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Divine Intervention

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You were dying, you could feel it in the very depths of your soul. With every gasping breath you could feel a little more of your life leave your tired and spent body. And you were so happy! You were finally going to be free of them! Those two bastards who took you away from all your friends and family, who took away your freedom, who locked you in this gilded cage for your protection they said. Protection from what!? You were fine before they came along! Sure, your life hadn’t been a dream come true but it was yours and you were happy with what you had been given. As far as you were concerned, the only thing you needed protection from was their suffocating love for you!

But none of that mattered now, you were going to be free once more! Even if it was only in death, at least it was a death of your own making. ‘Even The Gods of Life and Death can not put a stopper on suicide.’ You thought smugly. All you had to do now was hope they did not find you before you faded completely, you knew that if they healed you, you would never get another chance to escape.

You had always heard stories say that people saw their life flash before their eyes as they died. But you saw nothing, felt nothing. Even the dull ache from your bleeding wrists and heart were fading into nothing as you slipped further and further away from the reality around you. ‘It’s like going to sleep almost.’ You thought as your eyes fluttered closed one last time and you briefly heard two male voices shouting your name in anguished voices. ‘I hope you both suffer, this is what you made me do…’


The Gods of Life and Death wept over the body of their sweet beloved angel, the woman they both loved. They cared not for your blood that stained their beautiful and ornate robes or how weak they appeared, all they cared about was finding out why you did this and finding a way to fix it!

“Why Shouta!? Why would she do this!? By taking her own life I can no more revive her then you can lead her soul back from the underworld!” Hizashi, The God of Life cried out to his other half, his lover for all eternity all while he cradled your stiffening and bloody corpse in his arms.

Shouta, The God of Death did not have the answers his lover asked for. He too felt broken and lost without you. Were you truly so unhappy with them? Did you truly see no other option then to snuff out your own life? To take your last breath in this room where they had slept beside you, held you and made love to you? True, they knew you were not adjusting to your new home as readily as they had wished but surely you were finding happiness with them in the Heavens! How could you not after all! Something they could not have foreseen, some outside force must have compelled you to take this action! That was the only explanation!

And so lost were they in their grief and despair, that Shouta almost missed it. A small light peeking out from a crack made by Hizashi’s arms that were wrapped around your bloody chest. Your Soul! “Zashi look!”

This caused the golden haired god to take notice as well and he nearly wept again, this time in hope and joy! If your soul had not yet faded from existence because of the suicide, then there was still hope! “But how!? How is she still here!? All souls fade when faced against this sin.” He frantically asked as he watched Shouta gently cradle your soul in his loving hands.

“I do not know. Perhaps because both of us are here at the same time, so soon after her last breath. Or perhaps the Heavens themselves are keeping her here, no mortal has ever died in our realm before.” Shouta shook his head already forming a plan to bring you back. “Either way, we will not let this opportunity go to waste, she will have to come back to us now!” The black haired god declared and stood from the wet floor in one fluid motion with your beloved soul in his hands.

Not wasting a moment Hizashi gently lowered your husk of a body to the ground and followed his lover from the room. “What do you have in mind my love?”

“We will place her soul in the Waters of Eternity, we will wait for her to be reincarnated, until the day we can be with her again.”

With a gasp Hizashi smiled, it was a brilliant plan! The Waters of Eternity were where all souls went after death to be reincarnated. The only exceptions were truly evil souls that Shouta took to the underworld to be punished and suicides who’s souls simply faded from existence altogether. Not counting you of chores! And while you may not be the exact same in your next life, that truly did not matter to them. Having you back in any form was better than not having you with them at all!

The Waters were within their sights now, a glowing iridescent spring of gold and silver light swirling with all the departed souls waiting to be reborn. It would soon house one more soul, one far more precious, perfect and deserving of a second chance than any other that had come before or after it’s revival.

Shouta held the fluttering little light of your soul for just a few more moments, basking in it’s radiance. “I love you darling girl, please don’t forget that in your next life. We will be together again, this I promise you.” He whispered with a note of finality in his deep gruff voice before he passed you to Hizashi. He already missed your souls warm glow in his hands.

Hizashi held your soul with just as much care and love as Shouta had. “It will be hundreds if not thousands of years before we can speak to you, hold you and kiss you again sweetling. But we will have you back with us again and this time we will be more prepared to welcome you home. We will not lose you again. We love you more than anything.”

And with those final words they let your soul go to the waters.

Both Gods stayed by the pool for a short time longer. Holding each other close and whispering reassuring words of comfort to one another before they left. They would return in a few hundred years to check on you but for now they had your body to take care of back in your room. As well as seeing to all the preparations they would need in order to prevent this tragedy from EVER repeating itself again.

You were theirs and you would never escape them again. They would make sure of it.