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I’ll always choose you (over everything)

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"Mom! A white wolf!"


Jimin's mother lifted her snout and sniffed the air in anguish, it wasn't usual to see a mountain wolf this close to the woods, in fact,  their packs live in the snow-capped mountains of the north and they usually don't roam the flat area.


"Jimin-ah! Come back here right now"


"But ... he's a kid, like me! And he's hurt!" The omega took her pup with her jaw and carried him behind her before slowly approaching the white pup; He looked even younger than Jimin, his fur was dirty, his skin stuck to his bones and his ear had a huge cut.


"Hello little one" The wolf approached slowly and her eyes softened when the pup jumped, scared "We won't hurt you"


"What happened to your ear? Does it hurt?" Jimin was a curious pup, and it often brought a smile to his mother's face. However, at this time his questions were overwhelming the pup, who watched him anxiously "Why are you white? I had never seen such a wolf"


The omega looked sternly at her son and sighed trying to get closer to the small child. "My name is Hyeon and this little devil is my son" the white wolf stared at them, the omega letting out a distressed sigh as she sniffed the little boy's fear "What's your name?"


"T-Taehyung" replied the child with his tail stuck between his hind legs "Kim Taehyung"


"Taehyung, pup where is your mother?" Hyeon couldn't identify any other smell in the place and also, seeing the state of the pup... it couldn't be good news.


"She ... was hurt, Dad told me to run, he was also bleeding. I ... I came back two days later and everyone was still ... they didn't answer me, their smell had changed, I couldn't find my mommy" the pup was losing sanity little by little, letting out melancholic howls.


"Taehyung" Hyeon spoke interrupting him and brought her neck closer so that the pup could scent her "okay, calm down baby" the omega could get an idea of what had happened with Taehyung's parents and her heart twisted in pain.


Looking for a way to reassure him she looked behind her and gently pushed her son "He's Jimin"


Jimin approached to sniff him without any fear, immediately Taehyung looked at him carefully and Hyeon didn't lose sight of the way his tail stirred a bit in peace of mind "Are you hungry? If you come with us we'll give you the biggest prey in the pack, right mom? "


"I ..." the pup looked at Hyeon with doubt in his huge eyes, Taehyung was quite small and just like Jimin must be completely inexperienced in terms of hunting, it was also very likely that he didn't know how to defend himself.


Hyeon without thinking it twice licked his ear and barked happily. "We won't leave you here alone" she approached slowly giving him a gentle push with her snout.


Soon Jimin began licking him too, encouraging Taehyung to follow them to the place where the pack lived. "You will see how great the pack is, and I will introduce you to all my friends and I'll also show you my house" Jimin jumped from side to side with excitement , not oblivious to Taehyung's internal suffering but with the intention of infecting him a little


Hyeon smiled seeing how Taehyung responded with less and less hesitation and his muscles relaxed little by little, the omega was impatient looking at the wounds and evidence of the little boy's wanderings, he had to be hovering alone for at least a month , helpless, without his parents and surviving from carrion.


The wolf's frown deepened and she followed them with determination. Going with Jimin in search of berries had led her to find a treasure she would always be grateful of having.




Jungkook slowly opened the door of his father's office when he detected a weird scent, it wasn't from anyone in the pack and it smelled like strawberries and roses, so... so sweet that it caused strange sensations in his belly.


"I told you already, I'll keep him" Hyeon, the mother of his friend Jimin, was next to a small white pup that had his ears down and that Jungkook definitely couldn't remember from the pack.


He had never seen a white wolf right?


"Hyeon," his father sighed and nodded slightly "Keep in mind that the child belongs to a mountain pack... what if they attack us thinking we stole him?"

The  omega growled slightly and signaled the alpha leader to get away from the tangle of white hair, where he couldn't hear them, Hyeon sighed and spoke to Jeon under her breath.


"His pack no longer exists Jeon, and his parents are dead" the huge alpha wolf turned his gaze to the boy and remained motionless processing the information, evaluating the pup's chances on his own.


And even though the leader was a fearsome Alpha who never takes a risk for his pack, he was neither cruel nor ruthless, much less with a pup the same age as his son. "Do you think you can raise a child that isn't yours? You know ... Jungkook's mother and I could- "


"No," Hyeon almost lets out a growl. "Of course I can, I know you think that since Hyungsoo's death I've had trouble raising Jimin, but actually we've been more than good, even my pup is the most intrigued by Taehyung,  Jeon he... "

Hyeon looked at the little boy with tears in her eyes "My gut tells me, I want to take care of him and give him something that maybe he could never find again, I want him to be my son"


The Alpha admired her proudly and softened his gaze, without a doubt the omega had a hard time after her partner died in a sudden encounter with a bear when she was only a few weeks prior to give birth,  however,  she and her cub had proved everyone that they were more than capable of surviving on their own, no doubt she was a wolf with a great maternal instinct and the biggest heart to offer.


The leader, without giving it more thought, smiled approaching the little pup. "Can you take your human form a moment please, Taehyung?"


