saying is, if I was wrong... then I didn't smell my mate. If I didn't smell my mate, that opens the door for anyone to actually be my mate, not just the one's that are of age anymore. So, that means... we could be mates and by marking me, you could be sealing our fate together. Are you okay with that risk? I'm sure you've already thought about that yourself. I'm okay with it, honestly. I feel like, by doing this... I'm kind of telling fate that we're going to do things my way, rather than the usual. So, I don't mind it too much. But, regardless of it all, thanks for doing this for me, Shouto. I'm sorry to put everyone through something like this, but it means a lot to me, knowing you're all here to help me out." I flashed him a small smile and slowly stopped my mumbling rant.

"I don't mind at all, Midoriya. If you were wrong and we have the small chance of being mates, then all that we are doing is walking down the path that was laid out for us. Just, a little sooner than everyone else. So, it's a risk I'm willing to take. Do you have any plans in case I lose control? An Omega in heat will drive any Alpha to the brink of losing to their desires regardless of being mates or not..." He asked, finishing off the rest of his food.

I hadn't thought of that. The whole heat thing, being an Omega, and dealing with Alphas, situation was still entirely new to me and I wasn't even sure myself, on how my classmates would react to it all. Each time, I would be running the risk of being over-powered, but they were my friends, so I knew if things came to that... it wasn't by choice on either of our ends. They would be hurting just like I would be if things went wrong.

I just shrugged in his direction, "I trust you though."

"Midoriya, that's not safe. You may trust me, but what about the next one to mark you during your heat? Not just that, you know that false mates still have the same urges to... ahem... mate... just like regular mates would. Your scent is going to change slightly and the person that marked you is going to greatly enjoy the pheromones. Are you sure this is wise? Whoever it ends up being the ones to mark you, would you trust them all, too?" He asked, giving me a deathly cold stare. He was seriously concerned for my well-being and it made me feel a little warm inside. I thought about what he said before deciding it was better for me, in the long run, to stick with their plan. If it meant I could hide my sub-gender for a little while longer, then I was going to do it.

"Honestly, yes. I trust all of you, you're all the family I wish I always had. Besides, I won't need to be marked during summer vacation unless there's a chance I woul see Kacchan, for whatever reason. So for now, it'll just be this one mark until school starts up again," I reasoned.

"Call me immediately during vacation if you need me, then. I'll come right away," Todoroki said. His serious expression never left his face, but then again... when did it ever?

"I know you will. If you're worried about not being able to control yourself though, we can wait for my heat to die down by the end of the night and mark me before the party?" I offered to the Alpha.

"Actually, yes. That would make me feel much more confident. The last thing I want to do is end up hurting you," Todoroki admitted.

I glanced up and noticed Kirishima heading in our direction. He sat at the opposite end of the table, with a slight scowl on his usually cheery face.

"Are you two talking about what I think you're talking about?" He asked us.

"If you're implying tomorrow morning? Then yes," Todoroki said.

"Can we please tell Bakugou about all this?" Kirishima begged, leaning across the table with puppy-dog eyes.

"Kirishima, I'm sorry, but this is my decision." I denied his request.

"I know, I know. It's just, my gut is telling me that there is a better way to go about doing this, that's all." He sighed in defeat a little.

"What if the one Alpha that's not included in the plan happens to be the same Alpha that you're looking for. He's my buddy and I don't want to see him get hurt. You can't blame me for speaking up," the Beta continued.

At this, Denki and Momo sauntered over and joined us. Oh lovely, this was becoming a group discussion now.

"Kiri over here nearly spilled the beans to our explosive friend earlier." Denki patted Kirishima on the shoulder.

"No, I didn't. I had it all figured out, I wasn't going to tell him anything, I just wanted to know what he thought about it; finding his mate and such." Kirishima clarified.

"What did he say then," Todoroki spoke up after watching the exchange. I was curious to know, too.

"He said he would be pretty upset if his mate was marked by someone else, but he never elaborated on more than that," Momo responded. "He left before he was pressured into talking even more"

"I hate keeping secrets like this," Kirishima smacked his head audibly against the wooden table. It probably would've hurt if his head wasn't so hard.

"It's okay man, Bakugou has a strong will and he's not likely the kind of person to let something like a fake mate stand in his way," Denki said.

"If you really are so against helping Midoriya out then I don't mind marking him again when your turn comes around." Todoroki's shoulders seemed to stiffen when he said this. Was he angry?

"No no no, I want to help him just as much as the next guy, I'll mark him when it's my turn if it even comes to that..." He glanced at Denki shyly for a moment. A silent secret seemed to pass between them both.

"If we go through everyone and no one ends up being my mate, then we know who is left," I said. 

"And unfortunately, if he ends up being my only option, then I will probably not speak up and tell him. I would most likely do my best to continue to hide this until the bitter end or until I run out of options. But this is only if my Omegan nose wasn't mistaken, which is highly possible. I don't have the same senses all you Betas and Alphas do." I shrugged.

"Why wouldn't you want to tell him?" Denki questioned me.

"It would only cause him more pain, knowing that someone like myself happened to be the one person in the world that fate decided was meant for him. I would just drag him down. He would be better off in his life without me." I waved my hand dismissively and tried to hide the pain that threatened to creep into my voice.

"That sounds more painful to me, going your whole life wondering where your mate was and always wondering why you could never find them. I would hate to think something happened to them before I even had the chance to know who they were. Besides, it's not like you'll have someone to mark you forever and hide this for the rest of your life." Momo tried to reason with us.

"Until I find my own mate, I wouldn't mind helping him out," Todoroki countered.

Thank you, Shouto. 

I shot him a smile of appreciation once more. He caught it and smiled back at me.

"Yeah, well your mate could be waiting for you just around the corner. You don't know when they'll show up, so be prepared the moment you turn seventeen," Momo said offhandedly.

"I've lived my whole life up to this point without needing a mate and I can continue to do so in the future. I'm not someone that needs to have another person constantly there to try and support me. I would only be a weakness and a burden in the first place. I can't put those thoughts on anyone else, especially someone who has a clear goal in his mind like Kacchan. I don't want to be the cause of him losing his grip on what matters most in his life. So if it's him, I won't speak up." I made myself clear.

"You promised to tell him," Kirishima whispered.

"I made you a promise about something else entirely, not about this." I could hear the defeat in his voice growing louder.

"You have to tell him!" Kirishima stood up and smacked his palms against the table.

"Tell who, what?" A brash voice spoke from behind us. No one had heard him enter the kitchen and neither did we know how long he had been standing there, listening. A small chill ran down my spine when I turned to look into the gaze that was bearing down on my back.

If I didn't fear for my life before this moment then I was most definitely experiencing that fear right now.


Chapter Text



Mild Angst

Mild Depression


2439  Words





💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


As soon as I heard the door to the communal showers close, I let out the breath I had been holding in. There was no one left in the room now and from what I had gathered, everyone else was already done and relaxing for the rest of the night.

The showers had walls between each section and a small curtain over the front, but they were short and only came up to chest height for me.

They left little room for the imagination by being as revealing as they were. I swore under my breath, knowing what I was about to do.

I was thankful for the small shower curtain that hid everything from sight since I wasn't sure how Izuku would've acted if he saw his childhood friend had a hard-on.

Letting the water drip down my back, I began to stroke my member up and down with one hand while the other braced myself against the wall.


My hand moved faster and faster when my thoughts drifted back to his green eyes.

Green eyes that looked up to me from their place knelt on the ground.

Green eyes that watched while his mouth sucked up and down faster and faster, his tongue trailing on my slit at the end.

I wanted to hold his head still and ram myself inside, forcing him to take everything in. His lips suctioning tightly around me when I plowed harder against him. Tears would form in his eyes until I pulled out only to ram myself back in. He would brace himself against my body, letting me use him however I pleased. When I came close, I would whisper and tell him to be prepared to take everything I offered up to him.

My hand moved faster and more irregular when my pleasure came to an end.

I moved a little slower now and was just relishing at what I had just done in my own mind before I continued to clean myself up.

'Glad I'm in the shower already,' I chuckled at my thought.




I was making my way down to the kitchen with hunger being the only thing that was controlling my mind at the moment when I heard what sounded like an argument.

When I got closer, I could make out the voices.

Deku, IcyHot, shitty-hair, dunce-face, and ponytail.

"You promised to tell him."

Kirishima seemed almost sad, his voice cracked a little. I hadn't heard him sound like that before and was instantly concerned.

"I made you a promised about something else entirely, not about this."

Izuku? Another shock, I hadn't heard him sound so... irritated... before either. What were they talking about..?

"You have to tell him!"

I walked into the kitchen just when Kirishima stood up and slammed his hands against the table. Woah, he looked pissed. I smirked, it was about time he stopped always being so damn happy.

"Tell who, what?" I spoke up to announce my presence. What were they all arguing about in the first place?

Immediately, I could tell I wasn't welcome. Eyes shot downward and no one spoke for a moment.

"It's nothing, Kacchan..." Izuku answered, breaking the silence. Apparently, he wasn't going to tell me, so I turned to Kirishima.

"I wasn't asking you, damn nerd, I was talking to hair-for-brains over here. Why're you so pissed?" I glared to emphasize my point.

"I... uh... I can't really say..." he finally managed to spit out.

I noticed food had been made, not my favorite, but enough to get me through the night. I began gathering myself a bowl to hold me over.

"Hmmm? I can't really see why not..." I remarked.

"Because it's not mine to say," Kirishima admitted.

"Okay then? Then who's right is it?"

"Mine," Izuku turned and stared at me with those eyes, that look of determination matching his voice from just moments before.

"I see. Still keeping more secrets from me, huh, fucking nerd?" I scowled. I didn't hesitate to hide the anger that was threatening to boil over. I thought we were finally passed this, all these damn secrets.

"Yes, I am," he said. His gaze never wavered and he held it steadfast with my own.

My scowl only deepened at the thought.

"Bakubro, we were talking about the topic I asked you earlier..." Kirishima said, pulling my attention away from Izuku's look.

"The one about the mates?" I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows. Why was everyone so damn concerned about this? I would be happy to never find my mate because I was fine with who I felt I belonged to right now. I didn't need someone else interfering. I didn't need a mate. Just him.

"Yeah, that one," Kirishima said.

"Leave me out of this then." I turned to walk away, thinking of where I could eat in peace.

"Wait, no, I have a question first!" The Beta hollered.

"This is getting on my nerves," I growled. "Spit it out!" Steam rose from my palms while I controlled the urge to explode everyone around me. I had food in my hands though and I couldn't let it go to waste.

"I know you said earlier that you would just leave your mate be if they were marked by someone else, right?" He was talking without breathing in between his words.

"Yes, I did. What's your point? Besides, think about this logically for once; it's not like you and your mate would instantly have feelings for each other the moment your eyes meet in the first place. There's no point in cutting in between someone else's relationship, just because fate decided you two belonged together. They had their own lives to live up till this point and you weren't a part of their plan. You can't just suddenly barge in between two people and be all, 'Sorry, fate said this person's mine so fuck off.' It doesn't work that way," I scolded.

"Yes, but how would you feel if your mate actually ended up being the same person that you already loved and they were still marked by someone else..?" He asked, making my heart rate increase drastically. That was definitely something I didn't want to think about. At all. I was instantly pissed just thinking a scenario like that could happen.

"Then I would throw all sense of reasoning out the damn window and place my mark above the others. If it was the person I loved and we were supposed to be together, then I wouldn't give a shit about tearing them apart any longer. If that didn't work, then I would do everything I could to win them over on top of it all. Happy now? Are we done with the fucking questions?" I growled.

"One more!" He pleaded. I looked around the table, all eyes were on me and I was starting to get uncomfortable. I wouldn't meet Izuku's eyes, in fear that he would see what I was trying so damn hard to hide.

"What," I said, already near exhaustion and my food was starting to look unappetizing.

"So are you saying there's someone in your life that you would do that for? There's someone that you want to have as your mate? There's someone that you love, Bakugou?" Kirishima questioned.

"That's none of your damn business," I scoffed. I could feel the heat rising up to my face when I turned around and stomped out of the kitchen. I suddenly decided that I would eat in my room today because of all the fucking extras.





I looked down at my phone to see who was bothering me this time around.

And of course.

It was Kirishima.

Kiri🥊 Sooo..? Who is it..?

Katsuki💥 Shut up.

Kiri🥊 I need to know who my buddies heart beats fast for. Tell me!!

Katsuki💥 I'll tell you if you tell me what you annoying extras were talking about.

Kiri🥊 I really can't, bro... I want to, but I can't.

Katsuki💥 What does that damn nerd think he needs to hide from me anyway? I literally know everything about him, so it's not like there's any point in keeping shit a secret from me now.

Kiri🥊 Apparently not everything.

Katsuki💥 I know more than you think, hair-for-brains.

Kiri🥊 Just know that whatever happens, I wanted to tell you and I'm always here for you, okay?

Katsuki💥 The hell..? Quit being annoying.

Katsuki💥 ...

Katsuki💥 But okay. -.-

Kiri🥊 Thanks, man! I'll quit pestering ya for now then, night!!

Katsuki💥 Yeah, whatever, shitty-hair.

I set my phone down and sighed into my pillow. Would it be okay to tell him everything?

He wasn't the type to judge me if he could put up with my attitude the way he does, then I knew it would be safe to tell him. He probably already knew, considering how he was always watching me.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


It was getting late and I had finally made it to the comfort and solitude of my room to stay for the remainder of the night.

I laid in bed and pictured the conversation that had taken place with Katsuki in the kitchen.

It hurt to think there was someone out there that he loved. Granted, he didn't exactly say there was, but the silence that followed his exit proved otherwise.

Sometimes saying nothing at all rings louder in the minds of those around than words that can be spoken.

It cut deep into my heart when I realized I may never be able to hold him in my arms. All I had in life were the feelings that he left behind.

Every day he crossed my mind, swimming around in my thoughts, and every day I died a little more inside, knowing that my heart was drowning and even the tears I cried could never stop the flood from happening.

The more I wanted to be with him, the harder it became for me. When I tried to forget him, I just caught myself thinking of him harder and harder, day in and day out.

It hurt to know the person I wanted most in this world, wanted someone else. 

He dreamed of someone's kisses. 

He dreamed of someone to hold.

He dreamed of someone's smile...

Someone's laugh...

Someone's voice...

And that someone, was someone other than me...

I groaned into my pillow, trying to shake the thoughts away and slipped into the darkness that welcomed me.




I awoke to the sound of my own breathing, hitching and catching on nothing but air. Slowly, I tried to sit up and catch my breath. I propped myself on my hands and looked down at the pillow I had laid on.

I was prepared mentally for the onslaught of waves in this so-called heat, but I wasn't prepared to actually feel like my insides were burning.

Everywhere I looked, there was sweat. It was covering every surface of my body and penetrating deep into the sheets of my bed.

My labored breathing continued when I felt an overwhelming sense of desire begin to take over. I rolled up in my comforter and welcomed the friction it caused by rubbing against my member.

I let out a soft moan when I slipped my hands down and caressed my shaft slowly. I could feel it twitching between my fingers while precum formed at the end.

Moving my hands up and down, I stuck two fingers in my mouth and began to suck. My mind was going blank with the desire to release, but I knew it wouldn't be enough. I needed more.

I twirled my tongue around my fingers and when they were slick enough, I reached behind me and began to insert them, one at a time.

I gasped at the sudden intrusion but quickly settled into the movements. Each finger I added, I would thrust my hands faster and faster, no longer able to control the mews that escaped my lips.

I rolled my head back and let the pleasure take over. Within minutes, I found my mind slipping into territory that would have been better left untouched.

I pictured his large hands wrapping around my waist and grabbing tightly onto my hip bones, pulling my body closer and closer with each thrust.

I would beg and beg for more every time. Harder and faster. I didn't want it to be gentle, I needed to be decimated at this point.

I wanted Katsuki Bakugou to ravage every inch of my body, leaving no stone unturned, no spot unmarked.

His lips pressed against the nape of my neck, slowly opening to reveal teeth that craved the skin beneath them.

I wanted to feel as he let each tooth dig deeper and deeper, causing a wound so beautiful and close to perfection to appear.

But he wouldn't stop there, he would mark everywhere. Showing the world that I was his and he was mine. His hands would trace circles around my sides and dance to the rhythm of our bodies.

My fingers could only amount to so much, not allowing my imagination enough room to play.

Feeling the end, I pushed harder inside and caught my liquid in my hands. I laid back and sighed into the night air, trying to let myself forget what just happened, but within moments, I could feel my body's temperature begin to rise once more.

I reached down and started to stroke my member again, letting my thoughts drift away.

If this was what having a heat was like, I knew I was in for a long 15 hours. There was little I could do to be fully prepared for this and I knew this was just the beginning, just my first heat. After this, they lasted for days and being without a mate during those times, could become rough.

I groaned at the thought of being cooped up in the dorm rooms come next semester, every month, with every person in my class knowing the reason why.


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Slight Fluff

22 73  Words




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


The next morning in class, went pretty much like I had expected... uneventful and boring, yet again. Just 3 more days after today and I wouldn't have to deal with all the extras moping around the dorms.

As far as I was aware, only Todoroki was staying at the dorms during the summer vacation. I hadn't heard any news about everyone else and their plans... yet. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone tried to rope me into their conversations, it happened nearly every day this way.

As if on cue, Kirishima approached me.

"Hey, Bakubro, so about the party tonight, you're coming, right?"


"Depends on if I'm busy or not. You never know, I could have more important things to do than hang out with you losers."

"Great! It's going to start at 7, so be ready."

Then he leaned in closer and whispered, "Momo's bringing the booze."

"I was wondering why you and dunce-face had been hanging around with her yesterday." The dots finally connected and that was one less mystery on my mind for me to worry about.

"If Deku's not even going to be there though, why bother calling it a party for his birthday?"

"Oh don't worry, he'll be there! We already have plans to drag him out!"

"If he gets sick, it better be all over everyone except me. I'll laugh my ass off because it would be exactly what you all deserve."

"Nah, we'll be fine, I'm sure after a days rest, he'll be as good as new! You gonna give him a gift or something, ya know, to celebrate?"

"Ha? Why the hell would I give him a gift? I've never given him anything in his life, I'm not about to start now." I scoffed at my own words but knew it would be weird to get him something out of the blue.

"What? Seriously? That's low, bro. Everyone wants something for their birthday."

"Psh, please. My very being is all the present he needs in his life. He should be thankful I'm even blessing him with my presence, to begin with."

"Wow, I knew you had an ego, but I didn't realize we let it grow so large." He made a teasing Pop! sound and motioned bursting my bubble.

Anger flared through me when I growled and released a few explosions near his face. He didn't even flinch, but instead began laughing like it was the funniest thing to happen today.

It probably was.

I settled back in my seat and just listened to the conversations that took place around me.

My ears twitched at every mention of Izuku. Most people were talking about the party tonight, but one conversation stuck out.

" to do it this morning?" Uraraka asked Todoroki.

"Midoriya and I decided to wait until tonight, just in case."

"How late tonight?"

"I'm not sure, he said he would text me whenever he was ready and I could head over, but we decided to get it done before the party."

"That's a relief. It would suck if we went through with the planning and then we weren't able to bring him down." She cringed at the thought of wasting everyone's time.

Kirishima began waving his hand in front of my face and I was forced to snap back into reality once more. Apparently, he was busy trying to tell me what he got Izuku, but I didn't care. I was more concerned with what I had just heard.

What were they planning to do together, IcyHot and that damn nerd? And what did it have to do with the party?

I couldn't help it when the familiar ping of jealousy stabbed me through the heart, but I decided it would be best to ignore it. There was nothing I could do to stop two people from being friends.




Everywhere I turned, there was a damn extra in my way, running around in circles like a hamster in its ball. I had to constantly dodge and duck, just to avoid colliding with anyone.

I began to seethe at their slightest movements when I was approached from behind.

"Bakugou, do you think you could help us out a little?" Uraraka asked me. If she thought a smile could bring my slowly declining mood back up, she was sorely mistaken.

"Fuck off."

"Fine then, I guess I'll just do the cooking. It would taste better anyway."

"Nobody in this shithole is a better cook than me and you fucking know it!"

"Great! Since it's his birthday, think you can make his favorite food??"

"And what would that be?"

"Oh, I thought you would know... Well, I'm sure whatever you make will taste great anyway!"

"Damn right it will. Now get outta the kitchen before I roast your ass."

"Nobody is to enter the kitchen!! Lord Explosion Murder is occupying it until further notice!!!" Uraraka squealed at the top of her lungs.

The extras burst into laughter and I was two steps away from telling them off when Kirishima stepped in.

"Yas! We can eat decent food for once!"

"Can't wait!" Mina joined in from her spot at the coffee table. They were setting up some kind of game they intended for us to play later tonight.

"Damn right, you asswipes better appreciate what I put up with."

I was finally left to my own devices and began throwing together a meal for everyone.

"Hagekura, did you get the cake?"Jiro asked from the opposite corner of the room. She was working together with Denki and they were busy messing with the surround sound, preparing music for the night.

Ojiro and Sero were setting up a table that looked to have punch and some other drinks on it. Shinsou was just sitting on the couch, ignoring everyone and watching some shitty documentary.

Mineta was busy staring at Momo's chest, watching while she created wine bottles. She couldn't make a full six-pack of hard liquor, it would take too much energy out of her. So she could only make a few large bottles that would have to be shared.

She had apparently made several last night after they all decided to throw this damn party. I wouldn't be surprised if they already spiked the punch.

Tsuyu, Iida, and Uraraka were working together to decorate the place and Satou, Aoyama, Kouda, Shoji, and Tokoyami we're gathered in a group, apparently discussing something. They were passing around a pen and what looked to be a card, having everyone sign it.

"Yeah! I put it in the fridge, but they didn't write on it like I had asked."

"Great, does someone want to do that?" Jirou called out.

"Don't come into the kitchen. I'll fix it." I glanced up from what I was working on, daring someone to enter and bother my space.

"You're so kind, Lord Explosion Murder!"

More laughter erupted but I just brushed it off. Seeing everyone get together and try to make this night a success almost brought a smile to my face. I felt a twinge of guilt, knowing I hadn't done anything to really help.

A thought struck me while getting everything in order and I wondered if I would be able to pull it off without anyone giving me a hard time, but I doubted it.

This group of nut-jobs never seemed to let me live in peace and I knew they weren't about to start now, but I decided to go through with my surprise idea anyway.




After slaving away in the kitchen, I was finally nearing the end. Satisfied with my creations, I sat back and smirked a little.

Uraraka had guessed correctly, I did know the Izuku's favorite food, but it wasn't exactly a dish that I could successfully prepare for everyone to enjoy. It would be cold by the time I had it all plated and everyone sat down, so I could only make one.

"Bro, how are you doing over here?" Kirishima came up to me and leaned against the counter.

"Just fine, go away."

"C'mon man ~ don't be like that. You feel like telling me about your little crush yet?" He teased, raising an eyebrow like he already knew and just wanted to hear me talk.

