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Sweet Talk

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“It’s too big, I can’t take it, I can’t-”

“You can and you will,” Felix snarls, hands tightening around Sylvain’s waist. He can feel Sylvain contract around his cock as soon as he speaks.

Sylvain always gets like this around this time of the year. Whiny. Needy. Horny. Felix is always there to put him in his place. Right now, he’s trying to get his knot into him and Sylvain is, as usual, vying for punishment.

Sylvain is so, so wet. He’s dripping from his pussy down to his thighs, and his dick is erect and sensitive. He’s come twice already; when Felix first entered him, and then a minute later. He can take this knot, probably could’ve taken it the moment Felix walked through the door to their apartment.

“Quit struggling, would you? Why must you be so difficult all the time...” Felix sighs out - and if there is a trace of fondness in his tone, he will surely not admit it. Felix moves his right hand off of Sylvain’s fit waist and traces it up to his neck so he can feel the warmth of his scent glands. They are rich with the fragrance of Sylvain’s arousal, and Sylvain shivers when calloused fingers grip onto him. A bead of sweat drips down Felix’s temple and onto Sylvain’s neck.

“F-Felix?” Sylvain is getting impatient, and yet, Felix thinks, it was his damn idea to wait for a knot for so long in the first place. If Felix wants to play with him after how he was acting, then he will.

Felix bends down, removes his hand from around Sylvain’s neck and grips the sheets next to him. He’s pretty sure he just got precum on their nice sheets, but that’s on Sylvain for not putting a fucking towel down like he was supposed to when his heat hit.

“Felix, please, I’m sorry, I want it,” Sylvain whines as if he hasn’t cum yet. Felix considers spanking him, but he’s more sensitive than usual around this time.

“Sorry? You’re sorry? I’ll believe that when I see it,” and oh, the sweet, sweet whimper Sylvain releases makes Felix growl. The yelp he lets out when Felix sinks his teeth into his neck is even more satisfying.

Alpha,” Sylvain cries, cries, cries, pushing back onto Felix’s swollen knot. Felix groans and pushes forward easily into Sylvain.

Yeah, fill me up, breed me,” Sylvain groans - Felix wonders if he says that stuff just to be embarrassing.

“Oh my God, shut up, will you? Just fucking take it like a good omega and - oh fuck,” He shoves himself in as deep as he can inside of Sylvain when he cums, giving him that breeding he wants and, oh God he can see his own ejaculate leaking out around his thick, pulsing knot. How is it possible to cum so much? Should he be worried? But then Sylvain arches up in another orgasm and Felix thinks that he has better things to be concerned with.

“Fuck, I’m so full, I’m gonna cum again-!” Sylvain cries as he darts a hand down to his dick, rubbing furiously while he chases what Felix is hoping is his last orgasm because he’s starting to get worried his knot will burst from the pressure; and yet, he replaces Sylvain’s hand with his own and goes at his dick until Sylvain’s whines turn into screams.

“Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, y-” Sylvain is yelling into the pillow, bucking into Felix’s hand and back again because it’s so much but he’s so close and he can’t take it, he’s gonna burst-

“Fucking cum around my knot, that’s right, such a slutty omega,” and Felix talking to him like that - he’s so mean - pushes him over the edge and has him squirting around Felix’s knot, releasing impossibly more cum into his slick, throbbing hole. It’s such a mess and will undoubtedly be gross once the post-orgasm haze fades away, but for now Felix feels… right. His omega is full up with his knot and he smells like his. Sylvain is purring and drooling onto the pillow, and he decides that this - embarrassing as it is - is worth the mess.

Sylvain is definitely going to be the one to take these sheets to the dry cleaners, though.