The little boy nodded, looking away, and his bones settled with small rumbles until a boy who seems to have been kissed by the sun appeared before jungkook's eyes.




His hair was light brown, his eyes looked like honey and his sweet strawberry scent reminded Jungkook of the cake that his mother usually bakes on each of his birthdays. He loves that cake.


"Would you like to be part of the pack?" The alpha put his hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled comfortably "Do you want to stay with Hyeon and Jimin?"


That surprised the little boy. As he opened his eyes wide and looked at the omega breathing unevenly, rather than being frightened the pup seemed shy, as if he was afraid to cause problems for Hyeon.


"It's okay Tae" Hyeon's sweet voice encouraged him softly "Nothing would make me happier"


Taehyung only began to cry and turned into a wolf again, Hyeon approached just in time to catch the little pup in her arms.


"Well Hyeon. Tomorrow we'll introduce him to the pack, now take him with the healer to have those wounds checked"




Taehyung was nervous, his whole body felt much better, but his heart remained melancholic, he might be a child and he didn't fully understand the magnitude of what happened to his family, but he understood Hyeon and Jimin's intentions very well.


He was in his wolf form. Their ancestral forms were  always required for every announcement in the pack.

A day had passed since his encounter with Hyeon and Jimin. Now he was about to be presented as a new member of the pack.


"Taehyung" Hyeon's voice rang out behind him and the pup watched her with a small smile "Are you ready?"




His fur had been carefully bathed by Jimin and now he looked like snow "Should I just go out and wait for the alpha to introduce me?" His tail waved subtly, the pup was impatient to feel part of a pack again.


"Exactly" Hyeon approached slowly and licked him affectionately, trying to comb the fur behind his ears "I do not intend to replace your parents but I hope you can think of us as your family too”


"Should I call you mommy?" Taehyung lowered his ears and looked up at the omega.


"Only if you want that sweetheart, until you're ready"


"Okay" Taehyung nodded his head.


"Go find Jimin, in a few minutes they'll call you" Taehyung offered a smile again and left the cabin sniffing the air in search of Jimin's smell.

At one point he caught a scent of cinnamon and pine, curiously it made him feel calm and secure,  determined to find the source of the addictive smell he went into the main place where the pack met.


Maybe it was a huge pine. Would Jimin like to climb it? Maybe he could convince him to try it together. Would Hyeon allow them to do it? She seems very protective of Jimin ...


Without paying much attention to the ground, his paw got stuck between some rocks and he squealed in pain when the rest of his body fell forward.

"Are you okay?" Taehyung while being upside down could see a black pup that looked his age approaching quickly, Taehyung immediately recognized the smell and his ears crushed instinctively against his head.


The little black wolf dug through the ground to free Taehyung's paw, the smaller one pulling it out when the stones were loose enough.


When the white wolf reiterated himself and looked at the black pup in the eyes, they both felt their hearts racing and their tails swinging alone behind their hind legs.


Why was Tae's wolf so eager to bark in joy?


"M-my name is Jungkook.  Are you Jimin's new brother?"


"This ... I think so-yes ... I'm Taehyung" his eyes quickly looked away and if he was in his human form he would surely have his cheeks burning.


"Well I ... I wanted to welcome you to the pack Taehyung" Jungkook smiled and Taehyung felt like something inside him writhed in joy, his tail far from staying still.


"Thank you"  Tae raised his head and narrowed his eyes happily "Your fur is great,  I'm sure it doesn't  get dirty when you play"


"I can't really play much," Jungkook replied a little disappointed,  "But you're right, I'm glad I don't have to take baths so often." His condition rapidly changing to that of a mischievous pup.


"That cut seems like something that would hurt a lot" he said pointing at Tae's injured ear.


"It doesn't hurt that much, Hyeon said I'm a brave pup"


"Do you believe that too?"  The black pup approached slowly and licked his new friend's ear shyly, trying to ease the pain a bit.


Taehyung felt something inside him light up, his eyes glistening bright blue for a few seconds. Maybe he was crazy, but the pain in his ear had diminished considerably.


"I have problems feeling safe, so I guess I don’t"


"Here you are safe" intense red seizing Jungkook's eyes for a moment "I promise you"


Something about the way he said it, it didn’t sound like a child at all.

But again, looking at those big Bambi eyes there was no other thing than a small kid pouting.


Taehyung smiled warmly. "Can I call you kookie?" Taehyung opened his eyes comically and snorted in shame. His thoughts and his muzzle betraying him.


"Only if I can call you Tae" Jungkook started smirking when the white pup nodded with his ears down, a bit embarrassed


"Tae!" a little yellow wolf barked happily in his direction "I see you met our next leader"


"I... W-what?"


The leader?


"Jungkookie is the son of our alpha! You'll see him in a few years being all bossy and boring" Jimin smiled and approached the two wolves "The way your fur contrasts is awesome"


Both Jungkook and Taehyung ducked their heads and sighed in shame, Jimin barked at the white wolf. "Come on Tae, they'll introduce you and then we'll show you the rest of the boys, right Jungkookie?"


