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Double Standards

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Keith Kogane's Backstory


Keith Kogane was an only child... not because his father didn't want more kids, a little army of Kogane kids was the dream of the man. When he was about six months his mother packed up and ran away, his father told him when he asked what happened to his mother that she ran away during the Christmas season but Keith was never given an exact date but that never stopped his over active mind from making stuff up. He never got a lot of information on his mother even though that's what he craved it, not much just the basics on his poor missing mother. People talk, people always talked, too many words were shed about Keith's mother... the whole situation was no exception. Words, words cut deep but the little boy would never let it show. The truth was always at his fingertips but he never looked for the truth because he felt that he knew all he needed to know... anything else would have felt overbearing for the child. Keith, he was scared of the truth.

Keith was barely out of his toddler stage and barely about to enter double digits when the accident happened. It was a complete accident, Keith was lucky to have even survived the car wreck and the man who had loved and supported Keith his entire life was gone in a blink of an eye... he was dead and would forever only be a memory to Keith.

With no death certificate on record for his mother saying that she must still be alive but the woman was surprisingly illusive which left many people to believe she was killed by Mr. Kogane years ago, that the government didn't try hard enough to find the woman, or that she simply didn't want to be found... along with the issue of his mother being unable to be found he had no other family well, no other family that was willing to take an orphaned nine year old in so the poor young boy was placed in his first foster family.  Keith's first foster home was great... he actually liked the 'parents ' because they were super nice. There was two older girls who Keith got along with real well but the problem was they were expecting another child and Keith found out once the baby boy was born they would have to send the poor little Alpha on away. Leaving for Keith was bittersweet... he was scared but he knew if he let that show because Keith hated being perceived as weak. All Keith wanted was a forever family... he didn't like all the moving but what he wanted most of all was something he could never have, he simply wanted his dad back... and nothing would ever bring the old Kogane back.

He moved from house to house a new family ever three to six months, new rules to abide by. The once outgoing, loud mouthed, confident, and independent man depended fully on the system going into a shell of the boy he once was. Keith completely stopped showing who he truly was and how he truly was becoming reckless and rash. Keith was soon considered one of the worst behaved foster kids in the area, not simply due to the fact that he was  a bad kid no it had more to due with the fact that he was an Alpha and no one wanted to deal with a rebellious Alpha. So they stopped sending him to homes and he spent most of his time in a boys home... it was a stricter then all the households he had ever been in. Keith hated it so much but it had become his way of life... he was so used to it.

By the time his fourteenth birthday rolled around they had located his mother and in his opinion it was it was too little too late, the damage had already been done... Krolia had been gone most of Keith's life so what good was it for her too only take care of him for four maybe three years of his childhood. His mother was a strong Alpha woman who ran away to join the very secretive branch the Blade of Mamora and once she was discharged all the things she had to do got to her. After she just wanted to go off the grid so she did and she became a drug addict... she never planned on searching for Keith once news of her late lover's demise because she new walking back into his life five or so years after the loss wouldn't make up for the fact that she wasn't there when her boy needed her the most. Keith would never forgive her but what kind of mother would she be if she didn't at least try?  So Krolia went to the police station to say that she had just fallen into the knowledge of the passing of Mr. Kogane and that she would like to vie for custody of her son, and as the only known living relative of hers they would give her custody of the boy but no one would even fight for him. Krolia had a feeling that she would end up having custody of the emotionally cut off child she sired but she had been missing for so long and she didn't even know the law... what if leaving she severed her parental rights to the wayward orphan? She was scared but she had to try... it was part of her and more importantly he was part of her deceased husband. Knowing her history they decided to let him move in with her on one condition... they had monthly walk-through(s) to determine if the environment was still safe for the young Alpha... these would last a year and a half.

The first year and a half was lax and Keith would consider it almost blissful. The woman made sure everything went well for him from the moment he walked in her doors until the last visit came to pass. He was so happy to be living with the woman who eluded him his whole childhood... he thought things were turning around and changing for him but boy was he wrong. She stayed sober for the first year or so but the moment the visitations stopped she feel back... she abandoned Keith again. Keith hated it so much, he hated being so alone and buried that he couldn't even do anything to fight the loneliness that he felt.

Things were bound to change, Keith was convinced of that but he didnt realize it would change so soon. Keith was running late, he had an image to keep up after all... the bad boy who didn't seem to care much but in reality he cared way too much.

Keith reluctantly walked into school on his first day of his freshman year and he ran right into a boy who was slightly older then him, he had dark hair with a white fluff hanging down onto his forehead. Keith had tripped over this other boys legs.

"I'm so sorry... I'm Keith by the way," Keith said softly as he stood back up.

"I'm Takashi Shirogane but most people just call me Shiro. I'm the one who really should be apologizing. I really should've been watching where I was going." Shiro reached down and grabbed Keith's hand to help him up. Keith accepts the hand and is skyrocketed up... he landed on his feet.

"Oh no, no you have absolutely no need to apologize I was the idiot staring at my phone while walking. We're all good! I should know by now that I'm not that good at multitasking." Keith gives Shiro a small smile. "Hey! Give me that back!" Shiro had managed to snatch Keith's phone out of his hand while the smaller boy was mesmerized by the others eyes.

"Well, you see I want to see you again or at least get the chance to talk to you again." Shiro was already programming his  phone number in his phone. "I feel the innate desire to get closer to you... it's almost as if I have too. Don't judge me okay? Besides if I'm honest, you smell amazing." Shiro blushed and typed a message to himself into the phone.

Keith blushed but didn't shy away, he felt the same burning desire for Shiro. Sure it was weird to compliment a total strangers scent and it wasn't socially acceptable to do such but it worked for them... it was even worse saying that the other was an Alpha as well. But Keith didn't mind it made him happy but at the same time it frightened the poor boy to no ends.

What ifs swirled in the boys mind... what would happen if he got caught in a compromising position with the other Alpha or he got to attached to get overly possessive over this boy that he already desperately wanted. But Keith being Keith decided to be the person he was and not give a damn about the what ifs. Keith allowed himself to give into his primal urges no matter how wrong the happened to be. He would let himself live a little... who actually cared about things as trivial as this. He may have known this was a little wrong but he would allow himself this one little sin. He would give himself Shiro as a way to appease the beast inside. Keith craved the older Alpha's touch so desperately... he knew from the moment he bumped into perfect mister Shiro he was a goner, that he couldn't control this forbidden desire. He didn't really want to hide the burning feeling he felt towards Takashi Shirogane.

Takashi Shirogane's "Shiro" Backstory

Shiro grew up in a rich household. His father a strong, powerful businessman an Alpha in his own right. Shiro's father took no lip from anyone, especially not his snot-nosed, strong-willed son. Shiro liked to figure out his own way to do practically everything because he didn't like having to ask for help as that was a sign weakness so if the young boy asked for help you knew it was dire. As for Shiro's mother she was a fair and beautiful Omega. She was younger then his father by three or four years, but she didn't care and it didn't really matter. She was a kind and modest woman. She slowly wasted away and Shiro had to watch from the sidelines unable to do a thing to help his dear mother.

His lovely mother didn't deserve his father who was a dishonest man but he was never once disloyal, he was loyal even at the bitter end. Although the older Alpha was known to be distant and uncompassionate but Shiro knew differently, Shiro knew the side of the man that the world would never get the chance to see. Only Shiro and his mother saw which made the young boy feel valid... important if only to his parents. Shiro always felt as if he was important when his family was involved but that never stopped him from feeling lonely or incomplete. Shiro felt as if his mother never deserved the ending she got and Shiro never should've never had to watch his father try time and time to cope with the loss just to fail each time he got the nerve to try again.

As soon as Shiro was old enough he was recruited to work in the family's business. Though he had never had to work for a thing in his life he was amazing at his job. All the customers loved him. Shiro had always been good at talking to people and all the customers agreed, they would talk to him about days gone by and what would happen in their day to day lives... they would even talk about when his father was a cashier. Now, his father and him had the title of being a multi-millionaire and it seems like his name actually carried a meaning... they were important and well known. All Shiro wanted was to be normal, he was ready to drop the family name and be his own free man and maybe that's what drove him to rebel against societies rules.

