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please don't ever become a stranger

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Kara wakes up in Lena's bed.

She's wearing borrowed pyjamas, a faded MIT t-shirt and sleep shorts that Lena found in the back of her dresser drawer. The sky is blazing the pink and gold of sunrise above the skyscrapers, the soft morning light streaming in through the open windows in Lena's bedroom. Kara stretches, blinks once, and sighs happily.

Lena's bedroom.

She's here, in Lena's pyjamas, in Lena's bedroom, sleeping in Lena's bed, feeling the soft fabric of Lena's bedsheets against her bare legs. She slept here because they kissed last night. Memories flood back to her: the taste of Chinese takeaway, Lena's mouth on hers, the feel of sitting in Lena's lap with Lena's fingertips digging into her lower back.

She remembers the way Lena smiled at her through her eyelashes as they got into bed, the way she'd whisper-asked if Kara wanted to sleep close together or far apart. She remembers how it had felt to listen to Lena fall asleep in her arms. Kara had nuzzled in close, her nose and mouth finding a comfortable place in the curve where Lena's neck met her shoulder and the smell of her skin, the closeness of it, is replaying in her mind on a loop.

Lena's farther away this morning.

They'd drifted in the night, and now Lena is on the other side of the bed with the covers pooled around her waist. She looks so peaceful. There's an intimacy to this, to being allowed to see Lena sleeping. Here in her bed, with the soft glow of the sunrise surrounding her, Lena can't keep her guard up. She has no choice but to be herself and Kara is overwhelmed by the sight of her. There's a side of Lena here that Kara's never seen before and it feels like she's been missing it, somehow. She can't believe how much time she wasted not knowing what Lena looked like first thing in the morning, her hair fanned around her like a halo, snoring gently.

Lena's t-shirt is a little askew, the sleeve of it hiked up around her upper arm so that her shoulder is exposed. Kara thinks about what it might be like to kiss it.

She's only ever kissed Lena's mouth, before. It felt incredible, and Kara would be happy to do just that and nothing more. But now that she's got the time and space to take stock of Lena's body, she realizes how many different places there are that Lena could be kissed. Kara gets a sudden mental image of a select few - most of them hidden by Lena's pyjamas - and feels a wave of desire run through her, waking her fully.

Kara doesn't know what time it is, but sunrise is usually a little after 6 this time of year, and she doesn't remember if Lena set an alarm the night before. She tries to wriggle towards Lena subtly, but her weight makes the center of the bed dip and Lena stirs before Kara can even get close.

Watching Lena wake up is an experience in its own right. Her eyelashes flutter, she frowns and sighs and then stretches out, one arm narrowly missing Kara's head. She's beautiful. She so - incredibly, beautifully, beautiful. Kara feels that flutter again: she's got it bad.

"Kara?" Lena says. Her voice is still foggy with sleep and it makes her sound almost disoriented.

"Hey," Kara says. It doesn't feel right to speak any louder than a whisper. It feels delicate, this time in Lena's bed, and she doesn't want to do a single thing to upset it. "Good morning."

Lena blinks again, drowsily and then with more surety, before forcing her eyes open. There's another moment of uncertainty, just long enough to make butterflies start to flutter behind Kara's ribs, before she focuses on Kara and softens into a warm, drowsy smile. "Hey," she whispers in reply. "Good morning, you."

"How did you sleep?" Kara asks.

"Really well," Lena says. There's a smile in her voice, an answering curve to her mouth as she says, "I had the nicest dreams."

"What about?" Kara realizes, as soon as she's said it, what Lena means. She's had nice dreams, maybe-probably about Kara, and the thought of that is enough to make Kara's body react.

Lena chuckles. She rolls over, tucking herself onto her side and shifting nearer on the bed so that she and Kara are almost nose to nose. "You," she says.

Kara feels herself grin. It's probably too wide, too eager, but if Lena is bothered by it, she doesn't show it. "What was I doing in your dreams?"

