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The Light at The End

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          With one more text message and a thorough email, Nakamura Taizo leaned back in his chair, “So it begins.” He murmured. The trial of Masamoto Umeji was to start in the morning, with opening statements. He knew that it would be a matter of days until he was called to testify for the prosecution, and called as a hostile witness by the defense.

          Ikeda’s email warned him in advance, “I’ll be calling you last to testify, I want as much evidence presented as possible, before Yoneda can get his hands on you. If you do not wish to attend the proceedings, that’s acceptable, there is no witness sequestering.”

          “As much evidence as possible, how much more do they need?” he wondered. Nakamura had immersed himself in work, hoping to distract his thoughts. He anticipated some fall out if his name became public record, and as such he was making difficult legal decisions for his company.

        Though his staff voiced their concerns over the changes, Nakamura did not feel that he needed to respond to those concerns. “This is my company, I run it as I choose. If you disagree with the changes, feel free to resign.” After that exchange, Nakamura was not questioned again.

          “I’m leaving for lunch,” Nakamura informed his receptionist as he left his office, “I should be back in two hours.”


           “Uta! Stop driving like a fiend, you’re scaring me!” Sakurai Atsushi was gripping the door handle, with his eyes closed, “I’m not driving like a fiend, you’re just an old man.” Uta laughed. They were on their way to Ojisan’s for lunch, the weather was still warm and Uta had the top down on his small vintage sports car.

           “I am not old, I just don’t drive like this, please Uta, just slow down!” Sakurai had driven in the same manner in his younger days, but those days were long gone. “Please baby,” he whined one last time.

           “Fine!” Uta huffed, slowing the small car down to a legal limit, “I swear, you’re just getting to be such an old man. I read about you and your Porsche, and you’re complaining about this tiny car? Please, spare me.”

            Leaving the car in a parking garage, the two men teased each other on the short walk to Ojisan’s, “You’ll never find out what happened, I won’t tell you and neither will the band, so just drop it.”

            “Irasshai gentlemen, I’m so pleased to see you today!” Ojisan called out from his tiny kitchen, not bothering to look to see who had come in, “Your usual today Uta? Atsushi?” Uta shot Sakurai a quick look, “Um, sure Ojisan, that’s fine,” he leaned over and whispered in Sakurai’s ear, “How did he know it was us?”

           “Your food, gentlemen.” Ojisan placed the bowls in front of his customers. “How goes the trial? Has it started yet?” The man had had disturbing visions regarding the trial, and the parties involved, yet he wasn’t sure what would happen to whom, and when.

           “It starts tomorrow, Ojisan. The attorney’s will be giving their opening statements, and I will assume that the first witness will be called.” Sakurai shook his head, “I fear for the mental health of Isshi’s boys, Ojisan. What they’ve gone through, no person, contracted submissive or not, no one deserves that type of abuse.”

           Ojisan leaned against the counter, “I believe that they will recover, but it will take time and distance, it will not happen at home. They have the support of so many that love and care for them. I’m sure Taka-kun will be their rock, as  well as Mistress Davina and Madame F’s young men.”  


          Watching as the suspect was moving out of the parking garage and walking towards the crowded streets of the shopping district, the man noted the time. He had been watching the suspect for the last three hours, parked across the street from Nakamura Imports. Once Nakamura had left the office, he had been followed at a distance, a tracking device unknowingly placed under his car.

         “He’s going to that ramen shop, yah…that’s the one. Sure, it’s no problem, I’m a bit hungry myself.” Waiting a good ten minutes, the man slowly made his way towards the small side street where the ramen hut was located.

         “It’s a pleasant surprise to see you, Nakamura-san, what can I make for you today?” Ojisan had felt that he would have an irregular customer come in that day, but he was surprised who that customer was.

         “Miso ramen, with an egg please.” Taking a seat across from Sakurai and Uta, Nakamura nodded in greetings, “I hope you’re both well?”

         “Passably, thanks. The trial starts tomorrow…do you know when you’ll be testifying?”

          Before Nakamura could answer, another customer entered the ramen hut, “Irasshai, take any seat you’d like, I will be with you in a moment,” Ojisan greeted the man. Nakamura eyed the man at first, making sure he wasn’t anyone that he knew, then turned back to Sakurai and Uta.

          “The last day is what Ikeda said, he wanted the full amount of information to be presented before speaking to me.”

           Sakurai nodded, “You’re being called for both sides, am I correct?”

          “Yes, something I’m not looking forward to. I’m ashamed of my involvement and am reticent to engage with his attorney.”

         Ojisan took the new customer’s order, someone that he had not remembered ever seeing in his shop before.

         “Will this affect your business at all? I know we’ve been guaranteed some protection, but there’s always the possibility for a slip of the tongue as it were.” Sakurai said.

          Nakamura chuckled, “Not any more worried than you. You have a lot to lose, as much as I do.” He nodded at Uta, “How are you Uta-kun? Still vexing Madame F?”

          Uta snorted, “No, I’ve been on my best behavior. It’s not like anyone’s really interested in going to the clubs. I’ve only seen her at Mistress’s home a few times in the last months.”

         “Hopefully after all this is over, we can go back to a normal routine, though to be honest, I don’t think that will be the case for Isshi and his boys, there will be no normal for quite some time.”

          The odd customer finished his meal and paid Ojisan, “Thank you, that was excellent.” Ojisan said nothing but bowed lightly.

          Sakurai cocked his head, “What will you do if there are repercussions with your business?”

          Nakamura’s smile was strained, “I have enough connections that I could move operations to the US, I have a business visa that allows me a longer period to stay in the country. I’ve been preparing for that possibility, though I’m sure there’s no need to worry.”

