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Wild Hunt

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 "If she wants to eat bread, then she will have to earn it. Out with this kitchen maid!"




Rapunzel giggled as she rubbed her diapered crotch against the backside of her teddy bear, holding onto his ears. 


“Are you enjoying that bear, Goldilocks?” Princess Anna asked her girlfriend. 


“Yes, I am, but I’m getting kind of hungry,” Rapunzel said.


“Well, I got your morning bottle right here,” Anna said to her girlfriend. “Or we could go with something a little more special.”


Anna shook the bottle like a rattle, smirking at Rapunzel. She walked closer to Rapunzel’s bed. 


“Your choice, sweetie,” Anna said. 


“May I please have applesauce with my milk?” Rapunzel requested. 


“As you wish, my little cutie.”


Grabbing a jar of applesauce and a spoon from the nearby pantry, Anna began to spoon-feed her girlfriend. The little princess giggled, licking her lips while humping her bear.


“I love it!” Rapunzel giggled. “Thank you, Anna.”


Anna kissed Rapunzel on the cheek. 


“Anything for my precious princess.”


After a while, the jar became empty. 


“Okay, Rapunzel. It’s time for your milk,” Anna said, inching the bottle closer to Rapunzel’s mouth. 


Rapunzel grabbed the bottle and began sucking on the nipple, moaning in ecstasy as she drank deeply. As Rapunzel drank, Princess Anna stared at her girlfriend’s attire. Rapunzel was clothed in a lavender bib and a massive diaper. 


“Am I a cute baby?” Rapunzel asked.


“Yes, you are,” Anna said.


It was no secret that Rapunzel was the first and only Adult-Baby princess in Corona. She took pleasure in wearing and filling her diapers, doing chores, sleeping in a cradle, painting with her fingers, scalping her enemies, sucking on her thumb or a pacifier, and hanging out with her girlfriend. 


"Who's a cutie little doll?” Anna cooed, squeezing Rapunzel’s diaper. “You are! Yes, you are!"


Rapunzel giggled so much that she accidentally urinated in her Pampers Cruisers. 


“Did my little princess end up wetting herself?” Anna asked. 


Looking up at her girlfriend, the princess nodded.


“I don’t mind, though. Besides, I love being soggy,” Rapunzel said. “There’s nothing better than a warm, wet diaper.” 


Nita walked into the nursery to see the princesses bonding. 


“Good morning, Goldilocks,” the Mother Bear said to Rapunzel.


“Good morning, Mama,” Rapunzel replied. 


“Are you and Anna having playtime together?” Nita asked.


“Yes, we are,” Anna said. 


Anna grabbed her girlfriend’s hand and whispered to her,


“You’re in love with Pampers, aren’t you?” 


“They’re my favorite brand since childhood,” Rapunzel admitted. 


Wrapping her arms around Princess Anna, Rapunzel leaned in and kissed her girlfriend. Nita smiled at this public display of affection. 


“How long have you two been together?” the Mother Bear asked.


“For eight years,” Rapunzel said.


“And how did you meet Rapunzel?” Nita asked Anna. 


“I found the princess in her tower,” Anna explained. “She was the diaper-clad slave of Gothel, a nasty bitch who posed as her mother.”


“Did you save her?” Nita asked. 


“We saved each other,” Rapunzel said. 


The Mother Bear walked over to Rapunzel and gently squeezed the maiden’s diaper. She kissed Rapunzel on the cheek. 


“Need to be changed, sweetheart?” Nita asked.


“I’m good, Mama. I love my wet Pampers,” Rapunzel blushed.


“Okay, just don’t play in them for too long,” Nita said. “I’m just worried about you getting an infection.”


“To be honest, all of this talk about diapers actually makes me want to play with yours,” Anna admitted to Rapunzel.


“That sounds like a great idea,” Rapunzel said. 


Removing herself from her teddy bear, Rapunzel crawled towards Anna and smiled at her. Anna picked up her girlfriend from underneath her armpits and stared down at her Pampers Cruisers. The princess’s diaper contoured to her hips and thighs, hugging her bottom as the padding slightly revealed the lower cheeks.


“You look super cute,” Anna said.


“Thanks,” Rapunzel said. “But you’re cuter.”


“But those Pampers look good on you,” Anna insisted. 


“Do you really think so? Because I’ve got a surprise for you,” Rapunzel said. 


Since she was in a kinky mood this morning, Rapunzel grabbed the front of her Pampers and shimmied her hips, giggling and clapping her hands in excitement. 