Lena shifts, wriggling even closer. Her knees bump against Kara's thighs. Kara thinks, suddenly, about those legs intertwined with her own. "Sort of the same thing you were doing last night," she says. "Plus a little more."

The way Lena says the word more hits Kara right between her legs. Her arousal shifts, gentle flutters becoming a slow, steady throb. "Oh," Kara whispers. "Was I good at it?"

Lena smiles. "The very best. Five stars."

"I hope I can live up to dream-Kara's standards," Kara says. It feels like the natural next thing to say. She doesn't think of it as a proposition until Lena's shifting not-so-subtly in front of her, her lower lip suddenly caught between her teeth.

Lena's smile deepens into a slow grin. There's desire in her expression as she looks Kara over, somehow shifting from sweet, drowsy interest to overt desire with one movement of her eyebrow. "You," she says. "Let me at least brush my teeth before you ravish me."

She kisses Kara on the cheek and rolls out of bed, dragging the covers away from Kara's body just a little. Kara's still thinking about the way Lena looked at her. The way Lena assumed Kara would ravish her, and she's never had sex with a woman before but for Lena she'll figure it out. She can figure it out. She's singlehandedly held together a trestle bridge for a moving train, she's landed airplanes with her bare hands. Sex can't be that difficult.

Lena's back before Kara's thoughts can settle. Her hair is combed and she smells like the sharp mint of toothpaste and she looks even better than she did before. She's still wearing her pyjamas: pinstriped linen lounge pants and a t-shirt, and Kara's never seen anything more attractive in her life.

Kara's body barely cooled off last night to let her sleep. The sight of Lena brings all that desire back in full force.

Lena slides into bed beside her and says, "Your turn."

For a moment, Kara's brain gets stuck on an inappropriate track. She thinks about Lena kissing her all over, and almost short-circuits. It takes her longer than it should to realize that Lena means her turn in the bathroom. "Right," she says. Getting out of bed to leave Lena for even a minute sounds like the most awful thing, but she manages. "My turn."

Kara gets up. She pads across the floor, uses the bathroom as quickly as she can without actually resorting to super speed.

When she comes back to bed, Lena's sitting up, typing on her phone. The sun is transitioning from sunrise to dawn, the glow warmer and brighter than before and it frames Lena like a halo. She's beautiful, and Kara always knew that but she suddenly feels it, with all of her heart. Lena is radiant. Lena is the warm glow of morning and the softest secret smile in bed and Kara wants to kiss her so badly that she can hardly contain herself.

"Who are you texting?" Kara asks. She slips under the covers beside Lena, shifting her weight until they're pressed hip-to-hip.

"Andrea," Lena says, matter-of-factly. "I have a feeling I might be in late, today."

"Oh, why?" Kara asks.

Lena looks up from her phone and gives Kara that look again. The one that she feels between her legs as a sharp pang of desire. "No reason."

Kara's speechless long enough for Lena to put her phone away on the nightstand, and turn back to face her. "Do you feel that feeling, Kara?"

"About - being late for work?" Kara asks. Lena nods in the affirmative. Her eyes are trained on Kara with singular intensity, flickering between meeting Kara's eyes and staring at her mouth. "I- yeah. I think I feel that, too."

Lena's hand comes up to Kara's cheek and she definitely feels that. She traces the shell of Kara's ear with her thumb, tickling the back of Kara's neck with her fingertips. Her touch is just the right blend of insistent and delicate to make Kara lean forward at the wordless request of it. She practically falls onto Lena's mouth, their kiss the natural conclusion of her trajectory as Lena draws her closer.

Lena's lips are ready to receive her, her kiss gently toothpaste-minty. It's perfect. It's just like yesterday's kissing, but better. This time, Kara knows Lena's mouth, knows the way to get Lena to relax into the kiss and sigh against Kara's lips. Every sound that Lena makes draws an answering throb from between Kara's legs, and it's - Rao, it's wonderful.

