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(Un)honored: Agent Delta

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Midoriya sat before the window, taking the scenery of the street into his eyes. He waited while Bakugou get his ears chewed off by none other than their commander on the phone.

Taking Midoriya back to his place is risky. That much he knows after he reported back to the commander. Promising that he would only take the boy for a few hours, Bakugou’s phone were flooded with miscalls from the two commanders.

“Come on, we should get you back to the agency. Tsukauchi is really pissed that you escaped from the hospital” he tried to shift the blame. It is certainly not his fault that he ends up bringing him back to his house right?

Midoriya hummed. Taking his eyes off the street and straighten the wrinkle on his shirt. They get into Bakugou’s car and went toward the agency.

They were just turning the corner when a loud explosions reverberated through the street. Bakugou slammed the steer and the car skidded to a halt. Midoriya was grabbing the dashboard as he held for dear life.

“What happened?”

A scream and a beastly roars as a car flew through theirs and landed roughly on the street,

“Villain attack”

Luckily Bakugou always kept one of his hero suit in his car. Normally he would get change and capture the villain. But his mission now is to guard Deku. He couldn’t leave him alone unprotected, but he also couldn’t leave the villain going rampage in the middle of the city.

The hero com that he installed on the car flared up, “this is the commander. There has been a villain attack. Is there any hero in the area? We need you to hold off the villain while backups coming”

Bakugou looks conflicted, between chasing down the villain and guarding Deku. He gritted his teeth, clenching his hand tight. All he had to do is to not answer to the radio and drive safely to the agency

But Midoriya took the receiver and answered to the com, “Ground Zero is in the area, he’ll hold off the villain for a while. The villain is a nomu, it would have more than one quirk.”

“Is that? Midoriya-kun?” the com goes quiet for a minute. Seems like the commander is thinking the same thing as Bakugou.

“Commander, the nomu is going rampage in the middle of the city.” Midoriya repeated, “It kept throwing cars toward civilian. We have to move now before we’re too late”

The line quieten and Bakugou waited anxiously. If the commander told him to go he’ll go. If commander told him to go back, then he won’t hesitate to step on the gas.

“Ground Zero… can you hold off the nomu for a while. At least until backups arrive then you can go straight back to the agency”

Bakugou snatched the receiver from Midoriya, “Ground Zero here. Understood commander. Proceeding with the mission”

Bakugou looked at Midoriya with worry palpable in his eyes. But before he could let off any complain Midoriya quickly shoved him off the car, "I’ll be waiting for you here” Midoriya shows his thumbs up with an innocent smile, “I believe in you. Go get them hero!"

Bakugou smirked at him, "I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't you dare disappearing on me!"


Midoriya waved his hand as he watched Bakugou disappeared from his sight. He sighed and lean back on the seat. His eyes never leaving Bakugou’s back as the blond running toward the area. Bakugou blast himself off the ground and charge right into the nomu.

Midoriya smiled as he exited the car, he walked toward one of the alley and stopped once he walked far enough. "That's a sloppy work for a distraction. But it always works, I’m all alone now" he said to a particular no one.

Except for a man who has been following him ever since he get out of his residence. The man goes out from the shadow

“It has been a while Shigaraki” Midoriya tried to stop his voice from shaking.

The older villain scoffed, “it would’ve been easier if you came out on your own”

Midoriya swallowed hard, “How did you find me?”

“Find you?” Shigaraki walked closer, he tilted Midoriya’s chin up to meet his eyes, “we have never took our eyes off you. We decide to give you some freedom and just like a good mice you ran back home”

Midoriya’s face turned into horror when he realized his mistakes, “I see… it’s ‘Search’ right? Ragdolls’ quirk.” His face fell in resignation. With Sensei’s power and Ragdoll’s quirk, it’ll be easy to look for him. All this time he thought he was safe, but in reality he was living under their constant surveillance. The villain has never took their eyes off him.

“Sensei told us to do some diversion to test your loyalty. Seems like he was right to not trust you”

An explosions echoed from the battle and Midoriya realized that they’re still in the middle of the city where people were busy evacuating themselves. He’s at disadvantage, Shigaraki could use anyone as hostages here.

 Shigaraki grinned, “Look at her, she’s having a great time of her life”


Shigaraki’s eyes flashed from between his overgrown hair, “Her” he confirmed, “I thought you’ve grown close to her. After all, she was so desperate to find you that she made a deal with sensei”

Midoriya’s breath stopped. It was her. The choker woman. She didn’t escape the jail, the league retrieved her and used her on their sick experiment. Midoriya could feel his stomach churning. He think he’s going to be sick. Is this the deal she made with sensei? It’s his live or hers.

