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Those Beautiful Doe Eyes

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Taehyung had always prided himself for owning his very own little book shop. Sure it was small and sort of hidden on the corner of the street but it was special to him. He never had many customers, and definitely never had any new customers, so it was always exciting to see someone walk through his door.
The door chime to the door dinged as one of Taehyung's oldest customers walked in. Namjoon had been coming to his book shop since it had first opened. Over time, he has become one of Taehyung's closest friends.

"Hey, Namjoon! Did youfinally finish that book series?"

Namjoon smiled wide, "Hey, Tae! Yeah, I finally got it done. On a search for another one to get hooked into. Got anything new and interesting?"

Taehyung put a finger on his chin as he thought for a moment, "I did get a trilogy in a few days ago, it looked pretty good. Here, let me find it." He walked out from behind his desk to one of the book shelves and began looking for the books he put away just yesterday as the door chime dingged. The sound immediately made Taehyung and Namjoon book turned around to see a raven haired man throw the door open and immediately began scanning one of the book shelves, clearly on a mission for a certain book.

"Uh, hello! Can i help you find anything?" Taehyung slowly asked, Namjoon and his books momentarily forgotten. The man glanced up for a short second to scan over Taehyung, before looking back down to continue his search.

Taehyung tried again, "I own this shop. I know all of these books. If you're looking for something specific, I may be able to tell you if it's here."

The raven haired man's head perked up at the new information. "Angels. I need books on angels. All of them." The man mumbled. Taehyung immediately walked over to a shelf on the other side of the room, placing his hand on it, "I have plenty of religion books right here. But none that are specific to just simply angels. You're more than welcome to look through them though! My name is Taehyung, by the way."

"Jungkook" The man mumbled and he immediately picked up a book off the shelf and started skimming through it as Taehyung went back to find the trilogy he was searching for for Namjoon.

"Ah here it is! It's young adult but it sounds promising." Taehyung handed the books to Namjoon.

Namjoon smiled his dimple smile and rubbed the back of his neck, "Can I just borrow them? My bookshelf back home is getting a bit too full."

"Yeah, absolutely! I actually would love to read them after you're finished so that would be great. Let me just scan them real quick." Taehyung starts back to his desk with Namjoon following close behind.

"So, taehyung are you coming by Jimins house later?"

Taehyung smirked and looked over his shoulder as he rounded the corner of his desk, "Is he still determined to make us all hang out again?"

"He thinks you're still mad at him"

"Good. I am. He was suppose to come over for anime night and bailed so he could hang out with Hoseok. The betrayal!"

Namjoon let out a low whistle and chuckled, "Bailing on anime night?! How dare he?!"

"I know right! He could've even invited Hobi, but nope! The traitor just had to bail out." Taehyung scanned the last book, finishing up Namjoons check out, "Okay, there you go."

"That was sarcasm, you know." Namjoon took his books.

Taehyung smiled his cheeky boxy smile, "Oh I know."

"I expect to see you at Jimins later! Bye Tae!" Taehyung waved as Namjoon quickly left.

The shop quickly became silent you could hear a pin drop. Tae's eyes darted around the shop until they landed on Jungkook who was now lounging on the ground, leaning against the bookshelf. Books were accumulated around him on the floor, waiting to be read. Jungkook had his legs pulled up to his chest, eyebrows were furrowed, and he was chewing on his bottom lip as if he was clearly deep in concentration. He reminded Tae of a uni student who was studying for a big exam.

Taehyung realized he had been staring far longer than he should've and quickly averted his gaze. He pulled his phone from his pocket, shot Jimin a quick text letting him know he wasn't mad anymore and was coming over after work as long as Jimin promised to have pizza at the house.


Taehyung's head shot up at the sharp pained sound. Jungkook was hunched over, previous book he was reading was now casted aside, holding his back as his face scrunched in pain.

"Oh my god, are you alright?!" Taehyung shouted as he darted up from his seat and rushed over and knelt down beside him. Jungkook let out another pained cry as Taehyung lightly touched his back.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry. W-what can I do to help?"

Jungkook groaned and rolled onto his side as the pain was momentarily too much to bare. One hand was gripping his hair tight while the other still held on to his back. Taehyung noticed blood seeping through the back of his hoodie.

"Dude, you're bleeding!" Taehyung started to freak out even more.

"I-It's alright." Jungkook managed to mumble as he tried to catch his breath.

"No it's not! You're bleeding and in pain. Obviously."

Jungkooks face was slowly relaxing and started to try to lift his body off the ground so he could sit upright. "The pain doesn't last long. It's just short sharp burst. It's nothing. See? I'm almost fine." He huffed out.

Taehyung stared at him as if he had grown a second head, "No! You are not fine! No one randomly had spouts of pain, bleeds, and then is suddenly fine! What happened to you?" Jungkook looked up at Taehyung through the hair that was covering his eyes.

"I-I got into sort of a fight earlier. Still recovering from it. The wound must of bled through the bandage." Taehyung gave him a once-over, still not convinced that the boy was 'fine'.

Jungkook caught on to his worried gaze, "I promise. I'm fine. I just need to get back to reading."

"Just-Just don't stay too long. You need your back looked at again. It needs a new bandage." Jungkook nodded and picked up the book he was previously reading as Taehyung walked back to his desk.

Taehyung tried to occupy his mind with work but no matter what he did, his eyes kept drifting over to Jungkook who was hunched over his book. He couldn't shake the feeling that something just wasn't okay.