"I... yes of course" Jungkook looked up and Taehyung felt his whole body incite him to smile "See you later, Tae"


"Se you later, kookie." Tae smiled for the last time and walked away quickly along with Jimin.

The heart of both pups, beating faster than ever...




If someone made it here I thank you infinitely ❤️ Please let me know if you would like me to continue it, from now on they'll be all grown up 😢. Thanks, again.

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10 years later

"It is necessary that you master this perfectly Jungkook" Namjoon was standing by a tree waving his hands exaggeratedly, trying to scare away a bee.

The alpha decided that it was the perfect time to practice hunting in his human form with Jungkook, however, the young man preferred to lie under the shade of a tree, enjoying the premature spring.

"Namjoon" Jungkook smiled and looked at his friend "All my life I've trained with you for this, there is no one more prepared than me to be the leader of the pack, and I am more than fortunate to have you by my side in the process … But friend” dramatic pause  “When was the last time you had a date with Seokjin? "

"Don't play that card, kook" Namjoon replied with a half-smile on his face "You have better things to worry about"


"I bet you miss him" his teasing tone irking namjoon "I don't want to keep you from spending time with your future mate" Jungkook was very aware of the omega's discontent because of the way Namjoon decided to spend most of his time: Training himself and Jungkook "I wouldn't let him keep accumulating all that anger, he's a scary omega"

"I'll make up to him soon." The alpha sighed and smiled at the young heir "I…uh … I want to… talk to him about mating” the tall man released a sigh.

“o-oh… I…” Jungkook was lost for words “That’s amazing Joon” a chuckle “finally”

“Yeah…” a small smile dancing on his lips “I hope it turns out well”

“It will”

A comfortable silence settled down between the two boys. The last bit of winter permeating their bodies.

“How do you feel?"

"I'm fine, my muscles hurt a little, but I'm pretty good."


"I told you it wasn't a good idea to help Tae and Jimin climb that ravine"


"Believe me I didn't like it either, but they could've been hurt" his tone of voice soft, almost inaudible "they also brought raspberries"

"Rather taehyung has pout that you can't resist." Namjoon approached with a teasing smile.

"Yeah..." The young alpha looked up at the leaves of the trees, smiling "That too"


"Hm?" The young wolf rose slowly stretching his legs

"I wasn't talking about that"

"I know" he stood in front of the alpha and pointed at his nose, sniffing the air currents

There was a herd of deer nearby. Perfect.

"I am aware of the presentation at midnight, but I don't feel especially nervous ...more like... euphoric"

Namjoon, having also captured the scent, signaled the younger to approach the woods.

"Are you excited, huh pup?" small careful steps “Looking for a lover?”

 Jungkook snorted in disbelief "I'm just relieved to stop the waiting once for all "he said following quickly.

All wolves at the age of 18, have their second gender presentation during the first full moon of the year; Although it's generally a painful and hormonal time, it's also one of the most special night one could experience.

"Taehyung is also presenting…" Namjoon's tone was mocking, Jungkook's cheeks blushed and he salivated his lips anxiously “Are you ready for that too?”

“I think Taehyung is worrying more than necessary” Jungkook smiled “He's a bit nervous”

“Of course he is, he wants pups” another voice came from behind them, interrupting their hunting session.

Seokjin glared at namjoon and proceeded to sit near them.

“He can have pups being alpha, beta or omega” Namjoon said and looked at the youngest, examining closely for any disturbance. But Jungkook was completely calm, waiting for their next words.


“Yeah but he wants pups with a certain someone” His smirk growing wider when Jungkook finally seemed to be affected, his big round eyes looking at the ground “and there's only one way that could happen”

“Seokjin…” Namjoon warned

“what?” The omega got closer to his boyfriend “just giving him a little push…” he whispered in his ear.

“The moon will decide that” The youngest stated with his voice quavering a bit.

“ugh, you haven’t even presented yet and you already sound like an alpha”

All the boys in the group had presented already, except for the two youngest: Yoongi and Namjoon were alphas, Jimin and Hoseok presented as Betas and Seokjin was the only omega in the group.
Now the whole pack was attentive to the two young men.
Even though they knew that Jungkook would present as an Alpha because of his lineage, their greatest curiosity was focused on the little white wolf.
He was the object of the intrigue of his friends, some bet on him being an Alpha, Hoseok was sure that Tae would be the third Beta of the group and Yoongi asked to remember his words when he presented as omega.

For his part ... Jungkook smiled sweetly at life.
Whatever the moon wants, I'm ready.

"I'm sure the herd will be still near tomorrow" Jungkook raised his hand before turning around, saying goodbye to a very frustrated Namjoon and a very impatient Seokjin.



"You know it already taehyung, no efforts today." Hyeon furiously attacked the tomato with the knife.

"Mom! stop that, you're going to end up killing someone" jimin shouted from the kitchen counter.

“I might”

"Leave her Chim, you know what onions do to her" Tae came over to gently hug his mother.