Shigaraki took out a small remote from his pocket

“And what is that?” Midoriya’s voice tensed as he held onto his rage.

“An assurance, so you will come back with us” shigaraki smirked, “One push and the whole block will be painted with red.”

“A bomb? Where did you hide such thing?”

Shigaraki chuckled, “Oh our dear friend were kind enough to volunteer”

The bomb is inside her. Midoriya clenched his teeth. She has spent her live obeying the league whims and this is how she ended up?

If what she said was true then the nomu will explode and…

And who will receive the biggest damage?

The people closest to the nomu obviously. Which would be, the heroes who were fighting it would be the first one to receive the explosions in blank range.


Shigaraki snapped his finger and a warp appeared beside him, “After you Izuku”

Midoriya hesitated before entering the warp. Glancing at the street behind him. The sounds of Ground Zero’s explosion seemed like a faraway music to his ears

“Let’s go” the villain ushered

And Midoriya nodded, engraving the sound of Bakugou’s explosion for the last time


The backups Tsukauchi was talking about is none other than Todoroki, it seems like he’s well enough despite having been shot in the chest a few days ago. Utilizing his training with Midoriya, Hero Shouto created an ice lance in his hand and shot it into the Nomu's chest, quickly pinning the monster to the road. The monster writhed but before it could escape Ground Zero shouted as he slammed down his explosive fist right into its uncovered brain, effectively knocking them out.

After checking that the nomu was unconscious, Bakugou didn’t even waited for the police to arrive. He bolted to his car

Surprised, Todoroki caught his arms out of instinct, “What’s wrong?”

“I left Midoriya alone to deal with this” he hissed, “let me go fuck face”

The police came and quickly apprehend the villain, Todoroki glance between the scene and the blond hero. “I’ll come with you”

Bakugou didn’t have time to argue. He left the dual quirked hero to do as his wish and ran as fast as he could to the car. Todoroki followed behind Bakugou as they made it to the car.

Only to find it empty.

There’s no sign of the greenette inside the car.

Midoriya has disappeared into thin air


Once he step out of the portal they arrived on the park near his house. A park where he used to spend his childhood with Bakugou. It’s surprising for Shigaraki to choose such familiar area. Midoriya thought that he would take him directly to the league, that way he could lead Bakugou directly to the lair even if something happened to him. But there must be some reason why Shigaraki choose this place, maybe they already set up a trap in case the heroes came to save him, or maybe they already set up an ambush around the area. Nevertheless Midoriya couldn’t let down his guard even in such familiar place.

Midoriya quickly walked toward the bench by the tree and sat down. His hand sliding into his pocket as he put in the emergency code to his other phone.  Sure Midoriya has a lot of phones, being a secret agents and all. He already set a secret code to each one of them, they has their own tracker installed deep inside. That way he could track each one of them in case it’s gone missing.

Midoriya left his phone on the car before he went to face Shigaraki, that way Bakugou could track his location using the phone he left. He already activate the code and all that’s left is to stall time until the hero save him.

Shigaraki sat beside him, "you cause us a lot of trouble Izuku"

Midoriya sent the message. He was sure that the villain didn’t noticed it. "I'm not going to apologize for it. Cause as far as I know, you've done the same to me"

Shigaraki chuckled, "so it works? Sensei told me one of the quirks she set in you has been activated and he send me to see if you're dead"

Midoriya scoffed, crossing his arm in front of him, "He should've set it on someone stronger then. I don't have any quirks. The hero easily overpowered me"

"Sensei set it on everyone except me, in case they turn their back on us. Even though the keywords differ for each people. The orders is always the same, take as many heroes as you can and then." Shigaraki pointed his fingers on Midoriya's temple, "save the last one for yourself"

Midoriya slapped Shigaraki's hands away, "what do you want?"

"Have you give anything for the heroes?"

Midoriya shook his head “I haven't. I left all of my notebook in the lair" he took out a small note from the back of pocket and give it to the villain "The rest of the notes I've been carrying is half filled and doesn't contain any serious material"

Shigaraki went through the notes, after reading what's inside the notes he activated his quirk and the note crumbled into ash.

"Is there anything else?" Midoriya was about to turn around and face the villain when

He could feel Shigaraki's hand wrapped around his neck. Fingers tracing the line where the choker used to be. "Come back to us Midoriya. With your brain and strategy, we can bring down the system. For once, as a villain"

"I'm a spy... I betrayed you"

"Sensei said that as long as you haven’t give anything to hero league. He's willing to forgive you this time.” Shigaraki shifted closer to him. 

“Join us Midoriya"