"I don't have a crush, dammit," I crossed my arms and refused to look away, even though I could tell my neck was changing colors.

"You can't fool me, everyone has someone they care about, whether they admit to it or not."

"Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

"Why not? We're buddies, it's not like I would go around and tell anyone else. I just wanna know so I can cheer you on. Don't you want someone fighting for you in your corner?"

"Not really, I would rather have no one in my corner. I can do everything I need myself."

"So you admit it?"

"Admit what?"

"That you like someone."

"Shut up, shitty-hair, before I blow you to pieces."

"Bakugou, I know who you like."

"If you know, then quit bothering me about it all." I was practically choking on my own heart at this point. Does he really know or is he just trying to get me to confess? Either way, no matter what he said, I wasn't going to tell him.

Not yet, anyway. There were too many people around that could eavesdrop and I didn't want anyone getting the chance to spread rumors around that could hurt us.

"It's almost time guys! Who's going to head up and get our guest star for the night?!" Denki shouted.

"That would be Todoroki!!" Uraraka and Iida pushed him forward a little bit and he stumbled.

The whole scene made my stomach churn, it looked like they were teasing each other and trying to force a match down someone's throats. Mainly, my throat and it made me feel like someone was trying their best to vacuum the air from out of my lungs.

I couldn't stand around to watch as he made his way to the elevator and up to Deku's room, who was clearly waiting for him if the conversation from this morning had any indication.

I stood up from my spot behind the counter and mumbled to Kirishima about getting some fresh air. I could no longer breathe in there and I just needed to get out.

I made my way out the doors and started heading to the track. I figured I would walk around a little before heading back to the crowd of people.

The sun that was setting in the distance reminded me of my jog yesterday and it suddenly felt like that day had happened way too long ago.

I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contact list until I came across his name. Todoroki was probably just now making it to his door, but I figured I would have enough time before he was no longer alone.

Katsuki💥  Happy 17th, damn nerd

Deku🍀 Thanks, Kacchan!! I'll see you tonight?

Well, clearly someone fucking gave it away. That or Todoroki already made it to his room.

Katsuki💥 I don't know, maybe.

Deku🍀 I hope you're there, it would make me happy. :)

Katsuki💥 Yeah, whatever, Deku. I'll be there.

I put my phone back in my pocket and continued to walk, smirking at the small exchange we just had. It was the little things that got me. Those small moments were probably what had me falling in love in the first place.

That moment was quickly swept out from underneath me when a force struck me in the center of my chest, seemingly from out of nowhere.

I fell to the ground on my hands and knees and couldn't seem to get ahold of my bearings. Coughing, I looked around to see no one in sight and there was no damage to my clothes.

But the pain was clearly there.

It wasn't going away, I could feel a tugging sensation in my gut and I felt like I was drowning, being dragged down under the crushing weight of the ocean before me.

Tears started to form in the corners of my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop them. They just kept coming, all on their own. Trickling down my cheeks and leaving paths for the rest to follow. I choked back the sobs as they escaped me.

I could feel a strange tingling in my teeth that started at the base of my jaw and I wanted nothing more in the world than to bite down and feel the soft sensation of skin between them.

A fierce chill seeped into my bones that started at the base of my neck and for the life of me, I couldn't shake this foreboding feeling from forming.

This feeling like something that should be here, in my arms, was violently ripped away while kicking and screaming, and fighting to stay.

This feeling of loss and despair.

Something was wronghorribly wrong...

....with my mate.


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Mentions of Alcohol

Slight Lemon

Suggestive Content

Slight Angst

250 Words




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I spent all day dealing with my heat the best I could, doing nothing but directing my thoughts to one person.

I received birthday wishes from all my friends, but while the night grew colder, I couldn't help but notice that I still hadn't received anything from Katsuki.

It's not that I was expecting much, he hadn't wished me a happy birthday since we were kids, but it would be a sign that things were looking up between us. I wanted nothing more in the world than to fix our relationship and grow closer.

I sighed and pulled out my phone. It was getting close to the time of the party and I figured I should let Todoroki know I was ready to go.

My heat had ended earlier that day, it didn't last for very long, probably about 13 hours or so. Everyone was still in class, so I had taken the chance to run down to the showers.

Within 10 minutes I was fully lathered in as much shampoo and soap that was humanly possible, in hopes of masking and covering every little trace I could of what I had done. I threw all my clothes and sheets into the laundry and was happy that I could clean everything up before classes had ended.

Even though my heat was over, I still didn't trust being around everyone just yet. I was taking the suppressants and I was wearing the collar to prevent unwelcomed markings, but I feared small traces showing I'm an Omega would still somehow seep through, so I decided to wait in my room until Todoroki showed up.

I had just finished getting dressed and sprayed myself with more cologne for extra protection when I sent a message to Todoroki, telling him I was ready to go.

Deku🍀  I think everything is all clear now, I should be good to go whenever you are!

❄️Shouto🔥  Perfect timing, everyone was just asking me to bring you down. I'll be there in a minute.

I was just about to put my phone away when I finally saw the words I had been hoping for all day; Katsuki's name and a text that followed.

Katsuki💥  Happy 17th, damn nerd

Deku🍀  Thanks, Kacchan!! I'll see you tonight?

Katsuki💥  I don't know, maybe.

Deku🍀  I hope you're there, it would make me happy. :)

Katsuki💥  Yeah, whatever, Deku. I'll be there.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face and I didn't try to hide it when a knock rapped on my door. I opened it and Todoroki quickly stepped inside. I put my phone in my pocket again and turned to face him.

Something about his demeanor seemed a little off, however. His shoulders were stiff and unmoving and at first, I thought it was because he was nervous, but when I walked around to face him, I saw nothing by lust in his eyes.

He was standing completely still and had brought a hand over his mouth. He seemed to be trying his best to suppress his urges from taking over.

"Shouto, are you okay," I called while taking a step forward.

He brought his free hand up to stop me from getting any closer before speaking.

"Your scent... It's still lingering... in your room. It's enough to make this difficult on me, but I think I can maintain control. Just... give me a second." He said between his fingers.

I nodded and took a step back. I realized I was still wearing the collar, so I reached up to remove it. At this point, it didn't matter anymore, because I was planning to be marked anyways.

The scent must have increased when I removed it because I watched while all rationality drained from Todoroki's facial features.

He slowly let his hands drop to his side and he tilted his head into the air, sniffing. His eyes snapped forward in a flash when they met mine. He took several steps toward me and quickly decreased the space between us.

I shivered when he ran his hands up my sides and began to nuzzle into my neck. He brought an arm up and placed it around the back side of my head and started to place light kisses around my ear.

"Nngh..." I let slip a slight moan of pleasure, which only made this harder for him. He ran his tongue down the sides of my neck and continued to breathe in what little scent I had remaining.

"Midoriya... I can't... stop." He grazed my neck with his teeth.

His steps grew closer and we backed up until I had nowhere left to go, the wall behind me effectively holding me in place.

"It's okay... I don't min ~ Ah..." I gasped when he suddenly grabbed ahold of both my wrists with one hand, brought my arms over my head and swung me around so my back was facing him and he could reach for what he intended.

I gasped in anticipation when I felt his cold lips brush lightly across my scent gland. They lingered there only for a moment almost like they were asking for permission to proceed. I waited for what I knew was coming next.

"Ready..?" He breathed. I could only nod slightly, not trusting my own voice.

He trailed his free hand up my waist and under my shirt, still savoring what he could of my body before having to let it go.

Then it happened as if in slow motion, I could feel when each tooth hit their mark. A hot searing pain shot down my spine, causing my back to arch. I felt a rush of wind leave my lungs and I gasped while I tried to bring the air back down to me.

My knees started to wobble and buckle, losing all the strength they had in them. Todoroki hands held me in place to prevent me from toppling over.

Shivers and chills ran through me, but my body was covered in sweat.

I clenched my teeth tightly together and closed my eyes while I tried to prevent the screams from leaving my body.

I gasped and tugged a hand free to better brace myself against the wall because I knew he wasn't done yet.

He had just barely gotten his top row in, so there was more to go.

I heard a small whimper escape his throat and I could tell he hated to see me like this. He hated what he was putting me through, but I couldn't let him stop halfway.

"K - Keep... going..." I managed to pant out in between breaths. He knew he was hurting me, but this was the decision I had made on my own and I was sticking to it.

A small grunt in understanding emitted from his throat and if I wasn't in so much pain, it probably would've been pleasing to hear, but the only thing I was able to hear anymore was the sound of my own heartbeat as it pounded in my chest. Screaming to be set free of the cage I was forcing it into.

Slowly, his bottom row of teeth pierced my skin and I could no longer hold the screams back.

"Nng - Ah!" I let out and the pain increased tenfold.

I could feel my mind slipping away and understanding hit that I was on the verge of blacking out. My body no longer wanted to bear witness to the pain it was being subjected to.

He brought his free hand up to my mouth, just in front of my lips, begging me to bite down, allowing me to release the pain in any way I could. I took his offer and sunk my teeth into the back of his hand, he made no move to stop me.

It was a small gesture, but to me, having something to focus on rather than the pain was the only reason I could hold on to my consciousness.

I could feel the blood begin to trickle down my neck and finally, after what felt like an eternity, he was finished.

"I'm so so sorry, Midoriya!" Todoroki panicked in front of me. My vision began to blur a little when I tried to stand up straight, but the strength in my legs failed me and I tumbled forward and into his arms.

Every muscle in me was shaking and I had the violent urge to empty my stomach contents onto the floor, but after a few deep breaths, it began to subside.

Todoroki held me in his arms on the ground and kept running his hands through my hair, leaving small comforting kisses on my head. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I knew he was doing his best to comfort me.

I didn't realize it, but at some point, I had begun to cry. I felt like a gaping hole had opened up in my chest and sucked the life out of me, along with everything I ever cared about in the world.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before I was finally able to speak. I weakly pushed myself away from his arms and wiped the dripping sweat from my forehead. I must've been extremely pale because Todoroki looked like he was staring at my ghost.

"Midoriya, really... I... I just... I'm sorry..." Tears threatened the corners of his eyes and it took all I had to not laugh at him. I reached my hands up and wiped the tears away, then brought them down to cup his face in my palms.

"Shouto, look at me," I whispered. His eyes slowly came up and we made contact. I gave him my brightest smile, "Thank you, Shouto. Thank you..."

He must've been really hurt by what I put him through because at those words I watched while my friend broke down in front of me. I held his head to my shoulder and waited for him to calm down. When he could breathe normally again, he tilted his head up and placed a small kiss on my forehead. It was a simple gesture and I couldn't help as my heart swelled at his immense kindness. He really was a good friend to me.

"C'mon, Shouto, we have a party to get to." I smiled and stood a little unsteadily on my feet. I reached an arm down for him to grab and helped him up.


I reached my hand down into my pocket and fished out my phone.

Ochaco🌸  Everything okay, guys?

Deku🍀  Sorry, everything's good up here. We'll be down in a minute!

Ochaco🌸  Good, because you've got to come to see this! Bakugou came in from outside and has decided he wanted to drink... and I mean, really drink. He only started 5 minutes ago but he's already on his second glass. It's hilarious. He's pissed for some reason though and no one can calm him down, not even Kirishima.

Deku🍀  That's a sight we would love to see. Can't wait, take pics and don't forget to record it all! Blackmail at its finest, but you didn't hear it from me.

Ochaco🌸  Reasons why you're my best friend. Iida is trying to spoil the fun now, but he still isn't listening. Keeps griping about being left alone. He just wants to sit on the couch in peace lol little does he know, that's where we plan on playing the game tonight and if he remains there, he's bound to be wrapped up into it.

Deku🍀  Wait, he's not drunk already, right? There's no way.

Ochaco🌸  No no no! Not quite, he came in and went straight to Momo, demanding a bottle for himself. Saying she should fess one up or he'll make her explode. She giggled and just gave him a glass, which he downed instantly and demanded another before sitting down. The scene was hilarious, I wish you two could've seen it. Now hurry up!! We are waiting!

Deku🍀  Coming now!!

I laughed and put my phone away, hopefully for the last time tonight. I looked at Todoroki and sighed.

"Apparently Kacchan has decided to drink before the party has even started," I relayed to Todoroki.

"That sounds rather out of character for him, doesn't it?"

"A little, but I've never pegged him for a rule follower in the first place. Unless, of course, you've seen a side to him that even I haven't before." I grinned.

"Obviously not... Can I... check on it?" Todoroki asked, pointing to my neck. I turned around and he pulled down the collar to my shirt.

"What's it look like?" I asked. I didn't have a second mirror in my room so I couldn't see it right now.

"Well, it's really red and looks like it hurts a lot still, but the wound is already closing up. It'll probably be gone by tomorrow evening,"

"Wait, I thought the mark stayed for 2 weeks?" I turned back around to face him.

"It does, the wound isn't the mark, it's what's left behind, a small white scar that forms in place and slowly fades over time. The wound heals quickly because the body tries to protect from infection. When most are marked, it is during... ahem... intercourse... and conception is expected to occur, so the body wants to make sure it stays in shape for the fetus." He explained away all the questions I was about to ask.

"Well, that's convenient. It'll be easier to hide it then." I smiled again. But, my smiles could no longer seem to reach my eyes and I swore Shouto could see right through them.

"I really am sorry, Midoriya. I wish I could've been your mate, so you wouldn't put yourself through this pain again just for the others. It's heartbreaking to see it and even more so to know I'm the one that did it to you... Does it still hurt?"

"It's fine, really. I asked for this. I'm sorry to put this burden on the shoulders of my friends, but I really am thankful you all are willing to go through with this for me. It doesn't hurt that much anymore, just a small itch really."

What had hurt the most was the hole that kept sitting in my chest and wouldn't seem to go away. I couldn't stop myself from letting my thoughts drift toward how I let myself be marked by the wrong person, even though it was my choice, it still just felt so wrong. I couldn't shake the feeling of betrayal and guilt that dared to linger.

With a shake of my head, I sighed for the umpteenth time that day.

"Ready?" Todoroki asked me.

"As I'll ever be."


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2185 Words





🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


The ride down the elevator was really uncomfortable for both of us. I could tell there was more we wanted to say to each other but we needed time to figure things out.

I just couldn't shake the feeling that if I hadn't received that text from Uraraka, we would still be upstairs in my room. I wasn't sure what would have happened if we were alone for a little while longer. Even though it had hurt, I didn't mind the sensation that his fingers had left behind on my body.

I glanced down at Todoroki's right hand and winced when I saw the damage I had done.

"I'm sorry, I almost forgot I bit your hand."

He glanced down and just shrugged.

"A bite for a bite, I guess."

The elevator doors dinged open and I could hear everyone freeze and turn my way when the sound of my laughter echoed throughout the room.

I couldn't stop it and before I knew what was happening, Todoromi had joined me. All the tension we had stored up began to melt away. I had a feeling that tonight was going to be fun after that.

"What are you two laughing about?" Uraraka came running up and her looped her hands around my left and his right arms before dragging us into the crowd.

"It's nothing, really," I remarked, wiping the joyful tears from my eyes.

"Todoroki! What happened to your hand, man?!" Denki exclaimed. He grabbed ahold and brought the wound into the light.

Eyes were on us both in a flash before understanding dawned on my classmates. I could feel the blood rush to my face and tried to cover it by turning away, but where my eyes landed didn't make me feel any better.

Two crimson orbs were staring directly into my soul, a look of confusion spread across his face when he glanced between Todoroki and me, no doubt trying to figure out our relationship at this point.

I squeaked a little when I saw him scowl and watched as he brought his glass up and downed the remaining alcohol in one gulp. He then stood and slowly walked in our direction, breaking the crowd apart, he passed me and walked toward Todoroki. He grabbed his wrist and twisted it so he could get a better look.

"That's a nasty bite you got there, must've been playing with the wrong kitten," That last word he managed to spit out like it was venom on his tongue, but he smirked like he found his own joke funny. He let go and walked toward the kitchen.

No one moved as we all watched the aggressive boy start pulling out plates and silverware.

He turned around and looked at us all like we were the ones acting strangely.

"What are you extras staring at? I thought this was a fucking party?"

"Hell yeah, Bakubro!! Let's get this show on the road!" Kirishima yelled and rushed over to help him.

A flurry of movements began to take place and I was rushed over to the kitchen tables and sat down. I was slightly embarrassed by the events that were unfolding, but I could help the smile they all brought to my face from showing just how happy they were making me.

"First!" Mina exclaimed, "We all got you this!" She stretched out an envelope and I took it.

Slowly, I opened and pulled out the card from inside.

"It's not much, we know, but we didn't have much time to put this together," Jirou shrugged.

Inside was a simple birthday card, with a figure of All Might printed on the cover. When I opened it up, I saw that everyone had signed the inside. Each person giving me their own unique boost of encouragement. There were congratulations posted throughout and I was happy to see almost everyone's signatures.

Yet again, however, there was one person's name missing from the group.

Katsuki hadn't signed it. A small smile twitched at the sides of my lips and I wasn't sure anymore if it was because I was happy at the gesture from everyone or if I was sad that he never seemed to care as I did.

"Thanks, guys, this is really sweet of you all," I put the card back in the envelope and set it to the side on the table.

"Hagakure even got you a cake!" Ojiro said the look of hunger on his and Satou's faces. Satou even went so far as to lick his lips in anticipation.

"What're you smiling about, Bakugou?" I heard Kirishima ask. I glanced to see a smirk had come across his face again. There seemed to be no hostility in it this time, so it was pleasant to see for once.

"Yeah, Bakugou, where's the cake?" Sero asked.

"I'll get it," Katsuki walked toward the fridge, brought the cake to the counter and removed the plastic covering before turning around and presenting it to the table.

Written clearly in a bright green icing that contrasted nicely with the white frosting were the words, 'Damn Nerd' and the number 17 in the corner.

"Bakugou!" was all everyone managed to say before a roar of laughter erupted from within him.

For only a split second, everyone stood in astonishment at the blonds strange behavior before the whole room followed suit and started laughing alongside him.

I was no exception, no matter how many times he insulted me, I couldn't resist being happy just hearing his laugh. It was rare, and I could count on one hand how many times I had heard a genuine laugh coming from him in my lifetime, so it was always music to my ears whenever it happened.

"Let's sing happy birthday, kero!" Tsu chimed.

"Oui, mademoiselle!" Aoyama said drastically, throwing his hand up to his forehead to add to his theatrics.

"No no no," I waved my hands frantically in front of my face, trying to hide the embarrassment that just kept coming.

"Oh, but we insist!" Uraraka was jumping up and down in excitement.

So of course, the group decided to proceed, ignoring my pleas. I put my head down on the table and wrapped my arms over myself while my friends watched me die in my own shame and happiness.

While they were singing, I thought about the mark on the nape of my neck. I wondered if everyone in my class really understood the exchange that had taken place between Todoroki and myself just a few moments ago.

He seemed to be handling everything just fine and I wasn't really sure how marking someone that wasn't his own mate had made him feel, but if it was anything like myself, he was probably holding everything inside, trying not to let the floodgates open up.

It was an entirely surreal feeling, being marked by someone that's not meant for you. There was a small sense of joy like the body is proud that it had found someone willing to stake a claim, but even more so than that, there was an immense sense of grief.

I knew my chances of losing my mate were small, because everyone had agreed to partake in this whole thing, but it didn't stop my body from acting the way it was designed to.

After what felt like an eternity, my classmates finished their torture and I brought my head out from its hiding place. I was happy being surrounded by all these people that cared for and I couldn't have asked for more out of this day.

"Here, give it back, I'll cut everyone a piece," Katsuki said after a while, his smile from just moments before had already slipped away. He looked almost sad when he bent down and reached for the cake.

"We should have dinner first before we ruin it with dessert," Iida, our responsible guardian of the group announced.

Murmurs of agreement echoed throughout as everyone stood to grab plates and have a meal together. It had been a while since we all had the time to sit around and eat at the same time, so it was nice to know we would have the chance to do this one last time before our summer vacation began again.

I went to stand up myself, but a firm hand came from out of nowhere and shoved me back into my seat.

"Sit, Deku," Katsuki ordered.


"Stay," he commanded once more.

"Oh, uh, okay," I did as I was told.

He walked away and grabbed a bowl, separate from what everyone else was gathering on their plates and he brought it over to me.

Without looking into my eyes, he set it down and walked away. In front of me sat a piping hot bowl of my favorite food, pork cutlet on rice, topped with eggs and steaming vegetables. It smelled amazing and just the thought that Katsuki was the one behind the dish before me, made my mouth water. I drooled slightly at the idea and looked back at Katsuki.

He had joined the others in grabbing some food but glanced back down at me, catching my eyes. I gave him the brightest smile I could muster and I swore I saw his cheeks turn a shade of pink before he turned away again.

"Thanks, Kacchan! You can be really sweet when you try!" I laughed.

"What's this all about, Bakugou? Are you giving Midoriya some special treatment tonight or something?" Denki teases him, jabbing him in the sides.

"Shut up," was all Katsuki said in response, his usual anger and outbursts were lost in his voice and Denki noticed it right away.

Mistaking his actions for embarrassment, Denki continued to prod and poke at the explosive boys damaged pride.

"I said shut up, dunce-face!" His fingers ignited small sparks as he spoke and his glare was intended to kill.

"Woah, woah, calm down," Kirishima intervened. "Here, have another glass." He handed Katsuki his third glass of the evening and they made their way back to the tables to continue their meals.

They settled down and everyone began to eat. It didn't take long for everyone to finish and we all started to gather in the living room. Momo and Mineta had handed everyone a glass and asked us to all gather around the coffee table. He had a game that he wanted us to play.

Katsuki took his place in the corner of the larger couch and just sipped continuously from his glass, never putting it down.

There were two sofas and a few armchairs scattered around for seating, but it wasn't enough room for all of us so a few took to the floor, myself included.

I didn't want to sit with my back facing just anyone right now, so I chose the spot right in front of Shouto, who had claimed one of the armchairs.

He was the only person I didn't mind glancing at the back of my neck right now, so I felt the most comfortable around him.

It could've been a lasting effect from being marked by an Alpha, but either way, he didn't seem bothered when I leaned back and rested against his knees.

I wasn't aware of the glare a certain Alpha was shooting in our direction, but the action hadn't gone unnoticed by several others, Todoroki included.

As if in response to the staring competition that was taking place above me, Todoroki smirked when he placed his hand on top of my head and began playing with my curls. I tilted my head up in confusion at the soft gesture but decided to let it continue. It felt nice to have someone playing with my hair.

Katsuki threw back his third glass and started on his fourth, while the rest of us finally started on our first.

Katsuki had never been someone for large crowds and socializing so it was weird that he stayed in the group and seemed to be willing to participate.

All his actions tonight had seemed slightly off, but I couldn't seem to figure out why. I decided not to delve too deep into it because I was just happy he was here, to begin with.

A cough came from the middle of the circle and Mineta was demanding all our attention from his spot on top of the coffee table. In his tiny hands, he held out a small bundle of sticks with a devious smile on his face.