"I'm serious pup" she said severely. "You will thank me for not having to go through an already quite painful presentation, in more pain"

"Unless you're a beta" Jimin suggested raising his eyebrows suggestively "then you wouldn't go through pain"

Taehyung gulped nervously, his body already felt a bit hot.

"Just..." Hyeon sighed and rolled her eyes at her two children, looking from one to the other "Try to stay away from Jung-… from other wolves nearing midnight"

“He will mom” Jimin smiled “stop being so nervous, this is the last time you'll go through this”

"At least she hasn't destroyed the dishes like she did when you presented" Tae ran a finger through his mother's thin hair "I'll be fine"

Hyeon sighed and grabbed Jimin's hand "Just be here before midnight"

“Did you hear that Tae? I'm in charge ”Jimin squeezed his mother's hand in a comforting sign“ And my first rule will be: No Jungkook ”

“You have to be kidding” Tae buffed

“yeah I am” Jimin approached, smiling at his little brother “Just remember we will go running in the afternoon”


“Of course Jiminie” Tae smiled and went out to look for his kookie



He was so close ...  just a few more seconds.

The deer was walking slowly towards the river probably to drink some water, unaware of the huge black wolf that was watching him attentively behind the forest foliage.
 Jungkook had the perfect strategy, he would wait for the deer to bring his head closer to the water then he would attack from behind to smash his legs before he could escape and so he would return with the fresh prey to the pack.

"Did you forget we were going for a run?"

Jungkook felt his heart leaped from his chest and quickly twisted against the bushes before turning to the smiling white wolf watching him from a sloping ravine above him.
"Taehyung! What the hell ...?" He gasped a little before catching his breath "Don't do that!"

"I'm sorry" his ears crouched against his head and he offered a smile that only showed his fangs, but that, of course, left Jungkook speechless "I just wanted to know if you had forgotten"


"I ..." Jungkook looked towards the river where the deer was a few seconds ago and sighed when he saw it had escaped "I completely forgot Tae, I'm sorry"

"Okay" Sweet, oh so sweet Taehyung jumped from his place and landed next to the black wolf dragging a large amount of land with him.

"Damn Tae" he urged trying to steady the white wolf, biting at his back.

Naturally, his wolf had always protected Taehyung, and that wasn’t strange at all considering that the smallest used to take absurd freedoms, he was always getting in dangerous situations.

Something that Jungkook couldn't allow

"Fucking hell! Be careful"

"Calm down Jungkookie" Tae approached softly and rubbed his snout against the huge wolf's neck, relaxing him completely, "I told you already, you don't need to worry so much about me"


"It's not that simple" the biggest wolf snorted and looked at his paws in frustration "Taehyung, I can't let anything happen to you"

“But nothing will happen” Tae looked at him, his tail swinging “You are young kookie, I don’t want you to be stiffed all the time”

“You know its not that easy tae”

“But is it to have fun sometimes?” his tongue poking out to lick his snout “with me?”

“Hm I don’t know, you can be a brat sometimes” The bigger wolf teased.

Tae looked directly at his eyes and when he didn’t see them trembling he started pouting.

Fine. A fun brat” Jungkook growled playfully and bit Tae's shoulder blade.

Taehyung barked, happy, and gave him a little push forward "Are we going to run? The others are waiting for us"

"Of course" Jungkook sighed and began to walk towards his cabin, where everyone would meet, Taehyung following him closely.


"It will be our last run like wolves without hierarchy. You know?" Taehyung spoke in bewilderment as if something worried him.

"I am very aware" Jungkook smiled and looked at Taehyung more closely, as the white wolf elegantly surrounded a couple of mushrooms "Are you worried?"

"No"  The smallest rushed to answer "When Jimin presented… my mother said it was the most exciting moment not only for the wolf that presents but also for its parents" his smile lost a bit of brightness and his eyes danced between the ground and the black wolf. "It's just that ..." Taehyung stepped on the moss lightly and Jungkook knew immediately what afflicted him.

"You're thinking of your Biological parents" The black wolf said suddenly and Taehyung looked at him in anguish.

"I love my mother Jungkook, don't think that ...I'm" his babble was interrupted when Jungkook affectionately pushed him toward the road with his muzzle.

"I know you love her Tae, and I know you also love Jimin, they raised you and they are your family; however, it's fine that you think of your biological family, that way you honor their memory, you know?"

The black wolf continued walking, aware of the other's sad eyes.

"But I don't even remember their faces! And they would probably wonder what is their son doing with a forest pack, you know they've never gotten along."

"You were very small when they were attacked. You even kept the name of your lineage. Besides, what matters is that you are safe, and your parents would feel relieved by that” Jungkook reassured softly “It is not important what kind of wolf you are, you are part of the pack and this pack loves you"

Jungkook's head ordered him to rephrase his words" We all love you for who you are" the black wolf ducked his ears, suddenly aware of the implications.

"Jungkook ..." Taehyung shook his head trying to avoid tears when he heard the rest of his friends calling for them.

"Come on lovebirds, my legs hurt from waiting" Hoseok barked impatiently for all his friends to come together.

