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Afraid of Heights

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You had always liked winter time. When you were younger you'd wait every evening in front of the window, plushy pajamas already on accompanied by silly fuzzy socks, eager to spot the first snow flakes.

You smiled tightly at the memory. It seemed so long ago, almost like an entire lifetime away and then some... The steady crunch beneath your sneakers was so familiar. Even the dark dank woods that loomed over you almost dangerously reminded you of the forest behind your parents' house, playing pretend and collecting sticks and flowers. If only it wasn't so. Damn. Cold. The shirt on your body did little to protect you and you scolded yourself for not taking a jacket.

On the other hand who could've expected you to find your way down under. And no... Australia wasn't on your mind. You had finally managed to drill the tears back, salty frozen lines remaining on your cheeks.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The path had no end or so it seemed. Hah...perhaps Toriel had been right. You should've stayed with her. You could have had butterscotch pie to your heart's delight, warming yourself in front of the warm hearth, walking the ruins in circles...

Alas both of you knew that it never would've worked out. She was such an overly protective mother which you admired no question had felt odd. You had seen the looks she had given you and while you haven't figured out what they meant you were sure she was surprised to see someone like you in the small clearing of flowers.

She had looked surprised almost shocked. Still she had helped you up in a motherly fashion, holding your hand in her furry one and judging by the mellow smile on her lips she had taken your dropped jaw and wide eyes with stride.

Again your eyes started to burn, the wind making the tears even more unbearable.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

You halted. An odd looking branch was in your way and it lied there so comically you almost grinned. Surely someone had put it there. There was no way the dry, dead shaved trees could've dropped it in the middle of the otherwise clear path. No small branches, no small pebbles, not even faint footsteps. Nothing to indicate any living being around these parts.

Biting your lips you weighed the possibility of this being a trap. Not wanting to tempt your fate you jumped over it, looking back quickly to make sure nothing was out of order. A shiver ran down your spine. The wind picked up. The cloudly puffs in front of your were getting bigger and your breath shakier with every step.

God, you were so damn cold. Your fingers were starting to freeze, rubbing them up and down your arms you tried to keep some feeling in them. On your feet you had given up. It felt like walking on pins and needles and you hoped and prayed you would find some sort of shelter soon.

Crunch. Crunch. Crack-

Lightning-fast you turned around. The was broken. Okay...okay...stay calm. Maybe this was just a coincidence, the branch looked old and dry and that's why it- let's be real who were you kidding?

“...Hello?” Your voice was so soft and cracked due to your tear stained throat and fright. Hah, wouldn't it be nice if a little Moldsmal had followed you? An easy, small, cute little monster that couldn't hurt you as long as you didn't hurt them... You scrunched your face.

A Moldsmal wouldn't survive this cold, there was a reason those little gelatine puddings stayed in the cozy ruins. No response aside from your own echo. You took a shaky breath. At least whoever was there should have the curtecy of making it quick.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunchcrunch.

There was someone behind you. There was no way in hell you were imagining things. Perhaps you could speed up and try to find someone who was a little more...friendly.

Albeit Flowey had taught you enough about his friendliness already. Still you could hold onto that hope. Quickening your steps you were relieved to find a small wooden bridge with... a very large fence? Handmade alright... not very sturdy and you wondered who it was meant to keep out. You were jogging at this point, careful not to slip on the snowy ground. Skin warming up, you forgot about the coldness for a second, racing over the small bridge instead.

But... your feet were glued to the wood. The sudden hold almost made you topple over if it weren't for the steady stance of your legs.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

“D o y o u n o t k n o w h o w t o g r e e t a n e w f r i e n d ? T u r n a r o u n d a n d s h a k e m y h a n d b u d d y.”

The deep voice rang out and for a second you had died. Of course...there was someone behind you. Wiggling your toes proofed to work. curious. Taking a deep breath you turned around. While Toriel had been the first real monster you had encountered she had been a motherly overpush of a person. Friendly and sweet her looks matched her personality. Your eyes widened.

A skeleton. An acutal talking, walking, clothes-wearing, grinning skeleton. The shock was so deep in your bones (ha!) that the scream that wanted to escape was swallowed harshly. Your eyes took in his face or lack thereoff while your hand moved of its own accord.

What was that strange light in his eyesockets?


“What...?” His gleeful laugh filled the air, his..hand warm and...plasticy?

“the old whoope-cushion in the hand trick. a classic. name's sans. sans the skeleton.”