"Has anyone played the King's Game before?"


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Suggestive Content



Slight Mention of Suicide

Slight Mention of Bullying

3190 Words





🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


"The King's Game," Mineta began explaining, "is where we all draw from this pile of sticks. One person will receive a stick with a crown and the rest will receive a number between 1 and 20 since there are now 21 students in our class. The King then picks a number or two and proceeds to give an order. If the subjects don't wish to proceed with the order, then they drink. Since we don't have shots, we'll just drink our whole glass instead. It'll be more fun that way anyways. Afterward, we return the sticks and begin again. Sounds easy right?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, there weren't a lot of rules to follow, so it seemed simple enough.

"Alright then, let's begin!" Sero said, jumping up and grabbing a stick from Mineta's hand. Mineta walked around and everyone got their turn before he sat down once more.

"Who's the King?!" Mina asked everyone.

"That would be me!" Iida stood up from his seat and began to think of an order to give.

He cleared his throat before continuing, "For my decree, I ask that number 7 and number 3 dance for 1 minute with no music on!"

Slowly, Tokoyami stood and walked to stand in front of the TV. Jiro got up and went to the sound system that was currently playing music and turned it off before sitting back down. The room got silent while everyone watched and waited for the next person to stand.

Momo flipped her hair to the side when she sauntered over. Tokoyami, being the gentleman he is, graciously offered her his hand and they began to dance in silence. After a minute, they sat back down. Now it was Iida's turn to hold the sticks in his hands while everyone else picked.

This time, Denki stood up and held the crown proudly for all to see.

"I command number 8 to remove their shirt and remain shirtless for the remainder of the game."

Mineta's face lit up instantly while he eyed all the girls around him, but to his dismay, Katsuki stood and ripped the shirt from his body, revealing the rippling muscles that laid beneath.

This elicited whoops from the group as well as, small blushes across all his admirer's faces and he smirked from the attention.

"Alright, my turn! Number 2! Read the last text message you sent and the immediate response you received!" Shouted Uraraka.

"Okay. I don't usually text though, so it's probably one from yesterday," Shinsou responded. He pulled out his phone and glanced at his messages.

"On second thought, I'll probably drink and sit this one out." He put his phone away and emptied his glass.

"Wow, I never pegged you to be the first to tap out like that, man!" Kirishima said.

"It had personal information concerning a certain friend and their secrets, I don't think it would've been wise in this situation."

"Oh, right, smart call!" Understanding dawned on everyone. The only conversation that had taken place that they knew involved secrets had been the group chat from yesterday, so no one said anything further.

"Moving on, it's my turn! Let's have a little more fun with this, you guys clearly don't know how to utilize these opportunities!" Mineta stood on top of the coffee table once more, wielding the King.

"I say number 5 has to go to another room and send a suggestive selfie to me, the King!" He yelled. It was clear that he had a certain targeted audience in mind when he gave this rule, but as luck would have it, this task came down to Kirishima. A bright flush spread across his cheeks.

"I mean, okay, if you'll have me." He sent a wink in Mineta's direction which only caused him to whimper in protest about receiving suggestive photos from another male.

A few squeals of excitement erupted from the girls when Mineta's phone went off and sure enough, there was a photo of Kirishima, lifting his shirt up a notch and winking, just for Mineta.

"I think I'm going to be sick," he commented and then laid on the table, out of commission.

"That's not how you turn things up a notch, Mineta. Let me show you how it's done." Mina wiggled her crown and proceeded to make her decree.

"I want number 4 to describe their favorite body part of the person they love!"

"I love how when I look into their eyes I feel like I'm melting in a bowl of dark-chocolate syrup, gero!!" Tsuyu shouted! She didn't waste a single second thinking of her answer, because the person she loved was always on her mind. Something as simple as this was easy to describe.

"Oh wow, that was fast!" Mina giggled and sat back down.

This time, Sero stood up, ready to give out his orders.

"Number 12 slap number 15!"

"Who's 15?" Shoji stood up, but when Kouda raised his hand without saying a word, Shoji sat back down and drained his glass. No one blamed him, how could you slap such an innocent being like Kouda?

"Number 20, every time you drink, act like a T-Rex, bring your arms in close to your body and try to reach your glass from that position!" Ojiro made his demand next and Sato grunted in affirmation.

Hagakure was King next and demanded that number 18, Jirou, had to meow after every sentence. The class laughed at such an easy, but still an embarrassing task, Jirou just shrugged in response. Her lack of conversation thereafter proved that she just didn't want to meow for anyone.

Aoyama made a demand that sounded like something only he would come up with.

"I order number 16 to caress the chin of number 13 and feed them their glass while looking lovingly into their eyes."

"Oh, how romantic," the girls in the class swooned.

Kirishima stood up, "Okay, who's number 13?"

"That would be me..." Denki tentatively raised his hand from his seat.

The class watched in anticipation while the two got closer than they ever seemed before. It was silent all around when Kirishima whispered, "...drink..." and tilted the cup up to Denki's lips. Within seconds, both boys were as red as tomatoes.

Shinsou stood, "Number 17, choose an animal you think relates to number 2."

"I'm number 2," Izuku stated.

Katsuki sat up in his spot on the couch, staring at Izuku for a moment and not breaking eye contact while he observed his features. His lips twitched almost like in contemplation on what he would call him. Instead of answering, however, he grabbed his drink and downed his fourth glass.

"Awe! I was really curious about what you would say!" Uraraka protested.

"Yeah, that was a good one!"

Katsuki just sat back in his spot and decided to never take his eyes of Izuku from there on out and at this point, Izuku could finally feel the attention he was receiving.

Without realizing it, the unexpected attention caused Izuku to begin drinking out of his glass casually. Before he knew it, he was having to fill up for a second and he had yet to even have a turn.

"Number 11, grab the person closest to you and have them sit on your lap for the remainder of the game." Momo gave her order.

Suddenly, hands wrapped around Izuku's waist when Todoroki pulled him into the armchair and held him tight in his lap.

"Ooohhh, that's unexpectedly cute!" Denki remarked at their close contact.

"Ah... haha... Thanks..?" At this point, Izuku's brain felt like it was going to short circuit and he ended up finishing glass number two faster than expected. He didn't dare glance in Todoroki's direction but was fully aware of both his body heat and... other parts of his... being pressed against him and he couldn't help but remember what had transpired between them earlier that day.

"Number 12, what is your biggest lie?"

"Oh, I'll drink." Izuku downed his third glass.

"Midoriya, you're handling those glasses better than I would've thought," Todoroki said from behind him. Izuku shifted in his seat and turned to face him only to come inches away from his face and panic internally a little.

"Yeah, they taste really fruity and I feel just fine actually."

"Have you ever drank before?" Denki asked from across the room.

"No, this is my first time."

"Same here!" Uraraka shouted.

"Me too!" Agreed Tsu.

Murmurs of an agreement reached everyone's ears. Most of the class hadn't experienced these types of interactions before.

Denki started to laugh. "Then this night will be fun. What glass are you on, Midoriya?"

"Just my third..?" He said, puzzled.

"Weak," Katsuki remarked from his corner.

"Oh yeah, what's yours?" Izuku could feel a small frown forming.

"Glass number 5, nerd. Catch up." He dared.

"No, Midoriya, don't listen to him. You've got two entirely different body types. He can probably drink you under the table," Uraraka countered.

"Is that so..." Izuku felt challenged.

"Yeah, Deku, I could outdrink you any day." Katsuki sneered and brought his glass up to finish drink number 5.

"Bring it."

And the drinking challenge began.

"This is a terrible idea. You're responsible for him tonight then, Bakugou," Kirishima stated.

"I agree, if he's meeting the challenge you ensued, you have to drag him up to his room when he can't walk anymore." Momo pointed out.

"Hey now! You're all acting like I've lost already! Have a little faith, I don't plan on giving up." He did his best to drink his third glass and demanded a refill for his fourth.

A few snickers came out from some of the more experienced party goers. Izuku didn't realize it yet, but the alcohol he had already consumed just needed time to hit his system, so while he felt fine for now, he was in fact, not fine.

"Let's keep going! Number 14, give number 7 a hickey!" Denki declared.

"Woah now! That escalated quickly!" Kirishima remarked.

"C'mon, we all knew it was headed this route. Don't fight it, go get your hickey, man."

"Are you number 7 then?" Mineta asked. When Kirishima nodded, Mineta stood up, walked over to the spiked punch bowl on the table and began chugging from the bowl itself. He had clearly had enough of his luck with men for the night.

Kirishima just sighed in relief while everyone else laughed.

"My turn, extras. 18, get on all fours and beg like the damn dog we know you are. Speak, sit, paw and stay down. Only when you complete these can you be patted on the head by your shitty master, 10," Katsuki smirked.

"That's kinky," Mina said when she got down on all fours. She obeyed every command and Shoji stood to pat her on the head.

"Good girl," he said.

"Woof!" Mina responded and then lost it while she laughed and rolled around on the ground.

From his spot on the armchair, Todoroki spoke up, startling Izuku.

"Number 1, what is the meanest thing you've done to someone that didn't deserve it?"

"Tsk." Katsuki clicked his tongue. Everyone waited for a response. They could see the cogs turning when he debated to say it or not.

"Today's just not your day, Bakubro!" Kirishima playful smacked his shoulder. He didn't fear death.

Katsuki started to reach for his glass.

"Passing on another one? Weak." Izuku broke the silence and retaliated against Katsuki's comment from earlier.

He stopped and shot a glare in his direction.

"You really want me to fucking say it, Deku?"

Izuku just shrugged in response because they both knew what he was going to say.

"Fine then. In middle school, I told Deku to take a swan dive off the roof..."

"You did what?!" Uraraka exclaimed.

"Bakugou..." Denki added in shock.

"You're right, that was something said to someone that didn't deserve it," Todoroki said and he wrapped an arm around Izuku's waist, bringing him closer to his body.

"Exactly why I just said it, IcyHot."

"Kacchan! That makes me happy, knowing you think I didn't deserve that..." Izuku smiled in response.

"Yeah, I know."

"Do you realize what would have happened if he did what you said?! I mean, I knew you were always harsh on him, but I didn't know it went that far. Why would you say that?" Uraraka huffed.

"Stop it, guys. I've long forgiven him. There's more between us than you know, it's okay now..." Izuku felt the heat rush to his cheeks from what he said but he still held out his palm in defiance, not backing down.

"It was a moment of weakness on my part... I would never say it now and I wish I never said it in the first place. It's whatever, all in the past. I'm still drinking to that one. Now, move on, extras," Katsuki said.

He brought his glass up and finished yet another, his eyes never shifting from Izuku's unwavering gaze. Determined not to lose, Izuku quickly followed suit. Katsuki 6, Izuku 4.

"Oh, my turn!" Izuku declared. "Number 4, lick and suck on the fingers of number 20 for 30 seconds." He flashed a mischievous grin at the onslaught of shocked faces in his direction.

"Woah! I pegged you for a 'Do 10 pushups' kind of guy," Jirou said.

"Yeah, where's our innocent cinnamon roll at?" Momo chimed in. He just shrugged in response, not sure where his confidence was coming from.

"What is this game coming too..." Iida added.

"Yeah, I'm finding out too much about everyone, gero," Tsu commented.

"It's called bonding! Now get on with it!" Mineta finally jumped back into the group, excited to see some kind of action.

"I'm number 20," Ojiro stated. He stuck his hand out and waited for number 4.

Hagekura stood up and walked over. Mina pulled out a timer and gave the countdown to begin. The class couldn't tell what was going on, but they knew from Ojiro's expression that she had begun.

Izuku's head started to swim and he didn't notice when he had laid back and began to get comfortable on Todoroki's shoulders, nuzzling into his neck a little while sipping from his glass. He didn't mind when Todoroki's hands continued to run through his hair. He found the whole thing relaxing and cozy.

Hagekura's turn had ended and they moved on to the next King.

Mina stood, "Number 10, wear this blindfold and touch the body of a person placed in front of you, trying to guess who they are!!"

When Izuku stood up to receive the blindfold for his turn, he finally realized what it was like to drink. A sudden light sensation overcame him and he tumbled forward a few steps. He didn't want to drop his glass, so he tossed number 5 down the hatch and walked to the clearing in the room.

"Ope! There he goes!" Denki laughed.

The blindfold was placed firmly over his eyes and he couldn't see anything. He waited until someone was placed in front of him and his hands were placed on top their shoulders.

Nervous, he traced his fingers down the arms first, wary of the possibility the person could be female and not wanting to touch where it could upset them.

The arms were muscular and when he made it to his victim's hands, he could feel they were coarse and rough. Feeling content he was caressing a male, he went for the chest and abdomen.

"No laser..."

He started to feel down the sides, in an attempt to guess his proportions and weaved down toward his lower region.

He wasn't able to reach his legs while standing up, so he got down on his knees, completely unaware of the show he was giving his classmates. He wanted to feel his calves. When nothing came up, he muttered, "No mufflers."

"Hmm... he doesn't... have several appendages, no tape dispensers, and no tail. Clearlyyy... not Mineta, either. Not... uh... a female..." He continued up to his face, searching for his mouth. His words beginning to slur, but he paid it no mind.

"Noo beak..."

His fingers found his lips, but they were closed tight. When searching for entrance he huffed and made a demand, more firm than he intended, but it got his desired effect across.


His mouth opened and Izuku ran his fingers over the teeth. "No shark teeth, so not... Kirishima."

"Hey! I don't have shark teeth!" He heard Kirishima protest. Giggles erupted while the class watched Izuku deduce who he was touching.

He continued around his lips and nose.

"Lips are normal... he has a nose..." Izuku chuckled a little, his thoughts didn't seem to want to catch up with him at the moment.

A few more protests were heard from these remarks, but he continued and reached up toward his eyes. He felt around as lightly as he could, careful not to hurt him while he looked for signs of a scar...

"No scar..."

He reached up further and felt his hair. It was extremely soft and pleasing to feel. He ran his hands through a few times before becoming puzzled. He knew there were only two classmates left at this point, but he couldn't tell just by the hair alone.

"Ahh, you both have spikier hair. I don't... Ugh.."

"Midoriya, you're not making sense..." he heard Iida's voice remark.

"Uhm, can I lick your palms..?" Izuku asked, embarrassed that he had even suggested it.

"Why do you want to lick this person's palms?" Iida asked, just as puzzled as everyone else in the room.

"Because... Kacchan should... taste... sweet...?"

The room went silent.

"Why..?" Someone asked.

Panicked, Izuku began to explain, "If Kacchan secretes nitroglycerin as his sweat, then instead of salty, like the average person, his hands would be sweet."

"Oh, I didn't know that. Lick him and tell us who it is!" A voice sounding like Uraraka demanded.

Izuku audibly gulped and grabbed hold of the person's hands. He brought them up to his lips and ran his tongue across a finger.

One lick was all it took.

He quickly dropped the hands and tried to back away, but being as dizzy as he was and not having his sight, he nearly fell over once more.

Arms wrapped around his waist to stop him from falling. Izuku still tried desperately to lean as far away as he could.

"K - Kacchan..?" He whispered.

The blindfold was removed and he found himself face to face, inches apart and in the arms that belonged to the explosive blond. Staring directly into his crimson eyes.

He leaned forward, bringing his lips to Izuku's ears and whispered back so that only he could hear him.

"Good job, kitten."


Chapter Text





2847 Words





🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Izuku felt his knees buckle from beneath him and Katsuki ended up supporting his full weight.

"Woah there, looks like someone's down for the count." He chuckled down at the green-eyed boy.

"Ugh... I - I... is... should have known," Izuku pressed his hand to his head in an attempt to stop it from spinning. "You're the only one that's shirtless right now." He said embarrassed at his close proximity to Katsuki's toned muscles.

"Guess you can't handle your drinks as well as you thought, now can you, Deku?"

Izuku reached his hand up and splayed his palm directly across Katsuki's face.

"Let me gooo... dumbass. I can still have a... drink uhm... one more..." He tried to shove against Katsuki but couldn't seem to find his strength.

"Gah! He just hit Bakubro! He's gonna kill 'em!"

"Bakugou deserved it," Todoroki smirked from his spot. He enjoyed seeing Lord Explosion Murder being whacked in the face by Izuku.

"More importantly, did Deku just curse?!" Uraraka wasn't sure if she heard right. She thought maybe her ears had just played a trick on her.

"No, Bakugou, you're ruining our cinnamon roll! Look at what you've taught him!"

"That's it, extras. It's lights out for the birthday boy. He's done."

"Noo. I'm not." Izuku wiggled down lower so he was able to free himself of Katsuki's grasp.

"Deku, get your ass back here!"

"Shut up, I don't understand you, I can't speak assholian..." Izuku waved his hands dismissively and shrugged in Katsuki's direction while everyone just laughed and watched the scene unfold.

"Told you not to entice him into this silly drinking competition. This is all on you." Momo pointed out.

"I think I like drunk Midoriya," Tsu and Jirou agreed. "He's funny."

"Shoutoo," Izuku climbed back onto Todoroki's lap. "You don't want me... to leave, do you?" He looked up at him, giving him innocent puppy dog eyes.

"It'll be no fun without me here," he started slowly slinking one hand up Todoroki's chest, keeping him distracted from his real goal.

"We're friends... right..?"

"Yes, of course we are..." Todoroki said, stunned at the close proximity between them. Izuku inched his face closer, just inches apart. His other hand making its way towards the content that Todoroki still had in his palms.

Within seconds, Izuku activated his quirk, grabbed Todoroki's glass of wine and ended up out of arm's reach before anyone had time to react. He downed the glass with a proud smile.

"Ha. Tied." He smirked up at Katsuki, but then, because of the sudden movements and the rush of activating his quirk, the blood drained from his face and he fell forward, the glass smashing to the ground.

"Dammit, Deku! This is why I said you're fucking done."

"Pffft, hahaha!!" Izuku laughed from his spot on the floor. Katsuki walked over and didn't bother helping him to his feet. Instead, he just grabbed a wrist, stood up, and started dragging him toward the elevator, leaving the shirt he removed earlier in the game, behind.

"Get on your damn feet, nerd!"

"No. Struggle." Izuku made the rational decision to pretend to be dead, the whole of his weight dragging behind him while the angry blond struggled endlessly to drag him forwards.

"There's no way in hell I'm fucking making it to your room at this rate. Lose some weight, fatass " The curses spewed from his mouth like fire while he tugged and tugged on Izuku's wrists.

"It's called muscle. Maybe you should try it out sometime."

"I swear, I'm ten seconds away from murdering you and blowing you to bits!" Almost like he was trying to emphasize his point, small streams of steam began forming on his fingertips. Izuku could feel the space where their skin made contact begin to heat up.

Izuku's head perked up when he heard the ding to the elevator doors and he finally got to his feet. Now was when he decided to really struggle. He tried to walk back toward his classmates, making eye contact with them and hoping they could see the desperation behind his eyes.

"Noo..! Wait! I don't wanna be in the elevator with you!!" he wiggled underneath his grasp, but couldn't find the strength to pull free, his drunken state had all but forgotten about his quirk.

"The hell..? Stop it and get in!"

"No! You're giant ass ego... is going to crush me if I'm confined... to a small space with you! I don't wanna die!" He was struggling to get his thoughts together. He wasn't sure if he was making any sense anymore, but that was okay.

"You're literally being impossible right now. This is fucking ridiculous!" Katsuki let go of his hold on Izuku's wrists and before the green-haired teen had a chance to duck out of arm's reach, Katsuki grabbed his waist from behind and tugged them both hard in the direction of the elevator.

The alcohol had slowly been making its way into Katsuki's mind at this point and it was getting harder for him to keep the fight going, but eventually, he had been victorious with getting Izuku into the elevator. They toppled in together, and Izuku let his body go limp in defeat against Katsuki's chest, mumbling a few sounds of disappointment.

Struggling underneath his weight, Katsuki reached forward and was able to push the button to his floor. Izuku's room was closer but Katsuki needed a longer wait to catch his breath and didn't trust Izuku to stay safely in his own room throughout the night. Alcohol poisoning was also a risk for someone who didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Katsuki glared at Izuku thinking he was that 'someone'.

The longer they had to wait for the elevator doors to open though, the more he knew he wouldn't be able to power through anymore. He was losing strength, too. His mind had begun to swim and it was all he could do to focus on one task.

The entire class had just watched the struggle that took place, just laughing their asses off the whole time and he swore he saw several phones whipped out taking videos. He made a mental note to murder them all in their sleep if he even remembered this night that is. He shot a few daggers in their direction before the doors came to a close.

He felt Izuku's arms wrap around his waist, giving Katsuki a warm and unexpected embrace and he froze when he heard Izuku speak.

"Katsuki's warm..." he murmured and hugged tighter. "...really warm." It had been years since Izuku spoke Katsuki's first name and the sound sent shivers down his spine. His heart jumped up into his chest a little and started dancing to its own rhythm.

"Of course I'm warm, dumbass, my quirk deals with hot shit." He said this offhandedly, but he was really trying to distract his mind from drifting toward Izuku's smaller frame and how it seemed to fit so perfectly against his own.

Katsuki brought his arms up and returned the embrace, bringing their hips flush with each other. They leaned against the wall of the elevator, time seemed to have frozen. He raked one hand through Izuku's curls, enticing a small purr from him.

"Do you like when people touch your hair?" Katsuki couldn't shake the memory of Todoroki's hands touching Izuku's head. The IcyHot bastard made a show of being all over Izuku and the sudden closeness between the two made Katsuki's blood boil.

A swift memory fluttered up to his mind when he thought of where Todoroki had gotten the bite mark on his hand. He shoved the memory back down from wherever it had surfaced because he didn't want to think about the obvious.

It wasn't there when he went to Izuku's room before the party, but it was definitely there when they returned.

"It feels gooood..." Izuku nuzzled closer.

"Does it feel better when that IcyHot bastard does this?" His curiosity and jealousy getting the better of him while his defenses were being beaten down by alcohol.

"Noopee. I like when you do this," Izuku cooed. His small smile reaching his voice while it carried its way up to the Alpha's ears. "You should do this more often ~ "

"And why would I do that?" He chuckled lightly. "Ask Half 'n Half." Katsuki turned his face away to hide the rosy pink that decided to settle on his cheeks.

"It's not the same with Shouto..." Izuku mumbled.

Katsuki noticed two things about his statement. A sudden sadness that leaked into his words and the use of Todoroki's first name so nonchalantly. It made his heart twinge in pain.

Izuku, having lost to his drunken state, buried his face further against Katsuki's chest, relishing the feeling of his bare skin being pressed against his cheek.

He trailed the tip of his nose around Katsuki's collarbone, inhaling the delicious pheromones of the Alpha before him. He hovered above his scent glands and couldn't resist trying to coax more of Katsuki's smell out. It smelled oddly familiar, but his mind wasn't thinking straight enough to figure it all out.

"Deku, that's dangerous..." Katsuki groaned at the feather-light movements.

