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The 色松 fun

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A phone with a pink case laid on the floor, surrounded by small glass shards you wouldn’t notice at first glance.
The screen still made an attempt to reflect the two faces hovering above it.

“... We’re dead” said Ichimatsu, who was holding a sledgehammer.

“... Yep” said Karamatsu, his face still red.


Karamatsu and Ichimatsu were playing hide and seek the moment their brothers left the house. It was just so fun! The “I hate you, kusomatsu” routine just got so DULL sometimes, even the hopeless brothers who can’t get along needed a break to be kids again sometimes.

It was when the fourth born was searching the second born in the living room that he noticed Totty’s phone had been abandoned on the kotatsu.
“hey, hey, Karamatsu! look what I found!”
Karamatsu popped his head from under the kotatsu the next second with a goofy exited smile “what is it??”
Ichi pointed at the phone and both grinned maliciously.
They sat down and Ichi grabbed the phone and tried going through the lockscreen.
“What password do you think it could be this time?” Ichimatsu turned to Karamatsu.
“hmmmmmmmmmm…………. How about… ‘iwillkillyou124’? I managed to follow his finger not so long ago.”
“tsk, he’s been on to us.” he sounded more intrigged than bothered.
It turns out Karamatsu did something right for once in his life, because they were brought to the home screen right after.
After about an hour and a half of invading Todomatsu’s accounts,starting with akatsutagram, laughing at the pictures of his “friends” and mocking his own, posting shitposts and shit posts then making weird creepy replies to the people who kept posting and telling him on hijirimail to heart them. When that got kinda boring they went to tsuitar and started tweeting shit Osomatsu would tweet, like how his little brother talks to such nice ladies but can’t get laid or how he wants one of his favourite girlfriends to appear to him just like that erotic dream he had once and then started laughing at his friend’s posts again.
They did things of this fashion to every social app they could find, nothing and no one was spared, all framed as the shitty eldest.
It was when they were searching through Totty’s history that they had an awesome, at the time, idea: search their own names on google.
It started with Karamatsu, but nothing really interesting appeared other than photos his Karamatsu girls took and some fanart and angst and creepy sites telling his history they reported.
Then they moved on to Ichimatsu, basically the same.
Then they put both their names together.
All hell broke loose the moment they found fanfiction, they read the lemon with their mouths agape and red faces, until Ichimatsu couldn’t take it anymore, threw the phone away and smashed it.


As Karamatsu went through the afternoon in his mind, he remembered an important detail.
“Osomatsu” he said.
“Osomatsu” Ichimatsu echoed.
They high-fived and with it smashed the memories of the weirdly hot fiction and shoved it under the bed.


It only took a moment of searching for Todomatsu to ask “Where’s my phone?”.
It didn’t take long for the sextuplets faces stop looking around each other for them to focus on Osomatsu.
“eh” were his last words.


There’s a secret the brothers who can’t be in a room together share. They actually like being in a room together a lot, but it’s hard to do what they want when there are 8 other eyes in the same room as them, specially for the purple one, who responds to frustration and anxiety with violence and tsundereness. So they made a deal, the Purple would keep a hate facade in front of the others to keep them from trying to figure out how their relationship was actually very friendly and the Blue would exaggerate his painful behaviour so there was an excuse for the Purple’s violence. Even when the others were encouraged by the Purple’s behaviour they didn’t stop. All the fun talks, games, sharing, gossiping and enjoying eachothers company proved to be worth it, it’s not like much of the other’s treatment towards them changed and they could have fun without worrying about their mocking.

That was the truth only them could ever know.