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Different, But Still The Same

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What did Eva tell her not to do?

Go into the woods.

What did she do?

Go into the woods.

In all fairness, Teala did have a good enough excuse. Then again her excuse was ""aesthetic"" photography, followed by getting spooked and just legging it. Then again, if trying to escape something that could kill her was also a good excuse for getting herself lost in a place that was likely full of things that could kill her, and on a full moon? She might as well just run around screaming and get it over with.

By the time she'd ducked behind a large enough tree to catch her breath, there didn't seem to be anyone- or anything- following her anymore. She let out a sigh of relief, smoothed out her dress, and turned the corner. Even if she expected to see some kind of monstrous beast looming in the darkness, she wasn't expecting to see a literal wolf less than twenty metres away, sniffing at the leaves. To her horror, it looked up, spotting her just as she attempted to tuck herself behind the tree again. All she could do was pray that it forgot about her.

Teala knew what happened to girls in red coats when they came across a wolf. There were three outcomes; The wolf eats her grandma, she kills it, or it eats her, and since she’s without a relative or a shotgun, her chances of survival seemed pretty slim. Her eyes scanned the surrounding trees as she attempted to spot any low hanging branches to climb, desperately searching for some kind of escape route if she needed one.

Then something poked her leg.

Teala looked down to see the wolf staring up at her, before going back to sniffing at her feet. With her breathe seemingly lodged in her throat, she shuffled to the side. What did people usually do when confronted with a wolf? Her gut told her not to kick it, at least, but how would she get away?

From any class she’d managed not to day-dream in, she remembered something about backing up slowly, to show it you’re not hostile. Trying the second part of that, she hunched down slightly, holding out the back of her hand, disregarding the fact the creature could probably take it off in a single bite. The wolf tilted it’s head up, poking its muzzle at her hand, the sudden coldness of its nose causing her to flinch. To her surprise the wolf moved back as well, pressing its ears to its head as if to apologise.

Why would it do that?

“Okay… Good boy, okay, uh, back up?”

It moved back.


It sat down.

“Great, who’s a good boy?”

Leaves fluttered up into the air as it wagged its tail, its tongue lolling out of its mouth. For a creature that could more than likely tear her to shreds in seconds, it seemed passive as a house-trained puppy. She cautiously turned around, before saying fuck it to safety and sprinting in the opposite direction.

She didn’t get far before she snagged her foot on a rough patch of earth, accidentally throwing herself straight into the summer-sun baked ground, leaves billowing up around her. Thankfully she hadn't impaled herself on her camera, but she still curled herself up into the undergrowth, so utterly done with her current situation. If it weren't for the fact she did value her life, she would've gladly curled up here and just slept off her last 2 hours in existence.

Then she felt another nudge to her elbow.

So in conclusion, scratch that, her last thirty minutes.

She'd gotten off easy the first time, she couldn't be as lucky in round two.

It poked her elbow again. She tilted her head slowly to face it, eyes meeting the soft brown one peering back down at her. Surprisingly, looking up at it, she noticed a dark brown bandana tied around its neck, almost blending into its thick fur.

Maybe it was a "House-trained puppy"... Huh.

She rolled onto her side, still as low to the ground as possible, but a little more confident that the canine wasn't going to tear off her limbs one by one, before cautiously pushing herself up. It scooted back a little, sitting down. Peacefully enough.

"You got an address buddy?"

Hedging her bets, she reached out for the bandana, but it quickly recoiled, raising a paw to block her path.

"Well, Nevermind then..."

Brushing the majority of the dirt off her legs, she brought herself to her feet. Looking around in the darkness, she realised she might have run a little deeper into the woods than she intended.

" Shit ."

" Arf! "

The wolf started doing circles around her, before stopping in front of her, before hopping in front of her, tongue giddily lolling out of its mouth. Was it trying to tell her something? Worth a try.
"Do you know the way out, buddy?"

Teala, you’re talking to a dog-

" Arf Arf! "

And said dog is talking back. Maybe you are dead? Is this wolf a guardian angel or something? Honestly, I’m not really the biggest “dog” person, they are cute but- FOCUS TEALA.

She nodded, pulling her hood over her head and her coat around her shoulders as the wind - oddly chilly for an early summer night - whipped at the ends of her hair, which she quickly tucked behind her ears.

"Okay cutie, let's go."

The wolf seemed to hesitate, fumbling, before moving forward at an almost lightning pace, and after five minutes of part-sprint, part-walk, part-catching her breath as a reminder she really needed to take Eva up on those morning-sprint-before-brunch offers (because the morning jogs were clearly not working at this point) she could see the street lamps glistening through the branches like fairy lights.

She took in a deep breath, letting out a misty sigh of relief. 


Thank god.

She turned to thank her furry companion, only to find a flurry of leaves in its wake as it sprinted into the distance, apparently hurtling as fast its paws could carry it.

Well... She just hopes it gets back home safe.

Where ever its home is… Maybe it lives deeper into the forest, with other wolves, or maybe it runs on its own- why does she mind? She’s probably never going to see it again anyway. Last time she goes that deep into those woods again. If it never happens again, it’ll be too soon.