“That's right, Goldilocks! Wiggle and jiggle,” Anna said to Rapunzel. “Let me see that big diaper.”


Rapunzel swung her hips around and wiggled her butt close to Anna. Anna playfully smacked her girlfriend’s butt. Rapunzel giggled, squatting down in her caregiver’s lap.


“Can you handle these Pampers?” Rapunzel asked her girlfriend. 


“Only if you can handle my excitement,” Anna replied. 


Wrapping her arms around Anna’s neck, Rapunzel sat down in her girlfriend’s lap and began grinding on top of her. 


“Do you like that, big girl?” Rapunzel teased. 


“I love it,” Anna said. 


As Rapunzel performed her improvisational lapdance, Kenai walked into the room. He stopped in the doorway and glared at Rapunzel. Rapunzel turned around and screamed, removing herself from Anna’s lap.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Kenai asked. “Is this appropriate behavior for a scullery maid?”


“I’m sorry,” Rapunzel said. 


“Why are you not dressed for work? You’re supposed to be busy in the kitchen,” Kenai growled.


“My apologies, Papa,” Rapunzel said.


Kenai pointed to the closet.


“Put on your uniform and get to work.”


Rapunzel lowered her head and walked over to the closet. She took out her French maid outfit.


“I don’t have all day,” Koda said. 


The princess looked back at her girlfriend.


“Anna, could you please help me put this on?” Rapunzel asked.


“Anything for my little Goldilocks,” Anna said.


Anna dressed Rapunzel in her uniform. She hugged her girlfriend and whispered to her,


“Maybe after work, we can have more playtime together.”


“Playtime is always better when you’re with me,” Rapunzel said. 


“Enough girl talk! Let’s go,” Kenai said. 


Rapunzel slowly exited the nursery and walked into the kitchen. Despite Kenai’s behavior towards her, she learned to keep her mouth shut. If she ever dared to talk back, she would be punished with the threat of a timeout or a spanking. 


“What must I do first?” Rapunzel asked the Mother Bear. 


“First, you can put the dishes away,” Nita said. “I cleaned them last night.” 


“Anything else?” Rapunzel wondered. 


“I could braid your hair,” Nita said. 


“But you would have to ask me first,” Rapunzel said to the Mother Bear.


“May I please braid your hair?” Nita asked. 


“You may,” Rapunzel answered. 


After braiding Rapunzel’s hair, Nita hugged the princess and patted her bottom. 


“Okay, sweetie. Your French braid is complete,” Nita said in a motherly tone. 


“Thanks, Mama,” Rapunzel said. 


“Now get to work,” the Mother Bear ordered.


“Yes, Mama,” Rapunzel said. 


As Rapunzel started putting the dishes away, Koda walked into the kitchen. 


“Good morning, Goldilocks,” Koda said to his big sister. “Do you want to play with me?”


“Not right now, Baby Bear. I’m working,” Rapunzel said. 


“But last night, you promised me that we can play together!” Koda whined. 


“Please shut up,” Rapunzel said. 


Koda looked up at Rapunzel in shock. He sniffled, whimpering as tears began to form in his eyes. The bear cub ran back into the nursery, crying. 


“Koda, wait! I didn’t mean to be rude,” Rapunzel called out after him. 


Ignoring his big sister, Koda closed the door and jumped into his bed. He slammed his face against the pillow, soaking it with his tears. Anna saw the Baby Bear crying and approached him.


“What’s wrong, Koda?” Anna asked the bear cub.


“Goldilocks told me to shut up,” Koda said.


“Sweetie, I just think that Rapunzel wants to get her work done before she can play with you,” Anna explained to Koda. “Trust me, she never breaks a promise.”


Koda looked at Anna.


“Really?” the Baby Bear asked.


“It’s the truth,” Anna said.


“Thanks, Auntie Anna,” Koda said.


“You’re welcome, Baby Bear.”


“Do you enjoy being part of our family?” Koda asked. 


“I really do,” Anna said. 


Back in the kitchen, Rapunzel was mopping the floor. She had already wiped down the table and arranged the silverware in the cabinets. While she worked, she noticed Kenai and Anna coming in. 


“How’s your job so far, Rapunzel? Is everything okay?” Anna asked her girlfriend.


“It’s fine,” Rapunzel said.


“You make a cute maid,” Koda remarked.


“Thanks,” Rapunzel said to her little brother.


“Did you make your uniform or did somebody else make it for you?” Anna asked. 


