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One Shots / Request - BTS

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I'm Megan. It’s my first time doing request, and i don’t know if i will suck or if i’m going to be good but i want to try it. So send me your requests. I'm not fast at writing so expect slow updates. And my bias is Yoongi but i will write about any member.

Things i will write:

Sick / Hurt / Angst
Maybe little space, but nothing sexual or too weird
I like writing members being friends, almost like brothers, but you can ask relationships.

Things i won't write:

Members dying
Smut / sex / rape / ABO

One more thing, english is not my first language but i’m trying. If you want to i can write in spanish too.

Edit: For the moment requests will be closed, until i can write some of the ones you send to me. Thank you so much for the support and i will work hard to publish all of them <3