"Mmm, then, I feel like being dangerous..." Izuku cooed in his ears, letting his breath tickle the sensitive skin.

Giving in to his temptations, Izuku brought his tongue down and trailed it along Katsuki's scent glands. He could feel the muscles stiffen beneath him and the grip around his waist tightened.

Katsuki grabbed a hold of Izuku's chin and tilted him upwards. He could see the intoxicated passion burning deep within Izuku's bright green eyes, they glistened with desire and then started to darken when the lust took over.

The elevator dinged, letting them know they had made it to the floor. Izuku quickly pulled himself away and started to back up through the doors, keeping eye contact with Katsuki. He walked into the corridors leading toward everyone's rooms. Izuku knew that Katsuki's room was at the very end, but his mind was fuzzy, making it difficult to stop himself. He wanted this to happen and he wanted it to happen now.

Slowly, Izuku brought his hands down his torso and fiddled with the hem of his shirt. Crossing his arms, he tugged the shirt up and over his head. He let it dangle from his hands, swinging it a little, calling to his prey. He wet his lips seductively and watched Katsuki's reaction when he dropped his shirt to the floor. He could see the rationality within him snap and Izuku shivered when he watched the Alpha give in to his own temptation. He was showing way more confidence than he felt, his heart was racing and skipping at every action Katsuki took.

The elevator doors had begun to close, with Katsuki still inside. At the last second, his hands came through and he forced them back open. Any show of self-restraint was entirely gone from his eyes.

"Goddammit Deku..." He growled. "You're in trouble now." The sound almost made Izuku's legs crumble beneath him, but he wanted to tease him a little more before fully giving in.

"Oh, soo ~ scary," Izuku taunted, a playful smile perched on the edges of his lips. Katsuki watched as Izuku bit the corner of his mouth, slowly letting the flesh slip between his teeth.

Izuku began backing up as Katsuki exited the elevator before he turned and sauntered further down the hall. He reached the end of the corridor and glanced back, expecting to find an angry Alpha still staring at him in a daze.

However, Katsuki had grabbed Izuku's discarded shirt and was sniffing it. Katsuki tilted his head in confusion for a split second, wondering why Izuku smelled so damn good to him, but he really didn't care at the moment. Izuku's smell only fueled the hungry beast that burned beneath his abdomen.

He turned to find the green-eyed teen leaning against the wall at the end of the corridor next to the door of Katsuki's room. His back was pressed against the wall behind him and he was playing with the hem of his pants; tugging them down slightly to reveal a delectable hip bone before pulling them back up to hide the delicious parts of his body from sight once more.

Katsuki released a low, deep growl, feeling it reverberate throughout the empty hall. He watched the sound reach Izuku's ears causing him to whimper in pleasure. Having had enough of the show before him, Katsuki quickly wrapped Izuku's shirt around his arm and made his way down the hallway. He couldn't leave behind a trail of suspicion and he had plans for his hands so he needed them free to do as they pleased.

Izuku looked up into Katsuki's eyes and watched when they darkened, clouding over with desire. His expression was intense, threatening almost, but he was unable to look away. He brought his hands up, cupping Izuku's cheeks, running his thumb around.

Izuku nuzzled against the feeling of Katsuki's palms. He licked the center and groaned when the sweet, burning taste of caramel touched his taste buds. Izuku began trailing fingers along Katsuki's waistband and tugging at the belt holding him together, he was eager to move this along.

Katsuki, however, grabbed his wrists, stopping the lust-filled youth's actions and placed Izuku's arms around his neck. One hand lingered against Izuku's cheek while the other grabbed one leg, hiking it up so that his thigh was touching Katsuki's hips. Pressing Izuku hard against the wall, he started to grind their hips together, relishing in the friction against his member.

"Mmgh..." Izuku moaned and bit his bottom lip hard, still not breaking eye contact. He licked his lips seductively and closed his eyes slightly, relishing every roll of Katsuki's hips against his own.

"Oh, does this feel good to you, kitten?" Katsuki teased.

"Bite me."

"You asked for this." Katsuki brushed his lips lightly across Izuku's, teasingly. Before Izuku could reply, he felt the warmth of Katsuki's breath on his mouth, their lips pressed tightly together in a wet, open-mouthed lip lock.

Izuku responded immediately, sinking further into the caverns of their desires. He shamelessly parted his lips slightly, begging for the warm, wet sensation of Katsuki's tongue.

Within seconds, he was there, twirling around every inch of his mouth, sharing the fruity sensation that lingered behind after their drinks, thrusting his tongue inside roughly. He ran his tongue along the roof of Izuku's mouth, sending bouts of warm passion throughout his body.

With each movement, they were grinding harder and plunging themselves deeper into depths unknown.

"Nngh... m - more..." Izuku begged. Katsuki brought his free hand down and pressed hard into Izuku's hip, eliciting a pleased gasp. The Omega tossed his head back with a sharp intake of breath, before grinding back into the sensation this pressure brought.

With his head back, Katsuki had full access to Izuku's throat, he began leaving a trail of hot kisses following the jaw and making his way down to Izuku's neck. Katsuki took this chance to dig deep and begin sucking hard on his neck. His tongue trailed lazily in circles, scraping his teeth across his skin. He felt goosebumps rise wherever he touched and Izuku was slowly becoming a moaning mess.

Katsuki let go of Izuku's leg and raked his hand sharply through his green locks of hair, grabbing at the back, and pulling tight. He had always wanted to do this, always envisioned having full access to his neck, where he could nip and bite as he pleased.

He bit down hard on his collarbone, ignoring the small gasp of pain that followed.

"Ahh... hah... fuck." Izuku's core trembled in pleasure.

It was music to Katsuki's ears and he wanted to violate Izuku in every way. His head was swimming with ecstasy. He let go and dragged his tongue lazily across the bite he had created.

Katsuki pulled away and rested their foreheads together. His face was flushed and their breathing mingled before them. Their minds were hazy with heat and desire. He brought his lips crashing back into Izuku's in another passionate kiss.

"Mmngh..." Izuku lulled.

Katsuki ran his tongue over Izuku's mouth and then began to suck hard on the bottom lip. Biting and nipping, before his tongue protruded inside once more, hungrily devouring the sensation, sucking on his tongue and coaxing out moan after moan.

Suddenly, Katsuki pulled away again, ignoring the whimpers at the loss of contact, he grabbed a hold of Izuku's wrist and pulled him toward his room.

It was time for some privacy.


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🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Katsuki dragged Izuku inside, swung him around and threw him onto the bed. He didn't bother to turn on the lights as he approached the bedside. Izuku sat up and kicked his legs over the side, so he was straddling the blond Alpha that stood before him. While Izuku began to tug at Katsuki's waistband and remove his pants, Katsuki unwrapped the shirt from his arm and tossed it somewhere in the darkness behind him.

Not wasting a second, Izuku removed Katsuki's pants and stared at the Alpha's pulsing erection before him. Not entirely sure what he was doing, but not being forced to stop, he leaned forward and tentatively grasped his shaft.

Katsuki watched as Izuku stared at his member, not shifting his gaze anywhere else. The attention made him flush a deep shade of red and he felt dizzy standing there, so he placed a hand on Izuku's shoulder and the other he dragged through his curly hair.

Izuku brought his head forward and wrapped his lips around Katsuki's member, starting at the head and began bobbing back and forth. His hands stroked the base, taking any excess drool and using it as lube. He pulled away for a moment and looked up.

His mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and doubts about what he was doing, and he wanted to see the reaction the blond might be having to all of this. The sight before him nearly made his heart stop.

Before him stood a glistening masterpiece, toned muscles rippling at every movement he made. His eyes trailed up the perfectly sculpted chest, glazed over his neck and saw how his head was thrown back in pleasure.

Katsuki wondered why the movements had stopped so he looked down. Dark crimson, fiery orbs met deep, emerald sparkling irises and a spark of tension erupted between them. Caving even further into his desires, Katsuki grabbed tight to Izuku's head.

"Open back up," he smirked and Izuku promptly obeyed.

Katsuki thrust deep into Izuku's mouth, slowly at first, testing to see how much Izuku could take before his reflexes kicked in. Izuku closed his eyes and did his best to hold back the tears that began to form, but he couldn't help when his throat closed up and he started to choke a little.

Katsuki pulled out enough to give him some breathing room before continuing to thrust, over and over this time. Izuku responded to the thrusts with his own hand, still stroking the base. His hand felt it first, the pulsing between his fingers, and Katsuki's thrusts began to come in short waves.

Izuku's head was held firmly in place as Katsuki whispered, "I want to see you swallow..."

With no way to back out, Izuku braced himself as he felt a warm, salty liquid stream out and into his mouth. Katsuki let out a moan and released Izuku's head, while Izuku took this moment of freedom to swallow down and around his shaft, licking and lapping up anything that might have tried to escape.

The taste wasn't something he desired, but he wasn't sure when he'd get this chance again, so he wanted to savor every moment. Finally, he leaned back and re-situated himself on the bed, while Katsuki crawled up and over him. His eyes lingered on Izuku's form beneath him. He brought his hands quickly down and started to remove his clothes.

After a moment of struggling and a grunt of frustration, he was finally able to free him. While still on his back, Izuku brought his legs up, bending them at the knees and Katsuki moved between them. He placed his palms flat against the bed on either side of Izuku's face and leaned down, crashing their lips together with a bruising force. He twirled his tongue around inside Izuku's mouth before breaking free and panting for breath.

"I'm not stopping now, you know that, right, Deku?" Katsuki whispered softly.

He laid his head down next to Izuku's ears and let one hand trail lightly along his side, caressing and memorizing his shape. He wanted this. Katsuki dreamed of this for so long and the moment was finally happening.

But it was happening while Izuku was drunk. While Katsuki was drunk. He didn't want to wake up in the morning and forget what had happened. He was afraid that Izuku would wake up and regret what they did or not even remember it happened in the first place, but he also knew that if they didn't do this tonight, he might never get the chance again.

He trailed his nose along Izuku's scent glands, nuzzling deeply. He wished for more of his sweet, tantalizing pheromones to be released, but there was another scent blocking the way. Katsuki couldn't shake the sickening feeling that continued to grow in the pit of his stomach, but he wouldn't worry about it right now. It wasn't the time to worry over something that he couldn't change, not while the most beautiful creature in his eyes was a glistening, moaning mess on his bed.

"I wouldn't want to stop this for the life of me..." Izuku reached a hand up and brought Katsuki's face closer to his neck, so Izuku could reach and nibble on his earlobe while speaking his next words.

"I want you to ravage every inch of my body. Fuck me, bite me, and break me..."

Katsuki could no longer hold his body's tremors back anymore, taking Izuku's words to heart, he bit the side of his neck, hard. He wanted to pull Izuku back and reach around to the base of his neck and mark him, right then and there, but he wasn't so far gone that he would hurt Izuku's chance with whoever his mate might have been, so he resisted the urge to claim him as his own.

Izuku shuddered at the pleasure coursing through him and he moaned for more. Katsuki pulled away and reached toward his nightstand, searching for his lotion. He found what he was looking for in one of the drawers and pumped a few into his hands. He lathered his fingers up and leaned forward, facing Izuku once more.

"Have you done this before, Izuku?" Katsuki asked the question and was genuinely fearful to hear the answer, more images of Todoroki's bitten hand and continuous touching flashed through his mind. A wave of relief washed over him when Izuku shook his head vehemently.

"Only you..."

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear, kitten. This is going to hurt, ready?" Izuku nodded and closed his eyes in anticipation.

"Oh no you don't, I want you watching me while I violate you," he growled.

Izuku's heart thrummed in his chest in embarrassment and his face turned a beautiful shade of pink, contrasting perfectly against his eyes. He looked up at Katsuki who seemed to enjoy giving Izuku orders and having them obeyed.

Katsuki watched as Izuku's eyes widened in surprise when one finger found his rim and slowly began making its entrance. He clenched his hands in the bedsheets beneath him, but finding no comfort there, he brought them to rest on Katsuki's shoulders. The eye contact never breaking between them, they watched closely at how their own expressions impacted each other.

Flushed cheeks, glistening skin, and flames of delicious arousal filling their eyes.

Izuku gasped and choked off a moan as he felt two more fingers protrude inside him; his fingers dug deep into the Alpha's flesh, eliciting a growl of pleasure from the sudden pain. Katsuki worked slowly, thrusting his fingers in and out, spreading and preparing him as best he could, watching the green-eyed youth panting hard beneath him. He sat back, still keeping eye contact and brought his free hand down to squeeze the base of Izuku's member.

Izuku whined at the loss of his shoulders to grab onto but let the throws of desire take hold of him at the sudden welcoming warmth that encompassed his member. Katsuki watched as Izuku's back arched high with pleasure.

He jerked his hand down his length a few times until enough pre-cum formed at the top. He ran his thumb over and used what little he could as lube and began to jerk faster, thrust inside him harder with his fingers, and still make eye contact.

Izuku couldn't take the onslaught of ecstasy that raced throughout his body, sending burning waves crashing against his head, lost in the hazy heat of it all. He threw his head back at the feeling of fire pooling in his abdomen and moaned.

"Ahh... I - I'm gonna... K - Katsuki..." he rasped.

"Go ahead, purr for me, my little kitten." Katsuki teased.

Izuku let out a low moan as he released the tension that had been building up, his body twitching. Katsuki caught what he could and leaned back to his nightstand, wiping it off on some tissues. He grabbed the lotion one more time and pumped a small handful, grinning down at Izuku, he began to stroke his own member gently lathering it in the lotion.

He grabbed one of Izuku's legs from behind the knee and placed it over his shoulders, elevating him so he could reach further. Katsuki could feel his muscles trembling beneath him. He positioned himself at the rim and watched Izuku's face as he slowly sunk down into him, just the tip at first, pausing to let Izuku catch his breath and waiting for him to nod before continuing.

In a few more moments, Izuku felt Katsuki's hips pressed against him and he knew he was in all the way. Katsuki rolled his hips around, teasing at first, but searching for a certain spot. He knew he had finally hit it right when a moan was suddenly caught in Izuku's throat.

Taking this as a sign, Katsuki pulled out a little before slamming back down. Izuku's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he bit down hard, trying to hide the sounds that threatened to escape, but to no avail.

"Hng... A - Ahh!"  he moaned.

"Fuck... Izuku..." At the sound of his moan, Katsuki lost control.

He thrummed deeper and deeper, pounding his hips against him. The steady rhythm of Katsuki brushing his prostate deep within him sent Izuku's mind ablaze. He felt the warmth in his abdomen once more and knew he was getting close. He could feel the base of Katsuki's member begin to swell and he knew he was going to be knotted, his body began to shake and tremble at the thought.

Time seemed to slow down around Katsuki as he felt his knot beginning to form. He wanted so badly to knot Izuku, his primal Alpha instincts taking over, but he needed to make sure it was okay.

"F - Fuck... Knot me, pleasee..."

He heard Izuku mewling and melting beneath him. Izuku begged to feel the thickness swell within him and the thought sent his member twitching as Izuku released once more.

That was all the more Katsuki needed to hear before he let himself dissolve into pleasure, jolts of electricity rocked through his body and he growled possessively as his knot made its way inside, effectively locking them together.

Breathless and panting, Katsuki lowered Izuku's leg and brought his palms up to lay beside his head once more. Their faces were mere inches apart and their breath mingled together. Izuku's eyes began to slip closed and before Katsuki let him rest, he leaned down and placed a tender kiss on his lips, savoring the taste a little longer.

Izuku linked his arms around his neck and returned the gentle kiss, pulling Katsuki down further until they were laying down side by side. They continued to kiss softly, waiting for the knot to go down until they were finally separated from each other.

At this point, they were both no longer slaves to the alcohol that possessed them to fall deep into the caverns of desire in the first place. They were slowly sobering up, but neither of them wanted to break away from the soft kisses they were sharing.

Of everything they had done, this moment alone sent Izuku's heart into a terrified, yet ecstatic frenzy and he never wanted it to end while Katsuki felt like the world had ended and they were the only two people left. The silence that encompassed them seemed to approve of his delusion.

That's exactly what this was to him, for now, it was all a fantasy. He decided to wake up to reality tomorrow, but for now, he wanted to cherish the boy that laid in his arms.

Curious, Katsuki lifted his head and glanced at the alarm clock across the room on his desk. The time read 11:13 pm.

They had plenty of time left for round two.



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💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥

"Enough, Kacchan! You already made him cry. I won't let you!" The boy I promised to protect stood before me, quivering and shaking in his boots, fits raised and ready to fight. 

Why was he trying to fight back?

Because what you're doing is wrong!

He can't fight someone like me, I'm better than him.

No, you're not. This isn't right, stop it!

He's just a quirkless, wanna-be hero!

He's more a hero than you'll ever be at this rate.

I should put him in his place, help him face reality. Teach him a lesson.

You'll hurt him, stop it!

He's weak; weaker than me.

He's strong; stronger than you.

He's a coward; afraid of me.

He's brave, braver than you.

I pounded my fists together and walked toward him, prepared to give him a beating he would never forget. Someone like him needs to realize he could never stand on the same podium as someone like me. He could never become a hero.




I slowly woke up to a pounding on the inside of my head, spikes of pain shot behind my eyes as I slowly opened them up. I wasn't sure if the pounding came from the terrible dream I just had or if it was an after effect of the alcohol from the night before. Probably the latter.

My mind shifted to the dream, or rather, the memory I shared with Izuku all those years ago. He was so brave, standing up for what he believed in, and he hasn't changed. He knew who he was and what he wanted in life at such an early age and stuck with it, doing his best to get to where he is now.

Why was I such an asshole?

I took the one thing that I viewed to be precious in my life and tried to kill it. Literally.

Why couldn't I just protect him like I promised when we first met?

I remembered the exact moment that everything changed for me, but thinking back on it now, I know it never should have. There was no reason for me to treat him the way I did and I'd give my life to change it.

My tiny little brain made the mistake of thinking that the person I wanted to protect, had no right trying to protect me in return. Even now, I still have a hard time accepting there is someone out there that thinks I need protecting. It's not even just that, for me to stoop to a level where I'd need to be protected in the first place was hard to accept.

Back then, I thought it was because he was looking down on me, that he thought he was better than I was... that he pitied me. Now I know, I'm not invincible. There will come times in my life when I won't be able to do everything by myself and it's nice having someone there, willing to reach their hand out and help.

I should've taken his hand.

Now, I'll never know when he'll reach out to me again. I may have ruined all my chances, but I swore the next time I see him try, I'll take it.

I felt a warm, wet sensation on my chest and a heavy weight on my arms, snapping me out of my reverie, and I looked down. A crashing wave of heat shot through my body and up my face when the realization that last night really did happen hit me. The proof lay resting peacefully in my arms.

We had sex.
Izuku and I.

Me and Izuku.
We had sex.

I felt a faint breeze flow around my neck and another wonderful realization came crashing down.

We were still naked.

Our bodies were entangled with each other's and we were naked. He was naked. His eyes were closed and he had brought his hands up to his face, resting them on my chest. His nose was nuzzled safely against me and his legs were wrapped over my waist. My left arm was under his head, while my right lay freely over his body. I had never been so happy as I was right now at this very moment. This was everything I had hoped it would be and everything I felt I had ever needed.

He was beautiful.

I took a small breath and held it while I brought my hand up to brush the hair from his face. The room was still dark and there didn't seem to be any light coming in through the curtains. My usual alarm hadn't gone off yet, so I knew it either had to be the middle of the night or early in the morning. From my current position on the bed, I couldn't see the alarm clock and I didn't want to wake up my sleeping kitten.

I couldn't resist leaning forward and kissing his forehead, brushing my lips lightly across it. I flinched when he stirred under me and looked down. He was still asleep. I wondered about what he was dreaming of right now, could it be of me... or Todoroki?

Fucking stop it. 

Izuku wouldn't have been in my arms right now if there was something going on with him and Todoroki, he wasn't that kind of person. Knowing Todoroki, he wouldn't have let me take Izuku to his room last night either if that was the case. He was probably just as possessive over him as I would be if he were mine.

He's not mine though.

I continued to run my hands through his hair. It was surprisingly soft and when I twisted a strand a certain direction, I could catch a shiny glint of green. I held a strand toward my face and kissed it, breathing in the scent.

That was when it hit me. His scent. Something seemed odd about it. It was definitely a lot stronger than before, but I could smell another scent mixed in. What was that? It smelt almost burnt. Did I burn him last night? I didn't think I did. I felt Izuku stir in my arms again and l looked down. This time, I was met with brilliantly, vibrant emerald irises, still dreary and clouded with sleep.

I heard a loud inhale of his breath and his eyes widened in the sheer horror and embarrassment of this situation.

"Kacchan..." he whispered.

"Good morning, Izuku." I wanted to see his face when I said his first name and I wasn't disappointed. His cheeks turned a truly pleasant shade of pink and he looked away, but when he realized he could only stare down at my bare chest before him, he looked back up at me.

"Uhm... did we... l - last night..."

"Did we what?" I smirked down at him, my hand still playing with his hair. I dragged it slowly down his cheek, feather-light touches making him blush even more. In response to his unanswered question, I leaned closer and pressed our lips together briefly before pulling away.

"Does that answer your question?" I teased him. He slowly nodded his head, not trusting his voice to reply.

"Do you remember what we did last night?" I asked him. Again, he just nodded his head.

"All of it?" Another nod.

"Do you regret it? Was it a mistake?" I waited, my questions ringing into the silent darkness. My heart was pounding so loudly, I could swear he heard it too. His answer seemed to almost never come.

"...I don't regret it and it wasn't a mistake to me..." I let out a small sigh.

"Do you regret it?" His voice was barely audible.

"I would've kicked you out by now if I did, damn nerd." I watched as his shoulders visibly relaxed and I knew he was just as nervous about this whole thing as I was.

"Right, that's true." He nodded, truly believing I was the type of person to kick him out after something like this.

"Besides, I may have been drunk, but I knew what I was doing, didn't you?" He just nodded.

"Now what..?" He asked.

"I honestly have no fucking clue right now."

"Can we keep this between ourselves..?" His suggestion hurt, but I knew it was coming. I didn't want to think that he wanted this to have been a one-time thing, but that was exactly why I went through with it last night. I knew it wouldn't happen again. I knew this was my only chance to hold him in my arms like this. I didn't want to let go of him, not yet.

"If that's what you want."

"I should probably go back to my room, shouldn't I?" He whispered.

No. Stay. Don't leave, not yet.

"That's entirely up to you." He nodded and began to scoot backward and out of my arms. I watched as he slid out of the bed and picked up his clothes.

When he had left my arms, I was suddenly reminded of how alone in this world I truly was. I was reminded of the pain I felt yesterday and the worry I had of my mate, whoever they may be. For a brief moment, I was able to toss the pain aside while I drank. I was able to forget about the gaping hole that suddenly emerged within me when I held Izuku close to my chest. He filled it completely and I didn't want to watch that just disappear from my sight.

