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Bitter Love

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"Let's stay calm and take a deep breath." Hanta said to himself.

Hanta is convinced that he is having another of his problematic existential crisis right now and he is one call away from having a knee deep panic attack- which he hasn't experienced in years. The last time he has such panic attack was when he took the blood test in middle school and found out that he is a beta and not an alpha like the rest of his close friends.

"Where the hell is Mina?" Hanta wondered about his friend's whereabouts; a friend that is supposed to be with him- accompany him at this forsaken club- which he shouldn't be at in the first place.

Going to a club with Mina was a huge mistake because 1) Mina is like a hyperactive kid stuck inside an adult body, and she sometimes tends to forget about her friend- so, yes to the possibility of her ditching Hanta and wonder off, 2) Loud music made Hanta uncomfortable because he has sensitive hearing, 3) The club is fill with horny alphas and omegas which is quite disturbing, and lastly 4) Hanta has Haphephobia, a rare specific phobia that involves the fear of touching or of being touched- and Hanta hated being touched by others.

"Where is- oh God!" Hanta almost shrieked like a little girl when a drunk alpha slurred next to him.




Dude smells like alcohol.


Disgusting !


"Hey baby." The alpha draped his muscular arm around Hanta's shoulder and pulled him closer, "Wanna dance with me?"

"Get away from me!" Hanta jabbed the alpha's rib with force, causing the guy to fall on his knee, "Darn it, I should've worn my hand gloves." He then wiped his non-sweaty palms on his jeans. "Ugh, this is disgusting."


Hanta’s eyes lit up when he heard Mina's voice. He looked up and saw his pink haired friend waved at him from the upper floor near the DJ booth. Hanta waved back and quickly headed towards Mina, leaving the drunk alpha to wince in pain.

"Better hurry before he gets me back."



"I am so sorry." Mina apologized at Hanta, "I thought you were behind me, when I turned around- you were gone. So, I went to Eijirou for help and to be honest, I would announce your name here. Like, for real. I'll scream your name out loud if I had to Sero Hanta. Eijirou gave me the permission to do so."

Eijirou is Mina's alpha boyfriend slash mate, whom also one of Hanta's former friends. And he happens to work here as a DJ at this club-

"Y-Yeah, Han." Eijirou smiled awkwardly when Hanta looked at him. It's been a while since they last faced each other- this close- since Hanta became a beta while Eijirou became one of the proud alpha.

"Mina was really worried about you." Eijirou looked at him again, this time with a concern look, and Hanta couldn't help, but wondered if that is genuine or not. He hasn't spoken to the guy for years-

"W-Well Mina, I'm sorry if I made you worried."


My God, what is that smell?


Hanta put a palm over his nose and mouth-

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Sero Hanta, the beta loser."


Oh, it's Bakugou Katsuki.


"What's up loser?" Katsuki directed the question to Hanta and smirked, "Oh. You know what- don't answer that. I don't care about losers anyway- especially at a good for nothing beta." He walked pass Hanta, and head straight towards the back room-

"Hanta." Eijirou sighed, "Don't mind Katsuki. He is just."

"Being a douchebag?" Mina folded her arms, "Or being a jerk like he always is? How dare he walked pass me with that smelly pheromones of his. I bet he was fucking some slutty omega in the toilet just now."


So, that was his pheromones.


Wait, what?


"Han, are you okay?" Mina turned to Hanta, and grabs his arm, "You keep covering your nose and sweetie, you looked a little pale there? Do you wanna leave? We can leave if you want."

Hearing the word leave made Hanta removed his hand away, "Yes, I want to leave!"


Let's leave now!

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"What's with the mask?" Mina asked Hanta, "Look, I'll say this because I'm your best friend- sweetie, you looked suspicious and creepy."

Hanta gasped, "Wow. That actually hurt."

Mina rolled her eyes and slaps Hanta's shoulder lightly, "Look at you! You're wearing all black- black jeans, black hoodie, black sneakers, black gloves and black mask. If you put on a black sunglasses, then you would've completed the whole look."

Now, it's Hanta's turn to roll his eyes at her, "Ha ha, very funny."

"Sweetie, I thought we've been through this emo phase? Like, years ago. Black is like so yesterday."

Hanta looked at her in confusion, "But I always wear black. Black is my favourite color." In fact, he is wearing a black boxer shorts and black socks right now, but he didn't want to tell Mina that or she'll make him wear one of her colorful socks again.

