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Those Green Earrings

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 It was always commented that Lt. Uhura was the best looking woman on the ship. Her hair is always styled and rarely out of place, her nails manicured as they would glide across her console and never miss a beat. It was her body that men admire the most, she knew her uniform was fit and tight in the right places. She could have worn pants, but then it wouldn't beat the purpose of being naturally attractive.

The women of the Enterprise POV:

Uhura is sitting at a table in the rec-room of her female peers that they sort of not to cool about her grabbing all the attention of the males on the ship. She sits quietly and takes on their banter.
"Uhura why do you were those ugly earrings every day?"

"Yeah, they don't even match your uniform."

"I don't' understand your taste, it's awful."

"Even your leisure clothes you wear those damn green earrings, I don't get it."

Uhura sighs as they continue;

"Girl, you need a makeover or something?"

"Who taught how to dress?"

"No, who taught you how to coordinate your ensemble?"

"Who wears green earrings with red?"

"Any color matter of fact!"

All Laughing

"I bet you find yourself attractive wearing those ugly green earrings, guess again."

"For someone who thinks she's all that, can really look tacky in that outfit and those mismatched earrings."

"Those cheap looking set of earrings?"

"Is that all you can afford?"
"You should do better than those non-glamorous earrings."

"It does nothing for you, but again…"

"Why bother, she has no taste for anything that fashion."

"Don't you have any other pair?"

"If she did, they probably green like these ugly ones."

Uhura finishes her coffee and stands to leave;
"Well ladies my break is over and thanks for the deep conversation."

Uhura waves bye and smiles to them and goes and complete her duties.

After duty, she returns to her quarters, enters and walks towards her desk. Then a set of extended arms circles her waist from behind and draws her into a firm embrace. His head dips into her shoulder and press one of her earrings against her face. He sniffs her essence and purrs;

"I miss your presence, K' diwa."

"I miss yours too, Ashayam"

"I see you continue to wear my favorite earrings"


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You are a Vulcan

A man of Science

The man I love


I see you

but you don't see me

Your logic is whispers of love

A love that I long for


you pick me up when I fall

your arms strong and long

longing for you to hold me


Your blood is green like emeralds

your eyes are sharp like an eagle


You stand in command

You stand in my view

I see the heart of a man

I wear these green earrings for you.

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Anguished thoughts

Spock sat in his dim-lit room, staring at his hands. His thoughts are tormented by his decision, his alone, and now he suffers alone.

He thought it out logically, efficiently it was reason without fail. It could never work out, their worlds were different, as people they were different. He was, in fact, half-human, but lived Vulcan, it was logical. His natures fought among themselves of their compatibility, their desires, and they did not agree, they never agreed. They force him to be alone, "A child of two worlds" still haunts him. Will, they ever be at peace, will they ever get along, Spock slams his fist into his other hand in disgust.


His mind was screaming at him, and it tormented how he treated her, distant himself and shunned her. Why!?

Feelings he could no longer control, desires he could never have. It pricked his Vulcan heart the hurt he left in her eyes.

It was his deep dark secret, to be loved, wanted, to belonged, she gave that to him. In return, he gave her anguish, resentment, and hurt.

Spock got up and went to his dresser and pulls out a small box, opens it and stares. He sat on the floor in his lotus position to try to concentrate on his situation, that was easy; it never went away. He closes his eyes and sees her dark mocha skin, smooth, vibrant, and gentle to the touch. His hands have touched her skin, and it cooled his thoughts and insight a deep desire of lovemaking. A desire not full filled just thoughts. Her almond-shaped eyes, that often follow him across the bridge, windows to his heart, always full of compassion towards him. The most troubling was her singing; her song struck him to his heart that soothe the beast within.

The one whimsical ditty plays in his thoughts:

"His alien love could victimize and rip your heart from you..." * He did that to her, Nyota own words terrorizing her at this very moment.

Spock lowers his head, trying to calm himself; he wants to forget what he has done. How could he forget how she calms him when humans misjudge him, she did that for him. The longer he sat there, the more he wanted to take back his words that hurt her, left her bleeding for the reasons why. He didn't want to hurt Nyota, the woman who spoke his language and knew his thoughts. Does logic always prevail? NO, not when it comes to her.

Spock went into meditation with the small box in his hands, and he focused as his training began to come forth and drifted off.

When Spock came back to reality,

he despised his logical thinking

he despised his two conflicting worlds

he despised himself for letting Nyota go!

He looked down into his hands and looked in the box. He decided to make peace with the one woman he loves. He stares at the emerald green earrings and will offer his peace to her as forgiveness. He will start again with this relationship and not fail or doubt again about his feelings. Without Nyota, there is no peace, life, or existence for him. He unfolded himself and went to his desk monitor and sent a message to his Ashayam that he is confident.

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The Uhura's World Series-Never forgotten.

