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The Facility Aftermath

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A sudden heavy pounding on the door snapped him back to reality and he raised his gun. The voices were getting louder and louder and more villagers realised where they'd holed up. The butchery had become stiflingly hot now and Chris could feel the sweat trickling down his back. If Leon was as uncomfortable, then he certainly wasn't showing it. He was focussed on the door, his gun raised, his face set with concentration. Chris fought the urge to run out of the damn door and start gunning down their would-be attackers. He hated waiting around. He was always so proactive and it felt like he was almost hiding away like a scared kid. He jumped as a loud creaking noise echoed around the room, followed by the wooden cabinet breaking into pieces as the steel door was rammed open. Three villagers spilled in through the open doorway, hatchets and knives raised, ready to strike. Less than a second later, one of them collapsed to the floor, felled by a shot to the head from Leon's handgun. Chris followed suit, quickly flooring the other two. Their weapons clattered to the ground but were picked up again by more villagers who scurried through the door. There were a world away from the slow, lumbering zombies that Chris was used to. It was like they were still human but possessed.

"Shit"! He heard Leon's shout as the window smashed and more of them began to pile in through this new entrance. Wordlessly, as if it were practised, the two of them each took a separate corner of the room. Chris dealt with the villagers at the door, Leon taking the ones at the window. Chris' ears hummed with the sound of constant gunfire mixed with the screams of the villagers as they each hit the floor.

"Makes you miss zombies huh"? He called out as Leon dodged a wine bottle aimed for his head before taking out another attacker with an impressively accurate headshot. "They're not acting like any zombies I've ever seen"

"Cover me. I need to reload" Leon ordered as he felled two more of the creatures. Chris turned his attentions to the window as Leon slapped another clip into his gun. The horde was showing no signs of slowing down. More and more of them spilled into the room, their shouts becoming louder and more frantic as they noticed their fallen brothers. Leon narrowly missed a flying hatchet and Chris nearly took a knife to the ribs. The marauding villagers were relentless, now having to clamber over the dead to get to their intended targets. Chris absently noted their disregard for each other as sandaled feet trampled over the bodies of the people who died only moments before.

A loud crash echoed throughout the small room. Both men were showered in brick dust and dirt as one of the walls collapsed in front of their very eyes. The villagers stopped in their tracks as the axe-wielding giant stood in the gap where the wall had just been mere seconds ago. Now they were up close and personal, Chris could see how terrifying it looked. He was a clear two feet taller than either of them with thick limbs and an even thicker torso. An executioner's black hood was hiding his head and face and he was wearing a ragged grey leather apron. The most disconcerting thing about him was the hordes of thick nails that seemed to be stuck into the top half of his body. The axe he was carrying looked just as mean, a thick wooden handle ending in a large, block shaped axe with rusty chains hanging from the end. It was smeared with a garish mixture of dried and flesh blood. Chris felt a new wave of nausea hit his stomach when he realised whom that fresh blood had once belonged to.

"Move"! Leon shouted as the Executioner raised its fearsome weapon. Chris felt Leon grab hold of his shoulder and pull him towards the door. Chris snapped into action quickly, taking down the villagers that blocked their way out of the building. They ran quickly into the street that was strangely quiet after all the hectic activity back in the butcher's. They heard an earth shattering clunk as the axe obviously hit the floor of the building. "This way"! Leon commanded, pointing towards the main square. It made sense to take advantage of the sudden quietness and take the quickest route out of the village. According to Sheva's map, they need to leave the village via some large, grey steel gates. Chris could seem them in the distance, looming towards them promisingly as they ran. He could hear the villagers once more as they frantically searched for them. There was one of them standing near the gates on the roof of a nearby building. He had a megaphone in his hands and as he spotted them, raised it to his lips.

"Oh no you don't asshat"! Chris raised his handgun and, with the skills that made him the highest ranked marksman in S.T.A.R.S, took the guy out with a headshot.

"Impressive" Leon said, somewhat breathlessly. "Think you can get those gates open"?

"Of course I can!" Chris replied simply. Which was true, he could get those gates open, he just needed to work out how exactly. It looked like they were the sort that slid open. Chris grabbed the large metal handle on the side of the gate and started to pull with all his might. When the gates refused to shift he turned round to Leon and nodded in what he hoped was an official and professional looking manner. "Yeah, they're locked." He said with no trace of embarrassment or sheepishness. He stood instead with his hands on his hips, appearing, hopefully at least, to be in charge of assessing the situation.

"Leave that to us guys"! Chris' radio crackled to life once more and Kirk's cheerful voice came through. In the midst of the violent attack and the subsequent quick escape they'd made, Chris hadn't even noticed the distant sounds of the chopper that was fast approaching them. Turning his attentions to the sky, he felt that at that particular moment, there was no better sight in the whole world than the black vehicle.

"Right on time"! Chris replied into his mic. "Looks like the locals are a bunch of assholes who don't take kindly to strangers" He grinned at Leon who rolled his eyes. The younger man was keeping his gun raised, constantly on guard for any remaining villagers that might've worked out their current location.

"Take cover guys, this is gonna be a big one"! Kirk warned.

"Don't even say it" Leon said before Chris could open his mouth. Grabbing hold of the older man once more, Leon dragged him into a small stone building that looked like it could've been used as a storage room. There were a few small wooden crates inside that were stacked next to an old stone trough that was full of dirty, fetid water. They crouched inside and waited for the inevitable blast as the chopper set to work on the gates.

"Y'know, I've just worked out what you are" Chris said as they crouched shoulder to shoulder in the cramped space.

"What the hell are you babbling about"? Leon muttered, sounding unimpressed.

"Well Claire has this theory that the two people in any partnership always fall into certain roles. You've got the silly one and you've got the police officer. The silly one does all the awesome stuff like beating up the bad guys and saying all the cool one liners whilst still having a kick ass sense of humour. The police officer is all serious and careful and always tells the silly one off. And you know what else? It works out great because you actually used to BE a police officer"! Chris explained, grinning triumphantly. He felt like he'd just hit the nail right on the head. He'd always privately thought that his sister's various theories were bullshit so it was pretty neat to see one of them actually working out. Leon however, didn't seem to think so.

"I was only a cop for one day" He pointed out peevishly. "And I have to be the serious one around here otherwise we'd be dead"

"Yeah, but still, police officer" Chris reiterated as if that settled the argument. He smiled smugly and barely flinched when a loud explosion rocked the surrounding area. The earth beneath them trembled slightly.

"All clear guys!" Kirk's voice returned. "We'll catch up with you at the rendezvous. Stay safe"

As Chris and Leon came out of the stone building they saw the chopper disappearing into the distance. The steel gates were now a warped and twisted mass of metal, the ground around them smoking. There were no signs of any villagers. If any had been around they'd probably been scared away by the explosion. Chris breathed a huge sigh of relief and consulted the map.

"There's an industrial area about a mile away which is near a waterfront," He said, speaking more to himself as he thought it through. Leon however, was nodding and tapping away at his PDA.

"Sounds about right" He replied. "Our intelligence believes that Wesker has a facility that's a few miles up the river past some ancient ruins. We'll need a boat to get up there so the waterfront would be a good place to start"

"Let's go then" Chris folded the map away. "Partner"!

"Not that again…"