Taehyung loved running with his friends, he felt at peace and in complete connection with his surroundings. The sun's rays between the leaves and the sound that his paws made on the moss was healing to Taehyung. They usually meet to run at least once a week. Its a moment where they could talk about anything, and that way they manage to not lose contact with each other.

"Jungkook" Yoongi's voice echoed from the front where he stood next to Jimin "Did your father tell you anything about the invasions?"

"Only that he doesn't know its purpose, apparently they're not stealing preys nor destroying our territory, it is ... it is as if they are looking for something" The black wolf advanced avoiding the eyes of the others.


"Do we know the pack?" Hoseok jumped on some dead leaves and continued his way "Do we at least know what kind of pack we face?"

"Well ... something like that" Jungkook still didn't look up and tried to move faster to avoid the issue.

"What is the problem Jungkook?"

"Don't worry guys, nothing important”

"Jungkook" Namjoon crossed the path of the black wolf and glared at him "Don't be an idiot, you know you can trust us"


"It's not that" Jungkook surrounded Namjoon and snorted "We don't want to talk about this, believe me" the others followed him reluctantly.

It was then that he heard a firm voice that made him stop with a sigh and almost let out a scream of defeat.

"Jungkook" Taehyung was staring at him, he knew he was hiding something, and Taehyung didn't like it when Jungkook hid things from him.

The young wolf ducked his ears and looked away from the white wolf "It's a pack of the mountains"

"From the mountains? We haven't seen one since ..." Seokjin stopped slowly and sat next to Namjoon, dead on his tracks.


"Since they found me" Taehyung said confused and sat down on the grass. Jungkook was immediately at his side "Do you think ...?"


"It has nothing to do with you" the young wolf rushed to answer "I mean ... I mean they probably just want to venture with a little territory"

Taehyung pushed a small stone with his leg and stood up again to run, the others immediately following, now the air was noticeably tense.
Many doubts harassed his head, and even if he didn't want to admit it, he was very intrigued about the issue. A pack of mountain wolves was threatening his territory.

The simple fact of getting to know a little more of his kind gave him a warm feeling in his chest.


Although he understood Jungkook's worry, Tae smiled.

I would never leave you.

"Watch out!" Taehyung felt something pounce on him and they fell to the ground rolling violently until Jungkook was on top of him tying him to the ground.

"Are you alright?” he was panting strongly “You almost collided with a huge tree." The huge black wolf that was currently immobilizing him with his weight looked at him mischievously. The way he always had when they played together since they were pups.

"I'm always fine, kookie"  Taehyung's smile always left Jungkook breathless, and even though he could only fully enjoy it when they were in their human forms, the way his eyes closed happily when he was a wolf caused the same butterflies in his belly.

Both men looked at each other for a few more seconds, with complete adoration and affection. Taehyung began to shake his tail unconsciously letting the world know how immensely happy he felt when he was with Jungkook. The huge black wolf internally writhed in satisfaction.

"Jungkook" Yoongi and Jimin approached slowly with mischievous looks and hit the black wolf on the neck affectionately "Stop making my brother tremble"

"Wait until tomorrow" Yoongi whispered to them under his breath before licking Jimin over his ears "There's not much time left, pups"

Jungkook quickly reiterated himself cleaning the dust from his fur and helping Taehyung to get up, both avoiding each other's eyes as they returned to the shelter of the pack.



"Whatever happens, I'll see you tomorrow" Jungkook's voice mixed with the howling of the night "Everything will be fine, Taehyung"

Taehyung enjoys this. The wind hitting their faces and the dim light of the cabin caressing Jungkook's face. Their hands brushing shyly, as they shared their last moments as equals.

"Jimin thinks it could be a beta." Taehyung looked towards the cabin, confirming that his brother remained at the door, watching them.

“Well, that would be great, don't you think? A quiet night”

"But ..." in Taehyung's head, there was only one scenario where he could fantasize about having a life with the boy next to him "I don't know ..."

In Jungkook's there were millions.



Taehyung woke up sweating and breathing between cuts, he suddenly felt very hot as if he were burning in fever. Everything burned, the rubbing of his blankets against his burning skin and the moisture between his legs began to drain on the bed.

Taehyung was an omega.

Thank god.



Chapter Text

I have to ... Taehyung ... I ...

"Jungkook!" He opened his eyes suddenly. He was in front of the door of his cabin, his father held him tightly by the arms while his mother shook him, trying to wake him up.

"What ... What is happening ...?" His breathing was agitated and he felt strange, his throat emitted grunts and I felt hornier than ever.

"You've been trying to get out of the house for half an hour" his mother approached with trembling hands "Your alpha is taking over Jungkook, you have to control it"

"What? Asleep?" His eyes opened wide.

He was presenting.

Taehyung Omega. Taehyung

"I-I have to go" his legs dragging him against his father's strength "Taehyung is an omega"


"Jungkook, I don't want to knock you off"

"I have to get out" His throat began producing louder grunts, warning his parents.

