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Chubby Youtubers/Ego's Oneshots & Headcanons

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Hello Everyone this is my first time posting stuff on here and anyway i hope you all enjoy it :P
Like I said most of these will be coming from my Wattpad account but will create new oneshots and headcanons

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The first moment Dark’s eyes landed on the baker as he watched from outside the bakery seeing their gorgeous smile or the way their (h/c) gently swayed as they rushed around the bakery grabbing pastries that people ordered stirred something deep inside the demon that he never felt before. His heart sped up just by seeing them his hands became sweaty and his stomach churned for unknown reasons just by seeing this breath-taking human, straightening his pristine jacket and cracking his neck Dark walked towards the door and walked in confidently with the cane lightly tapping against the ground.
You sighed tiredly as the last of the lunch rush hour was over as it became more calmer like it usually does. Brushing your (h/c) hair to the side you grabbed a damp washcloth and started to clean the light blue counter humming a gentle song to yourself as you swayed your hips side to side not seeing the unknown person standing outside, hearing the bell chime signalling a new customer you stopped what you doing quickly tightening the apron around your body before looking up with a wide smile on your face.

“Welcome to (y/n)’s mouth-gasmic bakery, how may I help you?” you said happily seeing a pale guy with black hair and a clean, black suit that perfectly fitted over his buff, muscular body showing off his big beefy arms.

“Hello sweetcheeks...I’m newish around here there anything you recommend?” Dark asked standing in front of the counter looking all over the pastries that on the display and grinned seeing a blush appearing on your cheeks. You stood there frozen on the spot with your mouth open slightly hearing this handsome young devil calling you sweetcheeks before recovering and smiling at him again.

“Well I always either recommend the chocolate chip cookies or the fudge brownies because you get your money’s worth as you get a handful of cookies/brownies for 3 dollars or get a dozen for 6 dollars” You replied cheerfully watching the man tap his chin for a few seconds before looking directly into your eyes.

“Could I get the dozen brownies?” Dark spoke deeply switching the cane from right hand to his left as he reached inside his jacket pocket for the wallet that he’d borrowed from Wilford which was a disgusting pink colour which made the demon cringe on the inside.

“Did you want a bag to eat at home or a plate if you staying here Mr...”

“Dark, my name is Dark and a plate would be great” Dark finished your sentence pulling out 6 dollars and watched you intently seeing you turn around to grab a clean, plate his eyes landing down on your butt causing the demon to lick his lips before looking back up acting like a gentleman. You stacked the dozen brownies onto the plate before placing them onto the counter where you thanked the man as he gave you the money and where you introduced yourself.

“These look heavenly (y/n) a gorgeous angel like you has an amazing skill” Dark winked before turning around and headed over to a nearby small round table located at the front window where he could easily take glances at you. If you had any coffee or anything in general in your mouth you would’ve spat it out hearing the man compliment you, you tried to focus on the work that needed to be done from cleaning the nearby tables, polishing the counter and restocking some more pastries but you couldn’t help but glance at the stranger watching him eat brownie after brownie quite quickly seeing a relax smile on his face which made a more realistic smile appear as you always enjoyed seeing people liking your pastries. An idea popped inside your head as you quickly got a big bag and put a day or two old pastries that you usually take home or throw away and started piling cupcakes, cookies, brownies and some large slices of cake for this mysterious, charming person called Dark.

‘There’s something different about him but...he’s a charmer and a great butt to look at’ You thought to yourself placing the full big bag on the counter. Hearing a wooden chair scraping against the floor you looked in the direction of Dark seeing him walking towards your way with an empty plate with a tiny tapping sound as his cane lightly hit the floor, smiling you took the plate from him placing it on the counter.

“So Dark...Normally I over bake pastries and usually toss them away and I thought why not give you the leftovers they only a day old so they should be fine” You said very quickly feeling heat rising to your cheeks leaving you bright red as a cherry in front of this handsome man. Taking a look at Dark’s face you saw a wide smile plastered on his pale face along with such pure joy shining in those dark black eyes you just noticed.

