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The telephone trills five times before it's answered. A tiny,
accented voice, obviously an adorable beyond belief toddler
of the female species, yells, "Alo? Alo?! Ho-sit?! Okay-
BYE BYE!", and the receiver is slammed down. This time
READE'S office line rings. "Baby...your Daughter is nuts!"

"Issues abound...What's CRACKIN','"Booty'? What's good?"

"You're on speaker Baby." As verification, Paterson, visiting the
condo on her morning off, pipes up: " 'Booty'! He calls you 'BOOTY',
Tash? Gotta admit, it-the name do fit!"

" 'Sup, Paterson...stop spoiling my Daughter", warns Reade.

"Too late! I've invoked GodMother's privileges, allowing me unlimited
spoiling, as clearly stated in the MADRINA'S handbook, as verified
by Zapata."

Zapata interjects: "She tricked me, Reade!"

Their baby points at the receiver and says "Weed!" Then to her Mother:

"See what you did!", Tasha mocks, her tone friendly, bantering.

"Who is it who has the speaker on, again? I forget," Edgar retorts.