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Double Standards

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Keith Kogane's Backstory


Keith Kogane was an only child... not because his father didn't want more kids, a little army of Kogane kids was the dream of the man. When he was about six months his mother packed up and ran away, his father told him when he asked what happened to his mother that she ran away during the Christmas season but Keith was never given an exact date but that never stopped his over active mind from making stuff up. He never got a lot of information on his mother even though that's what he craved it, not much just the basics on his poor missing mother. People talk, people always talked, too many words were shed about Keith's mother... the whole situation was no exception. Words, words cut deep but the little boy would never let it show. The truth was always at his fingertips but he never looked for the truth because he felt that he knew all he needed to know... anything else would have felt overbearing for the child. Keith, he was scared of the truth.

Keith was barely out of his toddler stage and barely about to enter double digits when the accident happened. It was a complete accident, Keith was lucky to have even survived the car wreck and the man who had loved and supported Keith his entire life was gone in a blink of an eye... he was dead and would forever only be a memory to Keith.

With no death certificate on record for his mother saying that she must still be alive but the woman was surprisingly illusive which left many people to believe she was killed by Mr. Kogane years ago, that the government didn't try hard enough to find the woman, or that she simply didn't want to be found... along with the issue of his mother being unable to be found he had no other family well, no other family that was willing to take an orphaned nine year old in so the poor young boy was placed in his first foster family.  Keith's first foster home was great... he actually liked the 'parents ' because they were super nice. There was two older girls who Keith got along with real well but the problem was they were expecting another child and Keith found out once the baby boy was born they would have to send the poor little Alpha on away. Leaving for Keith was bittersweet... he was scared but he knew if he let that show because Keith hated being perceived as weak. All Keith wanted was a forever family... he didn't like all the moving but what he wanted most of all was something he could never have, he simply wanted his dad back... and nothing would ever bring the old Kogane back.

He moved from house to house a new family ever three to six months, new rules to abide by. The once outgoing, loud mouthed, confident, and independent man depended fully on the system going into a shell of the boy he once was. Keith completely stopped showing who he truly was and how he truly was becoming reckless and rash. Keith was soon considered one of the worst behaved foster kids in the area, not simply due to the fact that he was  a bad kid no it had more to due with the fact that he was an Alpha and no one wanted to deal with a rebellious Alpha. So they stopped sending him to homes and he spent most of his time in a boys home... it was a stricter then all the households he had ever been in. Keith hated it so much but it had become his way of life... he was so used to it.

By the time his fourteenth birthday rolled around they had located his mother and in his opinion it was it was too little too late, the damage had already been done... Krolia had been gone most of Keith's life so what good was it for her too only take care of him for four maybe three years of his childhood. His mother was a strong Alpha woman who ran away to join the very secretive branch the Blade of Mamora and once she was discharged all the things she had to do got to her. After she just wanted to go off the grid so she did and she became a drug addict... she never planned on searching for Keith once news of her late lover's demise because she new walking back into his life five or so years after the loss wouldn't make up for the fact that she wasn't there when her boy needed her the most. Keith would never forgive her but what kind of mother would she be if she didn't at least try?  So Krolia went to the police station to say that she had just fallen into the knowledge of the passing of Mr. Kogane and that she would like to vie for custody of her son, and as the only known living relative of hers they would give her custody of the boy but no one would even fight for him. Krolia had a feeling that she would end up having custody of the emotionally cut off child she sired but she had been missing for so long and she didn't even know the law... what if leaving she severed her parental rights to the wayward orphan? She was scared but she had to try... it was part of her and more importantly he was part of her deceased husband. Knowing her history they decided to let him move in with her on one condition... they had monthly walk-through(s) to determine if the environment was still safe for the young Alpha... these would last a year and a half.

The first year and a half was lax and Keith would consider it almost blissful. The woman made sure everything went well for him from the moment he walked in her doors until the last visit came to pass. He was so happy to be living with the woman who eluded him his whole childhood... he thought things were turning around and changing for him but boy was he wrong. She stayed sober for the first year or so but the moment the visitations stopped she feel back... she abandoned Keith again. Keith hated it so much, he hated being so alone and buried that he couldn't even do anything to fight the loneliness that he felt.

Things were bound to change, Keith was convinced of that but he didnt realize it would change so soon. Keith was running late, he had an image to keep up after all... the bad boy who didn't seem to care much but in reality he cared way too much.

Keith reluctantly walked into school on his first day of his freshman year and he ran right into a boy who was slightly older then him, he had dark hair with a white fluff hanging down onto his forehead. Keith had tripped over this other boys legs.

"I'm so sorry... I'm Keith by the way," Keith said softly as he stood back up.

"I'm Takashi Shirogane but most people just call me Shiro. I'm the one who really should be apologizing. I really should've been watching where I was going." Shiro reached down and grabbed Keith's hand to help him up. Keith accepts the hand and is skyrocketed up... he landed on his feet.

"Oh no, no you have absolutely no need to apologize I was the idiot staring at my phone while walking. We're all good! I should know by now that I'm not that good at multitasking." Keith gives Shiro a small smile. "Hey! Give me that back!" Shiro had managed to snatch Keith's phone out of his hand while the smaller boy was mesmerized by the others eyes.