“That’s..the nicest thing anybody ever done for me, thank you (y/n)” Dark replied with a softer voice as he gently grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on the back causing your blush to spread to the tips of your ears. Dark chuckled seeing your blush and grabbed the full bag and grabbed two cookies and shoving them into his mouth.
“It was nice meeting you (y/n) and you look cute when you blush” Dark commented before leaving the bakery feeling all warm and tingling in his stomach. You stood there in the quietness of the bakery all alone placing a hand on your chest.
‘I hope I meet Dark again’ You thought before continuing to tidy up your bakery.

That was a month ago since the first interaction between the two of you and Dark came from Monday to Saturday every single day apart from Sunday since you close the bakery on that day. The demon always shows up after lunch hour rush ordering something, flirting and complimenting you which always left you a blushing mess and you end up giving him more leftover pastries for him to take home. However, a few things started to change from Dark’s order getting bigger from a dozen brownies to 24 cookies and a handful of brownies even sometimes a large slice of cake as well, secondly you took extra notice of the fact that the man started to fill out his clothes more as his once, lean stomach rounded out creating a basketball size pudgy belly that bulges outwards pushing tightly against his jacket, his chiselled, strong jawline disappeared in a layer of fat giving Dark two roundish chubby cheeks and his new bigger bubble butt tightly packed into his tight trousers that threatened to rip the seams. All of this always left you softly biting your lip and always getting distracted by him eating and slowly shuffling out with a larger, bloated gut that it appears Dark hasn’t noticed or just plainly ignored it.

“Good afternoon (y/n), busy like always?” Dark said as he walked into the bakery with the bell chiming. Wiping away the sweat that gathered on your forehead you smiled at him while you took a quick glance at Dark’s rotund, plump belly that started to jiggle slightly with each step he took.

“Always busy during lunch hour, anyway good afternoon Dark. Same as always?” You said already pulling out a plate and started to pile some sweet, tasty pastries that you already remember his order.

“You’re an absolute best (y/n) and could I have a private talk to you when you free?” Dark asked pulling out the exact change he needed and placed it on the squeaky-clean table.

“Of course, Dark I’ll be over in a couple of minutes” You replied giving the plate filled with pastries to Dark who grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles before walking away which never failed to make you blush. You got the money Dark left putting it away in the cashier and took off the apron and hung it up and slowly walked towards where the man sat already stuffing his face with brownies.

“Dark? You wanted a word with me?” You asked standing next to him observing how he already finished all of 24 brownies. Turning his chair around so he was facing you Dark nervously brushed his hair aside and stuffed two cookies into his mouth which you could easily tell the man was nervous and you gently grabbed his free hand and rubbed soothing circles on it which seemed to calm him down.

“I..urgh do you perhaps want to go on a date with me?” Dark asked his normally pale cheeks turning red as he looked into your eyes trying to read your reaction.

“Of course, Dark, I would like that” You happily responded leaning forward and placing a loving kiss on the demon’s soft lips and nose causing Dark to exhale and accidentally pop a button of his jacket. You bit your lip softly seeing the button fly off from the man’s jacket to reveal Dark’s tightly white button up shirt and you placed a hand on the side of the demon’s chunky, tubby gut and lightly patted it.

“You looked hot before Dark but now you look even hotter than before” You spoke honestly which made Dark less embarrassed as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for another kiss. Later on, you did find out that he was a demon and what happened in the past plus the things he did but never in your life you doubted your love for Dark and stayed by his side.

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Jackie grunted loudly as he accidentally took a deep breath making pain spike where he’d most likely got a broken rib from fighting his long-term enemy Anti who currently unconscious on the floor by the superhero’s feet in a middle of an empty abandoned warehouse. Jackie’s whole body was sore, aching and covered in cuts the hero used his red gloved hand to wipe away a bit of blood trailing down his nose before picking up a very lightweight villain and tossing the demon over his shoulder, the superhero ignored how his body screamed in pain to stop moving as Jackie tiredly walked over to a single chair in the middle of a dusty, trashed room filled with broken glass, cans and wood laying on the floor with a large clear container filled with a strange bright green liquid not too far away from the chair. Placing the unconscious Anti on the chair Jackie worked in silence letting out some heavy pain filled breaths as he grabbed some nearby ropes and tied his youngest brother’s arms behind the chair and tied Anti legs to the chair legs as well.

