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"Now the wren has gone to roost and the sky is turnin' gold,"

"Turnin' from the past, at last and all I've left behind."

- Ray Lamontagne

Y/n - Your name

Erwin was a woman we all never understood.

To her, we were just rookie soldiers who wanted a kick. She never put any thought into the idea that we were there to protect and serve.

I was the best there was. My partner was a teenage kid named Peter. He was a rookie and desperately needed to get his bearings. He's been partnered with a third of the department but each and every one of his mentors requested to part with him because he didn't understand the job.

The kid was sweet and innocent. I never knew why the kid joined the NYPD or why Erwin out of all people let him. The kid was a bumbling ball of energy. He always fidgeted with something and was talking non-stop about the androids from CyberLife. He was very tech-savvy and whenever the kid was asked about anything technological, his doe-brown eyes would light up and he'd ramble about the newest android CyberLife recently created or who invented what.

Peter never got off task. He was very intent on finding the culprit whenever we were given a case. Everyone cast us many glances during the first week, which made my wings beneath my shirt ruffle uncomfortably and press themselves closer to my back. Peter was so nervous and clumsy that week but I didn't mind. I was calm and slow with the anxiety-ridden teenager. After all, the stares the first week didn't help at all.

I understood when we went out to capture a deviant. I understood why Peter wasn't exactly fit with the job. New York City didn't have many androids in the area and if you did, you were most likely someone from Wall Street. We didn't have much knowledge about deviants or androids in general but we knew that if an android showed any human emotions, they were deviant.

Peter was very hesitant to carry any sort of weapon with him. He was always nervous around the armory anyway so I knew that it would be a bit hard for him to carry something deadly that could kill anyone if he aimed right and pulled the trigger on time. We chased the deviant to the Hudson and we were forced to shoot. I remember Peter fumbling with his holster and I honestly didn't want all the attention centered on the rookie so I took out the deviant's legs.

Peter was a bit shook afterward but he understood that he had to pull himself together when we were away from the station. We celebrated the next day with candy we bought with our pocket money. We had to sneak the candy in so Erwin didn't see it. If anyone saw any candy wrappers or our fingers were stained in brown sugary liquid, no one said anything.

When I walked into the office on a snowy Monday morning, I was greeted with a thick yellow envelope which sat neatly on my desk, which was very messy. My laptop was hidden beneath mounds of paperwork and there was an old mug sitting by a lamp which had a broken bulb. Pens and pencils were scattered everywhere. There was a calculator half-hidden under sheets of paper, which was most likely Peter's since he liked to do his homework at my desk when he was done with his own paperwork.

The envelope was very prominent and loud, which was a stark contrast from the white paper surrounding it. I sighed as I plopped down into my chair. Peter walked in a few moments later- from the break room pouring a whole can of Red Bull into his coffee -and sat down in the desk in front of mine. I tore the envelope open as people slowly came into the room. A few shot curious glances at me but some didn't even spare a look. Peter spun around in his chair, asking," Hey Y/n, what's that?" 

"Dunno kid, wanna find out?" 

I unfolded the paper that was inside and began reading. Peter's doe-brown eyes skimmed across the paper. He looked curious and didn't quite understand the wording for a moment. I myself had to reread the paper a few times to understand.

I clenched my teeth and righted my jaw, a dull clicking sound resonating in my ears. Peter looked up, his feathers ruffling and his brown eyes growing sad. He asked, his voice a familiar sound in the busy office," You're transferring?" I clenched my jaw, my form tensing as I glared at the words in front of me.

The approaching footsteps made my gaze snap up. Erwin approached us. She had one of her award-winning shit-eating grins. She asked," So, you've read it?"

Her long red hair was perfectly cut and curved around her face. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green and her pale skin added to her beauty. The wings that sprouted from her back were large and sleek. They were an angelic white and most of the time, she always took as much space up as possible- and on purpose. Her make-up made her look even more gorgeous and the clothing she wore was tight, showing every inch and curve of her body. She looked so formal yet beautiful. All she did was sit behind a desk and say orders to men and women who swooned over her and obeyed to her every wish. I hated Erwin with every bit of my guts, and so did Peter. There were other females in the department but they all followed her orders and such. I didn't care much for what Erwin said. Underneath the gorgeous portrait, she painted every day was a dictator. I would've gotten fired the first few months I've been here, which was years ago, but I was the best out of everyone here and the higher-ups wouldn't allow her to fire such a great asset. Plus, she didn't have an excuse to fire me anyway.

This was something she would've wanted.

I forced my body to completely relax. My composure and the air around me completely shifted. Erwin's large, white wings drew closer into themselves as if they had a mind of their own. I stated," If you want me to transfer, I'm going to leave with my partner. I did sign a contract, didn't I?"

Erwin sighed through her nose and asked sweetly to Peter, as if the poor kid was a toddler," Honey, how do you feel about transferring to Detroit?" Peter's eyes lit up. I shot him a lopsided grin. Peter stated," It'd be nice to be away from this shitty place." Erwin cocked an eyebrow at the teen. "What do you mean by that?" I exclaimed," Well, the decision has been made! When do we leave?" Erwin glared at me and began to say something, maybe ready to scold me for something absolutely ridiculous, but I cut her off, questioning," If I throw a stick, will you leave?"

Her mouth snapped shut and her face grew red. Peter and I watched as the woman left. A giggle escaped my lips as I watched her slam her office door, sending the tank of water beside the door to the floor, which spilled water everywhere. The door immediately opened when Erwin realized the terrible mistake she made of slamming her door.

This was going to be quite a week.