Lena's hand stays at Kara's nape, caressing. She angles her fingertips so that she can use her nails, scratching at the sensitive skin there. The touch sends a frisson of sensation through Kara, little sparks dancing across her skin until Kara can't take it anymore: she shivers, full-body, and groans against Lena's mouth. "That's good?" Lena mumbles, barely intelligible against Kara's mouth.

"Mmm, real good," Kara whispers. It's inarticulate, but judging by the way she bites at Kara's lip in response, Lena doesn't seem to mind.

They focus on each other's mouths a few kisses more, and then Lena's free hand drops to Kara's thigh. Kara's attention follows it immediately. She's sort of touching Kara through her borrowed sleep shorts, but the fabric only extends so far and below that is Kara's bare skin. Her palm is resting on the fabric but her fingertips are resting on the inside of Kara's thigh and Kara can't think about anything else. Lena's touching her thigh with soft fingertips, dragging her nails gently across the sensitive skin. It sends shivery waves all the way up to Kara's groin until Kara sighs. "So," Lena says, nails teasing at Kara's thigh as punctuation. "Do you want to -?"

"Do I want to what?" Kara asks. She knows. At least, she thinks she knows what Lena wants to do, but it'd be nice to hear it so that she's sure they're both on the right page.

Lena pulls away and bites her lower lip, looking straight at Kara. Kara suddenly understands what people mean when they use the phrase bedroom eyes. "Do you want to have sex," she says. Her voice is soft and the timbre of it is a bit deeper, it adds a note to her tone that is somehow inescapably sexual.

Kara does. She wants to have sex so badly, she wants to have sex with Lena right now on her big expensive bed in the morning sunlight. She's not sure she's ever wanted anything more. Her whole lower body feels like it's tingling, starting gently at the tips of her toes and ending in a beautiful bloom of desire between her legs. "Yeah," Kara says. "I, um. If you want to do, um. That."

"Very much," Lena says.

Something about Lena's tone of voice makes Kara think about her. Not that - she was always thinking about Lena, how could she not. But Kara's own desire is so evident, aching at the forefront of her attention, that until just now she hadn't really thought about Lena feeling the same way. Now, it feels like she can't think about anything else. Lena is watching Kara with intention, and now Kara notices the way her pupils are dilated, and the rapid hum of Lena's heartbeat. She notices the way Lena's sitting with her thighs pressed together, and she wonders if Lena feels her own arousal there.

Kara's struck with a sudden desire to know. She wants to feel if Lena gets wet the way she does, wants to know if Lena's arousal tastes the way that Kara can smell, when she breathes in and uses all of her senses.

"Oh," Kara says. "Well that's - cool."

Lena chuckles. "You're cute."

Kara ducks her head at the compliment, suddenly shy. "You're beautiful," she says, her gaze down towards her knees.

She darts her eyes up just in time to see Lena go shy, her smile wide and bright and Kara can't resist. She ducks in and captures that smile in a kiss.

The movement overbalances them, pushes Lena backward and she lands against the pillows with a soft sound of surprise. "Are you okay?" Kara asks. She hadn't meant to be quite that eager.

"Yes," Lena says. Her voice is a rough whisper, that note of desire even stronger. She's looking up at Kara, the pillows framing her face in just the right way and Kara feels an answering ache inside herself. Lena reaches up to tug at Kara's shoulders, urging her down. "Come here."

She lets Lena pull her nearer, arranging herself so that she's cuddled up next to Lena's side, balanced on one arm. Lena drags her down into a kiss. From this angle, it's somehow even more attractive than when they were sitting up. She can feel the contour of Lena's body against her front: the firm curve of her hips, the soft press of her chest against Kara's as Kara leans across her. It makes Kara feel extra aware of her own body, and the way desire is manifesting in it.

Lena kisses her and Kara arches up, pressing the apex of her thighs against Lena's hip. Lena groans in reply. "Kara," Lena sighs against her mouth.