“What happened to you Anti? Where’s the happy, smiling younger brother who would greet us with a hug and love spending time with us” Jackie said grabbing the unconscious Anti’s shoulders and lightly digging his nails into the demon’s black shirt. The superhero could feel his arms shaking his vision becoming blurry with unshed tears trying to spill as he blamed himself for his younger brother turned out like this, blinking back tears Jackie reluctantly let go of Anti’s shoulders and quietly shuffled over to the mysterious container grabbing a tube that is connected to it and pulled it along as the hero walked back over to the demon and slid the see-through tube past Anti’s pale lips into his mouth and down his throat.

“I’m sorry Anti....Antonio but this has to stop. Now” Jackie croaked out walking away from his brother over to the container and waited patiently for the demon to wake up.

‘Fork my ass, my head hurts’ Anti thought as he slowly started to wake up. The demon became more aware of his surroundings feeling something hard in his mouth plus having his arms and legs locked onto the wooden chair having zero room to move, blinking his eyes multiple times to clear away the bleariness Anti saw he was in a decrepit broken-down warehouse with the early morning glow of the sun starting to raise in the sky. The demonic ego eyes widened remembering the past events of Jackieboy getting the advantage over him and knocking him out cold, Anti started to struggle pulling with all of his might against the ropes doing nothing but causing the ropes to tighten around him and making him wince.

“It’s about time you woke up Anti. I been waiting about 40 minutes for you so I can start your punishment and get to the bottom of this....issue” Jackie spoke up seeing his younger brother struggling on the chair. Anti narrowed his eyes looking over at the superhero who was leaning against the container with his arms crossed looking a little smugly which made the demon’s blood boil and started to shout but with the tube in his mouth it came out muffled noises. It was this exact time the demon felt something hard placed in his mouth leading into his throat, looking down Anti saw a clear tube leading from his mouth all the way to the large container filled with green colour which was the same brightly colour as the demon’s neon green hair.

“I will explain what is stuff does while you chug down this heavenly drink, bon appetit” Jackie spoke up seeing the other ego looking at the container with wide terrified eyes. Looking over at the hero Anti saw Jackie flipping a lever before a whirling sound filled the room as the fans came alive and the liquid quickly started to move down the tube heading straight towards the demon.

“Hmphh, Hmphh” Anti let out a few muffled moans as he watched the liquid enter his mouth and straight down his throat into his stomach. Anti shivered feeling the cool liquid settling in his stomach as he continued to drink it against his will but his attention got pulled away from the tube as the hero tapped on the container making the demon look over with a look between murderous and frightened.

“This liquid here is a potion made by Marvin that temporary disables your power to glitch away” Jackie started with a sweet innocent smile on his face as he watched the ego forced to drink the potion. Several minutes of silence and Jackie’s unnerving stare without blinking the container was empty the hero flipped the machine off and gently pulled the tube out of Anti’s mouth who immediately let out a massive belch that echoed across the empty warehouse.

“Once I’m free...I’m gonna kick your ass Jackie” Anti growled out menacingly taking a few deep breaths as he felt a weird warm sensation start to bubble in the pits of his stomach but Anti paid no attention to it. Meanwhile Jackie simply waved his index finger side to side smiling stretching into a grin seeing the black shirt that Anti normally wears that clings tightly to the demon’s lean stomach start to slowly move upwards as Anti’s flat stomach was replaced by a small pudgy potbelly and kept on swelling.

“Oh...second thing the potion will make you gain weight quite quickly and trapping you here for some time” Jackie simply stated pointing at his younger brother’s stomach. Anti nervously gulped slowly looking down letting out a loud yelp seeing a round, plump belly that was the size of a basketball that kept on expanding as it picked up the pace a bit, the black shirt started to roll upwards being pushed up by the man’s swelling gut as inch by inch the ego’s chubby flabby skin got revealed more by the second.

“Grrr make it stop before I’ll kill you” Anti threatened menacingly feeling the waistband of his jeans start to tighten as the demon’s love handles started to spill over the sides and his stomach resting comfortingly on his lap putting serious strain on the button.