His deep voice rumbled out and he let go of your hand gently. Pushing his own into the pockets of his hoodie, still grinning from...well grinning wide.

“Eh...Y/n. My- my name's Y/n.”

“nice to meet'cha kid. you're human, right? that's hilarious. i'm actually out 'cause i'm supposed to be on watch for humans i'm not feeling it right now.” You swallowed harshly.

“'re letting me go?”

Sans' narrowed his eyesockets. How was that even possible?! Tilting his head to the side he watched you intently for a few seconds.

“am i holding you captive?” Fair question because...he wasn't. He was standing there, chill incarnate, grinning wildy all after pulling a whoope-cushion on you. Despite his frightening appearance he did not seem dangerous at all. Were those pink slippers on his feet?

“now my brother, you must know,”, he continued in a tone that sounded strangely rehearsed, “is a human hunting fanatic. i actually think that's him over there.”

His left hand left his pocket and he pointed past you strange ahead. Following his direction you turned around. Indeed, it looked like some red bloop was approching in the distance.

“don't worry about him. he couldn' hurt a fly would mean a great deal if you along for a while.” Sans' voice brushed your ear and you narrowly missed the sharp edge in his tone.

“Play along...with what?”

“don't worry your pretty little head about it kid. i'll keep an eyesocket out for you.” You could hear the smugness rolling off of him and true enough...another skeleton approached quickly. Although he stopped immediately after seeing the two of you.

Like a deer in headlights you stared at him not really sure what to do. Could you outrun him? Because right now, the dank witchy forest looked rather cozy with the way the tall skeleton was looking at you. Jaw dropped, a strange orange twinkling in his eyes, hands covered by huge red gloves balled into fists.

“SANS?! IS THAT...IS THAT A HUMAN?!”, he exclaimed excitedly running towards you once again. Okay, no chance to outrun, not to mention your track sprint record had never been the best.

“relax kid.” Sans whispered behind you as he sidstepped casually regarding his brother with a smile.

“seems like you finally caught one, bro.”


If that wasn't weird enough, he turned around and ran away just as quickly as he came. You surpressed a laugh.

“What?”, was the only thing that left your lips.

“heh. better follow him, kid.” Wait what? You grimaced before turning back to Sans, who was still standing idly.

“Why should I? He wants to capture me.” Sans shrugged his shoulders. He didn't seem bothered by the situation at all almost like he went through it a million times before. How often did human's fell down anyway? Surely there haven't been so many missing reports.

“you wanna leave, don'tcha?”, Sans threw in dismissvely, “the only way is forward. why not play along for now?” You didn't respond. Sans looked you straight in the eyes. He did have some white pinpricks in his eyesockets. “look kid, just do me the favor. trust me, i'll make sure nothin' happens to you.”

“I don't know if I can trust you.”, you breathed out shakily. His grin became forced.

“neither do i, kid.”, he hissed out distinctively and your eyes widened. Swallowing the lump in your throat you didn't know how to react to that. Running did seem like a good idea now but for some reason your feet were glued to the ground.

Huh, perhaps frozen would fit better and like a reminder a cool gust of wind made you shiver. Well, Sans was right about one thing. There was only one way out and that was going forward. You had no chance of going back and...facing her again.

Toriel. You wondered what she was doing in this very moment.

“oh, don't look so glum, kid. i'm just messing around. go ahead.”

Taking another breath you pondered quietly. What else was there to lose? You were trapped either way. With no possible way out of the Underground, a prison cell sounded rather cozy right now. Maybe they would even throw in some kind of heater and regular meals. Perhaps life wouldn't be so bad as...what was his name, Papyrus' captive.

Papyrus, what a weird name. It sounded almost ancient and completely opposite of the monster you had encountered so far. Loud and boisterous and...not particular bright. A small snicker left you.

“something funny?” A yelp escaped you as you grabbed your chest. “Sans?”

“that's my name, don't wear it out.”

“What are you still doing here?” Sans snickered lightly.

“wow, way to make a guy feel welcome. you want me to leave you alone that bad?” Was he teasing you?

“I don't know...I don't know you. I don't know what you want with me.”, you uttered truthfully, resuming walking.

“right now? i want to know what you found so funny.”

Well, you couldn't tell Sans you found his brother a bit dim-witted could you? That would just put you in a bad light.

“Eh...I just thought of a joke a friend told me once.” Sans seemed intrigued.

“really? tell me.” “I went to a seafood disco last week...and pulled a mussel.”

