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Socks to be you

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Sans POV

“Why do you keep resisting me, Sans?”

“don’t you think we all deserve a happy ending, kid?”

“Just…let me end this all. Let me…MEET CHARA!!”

“no can do.”



He’d done it. After so many years of repeating the same damn fight, all of which he could remember since the kid had repeated the timelines that bloody much. He’d actually done it. He’d kept the kid at bay. Even when they had always kept Sans on his toes, never sitting still for a single moment in their fights. Forever running head first into the wall that was him. And eventually, they stopped. Just one day, he woke up in his own bed instead of the judgement hall. Completely fed up of not being able to beat him, the kid was doing a pacifist run. Sans could’ve laughed when he saw the flash of white fur waving as the kid left the ruins.

A deep resentful scowl on their face when they turned to shake his hand, but they plastered a smile on for Papyrus. Haha, it was so funny that if Sans had sides they would’ve split.

All he had needed was a bit of effort to keep the kid back at the end.
And it worked. The kid went back and guided them all to the surface. A smugness settled in Sans’ chest, he’d done this. After finally putting in the effort, he’d broken this hellish cycle.

Staring out into the sunset was the most satisfying feeling to Sans. The kid was facing him, their face hidden by Toriel from the others. A vicious voice snuck out of their small body, “Is this what you wanted? Are you happy now?” They snarled as they took in the scenery for the umpteenth time on the cliff. “You’ll see, when you go out there, you’ll WISH you were back underground with me and all your friends and family. When you come crawling back to ask me to reset, I won’t.”

They painfully jabbed a finger to Sans’ chest that hurt them both. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” A twisted smile on the kid-who-never-grew-up’s face. Sans’ eyelights snuffed out as he smiled an equally twisted grin back at Frisk, “Even if you take us back, you’ll never get past me anyway.” The child’s nose wrinkled with a snarl, before quickly shaping to a sweet smile as they looked up at Toriel.

Sans never understood the kid’s desires, they clearly loved everyone but him and seemed genuine when helping others. Especially in the beginning, Sans rubbed his spine while lost in thought. He had no time to ruminate on this before Papyrus ran off to greet the humans. Taking a hesitant step, waiting for the tell-tale hum of a reset. Nothing. Another step. Silence.

For the first time, in a long time. Sans ran, the joy spilling from his soul. Now was the time to take his life back.


Several years later

Your POV

Your phone squawked obnoxiously, you lay there for a moment wondering why you didn’t just change that damn ringtone already. Slapping it on speaker, you toss over onto your pillow and give a noncommittal groan.
“Oh really? You’re not even out of bed!? Come onnnnn, get up, we’re seeing the new apartment todaaaaay.” Normally, you love Autumn, your best friend, like a sister, but you could equally hate her just like one too.

Giving her another groan, only the faintest smile on your face as you hear her mock scream, “I am literally outside your hotel, I will march up there and act like a deranged wife, so help me.”

You snort. She wouldn’t……

She would.


Dammit, you lazily crawl out of bed and greet her at the door in just your tank top and panties. Grabbing the top of her head, you push her into the room with a yawn and glare at the nosy staff member.

Of course, Autumn has the gall to snicker on the couch. Grumbling, you flop beside her, still half asleep.

“Oh my dear, how could you leave me just before we get a home together? Woe-is-me!” Autumn flings a dramatic hand above her eyes and leans over the couch arm, shoulders silently shaking in mirth.

Within a second, she snaps upright and begins crawling over to you with a predatory grin. Rolling your eyes as a grumble rolls from your throat and you push her advances back with your foot against her face. Still continuing to talk, she muffles, “Oh come on, girl. You promised we’d go together today and check out the pad, meet the neighbours and our housemates.”

“You know you forced me into this,” you yawn.

Going silent, she looks at you seriously, “It’s good money and no place is willing to hire you. This is for you as well, not just me.”

Deflecting the topic, “You know my foot ruins the whole serious topic thing.” Wiggling your toes on her eyebrow, she screeches in light frustration as she pulls away.

“Honestlyyyy, can’t you just be happy for this? We get an apartment, food and toiletries all paid for. On top of that, they EVEN pay us. It’s madness.”

