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All wrapped in cellophane, the feelings that we have are endless

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“Well class prez looks like I caught you, what’s my prize?” Hanta drawled and iida could hear the smirk in the mischievous man’s voice. Iida cleared his throat and spoke low in case any one else was around.

“Congratulations are in order for catching me Sero. It was highly efficient to use your tape as a trap. I commend you on a job well done.”  

Sero walked up to the blue haired man and removed his helmet, ran his hand through sweaty bangs. Iida breath caught and his heart swelled with affection at the goofy smile that widened Sun kissed cheeks. 

“Thanks, but that still didn’t answer my question dude, what’s my prize?” Sero squatted down and wrapped his arms around the broad shoulders. 

Iida felt his face heat up at the little bit of space between them and couldn’t stop himself from looking down at the taller man lips. 

“The satisfaction of knowing you won today’s exercise?” He asked weakly. Knew it wasn’t the answer but still put it out there. 

Sero threw his head back and laughed loudly, didn’t care about the sound attracting iida’s teammates. iida felt like his affection was written plainly against his face as he watched the way sunlight highlighted freckled skin and bounced off the noirette’s many ear piercings. 

“Definitely not what I wanted. how about a kiss?” Seeing apprehension on iida’s face he hurriedly tacked on “ just a peck, Boy Scout honor.” 

“You were never a Boy Scout hanta.” Iida deadpanned. 

“That doesn’t mean I still don’t have honor tenya.” 

And all he could do was laugh fondly at this ridiculous boy that he was so lucky to have. That he was lucky to love . And the revelation would have shocked him more if it wasn’t for the fact that he thought it all the time.

 When Sero liked to hop in his lap in the common area just because he knows it’ll make tenya’s face go red, or when he would kiss his cheeks during training, at lunch, or in the locker rooms. This lanky boy had tenya wrapped up literally and figuratively in his orbit and what choice did tenya have but to fall? 

“I guess a reward is needed for your great capture.” And iida barely got his sentence out before a soft kiss was placed on his lips.

 It wasn’t perfect, seeing as both were smiling too hard. so deepening it was out of the question. And tenya’s arms being trapped definitely made it a little harder since he couldn’t cradle his boyfriend’s face like he wanted too. But to him it was still perfect because it was hanta he was kissing. 

When they pulled back because breathing was a necessity, thank you very much. Iida felt those three words on the tip of his tongue

“Hanta I..”

“Wooooo you caught the class president way to go bro.” Kaminari yelled and he ran over to throw his arms around his best friend. Sero quickly got up to support his friends weight. 

“Bro can’t you see that we were having a moment.” Sero mockingly shook his head in disappointment but the smile threatening to come out ruined his act. Denki let him go so he kneeled down to cut his boyfriend loose. 

“Awww my bad dude, buts it’s not like you won’t be in his room later, you could give him all the moments than.” denki cackled when Sero tried to elbow him for the crack and missed. “ anyway, Aizawa-Sensei said to come retrieve y’all since  the exercise is over.”

“Who was the winner of today’s training.”  Iida piped up and he threw a smile at his boyfriend for untying him. 

Denki shrugged “it got cut short because Bakugou tried to blow up Todoroki for freezing Kiri, so all three had to go to recovery girl.” 

Iida sighed and got up, entirely not surprised that his teammates infamous temper got the best of him once again. 

“Welp that just means more time to chill.” Sero pointed out. 

“Yeah I had a date with toshi tonight so  now that’s more time I could use to get ready! I’ll catch you two later!” With finger guns thrown at them, the blonde haired man was gone as fast as he came.

Sero shook his head at his best friend and laced his hands with the shorter man. “Babe you were going to say something earlier?” 

Tenya looked up at his boyfriend and took a second to stare into half lidded grey eyes and lifted one hand to caress that angular face.

“ it’s not of importance now.” 

Sero stared a little longer and then shrugged before swinging their joined hands between them and throwing out ideas for dinner tonight.

I’ll tell him soon. Iida thought.