I stood up and glanced at the clock. There were still about two hours left before classes started for the day. Maybe there was still time to talk about this before he left without raising anyone's suspicions. I didn't want him to leave yet. The pain of letting him go was suddenly more potent now that I had finally tasted what it was like to hold him.

I grabbed the nearest set of boxers and sweats I laid my eyes on and tugged them on quickly. I walked over toward my light switch and the room was illuminated with a faint yellow glow. The sudden brightness made my eyes burn and I had to squint them closed. The pain from my headache was still prominent and I cursed myself for not being able to avoid hangovers, but I wasn't about to let anyone know I was bothered by the alcohol. I heard Izuku groan in pain and I knew he was feeling the same way, if not worse.

"Ugh, my head is killing me..." He had a hand raised to his forehead and his brow was furrowed. He just finished putting on his jeans and was looking around for his shirt. I watched a little bit, wondering when a good time would be to bring everything up. I wanted to ask him, finally, truly ask him, to be with me. I was done pretending I didn't care about him anymore. It hurt both of us and I was just so tired of hurting him. I wanted to see him smile at me once again, a smile that I hadn't received in so long.

"Drinking a lot of water should help," I told him.

"That's not all that hurts," He brought his hand down and rubbed it around his neck. Locating his shirt in the corner of the room, he walked over and bent down to pick it up.

"Oh? What else hurts?" I teased him. I knew exactly what he was talking about. His whole body probably hurt at this point, from the alcohol and from me. I chuckled slightly and walked over closer to him. He brought his shirt up and began to pull it over his head.

That's when I saw it.

Right there, on the back of his neck, plain as day.

A faint wound that had already begun to heal.

A small, white mark that had already begun to show.

The possibility of this never continuing and blossoming into something more suddenly came crashing down around me. I was too late, my happiness literally had slipped through my fingers and by the looks of it, it was recent. My mind flashed to Todoroki once more and this time, I didn't bat the memory away. I was right that something had happened last night between them. The burning scent that I had smelled all night, the one that blocked Izuku's pheromones from releasing so pleasantly for me. His scent. It was in the way all night. It was burned into his skin.


I growled, my voice low and deep.

"Who marked you..."


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🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I froze, my hand instinctively whipped up and wrapped around the mark at the base of my neck. After everything I had put my friends through and everything I had done to hide this, he still found out in the end.

'How could you let this happen?' I thought to myself. Bracing for the worst, I turned around.

"Shouto," I answered. I knew I wouldn't be able to lie to him, he would catch on too fast if I did. Besides, I had never lied to him before and I wasn't about to start now. I may have kept things from him, but I would never lie.

"Is he your mate?" Katsuki didn't try to hide the venom that laced his voice. His crimson eyes were smoldering, burning into my soul, trying to figure out what I had hidden deep inside.

"He's not my mate," I shook my head, my gaze never wavering. After what happened last night, I would answer his questions, most of them, without revealing anything. I had to try, I still wasn't ready for him to know.

"Hmm, I remember last night you said everything we did was your first, did you lie to me?"

"No! No, I didn't lie. You really are the only person I've done any of that with, Kacchan! I swear to you." I raised my hands in front of me, pleading for him to believe. My stomach turned over at the idea that he thought I was lying to him about what happened.

"So then what is this? I never pegged you the type to use someone and then toss them aside when you were done. I see you in a whole new light now, fucking nerd," He growled. His voice was practically dripping in hatred.

"I can't tell you why he marked me... I really can't, but he's not my mate and we've never done anything together. You can ask him yourself. He's just a really good friend."

"Is that what I am to you too? A really good friend?" He was clearly hurting, but I couldn't figure out why. Katsuki didn't think of me as someone special, did he? There must have been something I was missing because otherwise, he wouldn't be so upset about this whole turn of events. Unless... he figured out I was an Omega.

"That's not it..." My voice started to fail me. I turned my head downwards, no longer able to meet his eyes.

"Then tell me, why did he mark you."

"I can't tell you... not yet... I'm sorry." Tears pricked the corners of my eyes as he chose his next words carefully.

"Then get the fuck out."

"Kacchan, please don't do this... It didn't mean anything to either of us..!"

"You really think it didn't mean anything to that IcyHot bastard?! How naive can you fucking get?! And what about your mate? Huh? How do you think they'd feel, knowing someone marked you before they got the chance to?? Someone that didn't even matter to you?!" He was clearly livid and at his words, I was stunned into silence. What does he mean by that?

"Leave, Deku. Please..." His voice had a slight crack and when I looked into his eyes again, all I could see was pure sorrow. I hadn't seen him look like this since he thought he ended All Might. I wanted to reach out and embrace him, tell him everything was going to be okay. 

But I didn't.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered as I turned my back to leave.

As the door began to close behind me, I heard him speak one last time, barely audible and more to himself than anything else.

"I'm the one who should be sorry..."

And then the door closed shut, separating us from each other.




I made my way to my room, only one floor down. My feet were dragging behind me the entire time and I lazily ran a hand along the walls as I walked. 

Was this really how things should have turned out between us? 

If he didn't find out I was an Omega, then why did he get so upset?

What's going to happen between us now? We had just started fixing this twisted and broken relationship, I didn't want it to end so suddenly before it even really had the chance to begin.

The dim lights flickered overhead and I heard a few beeps and rustling sounds coming from behind closed doors. I vaguely thought about how everyone must be waking up to go to classes today. I had permission to miss my classes for the day and after everything that had just happened, I almost decided to ditch. 

But I couldn't.

Finals were the next two days, so today was the last day I had of the actual class, I had to attend, even if I was tired. 



Drained was more like it.

I was drained, it was taking me everything I had just to make it to my room and I still wasn't even there yet. 

How long was this damn hallway, anyway? 
Was I even walking anymore? 
Oh, no, I wasn't. That explained it.

Keep moving, Izuku, the door is right there

I sighed and felt a small weight lift from its throne on my chest. It wasn't much and it didn't just suddenly disappear, but it was enough for my feet to start moving again.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of being sucked down into quicksand while struggling to break free, I had made it inside my room. My lights were off and I knew I still had about two hours before classes began, but I was ready to just sit in one spot for the rest of the day. The best place to do that would be the classroom.

So, I dragged myself to my dresser and began to pull out my uniform. I stripped off my clothes from last night and glanced in the floor length mirror to the side. I froze when I saw the marks all over my body. 

Bruises, scratches, and bite marks.

All these marks were made by one person. 


I sunk to my knees and stared in disbelief at the masterpiece he had painted on me. My fingers lightly traced over the marks and I couldn't help but smile a little. 

I was happy.

Even though the eggs shells we had been walking on around each other finally shattered into a million pieces, I was happy. 

Even though he would probably never want to talk to me again, I was happy. 

Even though I said I didn't regret last night but he never did, I was still happy... and sad. 

Very, very sad. 

If I had been more careful, would I still be feeling this way? What was I feeling anyway? Just moments ago, everything in life seemed to fit together. When his arms were around me, I didn't need anything else in the world. I felt like time had frozen in place and we were finally allowed to live the way we were meant to be.

I felt like he was the missing puzzle piece that my heart had been searching for. It had all finally clicked back into place, those few precious moments in his arms. I wrapped my arms around myself, sitting on the cold ice that was my floor, surrounded by nothing but darkness, and let the tears flow. He ripped the puzzle piece that fit, so violently out of my heart, leaving a bleeding mess in its place, and it was all my fault.

I took a deep breath and tried to reign in the choking sobs that seemed to keep crawling up from out of nowhere.

I needed a shower...




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I sat back and leaned against the door as it closed, the weight of the world rested on my shoulder's and I couldn't stand any longer. I felt myself slide down against the door, my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands.

What the fuck was that?! 

It was there. So clearly there. It must've happened when Todoroki went to fetch Izuku and bring him down to the party. Is that why Izuku bit his hand? I don't think he would have forced the bite on Izuku, would he? He's a bastard, but not like that.

"Midoriya and I decided to wait until tonight, just in case,"  Todoroki had said to Uraraka.

That's what their conversation must've been about in class yesterday! What the fuck?! Who all knew about this?

Kiri🥊  "Just know that whatever happens, I wanted to tell you and I'm always here for you, okay?

Kirishima knew and he wanted to tell me. Does that mean he knew how I felt about Izuku and he wanted to tell me that there was something going on between Todoroki and him?

"Keeping more secrets from me, huh, fucking nerd?" 
"Yes, I am." 

The night I walked in on them all sitting around the kitchen table and having an argument flashed to the front of my mind. Was this his secret?

My mind kept racing, bringing up every little memory and I just sat there, wincing as all the pieces fell into place. I felt like I never really knew him. I didn't, did I? Was he really always the type of person to use someone like this? If I had known he was marked, I wouldn't have touched him. He clearly didn't belong to me. I told myself that he wasn't mine over and over again, but I didn't think he belonged to anyone else, either.

I thought I had a chance for us to be together. I took that chance last night. I was ready for there to be more between us. The dark past that we shared between each other was finally coming to a close and he had opened up to me, revealing a secret that he trusted no one else with. So why couldn't he trust me with whatever was going on now? I was ready to fight for him and his smile. His happiness. I wanted to share it with him, but this?

What was this?!

I felt used, but he's not fucking like that! I knew better than to think like that, but I couldn't help the thoughts and doubts from pouring out of me. I couldn't help to feel the way I was right now. You don't mark or be marked unless there was love in the mix. I had a feeling Todoroki liked Izuku, so it's possible Izuku let him mark him, in hopes they were mates? Why would he hope they were mates though? I didn't think Izuku had feelings for Todoroki, but they were really close and seemed to only be closing the gaps between them. If Izuku didn't like him, was it possible he planned on getting together with him and this was some weird promise between the two of them? So was Izuku lying to me? Were they really mates? No, he wouldn't lie to me about something like that, there would be no reason to lie about it.

Fucking wait!

All those hopes I had of us being mates...
I just realized...

We were both 17, and he didn't smell like my mate to me... 
He wasn't my fucking mate either, was he?

Just fucking calm down, dammit. Think for a moment, asshole.

Todoroki bit him yesterday, so his scent would've been mixed in. I wouldn't have been able to tell if he was my mate then. I didn't see Izuku until it was too late and he had already been marked.

Arghh! This is so fucking complicated! 

I smashed my fist against the ground beneath me, causing little explosions to ignite.

I leaned my head back against the door and drew in a breath, holding it for a moment before forcing it back out into the world. Slowly, I stood up. There was nothing I was going to accomplish by sitting around on my ass all morning.

I had questions and I needed fucking answers.


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Mild Anxiety

Mild Depression


2530 Words





🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


It was still dark outside when I finally made my way out of the dorm rooms and headed toward the class. The sun was just beginning to rise in the distance and I could see a faint pale pink glitter against the clouds, casting a beautiful hue along the trees. It seemed almost too perfect for the way I was feeling.

Casting my head down toward the ground, I stared at my feet as I walked along the familiar path toward the school building. I made it to the lockers without bumping into a single person, which surprisingly boosted my mood a little. I was happy to successfully avoid having to fake a smile right now.


Well, fuck.

"Hey, Iida. What has you up so early this morning?" I continued to stare at my feet while I pulled my shoes out of the locker in front of me.

"I was just doing some classroom representative duties! Since we are alone, I felt it necessary to discuss your behavior from last night. While I am understanding that it was your birthday and a very important day for you at that, as the classroom representative, I must remind you that you are a role model to everyone around you, in and out of the class. We are heroes in training and as such, it is our duty to remain respectful in all situations!" He scolded me while moving his arms like a train. I always wondered why he did that. Maybe he thought he would run faster if he was always in motion? Otherwise, yes my dear friend Iida, please continue and tell me all about how much I've messed up. It's just the right amount of coffee I needed to start my day.

"I know Iida, I regret my actions too. I wish last night never happened..." I let my voice trail off slightly.

"Very well, as long as you're aware. That aside, Uraraka has a video of your behavior last night, and I must say, it is worth the watch. You should have her send it to you when you have the time. Now, I must continue on my way. Lots to do before class begins. I shall see you in there." At that, he turned and continued down the halls. I let loose a breath I wasn't aware I was even holding.

"Hmm. So you do regret last night then, is that it?" Katsuki's voice came from behind me, still at the entrance of the doors.

"K - Kacchan! God. No, that's not what I regret. Just the drinking! I wasn't acting like myself and it's - "

"Save it. I've heard enough from you today already. Fuck off." He growled, grabbed his shoes, and continued walking. Never glancing back in my direction and not letting me finish what I was saying.

Why can't I do anything right..?

I hoped he wasn't heading into class this early. I was really hoping to just have the room to myself for a little while before class. I needed to get my act back in shape for everyone today or I would just cause them all to worry. Meeting Katsuki at the entrance was definitely not on my to-do list for this morning. My activities strictly consisted of me sitting in one spot doing absolutely nothing. That's all I wanted to do right now. I readjusted my backpack, put on my indoor shoes, and continued inside.

When I got to the classroom I could see that Katsuki was indeed already there. I groaned inwardly as I shuffled the rest of the way inside. This wouldn't be so painful if we didn't sit right next to each other. I set my bag down without a word and just rested my head on the desk, looking out the window and avoiding all eye contact with the extremely angry blond in front of me.

"I just can't fucking figure you out right now, Deku." He was also staring out the window.

"I know." Why is he talking to me about this right now?

"What are you hiding from me?" There was no emotion behind his words anymore. Almost like he had given up and was torn between being disappointed and angry.

"I'm sorry." I just wanted to be left alone to my own thoughts.

"I'll find out, you know that right?" I had no doubt in my mind that he would find out. At this rate, he was going to find out faster than I hoped, but we only have to get through today and then there would only be two days left of school. Those last two days would be full of finals, so there shouldn't be really any chance for him to force the answer out of me. I could only hope that everyone else would be able to think quickly on their feet in this situation and help me figure everything out.

"I know."

"So why don't you just fucking tell me? Getting marked by someone other than your mate is supposed to hurt like fucking hell, so why do it?"

"It's complicated." 

'I would've told you long ago if this wasn't so hard for me.' I thought to myself.

'I could barely think of myself as an Omega. I couldn't come to terms that fate was throwing everything it could at me just to ensure that I couldn't accomplish my dreams and stand by your side at the top.'

If I couldn't come to terms with this, then how was I supposed to expect the most hard-headed and judgmental person I knew to be able to accept me for who I am?

"Did it hurt then?" He asked.

"Like hell."

"Good. Are you..."

"Am I what?" My heart stopped. Was he going to ask if I'm an Omega? Does he know?

"Are you guys bonded?"

"No! Gah, Kacchan, please. Stop it already." I smacked my forehead on my desk. I was so done with this conversation today. I had no energy left to continue and the persistent headache I had was only adding to my never-ending agony. I wasn't even sure if my headache was caused by the hangover at this point or not. Now that I thought about it, I've had this headache for a few days now, I wondered if it had anything to do with my heat having just occurred.

"I'll stop when you fucking explain this to me, damn nerd." His voice was eerily calm.

"I can't right now. I'm not ready to tell you, Kacchan. Please, just wait. Can't I just tell you one day? Does it have to be now? Just... wait..." I still wouldn't make eye contact with him. The pink sunrise was steadily rising and it was all I wanted to pay attention to in the world at the moment.

"So you do plan on telling me then, right? So why not fucking now?"

"It's just not easy to tell you. Not everyone is perfect and can flaunt their confidence like they were born a God. Some of us have a hard time believing in themselves and others. Some of us have had bad experiences in the past when it comes to certain things, Kacchan. So... Not. Now." I spat out bitterly to him.

"Then fucking when, Deku..?" His anger was steadily rising and no doubt my attitude wasn't helping to diffuse the situation. If he expected me to always back down and let him walk all over me like he used to, then he should have known by now that I've changed. I've told him over and over again that I was no longer going to just sit back and take what he threw at me, I was fighting back. I was fighting to find my place next to him and he just kept making it so hard for me to do so.

"That's it. I'm done! I can't even think for my damn self right now, let alone answer your stupid questions!" I slammed my hands on my desk and stalked out of the room. I needed privacy and I definitely wasn't getting it in there.

I made my way to the rooftop. I wanted to continue watching that annoyingly beautiful sunrise in peace and that was the last place I could think of to go. I opened the doors and stepped out. I knew I had just come in from outside a few minutes ago, but now that air just felt much more refreshing. I needed my space and I couldn't think with him breathing down my back like that. I walked toward the edge of the roof and sat down, dangling my feet dangerously over the edge.

I took a deep breath in and savored the feeling of the crisp morning air burning the insides of my lungs. It was a type of pain that I welcomed, for now, anything to get my mind to stop focusing on the pain that I felt inside me.

Why is being an Omega such a bad thing?

A peculiar voice echoed through my head. It carried a light metallic tint with it, almost delicate sounding, as if a soft, silvery feather was brushing against my mind.

Wait, was that my own thought? Did I just think that?

No, I did.

I spun around to see if there was someone else on the rooftops, but I was alone. This fact only made my blood run cold, however. Suddenly, I no longer had the desire to be alone.

Uhm... Who - Who are you?

I am you and you are me. You call me one of the vestiges that reside in your gift.

Oh. I totally get it now. I'm going insane. For a second there, I thought there was actually a voice in my mind. Ah - hah...

No, not quite. I'm very real. So, I ask you again, why is being an Omega such a bad thing?

Do you really have to ask that? It's because Omegas are viewed as weak. I want to be viewed as strong. Strong enough to stand by the side of the one I love. Why am I answering my own crazed delusions anyway?

If he loved you, though, he wouldn't care if you were an Omega, right?

You have a valid point, although you don't know anything, because you're not real. Wait, if you're not real, then you do know everything. Duh, you're my delusion after all. So you should know that we've got a tricky past. It's hard to tell him my weaknesses at this point. I'm afraid he'll only put me down again and I can't handle that. I just... can't...

I'm well aware of your past history together. If I recall, he said to take a swan dive off the roof, is that correct?

That was in the past. He didn't mean that.

Ah. I see. I wonder how he would feel if you took his advice now?

W - What? Did my own delusion just tell me to... kill myself..? Why on earth would I do that?!

Just to see his reaction, of course!

That's crazy... Why am I even talking to you? I don't even know you. Are you really one of the vestiges? I don't think they'd talk to me like that.

Don't be silly, it was just a mere passing thought. Nothing more. But yes, I am. I've been here for a while, with all the others. Here's another passing thought for you...

Are you sure you're not pregnant? You were knotted rather close to your heat, might wanna check that out. Eheheh.

My thoughts shut off immediately and I jumped up from my spot on the roof. The vestige was right, I was knotted and only a few hours after my heat at that. I didn't feel any different, but I don't even know how any of this worked. 

What should I do now?

My heart plummeted into my chest as my thoughts swarmed me, plaguing my already crazed mind. I was standing dangerously close to the ledge as my knees began to feel weak. I shivered as a chill ran down my spine and I couldn't hold back the bile that rose to my throat. The sour acid taste made my nose curl as I ran to the nearest trashcan and let it all loose. 

This day just couldn't get any worse, could it? 




Ochaco🌸  Deku! Check out this video of you and Bakugou last night! It was hilarious! Love you, bestie!

Great, just what I needed. More things to add to my humiliation for the day. I opened it and watched. I remembered everything that happened last night, but this was like adding salt to my wounds. I didn't need to be seeing this right now.

Deku🍀  I think I messed up last night. Bad.

Ochaco🌸  Oh, it's not that bad. It was just a little fun.

Deku🍀  No, it's not the video. It's what happened after the video.

Ochaco🌸  What happened? I'm worried.

Deku🍀  I can't tell you via text. It could be really bad and I'd want to discuss it in person if possible.

Ochaco🌸  I'm worried.

Deku🍀  Me too. I'll tell you during lunch I guess.

I would tell Uraraka and see what she thinks I should do. I could tell All Might or my mom, but I wasn't prepared to face their disappointment and I didn't know how to go about telling the story to them anyway. If I mention Katsuki, then they'd demand to discuss this with him and I didn't want that right now either.

I was no longer able to relax at this point and figured enough time had passed for at least a few more people to have shown up, so I wouldn't be alone with Katsuki if I headed back down right now.

I made my way down the stairs and toward the classroom, the halls had slowly begun to fill up with students. As I approached the classroom, I heard a few elevated voices but didn't think anything of it. It was normal to hear someone yelling in our classroom. I sometimes wondered how anyone even managed to get along with everyone else.

I pushed open the doors and saw Todoroki and Katsuki at each other's throats with Kirishima was doing his best to stand in between them. When I walked in, Todoroki seemed to back down slightly. Katsuki brushed Kirishima's hand off of his shoulder and sat back down at his desk. Whatever had happened while I was away they had just made it painfully obvious that I was the cause.

Lovely. What else could I ruin today while I'm at it?


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💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I stared at Izuku's back as he walked away. For once in my life, I was utterly shocked into silence. I had clearly pushed him over the edge just now. I had never heard him use so much conviction in his words before, let alone words that were directed at me.

Maybe I went too far this time, but I couldn't help it. It was killing me inside not knowing what was going on. I was relieved when he said they weren't bonded, so it told me that all of this, to some degree, was at least one-sided. He was still waiting to find his mate, just as much as I was. If he had bonded with Todoroki then I would've given up for good, then and there. A bond should never be done unless with your mate, at least that's how I feel.

"Some of us have had bad experiences when it comes to certain things, Kacchan."

When he said those words, I knew instantly that it was a jab at me and the way I treated him when we were younger. He was essentially telling me that because I had destroyed his confidence and bullied him in the past, he was having a hard time coming out and telling me something.

He was afraid.

Afraid that I would do it again.

Afraid that whatever he was keeping a secret, I would use it to hurt him.

The idea that he thought I would still try to actively hurt him brought back the familiar pains in my chest. They never seemed to go away anymore and after the gut-wrenching pain that I felt yesterday while out on the track, I didn't think they'd be going away any time soon. Maybe he wouldn't feel that way anymore if I had properly told him this morning how I felt.

It was harder to do that now that I had this stupid sense of betrayal sitting on my shoulders. I shouldn't be feeling betrayed though. It's not like we made any promises to each other before starting what we did last night. It's also not like he belonged to me before he met with Todoroki. If anything, I'm the one getting in the way and that's not something I want to do.

If he's not my mate, I shouldn't be getting involved like this. Maybe it was best if I put some distance between us? If this were me, I wouldn't want someone coming in between me and Deku, whether they were his mate or not, so I should be expected to do the same.

I wouldn't know if I was his mate though unless his mark from Todoroki disappeared. That's what was currently standing in the way right now. I told myself that no matter what if he turned out to be my mate, I'd do everything I could to win him over. Like I told Kirishima the other day, I'm not so stupid to believe that my mate would be the one person in this world that I loved and I didn't expect love to just suddenly happen between us either. This wasn't a fairy tale, so there wouldn't be some miraculous spark of electricity to strike between us the moment we laid eyes on each other.