"Wanna make you feel good," Kara mumbles back. She thinks about all the places she likes to be touched when she feels like this, and she wants to touch Lena there but she wants to make sure it's what Lena wants. "Show me -"

Kara's interrupted by Lena taking Kara's free hand and slipping it under the hem of her shirt. She guides Kara's hand across the soft skin of her belly, and that alone is enough to make Kara gasp. But then she drags it higher, arranges it until Kara's cupping the swell of one of Lena's breasts and Kara feels like her brain short-circuits. "Oh," Kara groans. Her fingertips squeeze reflexively. She runs her thumb across what she can feel, the impossibly soft curve of Lena's breast and then the subtle texture of Lena's areola and the firm peak of her nipple. "Oh, can I kiss -"

"Yes," Lena says, a little impatient. "Please, Kara, I want -"

Lena trails off. Kara can take the hint. She hikes Lena's shirt up past her chest and the sight just about takes her breath away. Kara never really understood the idea of perfect breasts, but now she realizes that's because she'd never seen Lena's, before. They're the perfect ones. Kara can't help but stare. Everything is a little flattened with gravity from her position on the bed, but Kara can still more than appreciate the swell and curve of them, the contrast of the deep pink of her nipples.

Kara ducks her head down to the breast she's already cupping, and drags her tongue across Lena's tit. Lena whines in reply, a high-pitched noise in the back of her throat that ends in a moan as Kara follows her tongue with the whole of her mouth. Lena's breasts are just so soft, they're the softest things Kara's ever kissed in her life and she can't believe she went this long without giving them the attention they clearly deserve.

She kisses one side and listens as Lena's moans grow more insistent, louder and less controlled. Then she switches to the other. Listening to the sounds Lena makes is just - it's so hot. Every whimper, every sigh is hitting Kara right between her legs and she can feel her own desire, slick and heavy and throbbing. This is so good. This is everything.

"Kara," Lena sighs. "Kara, please, I -"

Kara looks up. She catches the way Lena's thighs are pressed together, the way she's squirming with desire, and oh. She can help with that. She places her hand on Lena's thigh, says, "Hey. Let me."

Lena spreads her legs eagerly. Kara shifts so that her knee is on the bed, her thigh resting in between Lena's thighs. She leans forward, just a little, and is gratified by Lena grinding down onto her. The point of contact is well below the hem of Kara's shorts, and the inseam of Lena's pyjamas feels damp against Kara's skin. The apex of Lena's thighs is warm and humid and that means that Lena is wet.

Kara feels her inner walls flutter at the thought: Lena is wet for her.

"Lena," she whispers. "Can I kiss you somewhere else?"

Lena frowns. "Where?" she asks. Her voice is dreamy and a little distracted as she grinds her hips in a circle against Kara's leg.

"Can I -," Kara says. "Can I kiss your clit?"

Lena whimpers. "Oh, I thought you'd never ask."

Kara's still thinking about how to get access, if she should move her leg or what the best way is, when Lena tucks her knees up to her chest and wriggles away. She slips her pyjamas down and off her hips. Kara catches a glimpse of her ass, the soft jiggle of it as she shimmies out of her sleep pants and slips back into bed.

Then Lena is lying in front of her and she's naked from the waist down and it's mesmerizing. Kara's gaze is immediately drawn to the apex of Lena's thighs, the dark hair that forms a soft, downy V. She can smell her now, the heady scent of Lena's desire almost overwhelming to her senses. She wants to taste it. She wants to kiss the warm salty length of Lena's vulva, wants to know what sounds Lena will make when she does.

Kara starts with her fingers, first. She runs them down from Lena's hip, feeling the softness of her mons before trailing her touch downward. Even the outside of Lena's labia are damp, already covered in wetness. She wiggles her fingertip, slips it in between Lena's outer lips to find the slick desire hidden inside. Lena's so warm. It's warmer than Kara would have believed, warmer than it feels like it should be. She drags her fingertip upward, across the soft waves of her inner labia, until she finds the firmness of Lena's clit. Above her, Lena shudders.

