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check out the fabulous fan art drawn for this story by Hope21_18 here!


Hoseok has known many humans in his long lifetime. 


Well, he hasn’t exactly known them. Or talked to them. Or really even seen one up close. But he has heard them… their prayers and their pleas for his guidance and his help.


Min Yoongi is no exception.


He is Hoseok’s favorite human to watch, the only one who dares to live in his forest all year round. And, bizarrely, he is the only human that Hoseok has observed that doesn’t come in multiples. 


Humans are such social creatures, always needing companions or entire villages to survive. When humans enter Hoseok’s forest, it’s almost always in pairs or packs. But Yoongi entered the forest alone, and alone he’s remained since the day he arrived. He was by himself when he painstakingly built his little stone cottage up from nothing, and he’s been on his own ever since. 


He’s Hoseok’s favorite human to watch because instead of doing things like other humans do, like chopping and burning and ruining , he loves and takes care of the forest. He carefully tends to his gardens for nourishment, and builds his fires with brush and twigs. When he hunts, he always makes sure nothing goes to waste and he sends a prayer up for the soul of the animal. The one time he cut down a small tree so he could use it to make a bed, he had placed his forehead against it and whispered a broken I’m sorry , which Hoseok had felt deep within himself.


Yoongi is different. Yoongi is special. 


Hoseok is dying to get closer to him.


It’s not a forbidden thing to interact with humans, not by any means. More than a few gods like to wander around the mortal world, partaking in various pleasures. It’s not as if Hoseok is afraid to approach Yoongi, but he’s also uniquely aware of the differences between them. 


Hoseok is a god of the forest, and Yoongi is human. 


Yoongi is adorably human, with his tiny little body and the cute black hat he always wears, though he possesses magic. Hoseok watched in the early days as Yoongi had been practicing a spell — a simple protection spell over a den of foxes — and had sneezed into his potion, turning his inky black hair a bright and ethereal silver which it has remained ever since. 


And while Hoseok is confident when it comes to making the sun shine brighter or blessing the lands for a fertile harvest, he’s not quite sure how to become friends — or maybe even more — with the little human boy who has intrigued him so.


For months, literal months , Hoseok has agonized on how to get closer to Yoongi. He listens to Yoongi’s prayers and blesses his everyday endeavors, but the witch still seems so far away. 


Even now, watching the human rise from his slumber and set about his daily routine, Hoseok longs for him. 


Maybe one day he’ll have the courage to actually get closer. 








Yoongi loves the summertime. 


He loves the way the flowers bloom brighter than ever and how the animals come out of hibernation to bask in the sun’s warm glow. In the summer the forest truly comes alive, and for that reason alone it is Yoongi’s favorite. 


He selfishly wishes to be lazy; he can feel the sunlight pouring in through his window, warming up his skin and bringing a smile to his face. He longs to throw away his responsibilities and go for a swim in the lake near his cottage. The water always feels so refreshing around this time of year. 


But there is work to be done, and there is no one other than Yoongi to see to his chores, so he sets about doing them.


First he tends to his crops. It’s always important that he water them first thing in the morning as well as the last thing in the evening, so the sun doesn’t dry everything up before the roots get wet. So he sets off down to the stream with his two buckets balancing on a big wooden stick which he keeps across his shoulders. After he finishes that task, he sets about making sure that all of the various animals that hang around his house are fed and tended to, including the many cats that continue to multiply. Then he plucks at his herbs to bundle and dry, and harvests all that he can from his garden. 


It’s in the late afternoon that he always sets aside the time to make an offering to his altar. 


Yoongi saves his evenings for his spells and brewing his potions, but just before the sun sets, when everything is cast in a beautiful golden light, is the time he reserves to pray. 


The reason he became a witch — a worshipper of the earth and nature — is because ever since he was a boy, he used to dream of the forest. Vivid dreams of beautiful winding paths; tangled overgrowth and big, yellow sunflowers turning their faces toward the light. He’s always felt a calling and a connection to nature of this kind. 


But when his family had discovered his devotion and fascination to such things, he was given a choice. Either be exiled from the village, or face something much, much worse. 


So he practiced in secret, and once he was old enough to take care of himself, he left his home behind to come to the forest which had always called on him but that he had never actually visited. And it’s where he’s been ever since. 


Ever since his first day here, he’s prayed to Jayeon. It’s not an official title, but it simply just embodies the spirit of nature and all things good to him. His first day, he prayed that his house would come together without too much difficulty, and it did. 


He prayed that even with his little experience, he could farm enough to not starve through that first difficult winter, and his crops were successful. Jayeon has been nothing but kind to him, so he makes his offerings and doesn’t feel bad about politely asking for little things here and there. 


Today he sets aside three carrots and a big red beet to rest at his altar. It’s a simple set-up. He lights a few candles at the window that faces his garden, just as the sun starts to set over the tops of the trees, and sets a sprig of sage and rosemary on fire, blowing it out so it billows fragrant smoke around the small room. 


He meant to pray for guidance on his garden — his strawberry plants just aren’t working out this year — or maybe even some advice on which elixir to use to help with soothing the little cuts he gets on his hands from tending to his flowers, but instead something entirely different comes out.


“Jayeon-ssi… I am lonely.” Yoongi sits down on the ground, closing his eyes as he begins to pour his heart out. “I do not regret devoting my life to you. You have helped me survive… shown me that there is a different way of living than I am used to. And while I am grateful that you have shown me kindness and helped me to thrive inside of your woods, I cannot help but feel unfulfilled.” 


He frowns, a few silent tears slipping down his cheeks. “Why do the people in town hate me for serving you? I have never hurt them… I only wanted to help. But they made me choose and they cast me out, and of course I chose you. I will always choose you. But it has been years since I have spoken to another person. The only company I have are the animals that decide to humor me with a hello.” 


Yoongi sniffles softly. “I know I should be content. I am alive and there could have been a future in which I was burned at the stake for serving you. I know I should be grateful. I know, I know, I know. And yet… and yet I still long for more. I wish for a companion… I wish to feel love. I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I don’t wish to remain… untouched. If I have served you well… if my heart is pure and my intentions are good, please send me a lover who will not only understand my devotion to you, but will support it. Encourage it. A lover who loves me for me. Who sees the good in my servitude to you and this earth we will live on. Who doesn’t view magic as something bad, but something wonderful. ” 


He laughs sadly, wiping off the tears from his cheeks. “I know it is selfish, but please send me a sign that I am not doomed to live in this forest alone for the rest of my days.”


He looks up and waits. Waits for anything, like the flicker of a candle or even maybe a glimmer in one of his crystals, but instead there’s nothing. Nothing


He sighs. His faith doesn’t waver. Jayeon works in mysterious ways and Yoongi’s life has been so much the better for it. But still… he wishes he could have felt something .


He blows out his candles and leaves to go and make his way to the stream again so he can fill his buckets to water his plants. He isn’t paying attention, so he doesn’t notice the way the sun shines a little brighter above him, swelling with warmth. A quiet response; a fond smile.


He’s weary as he ascends the hill for the last time that day with his full buckets, trying to breathe through it even though his feet are sore and his back aches. He should brew some tea when he gets back to his cottage… he knows a few herbs in particular that will soothe his aching muscles.


When he’s almost to the top, he steps on a twig that puts him off balance and sends him down into the dirt, his buckets spilling everywhere. His trademark hat falls off and rolls away with his fall. He’s about to put his head in his hands in despair when he hears a soft noise and looks up to see a tiny baby fawn, standing on shaky legs and staring at him with big, shining eyes. 


