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I'm A Loser And I Always Fucking Will Be

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2:03 am


R. Tozier added E. Kaspbrak, S. Uris, B. Marsh, M. Hanlon, B. Denbrough and B. Hanscom to a groupchat

R. Tozier has named the groupchat "Loser Bitches"

R. Tozier has changed their name to "Trashdaddy"


S. Uris: I hate this

Trashdaddy: come on stanny, live a lil

S. Uris: Wow, now I hate you as well

Trashdaddy: :(

B. Marsh: you made the trash panda sad Stan!

Trashdaddy: mayhaps Bev is my best friend

S. Uris: Well, she did get trash water thrown over her before summer, so it's fitting

B. Marsh: mayhaps I kick Stan in the shin

Trashdaddy: mayhaps you do

S. Uris: I resent you both

Trashdaddy has changed S. Uris' name to "Birb"

Birb: I hate you

Trashdaddy: so you've said

B. Marsh: why so sour staners?

Birb: I'm not sour, Richie is the one who decided to make a groupchat with us all at two in the morning

Trashdaddy: we don't sleep

B. Marsh: have we ever slept?

Trashdaddy: nope

B. Marsh: exactly

Birb: Please, go to sleep or to therapy

B. Marsh: mayhaps he's right

Trashdaddy: mayhaps he's not

Birb: I swear, I am about to go to your houses and knock you both out

B. Marsh: I dare you

Trashdaddy has changed B. Marsh's name to "Fuk U Bicth"