Then one day Shiro met the beautiful Keith and their relationship blossomed. He would never say something but something about their relationship seemed missing like the puzzle would never be complete, that was until they met the loud-mouthed and rebellious Omega named Lance.

Lance McClain's Backstory

They were supposed to know by the time Lance turned 13 and hit puberty what his secondary gender was. It wouldn't show itself, the young boy now believes it was because it knew Lance wasn't safe with his father there. They waited a year, after all, most of his siblings and cousins showed early but not Lance. This set the already frightened boy on edge... what scared him the most was how he was immediately set apart from the rest of his family because he wasn't normal.

His mother was always supportive of him and Lance didn't know when that changed... when she stopped standing up for him. No matter how hard he tried to think of how the change happened he could never pinpoint the exact moment. Maybe she changed out of fear of my father and it was gradual but it all started with the test... the test that made his own father say he wished Lance's mom had aborted him when she had the chance to. He was still baffled on how a man could say that about the boy he had raised from infant all because he wasn't an Alpha or even a Beta.

That's when the abuse started... what hurt the most was how his family just ignored his existence and his loving and caring mother turned cold, turning a blind eye to the abuse. It was all because he wasn't normal, he was a male Omega. The moment the readily cane back he knew he would never amount to anything more then a house slave to an Alpha. Lance knew that day he would never make it to space and he would be nothing more then some toy that could have the pups of theirs to further on their wonderful bloodline and pray that none of his child suffered the same fate as he did. Female Omegas were the norm and were able to have a life, male Omegas were to be hidden away from the world and viewed as nothing more then property... like some kind of sick and disgusting property. He would have to have a proper schooling to be able to properly be able to care for his future pups. He didn't want to be like this, he wanted to be normal... he wanted to have a life but that was over for him the moment he presented.

The man Lance used to refer to as a father would let his friends have their way with Lance as long as they didn't impregnate the young teen because that would be hard to explain. Then Lance was expected to care for the house after school and if he didn't his father and older brothers would beat him mercilessly. His mother still cared enough to tend to his wounds before she was scolded for it but his father wouldn't dare lay his hand on the aging nurse.

Then one day Lance met the duo that was Shiro and Keith. The teacher wanted to see Lance after school for one of the pranks he had done during the day which would cause a beating due to him being late. That's when the two boys saw him in distress and took him away.

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My mouth had gotten me in trouble yet again... this time it was intentional because I knew if I was even a minute late that the appointment would most likely leave without giving my dad a single penny. The people who my dad usually brought in as customers tended to be little bitches who couldn't handle even a minor inconvenience that came there way especially when it came to cheap Omega ass. My dad started pimping me out the year after I had my first heat, I was free of men for only three weeks every two months. Every few days my father would schedule some middle-aged douche bag who probably has a family to take care of and allow them to fuck me, luckily -for me at least- every once and awhile there was that shy and gentle young stud... but generally it was older men wanting to relieve some kind of sick fantasies on some poor random kid. I was nothing but a piece of property to the man god gifted me with for a father... some kind of sick business venture. It made me fucking sick to my stomach to be used in such a vile way. Thankfully the man who fathered me gave me a three week break... the week before, of, and after lest I become a mother out of wedlock because it would give us even more of a bad reputation and that man couldn't handle another blow to his already weakened ego. My dad regretted the day I was born because of my genetic DNA... he thought I was the worse thing that could ever happen, male Omega's tended to be looked down in society. Yes, it was wrong -and would most likely never change- but it was a sad reality of my life, as well as others who had the same misfortune as me.

I leaned back in my chair and chewed on my bubblegum flavored gum, the flavor was already wearing out but I couldn't complain about the few luxuries my father allowed. I was attempting to listen to the alpha -the one who smelled really good, all I knew was his name started with the letter K- he was on his phone talking but I had no clue to who but I heard a faint 'Lance' uttered so I needed to know what Lance they were talking about. I silently hoped it wasn't about me but I had a strange feeling it was me. "I know, Takashi... I'm sorry I know this is fucking reckless and that it can ruin my reputation but when have I gave a damn about that?" he whispered and there was a long pause. "You didn't see the relief on his face when he got put in detention. It was like a weight had been lifted from his chest. I have never seen some react like that to getting a fucking detention." I could tell that he had pinched the bridge of his nose by the tone of his voice... he was annoyed at this Takashi kid. "Dear god Shiro, I am worried about him. I would feel so much better if we took him home after detention."  He sighed loudly getting a glare from the teacher in the detention classroom which he simply shrugged off and went right back to ignoring the rules. "Please, I have never had to fight off my Alpha instincts for anyone let alone an Omega. Do you know what this means... me having to fight my Alpha instincts off for him?" his voice was hushed he must've realized I was listening in on his conversation. "Takashi Shirogane, he will be the death of me... I think something is wrong with me. Why am I pinning after him?" he whined the last sentence. Huh...? So someone liked me.... like that? It could just be my stronger sent that was fucking him over I just started showing that I was a Prime Omega. "Fuck, Shiro I think he's listening to me what do I do? Oh and in case you didn't realize I wont be out there for another thirty to forty minutes as I am stuck in detention with-"

"Mister Kogane, you know there is to be no phone calls during detention," the teacher who had barely been paying a lick of attention to the students the entire time decided to scold only one of the misbehaving students and it happened to b the Alpha who was sitting behind me.

"Sorry, Mr. Iverson I was just letting Taka– ahem sorry Shiro that I wouldn't be out there for another half hour," Keith sounded calm.

"I gave you plenty of time to do that, I believe your phone call should be over. If you do not end the call I will confiscate your phone for the duration of the time." Now I know that's not just any regular teacher it's the school's principal.

"Sorry, I've gotta go right now Shiro. I'll see you after detention... hopefully with Lance," he spoke fast which drew a scoff from me.

There's a tap on the shoulder, I turn and look over my shoulder at the god who was sitting behind me. Before I could properly respond he spoke in a slightly commanding voice, "Meet me outside the classroom  after detention Shiro will be meeting us there. Okay?" I knew who Shiro was... he was only the hottest senior in like the entire school.

I shrugged. "Sure... why not?"

"I know you were listening to me."

"I was not... how dare you insinuate such a thing!" I poked my tongue out at him.

"Whatever you say McClain." His brows furrowed in slight frustration.

I sat there with my sketchbook open, I was absentmindedly sketching those eyes. That Kogane kid's eyes were by far the prettiest eyes I have ever seen and I've seem plenty of eyes in varying arrays of emotion... yet I firmly believe his would always take the cake on being the prettiest and there's not any real competition. I couldn't quite get the shape right no matter how I tried, I kept sneaking glances back at the writing Alpha but his eyes seemed to be liquid on his stunning face. They were a bright purple and they seemed to shine when he looked at me. I wonder what he's writing and why he's so focused on it.

I hadn't realized that the time had ended until the classroom had already cleared out. I quickly shut my sketch book -I kind of slammed it shut without meaning to- and shoved my blue mechanical pencil into my pocket... I so will definitely be finishing this later. I slowly stand up and head towards the door... what if he's just fucking with me. I know I have to be brave, but who could blame me for being afraid? That's right, no one. I open the door and see two boys right where the Alpha with the pretty eyes assured me they would be, clearly waiting for me... I was late for pretty much everything.

"H-hi," I mumble my voice a little anxious. What if they were going to hurt me? I'm just a weak, little Omega and they were both big, strong Alpha's -one of them being a prime- so they could easily take me on and hurt me if they really wanted to. "What do you two want with me?" I cowered into a protective stance... I was prepared to throw punches if need be but I seriously hoped I wouldn't need to because I know it would be nothing to them due to my hormones and whatnot. "I'll do whatever you want." Tears formed at my eyes, please not now... fucking body betraying me again.

"Lance, we don't want to hurt you. We want to help you... okay?" it was Shiro who spoke up. "Keith here was concerned about you, I've never seen him this concerned about anyone before." He ruffed Keith's hair causing him to bat at his hand. "We'll give you a ride home or whatever you want. If you need to call home you can, we won't judge."

"We won't force you into anything," Keith said encouragingly with a big, goofy grin on his face and I couldn't help but smile at him.

"Alright. You two can take me home," I really just wanted to see the face my dad makes when he sees me with not one but two Alpha's because the guy didn't think I could get anyone as I was a repulsive little Omega freak. "Just know if you try anything more then that I'll fuck you over in whatever way I can manage." I smirked. "Oh and Keith, what the hell did you mean by 'pinning over me'?"

