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Beneath Her Dainty Sandaled Feet

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Theon walked into the Oval office. Who would have thought that this would happen? Theon Greyjoy's father, a retired high ranking Navy officer, had forced all of his children into the military. The family pride. Theon's elder brothers died because of this, when he was 9. His younger sister was a captain in the Navy. Theon himself joined the SEALs. He led his own team and prided himself on never having failed to execute a mission. HIs orders were all kinds - kill, guard, retrieve. He has never failed. But to be called in the White House. To meet the president. That was something even his father would be proud of.

President Robert Baratheon was a legend. He had taken down Aerys Targaryen, known as the President of Madness. Afterwards, to help heal the country, he had made a law, which made it so that there would be no more presidential elections. Instead, every four years, people would vote whether to have elections. The vote always was a firm NO. For the last 20 years, president Baratheon has stayed in power. Longer than any other president. There were always some people who argued that changing the constitution like that was illegal. But Theon was supposed to follow orders, not to ponder them too much. So when he was called in, he entered the Oval office.

Inside were the president himself, foreign secretary Lannister and defense secretary Stark. The Big Three, as the newspapers called them. 

"Thank you for coming here, soldier.", said the president.

"Thank you sir. It is an honor."

"How long have you been in the military?"

"15 years, sir."

"Good. We need someone with experience for this and hope you are the man for the job.", said the president. The other two legendary men sat in silence.

"Whatever is needed of me sir. I shall succeed. As always. What is the target?", asked Theon. He was not shy about his success rate. 

"His name is Kraznys mo Nakloz. He is the leader of the Unsullied, one of the worst terrorist groups in Afghanistan. They have strong connections to several insurgent groups within both our country and the middle east. The Unsullied are tied to him and his fortune directly. A fortune that was amassed largely due to the transportation of drugs, weapons and prostitutes. Assassinations of VIPs are also something that the man has done in the past. This must remain a secret as the man is also the brother-in-law of Grazdan zo Galare.

"Who is the president of Afghanistan, with strong ambitions for his country's future.", added Mr. Lannister. "We prefer to stay in friendly relations with the man, but his brother-in-law has become a problem we can no longer ignore."

"I understand sirs. My boys and I shall make certain that nothing connects his death to the United States of America."

"Good. You may go. You leave in 48 hours. And remember, there shall be a life feed, showing us exactly what happens and helping us maintain a connection with you. Godspeed, lad."

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir." Theon would be watched. He had to present himself remarkably.


"He is too eager.", said Ned after the SEAL left.

"Good. We need him and his men eager.", said Robert.

"The man is 33, Stark. He has been in service since he was old enough to enter. He will do his job well. You need not worry.", said Tywin Lannister, the foreign secretary. Also one of the richest men in the States, as well as Robert's father-in-law. Not to mention - ruthless. The man would cut your throat in broad daylight, if that would advance his agenda. Still, Robert, Ned's best friend and president, listened to him. 

"Not having second thoughts, are you? Mo Nakloz is dangerous for us."

"We all know that the man's real target isn't Mo Nakloz, but her interests.", said Ned.

"Yes.", simply replied Robert. "Daenerys Targaryen, Aerys's last spawn, is every bit her father's daughter, isn't she. According to our spies in Afghanistan, she has been using the Unsullied as her own private army there. Butchering her business rivals, in exchange for a cut from the profits for Kraznys."

"You are getting obsessed with her.", said Ned.

"Obsessed. OBSESSED?! Damn you, Ned. You are the one who urged me to leave her be. You are the one who said that the 7 year old girl, would not be a threat, if raised by her 82 year old great-granduncle. How is it that she has become our biggest problem now?"

"And married to you own daughter, besides.", added salt to the wound, cruel old Tywin Lannister. He was 72 and every bit as cruel as he was when he was 52. Back then, Ned and Robert were two 30 something year old guys, filled with idealism and patriotism. Now that applies only to Ned. And barely.

"You know full well that I have disowned her. She is no daughter of mine. Not any more."

"I know that you have been trying to get in contact with her recently.", said Robert. 

"Are you tracking my movements, too old friend?"

"Why?", asked Tywin.

"Because I try to make her see reason. Not that she returns any of my calls. She wasn't supposed to turn out like this."

"Married to a woman or to Aerys's spawn?", asked Robert.

"Both." His daughter was a sour subject. Ned had tried raising her in the typical catholic values. A husband and motherhood. That is what she was supposed to get. She spat in his face.



