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A thick folder holds the papers, notes, and pictures all written by the same man and about the same boy. 

The first note is written in blue ink, the handwriting is clear and neat. 


   Day one. 

We chose the subject today, just a kid...maybe thirteen years old. They didn't give me a name or age, I need to ask them for that age to make sure I treat him properly. Took blood from him today, he cried but I managed to calm him down enough...had to make him go to sleep by the end of it, however...I hope this works...


A picture of a sleeping boy can be seen below the notes, green hair and pale skin. He could have been anyone. 

The next note is messier, seems to have been written in more of a rush. 


  Day seven. 

He is going to kill him, he wasn't to force a quirk into the boy despite my objections. He won't survive it, I keep telling him this and yet he ignores me. Finding a quirkless child is hard enough, but finding one with the same blood type as the master makes this even more foolish. He keeps telling me I have to keep him alive...I am a doctor, not a miracle-worker! Even if the quirk works just like the master intents it to...he is going to die...and then the master will kill me as well...


The notes continue, still slightly messy, some are stained. Still no way of knowing who wrote them...


Day nine.

I can't believe it...the boy survived. The impact of the quirk shattered every bone in that boy's body and still he survived...the regeneration quirk master gave him is was still close, however. The boy was awake when it happened...he didn't scream. He was just staring out into nothing with his mouth gaping open...I hope I can ease his pain more next time...He is still recovering but his life is no longer in danger. Master came in and seemed happy. The regeneration quirk was unable to heal him without leaving scars, hower master seemed not to mind. I hope he stays happy, I miss my girls...


Day forty-eight. 

He has had the boy do nothing but train for over a month, every mistake the boy makes the master punishes with a broken best. The quirk he was given heals him quickly but the boy was still obviously in pain. Master spoke about another quirk he wished to give him once he was ready and I doubt he means it how I hope he does. The boy is...fading. He used to fight the master every step at the way...but now...he does what he is told as well as he can...I just hope he keeps some of that light hidden somewhere. 


Day sixty. 

The boy had another quirk given to him today, some form of creation quirk if successful he should be able to create knives and other things like it from his arms and legs. Master is really making him into a weapon...I am still not sure what he is going to use him for once he is finished, he only tells me what I need to know. The boy is healing quickly, his bones shattered once more this time but his regeneration quirk is healing him far better than I ever could. 


Day sixty-five. 

He is up and walking...five days ago every bone in his body was broken...shattered. The regeneration quirk master gave him is...very impressive...I've never seen anything like it - master wants me to test it...I don't know how I am going to do this...I could sedate him but I'm not sure his quirk will work right if I do...will test local anesthetics first. I won't hurt this kid if I can avoid it...


update: Local anesthetics work with his quirk, but of course master wants results without it aswell...when testing I did find he heals slightly faster without it. A simple skin deep cut heals almost  immediately,  if they are very small it heals faster then the blood can begin to drip. A broken finger is fine within a few minutes as I expected...however it doesn't seem to regrow limbs very well. I cut his pinky off, (he didn't even react to that or the breaking of his finger) it grew back but...different, the skin had a slightly gray tone to if it was dead...but there is blood flowing and it moves just fine, strange... I had to test deeper cuts as well. I noticed small scars forming as it healed, his whole body is covered with them at this point. Master is going to bring him here along with another boy for another test...he told me to have everything ready in case his quirk wasn't enough to save him. If the boy does my family. All I can do is pray and do my best.  


day seventy. 

I almost lost, Master, brought him to me along with another boy, he seemed to have a form of decay quirk and god...he grabbed his all just...vanished. He stopped before he cut all the way through and master ordered me to only help the boy heal if he was going to die... too much invested at this point apparently. I didn't have to, his healing worked as expected and the wound closed up within an hour, the skin left there was dark and similar to his toe. His voice also turned slightly raspy, like he had a's been about four days so I hope his voice returns to normal - not that the master seems to need him to speak anyway. I have had a few conversations about him...I gave him a newspaper last night and he cried as he read it...I wish I could do something about this...but if master even suspects family will pay. I am ready to die once this is over...but I will not sign my daughter's death over to him as well.