It’s clear it’s a late birth, as most of the other fawns are a bit older by now. 


Yoongi stares at the little fawn, its big brown eyes fixed on Yoongi as he slowly tries to right himself. This is actually the closest he’s ever been to a deer as the creatures are known to be notoriously skittish around humans. Sometimes he’ll spot one in his garden nibbling on his fruit or his flowers, but they always scatter when they hear his footsteps approaching. But this little guy clearly is too young to have learned to be skeptical, and Yoongi calmly reaches out a hand in his direction. 


“Hello, little one. Don’t be shy.” 


The deer blinks at him carefully, but to Yoongi’s surprise it doesn’t run off, but instead takes a shaky step forward. Yoongi stares in awe. He is almost happy for his misfortune, because this sweet creature is paying him attention.


“Don’t be afraid,” Yoongi whispers. “I would never hurt you.”


The fawn moves closer, nosing at the empty buckets Yoongi had dropped. He laughs softly, reaching out to pet the little deer’s body. “Yeah… I know. I’ve had a stroke of bad luck. I have to go back to the stream and fetch some more water. Would you like to come with me?” 


The fawn blinks at Yoongi in return, and Yoongi just grins, picking himself up and brushing off his scraped knees and elbows before grabbing the buckets again and walking slowly down to the river. He glances back over his shoulder just in time to see the fawn hesitate but begin to carefully follow him. He places his hat back on his head and smiles, admiring that he maybe just made a new friend.


To his surprise the fawn follows him down to the stream, to his garden, and even up to his cottage. It’s there, after Yoongi has finished all of his chores, that he turns around and places his hands on his hips. “I think it’s time for you to go home, little one. I’m sure your family misses you.” 


The sun is starting to set, bathing the land in a warm golden glow. The fawn tilts his head at him, springing forward on wobbly legs to nuzzle his face against Yoongi’s leg. His big brown eyes seem to sparkle, and Yoongi can’t help but feel endeared to the creature.


“How about a treat for the road?” Yoongi brushes his fingers over his short fur, tickling under his chin before standing to his full height. He wanders over to his apple tree, pulling off a red, juicy apple from the stem. “Here you go, sweetheart.” He holds the apple out, and the deer takes it happily, nibbling on the sweet fruit and making happy little noises. 


Yoongi squats down in front of it, content to just watch him eat. Once the apple is gone the deer moves forward again, rubbing his cold nose against Yoongi’s cheek before galloping off. 


The witch watches him go with a slightly sad smile. “Goodbye sunshine… come see me again.”








The deer comes back the next day.


And the next. And the next. 


Before long Yoongi starts to anticipates the little fawn meeting him at the stream, and he always greets him with a bright smile. 


“Good morning, Sunshine!” He tips his hat to the deer happily in greeting. He’s taken to carrying an apple with him when he starts his chores, because he knows how much Sunshine enjoys the treats. 


(The deer was fond of red and yellow apples, but the one time Yoongi gave him a green one Sunshine had looked at him with sad eyes full of betrayal and Yoongi promised to never make such a mistake again.)


The summer turns into autumn, and despite Yoongi’s hard work, his crops aren’t as fruitful as he was hoping. He’s able to can and preserve what he harvested, but when he looks at his stock for the long winter months ahead, he can’t help but feel a pang of worry in his chest. But his daily routines distract him, including Sunshine’s little visits. He never sees the little fawn’s family, but he supposes they must exist because the fawn still survives. But somehow, Sunshine stays small… it makes Yoongi worry about his chances of surviving the winter.


Yoongi wakes one morning to find that frost has dusted over his crops and all of the trees. He’s able to dig up the last of the squash but he knows it’s the last of what he’ll be able to salvage.


What was worry before turns into a tangible stress. He’s looked through his kitchen cabinets, he’s counted and accounted for everything in his stores. 


There’s simply not enough.


In a brief moment of panic he considers going down to the village and buying something to tide him over, but he dismisses the thought as quickly as it comes. 


Yoongi chose this life… he chose Jayeon . Going back to the town when he needed help… it felt uncomfortably close to failure. And deep down, he knew the village would shun him anyway.


He has to believe in his heart that the forest, that Jayeon will provide for him. He has served his god devotedly ever since he left his original home behind, and his faith cannot waiver now. He might not have much, but he will find a way to survive. 


He won’t let the winter take him the way it has taken so many before him. 


When Sunshine shows up that morning, the deer seems to sense his melancholy mood. Yoongi feels terrible, not having the heart to play with the fawn that much, only finding enough energy to just barely get through his chores. 


He collapses at his altar when it’s close to sundown, useless tears starting to spill down his cheeks. He knows that when he wakes tomorrow winter will make its presence known, and he is nowhere near ready.


Sunshine whines, hobbling over to sit by Yoongi’s side, tucking his head on Yoongi’s leg. He brushes his fingers through the fawn’s hair, looking at his shrine with teary eyes. 


“Jayeon-ssi… I am afraid.” He confesses quietly. “Winter has come early this year and I cannot stop it.”


He pauses, almost as if the small fawn can respond. When no response comes, like he knew it wouldn’t, he bows his head and lets himself weep. “I do not think I have enough food to last me through the colder months… and if I continue to feed all of the cats as I have, I fear it may be even sooner.” He closes his eyes. “I believe in you so deeply, and I trust in you...” He takes a deep breath, steadying himself. “But… if Jayeon-ssi has a plan… then I will trust in you. As I always have.” He rests his head against the window sill, the tears still rolling down his cheeks.


“I know you have so much to take care of… the forest and its animals and so many other things. But selfishly, I ask you to not forget about me. Help me get through this winter so I can continue to be your devoted servant, if you deem me worthy.” His fingers tighten in Sunshine’s fur, and he looks down at his companion as well. “And maybe look out for my Sunshine, too. I pray that you take mercy upon him and his family, so I may see him again when the winter ends.”


Yoongi pauses, looking into the deer’s big eyes. “He is the closest thing I have to a friend… I told you before that I was lonely, and then you sent me Sunshine. And granted, he probably thinks I’m a bit too on the talkative side, but he does listen. I am grateful to you, every single day. Both of you.” 


He huffs, wiping his cheeks dry. “I am sorry that I have tainted my prayer with my tears. I know there are many things for which I should be thankful. I shall do my best to focus on the positive things this winter, because I know that is what you would want me to do. Thank you for taking me under your wing, for showing me the way through the darkness. I would be lost without you, Jayeon-ssi. Thank you.” 


Yoongi blows his candles out, looking down to his companion. “Time to go home, Sunshine. The snow will be fierce, and we might not see one another for some time.” He hugs the fawn’s neck, closing his eyes as he rubs down his back. “Please know that I will miss you. Don’t tell the cats, but you are my favorite.” 


The fawn nuzzles against him, huffing softly as Yoongi gently leads him back outside. Yoongi watches as the fawn treks off into the brush, and only when he’s out of sight does Yoongi break down, sliding to his knees and shaking in genuine fear.


He has a will to live, and generally in his time on earth he’s found that a will generally equals a way. But he isn’t quite sure that it will be the case this time around.


It’s the next day that the first snow falls, and it doesn’t seem to stop falling. The temperature drops, and Yoongi spends his days keeping his fire steady and ablaze while wrapped up in his knitted blankets with the cats. He doesn’t see Sunshine again, and he hopes that the little fawn is with his family, curled up in their warmth. He worries a lot about him, because fawns his size generally don’t make it through the harder months. Yoongi knows there are wolves out in the woods that would love to have Yoongi’s little friend as a meal for their own families. That’s simply how the circle of life works. But Yoongi selfishly wants Sunshine to make it. He prays to his altar every day for the little fawn’s safety.