“I’ll can’t Antonio, anyway you deserve this for all the cruel things you done” Jackie commented biting his lip to stop himself from laughing. Anti quietly whined as he started to struggle once again thrashing in his chair trying to escape from the ropes around his legs and arms but couldn’t his struggle only making his doughy, soft paunch wobble a bit. The warm feeling spread to the rest of Anti’s body his once chiselled cheekbones replaced by two chubby cheeks with a noticeable second chin, his brawny arms coated in a layer of fat along with his hands plumping up causing the ropes to creak loudly, the demon’s well build muscular thighs fattened up in the jeans causing the inner seams to pop and his normally small butt rounded out lifting Anti in the seat making the jeans ride down revealing his ass crack while all of this happening Anti’s basketball size stomach expanded larger to the size of a beach ball and his shirt sitting on top of the demon’s blubbering beerbelly.

“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry Jackie, I’m sorry for everything I did. Everyone started to push me a side making me feel unwanted, isolated and I didn’t know what to do, I’m sorry” Anti said in a panic the chair creaking loudly as it couldn’t hold Anti’s weight much more as his huge ass started to hang off the chair. Jackie looked on with a frown on his face as he tried to recall all the times he’d was too busy to hang out with his younger brother and sometimes plainly ignored Anti.

“Oh gosh...” Jackie whispered feeling like a terrible big brother. The button on the demon’s jeans popped off as his massive chunky belly covered more of his lap and pushed the zipper down then the ropes that was around the ego’s plump chubby arms ripped to shreds at the same time as the chair failed and the legs cracked to pieces sending Anti onto the hard concrete floor with a loud thump sound making every inch of the man’s tubby body jiggle violently. A few seconds later the growth stopped leaving the now very large, chubby demon stranded on the floor impossible to stand up and Anti had green tears rolling down his chubby cheeks as he hysterically crying.

“Just kill me big bro, everyone already fucking hates me. No one wants me” Anti cried out hiding his face in his hands. Jackie let out a sharp exhale hearing those words leave his youngest brother’s lips and instinctively his big brother instincts kicked in and rushed over to Anti and ignored the burst of pain flashed through his body and kneeled on the floor and cradled his brother’s head on his lap.

“Don’t say that Ant! No one can hate you, I can’t hate you brother” Jackie replied feeling a couple of tears escaping his eyes. The superhero lightly hummed a tune using his gloved hand to lightly comb through Anti’s green hair as his other hand wiped away a few tears from his brother’s face, several minutes later the demon manages to calm down enough to look up at Jackie with wide sad eyes that broke Jackie’s heart to pieces.

“I’m sorry Ant! For everyone making you feel unwanted and unloved that you had to do this” Jackie apologised giving his younger brother a wobbly smile.

“I’m sorry too Jackie for causing everyone misery and pain...” Anti replied softly raising his flabby arms in the air for a hug. Chuckling Jackie give his demonic brother a hug and whispered comforting words that everything will be okay.

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The nice alluring aroma of freshly cooked food woke Ethan from his deep slumber opening his hazel eyes slowly his face was turned facing the closed curtains seeing a stripe of sunlight coming through. Groaning softly the blue hair male turned over to face his boyfriend with a sleepy smile on his face but to his surprise he finds that Mark’s side of the bed was empty and cold signalling that he’s been gone for some time now, sitting upwards the duvet fell pooling underneath his shirtless pudgy beerbelly Ethan nose caught the scent again looking around he saw a massive tray placed on his bedside table. Leaning his back against the cushioned velvet headboard the younger youtuber took the tray placing it over his lap and admiring the delicious mountain size of food that his boyfriend made for him, ten pancakes stacked on top of each other with plentiful of syrups above the pancakes that it started to run down slowly at the edges like a waterfall and on the side are handful of mouth-watering chewy well cooked bacon that was begging the male to eat them as well as a note and a small vase containing a single rose that made Ethan smile wider.

