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Izu yawned. She had almost gotten 3 hours of sleep, plenty compared to her normal 1. She shut off her alarm, looking over at Kacchan. He was still sleeping. She thought about waking him up, but decided against it when she remembered how hard he had been training last night. He wanted to get into UA as much as she did. With his amazing quirk and outstanding grades, he was pretty much guaranteed a spot. She smiled softly. She, too, would be aiming for the hero course later today, but she didn’t want to be a hero. No, her dad wanted her to do this so that she could learn more info about the pro heroes teaching there and the up and coming generation of heroes.
She got up and shuffled down to the kitchen. The overpowering smell of bacon and eggs made her realize just how hungry she was. “Hey, Mitsuki.”
“Hey! How was training last night?” Izu hopped onto one of the stools at the kitchen’s bar.
“Rough. But I’m definitely ready for the exam, so that’s a plus.”
“I know that you’ll ace it. How many quirks do you think you’ll need?” Mitsuki handed her a plate with eggs and bacon.
“Just the one. But I’ll still get first.” She smiled cruelly. Her main quirk, telekinesis, was the one that she was born with, but since she turned 5 she had been getting a new one once every 2 or so weeks. Her most recent one, the one that she had gotten after beating 6 more of her dad’s goons, was sneak. She had been up later than usual practicing with it, and found that it might be more useful than her dad had thought.
Her main quirks were telekinesis, rapid healing, agility, and stamina. The last one might not sound useful, but when you’re facing 3 pro heroes after beating several thugs who had thought they could break a deal with her dad, you end up pretty tired and in need of a pick-me-up.
They chatted for a bit longer, until eventually Kacchan woke up. “Sup, Deku.”
“Nothing much, you?” She put on her persona she found that she had to use around him. Though he was a hothead that you didn’t want to be on the bad side of, he was also very smart. If she made one wrong remark, it would be over. And she didn’t want her Kacchan to become a villain, to go through the things that she went through.
He grunted and hopped on the stool next to Izu. He had had an intense workout with his friend that he had met online, Kirishima. The main reason that they trained together was because of Kirishima’s quirk, hardening. He could train his quirk by focusing on where Kacchan hit him with his quirk, explosions.
They all sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes. Izu finished first, and after putting her dishes in the sink to clean later, went to check her phone.
There was a notable number of messages in her main group chat, currently titled IZUGOODLUCK!!!!
She scrolled through the 50 plus notifications that Toga had sent her between the hours of 4 and 7 in the morning, smirking at the comments Dabi and Shigaraki had made inbetween.
Toga, Dabi, and Shigaraki had been her best friends (other than Kacchan) for a few years now. Toga had taken it upon herself to go after one of Izu’s targets at the same time as her, and it was platonic love at first sight. They had exchanged numbers and morals and parted ways.
Izu then started getting ready for the day. It was a bit of a train ride to UA, so they would need to leave soon. She slowly got dressed, wearing her school uniform. Kacchan was already dressed when he came down for breakfast, so she didn’t have to worry about him rushing her.
Finally ready, she went downstairs to her guardians and godbrother. After getting a hug from Mitsuki, they were off. “So, you been training?” Kacchan didn’t usually strike up conversation, so Izu took the chance while it was there.
“Yeah! I found a forum for people with telekinesis, and a bunch of people gave me advice. I think that I might even place close to you!” Kacchan gave Izu one of his few soft, happy smiles but immediately hardened his face as one of the several butts at their middle school walked past.
“Hey! You guys getting ready to fail? Har har!” The absolute idiot who dare insult Kacchan soon regretted his decision as Kacchan shot him a glare that could kill a nation. They walked in silence for a bit before reaching the train station. Eventually they arrived at their destination, hopped out, and began jogging to the school to warm up.
When they reached UA, Izu had to take a moment to take in just how huge the school really was. She had seen it on TV several times, but this was her first time seeing it in person.
They were walking up the brick path when Izu suddenly tripped. Welp, we die like men, she thought as her face almost hit the pavement. Almost, because a girl slapped her back, but instead of furthering her journey to the ground, she seemed to be floating an inch above it whilst Kacchan yelled at some girl, presumably the one who had slapped her.
“Oi! What did you do to my sister?!” Kacchan looked ready to murder someone. The girl was waving her arms around in the air, clearly looking for some way out of this very awkward situation.
“It’s fine, Kacchan! I’m good!” Izu turned to the girl, who seemed to have deactivated her quirk. “Thank you!” She then walked away, knowing that Kacchan would follow her. It hadn’t escaped her that he had called her his sister. She assumed that they would just say that they were siblings, her legal last name was Bakugou after all, so really they just had to hope that their teachers wouldn’t refer to Izu as Midoriya. If they did, someone might connect the dots.
Entering the huge building, Izu found her seat and took in the crowd. She decided that the kid in front of her needed to be pissed off and came to the conclusion that muttering to herself the entire time would be just the thing to do that.
