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Here We Go Again [Venomous Edition]

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He finally felt powerful.

Being able to destroy whatever he wanted, Fink by his side. He had a whole planet to himself.

It was everything he wanted.

Well, that’s what he thought.

Something just felt off; something just wasn’t right.

It wasn’t until he tired himself out that he realized why.

He had never minded being alone before. He actually preferred it. No one to judge him, no one to say that he was weak. He had grown used to the solace before he found Fink. It took a bit of getting used to, but he still managed to have his alone time. He still enjoyed being alone more than anything.

So why was he feeling so alone on this planet?

Well, he got used to being around people.

To being around him.

That’s what was wrong.

He wasn’t with him.

“Boss? What’s wrong?” Fink pulled him out of his thoughts.

He was staring at Earth, the planet being very close by. Fink was standing beside him, having just finished another destruction frenzy. He sighed, putting on a small smile for her. “I’m fine, Fink.”

She was silent for a few moments before saying, in a quiet tone, “I miss him too.”

“I really screwed up, didn’t I?” His let his gaze drop to his hands. They were shaking.

“Gee, you think?” She deadpanned.

He sat down and wrapped his arms around his legs, keeping his eyes on Earth as if it would disappear at any moment. He wondered how he was doing. How were his kids? Was he happy… without him? He sniffled a bit at the thought. He had been an awful boyfriend; he wouldn’t blame the other if he was much happier without him.

“Aw, jeez, boss, don’t cry.” Fink quickly spoke up. “I-I didn’t mean it-”

“No. You’re right.” He tried wiping the tears out of existence but more just replaced them. “I messed up. I don’t deserve him….”

“Don’t say that! I’m sure if you just apologized, he’d take you back!”

“Fink, relationships don’t just work out like that.” He sighed, looking to his minion. “What I did was unforgivable.”

“I forgave you, boss!”

He had to look away, more tears blocking his sight. He had a small, almost disappointed smile. “I couldn’t imagine why.”

“I already told ya.” She laid a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll always be by your side to the very end.”

Fink immediately found herself trapped in a tight hug. In any normal case with anyone else, she would likely try to get out of it, but feeling her boss quiver, quiet sobs he tried to hold back shaking him as he held his death grip on her, she knew she had to return the affection. She had never actually seen him break down like this; he was usually so calm and collected. He really did regret what he had done.

It was a little while before he finally let go of her, drying his tears. He stood, looking once again to Earth.

“Can we go back now? There aren’t any videos game here!”

He laughed. “Yes, we can go back now.”

It was fun while it lasted, but his best life was not going to be spent on this planet.