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A Simple Guide on Raising your Boyfriend

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Like in most social situations, Kirishima took to it naturally. Bakugo watched as the crimson hero rushed forward, scooping up the soft pile of wild, Viridian curls and rumpled, green fabric. His fingers twitched around the wrists of the pinned villain, who lay lifeless under the pressure of the blonde's braced knee.


He could hear Kirishima coo softly over the small cries and whines of the small boy cradled in his arms. Kirishima had been the first to hear him during the man's detainment. Small, chubby hands gripped onto firm arms as the child sniffled through his stuffy nose.


The police had arrived and dragged the unconscious villain away, giving Bakugo the freedom to walk towards his colleagues. Well… colleague.

"What the fuck," he whispered, hustling closer as he was able to make out the freckles on pudgy cheeks and watery, emerald eyes nervously glancing over Kirishima's shoulder.


"Hey, Izu-chan, you're okay," the redhead cooed, rubbing up and down the small boy's back as he turned to face his husband. He gave a weak smile as Bakugo's eyes darted from his, to the child, and then back to his spouse.


"Is that…" there was no need for him to finish.


Kirishima pressed his cheek into the soft curls of their third partner, now-turned toddler.


The EMT had fortunately arrived not much later, sparing Midoriya from the cold with a thick blanket. There were many questions asked (some of which involved prodding at Bakugo's decision to clock this elusive villain into unconsciousness, rendering him useless to interrogation). Kirishima had held on tightly to Midoriya the whole time, patting his hair as the infant idly suckled on his thumb. Bakugo stood off to the side, warily observing him. He looked away every time those curious green eyes looked up to him.


Kirishima was a natural with children, always cheery and comforting. It wasn't that Bakugo particularly hated children. His rough and abrasive behavior never seemed to settle well with a being so small and fragile.


He couldn't help but snort at the fact that Midoriya still had his mother saved as his emergency contact, even years after he had settled in with him and Kirishima. Despite Inko eagerly offering to drive over to Chiba Prefecture and  pick up her son, Bakugo, Kirishima and the detectives all felt it was best for Midoriya to stay with the duo. The villain's intentions were unknown, only going after the smaller man. Both Kirishima and Bakugo were comfortable with the idea of being his guards until he recovered.


Midoriya had clung tightly to Kirishima, nestling against him to hide from it all. He was mostly quiet, aside from a couple sniffles and hiccups, until he was pried away by a medical technician to give him a quick examination. Kirishima had stayed close by, giving small words of encouragement, and commending the crying boy on his bravery.


Bakugo had been outside of the medical truck, conversing with the police about their next steps. It was evident by his basic questions that he may be in over his head. One cop (who felt the need to tell Bakugo that he had 3 kids) had scribbled down a small list and a couple of stores that had everything the explosive hero would need.


The ride home was relatively quiet. Midoriya sat in Kirishima's lap, whining and turning away whenever he tried to wipe the toddler's runny nose and leaky eyes.

"We're going to have to talk about this, Katsuki," he murmured, glancing at the agitated blonde.


"We don't have to talk about shit," he hissed, knee bouncing as he  glared out the window of the cramped taxi. Kirishima's hands quickly shot up to Midoriya's ears.


"No cursing in front of Izu-chan," he gasped.


"He's our partner!"


"He's a baby right now!"


"We've sucked his dick!!"




Midoriya began to whimper at the sudden volume, forcing Kirishima's attention back to him.


"Goddamm, was he always such a crybaby?"


"Katsuki," Kirishima's voice was low in warning. Bakugo pouted and leaned further into his seat, arms folded over his chest. The redhead let out a small sigh, his voice softer as he rested a hand on his partner's knee.


"Katsuki, I know this is difficult for you," he said quietly, "but can you at least try to help me out here?"


Bakugo glanced down at Midoriya, whose head and eyes kept drooping.


"He's only gonna be small like this for a few days, a week max. You won't even have to change any diapers while I'm around. Just… I dunno…"


It was clear that Kirishima had been a little excited about this. Even before Midoriya had joined their relationship, he had asked Bakugo a couple times about adopting. The answer had always been "I'll think about it," or "we'll see." But this seemed to be the perfect time for a trial run.


Kirishima inched closer and closer, until he was butted up against Bakugo's side. He pressed his cheek against the blonde's.


"Please please please please please," he chirped nonstop, shoving Bakugo closer to the window.


"Okay, fine!" He snapped, shoving Kirishima back to his seat.


Kirishima grinned, hugging the sleepy child closer to his chest.


This was going to be a rough ride.