Keith turned bright red. "I knew you were fucking listening!" Keith whined in response and hid his face into his sleeve out of embarrassment. He couldn't have be blushing, could he? I really thought he was

Shiro chuckled. "I think the poor boy has a slight crush on you... ain't that right Keith?"

"Ye-yeah, I wouldn't call it slight -it really doesn't feel all that minor- but yeah, you could call it a crush." Keith gave a devilish smile that showed off his teeth perfectly.

Lance was a bit nervous. "Well, damn I can't say the same for you, I mean sure you're fairly -and I am not being generous, at all- attractive but I didn't even know what your name was until you got in trouble during detention and that was only your last name... for your first name I didn't really pick that one up until Shiro dropped it. As for Shiro here he's only the hottest senior maybe even the hottest person in the entire school... I can say for a fact that I knew his name well before you kindly introduced us today. As for the introduction I must thank you. Girls tend to swoon over the hot ones and you might not have that appeal... physically wise maybe but you seem stand-offish and mean." Lance gave slight smirk. "Sorry Keith."

"Shiroooo," Keith whined and leaned into his ear, he whispered something about liking and name but I didn't catch all of it, I mean I'm not trying to be too creepy... I mean I appear to be in the presence of a couple of gods and I don't want to screw anything up with them.

"What is up with him? I'm not some fragile Omega who can't handle anything. I'll be fine. I don't want a hand out, okay?" I started to smell attesting to my sudden mood swing.

"We're not offering a handout we're offering help to someone that seems to need it. I was in your class when you got detention and I've never see someone react like that to a detention and honestly I never want to see someone react like that again. Something is wrong and I want to be the one to help fix it." Shit they noticed and Keith is not too happy because he just fucking growled and I jumped back out of fear... the only Alpha's who have growled at me only wanted to use me because I was a male Omega. "Sorry, sorry... I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that you're worrying me besides I've always had a difficult time controlling my Alpha but around you it's ten times harder. I don't feel sorry for you and I certainly don't feel pity it's just some kind of healthy concern. I don't want to make you feel forced into anything but I do want you to be okay. Do I make any sense? Shiro back me up, please!"

"What he's saying we only want the best for you, no matter what happens. Keith can be bit of a hot head but he usually means well. He got a detention so he could talk to him. I'm proud of him for doing something on his own. He's been intrigued with you since you came to school during a heat and had to be separated from pretty much everyone."

"I just wanted to bitch slap the person who thought it was okay to send an Omega to a pretty much Alpha dominant school on a fucking heat! Whoever does that is stupid what if someone raped him. Dear god, I swear I would murder someone if they raped anyone." There was a tension in the air, I wasn't sure when it got there but I sure was feeling it now. To me it sounded like Keith was angry at my father even though he knows nothing of the way I'm treated but in that moment it felt like he knew everything... in reality Keith was just some moody emo teen who was mad at the world so he took his anger out on some of the minor injustices in our fucked up life. "I can't stand people who prey on people in their moments of weakness, I mean you shouldn't take advantage anyone in any sort of state... it's just plain wrong!"

I smile a little bit, that little rant was adorable... the way his nose scrunched up was super adorable. I know I shouldn't feel anything for the two of them because they didn't give a damn about me, they would be gone within the week having grown tired of the forbidden fruit... the second I refused any of their sexual advance they would ditch me. But, I couldn't help it... they were just so wonderful but I knew it wouldn't last. I give it a week, a week of pure bliss because one day they'll find out how much of damaged goods I am. 

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I start to get anxious about going home, especially with these two wonderful boys by my side. My dad will ask a whole bunch of questions and want to get to know them a little, then try to convince them that he's the victim and I'm not... he tries to pit everyone against me. He pulled the same shit when I brought home Hunk and Pidge in middle school, luckily Pidge is smart enough to see through his bullshit and Hunk, well Hunk loves everyone no matter what people say about them. I just have no clue how these two Alpha's will respond to my father verbally trying to turn them against me after all I just started to get to know them so I bet it won't be all that difficult to get them against me.

Without thinking I started to tug at my hair, it was a habit I had picked up awhile ago, I wasn't sure when or how it started... worthless Omega trying to ruin his natural good looks by ripping his chestnut colored hair out. I stare out the window, I just want to go to bed. Why did I accept this ride? Why did I accept the hand out?

"Lance, are you okay?" it was Keith's voice that brought me out of my zoned out mess. I hadn't even noticed that the car wasn't moving because I hadn't managed to let them know where I fucking needed to go, hell I barely remembered following them out to the car. Stupid Omega, you're making them worry about your wellbeing and they shouldn't be the ones worrying about you. I should be the one worrying and it should be about them... I'll be fine. I keep telling myself the same lie -probably for years at this point- but it still hasn't gotten better -not even a little bit- and at this point I highly doubt it ever will. I just need a way out, a new way to live that's less toxic and taxing on myself because I don't deserve any of this.

"S-sorry. I'm fine, it just happens every now and then." I attempt to shrug off their concern which is seemingly genuine.

Shiro still looked rather concerned... shit, it didn't work. They're still concerned about me. "Lance, that's not good at all nor is it anywhere near healthy for you. You were just staring off into space and trying to rip your hair out of your scalp. Tell me why are you anxious? Is it because we're are Alpha's or because of your home life?" I look away, towards the ground... am I that transparent that even a complete stranger can figure it out.

"It's nothing I can't handle!" I say defiantly even though it's a bold faced lie. How could I tell a kid that I literally just met what's going on at home? That would be suicidal and I don't think I'm at that point in my young life... no I'm definitely not there yet but if I keep on this path I might as well sign my own death certificate, now. I'll probably be dead long before I can find a mate -or two- so what's the point in running from my fate when it's pretty much already sealed.

"You don't have to be afraid to tell us the truth... I can tell that its something big, Lance. You're trying to hide whatever's bothering you and I can see right through it," Shiro said calmly which shocked me, I expected him to be furious at me for lying to him... but he wasn't and that was a new thing for me. Although, it looked as if Keith was about to freak out, like he was angry for some unknown reason. The younger boy truly fascinated me -more then I let on- besides their dynamic was weird... both these boys were oddly intriguing to me. All I wanted to do was bask in the attention these two boys were giving me.

"We don't even expect you to be specific, we would just prefer you be honest with us," Keith was fighting to keep a calm exterior, he was clearly loosing the battle against his instincts because he let out a soft whine.

"It's just my dad is kind of a prick, he'll probably be upset that someone brought me home or some shit." I shrug it off. "Maybe walk me up to the door so he can see your not some fifty year old creep?" I smirk at my sneaky little plan... this will be the perfect way to test and see if they meant anything they have told me today. The lie was so cunning, my dad prostitutes me out to men probably twice their age so I doubt he would care if I got a ride home from a man way past his prime.

"So, where exactly am I driving you to?" Shiro asked with a bright smile.

"I live next to Domino's, the house that is directly beside Domino's... you literally can't miss it, it's a big white house. It's two stories tall and it has a basement." I smiled. I'm glad my slight lie put Shiro at ease but it looked like Keith was still incredibly uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Keith leans over and whispers in Shiro's ear. I don't think he believes me. I didn't expect everyone to believe me but I sure did hope. Shiro shrugs off whatever Keith said as if it didn't matter that much, which made me want to know what the two boys had shared in front of me... I wanted to know everything about the two of them.

"It's the one closest to the school, I totally forgot there was two Dominoes in this town." I wanted nothing more then to get out of this town, nothing good ever happens here... but what I truly wanted was to be among the stars. I look out the window and placed my hand against the glass wondering what it would be like to be capable of reaching my dreams... I was a male Omega, unfortunately I'm bound to be nothing more then property. I would probably be stuck here until I loose the battle against my father.

"Well, I really hoped you didn't have to walk all the way across town to get to and from school because that would be plain ridiculous." Keith blushed ever so slightly at the reveal that he'd been noticing me for quite some time.

"When did you first notice me?" Truth be told I always noticed boys especially boys who happened to be pretty... and Keith was extremely pretty. I just never felt the need to learn his name because he would never look at me the same way so I ignored it the best I could... yet I always noticed him. I wanted him to hate me because that would be a better fate then loving me.. a broken Omega.