"Is this okay?" Kara asks. She moves her fingertip in a circle, rubbing it across the top of Lena's clit.

Lena groans. "Yes, Kara please I'm so -"

Lena doesn't finish her sentence with words. Instead she presses her hand against the back of Kara's head, steering her downward.

"Okay," Kara whispers to Lena's vulva. "Okay."

She kisses it first. Just against Lena's outer lips, applying pressure overtop of Lena's clit. Lena sighs. She bends her knees, opening herself up further to Kara, and that hand on the back of Kara's head grips a little tighter. It's delicious. Kara feels the ache between her own legs intensify at the experience of it, ignores the urge to touch herself.

Gently, Kara works her tongue in between Lena's labia and flicks her tongue across Lena's clit. Lena moans in reply. The hand on the back of Kara's head flexes, nails digging in for just a moment before it relaxes. She uses her tongue again, then again, working gently across the most sensitive part of Lena. She tastes so good. It reminds Kara of - eating potato chips. That's what it feels like. Lena's vulva is the perfect amount of salty, and every time Kara tastes it, she wants to taste it a little more.

Kara laps at Lena until the sounds Lena's making begin to crescendo. Her mouth feels like it fits perfectly down here. There's a spot for her chin against Lena's entrance, space for her tongue to lap against Lena's clit and swirl up and around it. She feels like she could do this all morning, if that's what Lena wanted.

She works until Lena's hips start to move, rocking down against Kara's mouth. She works her tongue until Lena's moans hit such a high pitch that they turn into silence, until Lena's whole body tenses and stills. She licks further after that, is rewarded by the sharp feeling of Lena's nails digging into her scalp and the suddenness of Lena's orgasm against her mouth. Kara notices, with a sense of wonder, the way that Lena's inner walls flutter and pulse against her chin, the sudden surge of wetness that runs down her throat as Lena's desire floods out of her.

Kara sighs with delight. She can't hold back a grin: she did that. She made Lena have an orgasm.

"Kara," Lena huffs. "Kara, come here."

Kara looks up at the expanse of Lena's body. Lena's arms are outstretched, motioning for Kara to cuddle up closer to her head. She's happy to obey.

She swipes at her chin on the way up, wiping away the most obvious traces of Lena's arousal on her mouth. "Was that alright?" she asks, settling in against Lena's side.

"So good," Lena sighs. Her eyes are closed and she sounds distracted, a little dreamy, as she speaks. "Even better than I dreamt it."

"Oh," Kara says. She doesn't have any reason to be shy, not anymore, but for some reason she blushes. "That's what you dreamt about."

"I did," Lena hums. She sounds so distracted, lost in the haze of her orgasm, and Kara can't help but feel a little proud. It's confirmation of the fact that she made Lena feel good, and that's more than enough for her.

(Except that her body is telling her that it's not. That throb between her legs is insistent, the ache of her desire apparent every time she moves her lower body. Kara wants Lena so much. She wants Lena to kiss her clit, wants to rub herself against Lena's face, wants to come.)

Lena runs her hand along Kara's side, startling her back to the present. "What about you?" she asks. "Do you want a turn?"


Lena rolls over. They're nose to nose, and she's making a point of meeting Kara's eyes. "Why did that sound like a question?" she asks.

Kara's never had sex with someone who wasn't an alien, before. She knows what she wants, but she also has a distinct memory of tearing her sheets in half the first time she and - well. She just doesn't want to do that to Lena, or to Lena's sheets, or Lena's very expensive-looking bedframe.

"I've never, um. With someone human, before."

Lena frowns for a moment, then her eyes go wide. "Oh. Oh, I - right. That makes sense."

"But I want to, so bad. Lena, you're so beautiful I -" Kara ends her sentence in a frustrated whine. It's not the most dignified, but it's how she feels and it's so throbby she feels like she might burst if she doesn't get a chance to come.