"W-Why is he like that? How does he know that?" His mother grabbed his face, slapping him softly and repeatedly.

"They are communicating" The alpha leader suddenly pulled Jungkook, causing him to face the leader with aggressive growls.


Let go

"Their wolves already recognize each other as mates"

Jungkook grunted one last time and let go of his father's grip, showing his fangs to keep them from approaching.

"Sorry son"The alpha leader approached apprehensively before Jungkook could open the door. He hit hard in the space between the head and neck and immediately his son fell unconscious to the ground.


The alpha went to his son's room and hurried to take a hoodie, extending it to his mate.


"Go quickly and take this to Hyeon, please." He crouched down with a sigh, taking Jungkook's unconscious body and headed back to his room leaving him on the bed. "If Jungkook is in this state Taehyung must be delirious."

The leader approached his mate and took her by the waist "also make sure they keep him locked up until dawn, Jungkook will wake soon"




"Mom ..." Taehyung sobbed uncontrollably.


"Hey baby, calm down okay? You're okay" Hyeon with tears in her eyes gripped her son's hand tightly "I always knew you'd be a beautiful omega"

It was not a secret. Taehyung could have confused many. But not his mother.

"I can't ... I ... I can't breathe ..."

"Yes, yes you can, come on slowly." The omega insisted, worried.

"The water is ready" Jimin appeared again through the door and swallowed.


Even though he was not an alpha and that Taehyung was his brother, not being related by blood makes him become a little weak at his smell, he tried not to get closer than necessary for his brother's safety.

That didn't mean that his heart didn't twist in pain upon hearing taehyung's grunts of pain.

"Come on Tae, we'll lower your temperature and you will feel much better" his mother separated from his side and then he felt Jimin grabbing him gently in his arms, taking him to the bathroom.


As he sat on the floor next to the tub, his breathing became even more uneven.


"How do you feel, honey?" Hyeon was trying to pull his son's shirt to keep his temperature from rising "Help me take your pants off"

"No! ..." The omega looked anxiously at her son and squeezed his hand tightly "I'm ... w-wet .."

"Of course you are. Remember that I'm also an omega?" Hyeon knew how unbearable it was to be in heat, but it seemed that in Taehyung the effects were doubled, at this rate the omega would go crazy "Tae, it's just Jimin and me, we know what is  happening to your body baby, you don't have to to be embarrassed" Tae helped his mother to lower his pajama pants, remaining only in his soaked underwear.

"We'll help you to have an ice bath, your body reacts like this because of your instinct, I promise you in the morning this will be over; you'll be strong for me, right?"

"I-I ..." Taehyung felt dirty and unpleasant, and the pain in his crotch was increasing, he felt he would fall unconscious at any moment, his mind was clouded by the need to find relief.

"You're brave Tae, and you don't know how proud I am of Jimin and you, okay?" Her words brought up an almost imperceptible smile from the little omega.

Hyeon and Jimin took Taehyung by the arms and helped him walk to the tub.

"Let go!" The omega dodged the beta growling fiercely, his eyes shining blue "Don't you dare touch me again"


"Honey, he's not himself right now" Hyeon hurried to interrupt, preventing his son from causing the omega to be more uproar.

Jimin backed away immediately and looked at his mother in fear. Apparently, Taehyung's wolf refused to be touched by someone other than Jungkook. The omega sighed and helped her son get into the tub.
He immediately began to squirm and soon Taehyung's body convulsed violently, Jimin watched terrified as his mother tried to control the omega's body, whispering in his ear sweetly as tears flowed from her eyes.

Half an hour later Taehyung was sleeping inside the tub with occasional sighs and grunts.

"Is he going to be okay?" Jimin asked uncertainly and grabbed Taehyung's hand gently

"I had never seen an omega in heat so ... affected, his body rejects any attention other than ..."

"Jungkook" Jimin sighed squeezing his brother's hand.

"Exactly" Hyeon looked at his son tenderly and smiled "Jimin ... you know that Tae didn't mean that, it's just his instinct making him a bad move"

"I know" his eyes disappearing thanks to his small smile "I'll go see if I can get something from Jungkook in his cabin, so he can rest a little"

"Go now, before he wakes up" the omega watched her eldest son proudly, the Beta nodded with a sigh and ran off, crashing with Jungkook's mother in the door.


"Jimin" the omega sighed, seeing the state of the Beta.

"He needs this" she handed him the hoodie with shaking hands "You just have to leave him in a room with this, let him nest and rest a little"

"How do you know he's an omega?"

"Jungkook" the omega bit her lip, thinking about the state of her son a few moments ago "their wolves are communicating and they don't know it"


Jimin swallowed and nodded, the entire pack knew that their connection was strong, but if their wolves already thought they were mates, it probably was a soulmate type of bond.

"Jimin ... Do you think you could ...?"

"Yes ... of course," the Beta ran quickly to Taehyung's room and grabbed his pillow, squeezing it tightly before returning to the door.

"They'll be fine in the morning," the omega sighed, taking the pillow in her arms and said goodbye to Jimin before heading back to her cabin.