"I'm not too sure when you first caught my eyes." Keith shrugged. "All I know is I never stopped noticing you after that, and truth be told I didn't want to stop." Keith looked down in an attempt to hide his growing blush. Shiro chuckled slightly and tasseled his black hair.

The rest of the ride was shared in a strangely comfortable silence. I felt terrible about being like this in a constant battle with myself and in fear of what my father might do next... sure, he would never damage the Omega lest he loose someone to sell out but what would become of me if I became more rebellious or even no longer of use to him. I couldn't live like this anymore. Maybe I finally found my way out?

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I stand up and get out of the car slowly, reluctance in each movement. I don't want to do this, I don't want to go home. I look around, I don't think either boy has noticed something is up, at least not yet and I pray to whatever god there is that they don't notice my actions this time. I turn the knob twice, no such luck I'm locked out and I don't have a key... is this him punishing me for being late for the appointment. I slam my fists on the door a few times.

"Don't you have a key?" Keith whispered.

"No, dad doesn't trust me with one. He usually leaves it unlocked until my little sister Veronica comes home from school at four but no such luck. He must've forgotten or something like that." I shrug. "It happens sometimes. He should answer it here soon. Unless he went out." I doubt he left the house knowing that I wasn't home besides he had that appointment scheduled for today.

"I do apologize, you see he tends to get in trouble at school." The door knob turns as my dad opens the door. "Oh your here earlier then I expected I was just showing our guest out." My father's wide smile is sickening. "Well, we won't be able to see you for three weeks after this as my boy's heat is coming up. Would you like me to call you to reschedule? Sorry that something  unexpected came up Mister Moore."

Mister Moore smiled softly looking to me then to my father. "Mister McClain I expect a call within the next few days to reschedule. It's alright I would stay later but I have more important matters to tend to." He smiled. "You guys have a nice day."

My father nodded and ushered in the three of us inside. "You brought Alpha's home. When did you meet them?"

"Today. They were nice enough to give me a ride home after detention. Keith's the one with the mullet and Shiro's the other one." My hand festered towards each of the Alpha's.

My father held his hand out for a handshake which Shiro accepted. I watched Shiro's hand move, pain in my eyes... if only I had told them my about that man's true colors this wouldn't be happening... at least not this way. Somehow this simple handshake felt like he was betraying me. Keith must've seen the pain in my eyes because he refused kindly the handshake.

"Lance, go be a good guest and get them a drink or something," my head snapped up.

"S-sorry, how could I have forgotten." I shook my head at myself. I silently scolded myself for having been so careless. "Would you like a drink? We have Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Water, Doctor Pepper, and Ginger Ale."

"I'll take a Coke." Keith shrugged slightly.

"Water is fine," Shiro's voice was quiet and steady as he glanced between my father and me.

I ran a grabbed what they requested and started to head back in, something made me stop in my tracks, I had badly made it to the doorway. Thankfully my father's back was turned to me so he couldn't see me stop.

"What good is he if he can't act right in the presence of an Alpha? I can't believe he thinks this is okay. He does it all the time." My father growled slightly. I knew he would act like this but I didn't think he would start this so soon. "I mean, he was gawking at you and acting a fool... no wonder he got a detention." My father shook his head. "He's not a very well behaved Omega. I hope it's a phase, or else he won't get an Alpha if he doesn't shape up." He was straightforward for once when blaspheming my name.

"I don't think that's right to say. He's your son and you really shouldn't be putting him down. Sure he's not the poster-child for perfect Omegas but he's a good Omega. Honestly, you're probably the reason he's been beating himself up. Besides, he's already attracted two Alphas. Sure we may be dysfunctional but two is better then one, just saying." Keith's cheeks were flushed with anger and he was shaking ever so slightly, my Omega instincts wanted to calm him down but I knew I couldn't do that, not with my father standing there. I walked into the foyer where the three Alphas were standing.

"Here you go. Do you need water flavoring?" I smiled as I handed off the drinks.

"No, thank you." I made a disgusted face as Shiro chuckled.

"You're interested in this broken Omega?" My dad was shocked.

"Yes we are." The calmer of the two spoke, Shiro's face hadn't even changed.

"You can have him. He's never home on time and he doesn't know how to do anything right. Do you want them Lance?"

"Y-yes," my voice cracked. "Yes, I want to be somewhere I can feel safe!" Once I found my voice I found it easy to say what I needed to.

"Then go with them. They'll drop you within a week. Go with them, feel safe. I don't care. Just don't come crawling back crying and expecting me to wipe your tears away."

"Do you want me to go with you?" I asked them quietly.

"Yes, if you want to you can leave with us. We won't force anything," Shiro's voice stayed level but somehow concern still crept into his voice.

"I need to go get my clothes and stuff. Can you help?"

"Yes, we can. Right, Keith?" Shiro side eyed Keith who looked ready to lunge at my father. "Keith!" Keith jumped and glared at Shiro. "Can we help Lance get his stuff?"

"Yes, of fucking course we can."

I lead the way to the dingy basement where I called my room. I looked at the chipping walls as the wooden stairs creaked symbolizing one step further in the descent to hell. I was counting the days until I was free but I never expected it to come so soon and in such a fashion. I never expected the man to just get rid of me like that when I was worth so much money to him... if anything I expected him to kill me because one of his beatings went to far. I expected death to be my only relief from my life of torment. I guess I was lucky.

"I don't know how I can ever thank you enough." I smiled as I lead them into the main room of the basement. My bed was on the floor in the corner with a few rags for blankets, the only one that looked decent was my baby blanket that my mama slaved over to make.. it was my prized possession, it kept me safe even in the darkest of times. I gently fold the tattering blanket and put it on the floor. I grab a bag and shove the blanket as well as the four pairs of jeans, six shirts, and three jackets I have into the bag. Then I put the few little trinkets from my life in slavery into the bag and hand sling the bag over my left shoulder -the one that doesn't have a bruise on it at the moment-. I look around the room to make sure I'm not missing anything even though I know I'm not. I don't have much for possessions, that kind of happens when your treated like nothing more then property.

"That's everything. Let's get out of here."

Keith's has dropped. "Th-that's really everything." I nodded sadly and looked at the cracked concrete floor.

"I've never really had anything. Luis, Marco, and Veronica were always they're favorites but they, well my father at least, stopped giving a damn about me when they found out my secondary gender. Ive kind of grown accustomed to getting hand-me-downs and being a complete second thought. It's been my life for a while."

"Doesn't make it right, lets get out of here. We could get food. Doesn't that sound good, Lance?" Shiro asked softly sensing things I would never say out loud.

"Are you sure you want to be seen in public with me?" I've always felt vile and dirty because of what I was born but I never thought I would ever be allowed to voice it out loud. Maybe, just maybe things are finally turning around for me.

Chapter Text


"We would love to be seen in public with you Lance," Keith looked sad, and honestly everything about what was just said -and happening- made my heart drop. "Why wouldn't we?" I knew there would be some baggage but I never expected it to be this magnitude.

"Never mind. Just forgot I said anything. It's not important. I'm sorry for bringing it up," Lance babbled. I knew if I looked at him I would loose it, he had clearly been through a lot in his lifetime. 

"Lance, don't shut yourself off. It's not healthy, you need an outlet no matter how bad you deem it. Talk to us." I held my hand out to Lance. "We're here for you okay. If you just want to go home, to our home, and have a lazy day we can always order some takeout. That's okay with us. Whatever you want is fine. You don't have to be ashamed to speak your mind anymore. We won't judge you, we will always be willing to listen to you." Keith nodded his head in agreement.

Lance grabbed my hand. "I'm not ready to talk about it yet but when I do I know who I'll go to. Don't worry I'm okay. A lazy day at home sounds good. Can we have cookies?"

"Do you want cookies?"

"Yes! I fucking love cookies but my dad wouldn't let me have them all that often because I would get fat and he simply couldn't have that." Lance pouted and I wanted to kiss that pout away. "But they let Veronica have as many cookies as she wanted. She used to sneak me some until dad found out and told her she wasn't allowed."

