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Wei WuXian had a reputation at his school. He was known as the biggest player and flirt, rumors say he’s slept with nearly every girl and a few boys. Wei Ying walks around with a proud cocky smirk, his long ponytail swaying with every step he takes and he flashes the girls with finger-guns that make them giggle.

“Wei Ying! Hi!” A girl yelled out and Wei WuXian flashed her a grin and a flirty hey.

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes from where he was leaning against his locker waiting for his best friend. Wei WuXian smiled as he approached him.

“Jiang Cheng!” He greeted, smirking at a few girls and boys walking past.

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes and sighed, opening up his locker.

“What?” Wei WuXian asked as he looked over at his best friend.

Jiang Cheng grabbed out his books and slammed the locker closed and gave his best friend a deadpanned look. “Is it possible to not flirt with everyone?”

Wei WuXian grinned and shrugged, “Can’t help it, it’s who I am.”

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes and walked down the hallway, with Wei WuXian following next to him. “Not everyone appreciates being flirted with you know.”

Wei WuXian let out a ‘Pfft.’

“Of course they do! Who wouldn’t wanted to be flirted with by the great Wei Ying!”

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes for the fourth time that morning. Wei WuXian was sure that if he did it anymore they were going to roll to the back of his head. Jiang Cheng spotted a familiar figure at their locker and got an idea.

“Not everyone. I bet Lan Zhan wouldn’t appreciate being flirted with by you.”

“Who’s Lan Zhan?” Wei WuXian asked confused.

“Really? He’s in three of your classes, he’s got long black hair, quiet, short, always sits at the back of the classroom. His brother is Lan XiChen.”


Wei WuXian still didn’t get it and Jiang Cheng knew of this. He sighed and pointed to the shy boy who was grabbing out books from his locker. Jiang Cheng could see the gears in Wei WuXian’s brain turning as he looked at Lan WangJi. Finally recognition crossed his features.

“Oh! Him!” Wei WuXian said. “He won’t care if I flirt with him.”

Jiang Cheng rose an eyebrow and the two looked over at Lan WangJi as they passed him. Jiang Cheng turned his best friend and said after they were out of earshot.

“I bet you $50 you can’t make Lan Zhan fall in love with by the end of the week. And you can’t date anyone during this time.”

Wei WuXian pursed his lips and thought over Jiang Cheng’s words. Lan WangJi had passed by them at that time and Wei WuXian looked over him again. His head was down and he held tightly onto the strap of his messenger bag, his face cold and expressionless.

Wei WuXian smirked and held his hand out towards his best friend, “Deal.”

Jiang Cheng smirked and rose an eyebrow, shaking his friends hand. “Good luck.”

Wei WuXian grinned as they entered their class. “I don’t need luck.”

“Mhm, sure. Whatever you say.”


Lan WangJi sat at the back of his classroom in third period and watched Wei WuXian from behind his book. Class hadn’t started yet so they had some free time to mingle and do whatever you want. Lan WangJi watched as the beautiful man gave out a loud laugh and could feel his ears turning red.

He was glad he wore his hair down so it could cover his ears.

Lan WangJi had known Wei WuXian since he first enrolled to the school. He was in the office getting his timetable when Wei WuXian bursted into the room with a bright grin and a loud presence. He had gotten in trouble for something and needed to see the principal. The boy was taller than him and towered over Lan WangJi and the shy boy already didn’t like him but when Wei WuXian turned his way and gave him a soft smile, Lan WangJi felt his heart stutter slightly and his ears turned red.

He found out the boy was in the same year as him but what two years older than him. Because Lan WangJi had skipped a few grades he started high school at a young age.

From that day Wei WuXian was Lan WangJi’s senpai. But with Lan WangJi’s shy personality he never approached the boy and only admired him from the far.

That was until he saw Wei WuXian look over and to Lan WangJi’s horror, he started walking over.

“Hey, Lan Zhan right?” His senpai asked and Lan WangJi’s heart pounded in his chest as he nodded.

Wei WuXian grinned brightly. “I’m Wei Ying! And I must say you are very handsome,” He winked.

Lan WangJi’s heart stuttered and his ears felt hot but he just continued to stare blankly at Wei WuXian as he closed his book.

“Did you need something?” Lan WangJi asked.

He watched the shocked look that flashed across his face. Lan WangJi was well aware of his reputation and just how many people he’s slept with. Every time he thinks or hears about it his stomach churns with jealously.

