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Strip your soul for me

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Kim Seokjin was a third-year student at the prestigious Oxford university. Everyone loved him for his kind, compassionate heart and beauty. Many students thought that Seokjin was an Omega the minute they saw his face and mannerisms. He had a tiny waist, wore sweater paw pink hoodies and always had a floral, female perfume. He had a delicate voice, was terribly sensitive to smells and was far cuter than any female omega on campus. This became one of the greatest reasons why he hadn’t found a partner yet. No Omega or Beta wanted to be seen with an Alpha that couldn’t protect himself, let alone protect their mate. But Jin had a lot of Omega friends and everyone loved him. A lot of Alphas even asked him out.


Today Jin was drinking coffee with another friend of his, Min Yoongi. Seokjin had a terrible crush on this Alpha but somehow he could never confess his feelings. He bid goodbye to Yoongi and was headed to his apartment. Somehow Kim Seokjin never reached his apartment that night and never got to see it ever again………
Jin stirred and opens his eyes. He realized his hands are tied.

He looks around and realizes he is in a very large room, it’s gigantic. Bigger than his entire apartment.

“Where am I?”, he thought as he shivers in fright.

“So you finally woke up Hyung”, someone says before they come right in front of him, bending down to look him in the eye.


Park Jungkook will never forget the day he met Kim Seokjin, the most prettiest Alpha in the university. It was the last exam and Jungkook had somehow forgotten his mobile while studying at the coffee shop. After the exam, his classmate told him that a certain Seokjin was looking for him urgently.
Jungkook found him at the university garden. “Seokjin?”, and lo behold this broad-shouldered Omega wearing a pink hoodie turned and looked at him. The first thing he thought was Seokjin was a girl. 

He thought Seokjin was a girl with short hair.

However, as he walked closer, he realized it was a man. A man with the prettiest face, plumpest pouty lips, and the most well-formed cupids bow. Seokjin smelled like warm baked bread, with roses, it didn't make sense but before he could stop himself, Jungkook was charmed and hypnotized.

“Here you left your phone at the café”, Jin said kindly handing over his device, Jungkook purposely brushing his fingertips over Jin’s sweaty palms.

“Thank you so much Seokjin”, he practically purred in desire at a low baritone, staring at the older.


“Call me Hyung”, Jin said winking at Jungkook.

Jungkook felt his breath stop. This Omega was openly flirting with him?

“How come I have never met the cutest Omega on this boring campus. I am seeing you for the first time inspite of studying here for almost a full semester.”

“Ah my father doesn’t let me attend all the classes so I attend what I can, hehe. Also, I am an Alpha, Just telling you..”, Jin replied after seeing the predatory look in this junior.

“Ah Hyung, You???an Alpha? That is the biggest joke of this decade”, Jungkook scoffed.

Seokjin felt a pit of anger and looked at Jungkook, his eyes turning red.

Jungkook apologized and thanked him again before leaving.

“There is no way an Alpha can be so cute”, a very drunken Jungkook declared to his friend and senior Kim Namjoon.

“Ah you met Jin Hyung!? He’s too beautiful for any alpha or Omega. Whoever mates him has to be a strong Beta or Omega”

“Jin Hyung has full potential as an Omega. His body is made for bearing children. He doesn’t deserve this harsh life of an Alpha, but he deserves to be a sexy Omega”, Jungkook said honestly.


“Ah Kookie what are you saying, Jin Hyung is your senior”

“Senior? Hyung he looks like a sixteen year old hidden under huge hoodies. He is an Omega at heart. I am surprised that there hasn’t been a riot of Alphas trying to breed this bitch already”, Jungkook said, filthy words easily flowing from his mouth when it came to the gorgeous Alpha.

Namjoon shivered at the cold words.

Jungkook didn’t care, he was intoxicated with this Alpha.

But it didn’t end here. He began to stalk Jin whenever and wherever he could. Seokjin didn’t even notice it because Jungkook was stealthy. He hired a detective agency to get to know every minute detail about Jin.

And the more he came to know about Kim Seokjin, the more he realized that Jin Hyung had to be his mate, had to be by his side otherwise Jungkook would never date anyone else.

Kim Seokjin, the anonymous donor for a children's organization, had supported lots of causes for poor people and abused Omegas. He was the kindest person indeed. He volunteered at an animal shelter on Sunday and was single, unmated and had never fucked anyone till date.

He was bullied as a child, so he was extremely sensitive to people. Kim Seokjin was a living enigma but he HAD to become Jungkook's before Min Yoongi, his current crush realized Jin liked him.  He was also heir to a huge fortune, 1 million dollars to be exact. But the Kims were far richer than that, so Jungkook wondered why they didn't write more property into the kind-hearted Alpha's name.

"Jin Hyung is such a large-hearted, kind soul! I can't help but love him more than i can. Kim Seokjin, you are my bitch and Mine alone", Jungkook mentally declared.



Kim Seokjin was shaking in anger. He wanted to break Jungkook's face but his hands were tied.

"LEAVE ME ALONE", he shouted. 

"But Hyung, not before you let me fuck you once. I have to taste your body before anybody. I need to mark you first"


"The Kims? You mean the beggars?", a low growling voice came from the other end of the room.

Seokjin stopped breathing. The voice was eery, scarier than anyone he had heard till date. It held a lot of strength and instantly Seokjin knew it was an Alpha. " Talk to my son better or I will cut your tongue out", A short, smiling man came out. His hair dyed platinum and his skin deathly pale. 

"Hello, Omega Seokjin", he smiles, "I am Jungkook's father, Park Jimin"

"I don't care who the fuck you are, LET ME GO. What You and Jungkook are doing is wrong, illegal! I AM A FUCKING ALPHA"

"But rules never exist for the Parks. And it's time you learn your place as Jungkook's Omega or you will face consequences"

Jin didn't care, he just looked in anger and let his Alpha rage come through. He tore at the ropes and stood up.

"I don't care if I die trying, but I WILL NOT STAY HERE AGAINST MY WILL"

Jimin looked straight at him and said, "I will give you five minutes. In five minutes if you can escape this room, you will be free to go forever"

Seokjin leaped, he ran towards the door. Just as he was about to touch the handle, he was slammed against the wall as someone pinned him down with a howl.

Seokjin looked up and saw he was pinned down by another, older man with purple eyes. He was pinned down by a mere Omega?

This man smirked at him with a boxy smile. 

"Come on Alpha, show us your strength. Escape darling!"

Seokjin tried his best to move, but he was pinned in such a difficult position, it was hard to breathe. "So do you finally concede your defeat at the hands of my Taehyungie who's a mere Omega. You lost to an Omega and you call yourself Alpha? No wonder you never found a mate!", Jimin laughed.

Seokjin tried squirming, bringing his knee up and doing everything, but this Omega had the grip of iron. "Please let me go!", he cried.

"Our Jungkookie wanted something after very long. What sort of mother am I, if I cannot grant my baby's deepest desire to mate"

Seokjin couldn't breathe anymore. Taehyung got off and stood over him. Jimin came up to them and moved him aside. He stepped on Seokjin's chest, his boot heavily pressing against his lower stomach, "If you don't get this done with quickly, I will cut your balls and cure your behavior. After all what use is your cock to you anyways? You will learn to take pleasure from your ass alone."