"Alright, fine. But can you not cover your hair like that. I like your hair." Mina pulled his hoodie down and started playing with the back of his hair, "Did you change your shampoo? It smells different- oh my God!"

"What? What's wrong? Did I have grey hair back there?" Hanta started to panic, "Don't tell me I have grey hair. Please. Mina, what's wrong? Why do you look shocked?"

Mina quickly shook her head at Hanta, "No. It's- what the hell is Bakugou Katsuki doing in this class? Eijirou didn't say anything about this." She pushed Hanta's cheek slightly so he can see what she sees.

Hanta turned and Mina's right- there he was- Bakugou Katsuki stands near the doorway with Eijirou beside him. The two look bored, listening to whatever Professor Aizawa is telling them-

"Oh, he's probably here because of Izuku." Mina clasped her hands together, "Scandalous."

"Midoriya Izuku?" Hanta knew the guy; he is one of the scholarship students, an omega and Professor Toshinori's adopted son.

"Yeah. There's a rumour going on about Katsuki trying to court Izuku as his mate or something like that. I'm not sure if it's true. But if it is, then who the fuck cares, right?" Mina waved at her boyfriend, "Anyway, I did ask Eijirou about it, but he said I shouldn't listen to gossip. So, whatever."

"Well, they would make a cute couple. I guess." Even Hanta wasn't sure about his own words.

"We'll see about that."



Being in the same class as Katsuki is disturbing- because Katsuki is friend with Eijirou, and Eijirou is Mina's boyfriend, and Mina is Hanta's best friend. Therefore, all four of them was seated in the same row.

Being this close to an alpha like Katsuki and Eijirou is something Mina likes to call as a clique breach. Because now, people started to look at their way. Students who used to never bother with Hanta's and Mina's existence, starting to take an interest in them and even steal a few glances at them instead of focusing to the lectures.

"That is all for today. I'll see you again next week." Professor Aizawa waved lazily at his students and left the room.

Once the professor had left, students started to pack their things up including Hanta. He usually likes to stay for a while and read his notes first before going back home, but not today. Especially when some omegas started to crowded near him just so they can talk to Katsuki.

"I'm leaving first." Hanta said to Mina.

"No. Hanta, wait for me!"

Hanta did wait for her at the front door, and it seems like Eijirou was going to follow after Mina as well, which mean-

"I'm starving." Katsuki draped his arms around Mina's and Eijirou's shoulder. The three walked towards Hanta. And people started looking again.

"Let's get lunch." Eijirou suggested, he turned to Hanta, "You like sushi right? We should try that new cafe near the gym."


What the hell?


"I'm leaving." Hanta pulled up his hoodie and quickly left the room. He heard Mina called for him, but he ignored it.



Hanta do like sushi; it was one of his favourite food. He used to eat it a lot when he was a little boy, plus he even dreams of having his own sushi restaurant. Mina knew about this silly dream of his, and so are Eijirou and Katsuki. Those two used to make fun of his favourite food, they said it wasn't manly because eating fish is not as manly as eating meat. Since then, Hanta rarely eat sushi just because he wanted to be manly-


"What are you doing here?"


Hanta turned and saw his former roommate slowly took a seat next to him on the bench. "Hey Shouto." He greeted the guy.

Todoroki Shouto is an alpha. Hanta met him earlier last year when he desperately needed a roommate, just so he can pay the bills. And Shotou is the roommate- plus he is the best roommate ever.

Even though Shouto is an alpha, he never acted like one, because he is a very awkward guy; he admitted it himself and Hanta was okay with it because he is awkward too. It was fun having Shouto around, but it didn't last long until the end of last year when Shouto had to move out because his mom suddenly gotten sick. And he had to take care of her-

"Where's Mina?" Shouto looked around, searching for the pink haired omega.

"She's having lunch with her boyfriend, Eijirou." Hanta answered, "And with Katsuki- the two actually joined Professor Aizawa's class this semester."

Shouto quirked his eyebrow at the info, "So, I guess the rumour is true. About Katsuki taking Professor Aizawa class because he wanted to court Midoriya Izuku."

"I guess."

Although, earlier before- Katsuki didn't even glance at Izuku. Mina is the one who told Hanta about that, because she didn't even focus during Professor Aizawa's lectures.

