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X is for: X-ray

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Oi! Deku! Watch out!” Katsuki called out as someone flung themselves at her. She jumped out of the way, but not in time to be hit by the beam shot out from the villains fingers. She shrieked in surprise as she convulsed on the ground for a moment before springing back to her feet.


“I’m okay!” she called out, waving to him cheerfully before resuming her fight. He shook his head in exasperation as he too went back to fighting, making sure to finish his fights quickly so he could check up on his partner. Everything was business as usual as they finished their fights, making sure to snap Quirk nullifying cuffs on the villains, until Deku shrieked again.


What’s wrong!?” he asked, rushing over to her. She was looking down at herself and covering her lower half with a shock blanket from the ambulance, her entire face pink with embarrassment. “What the fuck happened to you?”


“W-well, um, I-I think I’m okay,” she stuttered. “N-nothing hurts, b-but, um,” she screwed her eyes shut and shook her head vigorously.


“Let me see,” he said, tugging on the obnoxiously coloured shock blanket so he could see what was wrong with his partner.


“N-no! K-Kacchan, w-wait until we get home!” she pleaded, tears pricking at her eyes.


“Tch, fine,” he scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “But if I find out you’re hurt and you didn’t tell me, I’ll kick your ass. Got it?”


“Yeah, sure thing, Kacchan,” she laughed as she tightened the blanket around her waist. They found the man who hit Deku with his Quirk and interrogated him.


“My Quirk turns things invisible,” the man explained after being cowed by Katsuki’s intense glare. “It’s not really meant for combat, but if I use it on people, it can give them a pretty bad shock.”


“How long does it last?” Deku asked, giving the man her best glare.


“Just a few hours,” he admitted, unable to make proper eye contact with either of them. When Deku breathed a sigh of relief, he knew something was definitely up. He gave her a side eyed look, promising to talk later, and the two left the scene. Once they got home, he ripped the blanket off of her, and then froze.


“Wh. . .” he tapered off, eyes going wide. “What in the actual fuck?”


“I don’t know,” she bemoaned, her entire face pink. Her entire lower torso was translucent, allowing him to see inside of her. He was so taken aback that he couldn’t speak for a few moments, utterly shell shocked.


“I-I, hmm,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “That’s, uh, that’s something. . .”


“W-what do we do?” she asked, rubbing her arms anxiously.


“Well,” he began, glancing between her face and her translucent patch. “We could have sex.”


“Excuse me!?” she squeaked, face turning even pinker as she covered her lower half again.


“Why not?” he asked, shrugging casually at her. “It would be hot.”


“R-really?” she asked.


“Fuck yeah,” he smirked, stepping closer to her and placing his hands on her hips while he whispered into her ear. “Seeing my cock inside of you while I fuck you senseless?” She shivered under his touch, biting her lip in anticipation. “Sounds super fuckin’ hot to me.”


“W-well, um, wh-when you put it l-like that,” she stammered, looking away as he reached his hands down to cup her ass. He leaned down to kiss her soundly on the lips, causing her to relax in his embrace. He squeezed and groped her ass playfully, licking inside her mouth as she pressed her chest against his. He traced his arm around her back and fiddled with the zipper of her hero costume.


“Grr,” he growled into the kiss, irritation welling inside of him. “Your hero costume is damn sexy, too bad it’s a bitch to take off.” She merely giggled fondly into the kiss, amused by his words.


“You can’t rip it off,” she warned preemptively, smirking into the kiss.


“Tch,” he scoffed, pulling at the fabric of her costume. She giggled again as she pulled off her gloves and shoes, taking off her support gear in the process. He frowned as she peeled off the skin tight suit; he liked to be the one to undress her. . .


“Why are you pouting?” she asked with a laugh as she stepped out of the material.


“I’m not pouting,” he argued as she leaned back into his embrace.


“You are,” she teased in a sing-song voice, giggling at him. She shrieked as he scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder. “Wuaah! Kacchan! Put me down!” He merely swatted her ass in response, eliciting another surprised squeak from his partner.


“No fucking way, Deku,” he smirked, turning his head and biting her ass as he walked into their bedroom. She ‘eep’ed in shock, kicking her legs in protest to the treatment.


“Kacchaaaan!” she whined, beating her fists against his back. He pinched her ass in retaliation and tossed her onto their bed. She bounced a few times before he descended upon her, attacking her neck with his mouth.


“Mnh, K-Kacchan,” she gasped, digging her nails into his back. “Take off your clothes.”


“Needy,” he teased, biting down on her neck as he began to take off his hero costume. He tossed his mask to the side and shucked off his gloves before he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He tossed it to the side with everything else before kicking off his boots and unbuttoning his pants. He smirked as he saw that he had Deku’s full attention, her eyes wandering across his body. Her eyes darted up to meet his, the tops of her cheeks pink as she bit her lip. He smirked down at her, enticed by her biting her lip, and dove back in for a kiss.


“Kacchan,” she moaned into the kiss, using her feet to push down his pants.


“Patience, Deku,” he purred against her, nibbling her bottom lip. He stepped out of his pants as he crawled fully on top of her, his hands traveling down her body. She moved her hands up to his hair, scratching teasingly at his nape.


“Kacchan, touch me, please,” she begged, rolling her hips against his leg.


“I am touching you,” he teased, earning a whine from her in response.