"Your father is a horrible human, I'm sorry I don't know how someone so vile could create something, well someone, so wonderful." Keith growled slightly, his face contorted in anger... it so didn't look good on him. Keith had never been transparent with how he felt, you could read him like a book but ever since his feelings for Lance developed it's been worse... also he's been a lot more moodier then usual but I wasn't completely sure if they were corresponding or not.

"Keith, that's rude to say... even if it's true. Apologize, now," I scolded Keith gently in an attempt to not hurt his feelings... I didn't need both sides upset at one another.

"No need to apologize it's true... sad but true." Lance takes one last look around the room. "I can't believe I'm getting out of here and alive, at that. Let's get out of here."

Keith and I look at each other with knowing eyes, there's a whole lot more to Lance McClain then meets the eyes and I want to know everything -and I'm sure Keith does as well- but we have to do it on his terms. I never would've seen myself moving forward in such a way but who ever can accurately know what to expect out of life.

"What food do you want to order?" I asked softly as Lance led the three of us back upstairs.

"Pizza is a good one." Lance checked his phone. "Pidge wants to see me, they're with Hunk and Shay." He chuckles. "They say Hunk and Shay are being gross."

"Do you want to meet them somewhere?" Keith asks with slight sass creeping into his voice.

"Maybe, Pidge wants some help. Can we? If not it's perfectly fine." Lance looked directly at me and pouted. How could I say no to that face. He hasn't known us all that long and he already knows how to get his way and I'm loving his attention to details... I'm totally a sucker for him.

"Ask if Pidge will be okay with two extra people." I smile.

"Oh, thank you. I'm sure Pidge will fucking love you two. Sure they won't admit it but they'll love you." He smiled and tapped on his phone. "Pidge says it doesn't matter. There's always room for more people. They're at Pidge's house, Matt's bothering them so maybe if we come he'll give up on getting a rematch. I would hate for Pidge to decimate him again, it'll be bad for his ego... although when Matt looses it's always dramatic and it can be rather comical." Lance smiled softly.

"Matt, like Matthew Holt?" Keith asked shocked, finally putting two and two together.

"Yeah, Matt's the only Omega I can stand but Pidge is so much more tolerable. I mean I love Matt to death but he's got big brother status and he uses has a habit of using it his advantage far too much for me to be comfortable around him alone." Lance shrugged it off as if it didn't matter. "Before you say anything else Keith, I know Shiro and Matt are really good friends. How did you think I knew Shiro's name and I barely knew yours?"

"I didn't realize you knew the Holts."

"Keith, literally everyone knows the Holts. I think Matt had a small crush on Shiro for a while but don't tell anyone that I knew. Pidge told me, and I can't throw them under the bus like that."

"Am I the only one wondering how Pidge found out?"

"They read Matt's journal. If you breathe a word of this to Matt, I will be dead... I was sworn into secrecy by Pidge. They knew better then to tell Hunk because that lovable Beta can't keep his mouth shut at all. I'm lucky he doesn't know the people I've had crushes on in the past other wise he would've blabbered to them... he would've been to excited to contain it." Lance's smile was contagious, the way his laugh was rippled out of his chest warmed my heart. Oddly enough I already loved every noise he made... dear god I wonder what other sounds he makes. I really shouldn't think like this.

"Don't worry Lance, I already know he had a crush on me. We put that crush to bed. Right Keith?" Keith blushed as I spoke. I sure was a lucky guy because I had Keith and I might end up with Lance as well... sure the dynamic would be considered a little odd -maybe even frowned upon in most circles- but it would be true and genuine.

"Right." Keith's eyes looked into mine, as a way to say 'no, not quite yet' while I agreed, I knew it had to be soon or else we might just loose him all together and I wasn't about to risk that. I knew I shouldn't want him, I already have a Keith but in my defense Keith wanted him as well, that's beside the point as I wanted both of them.

Lance got into the front seat of my dark blue mini van -I know so uncool of me- on his face was the widest smile I had ever seen from him. "I get shotgun!" He felt free and I could tell it was like a weight lifted off his chest. I loved him, and I wanted to scream it from the rooftops but I knew I couldn't at least not yet.

"It's not that far from here. Will Allura be there?" Keith asked innocently.

"Pidge has been trying to set Matt and her up for months so most likely. Matt's none the wiser to her attempts or he plays really dumb." Lance chuckled softly. "Pidge is a fucking little gremlin. She's been trying to set me up with my crushes too but they typically turned out to be complete and total assholes." Lance shrugged it off as if it wasn't important -at all- to elaborate.

"Ooo, Shiro I could see that they would be good together. I think Allura really likes him."

"Allura loves him," Lance was quiet as he stared forward.

"How do you know?" I asked quietly.

"Allura's dad is a friend of my mom, my mom pushes me and her to spend time together. Maybe it's because she thinks me and her would be a good couple or she thinks I need some actual friends I will never know but I am thankful for her actions. Allura can be sweet but you fuck with anyone she loves she'll rip your heart out and eat it." Lance smirks. "What the popular Shiro doesn't know Princess Allura all that well?" 

"No, I'm friends with her but she must not think I'm that good of a friend or else she would confide
more in me." I shrugged.

"No, no, no. She hasn't explicitly told me but it's the little details she... the things she notices about him, the way she looks at Matt when she thinks no one is paying attention to her, and how attentive she is to Matt's feelings. Allura cares so much about Matt and I think only Pidge and I have noticed. Maybe, just maybe Shiro you need to pay more attention to your friends." Lance looked down. "S-sorry, if I sounded mean. I didn't mean to."

"You're good. Remind me why the Holts think it's okay to live on the other end of town. I mean we're almost there but I hate the drive. Keith and I live by the high school."

"Shut up Shiro we're there." Keith laughed at Shiro placing a hand on his left shoulder.

Before I knew it Lance was already jumping out the car and knocking on the golden yellow door that had a green wreath that was no doubt the work of Mrs. Holt. Before I knew it the door is opened and two sets of arms pull Lance inside.

"I guess we should head inside, let's head inside Shiro... I would hate to keep our friends waiting." Keith smiled and slid the door open. I knew Keith had an unspoken emphasis on Lance, but it was unspoken like many things were between us.

Chapter Text


"Pidge, what's going on? Why'd you do that?" I whined. Pidge knee how I felt about being grabbed in that manner.

"Mom wants to see you. She's beefing super secretive about it, I need you to tell Matt and I -okay, okay and Hunk- what that's about," Pidge complained quietly. "Don't tell her that we want you to tell us or she might not talk to you right away. She's in the kitchen. Don't worry we'll entertain your guests while you talk to her."

I hear a soft pounding on the door as I head into the kitchen. The tree was in the corner of the living room and it looked as pretty as always and the little decorations that were strategically placed around the house left a pang in my heart. Sure, my family's house always looked pretty but my father made sure I was left out of all the celebrations... I knew if my mom had it her way I would be as much part of the family celebrations as Veronica was but my mom always lost, eventually my mom gave up altogether but I could always tell she was heartbroken about it. The way I saw it the day they discovered my secondary gender they lost a son and I was out a parent, I found what I was lacking in the Holt family but it wasn't quite the same... it wasn't enough for me to be fully happy but it was a start.

"Mrs. Holt, Pidge told me you wanted to talk to me." I grimaced, usually when she wanted to talk to me it wasn't good.

"Lance, my boy, your mother told me that your father kicked you out. She's beside herself about it. Do you have somewhere to stay? You know my doors are always open to you," her voice was laced with genuine worry, she was such a kind-hearted and open-minded person. I loved this woman so much, she was like a second mother to me and that made me almost feel like I was wanted.

"Shiro and Keith have graciously opened their home to me and I have accepted. They have been nothing but nice to me and it would be rude to not accept their offer, don't you think so?"  I was a little annoyed that she didn't know the whole story but I doubt my so-called father would tell anyone the whole truth if he could weasel his way out of doing so. He was ashamed of me and was most likely distraught that he lost at his own game.

"Yeah, I guess it would be rude but if you need a fall back place my house will always be open to you. There's nothing that will change that, I love you like another son. I didn't feel like it was my place to tell Katie your business, so if you want them to know let them know." 

"I'm glad you didn't tell Pidge. I wanted to tell Pidge, Hunk, and Shay about the same time. Thank you Mrs. Holt, you're like another mom to me."

