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Boys Who Bottom

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Boys Who Bottom

Chapter 1 – Zayn – Prostitute

It was Niall’s birthday. He woke up and had a birthday breakfast with his family before ditching school to hang out with his friends. They were all a bit older than him and his family had never really approved of his choice in companions but nothing they had ever said or done had stopped Niall from socialising with them. He had a few casual acquaintances at school who viewed his ‘proper’ friends as a ‘bad crowd’ but Niall didn’t care. Despite the age difference they all got along incredibly well, and unlike others, Niall knew that their bad reputations were mostly rumours.

The eldest of the group was Louis Tomlinson at age 22. He had a standard office-type job but he made pretty good money and had his own two-bedroom house. He always told Niall he was welcome to stay any time he needed. There had been a few occasions where he’d packed a bag and lived with Louis for a week or two before his mum had apologised and begged him to come home.

There had always been wild rumours about Louis. He was painted as a trouble-making drug addict who roamed the streets all day drinking alcohol and spray-painting public walls. Most people wouldn’t believe just how loving and caring the young man was. Rumours circulated that Louis (or Tommo) was into cocaine and heroine and all sorts of dangerous substances. It was ridiculous of course. Sure, Louis had smoked the odd spliff here and there but nothing more than that. He had never vandalised a public wall with graffiti. Though he had volunteered to help paint over a vandalised wall or two. He never wandered the streets drinking all day either.

The second eldest was Liam Payne. He was 19 and studying to get a law degree. He’d always gotten top grades throughout school and even read books and wrote essays just for fun. But due to the friends he had most people wrote him off as a dumb thug.

Of course, anybody who knew Liam properly knew that he was actually really smart. He also liked to take care of himself so spent a lot of time at the gym, working hard for the fit body he had developed over the years. It genuinely offended him when people assumed his muscular physique was a result of steroid abuse.

Then there was Harry Styles. He was eighteen years old and the entire town labelled him as a womanizer. According to rumours, Harry had dated or slept with just about every girl in town (and their mums). Initially, the rumours were funny. Then they became annoying, almost hurtful at times. Now they were just something Harry found deeply boring.

It wasn’t even a secret that Harry was gay. But it didn’t matter if Harry held hands with a boy or dry-humped a guy in the middle of the street, the neighbourhood would still remain convinced that he ran around breaking girls’ hearts.

And of course Niall was the youngest of the group having just turned sixteen. He was also the only one who was still a virgin. It wasn’t a deliberate decision on his part. Girls were too wary of him because of the company he kept and while there were a couple of boys in his class who were curious they always seemed to chicken out when things got physical.

“Happy Birthday, lad,” Louis called out loudly honking his car horn as Niall climbed in. “Look at him, little sweet sixteen,” he cooed.

“Shut up,” Niall batted the older boy’s hands away from pinching his cheeks.

“What do you wanna do for your birthday, mate?” Liam asked.

“I don’t know, just hang out I guess,” Niall shrugged. “We don’t need to do anything special.”

“Come on, it’s your sixteenth,” Harry pointed out from where he sat in the back with Liam. “We have to celebrate.”

“Don’t your parents have anything planned for later?” Louis asked.

“Nah,” Niall shook his head. “It’s just another day really. It doesn’t matter.”

“Well you’re our mate, Nialler, and it matters to us,” Liam insisted. “Maybe we could pick up Shawn?” he suggested.

“Yeah, you two seemed to be getting on pretty well the other week,” Louis winked. “Reckon this Shawn could be the one. It’s about time we met him properly. Make sure he’s good enough for our little leprechaun.”

“Shawn’s decided he’s straight,” Niall stated. “Got himself a hot new girlfriend and everything. Lots of public displays of affection going on.”

“Sorry, mate,” Liam patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“Forget him, he wasn’t worth it,” Harry supported.

“We could always egg his house,” Louis offered.

“Forget it,” Niall laughed. “Obviously I’m doomed to be a virgin forever.”

“No way,” Louis denied getting a glint in his eye. “Hold on lads, I know what we’re doing for Niall’s birthday,” he wheeled the car around driving towards the dodgy area of town.

