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Sink Your Love In Me

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"Give me a chance, just a tiny sprinkle"

"Ha. Even a sprinkle would be a gigantic waterfall for you."

Taehyung whines like a kicked puppy, as Jeongguk rolls his eyes adjusting his bag.

"Shoo. Unlike an old man such as yourself , I got a pain-in the ass Humanities class to rush into"

Taehyung, once a kicked puppy gasps in joy as he jumps in front of the younger who nearly collided with.

"Um? Hello? I'm like the best person to teach you all about that shit, I was alive when roads in Greece were built"

Jeongguk rolls his eyes and takes a deep sigh.

"First, no. You aren't that old. And second, you'd be just listing all the types of people who threw themselves at you in different era's. And how I'm not one of them."

Taehyung begins to open his mouth but to Jeongguk's smirk of truth he shuts it, pouts as he watches Jeongguk push back him triumphantly and proceed to class.

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Story Begins Soon
Enjoy my trashy
Twilight version of a
Taekook fanfic.


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It all began at a trashy Halloween party that one of Jeongguk's Hyung's and best friend, Jimin, threw for the excuse of liquor and having a battle of tongues with his long term boyfriend, Yoongi. Jeongguk sighed as he ruffled his long black locks.

"I should cut my hair" he mumbles tracing his fingers through his bangs, wanting to ignore the obnoxiously large bunny ears on his head to match his way too tight bunny suit.

"Oh hell no." Jeongguk nearly jumps from the sudden voice, he turns around eyeing the pouting, broad-shouldered Hyung, Seokjin, and showing off  his 'spooky cat' outfit with fake blood on his chin, and a super fluffy pink dress.

"If I, your brother, stand by and let you cut your 'gorgeous locks' I will be certainly fried in front of the entire school body from your massive and quite obsessive fan club"

Jeongguk just stands there for a moment, only listening to the enhale of breaths Jin let out after his minor and pretty intense rant.

"I have a fan club?" Is the only thing Jeongguk responds with making Jin groan in annoyance.

"Whatever- never cut your hair got it? I don't care if it even grows long enough to use as a whip"

Both stare at each other in seconds of silence before bursting out into laughter.

"Anyways my baby bro, let's go to Jimin's I want to see my man" he wiggled his eyebrows making Jeongguk roll his eyes and huff.

"Yeah yeah, let's go and leave me at the door while the only 2 people I talk to make out with their boyfriends" Jeongguk blankly says as he reaches down for his jacket.

All he got was a playful sigh and dragged to the Uber.

Being October, the climate was of course cold, windy and rainy.
Jeongguk huddled up in his oversized black hoodie in the backseat as Jin proceed to talk the Uber drivers ears off with bunch of non-sense.

After a 15 minute drive Jeongguk got out waiting for Jin to pay the guy (I literally never used an Uber before so idk about how the payment is planned) and is welcomed with a middle-sized house with a forest of dark and thick trees swallowing the background.

Jin finally stepped out and they walked to the door, the music was muffled through the door and Jeongguk already groaned thinking how this night will go, seconds later after a quick knock, the door flung open and loud music with bright lights bellowed out the doorway into the rather cold and dim night.

Jimin, with a bright smile and sparkle in his eyes that seemed to compliment his bright orange and always soft, Jeongguk would say as he mindlessly would play with it when ever they cuddled, hair, welcomed them.

Jimin was dressing as a cute witch with a small orange witch hat, a broom he was holding as he had on a purple tank and black leather pants.

"Finally! Was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up, come in!" Jin smiled as Jeongguk nodded thankfully to get out of the cold.

Besides the usual heavy and humid air wanting to choke him, he didn't notice anything new, well besides the variety of Halloween costumes and random decorations. He hears his brother squeak his boyfriends, Namjoon's, name and internally sighs.

Already about to head over to find an empty seat preferably away from everyone. But then Jimin grabs his arm, "Nope. Not tonight, I have someone you should meet."

Jeongguk just rose an eyebrow as Jimin begin to walk while holding his arm but then stops and turns back around "firstly," he takes off Jeongguk's jacket whom is protesting and flings it somewhere, 'great now I have to find that later' he pouts as he ignores the obvious stares at his costume.