“Good morning my sweet gummy bear, I hope that you rested well and had pleasant dreams. When you done enjoying your breakfast you need to find me, I have a surprise for you.
Love Mark"

Chuckling Ethan picked up his fork stabbing a piece of bacon with it and ripped a piece off using his teeth. Moaning in delight Ethan couldn’t get enough of his boyfriend’s cooking it was mainly this reason that he put on a good amount of weight roughly 60 pounds and that Mark definitely loves the blue hair man’s new body taking any opportunity to stuff Ethan with food until he was full and stuffed. With hunger and enthusiasm, the male dug into his breakfast like he didn’t eaten anything for a week soon finding himself halfway through his pancakes and all the bacon completely disappeared into his slowly expanding bloating round gut. Burping loudly Ethan set the tray to the side pulling the duvet off his legs revealing his chunky thick thighs that was coated in love bites and some littered around his plush tummy as last night Mark rocked his world, rubbing his slightly full stomach Ethan stood up making his way around to find some clothes his boated pudgy gut and his puffed-up bubble butt jiggled with each step he took. Ethan decided to put on a pair of grey sweatpants that comfortably wrapped around his chunkier bottom half and his boyfriend’s lucky flannel that snugly buttoned around his protruding round paunch causing gaps to appear in between them, looking at himself in the mirror Ethan grimaced seeing acne covering his face and his very noticeable second chin.

‘You are perfect in my eyes Ethan, no matter if you have acne or gone deaf or lost your arm, I will always love you my blue angel’ Mark’s words rung inside the younger male’s mind bringing a shy smile on his face as he styled his blue hair to the side for a few minutes before deciding it was enough and headed for the living room.

Reaching the brightly lit room that the sunlight shined through the multiple windows and the sliding door that connected to the backyard Ethan looked around puzzled seeing no one or hearing anything at all until small pitter patter sounds of paws hitting the floor came from the kitchen revealing Chica herself her soft clean golden fluff glistening in the light as her tail wagged swiftly behind her and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Upon seeing the human Chica barked happily dashing towards him like a speeding bullet the bark made Ethan turn just in time to see a blurry yellow figure pouncing on him knocking him down onto the floor on his back.

“CHICA NO!” Ethan giggled loudly as Chica stood above him her two front paws standing on his squishy chubby belly sinking a bit in the flesh. Chica being the good doggo she is attacked Ethan with kisses and licks all over his face making the male laugh even louder the blue hair male laughed so hard that he struggled to get his breath and took a massive breath which was a mistake as the action popped a button off the flannel flinging it somewhere in the living room revealing the man’s hollow belly button. 30 seconds later Ethan manage to get Chica off of him as he sat up wiping away saliva from his cheeks smiling super cheerfully at the dog who was nudging her wet nose at his arm, Ethan saw a white piece of paper underneath Chica’s pink collar and carefully took it while petting Chica.

“Nearly there blueboi, come outside into the backyard” The note read. Placing the paper on the floor Ethan stood up on wobbly legs as he petted Chica one last time.

“Good girl Chica, I love you” Ethan said in a childish voice earning a happy bark from Chica who decided to walk around the house and walked underneath the man’s legs wondering down the hallway. Opening the sliding door that got jammed roughly halfway Ethan turned sideways and shuffled along his tubby belly jutted out brushing against the frame of the door but overall manage to get outside. There were rose petals on the ground leading towards a area behind a massive bush that he couldn’t see, following the trail of petals the blue hair male came to a stop seeing his boyfriend Mark in a clean well-tailored white tuxedo clinging to his well buffed frame wearing a red tie.

“Good morning Blueberry” Mark spoke with a nervous smile on his face taking a couple of steps towards Ethan who was frozen in place. The black hair male took the younger male’s hands and kneeled on the floor looking up at Ethan with so much adoration, admiration and love that it made Ethan’s ears turn red.

“I know I have said this many times Ethan but I love you with all of my heart and I couldn’t possibly imagine my world without you in it, I love how damn positive you are majority of the time, I love how you always see the good in people, I love how you always make me smile and laugh at your silly antics and I definitely love your sexy body and this wasn’t planned in advance but in a very short notice like 3 hours ago” Mark said some of his words jumbled as his nerves getting the better of him but Ethan knew what he was trying to say and it brought happy tears in his eyes as the blue hair male tried to blink them away. One of Mark’s hands went inside his pocket bringing out a small light blue box which made Ethan’s eyes bulge out of their sockets.