“For living with monsters, eating their food and testing out their magic. You get paid the same amount for being on a bomb squad, doesn’t that tell you something? Plus, writing a report everyday about them? That’s going to suck.”

She pouts, “It’ll be fine, from what I’ve seen on T.V, it’s not like they’re angry gremlins. And don’t give me that report trash, you’ve wrote them before…you’ll be good at it.”

“Being good and ‘to like doing it’ are two very different things.” Complaining as you stretch out and relax along the couch, but you get pushed off as she roars, “JUST GET UP AND GET DRESSED ALREADY. WE’RE GOING!”

Haha, you made her snap. Retreating from the small fury, you enter the hotel’s bedroom and open a small suitcase. You only owned two outfits, comfy and comfier, with enough underwear to last about 4 days. Staring down at the mostly empty suitcase, you note that your entire life could fit into it, the largest items were your books. Laughing cheerlessly, you take out a pair of combat trousers and lace up your boots tightly.

Leaving the room, you see your friend grimace, “You’re not changing the top?” You shrug and her eyes wander down to the small suitcase then narrow. Damn, you could practically see her calculating future shopping trips.

Practically spinning as she stood, Autumn drags you to the front door and out into the corridor. Clasping your hand and smiles up at you, “Now then, honey. Let’s kiss and make up, I’ll forgive you for this, but this will be the last time.” You were almost confused for a moment there, but the curious faces peeping out of their doors enlightened you.

Leaving behind the bewildered hotel, you both laugh uproariously in the car as she drives off.


Damn, they weren’t kidding when the job offer said ‘remote location.’ Place was practically right next to Mt. Ebott and looked like a gated community in the distance. As you both went further up the mountain roads, you spot people patrolling around the roads and woods. You narrow your eyes, the patrols were not just simple security guards despite their appearances, but fully fledged military. You scratch at your neck nervously, wondering what she had gotten the both of you into.

The itch from your neck travels to your lungs and lips, so you check the glove box for a lollipop. None. You not-so-reluctantly reach for your pack of cigarettes, only pausing when you see Autumn scowl.

“Hey, we made a deal. No lollies, I smokies.” You mock sing her impression, as you light up and take a long drag, letting the smoke scratch your cravings and anxiety away. Autumn forces your window down so you could blow out of it. With your foot, you press on the cd player, letting her songs play to appease her. A light smile on her lips, humming along to her favourite song, Autumn pulls into a stone paved road and drives up to a huge metal gate. Pressing the intercom nearby, a deep voice rumbles out, “ID and purpose.”

“Ah, we’re here to move into the new apartments today and…”


She stammered and her mouth shut, you scowl at the speaker. Rummaging around in her bag, she pulls out two plastic tags and scans them against the side of the intercom.

The voice remains silent as the metal gates screech open with effort.

“Um, I just drive in, right?”


“O-okay, just going to drive right in then.”

You hate the fact someone made her that nervous and felt annoyance curl in your gut. The car didn’t get far before another gate appeared, with another intercom.

“Id~” A woman’s voice chimes.

Another beep.

“Just make a left and go up the red building please~”

A sigh of relief escapes your best friend as her car rolls smoothly along the road, a little red building comes into view. Parking outside gingerly, you both get out and walk straight into the red building.

A small, peppy lady turns around from her screens and waves, you see a grumpy, burly man beside the doorway watching another set of screens blowing at a fresh cup of coffee. His name tag says Trevor.

“Hiii~ Nice to see you, nice to see you. I’m Piper and welcome to Ebott. Let’s get you lovely girls sorted. Help yourself to the candy bowl whilst I go get the paperwork.”

There are lollipops. Autumn’s disgusted and embarrassed face stops you from taking more than ten. Instantly, popping a sucker into your mouth, you look around as you chew on the plastic stick. This place only viewed the front two gates, you wonder where the real surveillance room was, since they obviously were geared up to the eyeballs for this community.

“Sooo you two are at…” The woman flicks through a clipboard then laughs, “Ah, apartment S-2. You’re going to love your housemates~”

Your friend smiles cheerily and looks excited, “What are they like?!”