And maybe it makes him crazy, but he starts talking out loud to himself. The winter means he has to hole up inside of his cabin, only daring to go out for the necessities like water and to try to hunt down some food. 


HIs cats are used to his rambling, but this time he doesn’t speak to them directly. He just… speaks. To Jayeon. To Sunshine. To the earth itself. 


He speaks of his dreams and his fears… the things he hopes to accomplish when his magic grows stronger, even unrealistic fantasies of being able to use his gifts to help the good people in town… the ones who trusted in Jayeon but had been overpowered by the louder nonbelievers.


Yoongi sleeps more hours than he is awake; it’s the only way to get through the long days and to make himself forget how hungry he really is. 


It’s a month into winter when he first sees him. 


His dreams are usually very vague and peaceful; he is lucky to have never been tormented by nightmares. He knows this is a dream, because the sun is hot on his cheeks and the water in the stream is blessedly warm. Yoongi doesn’t swim per se, but he definitely does like to get in the water for a refreshing dip in the stream every now and then. 


He’s lounging on the water bank when he hears a twig snap. He turns over his shoulder, expecting to see his dear friend Sunshine, but instead… instead he sees something else entirely.


It’s been so long since Yoongi has seen another person, even in his dreams. But there is no way his simple imagination could have dreamt up someone who looks like this


The man standing in front of him is lithe and tan and shirtless save for a piece of simple cloth tied around his hips. His body is beautiful, but it is not the best part of him. That is reserved for his face. Beautiful, doe eyes and delicate but pointed features accent a smile so bright and sunny Yoongi feels like he can’t look at it for too long for fear of burning his eyes. 


Yoongi is rendered speechless by his beauty, and he stares at him dumbly for what must be a few seconds too long. The man laughs — a sound that is as charming as wind chimes — and reaches out his hand for Yoongi to take. 


He does, because he is curious and he feels that cold, emptiness that has been present in his heart ever since he left his village behind start to thaw. Once he’s back on his feet he notices that he’s a few inches shorter than the man, but he’s close enough to see the man’s breathtaking eyes up close. 


They are a gorgeous green… deep and striking, almost like the trees in the forest. It’s a beautiful color that makes Yoongi think of the summer and the earth… all the life and greenery that sprouts to abundance when the sun shines the brightest. 


His hair is a myriad of browns, the strands somehow seeming alive with the depth and richness of its color. His skin is sunkissed and perfect, not even a simple scratch or scar in sight, and it strikes Yoongi then that the man in front of him is almost like the embodiment of the forest itself. He smells of the sweetness of the meadows and the richness of the earth.


Yoongi cannot speak, but he finds that he doesn’t need to. The man’s eyes say a thousand words, and Yoongi finds himself clinging to the man’s form, his body warming up from the inside out. He lets himself get lost in those hypnotic green eyes, breathing in that earthy scent and as he memorizes all the beautiful details that create the perfect man that stands in front of him. 


The man places his beautifully shaped hands on Yoongi’s hat and tugs it out of the way, working his fingers through the witch’s silver hair, his expression incredibly fond but also curious .


“Have faith, Min Yoongi,” the man whispers, pressing their foreheads together as he strokes his hair gently. “Do not give up on this life yet.”


Yoongi is still speechless. 


He clings to the man — or whatever he is — and finds that the brilliance radiating from him renews him with a new sense of hope. Maybe things aren’t as dire as they seem. Maybe Yoongi will survive this winter yet.


The man smiles warmly, almost as if he can read Yoongi’s thoughts, and leans in to press a sweet kiss to Yoongi’s forehead before he backs away. Yoongi watches, dumbstruck, as the man plucks a red apple off of a nearby tree and tosses it a couple times in his hand before taking a bite, winking at Yoongi before turning and walking back in the direction he came from.


Yoongi wants to call out after him, to beg him not to go, but he can’t. The words get caught in his throat and he collapses back down to the warm earth, his fingers pressing into the dirt. He closes his eyes and the next time he opens them, he is back inside of his cabin. 


He blinks away the last vestiges of sleep, rubbing at his eyes as he sits up in his bed. He looks out the window and sure enough, he can barely see through it. The ice has frosted over it completely, and Yoongi can tell by the murky shapes he can make out through it that the forest is covered in a blanket of white. 


Yoongi pulls the blanket around his shoulders, dragging himself out of bed. He shuffles over to the pantry, confused when he sees the door ajar. He always made sure to keep it closed, but he shrugs his shoulders and crosses the room to firmly shut the door. When he does he hears a mewl of protest, and a bolt of fear goes through his body.


He keeps the pantry sealed off because the cats are notorious for climbing on stuff and getting into things they shouldn’t, and he is praying, praying that by some sort of miracle when he opens that door everything will be exactly as it should be.


It only takes a second for those hopes to crash and burn. One of his favorite cats, Luna, sits perched up on the top shelf, licking at a jar of peach preserves like nothing is amiss. Her white fur is sticky and colorful from her spoils, and below her is a mess of broken glass and ruined fruit. Yoongi feels like screaming.


He knows now that the dream he had was false. He knows that there’s no hope. He sinks down to his knees, helpless sobs building in his chest that he can’t stop. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve to be punished so, but he knows it must have been horrible. 


He allows himself to mourn and wallow in his despair for a few minutes before picking himself up to re-evaluate his supply. 


Instead of a couple months, this loss truly knocks his food supply down to only a few weeks tops. He can’t be angry with Luna; she is a cat and she is curious, and he cannot blame her for wanting to satisfy her empty stomach. She is an animal, and she sniffed out some food and indulged. He cannot fault her nature for driving her actions. Now all that is left is to simply make peace with the unexpected loss.


He decides to carry on as if nothing ever happened. He cleans up the mess and re-portions the remaining food to last him as long as possible. 


It’s three weeks later when the hunger starts to set in. 


Yoongi hadn’t been able to leave the cabin, the snow so high and his energy at an all time low. But the situation is getting dire, and he feels that ugly head of failure rearing to the forefront of his consciousness everytime he hears his cats cry out unhappily, their little bellies obviously aching and empty.


It would be one thing if Yoongi was only responsible for himself, but he has his cats to take care of as well. He starts skipping his own meals, giving the measly amount he has left over to the cats. It’s a small victory, but when the distressed meows turn into content purrs, he allows himself to feel a bit better.


He starts to slip in and out of consciousness, falling asleep despite a full night of rest because he doesn’t have the energy to do much else. He sees the man at the stream again in his dreams, always smiling and encouraging Yoongi, telling him to keep fighting… to stay strong.


Yoongi doesn’t have the heart to tell him that it’s useless.


It’s a few days later when the snow melts just enough for him to be able to get his front door open. Even that feels like an insurmountable task, but he cannot allow himself to give up. He bundles himself up in as many furs and coats as he can, pulling his black hat down over his ears and grabbing his rucksack as well as a knife. If he could successfully capture some game then that would turn everything around. He has enough water already — as the melting snow is a source that’s easy to collect from — but he needs food. 


He needs food.


Yoongi tredges through the snow, feeling so impossibly weak but he has to try . If he doesn’t, he won’t be the only one that perishes in his little cottage. He has other little mouths to feed, so he continues on.