“Ethan will you do me the honor and make me the happiest man alive and marry me” Mark opened the box revealing a plastic rainbow ring. Ethan didn’t care if it wasn’t a real ring because this romantic action right here screams Mark the same Mark that he fell for and tears rolled down his face as the younger male nodded his head up and down fast.

“Yes, Mark a thousand times yes” Ethan whispered voice cracking slightly. Mark placed the ring on Ethan’s finger before wrapping his arms around his love and swinging him around and around in a circle as Mark screamed happily.

“I love you so much Ethan and I don’t think there’s enough words in the dictionary to describe my love for you”

“I love you too Marker, you done so ma-many things for me and and” Ethan cut himself off as he got a bit emotional. Both men simply stayed outside and hugged each other either one of them wanting to let go.

“Are you wearing my lucky flannel and you POPPED a button” Mark said gasping dramatically seeing the ruined flannel in front of him.

“Oopsie” that all Ethan said.

“I think someone been a bad boy and needs a good punishment” Mark growled out seductively the sound sending shivers down Ethan’s spine. The older male tossed Ethan over his shoulder and walked towards the house and for Ethan he has got a very long pleasurable, tortuous steamy day in front of him.

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“Bubbles are fun, everyone going to love BUBBLES” Wilford silly accent vibrated across the meeting room. Today is the same old for the Iplier ego’s every Monday have a meeting that lasts for 2 hours Wilford demanding about how Bubbles will help them achieve their goals which everyone can see that the pink hair male is joking but at the same time being completely serious. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the table Dark sat straight up perfect posture with his elbows on the squeaky-clean table his black eyes glaring menacingly harder every second the hyperactive trigger-happy maniac babbles on about bubbles.

Bubble this, Bubble that. It’s all Wilford talks about. Fuck bubbles they useless just like Host.’

‘Bubbles, guns, murder and junk food are apparently the only things that idiot thinks/talks about, oh and he loves to taunt me about me becoming a fatass’ Glancing around the room Dark saw every single ego looking bored out of their minds but still paying very little attention to Wilford. Taking his chance, the demon looked down a frown appearing on his blank neutral face seeing the huge gut like dome protruding outwards against his jacket making a very noticeable large bump his tubby abdomen sat on his lap, narrowing his eyes Dark’s pudgy fingers that look like sausages skimmed the clothed surface of his belly and when his fingers brushed the two shiny black buttons they came undone revealing a very tight button up white shirt that the buttons looked ready to pop off at any moment with bits of tan soft flesh peeking out in between the gaps of the buttons.

“Stupid delicious food” Dark growled out quietly so not drawing any unwanted attention to his beach ball size stomach. Unknown to the demon ego a pair of cold robotic brown orbs glanced in his direction scanning the supernatural entity soft squishy dad bod smirking for a second before returning to its natural resting bitch face before looking back at Wilford.

“and did I mention about Bubbles?” Wilford asked earning a collective moans from everyone in the room, before the energetic pink hair man could continue to speak about bubbles once again Dark interrupted him.

“Wilford as much as I “Love” for you to talk about bubbles it’s lunch time, the meeting is over. Same time next week everyone” Dark spoke up as majority of the egos gave out a sigh of relief before heading out of the meeting room with Wilford flicking the pink straps of his suspenders.

“Eric could I talk to you for a moment?” Dark asked watching as the last ego stopped at the door and nervously turned around his favorite handkerchief twisting in his hands as a nervous habit.

“How is everyone treating you so far here?” the demon questioned turning his chair slightly to that he was directly facing Eric who was wobbling slowly towards his boss on his crappy slowly breaking prosthetic legs.

“E-everthing is g-great sir, everyone is s-s-super nice to me” Eric stuttered out when he stood two short steps away from his boss. Nodding his head Dark gave a short genuine smile that usually reserved for Wilford and Eric, Dark eyebrows furrowed seeing the shy nervous boi wobble on the spot and his dark black eyes zoned on in on the ego’s prosthetic legs.