day one hundred

He is getting another quirk today, I'm on standby as always but I doubt I will be needed. It's a speed quirk this time, very impressive one it seems...heard something about being faster than All Might but I'm not sure if I believe that...I do doubt if he had a quirk like that he wouldn't give it to a little boy. I heard someone talk about UA today, something about a schedule and a mission...things have been moving fast the past few days...the boy's training has increased but his progress has been...incredible. With this added quirk he could be a great hero...if he wasn't trapped here that is...he doesn't talk to me anymore, stopped a few days ago. He follows master around like a puppy...I fear he might be losing himself. 

Things are heating up...I am not sure what's going on at the moment... I'll try and find a place to hide the most important notes incase my lab is ever found...maybe then my family will understand why I did what I did...


day one hundred and fifty       

The speed quirk is something truly, he almost becomes invisible when he's taken some time for him to learn how to control this one however, he still gets sick sometimes but nothing he can't hide anymore from the master. He is already talking about another experiment he wants the boy to perform, the boy told me he is having him hurt people...or well he wrote it down. He doesn't speak to anyone apart from master as far as I know. I told him to do whatever he had to, I told him to survive. Have I really just told a child to hurt others? I feel sick...but I don't want my boy to die...


Uptade: He killed someone today, I heard cheering from others as it happened...when I saw him that night he cried as he tried to's all my fault. I'm sorry. 


day two-hundred and twelve.

I can't keep this up...the master knows I am sure of kindness to the boy isn't welcome...I don't know what to do, I only hope someone finds these notes before it's too late...please, forgive me for turning my back on you kid...I have to keep them safe, I can't risk any more talks or newspapers for you...if you ever read this, know I tried alright. If you survive this, know I love you.    


the final note doesn't have a title, it's written in red ink, covered in stains from tears. 


it's over, for me at least. I knew this would happen...I'm his final test. It's ok kid, don't feel bad alright? I would have died in the end anyway...I only hope he keeps his promise to my family. I know you are good, I know you are. Never forget kid, plus ultra! Fight them...when it's safe. I know how clever you are, you will find a way out of this hell...Don't let them win. 


PS. I think his name is Izu - 


the rest of the note is torn, there are some more pictures of the same boy, his x-rays, some pictures showing his body broken and bleeding from receiving a quirk. But there is no trace of anything else in the lab...nothing to show them where they are now...or what they were planning on doing with the boy... Detective Tsukauchi sighs as he looks around the lab, the bloody corpse of the doctor who had hidden the notes is being packed and ready for transit, multiple stab wounds, all hit arteries, it was a quick kill. If this really was the young boy in the pictures...he didn't want to think about it, a young boy like that...doing something like this. 


He needs to call Toshinori if this master truly is who he believes it is...they had a massive problem on their hands. He grabs his phone and calls but it goes to voicemail, right... he probably has a class . Knowing he can't say much over the phone anyway he asks Toshinori to call him as soon as he hears his message, adding it's very important before hanging up. With the body moved he simply takes the folder of notes and pictures and leaves the crime scene, it's almost noon...this was going to be one hell of a day...

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Aizawa frowns after the news that All Might would be late, it meant he and thirteen would be alone with the class for a while. There was tension in his class, some students were already bickering and he had hoped simply having All Might near would make them less focused on beating each other's scores and more focused on actually working together to finish their objective. 


"If All Might is serious about being a teacher. He should be more focused on his students...the city is full of heroes and I doubt it couldn't have been handled by someone else" he mutters only loud enough for thirteen to hear him. The fellow teacher simply shrugs and looks around at the class and starts to attempt to get the classes attention.


Aizawa rubs the bridge of his nose as he watches the students look around the large area known as U.S.J, ignoring thirteen altogether. There was chatter, a lot of chatter and he knew his class would grow restless quickly. Sighing loudly he waves his hand; "alright class listens up" he calls out and the class goes silent and turns to look at him.

"All Might will join us later but let's start; we are going to perform a rescue training. We are going to split the class up into teams and..." there was a strange feeling suddenly, turning around he sees something that causes him to feel very suddenly awake and worried. 