“I wanted to get to know you!”

Lan WangJi rolled his eyes. “No one wants to get to know me.”

It sounded sad but it was the truth. Once people knew about Lan WangJi’s cold and anti-social behaviour no one bothered to get to know him and be friends with him.

“Well I want to!” Wei WuXian grinned and Lan WangJi stared at his senpai for a few seconds before sighing.

He was somewhat happy that he was finally noticed by his dear senpai but something felt off. Why now? Why did the boy suddenly become interest in him.


“I’m not sleeping with you,” Lan WangJi said.

Wei WuXian spluttered, opening and closing his mouth. “Lan Zhan! That’s not what I meant!” He laughed. “I just want to be your friend. But I mean if you wanted to sleep with me, I can arrange something.”

Lan WangJi’s ears grew hot as he tore his eyes away from the boy and hissed out. “Shameless!”

Wei WuXian laughed loudly and leaned in close to Lan WangJi. “Mmm, you’re cute.”

And with that, the troublemaker stood up straight and sent Lan WangJi a wink before walking back to his seat. Leaving a flustered Lan WangJi behind.



Lan WangJi was positive everything was going to go back tomorrow the next day. He was so sure Wei WuXian would go back to never noticing him and Lan WangJi back to admiring him from the far.

But that wasn’t the case as Wei WuXian came up to where he sits a lunch ( Under a tree behind the school ) with a bright smile.

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Wei WuXian breathed out and sat down next to Lan WangJi.

The quiet boy was shocked at what his senpai said. The tree he sat under was difficult to find and hardly anyone comes here, so that would mean that Wei WuXian would had to search everywhere to find Lan WangJi.

Lan WangJi felt his insides warm.

“Have you eaten?”


Wei WuXian pursed his lips and looked at Lan WangJi’s side profile. He’ll admit, the boy was beautiful. With perfectly shaped thick eyebrows, smooth pale skin, long straight nose, golden eyes and pink full lips. If he wasn’t so anti-social he’d have a partner right now.

“It’s nice out.”


Wei WuXian huffed. “So, tell me about yourself Lan Zhan.”

“What do you want to know?”

“I don’t like, like what are your hobbies, what do you enjoy doing?”

Lan WangJi shrugged, his eyes not moving from his book as he answered. “I don’t know, I like… reading.”

Wei WuXian huffed again and slumped against the tree. This was not going as well as he planned. He knew the boy didn’t talk much but he didn’t know it was this bad!

Wei WuXian had tried a few more times to get a few more sentences out of Lan WangJi but after the tenth, ‘Mm,’ he gave up and just stared up at the clear sky, bored.

He was relieved when the bell went and he said a flirty goodbye and rushed away from Lan WangJi. The shy boy sighed and slowly walked to his class. He wanted to talk more with Wei WuXian and wanted to say more things but he decided if he made Wei WuXian think he was boring then his senpai would leave him alone.

He will always love Wei WuXian, he was his first love but they are two different people not meant to be together.


“Jiang Cheng! I’m going to go insane!” Wei WuXian whined when he approached Jiang Cheng at his locker later that day.

“What’s your problem?”

Wei WuXian groaned and leaned against a locker and pouted. “He’s so boring Jiang Cheng! I can’t have a proper conversation with him! I ask things and all I get is either a short response, nothing or ‘Mm.’

Jiang Cheng sighed and closed his locker and leaned against it with his arms crossed and stared at his pouting friend. “Have you forgotten that Lan Zhan is shy? Of course he’s not going to say much!”

Wei WuXian opened his mouth then closed it and frowned. “Oh… you’re right.”

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes and smacked Wei WuXian at the back of the head causing the boy to yelp.


“You’re an idiot. You’ve only got to Sunday to make the boy fall in love with you and then that’s it! No more ‘boring’ conversations.”

Wei WuXian sighed and nodded, “You’re right.”

Jiang Cheng sighed and rolled his eyes, smacking Wei WuXian again.

“Hey! Jiang Cheng!”



Lan WangJi jumped when he heard a book slam against the table next to him and looked up with wide eyes at Wei WuXian.

“Oops, sorry Lan Zhan!”

He could see Jiang Cheng face palming and shaking his head.

Don’t make such loud noises unexpectedly near an introvert!

“It’s… okay,” Lan WangJi responded and watched Wei WuXian smile and take a seat next to him.