After pushing past people he begins to see familiar faces, Yoongi, Jimin's boyfriend whom is matching with the witch theme despite looking hilarious when all he does is stand there and frown, and Hoseok, wearing a large red Cape, fake fans with his hair styled back, who is talking loudly about something to the clearly uninterested Witch.

"Hey Yoongs, Hobi!" Jimin greets, this got their attention, Yoongi looks up and fondly smiles at Jimin and smiles in a warm greeting towards the youngest, the group says besides Jimin, Jeongguk made Yoongi soft, Hoseok smiles brightly at both and waves them over.

Hoseok then takes a second and look over Jeongguk and playfully whistles making Jeongguk flush.

"It suits you, bunny" Yoongi hums as he sips his red cup and Jeongguk groans in embarrassment.

"Where did he go?" Jimin huffs out looking all around, Jeongguk doesn't know what's going on.

"What do you think? Anything breathes and he chases" Yoongi shrugs, Hoseok tries to hold back his laughter, Jimin just rolls his eyes.

"Oh- Tae- hold on Kook" he rushes past him and Jeongguk looks even more confused than ever.

"My best friend is in town, remember I mentioned him couple times? He's into photography and art, Taehyung"

Then it clicks as he makes a small 'o' and nods.

"So Jimin wants me to meet him?" Hoseok nods then rubs the back of his neck nervously which was a rare sight making Jeongguk a bit nervous all the sudden.

Yoongi, noticing sighs, "nothing to be nervous about, hes just a bit eccentric"

"Eccentric like Hobi-Hyung?"

Hoseok fake gasps and playfully hits his shoulder, "Yah!"

Jeongguk giggles but then he hears a rather deep and new voice behind him.

"Woah who's the cutie making those giggles?" He stops and feels his heart speed up.

Jimin finally comes back over dragging a stranger over.

"Sorry Kook, I wanted you two to finally meet but he was busy eyefucking 3 different girls in the kitchen" This, gave Jeongguk a bit salt in his mouth.

He looks up through his locks and eyes the stranger, "Hey bunny, I'm Taehyung. Kim Taehyung, but you can call me Daddy"

Everyone groaned in disgust, including Jeongguk, 'this is what they meant'

He would remember this, he eyes Taehyung,

Taehyung was an inch taller, long silver-locks with sharp eyes matching his sharp cheek bones, perfect skin, really this guy looked like a model. He was dressed up as a Vampire like Hoseok, and for some odd reason Jeongguk thought vampires were all the sudden good looking. But then he shook his head remembering what he just said.

"I'm Jeon Jeongguk, and I preferred if you called me by my actual name" he sassed out, Taehyung froze, his smile faltered, the spark in his eyes ignited as everyone around them burst into laughter.

"Wow what a breath of fresh air, someone who doesn't fall for his charms" Hoseok cackles folding over Yoongi who chuckling.

"Wow, that's the first" Taehyung says, his dark and sharp eyes going impossibly darker as Jeongguk feels a bit of a chill go through him, but he brushes it off.

"Well this was great, but I'd rather just call another Uber and go home and feed my cat, peace" he mumbled out and waved and bowed to his Hyung's, ignoring the shock look from the newcomer, and proceeds to walk to the door.

"Wait!" Taehyung calls out making the younger stop and turn back, but then some pretty strangers started to crowd the older making Jeongguk shake his head, they locked eyes long enough for Jeongguk stick his tongue out and leave smirking.

He left the house that night laughing of the image of Taehyung's flustered face, and then he remembered his jacket was gone and now he has to go home showing off his costume.

Jimin, Jin, he will pay them back somehow.



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Jeongguk groaned hearing his phone ring loudly next to him. He clumsily reached for it with his eyes still glued shut with tiredness as he placed the phone to his ear, "Hello?" He grumbled out.

"It's like 10 am already, why are you still sleeping?" Came the scolding older Hyung, Jeongguk just huffed out.

