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Sitting on Rich's lap, playing (more like YANKING) with his beard,
Nat yawns several times; she's having so much fun, though, and fights
against her inexorable sleepiness-its past her naptime.

Tasha goes over to where Rich is seated, reaching out to collect her
Daughter from the tech wiz. Nat, of course, is less than happy.

"No!, " Nat cries, twisting in her Mother's arms. Mami, NO!

"Ya, hombre, vamos a dormir, yuyyyuy...yayaya...tiene mimis,
yayaya...acostamos las dos...OK, OK..." as she goes down the hall to
Nat's room, she calls back over her shoulder, " Guys, I need to lay
down with her a few minutes-back in ten."

The two agents call back their agreement, then concentrate on clearing the
table. As they do, Rich says, "You know what a Madrina is,
right? I don't just mean how do define it, I mean the job description."

"YES, Richdotcom; of course I know. I'm responsible to not only help
contribute for her 'coming-out' celebration, but also her college expenses, that."

"Ooooh...'coming out'...that sounds interesting!" Rich of course, is joking.

"Quinceñera, lab rats," Zapata says, returning from putting Nat
to sleep. "When Nat reaches 15 years old, there's a huge celebration, and
yes, ALL of the GodParents contribute. Some are in charge of putting the food,
some the music, some the celebration hall, etc."

"Damn!", exclaims Paterson. No one mentioned ANY of this when I agreed
to this Madrina gig!"

"Stop crying, Blonde One," scolds RDC. "You're filthy rich; you can afford to throw
the Kid a few HUNDRED of those shin-digs."

"Riiiight!," Zapata chimes in.

From Paterson: "BOTH of ya'll can kiss my well-padded ass!"

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"You're stressing way too much, Paterson: you contribute where necessary, IF necessary;
other than that, you provide birthday gifts, graduation gifts, that kind of thing.

Rich says, a little 'pouty', "I guess that leaves ME out."

DEEP sight from Tasha. "Rich, you're giving me a headache, okay? If Paterson is Nat's GodMother, and
you and she will be Parents someday, so, GOD HELP ME, you have to be included by default."

Rich is ecstatic. "Day by day, she who shall not be named, you are getting closer and closer to BEING NAMED.
Very, VERY soon."

"Yeah, Yeah...Paterson, can you crack that wine-the red, please? Nat will be down for at least two hours."

They chat, joking and gossiping as good, trusting friends do. Tasha broaches the subject of the data geeks'
attempts to conceive. "How is that going?

Blushing, Paterson grins and replies, "It's going...he may be a stubby, chunky, bulky little three-quarters talented
egomaniac ("Easy!", cautions Rich), but he's not half-bad in the bed-sheets...capable, actually."

"Rich Dot Com! Swinging the dick!" Tasha and Paterson bump fists.

"Don't I get a 'dap'?", asks Rich.

The two Women dap him, and the three continue their gab-fest.

Paterson is curious about something: "Are you and Edgar going to have another one?"

"He wants another...probably when Nat is a year, or fifteen months or so. I LOVE being a will you," she assures Paterson.

This from Paterson: "Rich...are you CRYING?

"NO! Something in my eye!"