Spock sat quietly on their bed that they had shared for 52.9 years. His thoughts wander back when he first saw her on the Enterprise. He watched her step down from the transporter pad into his Vulcan heart. They kept their love a secret but shared compassion, which no other Vulcan could feel. When their love and marriage came out, they were the envy of all species, they were the perfect couple. His logic and Nyota's compassion mixed into one.

She went quietly holding his hand, she gave him so much.

She stopped the warring natures that ran rapidly inside his mind and heart.

She combined the "Child of two worlds" that they settled in peace because of the undying love she gave unselfishly.

She gave him their children, they created their own IDIC family where others struggle to accept them.

She gave him undeniable love that filled his Vulcan heart.

He misses her so, half of his heart and soul. Parted from me, never parted. Now he carries her katra, he will never leave her, now he must prepare for his journey.

Spock stands in front of her mirrored dresser and takes a long look at himself. His dark hair is almost platinum, slight wrinkles at the corner of his eyes.

His eyes scan her dresser and stop at her jewelry box, Spock's hand glide across the top that brings back many memories. His hands grasp the sides and slowly lifts the lid. Spock looks inside to a circus of her jewelry. His hand shift through the collection that Nyota had accumulated over the years of their marriage. His fingers stop at two semi-circular rings, he picks them up to feel them in his hand. Spock takes a deep sigh, he knows these rings, it's the first gift he has given her. Those green jade hoop earrings, he thinks back to the Enterprise where she wore them almost everywhere on and off duty. Nyota told him that they remind her of undying love, she didn't care what others thought. Spock grips them in his hand and return to their bed and sat and stares at them. The color alone represents the color of his blood, their bond, his Vulcan love for her.

"Taluhk nash-veh k'dular "– I cherish thee

Was all Spock could say.

Spock got up to continue packing her things, he knew just what to do with those precious green earrings.

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Uhura's World Series-Family Heirloom

Spock's children and grandchildren are gathered around him to send him off to the ancientry caves with Nyota's katra. He will make this journey alone. He looks down to his youngest granddaughter, who resembles his Nyota in every way. She has her smooth dark skin and thick curly hair. His hand rubs the small box buried in his breast pocket.
"Kan-el walk with me."
Spock took his granddaughter to a small garden in the back of the house, and they sat. She looks at her sa-mekh-el with her almond-shaped eyes and slanted brows.
"Kan-el, I have a gift for you."
Spock went into his breast pocket and took out the small box that was slightly worn, and extended it towards the young girl about ten years old. The girl's hand reaches for it and places it in her palm, and returns the look of curiosity back to her grandfather. Spock bows his head for her to open it. The girl takes her fingers to slowly open the box to reveal two green jaded hoop earrings.

"I gave this gift to your grandmother along time ago, it represented the token of my affection."

The girl slowly picks up one of the earrings and examines it.
"Grandfather, this is quite exquisite, are you sure you wish to depart from them?"

"Affirmative, your grandmother left me something much more, it is here."
Spock places his hand over his heart.
"Your grandmother has deep affections for you little one, our relationship was different. She was not afraid to let situations stop her. I believe she wants you to know this and not be ashamed of being different."
Spock placed his aged hand over two small ones.
"Grandmother Nyota was different."
Spock watched his grand-daughter eyes, they seem to appear misty, but her strong Vulcan logic prevented too many emotions.

The young girl looked up at her grandfather, sat up straight, clutching those green hoop earrings.
"Grandfather, I am grateful for the gift, and I will cherish them." She stood up, and did something un-Vulcan, she reached over and hugged her grandfather.

Spock's mouth twitched just slightly and saw a part of his Nyota in their granddaughter. She left to rejoin her family with the gift, holding it tightly in her hand.
Spock is relieved and felt at peace. He passed on something precious of Nyota's legacy.

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Uhura's World Series-Looking Sexy

"Char! Can you believe it!" Nyota jumping up and down.

"Shore leave! Hallelujah!" shouts Char.

"Three glorious days of relaxation," Eve says, smiling from ear to ear.

"Girl, we need to pack!" suggest Charlene

"No Char lets get a game plan first."

"How about clubbing?" suggest Eve.

"Yeah, we could, and let's go to the beach! I've been dying to wear this two-piece I have!" says Nyota.

"So, we have clubbing and to the beach. Sounds like a plan." Eve added as she clapped her hands.

Charlene jumps in: "I'll make the hotel reservation for three nights!"

"Yeah, before they get overbooked, and we won't have a place to stay," added Nyota.

"Let's get packing then," says Eve.

The three women left to their quarters to start packing and making a reservation for the trip.


It was easy for Nyota, she went through her closet for her sexiest outfits that have any reflection of green in it. She dove in her dresser to find her swimsuit and pulls it out. She wants to make sure it still fits, Nyota tries it on, and it fits like a glove. The key-lime colored top pushed up her breast, and she made sure the backside covered her butt. She rushed over to her jewelry box and pulled out her favorite jaded hoop earrings and held them up to her ears to match. Nyota put them on and stood in front of the full-length mirror and posed.