Portals, men and women started moving out all around them and it took him seconds to realize that this was bad. 

"Stay together, try to contact someone for help if you can" he says moving to pull his glasses down over his eyes;"I'll keep them back for as long as I can, Iida, I need you to run and get help - do NOT argue with me" he adds quickly when Iida opens his mouth; "do as I say, now. The rest of you...stay safe" he took a deep breath and moved, using his Capturing Weapon and jumps into battle. 


Todoroki watches his teacher jump into action, he had never seen his teacher fight before, he figured he was more reliant on his quirk during his work as a pro hero but now he had to rethink everything. His teacher used his cloth to capture villains and throwing them around like they were nothing, he avoided hits before even Todoroki could register they were happening...his teacher was a very skilled fighter.  


He moved with Kirishima who had to hold back Bakugo to keep him from jumping in after their teacher to fight as well, Todoroki simply rolled his eyes and reached over to grab Bakugo's other arm to assist his classmate and keep the explosive idiot from doing something stupid. 


"Oi! He is going to need help! He can't fight them all alone!" Bakugo yells at his classmates and pulls and tries to force himself free. 

"He will only have to fight them long enough for the others to get here," thirteen says looking around them, the large door had closed and Todoroki hoped Iida made it out before that happened. As he watches the door another portal opens right there with them and out steps a man...he looked like he was made of smoke, large yellow eyes watching them. 


"Class 1A, I hope you are ready for your test," he says and thirteen steps between them and points her finger towards him.

"Stand back!" they call out trying her best to sound calm as they stood between the students and the villain. 

Activating their quirk the smoke began to get sucked into a black hole but then Todoroki saw something, he was opening a portal, behind thirteen...making their quirk work against them. Before he knew it thirteen was passed out the back of their suit tore open, with their protector down he realizes the grip he had on Bakugo. Looks like fighting was going to happen either way - he got ready, but just as he was ready to send a mountain of ice towards him, Bakugo and Kirishima went flying towards the villain and then...everything went black. 


Aisawa registered something had happened but he couldn't lose focus, he had to trust in his co-worker and students and do his part by holding the majority of the villains back. He can feel his body moving slower, his quirk is taking it's a toll on him as he flashes his eyes towards attacker after attacker when suddenly he finds himself looking at three of the main players looking at him as the ground around him is covered in defeated He should have realized they wouldn't send in their best first...


One looked to be made of smoke, Aisawa guessed he was the source of the portals, the man - no the BOY in the middle had hands clutching at him, including one over his face...and then the shortest of them all, dressed in just sweats, a hoodie and a smiling mask over his face. He readied himself, waiting for one or all of them to attack. Sure enough, the middle one moved, faster than Aisawa had expected and he barely makes it out of the way fast enough and worse than that...he hears the villain count. 

Shit - he knows I'm at my limit... 

He feels his capture weapon being grabbed and pulled, unable to keep his balance he falls forward and feels the villain grab his arm as he dose. Pain - it shoots through he body like lightning as he feels his arm begins to fall apart at the touch. Pushing though he manages to get a kick in hard enough to knock the villain away from him and then suddenly...the small one with the mask is there. 

How? I didn't even see him move! 


Aisawa can't see his eyes...he can't do anything and next thing he knows something sharp is pressed against his shoulder and then... pain - again. 

A long dagger had been pushed through his shoulder, pressing against his bone and cutting off any form of movement, sending him falling to his back. 

"Good job - make sure he won't be a trouble for us..." and next thing he sees is a boot coming down towards his face before everything turns dark.  


Todoroki comes to a halt as he and Bakugo run out from the landslide area and sees Aisawa on his back, a short villain with a creepy white smiling mask over his face stomping down at his face.

"Oi fucker! Gett of!" Bakugo yells as he uses his quirk to launch himself towards them and Todoroki followed hoping he could keep Bakugo from getting himself killed. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are no-face?!" he yells and the villain simply turned to look at him, saying nothing as he tilts his head like a curious dog with his boot still on Aisawa's face. 

