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Wammy's House

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My whole life has been a living nightmare, so why should I keep living? No one will care if I die. That is what I thought the night my mom stabbed me in the side and left me to die. The house I live in is out in the middle of nowhere, so I know my time is over. I lay down and think about how horrible my life is. I can feel myself grow weaker and begin to think I never got to do all I want to do. As my eyes fall close, I hear the clock chime midnight and think that I at least lived to die at the age of ten.

"Watari, quick. He's lost too much blood already," a voice says soundly with a Japanese accent.

"I don't know if he'll make it, L-san. His right lung might have been nicked," another voice, who must be Watari, says.

"Do the best you can," L-san says. I feel my body starting to go numb as someone lifts me up and removes my shirt.

"Sir," Watari says before I pass out. When I wake up, I am confused as to where I am. The room I am in looks way to nice and clean for me to be in, and I instantly try to stand to leave when I feel strong arms push me back into laying.

"Watari said you cannot move for a few days or you'll break your stitches," a blond boy about my age says with a German accent as he covers me back up.

"Where am I?" I mouth, my voice box being cut out by my mom when I was five.

"Wammy's House," the blond said, handing me a cup of water with a straw in it and placing it back on the table after I get a drink.

"Class is about to start, Mello-san. Near-san is waiting for you," an elderly looking man says, walking in.

"Ugh. Why does he think I like him? He is so annoying. I'll come back after class to help again, Watari," Mello says before leaving. As Mello walks out the door, I see a glimpse of an extremely pale kid with white hair, who must be Near. "How do you feel?"

"Hungry and confused," I sign, hoping he understands.

"Understandable with what you went through. You've been asleep for a couple of weeks," a weird boy with pitch black hair says from the doorway, seeing what I signed and walking bare foot. "My name is L and this is Watari."

"You are the ones that found me," I sign. "Why did you save me?"

"We saved you because you are a very bright and gifted child. Here at Wammy's house, we raise and teach bright children," L says, sitting weirdly on the chair Mello had been sitting in.

"Who was that kid that was in here?" I sign, thinking the boy is rather cute.

"That is Mello-san. He is one of the top students. He'll be your roommate when you move out of here tomorrow," Watari says.

"Is he ready to move?" L asks as Watari hands him a plate with cake on it.

"Yes, L-san, but he'll need to be very careful with the way he moves, or he'll hurt himself more in the long run. He can start attending class as well," Watari says.

"Ok. I need to explain something to you really quick, Mail. At Wammy's House no one but you, me, Watari, Roger, who’s the head of the place when I'm not here, and whomever you choose can know your name. I advise that you don't tell anyone of the other kids except maybe Mello or Near your real name," L says.

"I don't understand. Why do you want my name to be secret?" I sign.

"Wammy's House is made to raise future great detectives, so the fewer people who know your name the better. I am going to give you the name of Matt. How does that sound?" L says as Watari hands him another piece of cake, larger than the last one.

"That is fine with me," I sign, yawing in the process.

"We'll leave you to rest, but we'll expect you at dinner time. I will send Mello up to walk you down," L says before he and Watari walk out, leaving me alone to think over everything that has happened in the past few minutes.