I was just getting tired of staring out the window when Kirishima walked in. I was glad for the distraction because my thoughts were getting annoying. It's sad when you annoy yourself.

"Yo, Bakubro! How are you feeling? Was it fun struggling to drag Midoriya back to his room last night? That was hilarious!" He waved and flashed his usual toothy smile in my direction.

"Like hell it was! Shut up, Shitty Hair. I'm not in the mood to talk about last night." I fumed.

"Oh, what's this? Is someone experiencing a hangover?" He teased. Apparently, he wasn't aware that he was dangling permission for me to sign his death warrant directly in front of my face.

"I don't get hangovers like you extras," I said, even though I was, indeed, experiencing a hangover.




Ochaco🌸 Here's a little reminder of the fun from last night! Attch: Video

I growled at the text message and opened the video. To my dismay, there was undeniable proof that I was struggling with the damn nerd. If he only would've stood up, there wouldn't be this humiliating video in the first place!

Katsuki💥 Delete this now, Round Face or I'll blow your damn phone up next time I see you.

Ochaco🌸 Sure thing, Lord Explosion Murder! I've already sent it to everyone in my contact group, so I don't mind deleting it!

Katsuki💥  I fucking hate you.

Ochaco🌸 Don't worry, I hate you too~!


"Bahaha! It's even funnier watching you watch the video!" Kirishima just sat there laughing his damn ass off.

"Shut the fuck up, Hair for Brains."

"Somebody is a little cranky this morning!" He was seriously trying to push his luck right now. Besides, wouldn't he be hungover right now too? Or were Deku and I the only ones to get drunk last night? That's embarrassing, but I won't let them know. They don't even need to know why I was drinking so much in the first place. I just needed something to drive away the sharp edge I felt cutting into me from knowing something was wrong with whoever my mate may be.

"I'm not cranky, dumbass." I retorted.

"Sure you are! What happened last night after you dragged Midoriya away anyway. I thought you'd come back down to join the fun some more, but you never did." Kirishima stopped laughing and wiped the tears of joy from his eyes. He tilted his head to the side as he waited for my response.

"I just got fucking tired. I didn't even want to be there in the first place, so obviously I left early. I always sleep early, anyway," I said blandly. Hoping to deter his curiosity.

"Oh. Tired, huh?" A third voice joined our conversation. A voice that I wasn't in the mood to hear right now.

I looked up to see Todoroki hovering over his desk, but seemingly intent on eavesdropping on our conversation.

"Yes, tired. Nobody asked you, Half 'n Half." I muttered. Clearly wanting him to butt out and mind his own damn business.

"I'm finding that very hard to believe right now." He glared piercing daggers in my direction.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" I asked, shifting in my seat until we were facing each other. I wasn't in the mood and he wasn't helping anything.

Todoroki made a show of sniffing the air around him and my stomach tumbled. He then slowly walked over and sniffed more intently around Izuku's desk before turning his attention in my direction and sniffing me.

"Woah, back the fuck off. What do you think you're doing? It's creepy." I scooted away from him and Kirishima got closer to me. Of course, it would make sense for this damn Alpha to be overly sensitive to Deku's scent. He probably could smell me all over him right now and vice versa. I glanced at Kirishima and did a quick take of our surroundings. I didn't want anyone else to find out what I knew was coming next and luckily for me, no one else was around. Kirishima gave me a puzzled look, but if he really knew who I liked this whole time then none of this should really be coming as a shock to him.

"It's just... I can't seem to shake the feeling that you smell an awful lot like Midoriya." He stared at me, his expression was unwavering.

"He was just in here, so maybe it's just your imagination." I turned to the side, trying desperately to hide the faint red hue that I knew decided to paint itself on my cheeks. Why was my body deciding that today of all days should be when it wanted to display its artistic abilities.

Kirishima leaned in and sniffed the air around me next.

"Dude, he's right. It's very faint to me, but it's definitely there."

"Stop sniffing me, Shitty Hair, it's weird." I swatted him away. There was really nothing I could say in this situation. My best friend and my non-lover's non-mate were going to find out sooner or later. It was looking to be sooner.

"What did you do to Midoriya?" Todoroki's voice was bone-chilling. I knew he had a quirk for ice, but it almost appeared like his quirk had seeped into his vocal cords and were being emitted into the air.

"What Deku and I did last night is none of your fucking concern. Back off." I said again, lacing my own voice with whatever venom I could muster up at this point.

"I beg to differ. Midoriya is my friend. I'm just making sure he wasn't abused by you. Not that it would be anything new, it's not like you don't push him around enough as it is."

"Woah, Bakugou wouldn't do something like that to Midoriya now." Kirishima intervened and placed his hand on my shoulders when I looked as though I were going to charge forward at his accusations.

"Friend, huh? I'd say you're wanting to be a little more than just friends with him, isn't that right?" I growled.

"What do you mean by that, Bakubro?" Kirishima turned his head and glanced at me.

Before I could say anything more, the door to the classroom opened up and Izuku stepped inside. He took one glance at all of us gathered together and I could see as he visibly wilted in his place. Todoroki immediately backed down and walked over to talk to him. I just shook Kirishima off and sat back down in my seat.

"Goodmorning, Midoriya." I heard the IcyHot bastard say.

"G'morning, Shouto."

"How are you feeling after last night? You seemed to drink a little much, did you sleep okay?"

"Oh... uh... yeah, I slept... just fine." I heard him mumble. Fine, huh? You know damn well you slept way better than just fine. I smirked and propped my head up on my desk.

"Bakubro, about what you just said... What's going on?" Kirishima broke my concentration away from Izuku.

"That's what I'd like to know, Kirishima. If you know something, I wish you'd tell me."

At this, the rest of the class began to pour in and I no longer had any desire to talk about this topic anymore. It was something that I wanted to make sure I spoke about in private. If I was going to tell anyone, it'd be Kirishima, but I didn't want others to overhear what I had to say. I'd have to talk to him alone during lunch or sometime later this evening. I knew he was aware of what was happening, based off of all those conversations he kept trying to bring up to me. I also knew that he was dying to tell me about it, otherwise he would've let sleeping dogs lie.

The fact he hasn't said anything yet just means he was sworn to secrecy, but I was confident I could get him to tell me at least something. Anything to help push my curiosity along. I didn't realize I'd wake up to being a detective trying to solve a damn mystery this morning. If there was one thing I was sure of, it was that Izuku could always keep my life interesting. He never seemed to have a dull moment surrounding him, for better or for worse.

Iida ushered the rest of the class inside and instructed everyone to take their seats just before the bell rang to begin the day. The conversations about the events from last night slowly began to die down as Aizawa made his grand entrance into the classroom. In a sleeping bag, slinking across the floor.

He scooted himself up toward the podium, unzipped the sleeping bag, and stood to begin taking attendance. Izuku, sitting right behind me seemed to be as lost as I was today because he almost didn't respond when his name was called. He was just staring out into the expanse of the courtyard like I was. It all seemed more interesting to the eyes than whatever Aizawa was saying right now. At least, it was at first.

"With this being your last class together before finals start tomorrow, it was decided that we would use today to evaluate everyone's progress with some battle training after lunch. So, please keep that in mind and be prepared. Don't eat too much and hurl all over the arena or I'll make you clean it up yourself."

At least there was one thing that seemed to be looking up for me today. I couldn't wait to bash some extra's heads together, I needed to relieve some stress anyway.



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Mentions of Spoilers

Mentions of Spoilers

3420 Words





🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I was vaguely aware of when Aizawa called my name for roll call and even though I had heard him, it took all the strength I had in me to raise my head and respond. I didn't care when a few of my friends looked at me and chuckled. They probably thought that I was just tired from last night. It's not their fault that they don't know everything.

The sun had fully risen in the distance and I could see the courtyard down below. No one was walking around in it right now, except for the occasional straggler. I heard a few shouts of glee coming from my classmates at something Aizawa had said, but I didn't feel like turning my head to pay attention yet. I was more concerned with how I'd explain everything to Uraraka. I needed advice on this matter before I took it up with anyone else.

Are you sure you shouldn't be paying attention to your lecture? This stuff could be on your finals. Eheheh.

Go away, me, I want to be left alone.

But you are being left alone. See? No one is even glancing in your direction, so much as cares what you're doing right now.

That's not what I meant. I want to be left alone with my thoughts. Why can't I shut myself up? Leave.

Oh? But I can't leave. I'm apart of you.

Exactly! Then be quiet!

As you wish, for now.

Thank you.

The voice in my head seemed to disappear finally and left me to my own devices. I could almost feel its presence, lurking in the back of my head and waiting for its moment to speak up once more. Something about it didn't seem like a vestige to me. It felt... cold and dark. Sinister almost. I didn't trust it. Even if it was trying to get me to pay attention in class, and it did warn me about possibly being pregnant. Maybe it was just looking out for me, even though it had a funny way of going about it.

I've only got your best interests in mind.

I thought I told you, me, myself?... to shut up!?

You did, but I can hear your thoughts as if they were my own.

Who are you exactly?

I told you already, we are one and the same.

No, I meant, what should I call you? I'll confuse myself if you don't have a name.

Ah. You wish for my name. Sadly, I despise my own name and the very existence that resided with it, however, I don't mind the name of my own quirk. So, I suppose you can call me Ether.

What do you mean by your own quirk?

Just as previous vestiges passed down their quirks to you, I too, come with my own. In fact, you're using it right now.

But I'm not doing anything.

Oh? Aren't you?

Uhm, no? I'm seriously not. I am literally staring off into space at the tiny specs of people down below. So, no. I'm not doing anything. Unless you count the conversation I seem to be having with myself, because I've gone entirely crazy. Clearly. It's totally normal to just sit here and talk to some strange spirit inside your own head. Didn't you know that? ...Oh... Oh, wait, so THIS is part of your quirk? Talking to you in my mind? ...Kind of... a letdown, if you ask me... What good does it do me to know that I'm going crazy and it's because of your quirk?

Oh, hush, Izuku. It's just ONE of the many benefits that it comes with. Don't worry, there's more, sweetie.

Is this why I can't speak to the other vestiges in the same way? Because this is part of the quirk that you've passed down?

Precisely. They can't communicate to you as I can, but they are still there.

So which predecessor are you? There are four more that I'm not familiar with right now.

I'm actually not one of them. It's complicated, but I think that's enough for now. It appears someone is trying to get your attention.

Wait, what do you mean you're not one of them?! That's complicated enough, if you ask me! I really think you should explain that simple little detail some more! Hey! Are you listening to me, crazy?!

It was too late, Ether had already slithered back into the far reaches of my mind. A hand placed itself on my shoulder, shaking me gently and causing me to nearly jump entirely out of my seat.

"Deku? Are you okay?" Uraraka asked, giving me a concerned look. I sat up straighter and glanced around. Half the class was gone while the other half seemed to be pulling out lunch boxes. Was I really talking to Ether for that long? It didn't feel like it at all though. I thought we were only talking for a few minutes. I glanced up at the clock hanging on the wall. Sure enough, it was already noon.

"Uh... Y - Yeah, sorry. I'm just... tired. Can we talk in private? I need to tell you something and it's really important." I stood up from my seat and felt a spike of pain shoot behind my eyes. I felt slightly dizzy and had to brace myself against my desk for a moment before we were able to proceed. Uraraka put her hand on my shoulder again, noticing I seemed to be in pain, but I waved her off. I pressed my hand to my forehead, trying to ease the pain, as I walked out of the classroom. I didn't wait for Uraraka to respond because I knew she would follow me. Katsuki was nowhere in sight and I didn't know if I was relieved by that or not. If I couldn't see him that just meant I wouldn't know when he would appear next. I didn't want him stumbling upon our conversation.

We came to a small corridor that was usually unoccupied. I tended to drag Uraraka in this direction whenever I wanted to talk to her about things that weighed down on my mind. We sat down on the ground, behind a water fountain, with our backs pressed against the wall. We were out of view from anyone that might pass by this small, secluded hallway, but luckily no one ever did. I pulled my knees up to my chest and waited for her to situate herself.

"So, what's bothering you?" She finally asked, signaling the start of my panic attack. How was she going to react to this information?

"Uhm... it's kind of difficult to say..."

"It's okay, you can take your time."

"R - Right, thanks. So, last night... Kacchan and I... we kinda... uhm, woke up together?" I raised an eyebrow and glanced at my friend. She seemed confused so I added a little more to my explanation.

"W - We woke up together... in the same bed... n - naked...?" My voice raised slightly at the end of my sentence, causing it to form more of a question than a statement.

"You woke uh - OH MY GOD!" I slapped a hand across her mouth before she could scream any louder than she just was.

"Shh! You'll alert the whole school! That's not even what I'm getting at..." She nodded in understanding so I let go of her mouth.

"You guys had sex?!" Her voice was a hushed whisper, but I could still hear the excitement lingering beneath it. I pursed my lips and just nodded slightly, not making eye contact. I could feel my neck grow warm, so I buried my head down in my arms.

"Well!? Give me the deets, Deku! Was it good?! What was he like?! Who was the top?!" Uraraka's questions just kept coming and I couldn't stop the memories of last night from flooding my mind.

"Oh my gahd, Uraraka! Really?! You seriously want to know all this?!" I squeaked at her. The excited look in her eyes told me this was EXACTLY what she wanted to know.

"Ugh! Fine... I - It was incredible. I guess he was good? I've never done that with anyone else before, but I just know I felt gr - great and he was the top... obviously." I could feel the heat rushing up to my cheeks as embarrassment soared through me.

"I'm so shocked, Deku! Like... he hates you, doesn't he?! So why on earth would he do this? Was it just for fun, do you think?" She inquired.

"I don't know. H - He seemed pretty upset when he thought that I was using him, so I can't help but think that he didn't think of it as just for fun, but I don't know. He was really sweet in the morning until... He kicked me out..." She gasped at my words.

"That asshole! First, he bullies you, then he treats you like a one-night stand?! What's wrong with him? Can't he treat you like a human being for once?! I think he has some pent up anger or something. Maybe he doesn't think he deserves you so he just pushes you away because, dammit, you're amazing Deku. I can't believe he kicked you out! What a prick!" Her usual cheery face was bent up in anger.

"That's not all, though... He saw the mark... So that's why he kicked me out. I don't think he was going to otherwise. He seemed almost happy until he saw it. I can't blame him, honestly. In his eyes, he must have thought I really did use him. He must be thinking I cheated on my mate, even though I insisted that wasn't the case. Or he's thinking that all this was just a one-night stand to me. Or maybe he thinks that I've done this before with others? I don't know. I'm worried about what our relationship is going to be like from now on, Uraraka. We were just starting to fix it, too!" I groaned, more and more thoughts and questions running through my mind still.

"Wait, does this mean he knows you're an Omega, too! Oh my goodness, Deku! This is huge! I don't know whether to worry for you, be excited about this all or to be angry at him by this point! I see why he kicked you out, though... so... maybe he's not a prick, just confused. Actually, it sounds more like he's jealous and hurting..." She scoffed.

"No. He doesn't know I'm an Omega... Not yet, but he's been drilling me with questions so it's only a matter of time before he finds out. He does know that Shouto marked me and he's extremely angry that I let someone that's not my mate do this. I don't think he'd ever be jealous though. There's no reason for him to be jealous of me. He thinks nothing of me, you know that." I shook my head, trying to drown the hope that started to bubble up.

"I think you might be wrong, Deku. But that's beside the point. How did you two even get into this predicament, to begin with? Who started it? I can't imagine it was you, right? Because, he bullied you, so there's no way you started this? Also, if he never bullied you in the first place, maybe he would have been privy to the information about the markings, but he burned that bridge when he told you to kill yourself. I still can't believe he admitted to that last night. I can't believe he even said that to you in the first place!" She ranted about the whole situation.

"Uraraka, that's all in the past and we've clearly worked through it all. None of that truly matters to me anymore. Besides, there's more... Something more important and the real reason I wanted to talk to you. The real reason I'm freaking out and panicking." I said, trying to avoid all her questions and get to my main topic at hand.

"What else? How could so much have happened in such a short amount of time?"

"He knotted me... " She gasped audibly before speaking her next words.

"But your heat had ended, right?" I could practically hear the gears turning in her head as she worked everything out.


"Your mom put you on birth control when we moved into the dorms too, right?"

"Yes, also right."

"So technically you should be fine. It'll be okay, Deku. They make a morning-after pill, maybe you should go see Recovery Girl? She might have access to one." She started to rub my back in small, comforting circles.

"And tell her what exactly? 'Sorry to disappoint you, but I made a stupid mistake last night while drinking?' There's no way I can possibly even tell Kacchan, either. If, by some sick twist in reality, I was experiencing another strange burst of my heat while with him and I AM pregnant, I won't tell him. I'll just... I don't know, go into hiding?! Uraraka! I'm freaking out!" I exclaimed and gripped my hair tightly.

"Of course not, silly! You don't have to tell her that! Just tell her you're a healthy, young boy and are concerned that even though this happened after your heat, you just wanted to check and make sure you were fine. There's nothing wrong with that. Don't worry..." She cooed and petted the back of my head softly. The gesture was nice and calmed me down slightly. I felt a little better just having talked this out with someone else.

"And if everything goes wrong and you have to go into hiding, I'll keep you posted and updated on everything your baby's dad is doing until you return! I'll be your personal spy and I'll make sure no one questions why you're gone! But don't worry, we both know that's not the case, silly." She said, smiling at my dramatics.

"Will you come with me to the nurse's office? I don't think I can do this alone..." I whispered to her.

"Of course, you're my best friend. I'll always be here for you. Let's go right now, while there's still time before class starts back up."

She stood up and reached her hands down, offering them for me to take so we could go together. She held my hand tightly as we walked down the corridor together. There were a few glances in our direction, people probably curious about what our relationship was, but I didn't mind. They could get the wrong idea for all I cared, I was just glad she was here for me.

We walked up to the nurse's office and found Recovery Girl sitting at her desk, her head buried in some notes. I glanced around and made sure no one else was in the room with us. Recovery Girl watched my nervous actions curiously before speaking up.

"Midoriya, Uraraka. Welcome, what brings you here today."

"Deku has something he needs to discuss with you, is now a good time?" Uraraka spoke up for me.

"Why, yes, of course. It seems to be a serious matter, so let me just close the office real quick." She hopped down from her stool and walked toward the doors we just entered. She locked them and then gestured for us to have a seat. It took me a moment to gather up the courage but once I started, everything just began to spill out. I omitted the drinking and I didn't reveal that all of this occurred with Katsuki. I wanted to keep things as private as possible. She sat back, seemingly shocked by my confession and didn't really say anything at first.

"You're sure that your heat ended?" She raised an eyebrow, quizzically.

"Yes... no..? I don't really know. It was my first heat, so I could've been wrong..?"

"No, you probably wouldn't have left your room if your heat was still happening. I'd say it had ended too then. So I believe you're in the clear here. However, you can take this pill, it was designed specifically for Omegas after their heat, in the rare circumstances that they were mated against their will." She turned around and reached into her cabinets, pulling out a small bottle. She dumped one pill into her hands before turning back toward me.

"However, Midoriya, I must ask... how is your current mental stability?" I felt as though her beady little eyes were trying to read into my mind.

"What do you mean?" I raised an eyebrow.

"This pill will induce bouts of depression while it runs its course through your body. It stays in your system for about a week and is therefore not given to people that are otherwise mentally unstable. It is very dangerous. In order for me to even give you this medication, I would need to speak with your guardian first." She eyed me, trying to gauge my reaction and mentioning my guardian.

"I'm perfectly fine, except for the fact that I might be pregnant." I chuckled a little, in hopes that she wouldn't catch my bluff. I didn't want to bring this up to my mother, but I knew I had no choice at this point. I knew they couldn't give me medication without discussing this with her, even if I approved of it myself.

"Uraraka, you're his close friend. Do you think Midoriya can handle this pill right now?" Recovery Girl turned her attention toward Uraraka. She nodded slowly at first, then with more vigor.

"Yes, anytime he has problems, he comes to me and we always talk things out. I don't think there's any cause for concern." She smiled, reassuringly.

'Sorry, Uraraka... not every time... not with every problem...' I thought to myself, saddened by the amount of trust my friend had in me.

"Okay, then I'll need to make a phone call to your guardian. Do you mind staying here while I call, Midoriya?"

"I don't mind, but I'd like to tell her myself if I can?" I nervously wrung my fingers together, dreading the wrath I knew I would face.

"That's perfectly fine. Uraraka, I'll have to ask you to head back now. I believe your classes will be starting back up again. Oh, and can you take this note to your teacher. Let them know Midoriya will be coming back to class a little later." Uraraka nodded and stood back up. She gave me a small hug before turning and making her leave.

Recovery Girl locked the doors behind Uraraka once more before turning back toward me.

"Okay, Midoriya, are you ready to call your guardian?" I nodded to show that I was. It's now or never and I preferred to get this over with now. I wasn't sure what my mother would have to say about all of this, but I trusted her and I knew she would be here for me through it all. Besides, I really needed to get my hands on that pill. I couldn't take the chance of ruining not only my dreams but Kacchan's dreams as well. I didn't care if it had a negative effect on my mental health, it was nothing I couldn't handle.

Are you sure you can handle this? Weren't you just calling yourself crazy not even half an hour ago?

Welcome back, Ether. I think I'll be just fine. I'm only crazy because of you.

Suit yourself. Worth the risk then, isn't it? Besides, if you can't handle things, I can always lend a helping hand.

How would you do that?

Oh, it's easy. Once you're gone from this world from the severe depression your pill placed you under, I'd just take over for you. No one would even know you had gone.

I detect sarcasm. Besides, you can't do that, you're just a passing thought in the back of my head.

But of course, that's all I am. A passing thought.


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💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


Aizawa kept rambling on and on about how we were going to split into pairs after lunch for our last class battle of the semester. This battle would be a recreation of the villains vs. heroes scenario that we all participated in when we first arrived. The pairings would be picked based off of the compatibility we shared with our classmates, so we wouldn't get to choose our own teammates. I was perfectly fine with that, so long as whoever I was paired with didn't slow me down.

The bell for lunch rang and Kirishima, Denki, Sero, and Mina all made their way over to my desk. Sero stood on the left side of my chair, while Denki stood on the right. They made eye contact with each other and immediately I knew something was going on.

"What the fuck are you..." Was all I managed to get out before Sero started pushing me and Denki started to pull. They tugged me out of my seat and promptly began to drag me out of the classroom. I glanced back to see that Deku hadn't made the slightest movement at the sound of the lunch bell. Uraraka was waving her hand in front of his face, but he didn't even blink. He just kept staring out the window, entirely lost to the world around him. As much as I had thought his behavior to be odd, I had my own things to worry about right now.

"Where are you taking me, dumbasses?" I struggled against their grip.

"Ah, don't be like this dude, we just want to eat lunch with you," Sero laughed as he continued to tug on me.