Lan WangJi could feel his heartbeat picking up in pace and he ears turned red. Luckily he likes to leaves his hair down.

Wei WuXian leaned against his palm with his elbow on the table as he turned to look at Lan WangJi. He noticed that everything was set out neatly and perfectly on his desk and Wei WuXian felt his mouth twitch up in a grin as he reached a hand over to knock the book so it wasn’t straight when Lan WangJi smacked his hand away.

“Ow,” Wei WuXian pouted and Lan WangJi sent him a glare.

“So mean Lan Zhan!”

Lan WangJi ignored him and looked out the window next to him and watched the leaves get swept away by the wind. It was only then did he feel a tug on his hair. He whipped his head around and glared at Wei WuXian who smiled innocently.

Lan WangJi huffed and looked down at his desk, he could still feel Wei WuXian looking at him and his heart pounded and his ears felt hot.

“Lan Zhan?”


“Lan Zhan?”


“Lan Er-Ge-Ge?”

Why did he like this idiot?

Lan WangJi turned his head to Wei WuXian and glared at him. “Yes?” He bit his tongue to stop himself from saying senpai.

Wei WuXian grinned and opened his mouth to say something when a females voice called his voice. Lan WangJi looked up to see Li Min standing their with a blush on her face. Lan WangJi had seen her around, she was pretty, with long red hair and bright blue eyes with freckles all over her face and arms.

“Yes?” Wei WuXian asked as he looked up at the girl.

Li Min cleared her throat and stuttered out, “I-I was wondering i-if you wanted to – um – go on a d-date with m-me?”

Lan WangJi adverted his eyes and swallowed down his jealously.

“Oh, sorry but I can’t,” Was Wei WuXian’s answer and Lan WangJi snapped his head towards him in shock.

Li Min’s eyes filled with tears as he nodded and retreated. Wei WuXian sighed and looked back at Lan WangJi and smiled.

“Why did you not go out with her?” Lan WangJi questioned.

“Oh… because I’ve got my eye on someone else,” He then winked at Lan WangJi and the shy boy’s heart stuttered.

“Wei Ying?”

“Lan Zhan?”

“...Why are you hanging out with me?”

“Why? Oh because...” He scooted closer and whispered. “I like Lan Zhan.”

Lan WangJi made an embarrassing noise and turned his eyes away from a chuckling Wei WuXian.


Wei WuXian laughed more.


“Lan Zhan! Lets walk home together!” A familiar voice shouted behind Lan WangJi and the boy turned around to see Wei WuXian running up to him.

“Why?” Is what Lan WangJi asked when Wei WuXian approached him.

“Because I want to get to know you more and be like the gentleman I am and walk you home,” Wei WuXian grinned.

Lan WangJi huffed, “Okay, senpai.”

The two of them froze and Lan WangJi’s eyes widened as he covered his mouth with his hand and refused to look up at Wei WuXian. He could feel the flirty boy’s eyes on him and he started to laugh.

“Oh, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! Am I your senpai!? How cute!”

“Shut up!” Lan WangJi hissed and walked away from a laughing Wei WuXian.

“No, No, Wait! Lan Zhan! I don’t mind if you call me senpai!”

Lan WangJi pursed his lips and looked at Wei WuXian from the corner of his eye. “You sure?”

Wei WuXian grinned, “Yep!”


“So, Lan Zhan, Do you watch anime?”

“I do.”

“Really?” Wei WuXian said excitedly. Looking down at him. He really is short. “What’s your favourite?"

Lan WangJi pursed his lips as he thought about all the anime he’s watched before saying, “Tokyo Ghoul.”

“Eh? Really? That’s a good one, it has to be my second favourite!”

“Mm… what’s – what’s your favourite?”

“Hmm, defiantly Black Butler. It’s amazing!”

Lan WangJi nodded in agreement and asked, “Whose your favourite character?”

“Definitely Sebastian, you?”

“Grell and Undertaker.”

Wei WuXian was buzzing with excitement at finally getting a conversation out of Lan WangJi. “Okay, who is your favourite in Tokyo Ghoul?”


“He’s my favourite too!”

Lan WangJi hummed and showed him a key chain of Hide that he put on his bag. “My brother had gotten me this for my birthday last year.”

Wei WuXian stepped closer and looked at the key chain. “Lucky! I’ve always wanted a Sebastian Key Chain but can never get one.”