Soon enough, Present Mic came onto the giant stage and started saying the standard testing rules while everyone mentally braced themselves for the UA written entrance exam, which was said to be so hard that it had brought many kids to tears. Izu finished it in 1 of the 3 provided hours, and decided to just keep mumbling on and on instead of reading.
When the 3 hours were up, Present Mic came back and began explaining the logistics of the practical part of their exam. They were to go to the lettered section from their pass to fight some robots, each being 1, 2, 3, or 0 points. Luckily, Kacchan and Izu were put in the same section. She wanted to show off some of her skills to her brother. Her dad had made her promise to only use a certain amount of power, so it would be interesting to see what Kacchan thought of it.
Eventually they all got outside, and sure enough, the blue haired kid came up to her to ask about her muttering. She simply shrugged and replied, “I wanted to piss you off.”
He gasped, most definitely offended. Kacchan snickered, getting a kick out of his adopted sister being the playing the cocky role instead of him. Izu turned around, readily accepting the fist bump Kacchan offered. A moment later Present Mic’s voice announced that they should start. Izu and Kacchan immediately rushed forwards, knowing that the other examinees would just be startled at the proclamation. They had decided beforehand that they would generally stick together, but after the actual test was announced the plan was changed to stay within 100 feet.
Izu almost immediately had 10 points. Her main plan was to trigger the weapon systems and have them launch the ammo at other robots. Kacchan was going for the more blunt approach and just blasting them. After 10 of the 20 minutes provided, Izu had a total of 107 and Kacchan had 78. Izu had also helped the nice girl form earlier by siccing some robots on a zero pointer. “Wow, Deku, you kick butt.”
“Thanks,” Izu said while triggering 2 more machines. “You aren’t too shabby yourself.”
A simple “Meh” was all that she got from Kacchan before hearing Present Mic speak again.
“Okay, so, all the robots in sector B have been completely destroyed by 2 of the candidates, you know who you are, and we ask that they go back to the auditorium so that everyone else has a shot at getting in.”
Izu grinned. This was exactly what she had hoped for. Everyone around her, who had all been apparently too shocked to destroy some robots, watched as she and Kacchan strolled towards the entrance, parting to make way for the 2 that had pretty much been guaranteed not only entrance, but scholarships. Kacchan smirked. He always seemed to attract attention whilst Izu just followed him. But now, Izu strutted with pride while Kacchan followed.
When they arrived at the auditorium, they were surprised to see a tiny rat man standing by the entrance. “Ah, there you two are.” said the rat. “Faster than I predicted.”
“Who are you?” Kacchan asked with a grunt.
“The principal, of course. Now, tell me how the two of you were able to clear the entire court in 10 minutes.”
“Well, my quirk is telekinesis. All I had to do was trigger the weapons systems and have the robots attack each other.” The rat gave a satisfied grin.
“I was wondering how you did that. And you?” he asked, turning to Kacchan. “I know I saw some explosions.”
“Yeah, those were mine.” He set off a few small explosions on his hands to demonstrate. “I sweat this nitroglycerin-like substance that I can detonate at will.”
“Yes, yes. Well, no point in keeping you two here for any longer. You may head back to your homes.” He turned around and started walking away.
“Wait!” Izu called after him. He faced them. “Did we get in?”
“I’d say yes.” He walked back to the auditorium.
At home, Mitsuki was ecstatic. Not one, but two of her babies getting into the nation’s best school? Nothing to her could make this day better, but Izu begged to differ. She had met the principal, and was going to U frickin' A in a few weeks time. Her dad would be impressed. Finally. And she would be able to keep Kacchan close, not having to worry about losing him. Because Izu was going as Bakugou Izu they were likely to get put in the same class. Even if they didn’t purposely put them in the same class, there was a 50% chance that they would end up in the same one. Izu grinned as she texted Toga, Dabi, and Shigaraki the good news.
A few weeks later, and Izu and Kacchan were moving into the school provided dorms. These dorms were for the kids who lived too far away to go back and forth from school everyday, low income students, and students who were safer closer to school. Kaccan and Izu had to take an hour long train ride to get there, so they qualified for them. They were in side by side dorms, the rooms being assigned alphabetically. Izu didn’t have very much to put in her room, just some personal training gear and some pictures. Kacchan had a punching bag, but otherwise his room was almost identical to Izu’s. They had met some of the people in the hero course in the common room. Uraraka Ochaco, the girl who Izu had saved, wouldn’t stop talking about how grateful she was. There was also the blue haired boy, Iida Tenya, who came from a fancy public school (No surprise there). They had also met a boy named Shinsou Hitoshi, who Izu immediately decided she liked. He had to work harder than anyone else to get in to UA because his quirk only affected humans. Though Izu was born with a quirk and gained several, she had a deep respect for quirkless fighting. She knew very well that quirks were simply just an extension of your body and shouldn’t be your main defense.
The night before their first day was uneventful. Izu slid into bed after saying goodnight to Kacchan and slid into a fitful sleep. The next day, she would have to face UA. And the thing that scared her the most was that it might be too easy to follow all the orders her dad gave her.