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Take it 1qd

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Shizuo walked into Shinras apartment with annoyance. Shinra had called him over to discuss a job he thought Shizuo would be perfect for. He wanted to argue that he didn't really trust Shinra when he said those kind of words but he had just been let go at his debt collection job.

"This wasn't my fault." Shizuo thought angrily.

His boss had said something about his dog having fleas! Fleas made him think of THAT flea, Izaya Orihara, and that just pisses him off. So he punched through his boss's desk and might have thrown a lamp or two, he wasn't really counting, and well.... here we are. Standing in Shinra's hallway with the Dr. no where to be seen.

"Oi! Shinra where are you?" Shizuo had let himself in since he had knocked twice and no one anwered. He never had a lot of patience when it came to Shinra. Might have something to do with Shinra always wanting to disect him or expieramnet on him.

He walked through Shinra and Celty's apartment calling out to each of them. No one responded in his annoyance. He made his way through the living room and started towards the kitchen.

"Shinra invited me over and he isn't even here?" Shizuo growled to himself.

He walked in the kitchen and opened the fridge. Since he had to come all the way here he might as well have a treat. To Hell with Shinra if he wasn't even going to bother being here. He grabbed a bottle of milk and ripped of the lid.

"Hey Shizuo! Didn't here you come in!" Shinra's excited voice startled Shizuo causing him to drop the milk. Shinra stood and smiled. "Oops!"

"....." Shizuo starred at the broken glass and milk that was soaking into his socks now. Curse him and his hospitality.

"I'm really glad you came! I can't wait to show.... Shizuo?" Shinra gulped as Shizuo started to walk towards him slowly. He ignored the glass underfoot and left milky foot prints behind him. "Hey come on now. It was an accident and it was my milk.... Sorry."

*Que painful shouting*

Shinra stood in the living room rubbing the huge welp on his forhead. "You didn't have to flick me so hard!"

" Tsch. I barley touched you." Shizuo replied in annoyance. "Are you gonna tell me about this damn job or not?" He flopped on the couch and crossed his arms watching Shinra.

Shinra instantly perked up. "Oh Yeah of course!" He dug through his labcoat excitedly. "I can't wait! It's going to be perfect for you!"

"I hate it when you say that..." Shizuo grumbled. "Usually means the opposite. This better not be some damn experiment you want to try on me or I'll break your damn neck."

"Oh not at all!" Shinra kept digging in his coat. "It's a new idea I had and have been wanting to try out!"

Shizuo looked away. He began tapping his foot with impatience. Shinra was taking too long to explain and tell him what was going on. "Shinra if you don't st-"

Shinra thrusted a business card in his face. Shizuo looked past the card at Shinra's beaming face and then snatched the card out of his hand. "The Hell is this?" He started to read the card while Shinra started talking.

"It's a new business I plan to start! Of course it isn't going to be legal though. I am an underground Dr. after all but doing this is really going to help me be more organized and make even more money! Celty might be able to quite her courier business soon too!" Shinra clapped his hands and spun around. He flopped in a chair and started talking about his relationship with Celty and all the free time they would have together.

Shizuo drowned him out and frowned at the card. "CelShin's Underground Pharmacy" He turned the card over in his hands to find business hours and a phone number on the back. He looked back at Shinra and back at the card.

"Shinra are you serious?" Shizuo asked.

"Of course!" Shinra stopped talking and looked at him. He tilted his head to the side. "Don't you like it?"

"What's the point? You can, and you DO give your drugs away here already." Shizuo rolled his eyes. "And why would you want me for this? I have been to a Pharmacy and those people are crazy. I wouldn't last a day with out getting pissed off and breaking something."

"You're thinking about a retail Pharmacy though!" Shinra jumped up off the chair he had been sitting in and fanned his arms out. "This is an illegal underground one. You won't be dealing with sweet old ladies needing their Losartan. You'll be dealing with the Awakuzo needing pain meds for a bullet wound or Lisinopril for their blood pressure." Shinra looked away thoughtfully. "That job get's pretty stressful. Might even have some getting Xanax to get by." He began trailing off and naming what Shizuo could only assume to be other drugs.

"Yeah. What if they piss me off too?" Shizuo growled.

"Then throw them out." Shinra said simply after he stopped his rambling. "These are criminals who are going to know that Shizuo Heiwajima is an employee anyway. They should know to be careful."