Theon had been flying for a long time. To reach the target, they had taken a very confusing route. First, they took a ship to Syria. It was a disguise. They were never meant to stay in Syria for more than a day. Then, they took a flight through the country and landed in Iraq. From there, they had to sneak incognito into Iran. Slip through the border and then onto Afghan soil. Some might think it an overkill, but the president himself had bestowed this task upon him, Theon couldn't fail. Not now.

Theon's men were well trained. A bit wild outside of work, but once they got to work...they were a well oiled killing machine. Whoever their target was, I don't care how many motherfuckers you have guarding you, you are dead. A stain on the floor. Food for the maggots. That's all. Theon had been to all the countries he had gone through. He knew his road was secure. And confusing. If this mo Nakloz was so well connected, that meant that as soon as, his team was off American soil, he would know about it. Visiting other countries on the way, was a diversion. All this was highly classified. Nobody was supposed to know, to figure this out. Not until it was too late. And now it was.

Theon and his SEALs team were in position. They were just outside the terrorist's location, a ruined building just outside of Kabul. Supposedly, he was to meet with an ally of his there. It was the perfect opportunity and High Command had given the green light. Two high ranking terrorists for the prize of one. Theon was so getting a promotion for this. He turned the life feed on. Let the higher ups marvel at his skills.

His boys were skilled. They quickly surrounded the building, wreck rather. It was in the middle of nowhere. Two cars were there. Both armored vehicles and very expensive.

The meeting had started.

There were guards outside, but his men silently killed them.

Theon and his men sneaked inside.



They were already inside. Good. Soon, it would be over. It has been a week, since that man was in his office. A week for them to fool anybody who might be tracking their movements. But it was worth the wait. Kraznys was meeting with somebody important in that ruined little building. Whoever it was, it must be damn important for that fucker to get out of his harem of slave girls, each no older than 16. Kraznys wasn't one to leave Kabul, for just anyone. If Robert's hunch was right, tonight he would be rid of that silver haired little slut.

"They are entering the compound.", stated Ned the obvious. Robert loved the man, but he was always so stern. Even more so than his dead brother Stannis used to be. May he rest in peace. 

Seven SEALs entered the building with one man, standing outside to be a lookout. 

Everything was going smoothly. According to the satellite, there were six people inside - the two VIPs and guards, maybe. Soon dead. Their life feed was also very good. They saw everything. God bless modern technology.

Suddenly, they lost contact with the lookout.

"Oi, what's happening?"

"I do not know, sir. It appears we have lost contact with him.", said commander Greyjoy. "Men, stay alert. They may know we are here. We are prepared for this. Kill the targets."

His confidence was quite strong. Good. They entered the room, where the 6 presences were supposed to be. Supposed. There was nobody there. 

"I don't understand. They were supposed to be here. Wait, what's that?"

The life feed showed them six boxes on the ground. No wait, those weren't boxes. They are bombs. 

"Boys, get out of here. This place is gonna blow." 

They ran for the exit. But the explosion reached them. A huge red spot appeared over the heat signatures the satellite showed. Afterwards, they saw the faint little dots, which stood for their people die out, one by one. All except for Theon Greyjoy's.

"The mission is a failure.", announced Tywin the obvious.

"No wait. The life feed. The picture is dead, but we can still hear."

"Who are you? No wait, don't." Boom, boom. The sound of bullets hitting his body was what followed. As well as a familiar voice.



"Testing, testing, one, two, three. Anyone there? Hello! Mr. preeeesident."

Robert had heard that voice many times before. So many times. The voice that haunted his nightmares. The voice of a monster in the form of a beautiful silver haired, violet eyed, 27 years old woman named Daenerys Targaryen.

"Do not answer, sir.", warned him Tywin.

"Come on now. I know that you can still hear me, if not see. Trying to kill the president's brother-in-law. So cruel. Zo Galare would definitely find this to be illegal and monstrous. So would the media. So much for the legendary president, FDR 2.0, Robert Baratheon."

"Well, come on, you crazy bitch.", Robert could contain himself no longer. The shock in his advisors' faces mattered not. "What do you want, huh? To blackmail me. Your father was a sick son of a bitch. You think that anyone cares for what you have to say?"

"My, my. Such rude words from the big 'hero'. No matter, I wanted you to know that you failed, epically. You are not safe."

"What does that mean? WHAT DOES THAT FUCKING MEAN?"

"The feed was cut from the other side, sir.", said Tywin. "The signal's dead."


Robert, compose yourself. Breath. Breath. Breath. Don't let that little bitch get to you.

