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Lust And Strip Tease

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Salter and Jeanne were both walking home from their work, they always had sex each night, they always kissed each night and fuck each night. Salter opened the door, when they both entered their house she locked it, it was a highrise apartment house, so it took a lot of stairs to get where they wanted to. Salter was always the first to start kissing Jeanne and Jeanne love that feeling of doing THAT with someone, someone she fought along in battles in the war.

They both shared the shower together, always making out there, while hot water was streaming on their bodies. As they moaned each others name in pleasure.

They both entered their bedroom, Salter locked the door behind them. Jeanne sat down on the chair and opened her favourite wine, they shared few drinks and after that, they had some fun.

Salter sat on the bed, while Jeanne, well Jeanne was taking her clothes off, she had only her lingerie on herself, she was so hot in that. Salter was just staring at Jeanne's body, from her legs, curves, breasts, neck and face. Salter was beautiful woman too, but Jeanne was a little more beautiful, than Salter.

Jeanne then pressed her both hands against Salter's shoulders, looking at her face and smiling seductively, while she was swaying her sexy hips. Salter was just blushing and smiling.

''Like what you see, beautiful?'' asked Jeanne.

''Yes, can we kiss already?'' asked Salter.

''Of course, babe.'' said Jeanne.

She sat on Salter's lap, Salter could feel through her panties that she is wet and Salter is wet too. Jeanne started to removed Salter's clothes, soon as she removed them, she threw them aside and she was ready to make out. Her kisses were slow, soft, she entered with her tongue into Salter's mouth, enjoying the taste of wine. Both Salter and Jeanne were moaning in pleasure and lust for their bodies, lust for sex.

''Ahh...Jeanne, you lips are so, sweet, sweet from wine.'' moaned Salter.

Jeanne giggled and continued in her kissing, Salter now focused on Jeanne's breasts, massaging each of them, slowly, softly and gently. Jeanne in response of her toucher on her breasts, moaned. Then both girls fell onto the bed, with Jeanne on the top, still making out, Jeanne now focused on Salter's neck, licking, kissing and biting it. Salter was moaning everytime her neck was kissed and bit. Salter was enjoying the warm of Jeanne's sexy body, while Jeanne was enjoying the warm of Salter's sexy body. Both girls were still making out, moaning with pleasure.

''I think we should, move to the next part, Jeanne.'' said Salter, blushing.

''Alright, Saber.'' said Jeanne.

Jeanne then inserted two fingers inside Salter's sex and started pumping really, really slowly, in and out. While Salter squealed, a little and was enjoying the view of Jeanne's body, as she started to travel with her hands from Jeanne's hips to her breasts and she started to massage them.

''Slowly...ah...slowly...Jeanne...your fingers are so good.'' moaned Salter. Jeanne then entered her tongue again inside Salter's mouth.

Jeanne's plan was to find Salter's sweet spot, so she could apply more pleasure to her girlfriend. Her two fingers were still pumping really slowly, so slowly.

'' can go faster...if you want.'' moaned Salter.

''Why, we still have plenty of time, Saber.'' said Jeanne seductively.

Suddenly Salter moaned really loudly and said. ''I think you've found my sweet spot...fuck...''

''Go faster Jeanne...fuck Me...faster.'' ordered Salter. 

Jeanne then started to pump faster, her fingers touching the sweet spot. Salter then started to kiss Jeanne's lips and neck, moaning louder and louder.

''Yes...ahhh...fuck...more...more...more, Jeanne...don't stop.'' moaned Salter. Her loud moans signaling that she is close, so close.

''I'm close...aaahhhh...'' moaned Salter. Jeanne then started to pump even faster.

Jeanne then licked Salter's lips and said. ''Cum for Me Salter, do it babe.'' so seductively.

''I'm cumming Jeanne...yes...aaahhhhhh...fuuuuuckkk...'' moaned loudly Salter, as her sweet hot nectar bursted out of her pussy at Jeanne's hand.

Jeanne then lay next to Salter and licked her fingers clean.

''Jeanne...fuck...this was so were awesome...babe.'' said Salter, her nerves still recovering from that climax she just had.

Jeanne then put a blanket over them and she snuggled closer to Salter and kissed her neck. Salter blushed and smiled and she kissed back.

''There's still plenty of time left, Salter, sooo how about round two?'' said Jeanne.

''But we're tired, Jeanne.'' said Salter.

''I know but, this time let's do it more slowly and gently, okay, climb on Me and make love to Me, Saber.'' said Jeanne.

Salter nodded and climbed on top of her girlfriend and started kissing her and licking her neck.

This night will be long, for sure.