It’s over an hour later and he’s seen no signs of life whatsoever. The snow casts a blanket of quiet over the entire world, making things seem eerily peaceful despite the turmoil in Yoongi’s soul. He’s far from home, and he knows he’ll need to turn back soon so he has enough energy to make it to his cottage. He feels tears of failure stinging at his eyes.


He’s just about to turn and head back when he spots something that makes him feel as if he’s seeing things. Atop a snow drift sits a delicious looking bright red apple. He knew hallucinations were common when the body started to die of starvation, but he forces himself over to check anyway.


He blinks in surprise when he feels the smooth skin of the apple against his fingers, and he takes it into his hand and holds it firmly, still not quite believing it could possibly be real. His stomach lurches at the idea of having something inside of it. He decides it wouldn’t be too bad to eat half of the apple and bring the other half back for the cats.


He closes his eyes and holds it to his lips, ready to take a bite, when he hears a soft noise that startles him. He opens his eyes to find a little fawn, alone and covered in show, trembling atop the snow bank. 


Yoongi gasps. 


“Sunshine!” He stumbles forward so he can touch his delicate fur. He had no idea if the fawn was alive, but seeing him here feels like a small blessing. He’s not, however, in particularly good shape. He’s trembling like a leaf, and his ribs are still visible through his thick winter coat. Yoongi wants to cry… it looks as if his friend is in a much similar situation as he is.


“Come with me,” Yoongi pleads softly. “Come back to my cottage. If your family can’t keep you warm and safe, I will.” He goes to push away from the pile of snow and stand, but finds that as soon as he does his legs give out beneath him, sending him to his knees. 


Yoongi knows then that there’s no hope. His cottage is miles behind him, and the wind has only picked up and gotten icier. He had a feeling when he left this morning that he would not return, and it seems he’s been proven correct.


He looks up at Sunshine, seeing the sweet fawn blinking at him curiously, and lets out a shaky breath. He holds out the apple with a trembling hand. “I’m sorry, Sunshine. But I think… I think you may have to find a new friend.”


The fawn blinks at him and steps forward, timidly taking the apple from him. Yoongi watches with tunneling vision as the deer munches away, carefully even though he is starving too, and he smiles. At least one soul will be saved on this day. He has to account for his small victories. The knife in his pocket feels heavy, and he knows that most in his position would kill the deer for food. The fat could be rendered and the meat would sustain him for weeks to come, even if the fawn is small.


But Sunshine is more than just an animal to him; he’s a friend. Yoongi doesn’t even consider killing him for a second, wouldn’t dare, because the forest is Sunshine’s home and if anyone deserves to live, it’s the sweet deer that has kept him company on so many lonely days.


“I’ll just rest,” he whispers, settling his side down onto the packed snow and closing his eyes. He knows that freezing will be a kinder death than starvation. He allows himself this kindness as he closes his eyes and drifts away.


He hears Sunshine’s tentative footsteps in the snow, and the familiar coldness of his wet nose against his cheek. He smiles despite himself when he feels Sunshine curl in close to his body. Yoongi selfishly hopes that Sunshine will stay with him until the very end.








When Yoongi wakes, it’s to his warm bed and the smell of something mouthwatering cooking over his fire.


His eyes are unfocused at first, so it takes a few moments for him to take in his surroundings. 


He’s back inside of his cottage, and there’s a roaring fire in his hearth. His cats sit happily on the floor, lapping at full bowls of milk. 


Yoongi glances up, seeing the man from his dreams tending to some meat over the fire. 


He can’t help but laugh; big, raucous bellows from the pit of his stomach. He’s practically gleeful because Jayeon really did look out for him.


He has food, his cabin is warm, and the most beautiful man in the world is half naked in the center of it all. There’s only one explanation for this.


“I’m in heaven.” Yoongi whispers, little giggles slipping past his lips. “ I’m in heaven.”


The man turns to him and blinks before rushing over to him. “You’re awake! Please save your strength, little one! You have not yet eaten.” 


Yoongi blinks up at the beautiful man, the grin still on his face.


“You must be Jayeon… if this is heaven, then you must be him. There is no other explanation… you visited me in my dreams…” He pauses, letting his eyes run all over the man in front of him. “You are beautiful … I should have died sooner.”


The man squints, coming closer to bend down next to him. He reaches out, brushing a hand through Yoongi’s curly hair. “Where do you think you are, Min Yoongi?” 


“You’re here.” Yoongi says simply. “That means I am in heaven… that I have been blessed.”


“You are very blessed, Min Yoongi.” The man chuckles. “But this is not heaven. And I am not Jayeon. Well… not really.


Yoongi blinks in confusion. “But… that does not make sense. You were in my dreams! And I was not going to make it back to my cottage alive… the snow was too fierce.”


“That’s true.” The man acknowledges, standing up again to fetch some fresh warm bread and cool water from the counter before coming back over to sit at his side. “You would have never made it back on your own. That’s why I carried you back home myself.” “So I could bring back that pretty smile and put some color in those cheeks.” He helps Yoongi up into a sitting position, offering him the food with a gentle smile. “Just eat a little; things might make more sense then.”


Yoongi blinks but he isn’t in a state to disobey, so he carefully opens his mouth and allows the beautiful man to feed him tiny bites of bread.


“I don’t know a lot about these kinds of human things, but I was told by someone who does that you should eat small, simple things first. I’ve also prepared a stew for you, so once you are feeling a little better I will give that to you!”


The man has a bright, cheerful voice and Yoongi can’t take his eyes off him, watching him curiously as he’s fed. Eventually he finishes an entire roll by himself and the man helps cushion him back against some pillows.


“I don’t… understand,” Yoongi frowns. “If you are not Jayeon… then who are you?”


The man beams, a bit of his rich brown hair falling into his eyes. “What you call Jayeon is not one person or thing. A piece of Jayeon lives within me as a god of the forest, but the amount of power and dedication it takes to watch over the earth is too great for one being. But this forest… your forest, is my domain. I respond to the prayers for Jayeon, but the name specifically given to me by the creator is Hoseok.”


Yoongi gets wide eyed. “So… this is not heaven but you… you are a god? The god I have been praying to?!”


“More or less.” Hoseok chuckles. “I am responsible for looking after all of the living creatures inside of this forest… the trees and the animals… and even you, Min Yoongi.”


Yoongi tears up. “I always knew someone was listening… you were listening. Life in this forest has been so kind to me… up until this winter.” Yoongi sighs, looking down. “I’m sorry that I failed you… I tried my best. This winter was simply too harsh, and the harvest this year was not good enough.”


Hoseok pats his head soothingly. “Do not be so hard on yourself. I might be responsible for the forest, but I do not control the weather.” He smiles fondly at the human. “You worked hard; believe me, I noticed. You did your best. There was no future in which I would have not let you make it through the winter. I always kept my eye on you… watching you from afar and making sure that you were okay.”


Yoongi looks up at him with teary eyes and before he can stop himself he wraps his arms around the god, pressing his face into his abdomen and silently weeping. “Thank you, thank you for sparing me… and my animals.” He sniffles, looking up at him. “Hoseok-ssi… I must ask you one more favor, and I know it is selfish of me because you have already given me so much…”


“You are blessed… you are special. I would not be here if you were not. Do not be afraid to speak to me freely.”


Yoongi frowns, troubled. “There’s a fawn… he’s a few months old now but he is still so small. I think his family has abandoned him to die… please, please spare him. I can nurse him to full health and take care of him here inside of my cottage. He’s been my only companion on so many lonely days, and I could not bear to think of him alone and freezing to death out there…”


Hoseok chuckles, tilting his head cutely. “Have you really not figured it out?”


