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Finding home

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It was late at night, snow slowly and calmly fell from the sky and landing on the empty graveyard. However, it was no longer empty as a man came out of the ground as well as a woman. The young couple looked at each other with tears in their eyes. The man had black messy hair and hazel eyes. With round glasses over them.  While the woman had bright red hair that stood out in the snow and bight green eyes. They did not know what had happened, but they did no one thing, their son. The man looked at his wife and walked over to her with tears in his eyes. “Flower,” he cried into her arms. This was rare for the man, but he did not care as he held his wife who was also crying. “What are we going to do? Harry’s gone,” he cried some more as he tried to talk to his wife.

“Don’t worry James dear. Look,” she pulled out of the man-James' arms and pointed to the graves that they were once in. “Harry is not buried so that means.”

“Harry’s alive!” James called with happiness as he looked at his wife. These two were James and Lily Potter. They were supposed to be dead but now they are back unaware about what happened and how they were alive. “Let's go find him,” James added as he looked down to the snow-covered ground however his eyes grew wide at the site of a fat rat sitting in the snow.  “It can't be,” James said as he walked over to the rat and picked him up. “I know that’s you, Peter,” James said to the rat with Lily watching as the rat turned into Peter Pettigrew.

“j-James……...Lily?” Peter squeaked as he looked at his dead friends with his watery eyes.  “I…………”

“Shut it, Peter,” James snapped at him. With Lily putting a hand on his shoulder. “What are you doing here?” James asked in an angry voice to his once best friend. Peter, however, did not say anything as he tried to run away however he fell to the ground when a light from someone’s wand hit him. James raised an eyebrow and looked at Lily as the person came into view.

              Ron Weasley woke with a start for all he saw in his dream was spiders dancing around him in top hats. However, he looked down to not see his rat ‘Scabbers’ by him, so Ron got out of his bed and woke Harry who muttered his sleep until he woke up to see the worried face of Ron.  “What is it?” Harry asked his best friend. Ron took a few deep breaths before he said:

“I can't find Scabbers,” there was a worried tone to his voice. Harry blinked and let out a breath before he got out of bed and said:

“Let's look for him,” Ron smiled at his friend and nodded as they went over to Ron’s bed and looked around. Harry hummed and said: “I don’t see him, maybe he went out for a walk? I’m sure he’ll be back in the morning,” Ron nodded sadly as he watched as Harry went back to his bed and closed his eyes. Ron did the same thing. Both not knowing what just happened in the wizarding world.

              “Who’s there?” James called to the figure who smiled at the nocked out Peter who tried to run. However, the figure stayed where he was, and Lily could hear tears.

“Are you ok?” Lily asked gently as she walked closer to the man. Lily then gasped when she saw Remus Lupin standing there looking wearily and a whole lot older then the last time, they saw him. His hair was graying, and he had a lot more scars than before. “Remus?” she asked as she walked over to the werewolf who looked at her and turned away.

“No! You're not here. You died, Peter he………...” Remus cut off as Lily pulled him in for a hug.

“We are no longer dead. Look, we are right here. James help me out here,” James walked over to Remus with a big smile on his face.

“Remus, it's us. Now let's get this idiot to someone,” Remus looked at James with a raised eyebrow.

“Prove you are James and Lily. James show me your Patronus,” James looked at Lily and then to Remus and nodded as he pulled out his wand that turns out to be in his pocket for some reason. Remus crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. However, his arms dropped when a stag came out of the wand of the man’s wand that he thought was dead. “James?! Prongs?” James nodded and hugged James and pulled him tighter. Lily smiled at the scene and cleared her throat. Remus pulled out of James’s arms and pulled Lily in for a hug not caring at this point if this really was Lily.

“Why are you here Rem?” James asked when Remus pulled out of Lily’s arms. Remus smiled a little and sighed. Then he closed his eyes for a minute before he opened them and both James and Lily knew that the full moon might have just happened for their werewolf friend. However, they did not say anything to him about it for they both know that Remus hates to talk about it.

“I was visiting you when I, well heard you talking to Peter and I……. I thought that Sirius killed him, so I came to see if it really was him. No Sirius can be free of…………. From………….” Remus trailed off as a guilty smile came onto his face.

“Oh Remus,” Lily said as she walked over to him but then what he said about Sirius hit her,

“What do you mean Sirius killed him? That did not happen because he’s right here. Where is Sirius?” Lily asked as she looked at Remus and then at James who looked worried and mad at the same time. Remus then shook his head.

“I’ll tell you later. Let's just get out of here with this traitor” Lily shared a look with James as the werewolf picked up the knocked out Peter. “Right, lets…... let's go,” with that the group left unknown to them that an innocent man sat in an empty cell in Azkaban.