A chuckle. You breathed out. Granted the joke was bad and you weren't exactly know as a comedian but oh worked for the monster. Sans's grin seemed less forced all of a sudden and he walked comfortably beside you, hands still in his pockets.

“nice one.”

“Yeah's about the only one I know.”

“ohh, surely you have more in you.” A small smile wormed its way onto your lips.

“I'm afraid not. I'm not really clever when it comes to jokes and such.” Yeah, the people on the surface could confirm. You were never the life of the party.

“don't look so down, some people tell jokes others enjoy them.”

“What about you then?”

“oh i got a ton of them. A skele-ton.” You couldn't help the amused snort.

“Oh, that was bad.”

“got you to smile though.”

Indeed it did. The cold bothered you less and the frozen feeling in your toes was almost forgotten as you walked down the snowy path alongside the skeleton. Where were you headed anyway? A comfortable silence filled the air as you walked the snowy path. The crunch of the fresh thick snow was familiar and put you happily at ease.

How did it snow underground? Was there some form of atmosphere and climate that developed over the years? Taking in a deep breath you tasted the air. It was stale and not very fresh. Almost like waking into an old cold empty basement.

“hey kid.”


You turned to Sans who had started talking again. Head lowered he watched the path in front of him.

“you ever been at the sea?” Dumdfounded you nodded.

“Yeah, I...liked it a lot. Especially the sunsets. It''s beautiful to see the sun go down on the horizon. And the colors. Orange and pink. It's gorgeous.” Keeping it short you remembered the trip to the beach when you were just a bit younger. Admittedly one of the best summers of your life.

“sounds nice, for shore.” Sans winked at you and it took a few seconds before you got the pun. You rewarded him with a quiet laugh.

“What about you? Is there...”, you halted. Of course there was no ocean underground.

“heh. not really. there's waterfall's more of a lake if anything. and the inhabitants aren't all that hot either. you wanna talk to them, they walk straight bayou.” A groan now left you now and you couldn't keep the giggle inside of you. Who knew bad puns could brighten your mood.

“welp. i'll leave for now. see you soon kid.”

“Wait what?”

You turned around but Sans was already gone. Your brow furrowed. Were had he gone anyway? And why was he gone so quick? You bit you chapped lip turning back forward and continuing on your way. There was no sense in wondering where he was. It wasn't like he had to stay with you or anything.


Rounding the corner you saw Papyrus again. Standing there, posing? Looking like a million bucks, grinning widely as he observed your approaching from. Next to him stood...Sans? How did he get there? The smaller skeleton gave you a lazy smile. Looking down to the ground you found a square indented into the ground.


Did that guy not understand inside voices? Granted you were outside so it was whatever. Sending him a patient smile you tried to pummel down the nauseous feeling when he said 'shocked'. You sent Sans a look but he was still calmness incarnate and he did promise to look out for you. You hoped he would keep you safe for now.

Taking a small step forward you twitched.

Eyes wide you watched as Papyrus was getting grilled for a few seconds.

Was that his damn plan? To electrocute you to death?!


“i think the human has to hold the orb.”


Papyrus ordered and you stood quite befuddled. What was going on aroud here? Wait...! You watched as Papyrus walked through the square, leaving a clearly visible pattern on the ground. Surely he must notice this.

“HERE HUMAN, HOLD THIS!” Flung into the air was a small little ball you had difficulty catching. Stumbling a bit you grabbed it tightly between your cold fingers. Papyrus walked back to his brother. Confused you stared at the obviously visible pattern, waiting if the taller one would notice. Papyrus just stood there looking all kinds of smug waiting for you to fail. You threw a glance at Sans. He simply winked at you, his grin everpresent. Swallowing you mentally shrugged and followed Papyrus' footsteps directly.

Easily crossed you didn't even feel a thing once you reached the end presenting the orb to Papyrus once again who had a majorly impressed expression.


Sure thing, sweetheart. At this point you couldn't help but almost shake your head. Sans appeared to be right. His brother couldn't hurt a fly. was kind of adorable to be honest. He took the orb from you, leaving the small clearing quickly as you watched him disappear, a soft smile on your face.

“told you everything's alright. man, isn't my brother the coolest?”

You chuckled slightly, nodding nonetheless.

“you see the costume he's wearing? we made that for a party a few weeks ago but now papyrus never takes it off. he calls it his 'battle body'. such a cool dude.”

You threw Sans a glance. The way he spoke about his brother was warm and he looked after him with a proud look in his eyes.

“Yeah, I'm sure he is really great.”