“Are your legs malfunctioning or falling apart Eric?”

“Y-yes s-sir" Eric shyly looked down with his cheeks blossoming in redness.

“I let Google know so that he can build you new better ones for you” Silence filled the room for a couple of seconds before Eric nearly flew straight at Dark hiding his face in the demon’s chubby chest as he cried happily while saying thank you over and over. Grunting with the added pressure Dark looked down in alarm with wide eyes not knowing what to do in this situation but he slowly wrapped his meaty thick arms around the shaking male hugging him tightly, for 5 minutes they stayed like that before Eric calmed down and pulled away wiping away the tears with his yellow handkerchief.

“T-thank you dad” Eric mistakenly said his eyes widening in horror and before he could utter an apology the demon rose his hand in the air which immediately made Eric freeze on the spot.

“I’m glad that you see me as your father figure Eric, thank you...son and go enjoy your lunch break” Smiling brightly Eric nodded and wobbled out of the meeting room leaving Dark all alone in the room. Leaning back in his comfy leather brown chair Dark closed his eyes enjoying the quietness of the once loud, noisy room that always caused the demon to have headaches, the only sound that could be heard was the occasional creak from the chair the ego was sitting and the buttons straining to hold in the demon’s wide blubber belly.

“My sensors indicate that you are stressed Dark, do you want protocol 275 FEAST to be activated” A robotic emotionless voice piped up from the entryway of the meeting room.

‘Google’ Dark thought tensing his shoulders and opening his eyes seeing the robot ego standing in front of him his cold brown eyes staring down at him holding a mischievous glint in them.

“Protocol 275 FEAST? Don’t activ-” Dark started to say but the other ego spoke up cutting off the demon’s speech.

“Protocol 275 has been initiated, Target Darkiplier commencing the sequence” Google’s eyes glowed red as well as the normally white glow of the G on his blue shirt shifted color to a deep dark red and before the demon could blink or move a plate appeared in Google’s hand holding a large piece of chocolate cake with cream and jam on the inside.

“Google deacti-” Dark tried to demand his voice deep and angry but Google used this as his chance to shove a huge piece of cake he cut off and shoving it into the demon’s mouth. Startled by the action Dark chewed quickly then swallowing, again opening his mouth to demand Google to stop but like before the robot shoved another big piece of cake into the ego’s mouth effectively silencing him. A minute later the large piece of cake disappeared into Dark’s massive beerbelly that bloated an inch forward pulling the buttons even further, secretly the supernatural entity liked the feeding part but not the part where he felt powerless.

‘Thank Satan's burning butthole that whatever this is, is over’ Dark thought but a shiver ran down his spine hearing Google monotone sinister laughter as the robot stared down at him with a scowl plastered on his face.

“1 slice gone nine to go” Google’s voice glitched menacingly and the demon’s eyes widened in horror seeing another large slice of cake on the same plate. Dark did his best and struggled closing his mouth not accepting the sugary treat but that caused the robot to simply miss and get some icing smeared around his lips and Google pinched Dark’s nose until the ego was forced to open his mouth to breath, setting a steady speed the second, third, fourth and fifth slice disappeared just as quickly as the first. The sixth slice caused the button on the roundest part on Dark’s ever bloating plump belly to pop off revealing the demon’s deep bellybutton. Seven, eight and nine got devoured slower as Dark started to reach his limits his stomach was rock solid and not even Google’s constant slapping to it made it wobble the action causing the demon to burp loudly, the last slice was the holy grail of slices as the last piece was gone forever the bottom button on Dark’s dress shirt and pants button popped off simultaneously the ego’s rotund hard gut pushed the zipper down halfway.

“You-Piece-Of-Useless-scrape-of-metal" Dark said in-between shallow breaths his round chubby cheeks red from exhaustion.

“Protocol 275 is complete” Google said turning around and started to walk off leaving Dark behind stuffed and unable to move but the robot paused at the doorway and turned his head around so that Dark could see the smirk on Google’s face.