         Sakurai and Uta finished their lunch, and on their way out, Sakurai stopped to pat Nakamura on the shoulder, “With the evidence that we have, I doubt that there will be any problems, don’t be in such a rush to leave the country.”

         “Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow in court.” Nakamura smiled. It was a contented feeling knowing that he had somewhat redeemed himself in the eyes of the senior members of the community, but he still battled with his own personal demons.

         “Nakamura-san, please take notice of your surroundings when you’re out,” Ojisan had waited until Uta and Sakurai had left to speak his mind to his remaining customer. While he had been in his tiny kitchen, he sensed a darkness around Nakamura Taizo, something that chilled him to the bone.

          For his part, Nakamura didn’t put much stock into what the ramen maker had said, “Ojisan, I’m always aware of my surroundings. There is no cause for worry. Thank you for another excellent meal, have a good day.”

          Ojisan watched the man leave the ramen hut, “Nakamura Taizo, please heed my warning, it does not come lightly.” There was nothing more Ojisan could do, he prayed his intuition was wrong.


        “He just walked out of the restaurant. Sakurai and his brat were there as well. No, they left before he did. The last day, so you still have time. Yes sir, I understand. Thank you, Sir. Preferably female, though one of those super tiny pretty boys would be suitable as well.



         Settling deeply in his large office chair, Nakamura Taizo opens the top drawer of his desk and takes out a large envelope, carefully spreading the papers on his desk. Going through each piece, he carefully reads every page, making notes in a small book. With the last bundle of documents in his hand, he leans back in his chair, reading the words over and over. This is the right thing to do, he said to himself.

        Picking up the phone, he calls his receptionist. “Ms. Soto, could you please call the notary and have him come to my office?”

        A few moments later, a knock at the office door, “Come in,”

        “You called for me, Nakamura-san?” 

       “Yes, one moment please, Jiwa,” picking up his phone again, “Ms. Soto, could you come in please?”

       “Nakamura-san?” The pretty receptionist stands in front of the desk.

       “Sit, please. I’m going to hold both of you to all confidentiality in what I’m going to ask you to do. This goes no further than this room. If I hear of any of what is happening, outside this office, there will be severe consequences, is that understood?”

       The man and woman nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

        “Jiwa, I want you to notarize these three pages, and all three copies. I will be taking the copies home with me; the original will be left in my safe here in the office.”

        He slid the papers to Jiwa, who picked them up and read the first paragraph, his face draining of color, “Sir? You can’t be serious…this is, highly irregular. Have you talked this over with your attorneys?”

        “My attorneys have no say in this, this is my personal wish and I want it carried out if needed. I am the single shareholder in this company, I do with it what I choose. Do either of you have objections to what I’m asking you?”

       “No, Nakamura-san. I believe I understand exactly.” Ms. Soto smiled at her boss; she was the only person within the company that knew of his activities with the other community.

       “Jiwa? Any objections?” Nakamura asked again.

        “No sir, none. Let’s do this and I will leave you to your business.” A few stamps of the notary, signatures by Nakamura, Ms. Soto and Jiwa, and the process was completed in a matter of fifteen minutes.

        “I will take these originals and put them in the safe, and I thank you both for your cooperation. Hopefully none of this will be necessary.” Both Jiwa and Ms. Soto bowed and left the office.

        Waiting until the door was closed, Nakamura went to the wall safe and twisted the dial. Opening the safe he put the documents inside, patted the envelope once and closed and locked the door. “Done.”


       “Why do you think they’re making Nakamura testify last? He’s the reason that Isshi’s boys were rescued, I would think they’d want him to go first.” Uta was laying on the couch, his head in Sakurai’s lap, sleepy from their lunch.

       “He’s being used as a hostile witness for the defense. Yes, he saved the boys, but he wasn’t there initially to do that. He was there to participate in the event. He had Karyu in his room, ready to do who knows what. The defense will use that to their benefit in undermining everything that Byou, Ruimaru and Karyu say…that they were there voluntarily and agreeing to what was done to them.”

       “He seemed sad, sort of beat down or something. Ojisan was watching him closely as well. Do you think he saw or sensed something?” Uta had seen the looks that Ojisan was giving Nakamura, he could tell that the ramen maker was uneasy.

       “This has been a strain on everyone, Nakamura included. I’m sure he’s questioning his ethics as a Dominant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves the community completely. But let’s not worry about him, I’d rather think of you… can I convince you that we need to take a nap?” Sakurai wiggled his eyebrows at Uta.

      “Seriously? We just had sex this morning!” Uta said in mock surprise, “You’d better be careful. I remember I told someone that he might die fucking me,”

      “Did I not say it would be a beautiful death and I would gladly leave this world if I was defiling your lewd body? Are you saying you think I’m too old for more than once a day?” Sakurai slowly moved his hand down Uta’s chest and slipped his fingers in the top of Uta’s waistband, teasing the tiny tummy.

      “Acchan…don’t tease me!” Uta whimpered. “Okay, let’s go try and kill you…again!” Uta jumped up and ran down the hallway, throwing his shirt off and stopping to hop and hold on to the wall, while he dropped his pants.

      Sakurai watched Uta, grinning, “You’d better be naked by the time I get there, or I will be punishing you,”

      “Promises, promises!” Uta giggled as he dropped his underwear and mooned his lover. “Punish me then!” He picked up his underwear and balled them up, throwing them at an advancing Sakurai, “That’s it boy… you’re in trouble now.” Sakurai laughed as he slammed the door to their bedroom.