“he is.”

You bit your lip, looking at him expectantly. A few seconds passed before Sans noticed you watching him.

“So...are you going to disappear on me again?”

Sans eyes switched to you and a mischievous grin appeared on his face.

“why? you gonna miss me?” Was he flirting with you? The nerve...

“Perhaps I will.”, you shot back before making a beeline for the direction Papyrus disappeared in. Chewing on your lip you surpressed a smile. Sans chuckle filled the air and he quickly caught up with you, once again walking by your side.

“If you don't mind me asking...why exactly is your brother trying to capture me?” Sans appeared to be deep in thought for a second not answering you immediately.

“he is training to become a royal guard. and he wants to prove the captain that he is worthy by capturing a human.”

“Oh, okay. Wait, you said you were on the watch for humans too. Do you want to become a guard too?” Sans laughed in a way that was almost mocking.

“ not me. my brother just got me this sentry job to get me to do something. i'm eh...more laidback you could say.”

“You mean lazy.”, you teased.

“call me whatever. i got thick skin.” Another wink thrown your way and you shook your head smiling.

It was nearly crazy how at ease you suddendly found yourself. You could live in this moment of peace and jokes and forgot about everything else for a second. Sans was really good at distracting, you found.

“Why are you trying to capture humans anyway?”

“now that's a conversation we should reschedule, kid.”, he retored strangely soft.

You looked sideways. Studying Sans' profile you noticed the slightly forced strain to keep the grin up. He himself was stubbornly looking ahead, either not noticing your stare or deciding not to engage. Not pressing the subject further you looked ahead.

Several small monsters appeared to be in the area but none approached as you were walking the road. Some waved at Sans who nodded indifferently back but neither did say a word about him escorting a human.

“Shouldn't all these monsters not...I don't know...freak out?”

“why would they?”

“I mean...I'm human. Don't they all want to capture or report me?”

Now Sans looked around a bit more attentively.

“nah, don't worry 'bout it. most of them don't know what humans look like. besides you're with me.”

Huh, that reminded you of how Toriel had walked you through the ruins. That little Froggit had looked so scared. Was there some kind of monster hierarchy? Probably, if all monsters fought the way you had encounted them then surely they had asserted some sort of food chain around here. Where did that put you was the big question.

“welp. i must leave you once again.”

One step and he vanished midair. Wide eyed you apruptly looked to your side. Gone just like that Sans was probably off to find his brother again. Shaking your head you deadpanned as you turned the corner and found Sans grinning widely at you, standing right next to his brother. Narrowing your eyes you caught his smug wink. Why was he messing with you again?

Another indented square was in the ground a piece of paper lying directly in the middle.


“right there, bro. trust me. there is no way she'll get past that one.”

Both brothers turned back to you watching expectantly. Sans grinning, Papyrus looking excited. Oh well, keep indulging them. Walking forward you picked up the piece of paper. It appeared to be some kind of junior jumble but...for monsters? And what was the word cig doing on it? Even if you wanted to solve it, there was no pen nearby. You put the paper down again and stood right in front of the brothers.

“oh bummer, dude. maybe i should have used todays crosswords instead.”

“WHAT?! NONSENSE!” Papyrus exclaimed turning to his brother, showing you the cold shoulder as you still stood there waiting for the next thing to happen. What was Papyrus so angry about anyway? An amused smile on your lips you pushed the shivers down.


You twitched in surprise, Papyrus' imposing form intimidating you only slightly. Slightly.

“Eh, yeah?”

Since when were you so quiet?


Eh...was he serious? Because the obvious answer seemed a little to easy. Throwing a glance towards Sans didn't help either because he simply watched out of tired but happy eyes. Were those bags under his eyes? Scrunching your face, you saw him tilt his head at you.


You hastily turned back towards Papyrus.

“Eh, the junior jumble. It's a real mind breaker.” You echoed his earlier words and surpressed a grin as he celebrated loudly, beating his own chest.


“shouldn't have doubted you, bro.” Sans replied in a mellow voice congratulating his brother. Another wink thrown your way. Papyrus didn't even spare you another glance as he walked further loudly mumbling about his next great trap.

You stood chuckling.

“Your brother really is something else.”

Sans turned towards you, his grin widening at your words. He looked pleased with himself for some reason.

“that he is. by the way, thanks for saying junior jumble to appease him. i know it's not hard but ya know...papyrus has other qualities to him. heh, last week he got stumped trying to solve the horoscope.”