“Mama bought the dress for me,” Rapunzel explained.


“I love how the skirt shows off your diaper,” Koda said. 


“And I love the fact that you view diapers as cute,” Rapunzel replied. 


“They can be cute unless they’re stinky,” Anna laughed.


“That’s true,” Rapunzel said.


“By the way, I heard from your mother that Kenai often makes disgusting comments about you,” Anna said. “Is he making fun of your diapers?”


“Actually, he enjoys seeing me in my pampered glory,” Rapunzel said.


“Then what’s the problem?” Koda asked.


“Papa keeps hitting on me, even though he’s married,” Rapunzel said. “He sometimes grabs my crotch or smacks my butt when Mama’s not around.”


“Now that’s just fucked up,” Anna commented.


“What should I do?” Rapunzel said to her girlfriend. 


“You need to hit him back. Fight fire with fire,” Anna said. 


“But I don't want to hit him with fire! That’s dangerous,” Rapunzel said. 


“No, honey! What I’m trying to say is that when he flirts with you, then you do the same thing to him,” Anna clarified. 


“Okay,” Rapunzel said. 


As soon as Rapunzel was done with her chores, Kenai walked into the kitchen. Anna ushered Koda out of the room as she stared down the Father Bear. Kenai smiled at Rapunzel and crept up to her. 


Rapunzel waved at Kenai, smiling nervously as she was putting away the cleaning supplies. 


“Hello, cutie pie,” the Father Bear said to his maid. “Did you finish your work? Because Papa’s here to give you a sweet reward.” 


“What kind of reward?” Rapunzel asked nervously. 


The Father Bear smirked as he tore open his shirt, exposing his hairy chest in front of the two princesses.


“Do you like what you see, Goldilocks? Or is Papa too hot to handle?”


Rapunzel blushed as she closed her eyes. She leaned back against the counter, breathing heavily as Kenai reached out his left hand to caress her hair.


“I think you’re super hot,” Rapunzel whispered to the Father Bear, rubbing his chest. 


“Know what’s hotter?” Kenai asked. 


“What?” Rapunzel said.


“Your perfectly pampered pussy.”


Anna saw the Father Bear reaching for Rapunzel’s skirt. She pushed him away, taking Rapunzel’s hand.


“That’s enough!” Princess Anna shouted at Kenai.


“What’s wrong? She loves me,” Kenai said.


“You have a wife and you think that harassing my girlfriend is okay?” Anna snapped at the Father Bear. 


“Harassing her? I was just giving her my love,” Kenai said. 


“Touching a woman without her consent isn’t love. It’s just plain disrespectful,” Anna said. 


“But I thought that blondes have more fun?” Kenai said. 


“While that may be true, guess what? I’m not a Barbie doll,” Rapunzel said to Kenai. “I am your maid and Anna’s girlfriend.”


“And maids are people,” Anna interjected. “They’re not objects or walking dolls.”


“However, I do often work as a pinup model for my girlfriend,” Rapunzel said. 


Although the princesses were talking to Kenai, the Father Bear wasn’t staring at them. He was looking downwards at Rapunzel’s cleavage. 


“Um, Rapunzel?” Anna asked.


“Yes?” Rapunzel said.


“Papa Bear’s staring at your boobs.”


Rapunzel gasped and slapped Kenai across the face. She forced him to look into her emerald eyes. 


“Stop staring at me with those hungry eyes! I’m not a fucking cheeseburger  that wishes to be salivated over and devoured greedily,” Rapunzel said to the Father Bear. “Besides, you should be worshipping your wife. Keep your eyes and hands away from me.”


“Or what?” Kenai retorted. 


“Or she’ll beat your ass with her frying pan,” Anna replied.


“Anna, stop! I don’t want to lose my job,” Rapunzel said, trying to hold her girlfriend back. 


“But your boss is being a creep! Plus, he’s a married man.”


“Besides, what about Koda? I promised him that I would protect him and be a big sister,” Rapunzel said. 


Anna cared about Rapunzel, but she knew that the princess always kept a promise once she made it. There was a part of Anna that feared the harassment would get worse if Kenai didn’t stop or at least if she didn’t tell Nita, but she also wanted Rapunzel to be happy.


“Listen, I have an idea,” Anna said to her girlfriend. “How about if I tell Nita about your situation and she can help you?” 


“As long as Kenai doesn’t fang out on me, I’m fine with that,” Rapunzel said. “Now may I please go play with Koda?” 


“As you wish,” Anna said.