"Just ... do what your body asks you for honey. Tomorrow when you wake up you'll have your favorite breakfast"


Taehyung heard the door of his room close and his body dragged him to his bed quickly, the smell of his mate in a nest of clothes made him euphoric.

kookie his wolf howled with melancholy

Soon, mate. The promise didn't sound in the air, but it did in his head.

The little omega howled, he didn't like feeling alone. He buried his face even more in his nest and sighed lowering his hand toward his crotch.




The next day, Jungkook was preparing to go to Taehyung's cabin. He still felt a little hot due to his presentation, but overall he was ready to visit the omega.

"Will you do it today?" His father appeared through the door with a stern look on his face.

"Yes," the young alpha smiled in shame. "At night. Do you think it's wrong?"

"Of course not, Jungkook" The older man approached his son and gently grabbed the back of his neck "It looks as if it would have been yesterday when you were this small" The alpha showed with his hands the size of a small pup "And now you are about to have a Luna ”

Jungkook smiled when he heard his father speak. His heart beating strongly against his chest.

"The pack will be happy to know that the future leader is already settling"


"Dad ..." The young alpha smiled uncertainly "I still don't know if Taehyung will accept my offer to court him"

"Don't be ridiculous" His father smiled when his mate appeared in the room "I still remember when he brought you soup every day the week you stayed in, sick"

"Taehyung is beautiful and sweet" his mother whispered. "You can't let anyone else get ahead of you."


“And can you imagine their pups? With small white spots, or maybe white with small black spots? Damn ”

"I'll be back at night," Jungkook said before running out of his cabin, his cheeks burning.


He didn't have a plan on how to present the proposal. But he knew that for Taehyung would be much more significant if he managed to involve their childhood.

When he reached the cabin he swallowed and knocked softly,  not wanting to wake Tae.  Jimin opened the door revealing a pair of dark circles under his eyes that evidenced the stressful night.

"Tae is asleep"


"I know, I wanted to talk to you and your mother first"

Jimin watched him sideways and smiled sweetly, stepping aside to let him in.

"Jimin, I told you to let Taehyung sleep a little bit mor... Jungkook” The omega suddenly stopped and stared at the young alpha with a bit of panic “ Now you are the exact same as your father ”

"Thank you" The youngest laughed nervously and looked up firmly "I wanted to ..."

"Are you going to ask me for my blessing to court Taehyung?"

"And Jimin" the younger swallowed hard.

“Although I appreciate the gesture, Jungkook. It is not necessary, Taehyung has presented already and doesn't need me to rule over his life” The omega replied with an enormous amount of sadness.

"But I also want to do things right. If I have your approval my wolf will have much more peace"

"I just want you to protect him. If you are going to turn my brother into the new luna of the pack, I will need you to promise me that  Jugkook" Jimin spoke softly approaching his friend "although I know you will take care of him with your life"

"You can be sure of that" His wolf was impatient, having detected Taehyung's strong smell in the house.

Hyeon, noticing this, smiled softly and hugged the young alpha, surprising him.

"He's lucky to have you" The omega whispered "I'll call Tae, I'm sure your smell woke him up"

But before she could even get away from the alpha, the little omega appeared running down the stairs. Jungkook held his breath.
Usually, when a wolf presented, its features were more pronounced according to its gender. But in Taehyung's case ... he seemed taken out of a fairy tale. He looked a little smaller, his eyes looked sharper, the features of his face much more delicate and even his hips seemed to have widened a bit, Jungkook had no idea that the little white wolf could become even more beautiful.

"Jungkookie" Taehyung ran to the place where the alpha was standing and jumped without thinking into his arms, his eyes shining blue.

Jungkook grabbed him instinctively by the back of his legs. Noticing the omegas clothing. He was only dressed in his hoodie, which in fact was huge, the alpha smiled satisfied.

"How are you doing Tae?" Jungkook hugged him harder against him.

"It was horrible I thought I was going to die"

"Yes ... my father had to knock me out for a while." The young man sighed a little embarrassed, surely Taehyung already knew the reason why.




“You can get me down now” a boxy smile spread across his face, his eyes looking adoringly at the younger.

"Oh yeah, s-sure" Jungkook gently released the omega on the floor.

"Look at yourself, you're a big and scary alpha now" Taehyung grabbed his face gently "releasing all those alpha pheromones, I'm proud of you"


"Stop Tae ..."

"And what do you say? Does being an omega look good on me?” Taehyung asked nervously.

"It does" Jungkook almost grunted when he saw Taehyung watching him with disappointed eyes "You ... you look beautiful"

Taehyung shook his head impatiently and approached Jungkook's neck "Can I scent you?"

Jungkook let out an involuntary growl.

Taehyung understanding that as a "yes" immediately pressed his nose against the scent gland of the alpha "You can scent me too"
Jungkook caught his arms around the omega and allowed himself to breathe deep in his neck.



“Would you like to go running tonight? With me? ”

“I’d love to”




Taehyung barked at Jimin with adoration.