“Oh no,” Liam shrunk down as low in his seat as possible when he realised where they were.

“What’s going on?” Niall asked.

“Are we where I think we are?” Harry wondered as he rolled the window down to get a better look.

“Damn right,” Louis answered.

“Where are we?” Niall asked cluelessly.

“We, young Niall, are currently cruising down Prostitute Lane,” Louis informed him.

“If anyone from Law School sees me here my reputation will be ruined,” Liam complained.

“Take a look at the goods, lad,” Louis encouraged the birthday boy. “Pick your birthday present.”

“Wait, are you serious?” Niall stared at him wide-eyed. “You’re gonna get me a prostitute?”

“Of course,” Louis said. “Can’t have your poor little dick being neglected now can we. So come on, who catches your eye?”

Niall looked up and down the street. Most of the prostitutes were female and barely-clothed and looked older than his mother. He didn’t want to be judgemental but he guessed in most cases they just looked older because they took a lot of drugs. There were a couple of guys but nobody was really catching his eye.

“Are we sure this is a good idea?” Liam asked. “Who knows what kind of diseases these people could have? And fucking hell, is that one pregnant?”

“Maybe we should go,” Harry agreed. “Nobody here looks particularly clean or attractive. Niall deserves better for his first time.”

“Yeah, alright, your call Niall,” Louis told the boy.

“I think we should go,” Niall grimaced as one of the women flashed her saggy tits to get their attention. “Hey, wait,” a dark figure suddenly caught his eye. “Him,” he pointed to a beautiful boy in tight-ripped jeans and a see-through shirt.

“Now we’re talking,” Louis eyed the boy approvingly and drove closer before beckoning the worker over. “Well, hello, gorgeous,” Louis greeted eyeing him up and down. “Care to be the present at my friend’s birthday party?” he gestured to Niall who found himself blushing when the pretty prostitute looked at him.

“He looks young,” the prostitute commented a little uneasily.

“He’s sixteen today,” Louis said. “Still a virgin too. You’re gonna be his birthday present. Come on, get in. Look, we’ve got plenty of money for your services,” he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a very generous sum. “That’s a good lad,” he approved as the prostitute slipped into the backseat with Harry and Liam. “I’m Louis by the way,” he introduced himself. “That’s Liam you’re next to.”

“Pleasure,” Liam said formally as he shook the boy’s hand.

“That’s Harry with the curls,” Louis continued.

“Hi,” Harry grinned.

“And this is our birthday boy, Niall,” Louis smiled while Niall simply blushed. “You got a name, mate?”

“What does the birthday boy want it to be?” the prostitute asked.

“Um…” Niall had no idea how to respond. “Can I just know your real name?”

For nearly a full minute the car was silent and it didn’t seem like their pick-up was going to reply.

“It’s Zayn,” he finally offered.

Perhaps it was a fake name. Niall really had no way to know. But he liked it. The name suited the beautiful boy.

“Zayn,” Niall repeated. “I like it.”

They arrived at Louis’ house and all five of them made their way inside. Louis led them through to the kitchen and they grabbed some cans, bottles and glasses before following Louis upstairs to his bedroom.

A quick glance to the bed informed Niall that the sheets were clean on that morning. It was very rare that Louis actually changed his bedding. Normally Harry ended up doing it for him. The fact that Louis had so much cash on him in the car was also very suspect. Niall started to realise that Louis had probably planned to get him a prostitute all along.

“Ok,” Louis opened a cheap bottle of champagne and poured out five glasses handing them to everybody. “Cheers, to Niall’s sweet sixteen.”

“Niall’s sweet sixteen,” they chorused clinking their glasses together and taking a drink.

“So, how does this work?” Liam asked Zayn. “Do we pay you now or later? Are there certain rules?”

“We use condoms and lube and we don’t kiss on the mouth,” Zayn stated pulling lube and a stash of condoms out of his boots and placing them on the bed. “So birthday boy, you gonna top or bottom?”

“Um…” Niall looked to Louis for guidance.

“He’ll top, mate,” Louis answered.