"Well, you see I want to see you again or at least get the chance to talk to you again." Shiro was already programming his  phone number in his phone. "I feel the innate desire to get closer to you... it's almost as if I have too. Don't judge me okay? Besides if I'm honest, you smell amazing." Shiro blushed and typed a message to himself into the phone.

Keith blushed but didn't shy away, he felt the same burning desire for Shiro. Sure it was weird to compliment a total strangers scent and it wasn't socially acceptable to do such but it worked for them... it was even worse saying that the other was an Alpha as well. But Keith didn't mind it made him happy but at the same time it frightened the poor boy to no ends.

What ifs swirled in the boys mind... what would happen if he got caught in a compromising position with the other Alpha or he got to attached to get overly possessive over this boy that he already desperately wanted. But Keith being Keith decided to be the person he was and not give a damn about the what ifs. Keith allowed himself to give into his primal urges no matter how wrong the happened to be. He would let himself live a little... who actually cared about things as trivial as this. He may have known this was a little wrong but he would allow himself this one little sin. He would give himself Shiro as a way to appease the beast inside. Keith craved the older Alpha's touch so desperately... he knew from the moment he bumped into perfect mister Shiro he was a goner, that he couldn't control this forbidden desire. He didn't really want to hide the burning feeling he felt towards Takashi Shirogane.

Takashi Shirogane's "Shiro" Backstory

Shiro grew up in a rich household. His father a strong, powerful businessman an Alpha in his own right. Shiro's father took no lip from anyone, especially not his snot-nosed, strong-willed son. Shiro liked to figure out his own way to do practically everything because he didn't like having to ask for help as that was a sign weakness so if the young boy asked for help you knew it was dire. As for Shiro's mother she was a fair and beautiful Omega. She was younger then his father by three or four years, but she didn't care and it didn't really matter. She was a kind and modest woman. She slowly wasted away and Shiro had to watch from the sidelines unable to do a thing to help his dear mother.

His lovely mother didn't deserve his father who was a dishonest man but he was never once disloyal, he was loyal even at the bitter end. Although the older Alpha was known to be distant and uncompassionate but Shiro knew differently, Shiro knew the side of the man that the world would never get the chance to see. Only Shiro and his mother saw which made the young boy feel valid... important if only to his parents. Shiro always felt as if he was important when his family was involved but that never stopped him from feeling lonely or incomplete. Shiro felt as if his mother never deserved the ending she got and Shiro never should've never had to watch his father try time and time to cope with the loss just to fail each time he got the nerve to try again.

As soon as Shiro was old enough he was recruited to work in the family's business. Though he had never had to work for a thing in his life he was amazing at his job. All the customers loved him. Shiro had always been good at talking to people and all the customers agreed, they would talk to him about days gone by and what would happen in their day to day lives... they would even talk about when his father was a cashier. Now, his father and him had the title of being a multi-millionaire and it seems like his name actually carried a meaning... they were important and well known. All Shiro wanted was to be normal, he was ready to drop the family name and be his own free man and maybe that's what drove him to rebel against societies rules.

Then one day Shiro met the beautiful Keith and their relationship blossomed. He would never say something but something about their relationship seemed missing like the puzzle would never be complete, that was until they met the loud-mouthed and rebellious Omega named Lance.

Lance McClain's Backstory

They were supposed to know by the time Lance turned 13 and hit puberty what his secondary gender was. It wouldn't show itself, the young boy now believes it was because it knew Lance wasn't safe with his father there. They waited a year, after all, most of his siblings and cousins showed early but not Lance. This set the already frightened boy on edge... what scared him the most was how he was immediately set apart from the rest of his family because he wasn't normal.

His mother was always supportive of him and Lance didn't know when that changed... when she stopped standing up for him. No matter how hard he tried to think of how the change happened he could never pinpoint the exact moment. Maybe she changed out of fear of my father and it was gradual but it all started with the test... the test that made his own father say he wished Lance's mom had aborted him when she had the chance to. He was still baffled on how a man could say that about the boy he had raised from infant all because he wasn't an Alpha or even a Beta.

That's when the abuse started... what hurt the most was how his family just ignored his existence and his loving and caring mother turned cold, turning a blind eye to the abuse. It was all because he wasn't normal, he was a male Omega. The moment the readily cane back he knew he would never amount to anything more then a house slave to an Alpha. Lance knew that day he would never make it to space and he would be nothing more then some toy that could have the pups of theirs to further on their wonderful bloodline and pray that none of his child suffered the same fate as he did. Female Omegas were the norm and were able to have a life, male Omegas were to be hidden away from the world and viewed as nothing more then property... like some kind of sick and disgusting property. He would have to have a proper schooling to be able to properly be able to care for his future pups. He didn't want to be like this, he wanted to be normal... he wanted to have a life but that was over for him the moment he presented.

The man Lance used to refer to as a father would let his friends have their way with Lance as long as they didn't impregnate the young teen because that would be hard to explain. Then Lance was expected to care for the house after school and if he didn't his father and older brothers would beat him mercilessly. His mother still cared enough to tend to his wounds before she was scolded for it but his father wouldn't dare lay his hand on the aging nurse.

Then one day Lance met the duo that was Shiro and Keith. The teacher wanted to see Lance after school for one of the pranks he had done during the day which would cause a beating due to him being late. That's when the two boys saw him in distress and took him away.