"Bakugo careful, we don't know his quirk..."

"I don't give a fuck! When I'm done with him it won't fucking matter!" he says jumping towards him but the villain just...disappeared, appearing next to the other villains again. 


"Where is he...this is not fun anymore...I want the boss" the light blue-haired man with hands all over him says and Todoroki looked up at him.

"What are you after?" he asks, moving to stand next to Bakugo and he feels a shiver going through his body from the look the villain gives him.


"If we can't kill All Might...let's take Endeavor's son at least...Boy...kill" before they could even react the boy in the mask moves, he is so fast Todoroki can't even register his movements and throws ice towards him in pure desperation while he feels Bakugo tugging him backward in one swift motion.

"Shit, fucking no-face is fast! Stay close!" Bakugo yells and soon they realized the ice had missed and the masked villain stood right behind them, he moved his right arm and Todoroki's eyes widened as a long blade began to grow out of his arm.

"How many quirks does he have?!" Bakugo yells and rushes towards him, the masked boy moves again, and Todoroki sees how the blade brushes against Bakugo's face causing him to grab his cheek leaving him open for a second attack. This time his ice is fast enough, it moves and catches the blade just before it's pressed into Bakugo's side.  


He knows how to fight that's for sure; Todoroki thinks before he pushes the eyes forwards towards the villain but each attack misses and he seems to be toying with them, dancing out of the way of their attacks, staying on the defense now. 

"Enough boy...kill them already, stop playing with your food," their leader said and right away the masked attacker rushed towards them, panicked Todoroki sent a massive wave of ice towards him, hitting him straight on causing the mask to fly off and the boy tumbles down to the floor. He lays still for a moment, but slowly gets up and turns to look towards them. 


"What the fuck?" Bakugo said, moving a few steps towards him, Todoroki watched him as Bakugo seemed lost in a mix of confusion and anger.

"Deku?" The Boy arched his eyebrows and tilted his head slightly, he has bushy green hair now falling over his face, he took a long look at Bakugo before he speaks.

"Who the hell is Deku?" he asks before throwing a knife towards Bakugo, it moved in slow motion, Todoroki moved but he could feel his movements far too slow to help and Bakugo just stood there. 


A gust of wind knocked all three of them to the ground and when Todoroki looks up All Might is standing there, watching over them.

"Don't worry! For I am here!" he calls out and the green-haired boy stands to look at him, his face calm as he looks towards the leader.


"Looks like we get a continue; Boy!" he calls out, causing All Might to turn around;"Kill All Might, or die trying" All Might doesn't have a chance, before he can even turn around the boy had moved and pushed a dagger in to the heroes leg, the blade pressing in to block his knee from moving, causing him to almost fall over. 

"Deku stop! Fucking stupid useless shit!" Todoroki turns to watch Bakugo as he stands, frozen to the ground staring at the villain.

"Do you know him?" he calls as he sees the boy move again, another dagger pushed into All Might's knees, this time All Might manages to get a slight punch in, making the boy fall back down on the floor but All Might also fall. 


"Are you going to fight him All Might?" the leader asks smirking;" he is just a kid after all...just fourteen years old...will you really kill a child? Because it's the only way to stop him" Todoroki didn't expect the boy to move so fast, he seemed...unharmed? How was that possible after a punch from All Might? Even if he was holding back that should have knocked him out. 


"End this boy! I don't wish to hurt you!" All Might asks, moving his right arm back and holds his pose as much as he can while on his knees. 

"Listen to him Deku! You won't survive him you, idiot!" Todoroki wanted to ask who this Deku even was but before he could - Deku made his move and so did All Might. The punch hit the air, sending a wave of wind towards the villains with such force their leader fell over, but Deku was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he appeared, slamming down two daggers into All Might's shoulders, cutting through his ligaments and keeping him from moving his arms at all.  


As he moves around to face him, he doses that head tilt again, looking down at All Might's face. There is something there, in his eyes...sadness? Or maybe fear? He was trying to say something but his lips only quivered. 

