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just put the eggos in the toaster

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The Lovers


bill logged on


bill: GUYS i swear to god if i come to class early ONE MORE TIME and see that goza kid GROPING his girlfriend again I Am Going To Kill Myself


eddie: girlfriend? goza does NOT have a girlfriend


Stan: I would be surprised. Lol


richie: she hot?


bill: no


Mike: Ah, that makes perfect sense. Goza can’t get cute girls LOLLLL


Stan: That is a little harsh. 


Mike: U right I’m soz


richie: GOD u guys are sk fucking boring

richie: so*

richie: GUYS


richie: i’m waiting for a “WHAT”

richie: or “yes?”.........



eddie: we don’t care,


richie: fuvk you

richie: fuck

richie: GUYS 


Stan: Yes, Richie?


richie: when are callbacks 


Stan: Mr Pierce usually waits a day or two after initial auditions to post callback information. Do you have notifications turned on for the Instagram account, Richie?


richie: of course not lmao


Stan: Turn them on, dumbass.   


richie: sounds like a lot of work


eddie: sorry to interrupt you girls, but i gotta blast. mom is making me do this breathing treatment for my vocal chords


eddie logged off


richie: breathing treatment?


bill: probs just inhaling hot water. with salt


richie: boring. 

richie: stan, i’m gonna go fuck ur mom


Stan: /Gay sigh/ 


bill: hee hee


eddie logged on


richie: ok u guys r so fucking boring bye for real


richie logged off


eddie: where is he going :(


Stan: Idk he’s being really weird. Meaner than usual 


eddie: :( 

eddie: oh shit, its october. his dad is back now. oh FUCK. OH SHIT OH FUCK


bill: oh no


Stan: Oh darn


bill: Frig, oh Crap!


eddie: ???

eddie: you guys r the ones being weird now

eddie: anyways i’m going over to make sure he’s okay


eddie logged off




eds: hey can i come over? my mom says it’s okay as long as i bring my breathing treatment thingy


rich: yeah let me ask


eds: :)


rich: she said yes as long as you don’t sleep over :(((( 


eds: okay at least i’ll be there for a little bit

eds: are u okay rich?


rich: yah why


eds: uh

eds: isn’t he coming back tomorrow? or soon?


rich: yea tomorrow

rich: i should be ok


eds: :/ he beat the absolute shit out of you a few months ago

eds: you think he’s different?


rich: mom says people can change under the right circumstances. 

rich: maybe she’s right. maybe she isnt. who knows and who cares


eds: i care. i don’t want you getting hurt. 


rich: that’s sweet eduardo. but i’m fine ahah

rich: mom told me he stopped drinking


eds: he was in prison. of course he stopped

eds: what happens when he starts again since he’s home


rich: guess i’m spending nights at your house then


eds: what if my mom says bo

eds: no^


rich: then bills house it is


eds: what if his parents say no


rich: they never do


eds: okay but what if they start saying no??!!?!?!? you just have to be careful okay


rich: eddie spaghetti lmao stop worrying so much


eds: you know i cant stop that


rich: try for me?

rich: you almost here?


eds: i got sidetracked because i was texting you lol

eds: leaving now


Incoming facetime call from “rich”


Eddie smiled before accepting the call, “you just can’t not talk to me for three seconds, can you?” Richie just chuckled and stared into Eddie’s eyes with a sly smile. They had an interesting night ahead of them, that was for sure.