"Hanta, do you wanna have lunch with me?" Shouto suddenly grabs Hanta's wrist, "No, that is not lunch." He pointed at Hanta's chocolate candies.

"Fine. Let's get lunch."



"Thanks for the food Katsuki." Mina smacked the blonde's shoulder, "Even though you're an asshole- I still thank you for buying us lunch."

Katsuki rolled his eyes at the pink haired girl. "Yeah, whatever. I'm not coming here again. Their sushi taste like a fucking dirt."

Mina giggled, "Have you ever taste a dirt before, Katsuki? I didn't know you alphas were so."

"Bitch, fuck off!"

Katsuki wanted to pull her hair, but Eijirou stopped him before he even had the chance. "Can you guys not fighting for once?" The redhead then pushed his girlfriend away from Katsuki, "Jeez, you two will be the death of me."

Mina stuck her tongue at Katsuki, "He started it- I'm just- Hey, its Hanta." She pointed at the said guy, who is currently slouching next to a lamp post. "Hanta!" She skipped towards her friend with Katsuki and Eijirou trailing behind her.

Hanta on the other hand, looked rather unhappy. Mostly because of the two alphas that are still hanging out with Mina. "Hey." He waved back at Mina.

"What are you doing here? Is that sushi on your hand? When did you buy it? You said you're going to leave first? What the hell Hanta? Why are you lying to me Hanta? Explain yourself."

So many questions coming from Mina, that just give Hanta a sudden headache. Even Katsuki and Eijirou looks annoyed.

"Shouto bought it for me." Hanta simply replied, whilst trying to ignore Katsuki- who is currently trying to kill Hanta with his fierce gaze-

"Shouto's here?" Mina's face brightened at the mention of the alpha's name. "Where is he?"

"Over there, getting some tea." Hanta pointed at the small cafe nearby. "Hey. Do you want this?" He now pointed at the packet of sushi on his hand.

Mina shook her head, "I thought you like sushi."

"Well, yeah. But this taste like dirt."

Katsuki snorted and nudged Eijirou.


What 's that all about?

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Mina tapped her feet, "Are you done?"

"Mina, I'm not going to the party." Hanta smiled at her, "Sorry, sweetie."

"Oh come on." The pink haired groaned out loud and sit next to Hanta on his bed, "It's Friday night. Look, I know you and Eijirou are not on good terms because of your past and all. But he really wanted you to come."

Hanta snorted, "Yeah, right." Why would an alpha like Kirishima Eijirou, would want to invite a beta loser like Hanta to his party?

"Han, sweetie." Mina sighed, "Eijirou really wanted to be your friend again. He said it himself. And I believed him. I know he is not lying about that. Plus, I've seen the way he tried to make an effort in talking to you. Which is so cute."

Ever since Eijirou joined Professor Aizawa's class; the redhead has spent a lot of his time with Hanta lately, even when Mina is not around. Last week he bought Hanta sushi for lunch, but not from the cafe near the gym. He even accompanied Hanta to the dentist when Mina couldn't make it, which is kind of annoying because Eijirou is a terrible driver.

"Well." Hanta is going to regret this, "Fine. I'll go. But there's gonna be so many alphas over there."

"Yeah, so?" Mina stood from the bed and went inside Hanta's walk-in closet, "I've already been marked and you're a beta. Han, where's your blue flannel? I want you to wear that with a white t-shirt. Oh, and skinny jeans."

Hanta ignored her and lies on the bed, letting Mina choose his outfit for tonight's party.


A party with alphas.





Eijirou opened the front door,

"Hey, you made it!" He kissed Mina on the cheek, "I am so glad you're here, especially you Hanta." The redhead then punched Hanta's arm playfully.

"Yeah, glad to be here." Hanta rubs his arm; he hated how much hurt, that is.


Stupid alpha and their super strength.


"Well, come on in. Everyone's already here." Eijirou draped his arm around Mina's shoulder, "What took you guys so long anyway?"

"Hanta won't wear the jeans I picked for him." Mina glared at Hanta, "He said it is too kpop, then we had an argument about it- it took 30 minutes. Then I got fed up and tied him up on the bed, and made him wear that jeans instead." She pointed at the jeans Hanta’s wearing right now, and smirked proudly.

Hanta glared back at Mina, "You promised not to tell him about me being tied up."

Eijirou chuckled and punched Hanta's arm again, "Well, you look good in those jeans my friend."