"End him...before Master comes to teach you about failure again" a flash of pure fear - Tododroki knew the look far to well to miss it no matter how small it was. He was afraid, terrified even and quickly Todoroki had to wonder how this kid had ended up here. 


As the boy moved, another long dagger appearing as he moved his arm up, clearly aiming for All Might's neck this time. 

"S-Sorry..." he whispers and Todoroki sees Bakugo move towards them.

"Izuku stop!" this seems to wake something inside him, he stops mid-movement, eyes large and slowly his face turns towards Bakugo.



A gunshot, and suddenly the boy falls back onto the ground, blood pouring down his face where the bullet had hit him.

"No!" Bakugo screams and turns as dose Todoroki to see the other teachers watching them, Snipe had his gun out and the others were watching with horror in their eyes.

"Fucking idiot! You shot him!" Bakugo yells and All Might falls to the ground and Todoroki hurries over to keep him safe, he watches the motionless body on the ground and then their leader who is scratching his neck violently.

"He broke my toy...he broke it" he mutters as the shadow man grabs his shoulder tightly; "we can't fight this...this proves him right, however...All Might is weak...we can end this another time...let's go" he says creating a portal behind them and they walked through. 


Todoroki moves to stop them but All Might's voice stops him; "no young Todoroki - let them go..." he sounded weak, his body was shaking slightly and his eyes were fixed on the boy still laying on the ground. 


The others reached them shortly and Bakugo threw himself at Snipe yelling and cursing at him; "you shot him you, idiot! Do you know what you have done!" 

"He was about to KILL All Might, I did what I had to do!" a healer reached All Might and began to aid him and Todoroki moved away to give the healer space to work.

"No, he wouldn't! He - "

"Bakugo" Todoroki's voice carried louder then he expected but terror struck him as he watched...the boy was coughing and slowly sitting up. Blood still poured down his face as the bullet was pressed out from his skull, falling into his lap.


Bakugo moved first, he hurried over and grabbed the boy's shoulders and shook him; "what the hell Deku! We thought you were dead!" the boy looked at him, his eyes were fixed on the blond boy's face and Todoroki couldn't really read his expression. 

"Sorry to disappoint you Kacchan..." he says softly, Bakugo lets him go and hits him over the head; "you little shit! Do you have any idea what you put us through!"


Laughter - the boy was laughing as he looks as Bakugo with a bright smile on his face; "but YOU were the one who told me to kill myself? You should be happy Kacchan, it worked! I jumped...and came back with a powerful quirk just as you said!" Bakugo looked like he had punched him right in the gut, moving away from him with terror in his eyes. All Might who was now standing moved over to place a hand on Bakugo's shoulder.

"Young know this boy?" he asks and Bakugo nods; "his name is Izuku Midoria, he went missing last year...I know it's him...despite his bullshit quirks," he says moving away from All Might and looks at the boy still sitting on the ground.

"He had a different quirk before?" All Might asks and Bakugo shook his head;" he was quirkless...whatever they did to him...look he is the biggest fucking All Might fanboy there is...there is no fucking way he would want to kill you or whatever" Todoroki can see the pain he is trying to hide but doesn't say anything, instead he looks over towards All Might. 


"He did look like he was being forced..." he says and All Might nods before he limps over and looks down at the green-haired boy. 

"Are you going to attack me again Young Midoria?" he asks and the boy shrugs; "the villains left when they believed you were dead - so there is no loyalty there, he referred to you as his...toy?" the boy looked like he was going to throw up and All Might move to place a hand on his shoulder. 


He leans in and whispers something only for Midoria to hear and then the boy looks up for the first time, hope in his eyes as he meets All Might's eyes. 

"I'll take Young Midoria to the police station...I might need some help with transport, however," Mic quickly volunteered and Todoroki was left to watch as the three walked away, soon medical personal moved in to care for Aisawa.


He finds himself soon alone with Bakugo, who is very quiet and looking down at his feet as he moves. 

"You alright?" Todoroki asks, for a moment Bakugo looks like he might actually answer him honestly but it quickly vanishes as he simply grunts and says; "shut the fuck up half and half" before storming off towards the changing rooms.