Yoongi blinks. “What do you mean? Figured what out?”


“I’m your Sunshine, Min Yoongi.” He twirls his hand, and seemingly out of nowhere an apple appears, bright and red and juicy, just like the ones from Yoongi’s apple tree during the summertime. Within a blink of an eye the little fawn stands on top of his mattress, the apple in his mouth and a twinkle in his eye.


The human watches in stunned amazement as the deer shifts back into the smiling face of the god, his green eyes lit up in mirth. “And I confess… I have developed quite the taste for apples since making your acquaintance.” He takes a big bite, before the apple disappears into thin air.


Yoongi stares at him, blinking slowly as the pieces fall together. “You… you’re Sunshine?” He looks him up and down, shocked to have witnessed such beautiful magic right in front of his eyes. “You were Sunshine all along?”


Hoseok nods, grinning. “Yes, ever since the beginning.”


“But… why?” Yoongi shakes his head. “Why come to me as a fawn? Why not as…” his eyes flicker down to Hoseok’s perfect body before moving back to his face, “as this?”


“But I did reveal my human form to you, Min Yoongi. Did you forget your dreams so easily?” 


“But they were just dreams, and you are so beautiful… I thought you were something my mind made up to heal my lonely heart…” Yoongi flushes pink.


“I was curious about you… about the human who dared to make my forest their home. My forest is a lovely place, but it is not for the faint of heart. Most humans only dare to wander inside for little trips, but never to stay. But you were strong… resilient. And most importantly, you were faithful. You sat at your altar… made offerings and shared your heartfelt prayers without fail every single day. You had a clear love and devotion for Jayeon that not many other humans share. You surprised me, Min Yoongi. Enough so that I was intrigued enough to want to get closer.”


Yoongi blinks. “So that’s why you came to me as Sunshine…”


“I chose the form of a fawn because even humans know they are hard animals to grow close to. I was unsure whether or not you would be able to charm me. But you did. It was fun… spending time with you and listening to your thoughts. There were many times when I wished that I was in my human form, so I might be able to respond to your questions and share my advice.”


Yoongi smiles softly. “Your company on some of those hard days was more than enough. Thank you for being a friend… and for sparing me today.” He grows wide eyed when Hoseok’s words sink in a bit more. “Wait… so you heard… all of my prayers…?”


Hoseok giggles, one of his hands reaching out cup Yoongi’s cheek. “ All of them. Even the more frivolous ones… like the requests for a sweet, nature loving, handsome man to help you warm this bed.” He licks his lips, staring at Yoongi directly in the eyes before motioning to himself. “Does this form fit the bill?”


Yoongi gapes, his cheeks adorably flushed. “I… you…” He lets out an embarrassed whimper and immediately ducks below the blankets, hiding his face.


The god doesn’t let him escape so easily, pulling the sheet back to reveal his curled up body. “Come on now, Yoongi. Do not be shy. Me and you are good friends. It is true that I might have originally intended to only get close to you as Sunshine, but I confess… upon seeing your beauty up close, other desires started to sprout in my heart. That is why I began to visit your dreams… because I wished for you to see this side of me as well. The least you could do is tell me what you think.”


Yoongi looks absolutely horrified. “I told you, Hoseok-ssi… you are gorgeous. The most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen, human or otherwise. But I confess… I made those requests selfishly… I did not think you would want to fulfil them… especially not this way…” Yoongi hides his face with his hands since Hoseok pulled away his blankets, wishing he could disappear. 


Hoseok reaches out, placing his hand on top of Yoongi’s chest, over his heart. “ Breathe , Yoongi. Having such desires is natural. You are young… you are beautiful. There is no shame in the emotions that you feel. But I do have a question for you… one that I have not been able to figure out despite the many thoughts you have shared with me before during our time together.”


“Wh—what is that?” Yoongi asks timidly.


“How does a human as pretty and hard working as yourself wind up living in the forest alone? Are the humans in your village blind? Have they not looked upon your beauty in awe the way that I have?”


Yoongi frowns, avoiding his eyes. “The people in my village… they do not appreciate nature the same way I do. They believed me to be evil because of my faith in Jayeon… and I was nearly put on trial. In the end, I was given a choice. Either I would leave and never return, or they would… cleanse the village of my ‘evil‘ magic.”  Yoongi shutters at the memory. “So I left. I was always an outsider there. No one in the village ever wanted anything to do with me, even before they discovered my faith.”


The god’s green eyes go dim around the edges; there was a reason why he felt blessed to be given domain over the forest. As the years went by, more and more humans lost faith in the higher powers. It saddens him that Yoongi was punished, simply for believing in him.


“They did not deserve your kindness or your gifts. Although I detest the circumstances in which you left your village, I am happy that you have embraced my forest as your new home. I wish to reward you, Min Yoongi… for putting your faith in a power that you could not see. For believing in me even when you felt that all hope was lost. I wish to fulfill all the desires of your heart… if you’d let me.”


Yoongi blinks, moving his hand a bit to peer up at the god unsurely. “Wh… what do you mean, Hoseok-ssi?”


He feels the weight of Hoseok’s stare rake over his body, and the god smiles, slow and sweet. 


“You are untouched, yes? No human has ever lain with you?”


Yoongi flushes as red as one of the tomatoes he loves to grow in the summertime. “I… I am. Untouched, that is. I have never… been with anyone before… in that way,” he says carefully.


Hoseok gazes at him with heavy lidded eyes. “Do you know what that means, Min Yoongi?” He leans closer, so that his lips brush against Yoongi’s ear. “It means that you are worthy of touching a god.


Yoongi shivers and gets wide eyed. “But… are humans allowed to touch such divine beings? Aren’t there… rules or something?” He’s rambling, because Hoseok is too gorgeous and is looking at him like he is a beautiful gift he wants to unwrap, slowly and carefully, and it makes his heart race in his chest. 


“There are rules.” Hoseok walks his fingers up Yoongi’s chest, tilting up his chin. “If you give yourself to me, you will never be allowed to touch another again. It is the only way for you to stay pure.”


Yoongi looks into Hoseok’s eyes, still flushed and a little stunned. “But… if I gave myself to you…” Yoongi swallows thickly. “Then… then… would you leave me? Would you have me once, then leave me to a fate of loneliness?” He feels selfish asking, because a god is currently asking to take his innocence, but his heart is fragile and he knows that he would not survive it if he had to face a life of such loneliness after having a taste of passion.


“Oh sweetheart, you misunderstand.” Hoseok laughs lightly, twisting his finger around one of Yoongi’s curls. “Being with me is not something to be done on a whim. If you give yourself to me once, then you give yourself to me forever. You will be mine.”


Yoongi feels a rush of warmth and relief flood his chest. He tears up, looking desperately into Hoseok’s eyes. “But… but why me? Surely you could have your pick of any faithful human… surely you have others…”


“Listen to me closely, Min Yoongi, because I will only say this once. Never, in the many years I have wandered this realm, have I ever encountered a human who has captivated me as much as you. I wanted to make you mine… I wanted you to be aware of who I was. I had grown tired of just interacting with you as Sunshine. I wanted more. So I put you to the test.”


“Put me… to the test?” Yoongi blinks.