Wei WuXian waved goodbye to Lan WangJi as he continued his walk to his house. He looked down at his phone and smiled. The two had exchanged phone numbers on the way and Wei WuXian was getting excited, at this rate he’ll have Lan WangJi falling in love with him in no time!



Lan WangJi was walking to school when he was approached by Wei WuXian. He squinted his eyes from the glare of the sun when he looked up at him. Why was he so tall?

“Morning Lan Zhan!” Wei WuXian said cheerily.

“Mm, Morning… senpai.”

Wei WuXian grinned and swung an arm over his shoulders. Lan WangJi tensed and Wei WuXian immediately removed his arm and smiled apologetically.

“Hey, you wanna skip school?”

Lan WangJi whipped his head around towards him. “We can’t skip!”

“Come on Lan Zhan, please? For your senpai,” He batted his eyelashes at Lan WangJi and pouted.

Lan WangJi bit his lip, his Uncle would kill him if he ever found out that he skipped school. He didn’t want another punishment but with how Wei WuXian was looking at him he couldn’t just say no.

With a sigh he responded, “Okay.”

Wei WuXian responded with a wide smile and pulled Lan WangJi away from the school. Lan WangJi’s ears turned red and was unaware of his older brothers gaze on him.

Lan XiChen was standing next to Jiang Cheng as the two watched them leave the school. Lan XiChen smiled softly and resisted the urge to chuckle, he was well aware of his brothers crush on the troublemaker.

“Won’t he get in trouble for skipping?” Jiang Cheng asked.

Lan XiChen turned to Jiang Cheng. “Don’t worry, I have an idea.”


Lan XiChen smiled and reached over and grabbed Jiang Cheng’s hand, chuckling at the blush crossing the boy’s cheeks. Jiang Cheng glared at his boyfriend but held his hand back.


Wei WuXian had brought Lan WangJi to a café. It was small and warm. It had a vintage style with large records and plants on the wall. The two sat down at a small table and grabbed the menus. The waiter came over and took their orders.

“Have you ever skipped before Lan Zhan?”

Lan WangJi shook his head. “Never.”

Wei WuXian grinned. “Never ever?”

“Mm,” Lan WangJi answered and Wei WuXian laughed, thanking the waiter as he brought them their drinks.

Lan WangJi looked around the small café as he sipped his tea. The cup was warm between his hands and Lan WangJi considered coming here by himself to read. Wei WuXian watched Lan WangJi with a soft smile on his face as he picked up his coffee and took a sip.

“Your very cute Lan Zhan, I’m surprised you don’t have a partner already.”

Lan WangJi felt his ears warm as he looked back at Wei WuXian and placed his cup down on the saucer.

“Not many people talk to me,” Lan WangJi responded and looked down at his cup.

Wei WuXian frowned and looked down at his own cup. He never really realised just how alone Lan WangJi was. Hardly anyone knew who he was or have forgotten and if they did know him then they would never approach him because of his silent nature.

“Why didn’t you try to make friends?” Wei WuXian asked as he looked back up at Lan WangJi.

Lan WangJi continued looking at his cup as he shrugged and traced the edge around the top of the teacup. “I’ve always been alone and have always preferred that. Plus I’m too shy to approach anyone.”

Wei WuXian sighed and smiled. “Well you have me now!”

Lan WangJi looked up and bit his lip, biting back a smile. Wei WuXian grinned more and leaned forward. “I’ll get you to smile one day.”

Lan WangJi’s heart thumped against his chest as he stared into his senpai’s eyes.


“Lan Zhan! Look! It’s so cute!” Wei WuXian gasped as he stared at the small kitten in the pet shop.

“Mm,” The kitten was cute, it was small and fluffy with a shiny black coat and bright green eyes.

He watched as Wei WuXian gushed over the way the kitten stretched and gave a small yawn. Lan WangJi’s lips twitched and watched his senpai be adorable.

“That was the cutest this I’ve seen in my life!” Wei WuXian said as he stared at the small animal with wide eyes.

Lan WangJi had the strong urge to reach out and pinch his cheeks. He was just so cute. But he held back and watched Wei WuXian stand up to his original height, towering over Lan WangJi.

He was about to say something when there was a muffled small bark. Wei WuXian yelped and hid behind Lan WangJi. He had to bend down a lot to be able to hide behind Lan WangJi’s short form.

“What’s wrong?” Lan WangJi asked as he looked behind him at the boy.

“D-Dog. Sc-Scared.”