"We knew if we asked, you'd just tell us to fuck off and leave you alone," Denki added. Mina was skipping in front of us, leading the way to the cafeteria while Kirishima trailed behind. I still wanted to talk to him about this morning. I knew if I got the chance, I could probably force something out of him. Denki was also a part of the conversation at the kitchen table, so it's possible he knew something as well, but I didn't want to risk it. He kind of had a big mouth on him. The last thing I needed was for him to spill the beans that I fucking liked Deku to the other two asshats in this group.

"Damn right I would've. Let me go." I set off small explosions from my hands and both Sero and Denki jumped out of the way. I shrugged my shoulders a little but continued to follow them. They had already succeeded in getting me this far away from the classroom, so I might as well eat with them, no matter how annoying I thought they could be.

We made it to the cafeteria and ordered our food. I just got the same thing as everyone else. It didn't matter to me what I ate, it all tasted like cardboard anyway. Students from all different departments were sitting around and mingling with each other at various different tables. I followed the group as they choose an empty table near the back and we all sat down.

"What's on your mind, Bakugou?" Mina asked me. "Usually, you'd be spewing out curses at us the whole way down here."

"It's none of your business, Pinky," I spat in her direction. She wasn't fazed one bit, what was up with these people?

"What's the deal with you and Todoroki this morning?" Kirishima asked me. He showed genuine concern on his face.

"What do you mean, did something happen today?" Sero leaned forward, interested in whatever juicy gossip was coming next.

"Todoroki was acting weird, sniffing Bakubro and saying he smelt like Midoriya," Kirishima told them before I had the chance to shut him up.

"Not my fault the damn nerd sits right behind me," I tried to play the whole thing off, but Mina was already engrossed.

"Hmm, Bakugou... why would you smell like Midoriya? Did something happen last night?" She winked at me and just started laughing. I was already way done with this topic.

"I didn't smell anything weird between you two," Sero chimed in.

"Well, it makes sense that Todoroki would be more sensitive than us right now anyway," Denki added. Kirishima immediately whacked his shoulder and Denki glanced up from his plate of food, wondering what he did wrong. Then he realized what he said and tried his best to back peddle out of it.

"What do you mean by that, Dunce Face?" I scowled at him. "Why does this make sense to you?"

"I mean... uhm... ya know, cuz they're really close... friends..?" He stuttered out.

"Yeah, he just meant that they were close friends and so they are probably used to the slight changes in their scents. That's all," Mina grinned at me, clearly trying to help Denki out of the sticky situation he just dragged himself into. It wasn't going to work.

"All you fuckers know, don't you?" I growled defensively.

"Know what, exactly, Bakubro?" Kirishima turned to look at me, feigning innocence in his eyes.

"You know what happened between IcyHot and Deku last night, admit it." I scowled, glancing between them all and watching their reactions. I could see the beads of sweat forming on their foreheads.

"What are you talking about, what happened between them?" Sero asked, setting his fork full of food back down on his plate.

"I'm talking about that Half 'n Half bastard marking Deku even though they aren't mates. You all know what I'm fucking talking about. How many people knew this was happening? Was this all planned? Why wasn't I told about all of this and why the fuck did it happen in the first place?" I was visibly shaking in anger at this point.

"Oh, you're talking about that..." Mina stopped trying to hide it. "I'm sorry Bakugou, everyone knew it was happening." She admitted, casting her eyes down in shame.

"Everyone, except you. I wanted to tell you, I really did! I begged Midoriya to let you in on all of this, but he said it would only drag you down. He didn't want to be a burden to you," Kirishima was practically jumping in his seat, begging me to understand and not be angry. At least, not be any angrier than I already was.

"How the fuck would any of this matter to me anyway? How would IcyHot marking Deku, become a burden to me?" Even though I was angry with them, there was a small part of me that was relieved that Deku didn't seem to lie to me about Todoroki and him being mates.

"As Midoriya approached his birthday... he picked up the slight smell of his mate..." Sero began, choosing his words as carefully as he could without revealing anything that I didn't already know about.

"The smell came from someone in the classroom... but he wasn't sure who it would be," Mina spoke quietly this time. No one was making eye contact with me.

"There was this group text about things we all wanted to do this summer and the topic was mentioned in there..." Denki added.

"That's when the class came up with... a social experiment of sorts... An experiment where everyone would all take turns, marking Midoriya until we found out who it was. He didn't want us to include you, because he felt like you wouldn't care to know about any of this and if you were told, it'd only be more to add to your plate. He didn't want you to be concerned about this." Kirishima said.

"Experiment? There's no way that damn nerd came up with an idea like that," I scoffed, Deku was smarter than that, his idea wouldn't have so many loopholes.

"You're right, he didn't. He wasn't even the one that brought up his mate. We all made the decision and basically dumped it on him... He didn't disagree with us at all in the end though. He went along with it," Sero looked saddened by the realization that they were the ones who came up with the idea.

"Why was he the one being marked and not the other way around? You all realize that's subjecting one person to experience pain over and over again while all of you get off scot-free? And the whole class was in on this? Everyone knew about this? All you dumbasses thought to keep me out of it?" This was pissing me off even more.

"It was what Midoriya wished for," Kirishima was whispering at this point.

"I don't care what that damn nerd was wishing for. I'm just like all you fuckers, I'd want to know if he was my mate too," I was losing my appetite now.

"I'm sorry Bakubro, I wanted to tell you. I knew you'd want in on this, too," Kirishima looked apologetic and I knew he was. I didn't really blame any of them, I was just pissed off for constantly being kept in the dark. Maybe Izuku didn't want to tell me anything, because he convinced himself there was no way I'd ever be his mate. Maybe he thought that even if I was his mate, I'd reject him. I couldn't really fault him for thinking like that after everything I had put him through. I wished he'd understand that I would only want the best for him and only ever want to make him happy. I fucked up a lot in the past, but I was done fucking up. I needed to find some way to show Izuku that I trusted him. I also had to come up with an idea to bring Izuku to trust me again. Just because he told me one secret, doesn't mean he was ready to tell me them all. Maybe he really did just need a little more time?

"There's more to this, I can tell. You're not telling me something. If that's all it was, why not just wait for his heightened sense to awaken? Then both he and his mate would know immediately. Why take this lame, roundabout way of finding this out? And another thing that doesn't make sense in your story, why bother waiting until he was seventeen? If Deku could catch the beginning smells of his mate that means his mate is already of age. That knocks out half the damn class. If anything, I should've been one of the first to go up, I'm fucking of age, assholes. Not that lame-ass IcyHot bastard," There was just so much that wasn't fitting into their stories. My head was swimming in confusion and the amount of information it was trying to absorb. They were still hiding things and clearly only telling me the bare minimum.

"There is more, you're right, but I'm afraid this is all you get to know." That bastard's annoying voice showed up at the worst fucking time, yet again. I turned around and sure enough, butting into our conversation like he owned the damn place, Todoroki.

"I wasn't asking you, Half 'n Half," I was livid and barely in control of my quirk. Steam had started to roll off of my shoulders and I was making no moves to calm it down. He was the last person I needed to hear anything from.

"It doesn't matter. You found out why I marked him, that's all you need to know right now," He was standing behind us, with an empty lunch tray in his hands.

"You're right. If the whole class made these plans, then no one should have any objections if I join in from now on, right?" If they all decided to mark him like it didn't matter it would hurt him each time, then why not throw one more bite into the fray.

"Actually, I plan on being the last person who marks him until further notice." He tried to end the conversation there, but I wasn't done.

"And why is that, IcyHot?" I scowled at him. I knew there was something more to his friendship with Izuku.

"Because I'm Midoriya's friend and I saw how being marked by someone other than his mate hurt him. I don't want him to go through that again. I plan on convincing him to stop this. I don't think anyone in class wants to see the pain it puts him through either. If you all had seen what I did, then your thoughts would align with mine. So, until further notice. No one else is marking him." With that, he turned and walked away.

"Hmm. I half expected him to say it was because he wanted Midoriya all to himself," Mina commented, finishing up her plate of food. I silently agreed with her, but I still didn't trust him. The bell rang for lunch to end and I was feeling less confused about what all was going on around me. At least I had some of my questions answered, but I couldn't help and wish there had been more time for all of them.

We all gathered up our trays, cleaning up the table before heading to change into our hero costumes.

It was time to prepare for our battles.


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💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


After lunch, everyone took their time changing into their costumes before heading out toward the arena. A few people were already lined up once I was done. While we were standing around waiting for everyone else to show up, I surveyed the area. This course would be taken in a replica of a well-populated city. I didn't plan on making the same mistakes I made when we first ran this course. I was overly emotional and let my personal feelings get in the way of my rational decision making. This time would be different. I punched my fists together in anticipation, letting off a small explosion.

Present Mic was standing next to Aizawa while they waited for everyone to gather together. It would be fun if I got the chance to go up against Present Mic one day, I still remember the announcements he made toward me during the Sports Festival and I wouldn't mind paying him back for that. Saying he preferred Uraraka winning over me.


"Okay, class. Let's begin," Aizawa walked forward slightly. His exhaustion was evident in his eyes. It was clear that he didn't feel like talking today.

"Excuse me, Aizawa, it seems as though we are missing both Midoriya and Uraraka," Iida announced to Aizawa. He glanced up from his clipboard but didn't appear too concerned. Actually, even when he was concerned he still didn't look it.

"No, wait! I'm here, sorry!" A voice squeaked into the air. I turned around and saw Uraraka running up still in her regular uniform. "Deku is at the nurse's office right now. He wasn't feeling too well during lunch, sorry. He'll be running a little late. Recovery Girl asked me to give you this." She was a little out of breath and handed Aizawa a tardy slip.

"Alright, hurry up and go get changed. We don't have all day," He grunted in affirmation.

"Right!" She exclaimed before running off toward the locker rooms to change into her hero costume.

"On account that Midoriya will be late, his group will go last," Aizawa tucked the tardy slip underneath some papers on his clipboard before continuing.

"Since it's a lot of work and I don't feel like talking anymore, Present Mic will be joining us today to... whatever..." Aizawa gave up explaining and just let Present Mic take over.

"Listen up everyone! Your objective today is very similar to your first outing! However, instead of telling you where the villains are located, it is up to the heroes to find them! We will also be hiding the names of who you are going up against and who you are partnering with. In real-life situations, you won't be given the chance to pick and choose who you work with. You have to be flexible and quick on your feet," Present Mic explained, rather loudly. His annoying voice pierced my ears and I scowled. It wouldn't take too long of listening to him before he gave me a headache to top my slowly dwindling hangover.

"Sir! How long will we have to apprehend our opponents?" Momo raised her hand and blurted out before she was even called on. Sometimes I wondered if she had any manners... not that I'm one to talk. I blamed her prestigious upbringing.

"Everyone will be given exactly one hour to diffuse the situation in any way they can. You will not know what you are up against until you arrive on the scene. We are testing your ability to quickly observe the situation and formulate the best course of action to apply. Hopefully, without causing any unnecessary damage to yourself or others. Now, the following students, please line up after your name is called. Every student will receive a slip of paper. You are not allowed to open your slip of paper until it is your turn to participate in the battle. This paper will reveal to you your status; hero or villain. It will also give you a location within the arena to head to. Once we have an affirmation that everyone had arrived at their destination and has successfully met up with their partners, we will begin the timer. How you proceed from there is entirely up to you. This first group will be joining Aizawa. He is going to take you to the other end of the arena." He pulled his clipboard up closer and cleared his throat.

Oh. Great. I sighed inwardly, here comes his announcer's voice.

"OJIRO! SATOU! YAOYOROZU! KIRISHIMA! ASUI! TODOROKI! URARAKA! AOYAMA! KAMINARI! ASHIDO! BAKUGOU! You eleven will be joining Aizawa across the arena. GO! GO! GO!" We lined up as our names were called and began to follow our rather uninterested teacher through the training field. I heard Present Mic begin announcing everyone else's names that remained. My heart tugged a little at the mention of Izuku. I wondered if everything was alright, but decided that he probably couldn't handle his little hangover and was being a wuss.

"HAGAKURE! JIROU! MINETA! SHINSOU! KOUDA! MIDORIYA! IIDA! SERO! SHOJI! TOKOYAMI! You ten will be remaining here! Now, let's wait for the other class to position themselves further away and I will begin giving you instructions once again!" He shouted. I sighed thinking he had a while to wait since he was always so loud.

We were eventually out of earshot and placed entirely on the other end of the arena. It was hot out, so I was already sweating enough for my gauntlets to fully charge. This was going to be fun.

"Hey, Uraraka, how's Midoriya doing?" Todoroki approached her from the side and voiced the question that was plaguing my mind.

"Oh, he's... uhm... just a little under the weather," I couldn't help but notice she glanced quickly in my direction before turning away. "He'll be just fine... I hope..." She laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her head for comfort.

"Does it have anything to do with me marking him?" Todoroki made no show to hide this anymore, apparently, since I now knew, he didn't care to have the conversation out in the open like this. A few unsuspecting classmates turned pale, probably wondering why I wasn't lashing out at anyone yet. Uraraka must've been told by Izuku because she didn't so much as flinch away from the topic.

"No, no. It's not that, really. He would have told me if it was because of you. It's something entirely unrelated, Todoroki, so don't worry. He's just been a little under the weather these past few days, so he's getting some medicine to help. I'm sure it's not a big deal, don't worry," she reassured and waved a dismissive hand in front of her face.

"I've noticed he looked pale today when we were talking. I wonder if he'll be feeling better soon. He seems to have been squinting his right eye frequently, in pain. When I ask him if he's okay, he just nods and tells me it's a slight headache. I'm worried, he seems out of sorts lately. Almost... sad and maybe distracted? He's constantly lost in his own thoughts and I can't help but think it isn't healthy..." Todoroki let his comment trail off. Uraraka seemed to snap to attention at this though. Something he had said clearly shook her core.

"Why... why would you say he seems sad? You think he's... mentally stable though, right?" She whispered, eyes wide.

"It's just a feeling. I'm sure he's fine and I'm just overthinking things. I'm always watching him since he's the closest friend I've ever had, so I've noticed a small change in his demeanor, that's all. Nothing too alarming though. Why do you look so shocked?" She just shook her head slightly and pursed her lips closed tight. She began wringing her hands together tightly, clearly worried about something Todoroki had said.

So he's sad, big fucking deal, not that it's any of my concern. 

Even though I wished it was.

Is it my fault...? 

Probably. I never really gave him time to respond to my questions earlier and I kept badgering him for responses he didn't seem ready to give me. I decided to not pester him anymore about this for the time being though, so I shouldn't be bothered by their conversation.

"Aizawa, sir, if we have an uneven amount of classmates, how will the teams be decided?" Momo asked. She was always full of questions, wasn't she? That's probably how she's currently ranked the top of our class.

"There will be one team of 3 people. Although it may seem to give that team an unfair advantage, there are cases where the heroes and villains outnumber each other, so please bear that in mind. Now, let's begin. Ojiro and Satou, you may enter the training grounds. Once you enter the training grounds, please open your slip and proceed to the determined locations. Here are your earpieces. Notify us using these once you've arrived and we will signal you to begin." Aizawa instructed. They nodded and made their way inside.

"Now, I ask that everyone else please head inside toward the building to your left. We have monitors set up indoors. Please use this time to evaluate your classmates and build your strategic knowledge for the future." Aizawa ushered us all indoors and we sat around a room full of screens. They whirred to life and we watched as Ojiro and Satou began to walk in opposite directions. Ojiro walked toward the center of the field where he was met with Hagakure from the other group. Satou ended up in a random building on the southwest side, meeting up with Jirou.

"Ready!" Aizawa said into his earpiece. "Begin."

Immediately, Ojiro and Hagakure took off running toward a replica of a bank. They walked around the building a few times before making a move to infiltrate. On the other end of the makeshift town, Jirou was using her earpieces to listen for movement but came up short. We watched as the villains successfully broke into the bank when an alarm sounded overhead. Jirou and Satou took off running in the direction of the sound. They did a stakeout of the bank before making any moves.

After what felt like hours of stealthy operations, Jirou and Satou finally apprehended Ojiro and Hagakure. Only a small battle ensued near the end, but otherwise, the whole thing was pretty uneventful. This disappointed me, I was in the mood for an all-out brawl, but I had told myself I wouldn't let my emotions get the better of me this time. In reality, this is probably how things would work out. Nearby heroes are alerted to misdeeds and run to the rescue, doing their best to stop the villains from escaping and causing any damage. As disappointed as I was in at the normal turn of events, I decided it didn't matter, I would still come out on top.

We all watched as each classmate was sent out for their turns. Everybody was handed a scenario that was different than everyone else's. Aizawa didn't want us adapting too quickly because we were watching how everyone else approached the same topic over and over again. To keep the situation borderline realistic, everything was changed and different each round.

Mineta and Momo were villains against Tsu and Kouda as heroes. Even with Mineta holding Momo back, they still created a formidable villain team and were successful in escaping the grasp of the heroes.

"Understood," Aizawa suddenly spoke into his earpiece. "Does he appear well enough to participate?"

He paused, waiting for an answer I wouldn't be able to hear.

"Right, then have him suit up. We will still have his group go last. I don't feel like bothering to rearrange the pairings right now,". He was probably talking to Present Mic and by the sounds of it, Izuku had joined the class finally.

Uraraka and Iida were paired together as villains versus Aoyama and Sero. The villains won that round as well. It was slightly frustrating watching the heroes in training lose against the ones portraying the villains because as a hero, we all wanted to beat the villains. Yet, the fact that the villains were able to deduce plans fast enough to evade their counterparts still showed that everyone was making steady progress. Next up went Denki and Shoji vs Mina and Tokoyami. Mina and Tokoyami were the victors in this round, so everything sort of balanced out.

"Alright, last group. Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima line up to begin. Oh, and Kirishima, here, you'll be needing this for your part," Aizawa handed him a rope and ignored the question that was lingering on all of our lips. "Now, begin."

I opened my paper and read the scenario that was written before me.

A fellow hero was captured and is currently being held captive by two villains. It is up to you and your partner to safely rescue the hostage and together apprehend the villains. Meet your partner in the northeastern courtyard to begin your scenario.

Oh, that's what the rope was for. I burned my paper in my palms and began making my way toward the courtyard, curious as to who my partner was going to be. If this was the last group to go, Izuku was participating in this round. I made a mental note that both Todoroki and Kirishima had headed in the same direction. Kirishima was most likely the hostage, so I knew of one villain so far. As I ran toward the northeastern courtyard, my mind was whirring of possible ways to get Kirishima away from Todoroki.

This wasn't going to be easy... I smirked at the thought.


It was going to be fun...


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2430 Words

2430 Words





🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


My mother was furious at me. Beyond furious. She was absolutely livid and she had every right to be. After a good fifteen minute scolding from her, she decided it was best for my future to go ahead with the pill. I'd be coming home in a few days anyway, so she'd be able to monitor my mental health during those days. I just had to make it through the next three and I'd be home before I knew it.

Recovery Girl stressed to both my mother and me that if anything felt wrong or if I acted strangely in any way, to immediately seek medical attention, just to make sure there weren't any adverse side effects. She seemed to be the most concerned about me plummeting into a severe depression, as is the case with most Omegas and she didn't want me to be alone if I could help it. I told her that I was going to be just fine, I was in a dorm room surrounded by aspiring heroes so there really was no need for concern, I had the largest support network anyone could ask for.

So, in the end... I took the pill.

Wow, what a nightmare just for one tiny little thing.

Yeah, no kidding, Ether.

How long do you think it'll be for it to take effect?

I'm not sure, probably half an hour or so, like other medications.

Guess we'll find out.

I nodded in reply, not even sure if Ether could see me or not, but if he... she... it..?


Right, she.

My brow furrowed with concern while I continued my train of thought...

But if she was constantly a part of my body, I figured, she would be able to understand. Obviously, Ether could hear even the thoughts I wasn't trying to project her way too though. As I was jogging toward the arena to hand in my slip before going to change, I felt a heavy pressure sit behind my right eye and a familiar pang jabbed me in the back of the skull. I winced in pain and held my head again.

Ether. Are you the one causing this pain?

Hmm. I'm not sure, but it's possible. Does it hurt when I do this?

The pain's intensity grew double fold and I almost fell in the hallway but caught myself on the nearby wall.

Yes! Don't do whatever that was! What was that??

I just shifted my conscience around your head a little, that's all. Haven't you heard the saying, Pain makes you Stronger? Eheheh.

Not funny. It hurts, don't do that.

Weird that it hurts, I'm not really even here. Just an existence that resides within you.

I ignored Ether and walked through the doors to the arena. There was no one around but I heard chatter coming from one of the nearby buildings so I made my way over.

"Ah! Midoriya! Just in time! Your turn will be up soon," Present Mic was standing in front of a row of computers, watching an ongoing battle unfold between a few of my classmates.

"Midoriya has just decided to join us!" He spoke into an earpiece he was wearing.

"Aizawa would like to know if you feel up to participating in the scenarios?" He turned and asked me.

"Yes, sir! Please!" I nodded my head eagerly. This would be the last time for the class so I definitely didn't want to miss out.

"He said yes, Aizawa!" Present Mic exclaimed into his earpiece again. He nodded once to whatever Aizawa responded with and then turned toward me once more, "Then head on out and get changed, your group will be last!"

I did as I was instructed and changed into my costume as fast as I possibly could. While in the dressing room all alone, I began to feel a little out of breath and lightheaded. The pill must've begun to take effect.

Looks like it's beginning. Eheheh.

Your laugh gives me the creeps, Ether. It's weird hearing a laugh echo inside my own head.

You're getting dizzy. Is this really wise?

It's just a class exercise, I'll be fine, now butt out. I need to focus.

I finished changing and headed back to where Present Mic and the others were stationed. He informed me of the rules and handed me a slip of paper, advising me not to look into it until it was my turn.

We watched the remaining battles take place before Shinsou and I were called forward.

"Alright, guys! You're the last two to go! Head on out and good luck!" Present Mic clapped us both on the back and sent us on our way. I unfurled the small white piece of paper and read what it said.

You are the Villain! Do your best to keep your hostage away from the heroes' grasp and bide time to plan an escape route for you and your partner! Head to the center playing field to begin! Tie your hostage up BEFORE announcing that you are prepared!

Eheheh. That's not how a villain really works. A true villain would abandon his teammate in a sticky situation like that. How about throwing a curveball into the mix? Demand a ransom!

We only have an hour for this. There's no time to take things that far.

Sure there is. Chop off a few fingers and send them to the heroes. It'll really grind their gears.

Ether, shut up.

I'm just trying to liven things up a little, don't mind me.

I continued toward the center of the battlefield. When I arrived I caught a glimpse of Todoroki and Kirishima. Todoroki was in the middle of tightening the knot he had tied around Kirishima and by the time I had come within a few feet of them, he had finished. They both took one glance in my direction and nodded.

I brought my hand up to my earpiece, "Villains are ready."

"Alright. Heroes. Villains. On my mark! 3! 2! 1! Begin!" Present Mic announced the commencement of our round.

"Midoriya, who came with you? We had Bakugou. He went in the opposite direction, so he's on the hero team." Todoroki said.