“Alright,” Zayn nodded stripping off his shirt, stepping out of his boots and pushing down his figure-hugging jeans to reveal a devil-red thong. “How do you want me?”

“Um… I, err, I wanna look at you… face-to-face?” Niall posed his answer as a question. “Is that allowed?”

“It’s your birthday, sweetheart, it’s all about you,” Zayn told him as he stepped forward to help Niall out of his clothing. “Just think of me as a pretty new toy you get to play with. Relax, yeah?” he massaged the blonde’s shoulders once he’d stripped him down to his boxers. “We can stop any time you want to.”

“Here, have another drink, lad,” Louis pushed a can of beer into Niall’s hand. “It’ll calm your nerves.”

“Want us to wait outside, Ni?” Harry asked.

“Um, I dunno,” Niall shrugged as he chugged down his beer. “Do people normally watch their mates have sex for the first time?”

“Well, no, but we’re here to give you support, talk you through it,” Louis told him. “We wanna make sure you really get to enjoy your birthday present,” he winked at Zayn.

“We can give you privacy if you want though,” Liam said.

“Nah, you can stay,” Niall answered. “I mean… if that’s ok with you?” he checked with Zayn.

“Like I told you, sweetheart, whatever you want,” Zayn replied

“Stay,” Niall asked the others finishing his can of beer. “So, um, what do we do next?”

“Come lie on the bed with me,” Zayn took the sixteen year old’s hand and guided him onto the mattress. The prostitute settled himself beside the virgin and roamed his hands over the younger boy’s body, gently caressing him and telling him to relax. “I’m gonna take your pants off now,” he warned. He made quick work of slipping Niall’s boxers off and tossing them aside, the other boys letting out a series of wolf-whistles and cat-calls. “A nice good cock you’ve got there, birthday boy,” he complimented. “Want me to blow you?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Niall agreed eagerly. “Shit,” he groaned as Zayn took him into his mouth.

“How’s it feel, Nialler?” Harry wanted to know.

“Amazing,” Niall panted out. “Won’t last,” he mumbled.

“Alright, Zayn, let’s move things along,” Louis interrupted, and Zayn pulled up, Niall’s cock falling from his mouth with a lewd pop. “We need to get the birthday boy’s virginity taken care of.”

“You ok, sweetheart?” Zayn checked stroking Niall’s cheek with the back of his knuckles.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Niall nodded and Zayn offered a smile before taking off his thong.

“Do you wanna prep me or do you want to watch me do it?” Zayn asked as he reached for the lube.

“Watch you,” Niall answered.

Spreading his legs, Zayn made quite the show of stretching himself open, the other three boys also getting to enjoy the view.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Louis commented. “Can definitely tell we’ve got a professional in the room, hey lads?”

“Yeah, he’s good,” Harry complimented while Liam nodded and palmed himself through his trousers.

“Ok, I’m ready for you, birthday boy,” Zayn announced. “Put this on,” he requested handing Niall a condom.

“This is it, mate,” Harry clapped excitedly. “Time to pop that cherry.”

“You got this, Niall,” Liam encouraged.

“Get in there, lad, fuck that pretty ass,” Louis whistled.

Niall poised himself above Zayn and looked down at the prostitute nervously. Reaching his hands up, Zayn cupped the boy’s face and whispered a few reassurances. He welcomed Niall’s cock inside his hole and arched his back as he released a small moan. Wrapping his arms about Niall’s neck, Zayn guided the boy’s movements, whispering instructions to him and telling him how good he was making him feel.

“That’s it, sweetheart, just like that,” Zayn praised him as Niall thrust to the rhythm Zayn had directed him into.

While Niall officially lost his virginity to the beautiful prostitute, his friends sang a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’.

“Happy Birthday, to you,” Louis, Liam and Harry sang loudly. “Happy birthday, to you. Happy birthday, dear Niall, happy birthday to you!”

“Go on, lad,” Louis cheered.

“Give it to him, Niall,” Harry encouraged.

“Relax your hips more,” Liam advised. “Try for a figure eight kind of motion.”

“Fuck,” Niall hissed as he hid his face in Zayn’s neck, making the effort to wiggle his hips as he thrust in and out of the prostitute.