“The what now?” Stepping towards him both of you resumed in an easy walk beside each other.

“yeah, he kept re-reading his zodiac over and over again trying to catch any clues or hidden meanings to solve it. kinda ironic, dont'cha think?”

Solving the horoscope? This was almost deep if you thought about it. Laughing along you shook your head. Yeah that seemed like Papyrus alright. Dim but determined. A cheeky grin on your lips you turned towards Sans.

“And did he do it?”

“do what?”

“Solve it.”

“whaddaya mean did he-”

Sans stopped when he saw the mischievous grin on your face. Chuckling under his breath he grumbled slightly.

“yeah yeah, keep it up. see where'll it get ya.”

“Oh I was just teasing you.”

Sans narrowed his eyes at you. Something about that made you shiver.

“well, don't make it a habbit 'cause you ain't winning that war, kid”

Laughing to yourself you turned back towards the path, observing your surroundings instead. The trees were classic christmas trees, the snow looking like powdered sugar on them. Small flakes still falling from above. You looked up into nothing. There was no ending up just a blurry darkness up ahead. You wondered if you could actually reach the roof of the Underground. This was nothing but a big cave after all, wasn't it? With its own weather and climate apparantly. Then again how long did you fall down? It was mere seconds until you had landed in the clearing of buttercups. Being greeted by Flowey and his messed up shenanigans. Who even was he? He seemed more capable at hurting you than the other monsters you had encountered so far. Just thinking about it made your stomach drop. There was no way in hell you could've escaped that ring of bullets if Toriel hadn't shown up.

“geez what got you thinkin' so hard?”

Blinking you didn't even realize how scrunched your face must've looked. You turned to Sans who still had his easy-going smile on but his brow was definitly raised.

“Nothing just...” You wouldn't indulge Sans about Flowey. Frankly speaking you didn't know the guy and Flowey was old news anyway. Toriel had fired him up into the next dimension and such a delicate little flower couldn't leave the cozy ruins anyway.

“Just everything I guess.”

Sans hummed noncommitedly.

“sounds heavy.”

“It is.”

Sans noticed your mood and didn't press further. You thanked him mentally for it as you continued to walk. Looking up again into the darkness you wondered where the light came from. Was there even day and night down here? It seemed so dark and dusty in comparison to broad daylight but it was still lit enough to see everything clearly. Magic perhaps. Everything down here seemed to be explained by magic. Well, of course it was. Freaking monsters roamed to streets attacking your bared soul with magic attacks. Surely they had some form of magic lightening system. Some sort of sun and, or moon. Maybe even some stars...

“Hey Sans?”


“How...I horoscopes even work down here? There aren't really any stars...?”

Sans shrugged his shoulders too easily.

“they just make something up each week. to be honest with ya i don't know how horoscopes really work. scientifically speaking it makes no sense.”

You raised your brow.

“Scientifically? Are you some hot scientiest, or what?”

Sans huffed but offered you no reply. Either he was or you just insulted him.

“Well, if it consoles you many humans don't believe in astrology either.”

“how about you then?”

“Me?” You were shy to admit that you actually believed in it. To some point or another.

“Eh...I guess? I mean there is obviously no real evidence but sometimes preditions and characterization just seem a little on to ignore. I think it's rather fascinating even if it has more to do with belief rather than facts.”

Okay, that was good. Sans didn't need to know you once learned your natal chart evaluation by heart at the age of fourteen. Back when esoteric was something cool and exciting. Who were you kidding. It still was've got bigger problems than remembering your houses.

“belief can be a strong guide. just the belief that tomorrow will be a better day is comforting, isn't it?”

You looked at Sans. His voice was mellow but empty and looking at his face gave you no clue of his mood. He looked almost...defeated. Who were you to judge. Living underground wasn't a walk in the park you assumed. Watching your sneakers crunch in the snow you pulled a face. Well, right now it was...but you gathered it wasn't always. Sans probably had problems of his own.

“or maybe it's just downright insanse.”

You didn't answer. Sans' happy mood was gone and as such he had sucked the chill atmosphere out of the air. Ha! If only! Goosebumps still covered your arms, your fingers and toes blue from the lack of proper circulation. Your silent wishes must've been heard because Sans suddendly stopped.

“see you on the other site, kid.”, he spoke ominously yet a lazy grin thrown in the mix, threw you off guard. He turned on his heel and before you could ask he had vanished into thin air. He really ought to stop that. Biting your lip you continued your walk. You might get jealous of all that magic wielding. What was it that Toriel taught you? Monsters were primarely made of magic and little matter. Humans the other way round. You wished you could awaken what little magic you had in you. It would surely help you out.