My arm is going to bruise.



Katsuki hated parties; the loud music and people going crazy over it just annoyed him so much. Sometimes, he regretted being Eijirou's roommate because the redhead love parties so much. That is why they are having this party at their apartment right now-

"Hey, Katsuki. Looking good tonight." Some omega guy just slurred next to him, "What's with the sour look?" He touched Katsuki's shoulder.

"Fuck off." Katsuki pushed the omega slightly.


Is that his pheromones?


I t smells like fucking dirt.


And he's fucking drunk.


The omega giggles and scooted closer, "Hey, how about a quick fuck?"


Oh for God's sake.



Hanta is bored and now, has come to realize what a big idiot he is for coming to this party. And he has been sitting in the same spot, on this couch doing nothing but drinking diet coke because Hanta couldn't drink alcohol and too lazy to move somewhere else.

"Hey man, are you sure you're a beta?" An alpha who sat next to Hanta suddenly asked him that, "You don't look like a beta." He's been staring at Hanta all night long, which is a little creepy because he is quite big and muscular, and he smells like iron-

"Tetsu, leave him alone." Eijirou kicked the alpha's feet, "Hanta, don't mind him."

Hanta scooted away from the alpha named Tetsu and then turned to Mina, "Can I have my phone now?"

"I don't have your phone."

"B-But I thought you said you're gonna keep my phone with you."

"Yeah, but I forgot." Mina shrugged her shoulder off, "Besides, if you had your phone with you. You probably gonna play games on it and what's the point of coming to the party if you wanna do that?" She pointed out.

"But I don't want to come here."

"We are not having this conversation again Sero Hanta."

Hanta clicked his tongue and pouted, "Ugh, I hate you." He muttered.

Eijirou and Tetsu laughed at Hanta, and then Tetsu scooted closer to him, just so he can ruffled Hanta's hair, "You're cute."


"Who's cute?"


Shit, is that smell again.


"Hey loser." Katsuki smacked on the back of Hanta's head and laughed, "Where's your stupid mask?"


I don't feel good.


"Katsuki, stop being a jerk." Mina rolled her eyes at Katsuki's behaviour, "Han, ignore him. Sweetie, are you okay?"


I don't feel good.


"Hey man, what's wrong?"


Something's burning.


"Hanta, do you want some water?"


I wanna go home.


"Hey yo! Whose getting into heat?"


Mina, I wanna go home.


"What the fuck loser?! Is that you?!"


I want-



From: Doctor Fukukado

Hanta, my dear. I've got your blood test result and damn- you are right! I can't believe your school's doctor got the whole thing wrong! After all these years. Man, I am so pissed! Call me when you got this message. Asap! And I've already got some suppressant for you. Just in case.

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Two weeks later,


"Son! This is wonderful news!"

Hanta dragged his palm down his face as he groaned in annoyance, "Mom, how is this wonderful news?"

"Sweetie, it has always been my dream for you to be an omega like me or maybe an alpha like your dad. So, of course this is wonderful news."

Hanta can hear on the phone clearly; how his mom is now practically in tears.

"After Doctor Fukukado called me and said that you're an omega, you know how happy I am. I'm so happy, I cried. And then your dad cried too. But you didn't hear that from me."

Hanta couldn't help, but smiled, "Of course he is. He cried about everything." Sometimes, he wondered if his dad is really an alpha.

"To be honest, we kinda figure it out already. We just don't wanna say anything about it. I mean, you do realize that you stopped growing after you turn 16 right? And you never get buff, even after your dad made you do all those exercises with him."


Oh my God, she's right.


Come to think of it; Hanta used to be taller than Eijirou and Katsuki back when they were in primary school. And now, those two actually outgrew him, and they even got more muscular and manlier than him which is kind of hurting his pride as a man.


Damn, I hate my life.



"Congratulation, you're on the market!"

Hanta sighed, and close his laptop, "Mina, what are you doing here? And what are you talking about?" He then pulled his blanket up, covering his bare chest.

Mina jumped on Hanta's bed and sit cross-leg, beside him, while totally ignoring the fact that the guy is half naked under the blanket. "Well, first, I'm skipping Professor Toshinori's class because I wanna take care of you. Second, now that you're an omega. A single one that is- every alpha want a piece of ya!" She slapped his arm playfully and laughed.