“Wilford said never to interrupt his speech about bubbles ever again or things will be much worse next time around "Google stated and walked off going straight to Wilford to show him the recording the robot recorded the whole thing to Wilford who will definitely be delighted and post it on Youtube, Dark learned a valuable lesson that day never mess with Wilford and his Bubbles but he swore he get revenge on the pink hair male and the robot.

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Jackieboy man sighed sadly as he climbed through the open window of the living room his watch beeped alerting the superhero that is 8:00am and should be heading back home normally Jackie would ignore said beep and continue patrolling for another 40-50 minutes but today however he arrived on time which was unusual for the hero. Wiping some dust off his costume Jackieboy man looked around the room until his stormy blue eyes landed on his demonic boyfriend who sat on the sofa a smirk plastered on his face as he strolled through the phone in his left hand and a cupcake with dark green frosting on it in his right hand, Walking tiredly to his boyfriend the superhero dragged his feet across the carpet until he dramatically and weakly fell onto the sofa his head landing on Anti’s lap and his feet dangling off the sofa.

“How was your night been mr.hero, did you kicked anyone’s asses?” Anti didn’t flinch as his superhero boyfriend head fell on his lap, only smiled gently as he pushed the whole cupcake into his mouth getting some frosting on his face.

“Ughh don’t wanna talk about it” Jackieboy mumbled lifting the demon’s black shirt revealing a pale, hairy, small beerbelly. Closing his eyes the superhero nuzzled his face into Anti’s pudgy belly as he let the shirt go over his head hiding away from the world, the gesture caused Anti to laugh as his boyfriend stubble tickled him but he became quickly serious as he lifted the shirt up Jackieboy always told him what happens on his superhero nights out.

“What’s wrong did somebody hurt you because if they did then they are going to die” Anti’s head glitches multiple times before settling down not wanting to hurt his boyfriend, putting his phone to the side the demon combed through the hero’s soft chestnut brown hair making Jackie groan and murmur into his stomach.

“Just a kitten died on my watch I must’ve scared them because when I tried to get to them from a tall tree they jumped off landing on the pavement below” the superhero spoke miserably the memory replying in his mind over and over the sound of bones crushing and the tiny kitten’s body slamming into the ground.

“Hey don’t blame yourself for it okay you tried everything and sometimes these things happen and well.. at least you tried to do something most people would probably leave the kitten up there and the animal would not be lonely anymore or feel any pain now” Anti tried to comfort his boyfriend he wasn’t the best at the whole emotions or feely type but he did care about Jackie and hated seeing him like this.

“I know and thank you my demonic angel for trying to cheer me up” Jackieboy gave a tiny smile and giggled seeing frosting around his boyfriend’s mouth.

“I got some more cupcakes if yah want some they might help lighten the mood” Anti spoke watching as his boyfriend dragged his body until he was sitting on the demon’s lap, picking up the tray of cupcakes and placing it next to them on the couch.

“None for me but I do believe my hot as hell demon boyfriend want them” Jackieboy man softly pushed the sweet treat past the demon’s lips as Anti munched on it a couple of times before swallowing it.

“You never pass on food it makes me wonder if you trying to fatten me up Jackie” Anti teased seeing his boyfriend blush madly underneath his blue eyes mask. Nothing gets past Anti he knew from the beginning when his boyfriend started to cook bigger potions for dinner and always having him eat dessert but truth be told Anti kinda liked it the way his boyfriend paid him more attention or more specifically his bulging belly and had no complains about the added weight.

“I-urh-i-not-“ the superhero stuttered a lot not knowing what to say fearing that Anti would get angry with him and break up.

“Shush my chubby chaser boyfriend” Anti placed a finger on Jackie’s lips effectively silencing him. “I’m not mad in fact I liked the way you give me more attention more affection and more hugs. I don’t mind the weight; actually I really don’t care if I put on some more”
“Really?” the superhero asked can’t believe what his supernatural boyfriend was saying.
“Yes and when I say stop at a sudden weight I reach we stop okay and I do anything for you especially for killing assholes” Jackie nodded quickly not liking the killing part but he is a demon after all. “Now give me the rest of the cupcakes I’m hungry”