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Wei Wuxian was a bunny.

A very cute one, thank you very much.

He had been breaking a lot of rules lately, just to see the expression on Lan Wangji's face, but he didn't know what he was supposed to do now! He was in the Library Pavilion, and he was waiting for Lan Wangji to start his punishment session as usual. So naturally, he dug around and put a porn book somewhere where Lan Wangji would be able to see it. This would get him! Wei Wuxian snickered at the thought of Lan Wangji"@ outraged look.

Then all of a sudden, he changed, his vision turning fuzzy as everything turned bigger. 

And he was shrinking.

The floor seemed so much closer now, and he was small, unable to climb high surfaces as easily anymore. Wei Wuxian felt powerless and helpless for once.

Wei Wuxian could do nothing now but wiggle his nose, bouncing around. Was he a bunny?! Maybe Lan Wangji could change him back? There must be a solution to this! He can't be stuck like this forever! He wanted to go back to Jiang Cheng and his Shijie! This was truly a punishment, not being able to talk and make noise! Wei Wuxian couldn't try changing himself either with no hands.

The doors swung open.

Lan Wangji walked in, and he came to a halt when he realised the black bunny on the floor, staring back at him intently. He came closer, and all Wei Wuxian could do was try to communicate by purring and clucking. Weird, he didn't know bunnies made those noises.

"Where's Wei Ying..." Lan Wangji muttured to himself, taking a glimpse at the empty Library Pavillion as he picked the bunny up, setting it in his lap as he petted it with one hand and starting writing with the other. Lan Wangji waited there till Wei Wuxian's punishment session was over, and there was no sight of Wei Wuxian at all. 


Wei Wuxian couldn't help but admit that it was nice being pampered by Lan Wangji for once.

Lan Wangji found it weird, but decided that he was probably just skipping classes for the sake of skipping. 

What was he going to do...?


"Pets are forbidden, Wangji." Lan Xichen had a small smile, and Lan Wangji shook his head, his grip tightening on the bunny, a rare defiant look in his eyes. Wei Wuxian tried his best not to struggle in his grasp.

"He reminds me of Wei Ying." Wei Wuxian froze, blinking as he processed what he had just heard. Lan Xichen didn't seem taken aback, his smile just grew even more. Wei Wuxian felt like he was looking directly at the sun at this point.

Lan Xichen seemed like he knew something... Oh well.

"You could ask Uncle..." Lan Xichen trailed off, and Lan Wangji nodded in agreement.


Lan Qiren let him keep the bunny, but not without lecturing him on breaking a rule and for him to take good care of it. 

Maybe he thought that it wouldn't hurt to let Lan Wangji have some company?

Lan Wangji thanked him.



"It's named Wangxian." Lan Wangji told bunny Wei Wuxian after he finished playing the song. Wei Wuxian admired his abilities to play so beautifully, and he rubbed his head against his hand to express his admiration.

Lan Wangji smiled. A slight curve to his lips. That was... a smile?

This was Wei Wuxian's first time seeing this smile! But his smile didn't last very long, and Wei Wuxian wanted to preserve that smile for himself, already mourning the loss of one of the most beautiful smiles he has seen.

"I made this for Wei Ying." Lan Wangji placed his hand on the strings to cease the vibrations. Wei Wuxian internally gasped. What has he not done? Whoever was going to marry Lan Wangji must be a very lucky maiden!

Wei Wuxian shuddered at the thought of Lan Wangji marrying someone.

Maybe not.


"Where's Wei Wuxian!" Jiang Cheng growled, as he looked at the empty seat. Wei Wuxian had suddenly vanished, and Lan Qiren just brushed it off as nothing, thinking that he was skipping classes as usual. Nie Huaisang tried calming him down, fanning Jiang Cheng with his fan to try and make him cool down.

Typical Wei Wuxian.

Jiang Cheng just huffed, and settled down, waiting for classes to start, not sparing another look at the empty seat.

Lan Wangji let his eyes wander towards the seat then, not paying attention to what his Uncle was saying for once.

Was Wei Ying okay?

Where was he?


Wei Wuxian felt pampered, and despite missing his human form, Lan Wangji taking care of a tiny bunny and bringing it almost everywhere he went was adorable. Wei Wuxian missed teasing Lan Wangji, missed making him angry and yet he got to spend all his time with Lan Wangji. He just... couldn't utter a single word to him.


Wei Wuxian missed the freedom of talking.

He sighed as fingers scratched behind his floppy ears. Lan Wangji had been petting Wei Wuxian, but his eyes felt distant, like he was thinking about something else. What was occupying his mind? Wei Wuxian headbutted his fingers, and Lan Wangji seemed to have gotten the hint.

"Are you lonely?" A pause. "When I have classes." Lan Wangji clarified.

Wei Wuxian thought that if he told anyone that Lan Wangji looking this tenderly towards someone or something, they wouldn't believe their ears. Especially if it was an animal! Lan Wangji certainly didn't fit the description of a cold, stoic man anymore. He just didn't show what he felt as easily as Wei Wuxian.

Lan Wangji bit his lip then, and Wei Wuxian found himself wanting to kiss him and-

Wait what?

He didn't like him that way!