Piper coyly holds a finger to her lips, “That’d spoil the surprise, won’t it~”

You make a scoffing noise, already knowing this place was going to be a pain in the ass. Of course, your friend thinks optimistically, “Oh! You’re so right, this is going to be fun, right?” Turning to you, you can’t help but try to smile for her but failed to stop your nose from wrinkling.

“Well, here’s your apartment keys, a map, but seriously ask your two housemates to show you around here, and your initial starting wage has already been paid into the accounts provided~” You raise an eyebrow at that, but Piper is already showing your friend where the apartment block for S-2 is. “And that’s all there is to it! I hope you have a lovely time here~”

Piper waves you off with a smile as you turn around, your best friend leading the way. Near the doorway, your foot accidentally catches the table and a hot cup of coffee spills out into the Trevor’s lap. Crying out in agony, he pats his trousers trying to cool the scalding liquid and Piper rushes over with tissues while you step outside.

You smile.


Sucking in a breath, your friend’s eyes widen in amazement as you pull into the main part of your new surroundings. At this point, it felt more like a quaint village than a gated community. Shops, cafés, bars and even a gym rolls past as you drive along. Monsters and even some humans, of all shapes and sizes bustle in the streets. Only monster kids seem to play outside as you had yet to see a single human child.

Despite all the obvious security measures, it looks…quaint. Almost endearing. You can see a soft smile stretch on Autumn’s face and something in her relaxes. Well, if this place was already doing her some good, maybe it wasn’t so bad. Squashing your face into your hand, you stare at everything passing by the car window. By the time the apartment came into view, you felt like you had seen every type of monster they had to offer.

Stretching out, you go around to the boot of the car and look at her 26 bags squashed in. Scratching your cheek, you glance up at her sheepish, sweating face. Thinking, you swing two duffel bags onto your back, letting three shoulder bags swing from each arm as your fingers coil around the handles of another four bags in each hand. You stare at her with amusement as she grabs a backpack, four shoulder bags and four bags only. She huffs and puffs to the front desk, where an amused, pink rabbit monster grins.

“We can have someone bring those up to your apartment, if you like.”

Beginning to shake your head, your best friend gasps, “PLEASE.” You snort before you can cover it up with a cough as she turns to glare at you. “I’m sorry that not all of us have the same energy that you have.” You grin smugly as she stamps on your foot. Thanking the bunny monster profusely, your friend gives them the apartment name, to which she smiled knowingly. “Oh, those guys are great, they’re out at the moment so you have time to settle in.”

Guys, huh. You figured they would place you in same sex apartments, but maybe that didn’t matter to monsters. Cautiously looking over to your best friend, you see she hasn’t caught onto the word and you sigh.

Placing the bags down on a trolley cart, you lazily stroll with your best friend back to the car to grab some more bags and your suitcase. A shadow lands over you making a thrill run up your throat to your eyes, you feel your muscles ready themselves as you turn to look a monster in the eyes.

Flexing at you, a horse with a twelve-pack and a green, eel-like tail flicking about on the ground, neighs, “Couldn’t help but see you two hot babes carrying all that extra weight.” Your friend flushes and instinctively clutches her slightly chubby stomach. Somewhere, you knew that wasn’t what the horse monster meant. But…

“Move along, horse-boy.”

Your friend urgently whispers your name, telling you to behave, you can feel her nervousness around the monster. You hate that feeling from her.

“Name’s Aaron, dudettes.” Flexing as he poses in front of you, “I can pick up those bags for you, no problem.” He winked.

Glaring down into his eyes as you tower over him. “I said, move along.”

“Feisty, huh?” He winks once more. You have the uncontrollable urge to boot him, but soft hands hold you back.

“Move it.” You growl, putting a little more effort into it.

Aaron laughs, relenting, “You’ll change your mind, feisty.” Winking once more at you, he slithers off down the street. Arms wrap around your waist tightly, a slight tremor in her body.

“Still think this is a good idea?” You murmur.

Scowling at you, “Of course it is. I was just surprised is all.” Clicking your tongue, you pat her hand gruffly. What a stubborn woman, you think fondly.