"I'm happy for you, Tae" The beta crouched down next to the white wolf and scratched behind his ears. "Don't make Jungkook wait long, and take good care of yourself. If you need anything  I'll be with Yoongi nearby ”

Taehyung gave him a quick lick in the face and ran off into the woods, passing between the small ravines and dry trunks they used to play in.
When he approached the small river that crossed around the pack, he stopped to stalk the huge black wolf that was lying down staring at the water.
His legs quieter than ever, and moving against the air currents. He managed to position himself just a few meters away from the alpha, preparing to jump.

When Jungkook felt something jump on him, he managed to turn his body completely to tie his attacker to the ground, ready to bite his neck. Showing his teeth and growling violently.


“Taehyung! How many times have I told you that- ”

A lick to his ear stopped him completely. The white wolf beneath him lowered his ears a little embarrassed but never breaking eye contact. Jungkook sighed and lowered his head to lick Tae in the muzzle as well.

"I could have hurt you." The huge black wolf ducked his ears at the thought.

"You would never hurt me, kookie" Taehyung with his leg tried to bring Jungkook closer, pushing him towards his bare belly, taking advantage to continue his grooming. Licking his entire face, his muzzle, ears, and neck ... spending a bit more time on his scent gland.
Jungkook took the opportunity to growl in satisfaction and push Tehyung against the floor, also attacking with licks.

Grooming every single part he could reach.

Grooming was something intimate, something that usually only the mated pairs would do, the fact that they were in this position implied many things.

"Tae ... I ..."



He felt every single wall within himself collapse.

“I want to court you” There. He said it. His eyes hooded.

"I know" Tae gave him a last and loving lick against his whiskers "And I accept your offer"

Jungkook felt the world set in slow motion, his legs no longer felt the ground. His head was only full of Taehyung.
He let out a sigh and positioned his eyes on the omega under him.
Then, as if he had come out of a trance, he barked with joy and playfully bit Taehyung's ear, urging him to stand up.

"You ... you said yes" the black wolf jumped from side to side, pushing taehyung playfully "I wanted it to be more special, but it just blurted out I'm so sorry Tae you deserve way better. Oh god."

"You're a pup" Taehyung let out a soft laugh, his eyes sparkling with adoration "I'm so-"

The little omega was interrupted when he heard a bark.


And he didn't recognize it.

The place was immediately filled with white wolves, Taehyung's eyes widening, terrified.

Not even five seconds passed when Jungkook grabbed him by the neck with his teeth and released him behind his black fur. Fangs bared and growling furiously.


“This is not your territory. Go away, now. ” Jungkook warned, increasing the volume of his growls.

“Brave of you to say that, considering you have something that belongs to us.” A wolf almost the same size as Jungkook moved slowly, his eyes settling on Taehyung.

“Back off. Right now” The young alpha pushed Taehyung backwards trying to reassure him.

The white alpha sniffed the air, smiling."You are an omega" his words in a much sweeter tone than the one he had addressed to Jungkook

"I SAID BACK OFF" The black wolf barked furiously, pushing Taehyung back even more.

“Calm down, young Alpha, you just presented. You still don't have control over your strength. ”Jungkook was breathing heavily as if he was drowning.“ Just giveTaehyung to us, and everything will be fine. ”

“This is the last time I tell you… -” 


"How do you know my name?" The little omega asked trying to hide his entire body behind Jungkook.

"Because" A woman's voice echoed softly in the night. Her soft voice making Taehyung's insides go crazy, his paws didn't want to move. He was petrified.


"Taehyung. Do you remember your mother?" The white wolf ducked his ears and staggered backward. His world had been turned upside down and the smell that reached his nose made him howl in agony.


She smelled like him, she smelled like his childhood and like deprived memories in his mind.

And Jungkook had smelled it too.

Taehyung came out from behind the alpha and looked directly at her. She was small and her eye had a large scar that covered the entire left side of her face.


But It was her.

My mother is alive.

"Taehyung go back to the pack right now and look for my father"

"What? Kookie...?" His tail between his hind legs.

"Now Taehyung"

"But I…"

“You can come with us. You belong to our pack, not his" The white wolf tried to reassure the omega.

"Go right now! seek help, and don't look back, never."

"Jungkook no ... I won't leave you..." Taehyung felt his whole world crumble. The tears burning in his eyes.

“Your pack stole our pup. And we want him back, just give him to us and there will be no problems”

"Over my dead body" His throat was on the edge, his growls hadn't stopped.

"Jungkook, just let me talk-"

"I said leave Taehyung." He growled louder than he would have liked, scaring the small wolf. Taehyung felt the tears run down his muzzle, his ears crouched down immediately and his body backed off in fright, howling "Go and get help"

Taehyung looked at his mother for the last time and finally at Jungkook, pleading. The alpha's eyes glowed an intense red color, and Tehyung understood that there would be no way to convince him.
The little omega ran like a bullet from the place, his breath short, the tears didn't let him see well, but when he sensed the scent of his brother he let out a frightening howl.