"Urm, excuse me? Is that supposed to be funny?" Hanta exclaimed warily, "Wait- they're going to rape me aren't they?!"


Isn't that what alphas always do. They will force omega to submit and then, do all those horrible things to- oh no! I'm gonna have to leave the country.


Wait- what country doesn't have alphas?


Shit, they're everywhere! Maybe I should just-


"Sero Hanta!" Mina smacked Hanta's forehead-

"What the hell Mina?!"

"You need to chill!"

"Don't tell me to chill!"

"Don't yell at me!"

"You started it!"

"Stop panicking!"

"I'm gonna get raped Mina!"

"No, you're not- wait, what is that?" Mina shifted towards Hanta's bedside table- again, totally ignoring the half naked guy beside her. "Oh, a gift basket. Wow. Who gave you this- oh my God- from Todoroki Shouto! Hi, scandalous."

"Oh, he came here yesterday!" Hanta clasped his hands excitedly, "Yeah. Look, he even got me one of those expensive suppressant- for my heat. And look here, orange flavoured chocolate and a box of imported green tea. This is the best. I love it."

Mina nodded, "Well well well, isn't that sweet." She couldn't stop herself grinning from ear to ear-

"I know right. Wait- what are you grinning for?"



Katsuki locked the front door to his apartment, and then collapsed on the couch in the living room, "Ugh!"




Ten years ago,

Katsuki kicked Hanta's leg, "Come on, how long are you going to cry? Hanta, stop being such a baby!"

Hanta turned to face Katsuki and glared at the blonde head, "Easy for you to say, both your parents are alphas. So you're definitely going to be an alpha Katsuki." He then rubbed his nose, sniffling loudly.

Katsuki groaned out loud when he heard Hanta started sniffling again, "Hanta." He called his friend, and then slowly took a seat next to the said boy on the park bench, "Hey, your dad is an alpha, so there is still a chance for you to be an alpha too."

"But my mom is an omega." Hanta pointed out, "So, there's a chance for me to be an omega too. Do you know how scary it is to be an omega? I heard that they."

"Oh my God, shut up!" Katsuki shouted, "Look, if you become an omega, then I'll protect you!"

Hanta finally looked at Katsuki properly and smiled, "R-Really?"

"Yeah. We're friend right? I promise you Sero Hanta. If you become an omega, I will protect you. In fact, I might even make you my."

"Boys! Dinners ready!"





Eijirou smacked his towel on Katsuki's legs, "Dude, I've been calling you nonstop. What the hell are you thinking about?"

"The fuck is your problem?" Katsuki pushed Eijirou's towel off of him, "Why are you all dressed up? You're going somewhere?" He asked the redhead.

"Yeah." Eijirou simply replied, "Mina and I are going to check on Hanta, wanna come?"


It has been two weeks since then.


His heat is probably over by now.


"Well." Before Katsuki could even give Eijirou his reply, the redhead interrupts him first-

"Hey, did you know that Hanta's roommate is Todoroki Shouto? Because I just found out about it, from Mina."

"Half and half?" Katsuki knew the dual-hair colored guy, because they went to the same gym. "Wait- isn't he is an alpha?"

"Yeah, but he's not living with Hanta now- he's currently living with his parents, something about his mom being sick. Anyway, get this." Eijirou leaned closer, "Mina told me that Shouto wanted to court Hanta, but don't tell Hanta that, or he'll panic. You know how he is."


"Well, I don't know if it's true, but she also said that Shouto actually marked their whole apartment, including Hanta's room and bunch of Hanta's stuff with his scent."


What the fuck?

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"I can't. I just can't do this right now." Hanta grabbed Mina's arm and held it tightly, "Maybe I should just go home."

"No!" Mina pushed Hanta's hand away from her arm, "How long are you going to hide in your room? Your heat was already over like days ago. Do you want Aizawa to expel your sorry ass? Or do you want me to call your dad? Choose wisely Sero Hanta."

Hanta shook his head; being expelled is one thing, but being scolded by his dad is another thing.

"Sweetie, you gotta man up! And walk inside that class with your head up high!" Mina pointed at Hanta's chest, "You're an omega now. Be proud of who you are!" For a moment there, Mina's eyes are on fire, burning with determination and Hanta wondered why.

"Come on Sero Hanta, let's go!" She went inside the classroom first-

Hanta watches her, "On second thought, nope." He turned so fast trying to escape, and accidentally bumped into someone-

"The fuck?! Watch where you're going!"

