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Mise en scène

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years ago, I saw time backwards

i viewed a sepia colored future 

That felt like coming Home

From the deep end of

A veiled Summer of countered Conversations 

That dripped like Honey, melted like snow


broke the Molotov Cocktail and crossed arms

drinking glass down throats

writing in Ink 

with the hands of Kissfist








Strike the match 

Bare the truths of 

Oil and Water


my youth is yours, 

drowned in the stars of the universe


Isn’t it mundane? Starting from the future

That didn't even Exist


Radio playing “I wanna play where you play with the angels”

That 5am morning 


Little flaws that shed like the dander 

Wrapped ‘round the legs

buried , sweet rumbles 

And when I see inside all that silent resilience


That’s the future waiting to be unearthed 

Amber sap of ancestral roots 


A thousand Cranes spilling over

finally allowing 

Lives to collide