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Delicate Flower

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`You can’t just abandon her. ´ Claudia hissed while following the very people who should be the most devoted to baby girl Argent, a baby that unlike her twin hadn’t been blessed with a proper name. 

`She’s your daughter. ´ Claudia cries out, positively horrified by the willingness of the stone-faced woman who’d given birth to twin-girls, a woman with cold-eyes, and a heart so cold it made it easy for her to abandon her own child.

`She needs you. ´ Claudia says rather pleadingly to the father who’d visited the baby almost daily, and yet now it seemed that even he appeared willing to abandon the little baby girl. Chris does appear torn with the decision, and that’s what pushes her on to try and talk this man from making a terrible mistake.

`I’m sorry. ´ is all Chris says after a short pause, his voice low and pained destroying any hope Claudia had about the man refusing to abandon the baby that needed him, needed her family. She can see in Chris’ eyes that this isn’t something he wants to do, but the set of his shoulders also reveals to her his made-up his mind and will not budge even an inch.

That these people were able to just leave one of their own, a child who’d already crossed several hurdles with a degree of surprising success, it made Claudia blood boil.

It was positively enraging that after fighting so hard, clinging on to life so bravely, that baby girl Argent would be abandoned like she was nothing more than an old sock. Claudia couldn’t help but feel like the Argents didn’t deserve their daughters.  

This whole situation it hurt her deeply, after all she was unable to have a child of her own and these unworthy people were blessed with two, but instead of cherishing both of their daughters they were now abandoning the one who needed them the most.

`You – you disgusting people don’t deserve her. ´ Claudia states viciousl while following the Argents and their lawyer.

`You cold-hearted cow, ´ Claudia spits furiously at Victoria Argent as the group pauses to sign the last of the paperwork, her heart is full of anger and hurt as she continues to speak to the heartless woman glaring at her, `You don’t deserve to be a mother. You don’t goddamn deserve to have her, and you most certainly do not deserve to have her sister. ´

Choosing to ignore her, Mrs. Argent turns her attention back to the paperwork, one hand wrapped around the strong arm of her cowardly husband. Claudia really just wants to punch some sense into the two parents standing before her, she just wants to shake rather violently some sense or at least some sense of decency into them, she wants her own moral compass to slip into the hearts of these two disgusting people so that Chris and Victoria could find it in them to be the parents the brave little girl in her care deserved.

`That little girl, that baby girl down the hall, ´ Claudia fumes while pointing towards the direction of the room where the poor child lay attached to so many machines, wires and tubes stuck to her tiny body as the continued to hang-on to life with both hands, `she’s a fighter. She fought to make it this far, and now you heartless cowards are just going to abandon her? ´

Still, being ignored, Claudia throws her arms up into the air and shouts in frustration, `Jesus fucking Christ, it’s like you were waiting for her to just die, and now that there’s some hope…´ and then it hits her like a building worth of material, and the startled and guilty look on Chris’ face says it all.

`You – you were waiting for her to die. ´ Claudia whispers, and suddenly she feels sick and weak in the knees.

It takes Claudia to shake of the state of shock that had taken hold of her, enough so that the Argents and their lawyer have reached the elevator by the time she’s back to chasing after them. Her heart so full of bitterness and rage that her hands are shaking as she stops the elevator doors from closing behind the Argents, she’s too angry to just allow these people to go before she’s ready to let them leave.

Claudia notes with now vague interest how miserable Chris looks, how there’s a heavy cloud of sadness in his eyes, she finds Victoria as cold and disgusted as she’d appeared the few-times she’d been to look at the child that she refused to claim as her daughter, then there was Gerard who would soon be a grandfather to just one child and he truly looked annoyed and angry with how Claudia wouldn’t just let them abandon one of their own so easily.

`You, Argents, are disgusting people.  Positively vile.  ´ Claudia snarls at the three Argents, she knows the lawyer isn’t to blame for their decision and so leaves the man be.

 `I will pray, I will fucking pray, every goddamn day until I die, that the child you keep will one day see the monsters you are. ´ Claudia declares loudly, the gasp of outrage that leaves the ice-queen doesn’t stop her one bit, `I will also pray that the girls do not grow-up as twisted and bad as their mother and father, and their fucking heartless grandfather, because the world seriously don’t need anymore disgusting people like you. ´

Stepping back from the elevator, she waves a dismissing hand at the Argents before saying, `Now the three of you can fuck-off and may misery strike you all! ´ and with that Claudia Stilinski said her goodbyes to the Argents, heading straight to the little girl that had now been truly abandoned by her parents, her family, and as if knowing this the baby was crying like never before.

`Oh, brave little girl, ´ she softly speaks to the baby girl that had been abandoned simply because her development in utero hadn’t been as flawless as that her twin-sister, her little lunges weren’t as strong and perfect as baby-Allison, and the most noticeable flaw was the intestines of the baby now wrapped up in protective material outside of the tiny body.

`I’m here, you’re not alone, sweet child. ´ Claudia tells the tiny baby, reaching down to gently give the child some human contact, running the tips of her fingers tracing the delicate crown of the tiny head imagining for a moment the little girl wearing a pretty little sparkling tiara on her head; Claudia hadn’t once thought that this baby wouldn’t make it, even though so many had felt the chances of baby girl Argent B surviving was slim, she’d just known the moment she saw the baby that this kid wasn’t going to skip on the experience of life and all its wonders.