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All Might felt like pure shit; his legs were still aching and he couldn't handle more healing from recovery girl and keep up his muscular form so he simply had to handle it. Midoria had been quiet for the drive towards the police station and it isn't until he is offered a glass of water he speaks. 

"Thank you" he mumbles and takes a big gulp and All Might sits down next to him; "is it true...what you told me? That you know who did this to me?" he asks, not looking over at the older man who sighs.

"I believe so yes...there is only one I know of who can give quirks like's - difficult to believe you are alive" Midoria simply shrugs and takes another big gulp of water before he puts the class on the table.


"So what's going to happen to me? I not only hurt you but that...teacher - Eraserhead, right? Others too" he says his body starting to shake slightly; "I didn't want to...but - there is only so much pain I could handle before I just...did what he master gave me to his a pet" All Might felt sick...he wasn't trained to speak to a young boy about things like this! He didn't know what to say or do...he felt useless. 


"I am not sure what will happen, I have asked people far more qualified to come and speak with you. Once we have heard your story..." he stopped talking as the door swung open, revealing Detective Tsukauchi. He smiles and walks inside and sits down by the table with a folder in his hand.

"It's official, it's Izuku Midoria, his mother identified him," he says and All Might sees Midoria finally lookup.

"Mom? I-I thought she was dead? He told me she died..." tears are falling down the boys face and All Might feels a strange burning hatred move through his body. 

"She is fine and she is here, however, please understand young Midoria, we need to make sure you are stable enough and won't try to hurt anyone before we can let anyone see you," Tsukauchi says and Midoria nods before he speaks.

"Yes please, I don't want to hurt anyone..." Tsukauchi nods and brings out two thin metal cuffs, no chain which Toshinori had been very keen on.

"They are made to help us control inmates who are in rehab, if something were to happen we will be able to give you a shock, not enough to hurt you but enough to knock you out" Midoria nods and moves his hands over and Tsukauchi puts the cuffs on him and Toshinori was amazed at how well the boy was handling this - at least so far. 


" Alright, we found a lab Midoria...I believe you know what I am speaking off? Most of it was destroyed but some notes were hidden we know you have been forced to do a lot of illegal activities. Toshinori and Aisawa sensei have both decided not to press any charges against you - as far as we know the doctor's family is safe in America" Midoria relaxed a little when he said that, smiling softly he nodded; "that's good...I hope they can stay safe - he was good to me...and I-" Toshinori isn't sure what to do when the boy begins to cry, all he can do is place a hand on his shoulder as Tsukauchi hands him some paper to blow his nose on. 


"Sorry - I couldn't...I just wanted to stop the pain...I did it fast, to make sure he didn't feel anything. I would have done the same with All Might if it hadn't been for Master's orders - make sure he feels it...I didn't kill Eraserhead because Shigaraki didn't tell me to, he just told me to make sure he wouldn't bother us...I-I did what I could...I can't...I can't take any more pain I'm sorry"   

"Calm down Midoria - I have read the notes myself...I know what they did to you...or well at least what the doctor decided was the most important and my quirk allows me to know when someone is lying and I know you are telling us the truth" 


He slowly turns to Toshinori before he continues speaking;" I will let him meet with his mother, however I am not confident in letting him leave with suggestion is that you take him home tonight and we can continue speaking to UA about the future" Toshinori nods and looks down at the young boy, he would have to show him his weaker form if this were to happen, but that could wait. They let his mother inside, small just like her son and the same green hair. She looked like she was stuck in the doorway for a moment, just looking at his son standing there next to him. 


"Hi mom..." he says slowly, and that seems to break her spell, she hurries over, pulling him close and held him tightly against her chest.

"I knew it...I never gave up believing you were alive!" she cries, holding him so tightly, slowly young Midoria even hugs her back and he decides that he should leave them alone for the moment. 


Izuku couldn't remember her hugs, were they always like this? So tight and kind? He hugs her back but it hurts to do it, too many memories flood over him and soon he needs to step back. 