"Hey," Lena says. Her hand rests on Kara's chest, right above the swell of her breasts. "Hey, it's alright. We can figure it out." Kara breathes in through her nose, out through her mouth. They can figure it out. "What do you think would work best for you?"

Kara closes her eyes. It's a little embarrassing somehow, having to ask for it. When she speaks, it comes out as a whisper. "Maybe just the, um. Can you just touch my clit?"

"Of course," Lena says. She runs her hand down Kara's front, across her chest and down her abdomen and settling at the hem of Kara's shorts. "Right now?"

Kara nods in reply.

"Lie back," Lena murmurs. Her tone is gentle, a little commanding in a way that settles Kara's nerves.

Kara rolls onto her back. She lets her thighs relax, spreading them apart so that Lena has whatever access she needs. Lena plucks at the waistband to Kara's shorts, pulling it back and snapping it softly against her skin. Just the feel of that sets Kara's body on fire. Now that she doesn't have Lena to focus on, the force of her own desire is almost overwhelming.

Lena dips her hand into Kara's shorts. Kara sighs with delight.

Lena's not even touching her yet, she's barely teasing the soft curly hair between Kara's legs but it doesn't matter. Kara's already slick, everything between her legs aching and oversensitive and desperate for relief. Lena runs her palm across the outside of Kara's vulva, pressing upward and oh. Oh, just the pressure alone is incredible. Kara hears herself groan, reaches for the sheets before she thinks better of it and crosses her arms across her front, grabbing her own biceps.

Lena starts to spread Kara's labia from the bottom, dipping her fingertips into the pool of wetness that's gathered at her entrance with a soft gasp. "Oh, you're so wet," she whispers.

"For you," is all Kara can manage.

Lena's fingers feel incredible. Just the first hints of touch, the way Lena's dipping her fingertips into Kara's slick and teasing at her entrance, is enough to make Kara moan. She's just so worked up, it almost feels like she's close to coming but that can't be right. Not when Lena's barely touched her.

Lena runs her fingers upward, drags Kara's slick through her labia and up towards her clit. She doesn't touch Kara's clit, not at first. Instead she slip-slides her fingers up and around it, just adjacent to the contact that Kara's body is screaming for. Kara whimpers, wiggles her hips as much as she dares.

She hears Lena chuckle. But then Lena's fingertips slide across Kara's clit and oh it's too good for her to notice anything else. Lena's touch feels like sparks. It feels like sunshine. It's fluttery-shivery-perfect, and Kara can't believe she gets to experience it.

"That good?" Lena whispers.

Kara can't reply. All she can do is react, to the feel of Lena rubbing tight circles across her clit, to the way that's making pressure and desire build high inside Kara. She really is close to her own orgasm, she sees that now. She can tell from the way everything feels like it's just on the edge of overwhelming, from the way she's gripping her own arms so hard that it's almost painful. Lena rubs at her clit again, and then again. She adds a little more pressure, and suddenly Kara's vision is going white and she's tumbling headlong into an orgasm, big and shuddery, the full-body kind.

Lena touches her through her shivers, whispers tender nonsense as Kara's body shakes, her inner walls flexing. Her whole body feels like fireworks.

Lena touches Kara until Kara asks her to stop.

"You did that," Kara whispers. She can't keep the wonderment out of her voice.

Lena chuckles. She kisses Kara's forehead, her cheeks, the tip of her nose. "We did that," she says.

Kara smiles. This is beautiful. Just like Lena.

Lena stays near until Kara's body calms down. It takes her longer than usual. Her body just wants to be still, wants her to stay at peace and resting like this for as long as she possibly can. The morning sun is in full force now, bright through the window. Kara wants to bask in it.

"You alright?" Lena asks, after a while.

"Yeah," Kara says. She feels more like herself, a little dreamy but mostly settled in her body.

"That was - unexpected," Lena says.

"And here I thought we were just going to do movie night."

Lena looks at Kara, her expression suddenly earnest. "It's alright though? Us being - this?"

Kara reaches for Lena's hand, holds it tight. "More than," she says. "Yeah."