"Do you want to come here for Christmas? You can bring Shiro and Keith if you want to. Hunk and Shay will be here. Well, Shay's family celebrates it Christmas Eve and Hunk's family is early in the day and for us it's always late you know because of our work schedules."

"Would I be anywhere else?" I laugh slightly. "I'll ask them, I'm not sure what they have planned with their families."

"If we need to come and get you we will. Don't worry about a thing, sweetie."

"Thank you. I love you." I give her a gentle hug.

"I love you too, Lance."

I walk out of the living room with a smile. "Alright, what your mom wanted to talk to me was about the fact that my dad kicked me out. Word travels fast when my mom is even remotely involved. Mom, wanted to make sure I was well taken care of so she contacted the Holts because she knows you guys would do anything for me. My father probably lied to her about what happened to make him look better." I saw the shock on your face. "Before you ask I have a place to stay."

"It's with Shiro and Keith isn't it?" Matt asked with a small smirk on his face. He knows something that I don't know and I don't like that one bit.

"Yes, it is." I smiled. "Oh... Shiro, Keith?"

"Yes?" Shiro asked as Keith nodded in complete interest in what I was saying.

"You have been invited by Mrs. Holt to the Holts Christmas celebration! If you can't attend that's fine."

"We'll see if we can make that happen. Right Shiro?" Keith asked giving him puppy dog eye.

"I think we can make it work around our schedule. We still have to go to the Shirogane Christmas party as well as works Christmas party but I think we can fit this in as well." Shiro smiled at Keith.

"Oh, yay!" Keith smiled. "Oh, shit! I have to buy everyone a gift... we have to go shopping still, Shiro. Will we be taking Lance to the Shirogane Christmas party?"

"I'll have to ask dad, he wasn't too happy when I brought you without consulting him first." Shiro shrugged, it wasn't that big a deal too him. "He did say if I would've talked to him first he wouldn't have been upset."

Everything was changing, for the better I hoped but it still made me anxious I needed something to get my mind off everything. "Hey, can we play a board game? Before you say it no Monopoly or Jenga, I hate those two but any other game is on the table."

"Cards against humanity?" Pidge adjusted their glasses, no they weren't necessary to see it just made them feel better about some personal things. Pidge was dressed in a dark green and blue flannel, black T-shirt, and black skinnies... they were clearly dressed more masculine today.

"What about Hunk?" I look over at the chubby lovable idiot, Shay was curled up in his lap. "You know he's awful at this game. He's far too pure! You're setting him up for failure!"

"I think I've learned how to play from Pidge here. Besides, Shay and I like the challenge." Hunk's dark brown hair fell into his eyes.

"Are you sure?" I wasn't too sure how to feel about that, sure Hunk was always ready to sacrifice something for the greater good but I didn't expect him to go for this.

"Yeah, I think Shay and I have a few tricks up our sleeves." Hunk smirked and pushed back his hair.

A few rounds into the game I was regretting getting myself into this. Pidge already had seven black cards, Matt five, Keith and I had four, Allura had three (shocking), Shiro had two, while Hunk and Shay each had one (they picked each other's card). I looked over at Keith and Shiro, I knew I had to make my move now. I leaned across Keith's lap to get to Shiro's ear, Keith was like putty meaning I could get him to do whatever I wanted... but, on the other hand Shiro took some work.

"Shiro, I'm bored and hungry. Please throw the game to Pidge," I whispered in his ear.

"Why would I throw the game to Pidge. You or Keith could win the game!" Shiro's eyes furrowed.

"They only need one point. Give them the win! I just want to go home, cuddle under a blanket, and finish sketching Keith... okay?"

"Fine." He selected the card Pidge laid down. Shiro pouted.

"Pidge you won. We've gotta go. Love you guys." I stood up and pulled my boys out to the car.

"I have to make a phone call. Lance, how would you feel about accompanying Keith and I to the Shirogane Christmas party as well as the one at my dads company?" Shiro asked gently as not to push me over the edge. Why was he so careful with me? Years of constant abuse has taught me not to trust people like this.

Against all of my better judgement I spoke, "I would love you too." I couldn't stop myself from speaking, I knew in the long run this probably won't end the way I hope... but, nothing will stop me from having a little bit of fun before it ends badly. And it will end badly, I'm pinning after two boys who are in love with each other, I know they just want to use me so I won't say a word about it until they bring it up to me but I know.

We make it to their apartment.

"This is where you'll sleep." Keith lead me to what seemed to be a spare room. "I hope it's okay?"

"It's better then what I'm used to. Thank you. I appreciate it. I hope I don't screw up." I shrugged.

"You'll do okay. Shiro and I are thinking about adding someone into our relationship, we have high hopes about someone," Keith was quiet which seemed to be a pretty in usual thing... the boy tended to brash and outspoken.

"I know a male Omega is the best way to heat up the sex life."

"Oh heavens no we didn't mean it like that. We didn't mean just in bed. You've been drawing me? Since when?"

"Since I don't fucking know. Call me out when the pizza is here. Pepperoni please." Keith looked hurt at my outburst but he left me alone.

Chapter Text

December Seventeenth; first (out of three) Christmas party at 6:45 pm

"Come on Lance, we don't want to be late. Shiro's father has a thing about being on time, it can be rather annoying but I know better then to say anything about it because it's been pounded into Shiro, and we all can't help but love Shiro. "I'm sure you look great, come on out," I was gently trying to coax him out of the shared bathroom. It's been a week since he found out about Shiro and I, sure he said he knew about it but things have felt a little forced... I can't help but feel like I said something I shouldn't have. "Shiro asked us to be ready when he gets home from work, he should be home soon so come on out. I didn't tease you when we went shopping for it and I won't tease you now. I meant when I said I liked it."

"Do I actually have to wear it!?!?" Lance's muffled whine came from behind the door.

"Please wear it for Shiro's dad. Besides, I thought you liked it?"

"I do, don't get me wrong, I really love it but I don't know if I want this to be what I'm wearing for the first impression. What if they laugh at me for liking it Keith? What if they think I look dumb in it?" His self esteem is too low for my comfort.

"Then I'll tell them off. Lance, you look really good in blue. I think they'll be jealous that your coming in with Shiro and I." I wouldn't lie to make Lance feel better, nobody likes someone with an over inflated ego. Come to think about it I don't think I was as much of a wreck as Lance is when Shiro first took me home, I was this bad when I first moved in with Shiro... he seems to take in broken people and try to fix them.

"Is it cause of my eyes?"

"What?" I choked on my words. "N-no..."

"Pfffft, you're a terrible liar."

"Fine, I'm lying!" I crossed my arms in defiance. If wanted to be honest I let him have this win because he was partially right, it was everything about him wearing the color blue... I mean come on he simply glowed in the color, any shade. "Just come on out. You're wearing your black jeans right? The ones that aren't ripped."

"Yes, I told you I wouldn't wear my ripped jeans... even though they're fucking comfortable."

The front door swung open and consequently slammed against the wall behind it, Shiro had finally got home and he was late... Shiro deplored being late for work. Shiro chuckled softly to himself. "Is Lance refusing to come out of the bathroom? We have to leave in like ten minutes if we want to be on time. We should've already left but someone couldn't be on time for their shift. I don't know how she still has her job, she's been late at least three times in the past week alone."

"Yes, he's afraid someone will make fun of him. Comfort him or something!" I was panicking, I didn't know how to properly deal with people and their emotions.

"Lance, if someone so happens to look at you cross eyed for some reason Keith," Shiro patted my shoulder for emphasis even though Lance couldn't see," here will make them regret it before they even have time to process what they've done. You have nothing to worry about. Besides, my dad can be a rather compassionate man so if someone does something too deplorable to you he'll escort them out himself. Someone hit Keith when I first took him and my dad made it clear that he was leaving or he would be calling the cops." Shiro sighed slightly but I could tell he was concerned. Lance was such a fragile person because of his dad, and it broke my heart to see him like this. I just wanted him to know he had the world at his fingertips but he wouldn't likely believe it, even if it was true.

"I keep hearing things about Shiro's dad but never his mom. Why?" Lance asked timidly, still hidden behind the bathroom. I don't think he would've had the courage to ask if he hadn't been sitting behind the bathroom door... worlds away from Shiro and I. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Lance whimpered the last bit out probably because he had realized what had come out of his mouth. Lance always tried to watch his mouth, probably years of training brought on by his father... if it wasn't illegal I'd kill the prick.