"Anyways- I was calling to ask if you were okay, you left early" This got Jeongguk to smirk.

"Oh? You actually noticed me leaving in the middle of your exhibition intercourse? I'm quite honored" He purred making Jin screech.

Jeongguk chuckled to his brother's flustered words over the phone, "I'll be going back to sleep, I'm surprised you still have a voice after last night "

And he shut off before Jin could repeat his non-sense loudness over the phone.


And that's how the weekend came and went, Halloween now behind them, Jeongguk woke up fully rested Monday morning, despite all the scolding he couldn't escape from the day prior from an angry and flaming red Jin. He looked outside seeing it filled with hues of greys, he shrugged as he did his morning routine, grabbed some basic jeans that hugged his legs, a loose plain black shirt and an over sized dark grey hoodie, he grabbed his bucket hat and air pods and headed out.


The morning went by as usual, long and drawn out classes with bunch of tired students, cold and chilly air filled his body walking between halls and finally lunch came around, he got a text from Jimin and Yoongi to meet them at their spot like they do everyday, he replied with a short 'okay '.


Jeongguk walked up to the sound of his Hyung's voices.


"I told you not to drink so much, can't blame me you mistook an elderly lady as your ex girlfriend"  Yoongi huffed wrapping his arm around the current giggling, Jimin's waist.


Hoseok whined "You could've, I don't know, slapped me or something " Yoongi shook his head.


"Hey Hyungs" Jeongguk greeted sitting down at the table, he got some replies as Hoseok proceeded on.


"I'm never drinking again" He proclaimed, Jin walked up laughing.


"Yeah and I'll never suck Namjoon's dick again" This, caused Namjoon to choke on his own spit making everyone else burst into laughter.


"Gross" Jeongguk grumbled stabbing his salad, Jin shrugged and sat down with Namjoon whom was still rather flustered.


"So, Taehyung huh?" Jimin's voice broke the comfortable eating silence, Jeongguk frowned.


"If he never talked, I would've gladly gave him the ticket to rearranging my guts" He smiled cheekily watching his Hyung's either choke or whine about how nasty he is.


"Oh? " Came a new voice, he turned around and his eyes widen and felt his cheeks heat up seeing none other than Kim Taehyung smirking at him.


"So, all I have to do is not speak? Sold" Jeongguk groaned and ignoring his rapid heart beat as he turned back around and tried to hit his forehead on the table, but Jin's hand came in contact instead.


"Hey guys" Taehyung said as he sat down next to Hoseok whom smiled.


"What are you doing here bud?" Hoseok asked in curiosity and excitement.


"Well, I pulled some strings and now I'm officially a student here" 


Everyone was excited while Jeongguk tsk'd to himself.


Sadly, Taehyung didn't miss that and became even more amused by the younger.


Feeling the gaze on him Jeongguk got up, "Um- I got a paper to do I forgot about, bye" He hurried out of the cafeteria before anyone could respond.


"Jeez Tae, stop teasing him" Jimin sighed amused to Taehyung who shrugged but kept watching Jeongguk leave.





It was that night where Jin came banging on his door, "What?" Jeongguk mumbled out opening his door.


"First-" He smacked the back of the youngers head who nearly yelped, "Disrespectful, and second, I'm just here to check up on you" Jeongguk rose an eyebrow but let his older brother in anwyays.


"Ok, well I have to go pick up some ramen, want some?" Jin froze and looked at him with eyes filled with concern.


'What is with him tonight?' Jeongguk thought, "Um- Yeah ok." Jeongguk just slowly walked out shaking his head.


He grabbed his phone and mindlessly looked through apps.


This wasn't the first time Jin would randomly begin to act all worried and concern, but no matter how many times he has asked him he would just make up excuses or change the subject, and nothing ever happens so he just let's it go.


Being 8 at night in almost Winter, it's very cold, very dark and not many people are outside.


Jeongguk lives down the street from the local convivence store so if he ever ran out food to eat or just wanted a simple snack it was about a 10 minute walk to and back.


He walked in the store and grabbed some ramen, soda and extra snacks, he rung up his items and left.


