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Recovering the Gunshot

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John walked in to the flat after a full shift of work and glanced at Sherlock sleeping on the couch. He saw that the breakfast Mrs.Hudson had left out remained untouched. This had been usual for Sherlock since he was released from the hospital two weeks ago. The weakened Holmes would spend most of his hours either asleep or unmovable at the television. The remaining time he would spend trying to crack down Magnussen. However, his mind palace could only last for so long before giving back in to his weak state.   

It was hard for John to see Sherlock like this. Although Sherlock would never allow himself to show a wince of pain around John, the memories of Sherlock being shot and then going into cardiac arrest days after leaving the hospital were ingrained into his mind. Every time John glanced at the sickly man, it painfully reminded him of the disturbing fact that his own wife did this. He hadn't spoken to Mary since their tense conversation at the flat, which ended with Sherlock almost dying of heart failure. All John wanted to do was erase Mary from his mind, but the mixed feelings he had towards her and this whole situation attacked him everyday. Being around Sherlock constantly reminded him of the horrible circumstances that he so wanted to forget, but his detective friend was the most important matter to him right now.

John stared at Sherlock's disgruntled body flopped on the small couch and wished that he would get some real rest.



"Sherlock, you should go to bed."

"Bed is a state of mind John. The human mind turns patterns into illusions. One does not need a bedroom to sleep."

If this were a normal day, John would roll his eyes at that comment, but his concern for Sherlock's health had grown exponentially since the incident.

"As a doctor who knows about the importance of sleep patterns and comfortability influencing your circadian rhythm, I would say that your belief is simply a ploy of laziness."

Sherlock mustered a raised eyebrow and grin, amused by the doctor's witty response, but was too tired to reply with a defying response.
"Alright John" he said respectfully.

John was surprised at how easily Sherlock refrained from snapping back. He smiled and walked over to the kitchen to relieve himself from the heaviness of the day.

Sherlock slowly got up and shuffled towards the hallway, with each step taking more and more energy out of him. John had opened the fridge to look for a bite to eat, but intuitively turned around to see Sherlock swaying sideways.  

Sherlock tried to whisper the word "John" but his friend was already there to catch him.

Sherlock flailed in his arms, causing them both to slide down towards the floor. Luckily John had enough grip to prevent the weak man from slamming the floor.

As they slid down, John was almost certain that he heard a faint and breathy "thank you" from Sherlock, but those were words he rarely heard from the man.

John quickly switched into doctor mode and performed all of the necessary steps for when one faints, such as checking pulse, lifting the legs above the heart, and searching for signs of consciousness.

Sherlock let out a quiet whimper, which indicated John that he was awake.

"Sherlock if you can hear me, I need you to help me lift you up ok?"

John could tell that Sherlock was trying but was too weak to exert any energy.

"Ok it's ok just relax." John grabbed a pillow and put it under his friend's head.

Sherlock rested on the pillow and stared at the ceiling while John checked his pulse. It was strange to see Sherlock so unresistant, which reminded John how weak his friend was.

After a few minutes, John helped him up and walked him to the room. Once the half conscious Sherlock made it to the bed, he fully slipped back into unconsciousness.