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My name is Anabella Swan, I am Isabela Swan's twin, younger for a few minutes. But even though I'm her twin, I don't look like Bella at all, or I try. My hair is short and I dyed it blond, I have piercings on my lip and eyebrow, I also have a couple of tattoos.

We moved to Forks with our father Charlie, since our mother would travel with Phil, our stepfather. There is a secret that nobody knows and is that Phil abuses me, the tattoos I have are to hide the wounds I have.

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It was the first day of the institute and Bella had forgotten some papers in the van to present at the reception, as a good sister I am offered to look for them. But when I find them a short girl with short hair, I was by my side and she was smiling at me.

Alice: Hi! I'm Alice Cullen

The girl extends her hand to greet me, raise an eyebrow in confusion before returning the greeting.

Alice: ¿Are you Anabella Swan?

I nod as I look more confused at the girl in front of me. What do you want?

Alice: ¿Am I bothering you?

The pixie smiles at me a little while her eyebrows curl up, behind her I watched a blond boy with an expression of suffering but looking at me attentively.

Anabella: A pleasure, I must go

Alice: Sure, see you

I walk away as quickly as I could from that strange situation. When I find my sister I deliver the papers while we go to the reception to deliver the papers and give us our schedules.

Classes went smoothly and I met a couple of interesting people to hang out with. My sister did not like that I liked them, but I did not give importance to what she said.I sat next to them at a table in the background, they had tattoos and several pircing. We were eating and chatting quietly.

Rafael: Do you like Swan motorcycles?

Anabella: Yes, I love them

Tamara: Well, on Saturday there is an exhibition in Seattle, if you are interested come with us

Walter: And by the way you get on a

Anabella: Really? I would love to

Tamara: Great, I come looking for you on Saturday at 5pm

After that, they go to smoke and I go to where my sister was sitting with her friends. The guys at the table looked at me drooling, I roll my eyes before sitting next to my twin.

Bella: She is my twin Anabella

Mike: A pleasure

Eric: Hi!

Jessica: They don't look like anything

Angela: Jess!

Jessica: What? It's true

Anabella: We know it

After them there was an awkward silence until my sister spoke

Bella: Who are they?

I turn my eyes to the people he was referring to, a group of really striking people walked to a table that was empty.

Jessica: The Cullens are Dr.Cullen's adopted children, the blonde is Rosalie and the dark-haired is Emmett

I look at them for a moment before returning my attention to my food, but Jessica speaks again

Jessica: The one with short hair is Alice, she is weird, she goes with Jasper the blonde who seems to be suffering

I look up to see the people I met this morning, Alice looks at me with a smile, frowns before returning my attention to my food.

Bella: Who is he?

Jessica: it's Edward Cullen, it's beautiful, but nobody is enough for him, so don't try

I look at my twin with curiosity, do you like it? She quickly looks away from her food, embarrassed by my gaze. I chuckled before caressing his head affectionately


I was in an introduction to civil war class, the only class I don't have with my sister or any of my friends. He sent me at the bottom and, to my misfortune, my partner is the blond one this morning. Luckily he said nothing, nor tried a conversation, but I could feel that he was constantly looking at me. Irritated, I turned my head to look at him and he was looking at me.

Anabella: What is your problem?

Jasper: ¿Excuse me?

Anabella: Stop looking at me, it's annoying

Jasper: I'm sorry, miss

I frown upon hearing how he replied, Miss? Really?The boy looked away a little uncomfortably, sighed before returning my attention to class. For some reason the anger had vanished, I felt calm and relaxed. What's wrong with me?

 When the bell rang indicating that I finish the class, I quickly grab my things and leave the room and especially away from that boy. I walk as fast as I can to go to the truck and wait for my twin.But I hit a person, who seemed to have hit me with a concrete wall, I fell to the ground. Dazed, I grab my head with my hand.

Edward: Sorry, are you alright?

I look up to see another Cullen, are they everywhere? The boy looked at me confused, trying to read me somehow, but he felt irritated.

In that I see Alice and Jasper walking towards our direction, I roll my eyes at the insistence of those two. What do you not understand that I don't want to be friends with them?

Jasper freezes looking at my arms where my tattoos were, I get nervous as they cover my scars, I quickly put on my jacket and get up without paying attention to the hand of Edward who wanted to help me, grab my backpack and get out of there.I approach the truck and lean against it, while I close my eyes trying to calm my breathing, it is impossible to see the scars, but his face showed otherwise.

Walter: Are you okay, Swan?

I open my eyes and find Walter looking at me with concern on his face, sighing before smiling slightly.

Anabella: Yes, don't worry

The young man looked at me still with concern, but he quickly smiled at me before handing me a cigarette. I look for a moment considering it, but my twin grabs me by the arm dragging me behind her, while Bella looked at my serious friend.

Bella: She doesn't need that, go away

Walter: Okay, I see which of the two is the boring twin, see you Ana

He smiles at me before moving away towards his motorcycle

Bella: What are you thinking about?

He looked away at my sister who was looking at me angrily, I roll my eyes before getting into the truck followed by her.

Anabella: Forget it, nothing happened

Bella: Why did I stop you! What will Charlie say when he finds out?

Anabella: He won't say anything, because you'll keep your mouth shut sister

I look at her angry and she sighs, clench my fists more angry than ever, quickly grab my stuff and get out of the vehicle.

Bella: Where are you going?

Anabella: far from you

I move away from her, but she grabs me by the arm preventing me from moving. I turn my head as I look at her with my best hate face.

Bella: Go back to the truck.

Anabella: So can you keep judging me? Go Isabella

Bella: Ana

Anabella: I need some time to cool my head, I'll be back before nightfall

With an abrupt movement, I get rid of my sister's grip and start moving away from the institution. Not realizing that Alice and Jasper watched the situation from their cars