"Expedite the project. I don't give a fig how much it costs us. The Sky Fortress must be completed, before the 20 year anniversary announcement. On that day, I shall reveal to the world, the newest addition to the military power of America. No enemy will be a match for us."



Dany was very amused. Ahh, so much fun.

Daenerys had spies everywhere. Even though, these guys tried to hide it so well, yesterday, she heard what was going to happen, so she arranged this little surprise for the poor little SEAL team. And of course, Baratheon. 

If only, I could see his face. The shock, the fear, the anger, the frustration. All these emotions painted on it. Ohhh. It made her moist between the legs.

Ramsay had killed the lookout outside and her bombs had taken care of the rest. The taunting was all her.

Those bombs were one of the newest products of one of the subsidiaries of Targaryen Unlimited, Targaryen Security and Arms Production. Like it or not, she was forbidden from having any business with the government, naturally. After all, the man in charge of it had killed her family. Back then, she was only 7, but the image in her mind.

The car in which her brothers were, exploding. Her mother and father, shot to death on live television by Robert fucking Baratheon. All the hatred she felt.

After her family's downfall, she was taken in by her uncle Aemon. Not that he was an uncle. The 102 year old man was the brother of her father's grandfather. Half blind but full of wisdom, he had taught her everything she knew. Her family dated back to ancient times, one of her earliest ancestors being Cyrus the Great. Many of her ancestors, under one name or another, had been aiding revolutionaries and empire builders alike. Her closer ancestor Aegon Targaryen was one of the Founding Fathers. After being denied presidency throughout his lifetime, even though he was the one who organized the Revolution in the first place, he founded The Order of the Dragon, a secret cult, including some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world. The purpose - conquer it. 

After her father's death, rivals within tried to take the company and the Order away from her. Her uncle held the reins of Targaryen Unlimited for her until 10 years ago. She was 17 years old, back then, when she took it upon herself to rebuild her family's power. She destroyed the traitors who had taken over the Order and took it back, proving her strength. She was hailed by all the members of the cult as its Supreme Head. She was The Red Dragon, their undisputed, and feared, leader.

"All done, boss. No survivors. Made sure of that, myself."

"Good. Then we can only talk about you." Dressed in a black business costume, with red linings, her favorite, she turned to the kneeling Kraznys mo Nakloz. He had been her captive since she heard of the SEALs team coming to kill him. And the man will die tonight. And his death will be on the hands of the USA. She would make certain everyone knew that.

"Please, ma'am, I am your ally. If it is about my cut..." Seriously?! Begging. Pathetic.

"That is pocket change to me. No, no, I am afraid that you are a part of a larger agenda. One that needs you dead."

"You mad bitch. Do you think my brother-in-law, or my Unsullied, will ever forgive this?" It seems that his impending death has made him braver.

"I hope not. As for your Unsullied. They are no longer yours. They are mine.", she let the shock of this appear on his face. She loved that. "One of your men, Nasir, you know the one you call Grey worm, their commander, told me how much they hate you. How brutally you trained them. How much they would love to see you dead. An increase in their salaries, a most generous one at that, was all it took for them to switch allegiances."

"As for fear of you.... Ramsay, tell this man, why you work for me."

"Because, you are scarier than anyone else boss. And that is a lot coming from me."

"Yes, you see, Ramsay is a psychopath, a serial killer, a mass murderer and a rapist. He would have remained a purposeless killer, if I hadn't taken him under my wing. The man can push you under a driving ice cream truck and go to the same truck to buy himself some ice cream. No offence, Ramsay."

"None taken, boss. Did that once, actually." Hardly surprising.

"And he fears me.", Dany finished her thought. "So, you see, I am the scariest person you would ever meet. Goodbye now."

She pulled out her own custom made, unmarked, Strike One semi-automatic pistol and put a bullet in his head. "Have your dogs clean this up. And remember what we discussed." His dogs being his own strike team. Ruthless bastards the lot of them, but good for killing people.

"Sure thing, boss. The SEAL team of the States came here and assassinated this guy. His guards managed to kill the assassin, but not before he fatally wounded them.", he said and pointed to the said guards' unconscious bodies, soon to be killed with Theon Greyjoy's own weapon.

"I will be going back to my house in Kabul now. I expect to hear of this tragedy by tomorrow afternoon at which time I shall be expressing my condolences to the president of Afghanistan for his beloved brother-in-law."

"You really are cold, aren't you?", asked sardonically her hired killer. 

"Oh, no Ramsay. I am just so hot that your nerves would burn to ash before you can even feel the heat."