Lan WangJi frowned as he looked around the shop and spotted four small puppies behind a glass screen, much like the kittens.

“Wei Ying, they’re only puppies and they are behind glass. They can’t get you.”

Wei WuXian peaked out from behind Lan WangJi and looked up at him. “Y-You sure.”

Lan WangJi nodded and Wei WuXian sighed and went out from behind Lan WangJi and grabbed his arm.

“L-Let’s just go, just in case.”

Lan WangJi nodded and the two walked out of the pet store.


Wei WuXian dropped Lan WangJi off his house later that day and it took a while for Lan WangJi to go inside. He knew the teacher tended to text your parents or guardians if you were absent from school and he just knew his Uncle got one.

He entered the kitchen and announced his was home to his Uncle and brother.

“How was school Lan Zhan?”

“Um, fine.”

“That’s good, get started on homework yeah?”

“Y-Yes sir,” Lan WangJi looked over at his brother who winked.

Lan WangJi mouthed thank you to his brother and went to do his homework.



“How are you and Lan Zhan going?” Jiang Cheng asked the next day at school.

“Huh?” Wei WuXian asked as he frowned at his brother.

“The bet?”

“Oh! That… yeah it’s going well, I think he’s falling for me.”

“Well just remember I need proof.”

“I will, I will,” Wei WuXian closed his locker and turned to his best friend.

“How’s you and Lan XiChen?”

Jiang Cheng blushed at the mention of his boyfriend.“Good.”

Wei WuXian grinned and laughed, causing Jiang Cheng to smack him in the arm.

The two walked to class and Wei WuXian sent Lan WangJi a wink on the way causing the boy’s ears to go red and turn his head away from the laughing boy.


“Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan! Lets hang out”! Wei WuXian asked after school.

Lan WangJi nodded and they both walked towards the park. Wei WuXian could tell something was up from how Lan WangJi was acting, he kept looking over at him and was biting his nails. It was now the third time Wei WuXian had pulled his hand away from his mouth.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” Wei WuXian asked when they reached the park and sat down on the grass.


“Lan Zhan.”

Lan WangJi sighed and dug through his bag and pulled out a small key chain. “I um bought this for you.”

Wei WuXian’s eyes widened as he stared at the key chain in Lan WangJi’s hand. It was a Black Butler one, more specifically, it was one of Sebastian.

“Lan Zhan...” Wei WuXian whispered as he slowly took the key chain and looked at it in disbelief.

“Y-You mentioned how you’ve always wanted a Black Butler key chain so I – um – ordered one for y-you.”

Lan WangJi let out an oof as a body suddenly connected with his and he landed back on the grass.

“Lan Zhan! Thank you so much!”

Lan WangJi returned the hug and smiled. Wei WuXian just so happened to pull back at the right moment and he felt his heart stutter in his chest when he saw Lan WangJi’s smile.

“Lan Zhan… you.”

Lan WangJi felt his ears go red and he adverted his gaze away from Wei WuXian. He heard the boy gasp above him.

“So instead of blushing on your cheeks, your ears turn red! Lan Zhan that’s so cute!”

“Nng, not cute,” Grumbled Lan WangJi.

“Oh Lan Zhan, it most defiantly is cute!” Wei WuXian grinned at the boy underneath him and stared into his clear eyes.

He wanted to kiss him.

Wei WuXian got up and pulled Lan WangJi up. The two smiled at each other and talked about what ever came to mind. When the sun was beginning to set the two went home and agreed to meet up the next day.

As Wei WuXian was walking home, he felt guilt run through his body. Lan WangJi was so sweet and Wei WuXian was going to hurt him. But at this moment he realised that he too was in love with the shy boy, so maybe when this bet end Lan WangJi never has to know.

Wei WuXian felt even more guilty now.



Lan WangJi came over Wei WuXian’s house the next day and the two were in Wei WuXian’s room playing games and talking. To Wei WuXian’s surprise, Lan WangJi was very skilled when it came to video games.

Wei WuXian groaned as he died yet again. “How do you keep winning?!”

Lan WangJi just shrugged and placed the controller down. Wei WuXian got up and turned off his console and grabbed his computer. The two got comfortable on Wei WuXian’s bed and looked for something watch.

“What do you want to watch?” Wei WuXian asked as he looked over at Lan WangJi’s handsome face.

He’s so pretty.

“What ever you want to watch senpai,” Lan WangJi responded.