`Hush now, little one, you don’t need people around you who aren’t willing to fight with you. ´ Claudia tells the child as it continues to as best it, it’s a distressing sight but she remains brave and strong for the baby. Leaning in closer and peering down at the baby, Claudia could understand that it was upsetting seeing parts that should be inside the body of your baby, and having to continue seeing them packed-up like some leftovers wasn’t easy, but to abandon your own child because of such things as Gastroschisis and a few other issues it just wasn’t right. It was especially not right when you had enough money to easily afford and ensure the best care for your child, which was the unfair case with the Argents.  

If Claudia had been able to have a baby of her own, and she or he had been born in this shape as baby-girl Argent B, nothing in this world would’ve kept her away from her baby and knowing her husband there was no doubt that John wouldn’t have even for a second thought about abandoning their child; goddamn it, John would probably sell a kidney on the black market to ensure any child they had would get the best care possible, hell, John would even go as far as to accept any financial help her father would eagerly offer them.

In hopes of comforting the crying child Claudia begins to sing to the baby, the way she did to every child in her care, willing the baby to settle and know that not everyone had given-up on her.




When Claudia dragged him to her place of work, demanding he come and see the baby she’d set her heart on adopting, John hadn’t exactly been eager, he’d seen enough misery and pain that day while at work to not wish to see a sickly child straight off of work. But while he’d wanted to take a shower, maybe grab a beer before dinner, maybe watch some TV before convincing Claudia they should go to bed a little bit earlier than usual, John found himself doing what would please his wife.

John wasn’t sold, not one bit, on the idea of adopting a child with such serious birth defects as the child Claudia had set her heart on. In all honesty, he was firmly against it which had been the source of the resent heated arguments. Claudia hadn’t appreciated his list, not simply because of the reasons he’d listed for why they shouldn’t adopt the little girl, but also because he’d been dumb enough to write on not only a paper napkin that had come with a side of burger and fries, but he’d also used another napkin that pretty much revealed he’d also had another unhealthy meal at another establishment; John wasn’t sure whether or not the extra healthy meals Claudia was showing down his throat was because of his laps in healthy eating, or because it was the best way to punish him for being an unsensitive asshole who wrote a list of reason of why a child with birth defects shouldn’t be their daughter, it was of course possible he was being punished for both infractions.

Feeling confident that he wouldn’t change his mind on the matter of adoption, John followed his wife over to the small cot in the far-off corner of the room, watching all the while how Claudia positively lights-up at the sight of the baby, it didn’t clearly matter to Claudia that the baby was screaming her bloody head off.

`I brought someone very special with me today, ´ he hears his wife say to the child he’s yet had the courage to look at, he’s surprised how the loud cries begin to lessen as his wife speaks to the child, `he might look all big and scary, but don’t you worry, he’s a big softy so show him what a good girl you are. ´

`I’m neither big or scary looking. ´ John grumbles before finally moving to stand on the other-side of the cot, then with one steadying breath he turns his gaze down at the little girl that had captured Claudia’s heart.

The breath he’s been holding escapes him the moment tearful eyes looked up at him, and goddamn it, he feels something shift inside of him and he can’t stop himself from reaching down to the tiny child abandoned by its parents.

Suddenly the list he’d memories inside his head just disappears, vanishes as if it had never been locked carefully inside his box of arguments, the baby stops crying almost immediately after she catches his eye.

`I think she likes you. ´ Claudia whispers, one hand softly cupping the top of the head, dark tuffs of hair sticking out from underneath the palm of her hand.

There’s a part of him that really wants to believe that Claudia’s right, but there’s also another part of him that thinks rationally that this child didn’t know him from Adam.

Smiling down at the little girl who had been abandoned by her birth-parents, birth-parents who hadn’t even bothered to name her, John softly whispers a hello to the little girl.  

`Hi there, little one. ´ his f fingers itch to touch the child who looked so small and helpless, and she was helpless since her parents didn’t have her back and thus leaving her alone in the hands of strangers, not all of these strangers as interested in her well-being as his wife was. John wants to comfort the baby, but he’s both afraid of getting too attached to the baby and he was afraid of possibly hurting her, there were so many wires and tubes stuck to her tiny fragile body that to him the baby seemed painfully delicate.

`Isn’t she just adorable? ´ Claudia asks him then, and John can’t help but nod because the baby had an adorable face for sure. John is about to ask Claudia for more details on the health of the child, when suddenly he feels something small ad soft take a hold of his finger,

His heart skips and beat, and until he looks down at the tiny hand wrapped around his finger he doesn’t dare to breathe, and suddenly this tiny bit of contact doesn’t feel like enough for him; John wants to hold this baby safe in his arms, and he feels a need to make sure she’s safe and happy, and John really wants to make sure that this child doesn’t have to face the world without him there to make sure she’ll come to no harm.

John might’ve visited the abandoned child with the full intention of walking away after what should’ve been a very brief visit, but standing there, his finger held surprisingly tightly by the little girl, a new plan was forming inside of John’s head and it had nothing to do with abandoning this child.

John knows it will be anything but easy adopting the child with special needs, but he would do anything to ensure that he would be able to provide this child everything she needed, even if he might have to ask Mieczyslaw if he’d be willing to help them financial now and again; and knowing Mieczyslaw, he’d be more than happy to help them.

`That’s my girl, charm him good. ´ Claudia laughs softly while reaching down to gently stroke the still tearstained and flushed cheek.

 John struggles to dislodge the lump in his throat before speaking, `So, what do we need to do to make her ours? ´

Claudia rounds the cot and hugs him tightly from behind, thanking him over and over again, and it’s a stupid thing to do since he should thank her for forcing him to come and see their daughter.