"I don't want to go to the office," Lena says. "I just want to stay here with you."

The word office sends a sudden wave of anxiety through Kara. "Oh. Oh, it's Monday," Kara says.

"Want me to talk to your boss for you? Tell him to go easy on you?"

Kara stops cold. She hadn't thought about telling James. Or Alex, or anyone. She hadn't thought about much at all outside of her feelings for Lena, but now that Lena's brought it up it's - of course. They have to tell people. What she says is: "Oh, James."

Lena's eyes go wide. "Oh. I hadn't thought about - I just got so caught up," she says.

"Me too."

"Do you think it's okay if we -" Lena says. She speaks over Kara, who's in the middle of saying. "Maybe we should just -"

They both stop speaking, motioning for the other to continue. Lena's gesture is more insistent, and Kara speaks into the silence. "Just until we figure this out?" Kara says. "Maybe it can just be, I don't know. Ours."

Lena smiles. She squeezes Kara's hand, reassuring. "Just for a little while," she says. "Agreed."

"Okay, but what time is it?" Kara asks.

Lena rolls over, reaches for her phone and checks the clock on the screen. "Eight-fifteen."

Anxiety flares in Kara's lower belly. The editorial meeting has already started, and she definitely hasn't showered and she's only got her weekend clothes here but if she super-speeds home she can change and get to the coffee shop by eight twenty, work by half past. Probably. "I have to - is it okay? If I go to work?"

Lena laughs, and pulls Kara into one last, slow kiss. "Yes," she says. "Of course it is."

"Will you text me later?" Kara asks. "I want to know about your day. Updates every ten minutes."

Lena rolls her eyes. "Yes," she says. "Now get to work, star reporter."

"Okay," Kara says. She rolls out of bed, gathers her clothes from the stack she'd left them in before. "Okay, I'm - is it okay if I leave out the balcony? It's so much faster than the elevator and I'm late and I just want to -"

"Yes," Lena says. "Go. I'll text you."

Kara races to the balcony window in the living room, slides the door open as carefully as she can and speeds out into the morning. She's still wearing Lena's sleep shorts, her borrowed t-shirt. But it's alright.

The sun is shining, and she got to kiss Lena today. It's basically the best day ever.


Kara goes over to Lena's again that night. They have sex again.

Tuesday is a board meeting and Lena has to work late, but Wednesday she goes over to Kara's house and they finally watch that movie, together.

(They also have sex on Kara's couch, afterwards. Because that's a thing they do now.)

"Hey," Kara asks Lena. They're naked under Kara's sheets; Lena's head is resting on Kara's chest while Kara plays with her hair. "I was wondering something."

"What?" Lena asks. Her voice is a little absent, she's busy tracing loopy shapes with her fingertip across Kara's abdomen. Kara's pretty sure it's the shape of Lena's initials in cursive.

"It's um. I'm hosting game night tomorrow. And I was wondering if you'd come."


Lena comes to game night. Kara feels like she can breathe again.

Lena is here, back in Kara's life. She's talking to Kara, smiling at Kara, drinking wine and making dorky Catan jokes with Kara and James and Kelly, and it feels like everything that Kara's been missing for the past few months is finally behind her.

They're still not - they go to game night as friends.

It's not a secret secret, not the way Supergirl was a secret. But it is private, this special, fragile thing that they both need a little time to figure out for themselves.

(It's a secret that Kara's pretty sure Nia's guessed, from the face she gives Kara when she and Lena sit extra close. But that doesn't matter.)

What matters is the way that Lena smiles at Kara as she drinks her wine. What matters is that when it comes time to pick teams for the game of the evening - Ticket to Ride, this time - Lena takes Kara's hand and says, "Partners?"

Kara can't hide the warm glow of emotion that washes over her at the way Lena asks. She squeezes Lena's hand in reply. "Always," Kara says.

Alex sets up the board, and Kara doesn't let go of Lena's hand. It feels like things are finally going to be okay.