"I... miss Wei Ying." Lan Wangji confessed, and Wei Wuxian's heart clenched. He... missed him? He thought Lan Wangji had despised him, finding him annoying. Which was fine, it just kinda stung. 

I miss you too!! Wei Wuxian wanted to yell it out for everyone to hear, he was always called shameless for a reason, but he nibbled on Lan Wangji's fingers as he hand fed him some hay. It tasted disgusting, to be completely honest. Why didn't he get a bunny's tastebuds? Now he has to suffer everytime it was time to eat. If only Lan Wangji could add some spice to the bland tasting hay...

Lan Wangji finished feeding him, and he did some paperwork. Wei Wuxian thought that if he was being pampered by Lan Wangji, he wouldn't mind being a bunny for a few more days.


He had slept with Lan Wangji, perched on Lan Wangji's chest, curled up into a small ball.

One day had went by, and he was still a bunny. Wei Wuxian wanted to growl, and throw a tantrum, but he stayed put on the empty bed. Lan Wangji had already left, but not without two small bowls with water and food ready.

He liked when Lan Wangji cared for him.


Wei Wuxian had listened to Lan Wangji when he spilled his thoughts out to him. Lan Wangji knew the animal would never respond, but he indulged in the comfort of being able to speak about his troubles. Wei Wuxian felt like he was hearing something that he wasn't supposed to be hearing. Yet everytime he tried leaving Lan Wangji when he said something that wasn't meant for anyone to hear, Lan Wangji grabbed him and put him back on his lap.

What could Wei Wuxian do but oblige?

Wei Wuxian would patiently hear him speak in his low voice, about the students, his uncle, brother and most importantly, Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji had talked about his disappearance, and how Jiang Cheng threw a hissy fit, and Wei Wuxian had to hold back his laughter. Not that he could laugh anyways.

Soon, he grew quiet. A melancholy silence descending over them.

"Do you think Wei Ying will come back?" Lan Wangji murmured, he slowly inhaled, sounding as if he was going to cry. His eyes were dull, and Wei Wuxian was surprised. He was this affected by his absence? Wei Wuxian felt his heart swell with happiness.

To his horror, he saw tears fall.

Wei Wuxian was alarmed, he didn't want to see that sad look on his face ever again! Wei Wuxian nuzzled his face, soaking up the tears with his fur. Lan Wangji didn't make any noises when he cried, and he stayed silent, making it the most heartbreaking sight.

I wanna go back! Please! Wei Wuxian was okay with being a bunny, might have even liked it at some point, but if it meant that Lan Wangji was hurt, he wouldn't want to stay as a bunny.

White light filled Wei Wuxian's vision, everything being reverted back as he grew bigger, and when Lan Wangji looked at his lap, and where he expected a black bunny, he saw... Wei Wuxian. Lying in his lap.

"W-Wei Ying...?" Lan Wangji's eyes widened slightly, and Wei Wuxian rubbed the back of his head, laughing awkwardly. Out of all the places he could have turned back to his original self...

"Surprise?" It sounded like a question. He really did not want to bear the wrath of an angry Lan Wangji when he found out he was the one listening in into all his conversations with the black bunny and invading his privacy.

"You heard... everything?" Wei Wuxian scrambled out of his lap and sat opposite of him, nodding slowly as guilt overwhelmed him. He should have tried harder! He shouldn't have let Lan Wangji find him in the first place, should have gone somewhere else.

Lan Wangji took care of him and what did he do? He betrayed his trust and listened to all the things he kept close to his heart.

"I'm sorry," Fidgeting with his fingers, he continued. "For listening to your private matters." Wei Wuxian didn't even dare to glance at Lan Wangji.

"Mn." What was that supposed to mean? Wei Wuxian pouted.

"Are you actually fine with it? Me knowing your... stuff." Wei Wuxian blanched at his choice of words. Lan Wangji had long wiped his tears away, and he went back to looking like an ethereal being, and being untouchable.

"Mn." Usually Lan Wangji not being a man of many words didn't bother him, but what was he supposed to say? Wei Wuxian thought that the entire time he was a bunny till now, he was only confused majority of the time. And certainly surprised.

"If you're here," Lan Wangji directed his gaze at Wei Wuxian. "It's okay." Wei Wuxian's eyes widened, taken aback.

Ah, Lan Wangji, always being polite and reserved. And absolutely lovable.

Wei Wuxian reached out and held his hand, not used to seeing a hand instead of a black paw. Lan Wangji didn't complain, instead interlocking their fingers. His skin felt like it was tingling where he touched Lan Wangji, and he yearned to have more.

Wei Wuxian didn't realise how much he missed being a human, and being able to interact with those around him till he had surged forward and gave Lan Wangji a hug. He released him immediately after realising his mistake.

"Ahh, sorry! I forgot you disliked touch! Please don't make me copy the rul-" Wei Wuxian shut up when he felt a pair of soft lips on his own, and all he could feel was euphoria. He was surprised again, for the umpteenth time, by Lan Wangji.

He seemed to never stop surprising him.

When Lan Wangji pulled back, he seemed like he was ashamed of his abruptness, until Wei Wuxian kissed him again and again, cupping his cheeks.

"I like you, Lan Zhan!"

Lan Wangji smiled.