Wei WuXian bit back the groan at the name. Ever since his recognised his feeling for the shy boy the name senpai did things to him. Wei WuXian turned back to his computer and put something random on.

The two watched the screen when Lan WangJi’s eyes drifted over towards Wei WuXian. He bit his lip as he watched the screen brighten up Wei WuXian’s eyes. His hair was messy and pulled into a ponytail and a few curls tickled his cheeks from how close they were sitting.

“Wei Ying,” Lan WangJi called and Wei WuXian paused the video and turned to Lan WangJi.

The shy boy sat up and took a deep breath. He stared right into Wei WuXian’s grey eyes and his chest filled with anxiety and his palms became sweaty.

“I-I love you.”

He heard Wei WuXian’s breath hitch and watched his eyes widen before he smiled softly and grabbed Lan WangJi’s hand.

“I love you too.”

Wei WuXian felt so much guilt as he watched Lan WangJi’s ears turn a pretty pink and a small shy smile blossomed onto his face.



Lan WangJi had the stayed the night. A very innocent, nothing dirty, night cuddled up to his boyfriend. The two were standing in front of Wei WuXian’s front door and Lan WangJi was about to go home.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Wei WuXian said.

Lan WangJi nodded and the two slowly moved in, each of their hearts beating loudly against their chest. Their lips met in an awkward but sweet kiss. Wei WuXian was over the moon, it was his first kiss and he had it with the one he really loves.

“Wow, the best first kiss ever,” Wei WuXian sighed and Lan WangJi’s eyes widened.

“That was your first?”

“Yeah why? Was it yours?”

“Well yeah… but I thought...”

Wei WuXian eyes widened when he figured out what he meant. “Oh! Yeah no, people just said that, I’ve never done anything with someone else except for going on dates.”

Lan WangJi felt a little more relieved and nodded, leaning forward and kissing him again.


That night Wei WuXian laid in his bed and stared up at the ceiling. His chest felt heavy with guilt whenever he thought about his boyfriend. He really never considered Lan WangJi’s feeling when he first accepted the bet and now that he was actually in love with him it made him feel even worse.

He heard his phone ding and he picked it up and saw it was from Lan WangJi.

Lan Zhan : Goodnight

Lan Zhan : xx

Wei WuXian broke out into a grin as he texted back.

Wei Ying : goodnight Lan Zhan! xx

Wei Ying : I love you!

It took a while before Lan WangJi responded.

Lan Zhan : I love you too

Wei WuXian felt so bad.



Wei WuXian walked into school the next day and went up to his best friend.


Wei WuXian swallowed his guilt and pulled out his phone and showed him the text. Jiang Cheng’s eyes widened when he read it and pulled out his wallet.

“Wow, I never thought you could do it. Here, $50 for making Lan Zhan fall in love with you in just a week.”

Wei WuXian sighed as he accepted the money, he felt awful.


Wei WuXian looked up at Jiang Cheng and saw he was staring at something behind him. Wei WuXian looked behind and down at Lan WangJi.

His eyes widened and his heart broke at the betrayed look in Lan WangJi’s eyes.

“Lan Zhan –“

Lan WangJi shook his head and stepped back away from Wei WuXian, his eyes filled with tears. “Stay away from me.”

“Lan Zhan – wait!”

Lan WangJi ran down the hallway and Wei WuXian ran a hand through his hair. His eyes filled with tears and his heart felt like it was being stabbed over and over.

Jiang Cheng’s eyes widened when he realised, “You fell in love with him.”

Wei WuXian nodded as he slumped against the lockers.


Later that day Lan XiChen approached his boyfriend upset.

“Is it true? Did you bet money of Wei Ying to make my brother fall in love with him?!”

“Lan XiChen – I –“

“What is wrong with you! Did you ever stop to think about who my brother is?! Jiang Cheng, I told you my brother was in love with Wei Ying and this is what you did?!”

“No – Lan XiChen I’m sorry! But Wei Ying fell in love with him!”

“Yeah and what if he hadn’t?! Wei Ying would’ve just tossed him away and my brother would’ve been even more hurt!”

“Lan XiChen – “

“I can’t believe you...” Lan XiChen whispered and walked away from his boyfriend.

Jiang Cheng rose a hand to his mouth and let out a sob. He had fucked everything up.


“Lan Zhan! Please, just talk to me!” Wei WuXian shouted as he ran after Lan WangJi after school.