"Why me Shinra?" Shizuo asked. He kept turning the card in his hand. He imagined someone telling him their price was wrong and throwing them through a window. He winced at that glass shattering and the shook his head. "I don't see this ending well...."

"Because it's you. Do you realize how much merchandise I will have stored there? Drugs are expensive! If people know you work their they won't even think about robbing the place!" Shinra said excitedly.

"So you ARE fucking using me?" Shizuo crumbled the paper up and threw it on the ground.

Shinra put his hands up. "Caught me." He grinned at Shizuo. "I want to pay you for your strength though and there is no guarantee that you would even need to use it. I don't want you to beat up people or anything either. Just be an employee is all."

"Fuck you Shinra." Shizuo stood up and started making his way to the door.

"It'll pay well and who else will hire you?" Shinra smiled to himself as he heard Shizuo stop walking. "I'm not asking you to beat up anyone Shizuo. As I said before you might not even use your strength at all. I'll pay you triple what you made at the Debt Collection and you won't even have to do much." He turned at smiled at Shizuo.

"I could get a job." Shizuo didn't face Shinra.

Shinra spoke to Shizuo's now hunched shoulders. "With your reputation? No way."

Shizuo looked up at the ceiling. "Shit...." He turned around and growled at Shinra. "FINE but pay me quadruple!"

Shinra grinned even wider. "Of course!" He dug in his other coat pocket and handed Shizuo another card.

"I don't want another card." Shizuo glared at it.

"It's a different one though." Shinra nodded for him to take it.

Shizuo grabbed it and looked at it. His anger melted and he felt a smile cross his lips. "You fucking asshole."

"What can I say. I know my friend!" Shinra flopped on the couch where Shizuo had been sitting. He crossed his legs and grinned. "Think you can start tomorrow?"

Shizuo looked up after he fixed the card. "Sure. You already got it going with out even knowing if I would say yes?"

"Almost. I'm having more medications sent over to the building." He looked at the crumbled card on the floor. "The address is on the card. You can start at 9am."

Shizuo walked over and bent down to grab the card and shove it in his pocket. "Where do you get the drugs?" He asked curiously.

"You want to know more of the business side?" Shinra asked a little put off.

"Just wondering is all." Shizuo lit up a cigarette.

"As a Pharmacy Technician you should know smoking isn't good for you." Shinra waved away some smoke.

"And as my FRIEND you should know I don't give a shit." Shizuo growled around his cigarette.

Shinra laughed and then gave a small cough. "I have a source with Yagiri Pharmaceuticals that can hook me up."

"Insurance?" Shizuo asked around his smoke.

"What do you mean?" Shinra asked back.

"Don't you have to have insurance to get meds?" Shizuo puffed out smoke. "I needed an antibiotic that was like 500$ with out it."

"OH! Wow I didn't expect you to think so much on this." Shinra squeaked at the angry glare Shizuo shot him. "Well I have a hacker that will get into the data bases around town and get records for me. He even has me a DEA and NPI all made up for the insurances to see!"

Shizuo looked thoughtful. "You got it all figured out huh?"

"Well yeah!" Shinra beamed at him. "I even have a drive through installed!"

Shizuo paled at that. "Wait what!?"

"Just kidding! What crazy underground Pharmacy has a drive through? It's not a fast food joint." Shinra started laughing. "Get out of here and get some rest for tomorrow. No uniform needed. I think your own uniform is perfect!" Shinra laughed again. "Makes you more the Shizuo Heiwajima I needed."

Shizuo rolled is eyes and headed for the door. He paused and looked back at Shinra who had started typing on his phone. "Hey Shinra?"

Shinra looked up. "Yeah?"

"Seriously thanks for this. I know it's not the honest work I wanted but... I appreciate you helping me out...even if you are kinda using me." He quickly made his way out the door before Shinra could reply.

Shinra smiled at the door and then went back to typing on his phone. "Good thing the building has renforced steal. I don't think he can break it but I'll find out tomorrow."

Shizuo was walking down the street heading home. He looked at the top right of his shirt and smiled at the new name tag. He lit up another cigarette as he walked home with light feet. His name badge swinging on his chest.

"CelShin's Underground Pharmacy
Shizuo Heiwajima
Pharmacy Technician"