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White Roses

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Hinata's Pov:

Waking up to the smell of bacon and pancakes is always an amazing surprise. My mouth watered and I slowly made my way out of my rumpled bedsheets. My alarm would go off in a few minutes, so there was no use going back to bed.

I let my feet take me to the kitchen and rubbed my sleepy eyes. Monday came so fast. It seemed like just yesterday we started summer break. Now we're back at school again. I yawned, which got my dad's attention. He was the one responsible for the delicious smells coming through the house.

I sat down at the counter across from him cooking, "So when will the food be done?" I asked politely, trying to maintain my composure, instead of going crazy over the food like *some* people.

He looked at me as he flipped another pancake, "Any minute now. I suggest you get dressed though first" he grinned, looking at my pajamas.

"Hey! They arent that bad!" I yelped, defending my fluffy pajama pants and t shirt. The pajama pants had pictures of dogs on them but that was just because all my other pajamas were dirty, and I've had these forever. Dad smirked and raised his eyebrows. I grumbled and got off of the stool, heading towards my room.

I had taken a shower last night so there was no need to this morning, I simply buttoned up my 'summer' school uniform and brushed my hair. My uniform consisted of a white tshirt button up and tie with some lightweight black pants, and dress shoes. This was the standard outfit, yet as long as you had this on you could always add overcoats and such.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face as quick as I could, revving to go down to breakfast. I practically fell down the stairs going so fast and plopped myself down at the counter, ready to eat the plate of food my dad had set out for me. It consisted of two pancakes, drenched in syrup how I like them and two pieces of nicely cooked bacon.

I devoured the plate in a couple minutes and placed it in the dishwasher. I thanked my dad and told him I should be off to school. He gave me a quick goodbye as I grabbed my backpack and left.

I roamed the city streets, making my way slowly but surely to the school, spotting other students walking to school, attempting to find any of my classmates. I tried to identify one of them as my friend, but I couldn't find anyone. I sighed and continued walking alone, knowing I would at least see my friends at school.

Suddenly a pair of arms shoved me then caught me again spinning me around. "Ibuki's here!" The girl shouted. Ah, yes, how could I forget Ibuki lived a couple blocks away from me. "No need to worry about being lonely anymore! I'm here now!"

I chuckled, "Yeah but I could do without the shoving" I told her, continuing to walk in the direction of the school.

She rubbed the back of her neck and smiled, "Of course, Ibuki is very sorry" Ibuki said in a whiny voice.

I just huffed, rolling my eyes in a playful manner. "Anyways, what did you do over the summer?" I asked the colorful girl curiously.

"Oh! Ibuki's summer was sooooo awesome! I went to tons of concerts and even held some of my own!" She said excitedly, her eyes lighting up.

I nodded happily, "That's coo-"

"What did youuuu do over the summer Hajime?!" She yelled.

I blinked for a second, then composed myself. "I stayed home a lot. Not doing much. I just enjoyed the break from school." I told her, shyly smiling.

She grinned, "And that's great too! I love just chillin'!" She said, patting me on the back.

Suddenly she paused, gazing at something in the distance. She put her hand over her eyebrows as if she were a pirate scouring for some treasure. "Oh my my-! Is that Chiaki?" Ibuki asked me, already started to tug me towards the figure.

"Eh? Chiaki-San! Wait up!" I yelled to her, following Ibuki's lead.

"Wha- oh. Hi Hanata-kun and Mioda-San. How was your summer?" She asked politely, smiling warmly.

"Stop calling me Mioda-san!! You know I hate how formal it soundsss!" Ibuki complained, gritting her teeth and clenching her eyes shut. She looked like a child about to throw a tantrum.

Nanami looked taken aback for a second then smiled warmly once again, "Sorry Ibuki. I didnt mean to upset you" she said calmly.

I rubbed the back of my neck, "Well anyway, we should get going ahah.." I told the two girls who had been slowing down.

They nodded to me and we continued to walk and talk our way to school. Occasionally waving to the others in our class that we knew, and even stopping to get a couple words in with the ones that came up to us.

Once we were there, we parted ways and went to our lockers. There had been an open house a few nights before so we had all seen our classes and caught up with each other before school officially started. Well, most of us anyway. I had heard there was a new student transfering this year, but I hadn't seen them at open house. I only saw all the familiar faces of the friends I had know for years.

A slap on the back snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yo! Hajime! What's up?" I heard a familiar, pink haired boy ask me.

"Oh, it's just you. Nothing much Kazuichi." I told him plainly, getting my folders and such that I would need for my class.

"W-What do you mean 'just you'?? Am I not important anymore??" He suddenly outbursted. I rolled my eyes, not amused by his shenanigans. "Anyway. I have a plan, but I need you to help me with it." He told me, a devilish smile on his face.

I raised my eyebrows, "Let me guess, this is about-"

"Nevermind-San yes!" He said, finishing my incomplete sentence. "I want you to see if you have any classes with her through the day, I'm asking this of everyone in our class. I just need to know where she is when shes not with me! Like, what if Teruteru decides to pull a fast one and I'm not there!!" He said quickly.

"Your plan is super flawed, you'll be in class as well if he does. You cant just spidey-sense it" I told him, slamming my locker.

He stared at me for a second, realizing the flaw in his plan. "Whatever man. Just tell me if you have classes or not, capiche?" He asked me, groaning.

I nodded and smirked, off to my class. First though, I wanted to stop at the library to see if I could find anyone else before school started. I liked to get here early for school, so I still had about 15 minutes to spare. While in the library I could also look for some reading material for when we had free time in class.

Arriving at the library, my nose immediately took in the smell of both new and old books. The smell of pages being turned and the noise of computer keys clacking. It seems other students had thought to come here aswell and the library had a decent following inside. I walked post the computer lab over to the shelves. My fingers skimmed over a row of books, looking for my favorite genre. Science fiction. Here it is.

I saw some classics I had already read but decided I didnt want to reread anything right now, I want to start something new. My fingertips landed on a hard covered book named 'Farenheit 451'. The title seemed interesting so I pulled it off the shelf. I enjoy picking out books I havent heard of too much about because then it's always a surprise.

I had my book tucked into my side when I saw a curly bunch of white hair move past a certain isle in front of me. Curiosity overtook me as I attempted to follow the student to wherever they were going. I had gotten sight of them from the side when they turned into another isle to look at a book.

It was a boy I could tell, with white curly locks and very pale skin. He had on the standard uniform, but with a sweatshirt type overcoat draped over him. He was about as tall as me but very skinny. And I mean, very skinny. He had grayish eyes that were swimming with curiosity as he scanned through the synopsis of a hard covered novel. The teens lips were slightly parted and mouthing the words as he read, entranced.

His white hair looked soft and fluffy, almost in a puppy dog type way. I was tempted to reach out and touch it..

"Um, sorry to interrupt you but.. you've been staring off for a bit now, are you alright?"

The soft voice made me snap out of my thoughts and make a gasping noise. Shit he saw me, I didnt even know I was staring.