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Raphael/Donatello Mating Drabbles

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Don was carefully taking the screws out of an old CPU casing when the door to his lab slammed open. Contrary to his ninja training, he’d become just a little bit too used to the sounds of their lair to immediately think intruder. More like “which of my 3 brothers is it” based on the sound.

It wasn’t a firm knock before the door knob turned, so it wasn’t Leo.

It wasn’t a scuffle or other noise before the door got thrown open, so it wasn’t Mikey.

Nope, it was a sudden bang from the door being thrown open quickly and without any hesitation…Raph.

From the sound of Raph’s heavy breathing behind him getting louder, Don assessed that it was, more precisely, Raphael, post-argument with Leonardo.

Don finished extracting the screw and placed it in his tray before turning in his chair. His prediction was correct. Before him stood Raph, muscles tight and coiled in the dim lighting, chest heaving with fury.

Don sighed. He knew the anger wasn’t towards him.

“So, who stormed out first? You or Leo?”

Raph growled in anger and threw his hands up, pacing back and forth in a tight circle like a caged beast. “I don’t remember, probably that asshole.” He spat.

“What was the argument about?”

“Fearless don’t like that I was hanging around outside the lair on patrol by myself. Says it’ll draw attention…” Raph let out a bitter laugh. “As if he doesn’t drill the ways of the ninja into our brains enough. Don’t he think I fucking know by NOW how to stay hidden?”

Don was careful about his next words.

“OF course you do. Leo sometimes… sometimes he doesn’t realize how he phrases his concerns.”

“Oh, you mean the lecturing? Yeah, he really fucking has no clue how to do anything other than play ‘pompous jerk’.” Raph snarled.

Don got out of his chair, slowly walked over to Raph who was still pacing. Raph glanced at him and slowed a little bit as he approached.

Don held his arms out with a quirk of his lips and eyebrow.

Raph snorted and shook his head. “I ain’t really in the mood for tenderness right now, Donnie.”

A shift in weight from one foot to the other and Don jutted his hip out, arms still extended towards his mate.

“Who said anything about tenderness?” Don purred.

Raph stopped short in his pacing and Don smirked as he observed a slight widening of his eyes and his throat twitch with a barely detectable swallow. Raph licked his lips and retained his intense grimace, but Don knew that his furrowed eye ridges hid a sparkle of gratitude in his mate’s eyes.

“Well then, brainiac,” Raph whispered, ignoring Don’s outstretched arms and gripping his hips tightly to pull him close. “Whaddya say you help me pound out some of this anger?”

Don let out a little whimper as his hips made contact with the rapidly bulging slit in Raph’s lower plastron.

“T-table or bed?”

“Neither. I’m taking ya right here.”

Raph dipped him back in his arms and lowered them both to kneeling positions on the floor. After pausing to make sure Don was supported properly, he shoved the smaller turtle to the tiled floor and grabbed at his hips again, yanking Don’s ass back and up.

“I-I don’t exactly enjoy the fact that you and Leo still fight after all this time…” Don squeaked as his tail was lifted by rough fingers.

“Yeah? You gonna fight me too?” Raph murmured.

“Y-you know that’s not my modus operand-AAuuughhh!” Don squealed as his cheeks were spread and a hot wet tongue pressed against his hole.

Raph chuckled against his mate’s opening, humming and sending Don into a pleasurable spasm. “Mmmmmm…dat’s what I love about yeh.” He pushed his tongue in, breaching Don in one smooth motion.

Don gurgled in delight, ignoring the friction of the cold floor against his forearms and knees. It was going to be a long, hard night. Raph pushed harder, swirling his tongue against Don's inner walls. A long, thick...hard night.