Lan WangJi’s eyes were red from crying in the bathroom and his heart felt heavy in his chest. He ignored Wei WuXian’s shouts and continued walking.

Wei WuXian ran up next to him and grabbed his arm, stopping him. “Please! Just let me explain.”

Lan WangJi shook his head. “You don’t have to explain anything.” Wei WuXian’s breath hitched when Lan WangJi looked up and he saw his red eyes.

“I thought you actually liked me… I’ve loved you for so much and you –“ Lan WangJi chocked back a sob and he ripped his arm out of Wei WuXian’s grip and walked a few steps ahead.

“No! Lan Zhan please!” Wei WuXian sobbed out. “Just let me explain.”

Lan WangJi sighed and stared at the ground before turning around and facing Wei WuXian. “Fine.”

Wei WuXian took a deep breath before explaining, “Yes, I agreed to the bet Jiang Cheng made and I know it was stupid of me and I didn’t think of your feelings at the time but I – Lan Zhan I fell in love with and there was so many times I was going to break of the deal –“

“Then why didn’t you?”

Wei WuXian sobbed as he covered with face with his hands and mumbled out, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“I did a stupid thing and hurt the one I love, I always mess everything up,” He whispered the last bit to himself as he sobbed in his hands.

Lan WangJi’s eyes filled with tears as he approached Wei WuXian and removed his hands. He stared into his teary grey eyes.

“You love me? This isn’t another bet or a joke?” Lan WangJi asked.

Wei WuXian shook his head, “No, I’m telling the truth. Lan Zhan, Lan Er-Ge-Ge, I love you so much.”

Lan WangJi gave a quivering smile as he sobbed and hugged Wei WuXian tightly. “I love you too.”

Wei WuXian sobbed in relief as he hugged Lan WangJi back just as tightly, whispering I love you over and over.


Wei WuXian invited Lan WangJi over and the two were cuddling in bed. Lan WangJi’s head was tucked under Wei WuXian’s chin while the troublemaker ran a hand through his hair.

Lan WangJi looked up and connected their lips together. Wei WuXian eagerly responded back and climbed over Lan WangJi. The shy boy wrapped his arms around the latter male’s and moaned into the kiss sending shivers down Wei WuXian’s spine.

“I love you,” Wei WuXian mumbled against Lan WangJi’s mouth.

“I love you too, senpai,” responded Lan WangJi shyly.

Wei WuXian smiled and kissed the boy beneath him deeply, licking his way into his mouth, pulling soft moans from the boy. Wei WuXian pulled back from the kiss and stared into Lan WangJi’s clear eyes while tugging at his shirt buttons.

Lan WangJi’s cheeks turned a pretty pink as he nodded. Wei WuXian smiled and began unbuttoning Lan WangJi’s white shirt with little bunnies scattered all over. It was the cutest thing Wei WuXian had ever seen.

Once his shirt was unbuttoned, Wei WuXian threw the shirt onto his floor and Lan WangJi sat up panicked.

“Wait, what about your family?”

Wei WuXian smiled, “Don’t worry, my parents don’t get back from work til midnight.”


Wei WuXian kissed Lan WangJi again before pulling back and ridding his own red t-shirt. He placed a tanned hand on Lan WangJi’s pale stomach and dragged it up to his chest. Lan WangJi’s breathing became lathered.

He let out a small gasp as Wei WuXian brushed his fingers over his pink nipples. Wei WuXian grinned and leaned forward, taking the hard bud into his mouth. Lan WangJi bit back a moan as he tossed his head back into the pillow and buried his hand into Wei WuXian’s curly locks.

Wei WuXian teased both nipples before coming back up and kissing the boy again. Lan WangJi slipped his eyes closed as he let himself get lost into the kiss.

The troublemaker pulled back slightly from the kiss and began lacing them on his forehead, his cheeks, the tip of his nose and his chin before sucking a mark into the side of his neck.

Lan WangJi whined out shyly and gripped Wei WuXian’s shoulders as he felt his senpai’s teeth scrap against his neck, sucking another mark.

Lan WangJi was hard in his pants now and he lifted his hips up to get some friction only to be held down by Wei WuXian. Lan WangJi whimpered and Wei WuXian’s heart skipped a few beats when he saw the little pout.

He chuckled and held a finger before sitting up and rummaging through his bedside draw and fishing out a half empty bottle of lube. Lan WangJi blushed when he saw it and his heart doubled in pace.