"I am so s-sorry!" Hanta shrieked; out of all people, he just had to bump into Katsuki. "R-Really sorry." He even tried to bow at the blond alpha.

Eijirou who happens to be standing nearby, quickly pulled Katsuki away from Hanta before the blond could even respond back, "Hey Hanta. How are you buddy?" He smiled at Hanta, while ignoring an annoyed Bakugou Katsuki.

"I'm good. Bye!"



Hanta walked around the campus aimlessly. He can't go back to his apartment because he came here with Mina today. Plus, he is too scared to take the train alone now that he is an omega. So, he had no other choice except waiting for Mina. And while waiting- Hanta decides to take a walk.

At the same time, he couldn't help, but noticed that he was being watched by certain people. Hanta knew the people were alphas, because of their strong pheromones.


Okay, this is scary.



"Oh, hey Shouto." Hanta breathes out a relief sighed when he saw the dual-haired guy approaching him. At least, there is one alpha that Hanta is not scared of.

"Hey, Mina texted me saying you're skipping Professor Aizawa's class." Shouto looked at Hanta warily, "What's wrong? Are you okay? Are you sick? Did your heat."

"No! I just- wait, she texted you?"

Shouto nodded, "Yeah."




Once Professor Aizawa's class is finished, Katsuki smacked Eijirou's back, "Let's go. I'm starving."

Eijirou shook his head in amusement and chuckled lightly, "Dude, you're always starving. Mina, are you coming with us?" He asked his girlfriend, who seems to be immersed with her own phone, "Babe, what are you doing?"

Mina looked up from her phone, "Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Hey, let's go to the cafe near the Art's dept."

"Why?" Katsuki asked; slightly annoyed by the pink haired girl's suggestion. "That's like, way too far from here and the foods there are so- hipster? And fucking weird too."

Mina ignored him, "Come on, let's just go there." She pulled the two alphas with her.



Katsuki now knew why Mina wanted to come here; to the cafe at the Art's department, because Sero Hanta is here. And to make it worse, the dark haired guy is sitting next to Todoroki Shouto- Katsuki's rival and the only person he couldn't stand the most.

"Hey guys!" Mina excitedly greeted Hanta and Shouto, "Oh, Hanta, I'm going to kill you later." She glared at the said guy, but her glare then vanished when she turned to Shouto, "Shouto, I heard your mom is getting better. That's great news."

Shouto smiled at her, "Yes, I'm very happy and thankful about that."

Katsuki wanted to roll his eyes, but that seems inappropriate and rude, and Eijirou might smack him if he did that. So, he pretended to not hear anything. Instead, he shifted his gaze to Hanta and the guy quickly look away when Katsuki caught him looking.


Okay, that's just rude.


"Mina, I'm going back home after this." Hanta smiled nervously at the girl, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I can't stay. I'm not."

"Hanta, sweetie. We've talked about this." Mina groaned, "Ugh, how long are you- you know what. Whatever. But I can't drive you home right now. I have to see Professor Nemuri after this to discuss about the stupid assignment."

"Katsuki can drive Hanta's home." Eijirou chimed in and then, had to nerve to smack on Katsuki's back playfully, "He's free. He doesn't have any class in the afternoon today."


What the fuck?


The redhead winked at Katsuki, "Come on dude. Mina's busy. Plus, Shouto and I have class with Professor Toshinori after this. Isn't that right my man?" He clasped Shouto's shoulder.

Shouto nodded reluctantly, "Yeah. I'm sorry Hanta. I can't skip Professor Toshinori's class today. I'm really sorry I couldn't drive you home." He looked remorseful.


Heh. Suck on that!


"Shouto, it's okay. You don't have to apologize." Hanta patted Shouto's back, "Besides, I can wait for Mina. I don't mind."


Are you fucking kidding me?


Katsuki clicked his tongue; feeling very irritated all of the sudden, "I'll drive you home Hanta!"

"Y-You don't have to Katsuki. I'm fine." He finally looked at Katsuki, "I can wait for."

"I said I'll drive you home, so shut up!"

"But I said I'm."

"Zip it!"


Is he always this stubborn?

He used to be such an obedient child.


Katsuki rolled his eyes and sighed, when Hanta looked away from him again- probably sulking.


Ah damn, what am I going to do with you, Sero Hanta.