“I knew it would be a harsh winter, so I waited for you to leave your cabin and brave the elements. When you went searching for food, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to see how far your generosity went. I placed the apple in your path, and then I revealed myself to you as Sunshine. I knew you had the blade… I knew that a weaker man would have tried to slay me to fill his starving belly. But you didn’t, Min Yoongi. You offered the apple to Sunshine… you willed the deer to live and you offered your warmth in what you thought to be your final movements. You proved to me that you are a man with pure intentions and a heart that is capable of a great love. You showed me that you are worthy of my blessing. I chose you , Min Yoongi. Now all you have to do is choose me too.”


Tears flood Yoongi’s eyes and overflow down his cheeks. He is overwhelmed and he is grateful and he is happy . “I choose you,” he says softly. “I’ve always chosen you. I gave myself to you, body and soul, a long, long time ago.”


“To Jayeon .” Hoseok corrects him, his green eyes fixed intently on Yoongi, watching every little flicker of emotion in his face. “But what about me , Min Yoongi? Am I the one you truly desire? The one you will devote the rest of your days to?”


Yoongi nods. “I know I prayed to Jayeon, but the whole time I was really devoting my life to you . I just did not know it was you I was talking to. But I know now… and I am certain. I will never touch or think of another. Please…” he looks at Hoseok desperately. “Please believe me.”


“I believe you, little witch.” Hoseok beams, leaning down so his breath ghosts over Yoongi’s lips. “Now all you have to do is use your words. Open that pretty mouth and ask me for all those things you dreamed about. The words you dared to whisper when you didn’t realize that I was listening. Speak it and I shall make it all come true.”


Yoongi shivers, looking deeply into Hoseok’s eyes. “Please… show me what it feels like to be touched… to be loved. As a god, you just know how it feels to be… to be worshipped…”


“I do… and so will you before our time together is done.” He brushes his lips over Yoongi’s cheek, delighting over the shiver that goes down Yoongi’s spine. “But first… you need to eat, little witch. I have made a delicious dinner, just for you.”


Yoongi lets out a shaky breath. He wants Hoseok so badly, but his stomach growls as a reminder that he needs to sate other bodily needs first … the winter has been rough on him. He nods. “Yes… it smells… amazing. Thank you, truly…”


Hoseok giggles and climbs off of the bed, going to root around in Yoongi’s cupboards to find a bowl. Yoongi watches him in complete awe, and soon Hoseok is returning to his side with a bowl of the piping hot stew. He takes a spoonful of it and blows on it exaggeratedly before holding it to Yoongi’s mouth.


“Open up, little one. I will ensure you eat this whole bowl and your belly will be much happier than it has been in a long while.”


Yoongi obeys, keeping his eyes on Hoseok’s as he opens his cute mouth and allows himself to be fed. It’s strangely intimate, to be doted on in this way. And no matter how many minutes tick by, Yoongi still has a bit of a difficult time grasping that a literal god is sharing his supper with him… laughing and carrying on a conversation as if they are old friends.


He supposes in a way, they really are.


Hoseok makes him eat two whole bowls of stew as well as a few more pieces of bread, and by the end of it Yoongi is feeling positively stuffed. He watches in awe as Hoseok conjures up some fresh fish for his cats to munch on, feeling overwhelmed by the god’s brilliance all over again.


Yoongi feels his eyelids start to droop despite himself, the stress and tiredness from the day beginning to catch up with him. He fights it as hard as he can, not wanting to miss a single precious moment with Hoseok.


But of course the god notices, and he pushes Yoongi to lay down with a gentle hand on his shoulder. 


Yoongi whines, shaking his head. “No… I don’t wish to sleep. I want to be with you.” 


“There’s no rush, little witch. I am not going anywhere. For now, what you need more than anything is a good night’s rest. The winter has been hard on you… you deserve to relax with some sweet dreams.” 


Yoongi sighs. “I don’t want to say goodbye to you… I don’t want this to be our only night together. We haven’t… we haven’t even properly kissed…”


Hoseok smiles, and Yoongi knows now that Sunshine was an appropriate name for him. 


“Oh sweet Yoongi… tonight will not be our only night together. That I can promise you. You need rest, and I have duties to attend to while you do so. But I will be here when you wake.” He leans in close. “And I shall seal it with a kiss as a promise.” He tilts Yoongi’s chin back and kisses him gently; just a small taste of what is to come. “Now sleep, and dream only of happy things.”


“Will you visit me in my dreams again?”


Hoseok grins. “I can if you wish.” He kisses Yoongi’s forehead and strokes his hair. “Now rest, little witch. I will be with you even if I am not physically here.” 


He pulls the blankets up over Yoongi’s shoulders, tucking him tightly into bed and fluffing his pillow. He stays dutifully by Yoongi’s side, stroking his silver hair until the human drifts off into a deep sleep. He can’t help but smile at the cute, relaxed expression on the human’s face as he drifts off. He knows the little witch is exhausted, and he’s happy that he can finally ensure his wellbeing firsthand. 


Hoseok stokes the fire and double checks on the cats, making sure there’s a cup of water by Yoongi’s bedside just in case he gets thirsty in the middle of the night. Once he’s satisfied everything is just so, he leaves a final kiss on Yoongi’s forehead, whispering a promise to come back as soon as he can. 


He hates to leave Yoongi’s side so soon, but he knows that he will make it up to him in the morning.








Yoongi wakes up to the smell of eggs and toasted bread and sizzling sausage and he groans, because these smells are almost foreign to him now after the rough months of winter. He rolls over and finds that there’s a warm body beside him. It startles him at first, but he opens his eyes to find Hoseok watching him with a soft smile.




“I told you I’d be here when you awoke. And here I am, making good on my promise!”


Yoongi flushes at their close proximity, and the fact that Hoseok is still not wearing a shirt. 


“I… thought I dreamt you up,” Yoongi says softly. “ All of you…”


Hoseok chuckles softly.


“You did dream of me… but I am very much real. I visited you in your slumber last night. You were so sweet. You’re always so sweet.” Hoseok gazes at him dreamily. “My sweet, cute little witch.”


Yoongi looks away, completely flustered. “I do not know how to conduct myself when you speak so plainly.” 


“You should get used to it… I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.” He chuckles, rolling Yoongi to his back. “Shall I feed you breakfast?” 


“You don’t have to take care of me… not after everything you’ve done. You’ve already helped me so much.”


“But I like taking care of you, little witch. Come on… let me spoil you.”


Yoongi’s cheeks are on fire but he nods, wanting to be the sole focus of Hoseok’s attention once more. The god retrieves a hearty plate of breakfast as promised, feeding Yoongi every single bite until his stomach is content. Only then does he clear the dishes away and slowly start to peel the blanket away from Yoongi’s body. 


“Tell me… have I made you happy, Yoongi? Have I provided for you?”


Yoongi nods adamantly. “Yes… I don’t know how to thank you… I… I wish there was a way for me to give back even the tiniest bit of happiness that you have given to me…”


Hoseok’s bright green eyes slowly rake over Yoongi’s body. “Do you lust for me, little witch?”


Yoongi’s eyes grow round as saucers. He opens his mouth and then snaps it shut. “I… um…”


“You know, I remember the first time that you asked for a companion… someone to cure your loneliness. I remember you in this very bed… suffering because you were so desperate to be touched. But you never did… you never relieved that pain on your own. You trusted in Jayeon… in me , to take care of your needs. Do you still trust in me, little one?”


Yoongi can’t look away from Hoseok’s heated gaze. “Y—yes… I trust you, Hoseok-ssi.”