"I'll tell you if you get out of the bathroom by the time I'm finished changing. If I get done changing and your not out here I won't tell you today. Okay?" Shiro can get his way when he wanted to. But if I was honest I was surprised he was willing to talk about it to Lance, he didn't usually want to talk about his mom because it brought up too many memories... some good and some bad, it seemed like a lot of them were bad.

Shiro walked off to the bedroom and Lance slowly walked out. "Is it obvious that I'm extremely uncomfortable in this? I've never owned a nice dress shirt, it always tended to be a waste of time to take me anywhere, or at least that's what my dad believed." Lance slouched down in a failed attempt to not draw attention to himself. Lance felt as if he didn't belong in a place that required a dress code but I felt as if he belonged there more then me... I mean he's stunning and a literal angel.

"Make pretend... if you pretend you belong in nice clothes other people will believe it too. Besides, Lance, you look beautiful." It wasn't a lie, he looked like he was glowing in the pale blue shirt Lance and Shiro had picked out, it had nothing on my old red dress shirt -I've only worn it a couple times in the three years I had owned it- he definitely pulled it off... I bet he could pull off anything. "Turn around." Lance did as I asked and I looked at him, so he was wearing a nice pair of black skinny jeans and it showed off his ass just a little too perfectly for my taste, but I couldn't make him change his wardrobe because we aren't together and I'm not that controlling.

"Stop staring at my ass Keith Kogane!" Lance shrieked as he turned back around to look at me.

"Sorry, for the record I wasn't staring at your ass the whole time! Just wondered how you looked from behind." I scoffed, "Yep, I'm probably going to have to knock some heads together."

"Keith, you will be doing no such thing. Leave them alone, as long as they don't touch you will not act foolish in front of my father, you know how he can be. He'd have no problem kicking you out and if he kicks you out you'll have to sit in the car because I will not make Lance and I leave early because you were being an idiot. I know you would also try blowing up my phone but remember I can temporarily block you from texting me." If Shiro says something like that you know he means it because he doesn't usually threaten the people he's close to but the second you fuck with the people he loves the more likely he is to tear your throat out with his teeth... it's just the kinda person he is. Shiro is loving to a fault and sometimes I take advantage of that but I don't mean too... I really do love him.

"So about your mom?" Lance asked cautiously, he seemed as if he was testing the waters to see if Shiro was being serious about it.

"My mom died when I was young, they tried to hide it from me and continue living life as normal as possible. I had to watch her die, watch her hair fall out and her body become frail. I was just a boy so I couldn't do anything but watch. They didn't even tell me that my mom was sick until it was obvious that she wouldn't make it through to the next year. If I would've known she was sick I would've been a better kid for her. If I could go back now I know I would be a better kid. I want to be a good man, a man she can be proud of. And Lance?"

Lance looked up and I could see the pain in his eyes, he clearly hadn't expected a response like this, with a blink of an eye he looked more normal. That boy had a mysterious vibe about him. Lance hummed softly in response, "Mhm?"

"I think she'd like you and Keith. I hope she's looking down proud of her son and the life he's making for himself." Shiro smiled and wiped his watering eyes. "I'm good, don't worry about it Lance. She was such a wonderful woman I just wish she would've got to meet the wonderful people I have in my life now that I'm not just a bratty eleven year old."

"I-uhhh, thank you for sharing that with me Shiro. I'm sorry that, uhmm, happened to you." Before I knew it Lance had launched himself practically across the room to give Shiro a hug. The hug -or maybe the weight of Lance- had taken Shiro by surprise which resulted in his elbow going through the plaster of the wall. I chuckled softly, Lance was such a softy which was super adorable. "Come over here Keith and join the hug!" Lance looked my way with the biggest smile on his face, I could just stare at that face forever especially if it had that smile on it.

"No thanks..." Shiro glared at me. I probably shouldn't have said that but I'm not all that comfortable with physical contact.

"C'mon Keith, please?"

"Fine." I wrapped my arms around Lance and Shiro. "You happy Lance?"

"Yes." He chirped slightly. "S-Sorry." I had learned that chirping for Omega's was super rare and that they could only do it when they was super content -typically when they were with an Alpha that they trusted-, by all means I'm no expert on Omega's or their chirping its just something we brushed over in sex education... we mostly focused on Alpha's but there was some mention of Omega habits and our school is predominantly Alpha but they did have a different class for Betas and Omegas. I'll have to remember to ask Matt about it because I don't think it would be appropriate for me to ask Lance, even though we live together, I mean I think it might make him uncomfortable about it and being around us... I don't want to chase him away because I really do care about him.

"There's no need to apologize, Lance it's perfectly fine," Shiro spoke softly as he kissed Lance's forehead in attempt to calm the nervous Omega. "You're a normal Omega."

"Yeah, it's fine. It was adorable." I smiled and hugged them tighter. I was content in this peculiar situation, whatever the three of us are, it's good enough for me.

After a few minutes I detached myself from the hug and Lace unburied himself from Shiro's chest and we were on our way. We lived about fifteen minutes away from the Shirogane house -it's so huge that I would classify it as a mansion- because one of the stipulations of Shiro moving out when he did was that he had to be close to home. He found this quaint, two-room apartment that was within his budget and moved in quickly then a few months later I joined him... and almost a year later we were joined by Lance.

Lance was awestruck by the place Shiro grew up, as was I when he first brought me here... I mean, it's fucking huge. Shiro parked the car and we all climbed out and walked into the house. All heads turned when Shiro walked in with his Alpha and his Omega... there was bound to be talk about this, I mean he fucking brought an unmarked Omega -a Prime at that- into a place that reeks of Alpha, and most of them happen to outrank me at least where the social hierarchy is concerned; I'm sure I could take them in hand-to-hand combat because the lot of them are -to put it simply- pussy, purebred rich kids that have never had to fight a day in their life. But then again everyone always stares at Takashi when he walks in due to who his father is, they tend to judge him because of his family ties... I hated it Shiro didn't deserve half the shit that happened to him because he's a genuine good person.

"Shiro, Keith, they're starring at us," Lance whined latching onto my arm.

"It'll be okay Lance, they always stare whenever I walk in... it comes with who my family is. Is it bothering you?" Shiro asked softly. Lance will be popular tonight so I won't leave his side until we get home, even if he finds it annoying.

"Yes," his voice was quiet. He was so nervous he was shaking like a leaf.

"Look! They brought a broken Omega!" someone jeered and Shiro and Lance held me back from finding who that was. No one had the right to say anything like that about our Lance and they were lucky these two cared about me not getting in big trouble but I had no qualms beating someone's ass for Lance.

"Keith, it's fine. I should get used to it because they are right. My father broke me beyond repair and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. Sorry, I've ruined the party, and we just got here... I can sit out in the van if you'd like. It's fine really, no worries" Lance smiled weakly as he held onto my arm, he sounded hurt and disappointed. I hated seeing him like this, it hurt my heart. I just wanted Lance to know he deserved the world.

"Lance, it most certainly is not fine... you don't deserve to be shit on, especially by people who don't know your life story. You are a beautiful person. Whoever said that thing is extremely lucky Shiro is strong enough to hold me back or else they won't be walking out of here. I'm angry that they decided that was an appropriate thing to say. You aren't broken, your just different and we wouldn't have it any other way," I tried to make his smile look like it pained him less but it didn't work... I just wanted the Omega who chirped when I joined into a hug, I wanted the Lance who seemed so happy not even half-an-hour ago.

"Are you sure?" Lance covered his mouth. "I mean, I wouldn't want to trouble you guys in any way."

"Really Lance it's no trouble. We brought you here so you could enjoy a party and that's what will happen. I really have no problems knocking some assholes' heads together. I'll take care of you Lance... no need for you to worry."

"Okay, let's go talk to my dad." A frown had set in on Shiro's face, I hated seeing him like this and it pissed me off that I couldn't really do anything about it... I could tell he wasn't looking foreward to the conversation his dad and the three of us would be having - I was sure it wouldn't be pretty- his dad had high expectations for him and I didn't fit in with them and I highly doubt that he'd like Lance all that much.