"Right. Shinsou was the other on my end."

Isn't the redhead's quirk hardening? Isn't that sharp? He's gonna escape you if you don't use something other than rope. Just saying.

Shut up, Ether, but good point.

"Shouto, before Kirishima gets any ideas, can you freeze his torso? I don't trust the rope. We also need to find a place to hide from the heroes," Todoroki nodded at my idea and quickly froze Kirishima up.

We walked over to a nearby building and ducked down behind to form whatever strategy we could. The arena wasn't that large so it wouldn't take long for Shinsou and Katsuki to find us.

"Our primary goal in this scenario is to evade the heroes. So technically, as long as we don't get spotted within the hour time frame, we win." Todoroki voiced. I glanced down at Kirishima, who was just quietly watching our exchange. No doubt formulating a plan of escape and collecting data. We shouldn't be conversing in front of him, in case he gets away.

"We need to talk somewhere out of earshot but where we can still see Kirishima. It's not wise to discuss plans in front of our target like this." I gestured toward Kirishima, sitting in the middle of us all.

"You're right, but if we walk away, he could use that chance to run."

I know you told me to shut up but remember that ability I mentioned before? Ether? My name? Well... it's really quite useful. Why don't you try talking to your little friend here the same way you do with me?

I can do that?!

Yup! It hurts though. I'll be quiet now. Promise! ...Kind of... Ehehe.

I focused on projecting a thought toward Todoroki and watched his face light up in extreme confusion. His eyes widened as he realized it was me who was talking to him.

"M - Midoriya?! Wha - What is this?" He said out loud. I shook my head and pointed at my temple, signifying him to think his thoughts.

'Uhm, I'm not really sure. I just discovered I could do this, probably just a wonderful new addition to my quirk,' I winced slightly, my headache returning with full force. 

I wonder if this is what she meant by it hurting.

'Well, this is oddly convenient,' Todoroki thought at me. It didn't seem to be affecting him the same way it was me.

'Right. So, what's the plan?' I asked him.

'Well, we could always use Kirishima as bait? Freeze him to a spot and tell him to scream for help if he wants to be saved and then take off in the opposite direction.' His plan didn't suck, but I didn't trust Kirishima to cooperate.

'If he knows it'll help us escape, Kirishima won't breathe a word,' I hated putting his thought down, but it was true.

'He will if there's a risk of him freezing to death,' Todoroki shrugged at his thought and Kirishima no doubt was confused by our silent staring competition.

'True, but he really could be in trouble if he remains frozen for a long period of time. What if instead, we try to capture our opponents? I know our objective is to evade capture for the time being, but if we use Kirishima to lure them out as bait and sneak up from behind them, we could win. If we're stealthy enough.' 

There were doubts clouding my mind and I didn't feel well enough to begin a full battle strategy at the moment. I'd probably end up fainting if that happened, I was really dizzy. Communicating using my thoughts didn't seem to be helping either. The pain behind my eyes grew and I brought my hand up for comfort.

"Midoriya! Are you okay?!" The silent link between us had broken during my dizzy spell. I looked up to see looks of concern on both Kirishima and Todoroki's faces. What were they staring at?

"Bro, your nose is bleeding..." Kirishima said. "Are you sure you should be out here right now?"

"Oh, I'm fine. It's probably nothing," I wiped the blood off on my sleeve. That's most likely what Ether meant by it hurting, too.

"Let's not use that form of communication until you're feeling better. There's no way it's healthy if it causes discomfort like that," Todoroki laid a concerned hand on my shoulder. I nodded in agreement.

"What? What form of communication?" Kirishima looked between the two of us.

"Nothing," I said. I grabbed him from beneath his arms and hoisted him to his feet. We made our way toward a clearing, a little ways away from our starting point. I pushed Kirishima against a wall at the end of a dead-end building and Todoroki froze him in place.

"I'd be calling for help if you don't want to freeze to death soon, " Todoroki said. The calm in his voice sent chills down my spine and I wasn't even the one drenched from head to toe in ice. Todoroki and I turned around and raced back down the alleyway, leaving Kirishima to his own devices, or at least so we let him think. When we were far enough away, we doubled back and climbed on to the rooftops of either side of the alley, across from each other and looking down at our bait.

"H - Hey, you guys were just kidding, right? You don't really mean to leave me here and escape that way, do you? You're coming back, aren't you?" His pleas were met with silence

"This seriously is dangerous, bros! And really, really cold!" He began to struggle against the ice. He activated his quirk and the hardening did some damage. Concerned, I glanced at Todoroki. His eyes remained fixed on Kirishima. I knew I had just said I wouldn't use that form of communication again, but the thought waves were just so perfectly convenient for a stealthy operation like this, so I decided to risk it.

'He's going to break out at this rate, do we have a plan B?' I shot in his direction. 

His head immediately whipped around to face me from across the gap and I could tell he was angry that I had used it again, but he didn't say anything. I was sure he understood the benefits it came with, so I didn't peg him for someone to argue about this.

Before he had the chance to respond, I heard scuttling coming down toward us and Shinsou rounded the corner of the alleyway.

"Here's Kirishima," He called out behind him. Katsuki was just seconds behind and they made their way in.

"No! They ran away, there's no time for me!" Kirishima yelled at them. "They're going to get away at this rate, I think I was just being used as bait." Shinsou ignored him and just kept walking further down.

'Get ready,' I signaled toward Todoroki. 

Kirishima was doing a good job of being bait. He kept luring them further down the alleyway.

"You think? They didn't let you in on their plans, huh?" Katsuki said. He brought his hand up to his chin and I knew he was getting suspicious, but he wasn't in position yet. Just a little closer.

"Yeah, they talked in their minds. It was weird, almost like they were bonded..." His voice trailed off and he shot a glance at Katsuki.

Not quite, Kirishima, but a good deduction regardless. I thought to myself.

This seemed to anger Katsuki and he took the few extra steps toward Kirishima that we were waiting for.

'Now!' Todoroki and I shouted together in our heads and we pounced down on our unsuspecting prey from above.



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3790 Words





🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


As we came close to landing, Todoroki immediately did his best to freeze the entire alleyway. Before our feet even touched the ground, I had activated my quirk and grabbed Todoroki from behind. In a flash, we were down the alleyway and on the move. Not even giving ourselves time to assess the situation. Using my quirk until I was tired, we ran toward an area more situated to our quirks and hid once more. If they were successfully caught off guard and frozen in place, Aizawa would have notified us.

We lured them down a set path and could only hope they'd follow us correctly. We sat and waited in silence when I heard an explosion coming down. It sounded like Katsuki. Todoroki was sitting opposite me, with the road we were expecting them to take, between us once more. I watched as he raised a hand, preparing to freeze whatever made its way into view. Within seconds, Katsuki emerged, but before he could be frozen in place, Katsuki shot off a blast in both of our directions simultaneously.

I rolled to the side and got to my feet. Our plan had failed.

Told you, you should've asked for ransom. You clearly aren't very good at thinking like a villain. Should've let me help.

We can't just change the scenario to fit our needs, Ether. This isn't how these practices work. 

I began circling around, trying to make my way back toward Todoroki. We shouldn't separate here. We weren't even sure where the other two heroes had disappeared to.

That's precisely why you're about to fail. You can't win three to one.

I'm going to need you to shut up, I can't concentrate with you crowding my mind like this.

You're not good enough to win without my help.

Seriously, back off, Ether.

They're better than you'll ever be. If anything, you're just dragging your friend down. Look at him, he looks so shocked and concerned. He can barely even focus right now. Eheheh. I guess you didn't sever the link, did you?


'Shouto..?' I pushed hesitantly into the nether regions of my mind.

'Midoriya... What's going on?' He responded back. Confusion plastered all over his face.

'I'll explain later. Focus, he's headed right for you!'

I shouted... well... I mean, I shouted as much as my internal thoughts could possibly project, that is.

Todoroki dodged Katsuki and sent off a small blast of fire in his direction. He was still getting used to using his fire in battles, so his reactions were a little slow. Too slow to be used in a fight up against the battle-ready instincts that Katsuki possessed. He whirled around and caught Todoroki by the arm.

I summoned my black whip and tried to wrap them around Katsuki, attempting to hold him down, like the scarves both Shinsou and Aizawa use. He just grabbed ahold of them and swung me through the air. I soared across the clearing and smashed into the brick buildings behind us. I landed with a loud smack and lost whatever amount of air I had left in my lungs.

Shinsou and Kirishima finally caught up to Katsuki and looked at the damage he was causing on his own. If the tides weren't already in their favor, then they definitely were now.

'Midoriya, are you okay?' I heard Todoroki project toward me.

'Yeah, just fine.' I said as I rolled to my side and glanced between our enemies, gasping for breath. 

My limbs trembled slightly from the constant exertion I was putting them through by running around. I hated to admit it, but I used too much of my energy when we were fleeing from our first surprise attack.

My black whip dissipated and I made to stand on my feet. Suddenly, the temperature in the air began to plummet. Without needing to confirm anything, I instinctively knew Todoroki was the cause of it. He was preparing to send a blast of ice throughout the whole area, once again. We made eye contact briefly. I stood my ground and slowly counted down the seconds, watching his every muscle movement, doing my best to time our next move perfectly. Everything moved in slow motion as Todoroki breathed in slightly, then jerked his foot barely an inch forward. That was the moment I was waiting for. As soon as I saw the familiar action, I activated my quirk and leaped a safe distance into the air. From my spot above the clearing, I watched as ice shot forward, creating a beautiful crystal skating rink for us to continue our battles in. This was as much of a disadvantage to our team as it were their team and the only way it would work in our favor was if everyone else was caught in his blast.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one that noticed the change in the atmosphere or Todoroki's familiar movements. Katsuki and Shinsou both let their instincts take over and reacted in a timely manner. The only person effectively caught in this trap was Kirishima. Wasting no time, Kirishima hardened his hand and started to chip away at the ice beneath him that wrapped around his leg. Ignoring Todoroki and Katsuki, I decided my chances were better off against Shinsou and Kirishima.

It was time we fought for our hostage back.

'I'm getting Kirishima back. He's our best bet. Let's try negotiating,' I shot toward Todoroki, not caring if he heard me or not. 

Before anyone could stand in my way and stop me, I used full-crowl. A massive gust of wind was left in my wake as I was suddenly standing behind Kirishima, who happened to be struggling furiously with his frozen feet.

"Going somewhere?" I chided behind him. He flinched and started to dig deeper, attempting to ignore my presence. I chuckled at his feeble efforts and watched him tirelessly strive to persevere. I used my black whip and wrapped it tightly across his torso, squeezing his arms close to his sides and effectively restricting his movements.

"I think not," I smirked down at him. Being a villain was a little fun... against your friends, I mean.

"You're right. I was just - Ya know... chilling... here, waiting for you," I almost laughed at his pun. Almost. I had some demands to make.

"I suggest you... freeze... what you're doing Kacchan. You wouldn't want your friend here to be injured now, would you?" I couldn't help letting his puns sink into my words as well. He may be my enemy, but he was still a funny enemy. Kirishima chuckled slightly, knowing I had caught his joke without commenting on it. I tightened my restraints against him though, startling him enough into silence. At the sound of my voice, both Katsuki and Shinsou came to a standstill.

I watched as all eyes whipped around and stared at me with renewed vengeance. It took everything in me to remain standing in my spot, facing their challenges head-on. Having two powerful Alphas and two equally powerful Betas giving me their undivided attention, sent a shiver of excitement down my Omegan spine. It didn't help that I admired them all greatly for their strength. Todoroki took their shocked silence as his cue to shoot a blast of fire and ice behind him, skating at an alarming speed across the distance until he was by my side. He stood protectively behind me as we tried to form a plan for our next move. 

'They're going to call your bluff. Bakugou knows you don't have it in you to do anything in this situation,' Todoroki thought. 

Almost as if he were able to read our minds as well, Katsuki smirked viciously and began to stomp over toward us with no regard for the redhead wrapped around in my quirk. Shinsou took this as a sign to progress forward as well. I gulped, watching them slowly advance, panic welling in me as I tried to formulate our next move as quickly as possible. But, for some reason, my mind felt heavy. I could feel a steady pressure growing constantly behind my eyes. My thoughts becoming more and more incoherent as my mind clouded over.

'You're right. I'm not entirely sure what to do ri - ...' I tried to project toward Todoroki. 

I wasn't sure if he had even heard me though because before I knew it I had lost my train of thought. I wasn't even aware of my surroundings as my nose began to drip a steady stream of blood down my face. My black whip slowly dissipated against my will while the world around me swirled together. I felt my knees kick out from underneath me, my body crumbling forward while gravity claimed it as its own.

"Midoriya!" I heard Todoroki shout one last time before everything went dark.




🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Todoroki shot forward and caught Izuku quickly, preventing him from smashing his head against the hard ice beneath their feet. He brought his hand up to Izuku's face and wiped the blood away, but it just kept coming. He watched as Izuku's eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body seized uptightly. A strange gurgling sound emitted from his throat. Foam began to pour out of his clenched jaw. Involuntary tears rolled down his cheeks as his body shook furiously in Todoroki's arms. Panic set in around the boys as they watched Izuku's limbs freeze in place and tense up. Convulsions coursed through his body, his head trembled furiously from side to side. Quick, unnatural jutting movements forced him to flail around in a tight, restricted manner.

"Midoriya! Aizawa, something's wrong with him!" Todoroki shouted into his earpiece.

"I'm on my way. Stop the battle! Keep him on his side and don't restrain his movements!" Todoroki nodded, knowing their teacher couldn't see him. He obeyed and rolled Izuku to his side as his classmates approached the seizing teen. Izuku's body thrashed against the hardened ice beneath him. Katsuki's heart plummeted as he watched the greenette struggle against a fight they couldn't save him from.

"What the fuck is happening?" Katsuki half-whispered, half-yelled while he approached cautiously. All tentative movements were tossed out the window when realization wrapped around him like a poisonous snake. Katsuki ran to kneel down beside Izuku when he saw the shape he was in. His hands hovered above his body but Todoroki stopped him. Katsuki had heard what Aizawa screamed into their earpieces, but that didn't stop the Alpha from wanting to protect the one he loved from the pain he was obviously experiencing right now. Blood was staining down his hero costume and seeping into the slowly melting ice beneath him. A watered-down mixture of red smeared across the crystallized surface as Izuku's body continued to freeze-up.

Suddenly, Izuku's movements came to a stop and he coughed up a little more blood. Katsuki was even more concerned, seeing blood coming from somewhere inside Izuku. The teens watched as Izuku's eyes shot up, glancing around to the faces that were hovering above him. Before they could even get the chance to fawn over the sickly greenette, an unnatural smile contorted across his face, causing them all to pause in their actions. He just had a seizure and here he was smiling almost as though someone told him a joke that no one else found funny.

"Well, well, well. Looks like Izuku, darling, has some friends after all."

A sinister sounding voice forced its way out of Izuku's throat. The sound grated across their ears as is settled into the atmosphere. It was metallic sounding, a strange mixture of deep and melodic. A ringing tone tinged along as the words danced around their heads. Looks of confusion passed on everyone's faces as Izuku made to stand up. His eyes glowed a furiously brilliant lime-green, a green that was nothing close to his usual, soft warm emerald. A green that was almost a sickly yellow.

"You shouldn't be moving, Midoriya. I think you just had a seizure." Despite his concerns about the sudden changes, Todoroki placed a hand on Izuku's shoulders, trying to hold his friend in place. In return, however, Izuku just shoved it out of the way and tried again. Ignoring the panicked looks that Todoroki kept giving him. Katsuki growled at his efforts. He didn't want to watch Izuku attempting to move either, but something wasn't right. Something wasn't clicking together for him as he took in the strange interactions. Izuku would never swat away his friend's assistance. Something about his voice didn't sit right in his gut. And those eyes... those weren't the eyes Katsuki knew. His smile wasn't the blinding smile that he had grown to love. Something was definitely wrong and it wasn't just because Izuku was covered in blood and had experienced a seizure. Something else... something more...

Izuku only got dizzier during his second attempt to stand and he simply fell back down to the ground. The blood was still trickling out of his nose and his eyes were watering profusely. He reached a hand up and wiped the tears away before speaking again.

"Oh, sweetie. Izuku is currently sleeping. Don't worry, he'll wake up soon enough. Eheheh."

Todoroki couldn't hide the startled look that crossed his face as understanding quickly dawned on him.

"You're that voice in his head from earlier. Who are you? What have you done with Midoriya?" Todoroki stared at the familiar face that spoke with the sinister-sounding voice. He shot the most menacing glare he could as he waited for his answer.

"Oh, you're so smart. Somebody give the lad a cookie! Why are we stopping, let's continue the game! I think it'll be fun! I told Izuku he wasn't going to be able to handle what he took earlier, but did he listen to me? Nooo. Did he want to continue this stupid facade that he was feeling okay? Yeeess. Now, look where it's gotten him. Somebody should have taught him to take better care of himself, the damn fool. I suppose while I'm here, we can continue that battle? Maybe I can help Izuku win."

"What the hell is going on? If you know something, you better fess up, IcyHot. This isn't funny," Katsuki snarled in their direction.

"Ah, Katsuki Bakugou, you know, while my dearest host may tolerate you and enjoy your presence, while I'm here, I suggest you shut the fuck up. I don't take well to self-entitled little brats."

Puzzled looks morphed into pure astonishment as the foul language continued to spew from the cinnamon rolls mouth.

"Who are you? Is Izuku going to be okay?" Kirishima spoke up from his spot still frozen to the ground. Everything was taking place behind him, so he had to contort his body just to see what was going on. When he finally caught a glimpse at the red liquid covering Izuku, he started to break free from the ice once more. Finally, after a few solid punches, he had escaped. He scampered closer to the group, mouth gaping open.

"You could say I'm just a part of your adorable friend's quirk, redheaded one. No worries, he's perfectly safe in my hands. He just had a little too much to eat before showing up to class. I did warn him, mind you."

The sinister voice chuckled as if it had just told a joke. One that no one else was finding humorous.

"Before you get any funny ideas, Shinsou. Let me just warn you, I'm the master at mind games and I don't think you want me slithering around inside your head anytime soon."

The Izuku impersonator tilted his head back to stare up at the purple-haired boy who stood behind them. He hadn't said anything this whole time but it was clear he was worried. Shinsou had remarked that he wasn't here to make friends, but that didn't stop him from feeling a little something special toward the one person who had always supported him. Fear and concern were evident from the expression plastered on his face. He wanted nothing more than to help Izuku, but he wasn't even sure what could be done. They were all completely shocked as the situation continued to unfold before them.

In the distance, Aizawa was seen running up to the clearing but came to a halt when he was faced with the ice. Todoroki noticed and began to melt it as fast as he could. Katsuki wanted to jump up and aide them, but he was leery about leaving Izuku's side.

"Well, this is no fun! Who called the teach? Izuku is waking up already anyway. I guess this is goodbye for now boys. Maybe I'll catch you next time. Eheheh."

With that, Izuku's body fell limp toward the ground once more. Katsuki caught him before his head could bang around. The slowly trickling of his bleeding nose had finally come to a complete stop. Aizawa walked slowly across the melting ice toward the crowd and knelt down to survey the damage done to Izuku. Uraraka was close behind him, wringing her hands in worry all over again.

"You say he took this medication just before class, is that correct?" Aizawa turned toward her and she nodded vigorously. Tears started to prick at the corners of her eyes.

"I didn't stay to hear the side effects... I just know it was dangerous and now... this has happened," she cried softly, tears rolling down her face as she saw the state her best friend was in.

"What medicine..? What the fuck is happening?" Katsuki growled in anger and confusion. He couldn't stand to see Izuku covered in blood like he was. He wanted to know what was happening. He was so sick and tired of always being left in the dark while everyone around him whispered about things he was unaware of. There was so much that he didn't know and for once in his life, he was feeling completely powerless. There was nothing he could do but watch as Aizawa knelt down and picked Izuku up in his arms. His head flung lifeless toward the side, the remaining slick blood mixing with the tears and drool that dripped across his face. The whole scene made Izuku's classmates visibly sick, witnessing their innocent friend in such a helpless state.

"Sir, something weird happened before you got here," Kirishima interjected. They told him the story while Aizawa made his way through the arena, Izuku still in his arms. He froze when he felt the small teen squirm beneath his grasp.

"Aizawa?" Izuku mumbled, his voice and eyes returning to normal. He winced at the pain that shot behind his eyes when he spoke. Izuku pushed against his teacher's chest and got down from his arms. Everyone looked ready to catch him if he fell. He stumbled two steps forward before dry heaving. A small trickle of blood came from his mouth and he wiped it away. When he looked down at his sleeve, his eyes widened at the sight of the red liquid that was smeared across his hero outfit. There was more blood than he thought. Fear jilted his head up as he looked into his teacher's eyes.

"W-What happened..?" He held his hand to his head once more. Tremors raced through his body as he tried to regain his bearings. Aizawa stepped up beside him and rested a hand on his shoulders.

"Take a seat for now. We'll have the medi-bots come pick you up," Aizawa spoke a few words to Present Mic in his earpiece. Izuku sat down and leaned against one of the buildings. He looked up at all the concerned faces surrounding him.

"Deku, how are you feeling..?" Uraraka came and knelt down beside him. His chest rose and fell back down, releasing ragged breaths.

"I feel like I got hit by a truck. I didn't though, did I?" He asked softly, a slight tinge of humor slipping into his tone. His classmates relaxed a little bit when they saw he was capable of making light of the situation.

"No. You didn't, nerd," Katsuki barked. He stood in front of Izuku, his arms crossed in a semi-hostile manner, yet, he wouldn't look at him in the eyes. However, Izuku thought he sensed that the explosive blond was visibly shaken and extremely worried.

"Do you think it's a side effect from... you know... the medicine?" Uraraka leaned forward and whispered the last half. Not that it made any difference, it seemed the whole group still heard her. He shook his head in response. He had no clue. He wasn't even sure what had happened in the first place. One minute he was battling with Todoroki and the next he was snuggling up to his teacher's chest. Everything was displaced, almost as though he was missing bits and pieces of his memory.

"Midoriya," Todoroki knelt down next to him next, placing a stern hand on his shoulder. "That voice I heard early with you... when you passed out, it took over your body... It said it was your quirk. What's going on?"

Izuku sat in silence for a moment before letting Todoroki's words sink in. The group watched as his expression changed from shock to complete and utter anger.

"She did what?!" He said viciously. No one had heard his voice drip in rage like this before. "How is that even possible??" He shot a glance up at the only person in the circle that even had an inkling as to what his quirk really was. Katsuki caught the glance and knew that Izuku was just as confused as the rest of the group. He felt betrayed that his quirk would take advantage of his weakened state like this. That was all he needed to finally throw down the gauntlet. He was livid. He felt used. He felt anger. Emotions that he normally didn't experience often welled up inside him all because of Ether.

Izuku decided it was time to bring this vestige up to All Might.

It was getting out of hand and today was only day one.