“You have this beautiful body… so soft and delicate… vulnerable. But I won’t ever hurt you, Yoongi. You will never have to fear me because I will make you mine. I will protect you, bless you, for as long as the sun shines in the sky. I will be your sunshine, little witch. Is that what you want?”


Yoongi boldly wraps his arms around Hoseok’s neck. “You already are my sunshine, Hoseok-ssi. You have already blessed me… and I am yours.”


“Are you ready for the pleasures of the flesh? Is that what your body desires? Speak freely to me, little witch. I want to know how badly you want me.”


Yoongi huffs softly, pouting his lips. “I… am a little nervous, because I am inexperienced and you are a god , but… but I want you, Hoseok-ssi. I want to give myself to you. I want to know… to know what it feels like.”


“And what is it?” Hoseok bites his bottom lip as he grins, climbing over Yoongi’s body so he’s looming over him. “What do you wish to feel? Lust? Love? I can give you anything , Min Yoongi. I can make all of your dreams come true.”


Yoongi smiles, starting to feel a little giddy and drunk off of Hoseok’s gaze and his attention. “I wish to feel all of that… I wish to feel you , Hoseok-ssi. Everywhere .”


“Shall I remove your clothes, sweetheart? Shall I take off my own? Do you long for me in the way in which I long for you?”


Yoongi shutters, but doesn’t hesitate in reaching up to untie the top of his nightshirt, lifting his arms willingly as Hoseok tugs it off. He feels vulnerable and bare in front of Hoseok, goosebumps rising on his pale skin and his cute pink nipples piquing with the cold. He blinks up at Hoseok, his cheeks flushed. “Hoseok-ssi…”


“Do not be afraid.” Hoseok’s voice is achingly gentle, his touch featherlight as he slowly removes Yoongi’s clothing, piece by piece. “I will keep you warm, little witch. I will make you so, so happy.” 


Once Yoongi is properly naked Hoseok sheds his clothing as well, not satisfied until there are no barriers between them.


Yoongi yelps when Hoseok wraps his arms around him and rolls them over, the smaller man on top of him, their bodies pressed together. Hoseok isn’t shy about manhandling Yoongi, and it feels amazing to have the god’s beautiful hands on his body and his eyes caressing him lovingly, taking every inch of him in. 


“I’m going to drive you wild with pleasure, little one. I will show you things you never even dreamed of.” Hoseok pushes his fingers into Yoongi’s silver curls, tugging him down until their mouths are only an inch apart. “Shall I teach you how to kiss first?”


Yoongi nods, tilting his chin up. “I’m… I’m sorry if I’m not very good at it… I want to make it pleasurable for you too…”


“You will be a natural. You will follow my lead and you will flourish. Just like you have in all other aspects of your life in my forest. This will be no different.” He tilts his chin up, leaving soft kisses on Yoongi’s cheeks. “Close your eyes, Yoongi. Close your eyes and trust me… just as you have before. Your heart will guide you.”


Yoongi looks searchingly into Hoseok’s eyes before doing as he’s told, gently parting his lips and leaning forward as his eyelids flutter closed. He feels Hoseok’s lips on his, and it’s almost as if everything falls into place. Hoseok was right; his nature takes over, and when Hoseok pulls him down to kiss him deeper, Yoongi returns it with enthusiasm, their lips moving together in perfect tandem. 


He moans into the kiss, his hands grabbing greedily at Hoseok’s exposed skin, feeling the muscles and the strength hidden within his form. The feel of Hoseok’s lips are nothing short of intoxicating, and Yoongi shivers when he feels Hoseok’s gentle hands tracing up his spine. The need to stop and breath seems to never come, and if Yoongi had enough presence of mind to think logically he would know it was the god’s influence, but he can’t think of anything more complicated than Hoseok’s name at the moment. 


Eventually Hoseok does break the kiss, pulling back so he can brush his lips down the curve of Yoongi’s neck. “You taste so sweet, little witch. I wonder if you taste sweet everywhere. ” He rolls them over on the mattress until Yoongi is splayed down underneath him.


Yoongi blinks up at him owlishly, looking beautifully debauched. He lets Hoseok spread him out, and the god leans back to look at him, licking his lips. 


The smaller boy whimpers softly, his body feeling so warm and flushed despite the cold outside. Yoongi is starting to feel confident in his body… he’s starting to feel things he’s never allowed himself to feel before. He bites his lip and grazes his fingers down the center of his chest. “Show me, Hoseok-ssi… show me how it feels. I trust you. I love you. I always have.”


“Yes you have.” Hoseok beams, running his fingertips all the way down Yoongi’s body, from his head to his toes. “I felt your sincerity… I heard your prayers. Always so selfless… so sweet. Praying for your harvest, your garden, and of course, your little animal friends.” He chuckles. “You were such a pretty little thing and I wanted. I will never stop wanting you. I will mark you as mine , so every creature, human and immortal, will know that you are spoken for. Would you like that, Yoongi? To be my favorite possession? To be my chosen one?”


Yoongi arches his back alluringly. “I would, Hoseok-ssi. I am yours . My life is dedicated to you. Please… please , make me yours and let me feel your love too…”


“You will feel my love… it will warm you on even the coldest winter days.” He kisses down Yoongi’s chest, staring up at him as he makes his way below his waist. He wraps one hand around his cock, starting to stroke him slowly. Yoongi’s entire body tenses up, the sensation shooting through every single one of his nerve endings. He’s never touched himself there before, it felt naughty and forbidden, but now… now he thinks he doesn’t even want Hoseok to stop.


Hoseok watches his reactions, delighting in the knowledge that he is the only being to ever touch Yoongi so intimately. “Does it feel good, little witch? When I touch your cock like this?”


“I… yes . It’s… it’s new. It’s good.” Yoongi’s eyelashes flutter and he bites his lips swollen. He finds himself spreading his legs on instinct, not taking his eyes off of Hoseok as his toes curl. 


“I wonder what you will think of my mouth, pretty Yoongi…” Hoseok chuckles, and leans down to wrap his lips around the tip, swallowing him down in one smooth motion. Yoongi arches off the bed, explosions going off inside of his head as he cries out. Hoseok laughs, sending vibrations down Yoongi’s cock. 


He takes his time with it, watching Yoongi’s reactions, learning the ways in which he likes to be pleasured the most. He finds that it’s just as satisfying for him to bring Yoongi pleasure as it would be for him to receive it directly. He goes slowly, his big green eyes fixed on Yoongi’s face as he bobs his head up and down. He keeps his mouth wet and warm, using just the right amount of pressure every time he sinks down. Yoongi is practically in tears above him, twitching and moaning helplessly as the pleasure makes him start to lose his wits.


Hoseok smiles as he starts to taste Yoongi’s arousal more and more prominently, and he feels Yoongi’s adorable little balls start to tighten. He hollows his cheeks and sucks him harder until Yoongi tumbles over the edge, wailing through his orgasm. Hoseok swallows and keeps him warm in his mouth through it before gently, gently pulling off of him. 


Yoongi’s eyes are closed and his face is slack with pleasure, and one of his hands goes between his legs absentmindedly. Hoseok smiles at just how receptive to pleasure this pretty little human is.


Yoongi’s the cutest, best human of them all. Hoseok is sure of it. 


He licks his lips, sliding up Yoongi’s body until he’s hovering over his face. “How was it, little witch?” 


Hoseok-ssi…” Yoongi’s says his name dreamily, his eyes hazy and content. 


“I know.” Hoseok smiles, kissing those sweet lips once more. “You were perfect… you were beautiful. Shall I give you more, Yoongi? Can you handle it?”