A narrow hanging bridge caught your eye. Oh hell no! No way in hell were you crossing that monstrosity! Looking around there were only steep cliffs but...they couldn't expect you to walk that planky bridge? You'd fall right off! Trembling in your shoes you looked at all sights. At the end you could clearly make out Papyrus' figure, posing, waiting for you to cross the bridge. Not now not ever! You bit your lip slumping into the snow without an ounce of grace, your behind instantly cooling down. The snow melting at your warm skin.

No way were you going to cross that bridge. No way! You didn't want to sway and stumble, to faint and fall. Ladders were your absolute maximum and even the massive highway bridged on the surface were only every crossed eyes closed in a secure moving vehicle. No, you weren't afraid of heights. You were fucking terrified, pardon your language.

An aura reached yours and a shadow loomed over you. Few seconds passed before the figure moved closer towards you, kneeling at your feet. You weren't pulled into an encounter yet so you assumed Sans had returned from his bad mood. Lifting your had you were mad with a scarlet red scarf and a wide broad form. Papyrus looking down at you with something akin to concern on his features.


Did he just say fall?! Shivering you barely surpressed the tears threatening to spill your eyes.

“Please, Papyrus! Please don't make me cross that bridge! Please don't make me fall down somewhere! Please!”, you were straight up beggin him at this point, your fear spiking every second.

A heavy but soft hand landed on your head.


A yelp escaped your chest, hands instantly winding around Papyrus' neck as he heaved you up from the ground.


Did he seriously just make a pun in the middle of your breakdown? The situation was so bizzare the shrill squeak akin to a laugh escaped your chest unvoluntarily. Gripping his costume tightly you didn't dare to let go as he moved towards the bridge.

“Papyrus what are you-”


No sooner the words were spoken, he was stepping onto the wooden planks with bravour and energy. You immediately closed your eyes and gripped onto him tighter. His arms were only bones but he emitted a strange strength and warmth you couldn't describe. Papyrus' held you securely, his steps were determined and fearless, carrying you across the bridge safely.

And it was such a heroic act in your eyes, even when you reached the end and Papyrus' let you down couldn't help but keep him in an embrace for a few more seconds.

“Thank you Papyrus. Really, I...I mean it.” His gloved hands patted your back for a second a strange sound coming from him.


Lightning couldn't be quicker and Papyrus was gone before you could utter a good-bye. Watching his departing figure, you could still feel your heart pounding up your throat, the fear only slowly leaving your veins.

“afraid of heights, huh? you'll have some steamy fun in hotland i can tell already.”

You turned left. Sans was standing there, grin returned to a more relxed one as he observed you quietly.

“What do you mean, steamy fun?” That sounded way too dirty for afternoon thoughts.

“heh. nothing, kid. was just surprised to see you that...defeated. you looked like you planned on camping there.”

You furrowed your brow, turning away from his teasing grin. Cheeks red you moved to leave him. You were afraid and? As if he hadn't some secret fears he harboured.

“hey, buddy. i was just teasing ya.”

Were you being childish? Maybe. Tears welled up in your eyes, the rest of adrenaline leaving you slowly.

“I'm not your buddy.”, you exclaimed sternly, not even sparing him a glance. How come he didn't help you over the bridge? Didn't he claim he would protect you for the time being? Why was it Papyrus, his brother, who wanted to capture you, who had helped you out in the end? Was this just a big game to him?

“geez, kid. relax. i can tell your emotions are running high. cool down a bit.”

You stopped in your tracks. Narrowed eyes, you couldn't believe the utter garbage coming from his mouth. Cool down? Cool down?! Hell, you were practically one slushy away from hypothermia! The shivering, the blue fingers, the pins and needles were not forgotten. Closing your eyes you simply turned away from him.

“Leave me alone, Sans.”


“alright. see ya, kid.”

A strange whizzing sound filled the air. Once you opened your eyes he was gone. His footprints in the snow leading into nothing but crisp fresh snow. Up ahead a small town. Your eyes widened at the pretty wooden structures and few friendly monsters you could see from far away. Colorful lights illuminated the strange darkness that began to settle. Hah, so there was something like day and night in the Underground.

Marching froward you hoped the town had something of a motel.

You hoped the gold you had on you would last for the night.

At least last the night, Y/n...mentally drained you took in the friendly warm lights. Tomorrow was a whole new day to tackle.