“Kaaa-cchaaaan!” she whined again, pouting up at him. He merely chuckled in response and kissed her silent, working his hand lower and lower down her body. He worked his hand down to her panties, hooked his fingers inside the waistband and pulled hard enough to rip them off.


“Hey!” she complained, whacking his shoulder without any real force.


“What?” he asked, smiling cheekily at her. “I can’t rip off your hero costume, at least let me rip off your panties.”


“They’re expensive!” she argued, crossing her arms over her chest. “You owe me a new pair,” she huffed before reaching back to unhook her bra before he could get to it.


“Fine, fine,” he said with a roll of his eyes. “Now quit complaining,” he smirked as he teased a finger at her entrance. Her breath hitched as he slid the tip of his finger inside, the digit slowly swirling inside of her. He watched with widened eyes as he saw his finger appear in the translucent part of her, observing with fascination as her inner walls hugged his finger. She whimpered and writhed beneath him, rubbing her thighs together as he worked his finger in and out of her.


“Fuck, Deku,” he growled, eyes focused on how her insides hugged his finger. He curled his finger inside her, stretching her out and making room for a second finger. He pressed a second finger against her entrance, pushing it in alongside the first one. She moaned as he stretched her open, her opening slick and warm.


“Kacchan,” she moaned, biting her bottom lip, “so good~”


“Yeah, baby,” he cooed, licking up her neck. “Taking my fingers so well, can’t wait to put my cock inside of you.” 


“Yes, Kacchan,” she whimpered, rolling her hips against his skilled fingers. “Want your cock so bad, please.”


“Patience, Deku,” he teased, working a third finger inside her pussy. “Gotta work you open for me.” She whined again in protest, but broke off into a moan as he curled his fingers into her g-spot. Her back arched off the bed as he milked her g-spot, causing her entire body to tremble. Her thighs quivered around his hand, her velvety inner walls clamping down on him.


“Close, so close, Kacchan,” she cried out in warning. He continued to massage her g-spot until her thighs were trembling uncontrollably. She let out a choked cry as she came on his fingers, natural lube dripping down her thighs as she rolled her hips on his fingers. Once her body finally went lax, she was panting heavily in an attempt to catch her breath. She cracked her eyes open as she caught her breath, her eyes slightly glazed and foggy.


“Ka-cchan,” she breathed out, a lazy smile on her face. She whimpered as he pulled his fingers from her cunt, his digits covered in her fluids. She reached her hand down and spread her pussy lips open for him, an enticing smile on her face. “Give me your cock, Kacchan.” He groaned as he felt his cock throb between his legs, utterly aroused by the sight of his girlfriend spreading herself for him.


“Fuck, baby,” he groaned, giving his cock a few strokes. “Gonna fuck you so good.”


“Please,” she begged, playing with her tits. She whimpered as he pressed his tip to her entrance, watching with rapt attention as his cock appeared through the translucent patch of her body. His cock was wrapped so nicely inside of her, her inner walls hugging him just right. It was honestly so fucking hot, watching his cock fill her up perfectly before pulling out almost completely, leaving her empty and desperate for more.


“Shit, Deku,” he groaned as he slowly rolled his hips into her as he held her legs open by her thighs. “So fucking hot, seeing how well I fill you up.” She moaned at his words, flushed from her hairline to her bouncy chest. He began to pick up the pace, thrusting in and out of her as her tits bounced hypnotically beneath him.


“Ka-cchan, Ka-cchan,” she choked out with each thrust, throwing her head back in bliss. “So good, so good! Fuck,” she cried, biting her bottom lip again. He swooped down to capture her lips in a brutal kiss, a kiss sure to leave their lips swollen and bruised, not that either of them cared.


“Fuck, fuck, Deku,” he grunted, pushing her legs as far back as she could go. “Feels so damn good. Love you, love your pussy, love how you take me so well, fuck!” he rambled, praise falling effortlessly from his lips.


“Kacchan, cum inside me, please!” she begged, pulling him closer to her.


“You’re so goddamn gorgeous, fuck,” he groaned, bucking his hips into her faster and faster, sending her back a few centimeters each time. She cried out in time with his thrusts, a telling sign that she was going to cum soon.


“Kiss me, kiss me Kacchan, please,” she begged, tears in her eyes. He kissed her silly as she clamped down around him, her body tightening around him as she milked him of his own orgasm. He painted her insides white with his cum, completely fogging up her insides.


“Fuckin’ hell,” he groaned, panting into her ear before he pulled out of her with a moan.


“That was, wow,” she sighed, a blissed out look on his face.


“Heh, told ya it was gonna be super hot,” he boasted, puffing out his chest. She giggled as she pushed him away with her foot, turning onto her stomach as she reached for a tissue.


“You can be impossible sometimes,” she scoffed as she reached down between her legs and wiped herself off.


“Eh, you love me,” he purred, nuzzling obnoxiously under her jaw. She giggled as she tried to push him away, though there was no force to the action.


“Yes, I do,” she smiled, kissing his temple sweetly.


“Good,” he smiled, looping his arm around her waist as he settled behind her. “Now I need a fucking nap.”


“Old man,” she teased, wiggling around to get comfortable against him.


“Don’t test me, bitch,” he shot back, his lips moving against the back of her neck. She giggled at his words and closed her eyes as he lazily pressed kisses to her nape.


“I love you, Kacchan,” she hummed.


“I love you too, Deku.”