Yoongi pulls Hoseok down and kisses him with clumsy lips. “Can… can you feel pleasure too? Can you use my body to give you pleasure? Please, Hoseok-ssi… please . I know you are a god, but please let me help you feel heaven as you have done for me.”


“Oh sweetheart…” Hoseok smiles fondly at him, nuzzling his face. “You have already given me heaven on earth by inviting me into your bed… your heart. We will help each other… your cute little body will make me feel so good. ” 


He reaches down between Yoongi’s legs, teasing at his entrance with his fingers. “Do you know the true extent of the pleasures of the flesh? The things that we can do with these bodies of ours?”


Yoongi shakes his head. “I’m afraid… I have not experienced many things that have given me any sort of expectations… but if it is anything like what I just experienced, I am… I am more than willing to learn, Hoseok-ssi…”


“I will teach you.” Hoseok giggles. “Just as I taught you how to build this cabin… how to raise your crops. I have guided you since you arrived in my forest, Yoongi. This will be no different.” He brings his fingers up to his lips, getting them nice and wet before returning them to Yoongi’s entrance. “Just be calm, little one. Trust me to make it feel good. Focus on my eyes.”


“I trust you,” Yoongi echoes softly, staring into Hoseok’s hypnotic green orbs. He gasps softly when he feels a finger gently probe inside of him. The feeling is foreign, and his instinct is to squeeze his thighs shut. Hoseok chuckles and smooths them back out.


“Relax, little witch. Breathe… remember to breathe.”


Yoongi nods. This part feels more strange than good, but he trusts Hoseok, so he trusts that the pleasure will come. 


It doesn’t take long for that transition to occur, not when Hoseok is kissing his lips and being so careful with his fingers down below. Eventually the fingers inside him start to feel welcome, and Hoseok adds more and more, stretching him open for what’s to come next. 


Yoongi’s eyes stay clenched shut, his hands gripping Hoseok’s shoulders as he moves within him, his spent cock twitching with interest once more as his pleasure starts to take hold of him. “Hoseok-ssi… it’s good… you feel so wonderful.


“You’re so perfect, little witch. You’re so good for me… letting yourself feel such great pleasure. Letting yourself take me in.” He spreads his fingers once more, satisfied, before pulling them slowly out. 


Yoongi cries out softly, clenching around nothing, feeling desperate and empty , but Hoseok is between his legs in a heartbeat, kissing him softly. 


“Say it’s okay, my cute Yoongi. Say it’s okay for me to claim you as my own. There is no going back once I am inside of you… you will be mine forever. Do you wish for this?” He nips at Yoongi’s soft lips, waiting patiently for the human’s answer. 


“Yes… yes. Take me, mark me. Make me yours… I will never want anyone else again… not after I have felt your touch. Take my body as you have already taken my heart.”


Hoseok leans down and connects their lips in a passionate kiss, distracting Yoongi as he gently guides himself into him, breaching his entrance. 


Yoongi’s eyes fly open and his mouth falls agape. In that moment, he’s never felt more connected to his forest, or the earth, or anything


Hoseok fills him with life , and all he can do is clutch his arms and look helplessly into his eyes. 


It’s borderline overwhelming, to be possessed in such an intimate way, and Yoongi thinks that if he were with anyone else that he would be afraid. 


But when he looks into Hoseok’s green eyes he sees nothing but warmth and love , and he is not scared anymore. He knows that in doing this that he is giving Hoseok a part of himself that he will never get back, but he feels no regret. 


“That’s it, little witch. You’re doing so well.” Hoseok praises him, brushing his fingers through the silver curls. “You were made for me. Did you know that? You were put in this realm, just for me. To be my lover… to be loved. ” 


Yoongi moans and whimpers in pleasure, turning his face into Hoseok’s hand and mouthing absently at his palm. “Use me for your pleasure, Hoseok-ssi… let my body be your altar… let me show you my devotion…” 


Hoseok’s eyes light up with unfiltered passion. He bites at Yoongi’s lips, tugging his mouth open so he can lick inside of it. “ Yes. I will indulge you in you for eternity… I will ravish you whenever I want. Whenever you want. I will make sure you are taken care of, I will give you so much pleasure that you will want for nothing. You are mine, little witch. All mine.” 


He accentuates his statement with a perfectly aimed thrust, making the man beneath him cry out in pleasure.


As Hoseok starts to work up a rhythm, Yoongi inexplicably begins to gain more confidence, even though he is facing down a god. “And you are mine . Will you worship me too, Hoseok-ssi?” He whispers the words against his lips, gazing at him with heavy-lidded eyes. 


Hoseok chuckles, grinning down at him, his hips ever slowing in their movements. “Am I not worshipping you now, pretty Yoongi? Is my cock not satisfactory? Have I not shown you more pleasure than you have ever felt in your mortal life? Tell me plainly now or I fear I might be inclined to stop.”


Yoongi holds him tighter, shaking his head. “You have . I have never known such pleasure was possible. I have never known my body was capable of it. You make me feel as if I am not mortal any longer… you make me feel like I am a god as well.” 


His voice is breathless and a little high pitched in his bliss. Hoseok stretches him so well, and he brushes against places Yoongi had no idea were alight with the most carnal pleasure. “Let me pray to you in this way from now on.”


Hoseok beams, kissing Yoongi deeply as he presses his hips forward, in and out. “Yes… I think I will make you worship me like this. You will say your prayers to me as I am inside you, so you may receive your blessings directly from the source. Do you wish to be blessed by me, Yoongi? Isn’t that what you have always desired more than anything? To be in my good graces?


Yoongi nods, getting a bit lost in his pleasure as he tries to stay coherent. “I want to be… good… for you. A good… and devoted servant… loyal… ah! O—obedient… loving…” He grips at Hoseok’s shoulders and thrashes around a bit, nearing his climax but still so new to the sensation of it all he doesn’t quite know how to handle it or what to ask for. “Please… please …”


“Don’t be afraid… it’s natural. It just means that your body feels good and that you wish for more. Do not fight the feeling… welcome it. Let it take over you, let the pleasure become you. You are safe in my arms… you are always safe with me. Come for me, Yoongi. Scream my name as if it were a prayer.”


Yoongi’s eyes fly open as his climax crashes into him. At first he’s silent, his back arched, before he lets out a long wail and does scream Hoseok’s name, just as he asked. He then goes completely limp in Hoseok’s arms, panting and shaking all over.


Hoseok kisses him through it, softly and gently, all over his face. He continues to move until he reaches his precipice of pleasure as well, spilling his seed deep inside of his lover’s body. He keeps his cock inside of Yoongi after, letting him stay warm and happy and filled


His eyes sparkle as looks upon the image of his lover, Yoongi’s body covered in a sheen of sweat and his lips kiss bitten and wet. 


He has never seen anyone or anything so beautiful. 


“Yoongi…” He says his name sweetly, stroking his cheek, waiting for Yoongi to open up his eyes. “ My Yoongi.”


“Yes. Yours.” Yoongi agrees simply, his little chest heaving as he struggles to catch his breath. 


“Tell me, little witch… do you believe in god now?” 


Yoongi laughs blissfully, nodding his head happily. He has always believed in god, but now… now he believes in love.


It may be cold outside, but Yoongi is warm. He built this cottage, tended to his crops, and looked after all of his animal friends all by himself with nothing but the forest to keep him company. 


But things are different now. 


Yoongi looks into Hoseok’s shimmering green eyes and he smiles, because he knows that he’ll never have to be alone again.