"Sorry...I-I need a moment," he says forcing the memories away before he sits back down and gestures for his mother to be the same. They sit in silence for a while, his mother simply holding his hand, tracing one of his many scars. It's not causing him any panic and it seems to calm her so he allows it. 

"I'm not going to prison...that's good I suppose," he says suddenly giving his mother a gentle smile; "I'm not sure what they told you..."

"Nothing - only that you...attacked All Might? I mean you are..." she squeezes his hand tightly and tears fall from her eyes;" no, it doesn't matter, you are here and alive. Whatever happened to you...I can wait, you can tell me when you are ready"    

"Thank you...I'm not sure I will ever be ready to tell you everything...just know I am not quirkless anymore and it seems like I am going to be staying with All Might for now..." he shrugs and looks down at their hands;"just until we are sure I won't...hurt anyone. If they find me...I don't know if I can go against their orders"   


His mother nods; "I understand...and as long as I can see you I'm happy" she says and then they just sit there, Izuku wonders if he should tell her about Kac-Bakugo. Tell her what he had said and what he had done...but no. He couldn't burden her like that...but he had to tell someone, Bakugo was training to be a was only fair they knew what kind of person he was. 


The door opens and All Might walks inside;" sorry young Midoria, but we need to leave, Mrs. Midoria, this is my address, he will be staying here with me during the weekend after that we hope to have him stay at UA, it's the safest place we know off. But you can come to visit us anytime while he is here" she smiles and takes the note before standing up to bow in front of All Might.

"Thank you for not pressing charges against my son and for deciding to protect him. He is a good boy, please help him" Izuku felt his ears turning warm and red, he knew his mother meant well but seeing her like that made him embarrassed, she shouldn't be begging All Might for this. He should be doing it...but he doesn't move or speak and instead just watches his mother. 

"I will watch over him Mrs. Midoria doesn't worry, he is safe with me," All Might tells her before he places a big hand on Izuku's shoulder and they started to move. Leaving his mother behind hurt him more than he thought, last time he had done that he hadn't seen her for a year...he hoped this time it really would just be a day at most.  


Izuku follows him inside a car and he sits down next to the very oversized All Might; "alright before we go, I need to tell you something...or well show you something" All Might say and Izuku looks at him as he shrinks down into a much smaller and weak-looking man. He raises his eyebrows, is this what master had spoken off? Was this the weakness All Might was hiding? 

"A fight with the man I suspect is the very same who took you, left me weak and...unable to keep my muscular form up for too long...I ask you don't tell anyone for now. I am not quite ready for the world to see their symbol of peace like this..." Izuku shrugged, even if he told someone who would believe him? He wasn't sure he was believing it himself and he was seeing it with his own eyes. 


Before he knew it he was standing inside of All Might's living room, the apartment was massive compared to where Izuku had lived with his mother, but still rather modest seeing who Tosinori was, as number one hero he could afford even bigger and far more modern. 

"Your room will be in here, you have a bathroom connected to it with both shower and bath. Don't worry about the cuffs you can shower with them no problem" Tosinori tells him, he was nervous Izuku could tell but he simply nodded and walked inside the room, it was simple enough.

"I was thinking - do you want to talk? I am not a therapist but...I know the man who did this. I have suffered from him too, if there is anything you need about I am willing to listen and help as much as I can" Izuku's first instinct was to tell him no, that everything was fine...but he did want to know something.


"There is something...Bakugo, how is he? In school I mean" Tosinori seems surprised and rubs his neck slightly as he seems to think.

"He is a good student, good grades and very strong, has trouble working with others but nothing too bad...why? You know each other before right? Is something wrong?" Izuku frowns, it did sound like the Bakugo he remembered, had he not changed at all?

"How come he has trouble working with others? How does he treat his classmates?" Toshinori frowns, he knew Bakugo had problems...he had been a bully but had slowly started to get better, learning that he will need his classmates to get to the top. 


"He is...well loud, he doesn't do well with teamwork and he doesn't have many friends in class due to it...he seems lonely at times even" this strikes something in Izuku's chest, had the tables turned? No, he doubted Bakugo would allow anyone to treat him how he had been acting towards him...but he knew what it felt like to be alone, sometimes that could be even worse than any pain. 