Wei WuXian chucked the lube onto the bed and begun unbuttoning Lan WangJi’s black jeans and pulling them off, along with his boxers and getting rid of his own black ripped jeans and boxers.

Lan WangJi blushed more, his ears felt like they were on fire and his heart thumped against his chest. Wei WuXian licked his lips as he stared at Lan WangJi’s pale body causing the shy boy to shiver.

They met in another kiss as they felt each others bodies in shy and hesitant touches. Lan WangJi let out a cute squeak of surprise when Wei WuXian flipped their position and he was now sitting in the trouble makers lap.

Wei WuXian grinned at the boy and grabbed the bottle of lube and spun it around in his fingers, looking down at Lan WangJi. Even in this position Wei WuXian was still taller.

“You sure?” Wei WuXian asked seriously.

Lan WangJi took a deep breath and nodded his head. “Yes.”

Wei WuXian smiled and popped the lid open and squirted some lube onto his fingers. He chucked the bottle somewhere and reached behind Lan WangJi while the other grasped his dick and slowly moved his hand up and down.

Lan WangJi jumped slightly when he felt two fingers rubbed at his entrance and he forced himself to relax as the first one entered. He squeezed his eyes closed and hissed at the painful stretch. Wei WuXian moved his finger in slowly and carefully while continuing to jack Lan WangJi off.

When Wei WuXian slid his finger fully he waited Lan WangJi to adjust before moving it in and out. After some time he added the second finger and Lan WangJi gave out a breathless moan. His hips jumped to get more friction on his dick and Wei WuXian chuckled.

He fingered and stretched Lan WangJi out until he was ready. Lan WangJi whimpered when Wei WuXian removed his fingers and grabbed the bottle of lube. He covered his twitching member and positioned himself at Lan WangJi's tight entrance.

He slowly slid in as Lan WangJi grasped his board shoulders. He gasped and moaned breathlessly as Wei WuXian’s thick member slid into him. Once he was seated fully on Wei WuXian’s lap, his member deep inside of him, he closed his eyes and focused on his breathing.

Wei WuXian rubbed his side and whispered comforting words. When Lan WangJi was ready he nodded his head and gasped when Wei WuXian grabbed his hips and lifted him up and slam him down back onto him.

Lan WangJi wrapped his arms around Wei WuXian’s neck as he let out small shy moans. Wei WuXian wanted him to let out more and to be louder so once Lan WangJi had fully gotten used to him he began thrusting upwards hard.

He slid down so he was lying on his back and grasped onto Lan WangJi’s hips and thrusted upwards. Lan WangJi moaned loudly and closed his eyes, taking in Wei WuXian’s rough thrusts.

Lan WangJi whined when Wei WuXian suddenly stopped and looked down at him confused.

Wei WuXian grinned. “Ride me,” he whispered in a husky voice.

Lan WangJi shivered and he blushed as he slowly lifted himself up before coming back down onto Wei WuXian’s dick. Wei WuXian groaned and watched Lan WangJi continue to bounce up and down on him, letting out sweet moans.

Lan WangJi titled his back so the end of his hair touched Wei WuXian’s thighs as he bounced harder and faster, moaning out loud. Wei WuXian grasped his sides and watched the area where his dick slid in and out of Lan WangJi.

Lan WangJi’s dick twitched as he felt himself getting closer and whined out when Wei WuXian wrapped a hand around him and jerked him off. He bounced faster, each thrust hitting his prostate.

“Come on Lan Zhan, come for me. Come for your senpai.”

Lan WangJi moaned out. “Senpai!” Before coming all over Wei WuXian’s fingers and his stomach.

Wei WuXian moaned as he grabbed onto Lan WangJi’s hips and thrusted up quickly and coming inside. Lan WangJi collapsed on top of him and breathed hard. Wei WuXian wrapped his arms around his small body and placed a kiss to the top of his head.


The next day at school Lan WangJi had spoken to his brother after he fund out what happened between him and Jiang Cheng. He was now standing beside Wei WuXian as they watched Jiang Cheng and Lan XiChen talk.

Wei WuXian smiled and Lan WangJi sighed in relief when they saw them hug and kiss each other. Wei WuXian turned to Lan WangJi and looked down at him.

“I love you my small boyfriend!”

Lan WangJi glared and crossed his arms, turning away from Wei WuXian.

“Aww, is my boyfriend mad? They always say short people are the most short tempered – Ow! Lan Zhan!”