"Are you sure you don't just want to go home, Shiro? I know how well you and your father get along... is it worth it?" I whispered in Shiro's ear.

"I do what is expected of me, I moved out so I didn't have to live with him. I can be civil with that devilish man once a year, I know he means well but he's going about caring the wrong way. He's just never been good with emotions, I don't blame him... I know I've followed the example he set... meaning I'm not that good with my emotions," Shiro whispered back. "It's okay Keith we can handle it and if he goes to far I'll put him in his place."

"You always say that but I've never see you do it once!"

"Enough Keith!"

"Sorry Shiro."

We walk up to his dad; he's a man whose in his late forties early fifties, his short balding hair was already completely grey while his the stubble on his chin was still a dark color, he wasn't fat but he also wasn't skinny, and he stood tall like he was a pretentious jerk but he really did have the money to back him up. Shiro was a little taller then his father who was short with a puffed out chest, Shiro and his dad are polar opposites... and don't get me started on his younger twin siblings, the bad boy and the slut, his family is a mess but they're still a family that cares for one another no matter what happens.

"Takashi, my boy." Mr. Shirogane pulled Shiro into a hug. Pretty much as soon as the hug was initiated it was over. "Hello Keith, and you must be Lance." He held out his hand which Lance took, they shook hands for a moment. "It's nice to officially meet you."

"Hello Mister Shirogane," Lance said diplomatically. "How is business with my father?" Lance's eyes didn't blink as he stared the oldest Shirogane down... fear was clouding how eyes.

"I'm still not going for it, he refuses to pitch something worthwhile. He tried to sell me you for a quick buck when you still lived with him, then you moved out at least that's what I assumed when he stopped trying to sell you to me. It was getting rather annoying, I don't know why he tried to sell you... maybe he wanted you to end up with one of my kids."

"Maybe, but it seems more like he just wanted some money and to finally be rid of me. Honestly, I don't miss living at home, but I'm sure he misses me after all I did everything to keep that household up and running." Lance shook his head disapprovingly.

"Takashi, why did you bring an unmarked Omega to a party where the vast majority are Alpha's that can afford to have a crime buried and forgotten about pretty much as soon as it happens? I have no problems with Lance being here -quite the opposite- but I would hate for something to happen." He turned to look at his son.

"Is it because you can't handle another scandal or because you don't want an Omega to get hurt on your property?" Shiro sounded angry. I remember when it first came out that we were dating it was super scandalous for the Shirogane name, I thought he had forgiven the words that his father had said about our budding relationship... when his dad calmed down he apologized profusely, claiming that he hadn't actually meant all of it.

"Can it just be because I don't want anything bad to happen in general. I've told you before I'm not upset that you're dating Keith. I'm sure your sister will be having kids soon enough and that worries me to the end of the earth."

"Do I need to give Aneko a stern talking to, again?"

"I think she's past the point of talking to. God, I wish your mother was still around, I'm sure she could get through to the twins... she always had a way with talking to people. She was such a saint." The way he talked about Shiro's mom made me smile, when he reminisced about her he sounded like he really was in love with her.

"Why what's going on with Roka?"

"I think he's doing drugs, he constantly skips school, and I wouldn't be surprised if he drops out soon. I don't know what to do, I feel like I've done all that I can for them." He frowned and sighed.

"I'm sure its just a phase, give it time. Maybe JDC is what Roka needs."

"That scandal might break us, I mean if I don't bail him out it'll look bad. The people in this room will expect me to cover any bad thing up."

"Don't worry about what others have to say, just worry about helping your family through whatever problems they're going through. Life isn't all about publicity."

"Our life seems to be dictated by press. People love a good story."

I turned to look at Lance and realize he's walked off. It's not safe for him to be alone here and he still walks off in the middle of the party. "I'll be back I've gotta go find Lance," I was quiet. I let out a soft sigh and scanned the room, he couldn't have gone far and I know he wouldn't go out of the car after we asked him not too.

"I should probably mingle. Love you dad, you'll figure it out," Shiro smiled and gave him another short lived hug.

I grabbed Shiro's hand and dragged him across the room. "Why would he walk off? I'm worried, something bad could've happened to him!"

"He probably was uncomfortable with the conversation. My father was kinda talking about him in front of his face, like he wasn't even there. I wanted to walk away too but I couldn't. We'll find him and it'll all be okay." Shiro squeezed my hand ever so slightly.

"I know, I know. I'm worried about the in between." I sighed and brushed a little bit of hair out of my face.

"Let's check the bar, the person who gives out the alcohol doesn't card and won't let anyone get too rowdy, so its never become a problem." Shiro shrugged. "I mean the bartender won't give someone who looks too young a drink, so he'd likely give Lance a drink if he asked for one."

"I don't think him drinking is all that good of an idea. I mean what your dad said was right, it's not all that safe for him here... especially alone and intoxicated. We should've thought about the risks before bringing him here."

"I weighed them in my head and thought he'd stay with one of us the whole time. But, then again I also didn't expect my father to be such a prick in front of my guest." We were heading towards the back wall, weaving through people.

Aneko was leaning against the counter -her low cut short red dress was revealing to much with her in that position- drink in hand chatting with Lance. Lance took a sip of a red liquid and I had a gut feeling that it wasn't juice.

"He's with Aneko. I bet she's trying to get him in her bed. If she hurts him I'll kill her!" Keith's eyes narrowed.

"She's not going to hurt him, let's get back to him and talk to them. I'm not going to let anything bad happen to him."

Shiro and I made it to the bar. "Lance, Aneko... what's going on?" Shiro asked gently as if not to alert anyone to the concern he was feeling at that moment.

"Aneko w-w-waas just telling me f-f-f-funny stories from when you guys were kids," he burped and sipped on his amber alcoholic beverage. "You k-k-kinda seem like you were a mean kid," Lance was quiet trying not to be rude.

"The fact is I was really mean as a child and I'm not proud of who I was growing up. I was so mean that my siblings hated me and I'm fairly certain that my parents were disappointed in me but I grew up, I learned from my mistakes which is more then what most people can say about themselves. I told you I'm no longer some bratty eleven year old who takes there problems out on the people around them." Shiro looked upset that his sister had told Lance about his childhood because he didn't like to talk about it in general. I didn't want to push him to talk about it but I know a lot of the mistakes he made when he was younger haunted him and I couldn't make him relive any of that because I care too much about him to do that... I know if I wanted to know that he would tell me no matter how bad it was because he knows I would never leave him. "lance, I'm not the same person who did all those things because I worked hard on making myself a better person. You've been living with the real me so trust me when I say my little sister Aneko most likely is just trying to get you into her bed, she'll use anyway necessary to get her way. I care about you, I do and that's why I'm telling you this. Please Lance, just put your trust in me... I would never hurt you or lie to you."

"Allllriiiight," Lance slurred softly. He was already onto a different drink, it was probably stronger then the last one. Who knew how many drinks he was in but I could tell he had been ingested a lot.

"Lance we're leaving, now!" I growled. "Come on let's get you home and into bed."

"No 's fine, we shhhhhould sssstay here Keef," the more he talked the worse he slurred. I hated hearing the slur in his voice, we needed to get him home and quick before he drank himself into oblivion.

"Lance we are leaving now! Put the drink down and come with us or we'll pick you up and carry you out. We don't need something bad happening to you while your with us... I wouldn't be able to forgive myself and I know Shiro would tear himself apart about it."

"Fiiiiine, one con-condiittiooon."

"And that is?" Shiro asked cautiously.

"I-I-I d-dooon't have to ssssleep alooooone."

"We can all sleep on the couch, that's fine."

"C-carry me, pwease."

Shiro hoisted Lance up over his shoulder and carried him out to the car. "I'll text dad later and let him know what happened, love you Keith." He kissed my cheek and put Lance down in the seat beside him. Lance kissed his cheek before curling into the seat and starting to snore softly which was adorable.

"I love you too, Shiro," I whispered with a smile on my face.

When we got home I picked up a still sleeping Lance and brought him to the couch gently laying him in the middle and curled on the end with Shiro on the opposing end. I covered us up with the big purple, knitted blanket... it was Shiro's from before, his mom made it before she passed on and he was protective over it.

"Night." I sighed and curled into the arm.

I was pretty much gone before I heard a soft reply come from Shiro, "Night."