"Last time I spoke with him...he had just teased me and used his quirk on me...once he stopped he looked at me and told me to give up on my dream to be a hero. Instead, I should jump off a building and hope I come back with a strong quirk" Toshinori's heart sank, he sat down and sighed, covering his face with his hands. He had only heard parts of what he had yelled at Bakugo during the fight...this was...hard to listen too.  

"I'm sorry..."

"So I did it" Izuku interrupts him, causing the older man to look up and meet the boy's eyes; "I jumped...I don't remember much...but I woke up strapped to a table...naked with someone grabbing my leg and pulling it back into place...I survived somehow but my body was broken...I thought it was a hospital but...turns out it wasn't" he shrugged and sits down next to his former idol.

"That's how they got me...I'm not saying it's Bakugo's fault I was kidnapped or anything, but I figured if he is going to be a should know his past. Don't hold it against him, just know what he is capable of when he loses control"


Toshinori nods and sighs, he wonders if he should speak with Bakugo about this...maybe one day but for now he had to focus on helping Izuku. 

"What's going to happen to me?" Izuku asks;" be honest with me, I have done...terrible things and I deserve no kindness-" 

"You do," Toshinori says, now his turn to interrupt;"  You deserve kindness young Midoria, anything you may have done while captured is on his shoulders and not yours...I will find a way to help you. For now, you will stay here, our plan is too bring you to UA and use your skills for good. You are far beyond our students and even if we can't agree with the methods used to achieve it...we believe you can still help the heroes of the future"  Izuku looks over at Toshinori with his eyebrows raised;

"You want me to what...teach? I can't teach this was learned by putting me in life or death situation, I wasn't special...there were others like me there but I - I was lucky...I could read situations well and I won my way up to the top..." he shakes his head and stops talking, he can't continue, if he keeps thinking about this he might just throw up and Toshinori seems to understand and takes over the conversation.


"Perhaps not teach...But show them what they are fighting for, to save others like you that will be used once they become heroes" he sighs and leans back and lets his hand rest over his injury.  

"He needs to be stopped...and I am not sure I  am going to be able to do it on my own, so many have tried and feels like I am destined to die by his hand just like my own teacher" Izuku looks over at him nodding softly as he agrees, Master had to be stopped...he thinks back, remembering the other kids like him...the once he beat.

"I want to help...but- Master is still...Master. I am not sure I can fight against him no matter how much I want it...Shigaraki have more control over me then anyone, I can't do anything against body won't even move unless he tells me too  if he is around...and he won't be happy about losing" Toshinori looks at him, he won't press the young boy, he looks like he is about to fall apart at any moment and he realizes there is still traces of blood on the clothes he is wearing.


"Why don't you go into your room and take a shower,  I can try and find something that will fit you for you to wear until we can get you some  new clothes, just leave your dirty clothes in the hamper and I'll wash it later" A shower did sound...amazing, Izuku nods and gets up walking in to his temporary room not  bothering to close the door behind him. He finds his bathroom with ease and strips before jumping into the shower, turning it on and letting the water wash over his body. He doesn't remember last time he had a hot shower and it forced his aching muscles to relax before he knew it, he was sobbing.  The feeling of being free, his mother's embrace...All Might's kind was just too much. He isn't sure how long he just stands there, it's only when he hears All Might call out to ask if he is alright as he is picking up his clothes to wash them. He turns the shower off and walks out, not bothering to hide as he reaches over to grab the towel, he sees All Might looking at his multiple scars all over his body and suddenly he regrets stepping out.  


"I left some clothes on the bed, try and sleep. We can talk more tomorrow" he says before leaving Izuku alone, walking out a few minutes later he pulls on the clothes and falls on to the bed. It's far too soft and soon he simply drags the duvet and a pillow down on the floor, finds a corner by the closet and curls up with his back against the wall. He feels safe like this, or well safer...he worries about Master showing up as he sleeps but at the same time he is so tired, soon his eyes begin to close and he falls asleep.