“That’s good, birthday boy,” Zayn moaned scratching his nails across Niall’s back. “So good, Niall,” he claimed making the younger whimper at the sound of his own name.

“Can I kiss you?” Niall asked hopefully. “Just once,” he bargained. “It is my birthday,” he reminded him cheekily.

“Just once,” Zayn answered him.

Their lips met and Niall made the most of it, plunging his tongue into the older boy’s mouth and lingering for as long as possible before he absolutely had to break away in order to breathe. Being his first time, it didn’t take Niall long to reach his climax. As he emptied his load into the condom, he dropped his forehead down to rest against Zayn’s, smiling goofily as his heart thumped in his chest.

“Happy Birthday,” Zayn petted the blonde’s hair.

“Thanks,” Niall smiled before pulling out and throwing the used condom in the general direction of Louis’ rubbish bin.

“Congrats, mate,” Louis jumped onto the bed and tackled Niall in a hug, ruffling his hair.

“You’re a man now, Ni,” Harry piled on top of Louis and Niall.

“That Shawn idiot doesn’t know what he missed out on,” Liam said. “Have another drink,” he pulled Niall off the bed and presented him with another can of beer. “Another drink, Zayn?” he asked politely as though he were a dinner guest rather than a prostitute.

“Cheers,” Zayn accepted the bottle passed over to him.

“You ready for another round, babe?” Louis asked Zayn as he set the bottle aside.

“Always,” Zayn answered.

“Good lad,” Louis approved stripping naked with impressive speed and putting a condom on. “Come on, Li,” he threw a condom to the brown-eyed boy. “Let’s make it a three-way.”

“That’s ok, right?” Liam asked Zayn.

“All part of the service,” Zayn replied allowing Louis to manoeuvre him onto his side so his back was to him.

“Our birthday boy opened you up nicely I see,” Louis commented as he pushed himself inside of Zayn in one quick movement.

“Yeah, he did a real good job,” Zayn praised as Liam joined them on the bed, face-to-face with Zayn, and eased himself inside the prostitutes well-stretched fuck-hole. “Mmm,” Zayn moaned at the double penetration.

“Ready to match my rhythm, Li?” Louis challenged.

“You’re on, Tommo,” Liam responded getting into his serious competitive mode.

“On three,” Louis said. “One… two… three… go!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Zayn gasped out as the other two thrust into him hard and deep, both seemingly determined to fuck him harder than the other.

Louis had fisted a set of fingers into Zayn’s hair, yanking his head back while he released a string of obscenities, his accent coming out stronger than ever. For his part, Liam had a bruising grip on Zayn’s hips and was working up a sweat as he rocked in an out of the body between them.

“Oh shit,” Louis slapped his hand down onto Zayn’s ass and roughly squeezed the cheek. “Fucking moan for me, darlin’. Be nice and loud for me.”

As Liam dipped his head to suckle at one of Zayn’s nipples, the prostitute whined and moaned, not even having to fake his pleasure as he so often did in his line of work. Zayn was the first to cum while Louis and Liam argued over which one of them had lasted the longest.

“Whatever, you’ve both finished,” Harry interrupted their argument. “Let the pretty lad recover. Here,” he handed Zayn a can of beer. “Anything you need before I have my go?” Harry asked. “A quick snack, cigarette break maybe?”

“I wouldn’t say no to a smoke,” Zayn admitted.

The group headed downstairs, pulling clothes back on along the way, then stepped out into the back-garden. They all sat down on the plastic lawn chairs, Liam courteously grabbing a cushion off the sofa for Zayn to sit on, and Louis handed a cigarette to Zayn and Liam while taking one for himself. He passed the lighter around and they chatted casually while they smoked.

“So, Zayn?” Louis asked curiously. “Do you live in the dodgy area of town or just work there?”

“Just work there, mate,” Zayn answered blowing out a puff of smoke. “Got myself a nice little flat on the outskirts of the town centre. The job pays me well enough.”

“With a body like that I’ll bet it does,” Louis flirted and Zayn just smirked.

“Can I ask how you got in to such a profession?” Liam wondered.