He put his hood on as it was dropping by the second it seemed and he picked up his speed a bit quicker to get back inside his warm apartment.


Listening to music he didn't hear anyone following him, one minute he's watching the sidewalk thinking about his class assignments, making sure he did all of them when someone tugged harshly on the back of his elbow, his eyes widen as his heart quickened, he was swung backwards to the side and next thing he knew he was smashed against a brick wall, he hissed loudly feeling the throbbing pain on the back of his head.


Eyes squinch from surprise and pain, he slowly opened them only wishing he hadn't, he was met with two bright red eyes, extremely pale face and a wicked smile.


His air pods ripped out he felt the extreme cold touch from this thing. 


"Mhm, you smell divine… and you got a pretty lil head on your shoulders, I got lucky tonight" Jeongguk gulped to the raspy and sickening voice.


He couldn't move an inch, head pounding and legs weak from the fear inching up his spine.


"Aw, you're too scared to even speak. So cute" He smiled wider showing off two bright and large fangs.


Jeongguk felt he was breathless, 'Vampire?!


The 'Vampire' seemed to read minds as his wide smile morphed into a smirk, "Oh? Pretty boy already knows. This will make it easier"


And within a breath of a second he felt the coldness of the Vampire's face graze against his, going towards his neck.


His fight or flight finally seemed to kick in, ignoring the pain in his head he tried to struggled the best he could but this only caused the other to chuckle against his skin.


"Too late pretty thing, don't worry I won't suck you dry, I want to keep you for later" And with that he felt the sharp pain of two fangs stabbing into his skin.


He whined loudly in despair and pain as he looked up at the dark sky, stars twinkled down at him as he felt himself beginning to fade.


The disgusting slurping noise rung in his ears as he could feel his body being sucked out of him, his arms dangling on each side, his head laid back against the cold brick.


He felt his eyes beginning to shut, then all the sudden the fangs were ripped out and the Vampire was thrown back with a loud snapping noise.


"What the fuck?!" The thing screeched, Jeongguk slowly slide down the wall onto his ass as he couldn't move, he saw blackness cornering his vison as he saw a familiar grey mop of hair, 'Taehyung' He thought, he felt himself smile as he closed his eyes.






He awoken to his brother's muffled voice, "Well thank god you were there before he could've found out"  Jin sounded angry and upset.

Found out? ' Jeongguk thought as he winced in pain, his head and his entire body aching.


'Well shit, not my fault he doesn't know' Taehyung replied. 


'Know what? ' He thought again, he wanted to hear more and clearer but moving was too much for his body to handle.


Before either could continue their hushed conversation, they heard the bed squeak and Jin ran over to the bed with Jeongguk, his eyes still closed.


"Are you okay?" Jin gently placed the pillow under his back to let him sit up, Jeongguk finally opened his eyes.


"Peachy" He grumbled, he was in his room with Jin hovering over him and Taehyung awkwardly standing next to the door.


Despite how much of a douche Taehyung is with his feelings, "Thank you" Jeongguk said, honesty dancing in his eyes.


Taehyung ignored the butterflies, "O-of course" He coughed trying to hide his flushed cheeks making Jeongguk smile.


Jin looked between the two "Well let's hold off the flirting for now, at least til Kook gets better" Now it was time for Jeongguk to become flustered.


"Yah! Hyung!" Jin giggled.


Taehyung smiled warmly and then caught himself, smiling sliding off his face, "Well I'll come back" He swiftly walked out before Jeongguk could reply.



After few moments of silence, "Do you remember what happened last night?" Jin asked softly.


Jeongguk nodded, biting his lip. "Wish it was a nightmare" He sighed out, curling up his knees.


Jin frowned and gently placed his hand on his blanket covered knee.


"I know... I know..." He trailed off.


Jeongguk looked up at saw the pure sadness in his Hyung's eyes, "Hyun-" He was cut off.


"Rest Kook. I'll make you soup when you wake up" And before he could protest Jin walked out of his room.


Jeongguk sighed a bit frustrated and laid back down slowly, wincing in aches.





"Vampires literally suck" He grumbled out and went to sleep.