Her door opens, and a tall man, with piercing eyes, and pointed ears comes in. He sees a figure posing in front of the mirror. Spock's eyes are focused on the lack of material over her breast and butt. Nyota turns to see him staring at her.

"Spock what a surprise, I wasn't expecting you," Nyota says sultry, her eyes looking at him seductively.

"Are you going somewhere?" Spock asks quizzically.

"Yes, the girls and I are going on shore leave for a couple of days, we are going to some clubs and the beach."

Spock stares at her attire and not pleased at what he sees. He looks around her room to see other clothing spewed about, clothes that would attract other males to Nyota's attention. He did not like that, he didn't like sharing his woman with any man.
Nyota sees him glancing around her room, eyeing the selected clothes. Spock made it perfectly clear that their relationship was discreet, no one knew that they were seeing each other.

"Interesting for the day?" :Spock looking at her suspiciously.

"No, we are staying a couple of days in a hotel."


"Eve, Charlene and I. Why are you questioning me? I'm a big girl.": snaps Nyota.

"I did not realize you would take leave for such an extended time."

"Why Spock, do you want to come with us?" Nyota says slyly.

Spock walks over to her bed and lifts up one of her garments and examines, it was short, revealing, and very seductive. He didn't like the idea that his woman would be displaying herself in such a way that it bothered him. He picks up the next outfit, it was the same. It too would draw attention to her. He already has seen the effects that Nyota has on others in just her uniform. The men of the ship are naturally attracted to her. He contemplates her romping around on shore leave, it was unacceptable.

"Nyota, you should reconsider your apparel for shore leave."

"Why?" snapped Nyota.

"It's not acceptable." Spock says sternly.

"Look here mister, we just dating, we are not exclusive!" Nyota places her hand on her hips, snapping back at Spock.
"You can't tell me what to do!"

Spock took two swift steps and was in front of her, grabs her shoulder, leans in, and gives her a deep kiss. Nyota tries to back off and resist, then she feels his hands roam around her back and waist. She starts to moan as she sinks deeper into his arms and kisses.

Spock's thoughts are ruthless, the idea that some male attempting to take what is his danced in his mind. He broke the kiss, stood back, Nyota's body responding as if she was drunk, and lazily looks at him. He removes her top and bottom of her swimsuit with the slight of his hand.
Nyota reaches for her green earring to take off, Spock stops her.

"Leave them, they are the only things that are appropriate on you."
And they continue with their lovemaking.

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Part 7 of the Uhura's World Series-Manly Advice

Men's POV:

"Listen Sulu and Chekov when you try to date girl there are certain ways about it. Take it from me. I'm an expert.": grins Kirk.

"Says the man who has broken every heart in this part of the galaxy." laughs McCoy.

Spock is sitting quietly as he listens to the men talk about women.

"Hey, I consider myself good looking. Why don't women fall at my feet?" asks Chekov.

"First of all, your still a kid, still green." laughs Kirk. "Look at me, I'm charming and but mostly built." Kirk flexes his muscles in his chest and arms. "Women go for the athletic type."

Sulu and McCoy cough loudly, "Right Jim."

"If you are so good, then how come Uhura is not under your spell?" snaps Sulu.

"Sulu is right captain, if your such a ladies man, Uhura should be following you around," adds Chekov, now giving a Cheshire cat smile.

"Well, I have to admit, she's a tough customer." Kirk is rubbing his chin. "Heavens knows I have tried!"

"She's probably the only woman not taken by your charms, Jim." chuckles McCoy.

"You know what? She's been kinda different lately." Kirk is giving a concerned look.

"Yeah, your right. More like she is in a type of dreamland or something," adds Sulu.

"I hope she is dreaming about me!" says Chekov.

"Yeah right, Pavel you are really giving yourself to much credit. Down boy" laughs McCoy.

"Come to think about it, she looks different too," Kirk says worryingly.

"Well, maybe she dating or seeing someone?" asked Chekov.

"Well, I wish it was me she was dating, I would really show her a good time," said Kirk, he really thinks that Uhura is a fine woman."Every man on this ship alone been trying to get her number. Wonder why she has turned me down,: thought Kirk.

Spock has listened enough of their version who Uhura is dating. Because he knows who it is, and is quite pleased with himself for gaining Nyota's attention.

"Gentlemen, I will report for duty now, and thank you for enlightening me of your versions of Lt. Uhura."

Spock gets up and leaves the room. The rest of the men start to leave, as well.

"Well, I do believe she does look different, I wish I knew what or who it is that making her happy?" said Sulu as he too leaves the room.

"The only thing I notice differently about her is that she's wearing those green earrings,":chuckles McCoy. As he was leaving, he thought to himself. "Green, huh?" and looks at Spock walking down the corridor. "Naw, Uhura wouldn't do that?"