“Got kicked out when I was fifteen,” Zayn shrugged. “Parents didn’t like it when I told them I was gay. I managed to get a job waiting tables but I struggled to make rent and pay bills. I had to live in the dodgy part of town for a little bit. Renting a room on Prostitute Lane was all I could afford… well, barely afford,” he amended. “I could always see the prostitutes strutting down the street and climbing in to people’s cars. Pretty sure the room above mine was full of drugs and prostitutes. And as I was walking home one day I got offered £50 for a blow-job. Hadn’t eaten properly for a couple of days so earning a quick £50 seemed like a lottery win to me. It just went from there really.”

“You enjoy it?” Harry asked.

“Sometimes,” Zayn replied. “Today’s a pretty sweet day,” he added with a smile.

“Well, I’ve got a spare bedroom here, mate,” Louis told him. “You’re always welcome if you wanna get out of the business. I could get you a job at my office, it’s good money.”

“Thanks, but I’m not really the 9-5 office type,” Zayn responded stubbing his cigarette out.

“Can’t be a fuck-boy all your life though, right?” Louis asked. “Anyway, the offer stands. And I’m sure Nialler would like to see more of you,” he said deviously watching the Irish boy blush.

“Hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday so far,” Zayn said to Niall. “I like to think I make a pretty good present.”

“Best present I’ve ever had,” Niall admitted shyly.

“Come on,” Louis put his cigarette out and stood to his feet clapping his hands together. “It’s our Hazza’s turn to play with Niall’s birthday present.”

The five boys made their way back inside and up to the bedroom. Harry didn’t even both fully undressing himself. He just unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock and his shirt was nearly unbuttoned all the way anyway. Ignoring the bed, Harry seated himself at Louis’ desk-chair and covered his hard length with a condom.

“You’re a professional so I figured I should just relax and let you do the work,” Harry stated.

Getting the hint, Zayn squirted some lube onto his fingers and quickly pushed two inside of himself for some quick preparation. He was still loose from being fucked by Niall and Louis and Liam so he easily added a third digit before sitting astride Harry’s legs. The prostitute sank down onto the curly-haired boy’s cock (the biggest of all of them) and got to work bouncing himself up and down. The room was filled with the obscene sound of squelching as Zayn impaled himself on Harry’s huge dick again and again. He clenched his insides tight, gripping Harry’s cock with his anal walls.

“Fuck, yes,” Harry groaned and Zayn powered through the burning ache in his thighs as he kept bouncing, working Harry’s cock with his money-making ass. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” his mouth fell open as he released a long moan.

“Well performed, mate,” Louis congratulated Zayn. “Think you can do one final round?” he asked. “Niall should really get a second go, given that it’s his birthday and all.”

“Yeah,” Zayn nodded as he moved off of Harry’s lap. “Yeah, I can manage one more.”

“Brilliant,” Louis grinned helping Zayn back to the bed. “Come on, Nialler, make the most of him, he doesn’t come cheap.”

Stepping out of his clothes, Niall crawled onto the bed and loomed above Zayn.

“Hi,” he greeted the beautiful boy below him.

“Hi,” Zayn smiled up at him and parted his legs. “Any special requests?”

“Can I still play the birthday card to get another kiss?” Niall asked.

“Fuck it, you’re too cute,” Zayn laughed throwing his arm around the boy’s neck and pulling him down to smash their lips together. “Kiss me as much as you like, sweetheart.”

“Get in there, Nialler,” Harry grinned.

Niall’s second time with Zayn was a lot slower and gentler but still didn’t last particularly long. But he got to kiss Zayn and he assumed the older boy enjoyed it too given that he had cum all over both their chests.

“Here you go, lad,” Louis handed over a large stash of cash. “You earned every penny, mate,” he told him. “You’re welcome to have a shower before you go. And we were gonna order pizza if you wanted to join us? We can drive you back to Prostitute Lane later, or back home, whatever.”

“Or you could just stay the night,” Niall suggested, still laying naked beside Zayn. “Louis has the spare bedroom.”

“Yeah, maybe just one night,” Zayn agreed.